Rape of Nanking: Japanese Soldiers Story (Unedited)

Please be advised of the strong languages used.
Must be 18+ to read.
Graphic Details.
Found Online But Got Deleted, People Can Read Here.

This is not a story I made, but I post.
It's a good read if you want to know about the Japanese Soldier "Hiroto."


Just a brief history lesson

The Nanjing Massacre began on December 13th 1937 as the Imperial Japanese Army invaded China (at that time, it was called Republic of China.) The Japanese Army seized the city of Nanjing which was at that time the national capital city. A book was published called The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II by Iris Chang which told the Western countries about what really occured in China during the Second Sino-Japanese War. If you haven't read the book, I ask you to do so if it is possible.

Hi, My name is Hiroto. I'm going to tell you that I was born and raised in Japan by my parents. I had two younger sisters as well but we weren't really close as they were mostly at home cooking, cleaning, and staying inside the home while I had to work on the highland farms with my Dad. I was 17 when a man came to our home and delivered a message in 1936. There was lots of global pressure of war which was to come and the man told me to come with him as I would have to go through training.

I didn't know anything he was talking about and my Dad didn't either. The man then said the country needed me. I nodded my head as he pulled out a letter and handed it to me. When our country needs you, you are required to fight with them. I didn't know what the cause was, but the privilege to fight for your country was the best thing in the world because once you die, you are guaranteed what Western society calls Heaven.

Right after receiving the letter, I was so excited. I quickly ran to my room and gathered my clothes in a bag. I also brought some valuable and prized possessions with me. I looked at the entrance to my room, two sliding doors which were open with my family; Mom, Dad, and my two sisters standing there, just staring at me with their eyes wide open knowing this boy will be fighting for his country, and they won't see him again. I walked to my cabinet beside my bed, where I picked up our family picture and held it in my hands. My family watched me as I stared at the picture of them, and then I stared at the real thing.

My Mom was crying, weeping into her dress. My sisters were also in tears, their eyes all red. My Dad walked over to me standing there, not knowing what I should do. He came and hugged me. My Mom and sisters came as well, a big family hug where I felt all their energy going into me.


I traced my fingers on my families faces. Their happy faces, waiting for me at home. I had to put the picture away as Rikugun TaishÅ (General) Yasuji Okamura walked by. We were required to stand firm and salute him this man. It's been one full year since I left my home in Japan. I was enlisted into the Japanese Imperial Army. Our special Artillery division was one of the best according to our higher ranks. Our communication, control, and dominance had us hammer all the left-over Chinese homes and people. The war was in our favor right off the bat when we took over major Chinese cities such as Manchuria, the Province of Jehol.

But the thing I would like to talk about was the Nanking. After we had control of Shanghai, we moved forward and headed for the city of Nanjing. I was with a group of 250 men all awaiting orders. General Okamura said that the war was going in our favour, and we were going to expand our empire by taking over the homes and sending our people over here. We were asked to go into each home, and impregnate the woman as that would help spread our people in our empire and gain respect. We were asked as well to gather valuables from the people which we were to return to our commanders who would give us more food during the breaks. When done with a home, we were to mark a cross on the front door so nobody else wasted their time going there. Everyone agreed.


When we were invading the Chinese cities, the noises of shootings going off kept me scared and awake all night long. I knew that if I had fallen asleep, I wouldn't wake up the next morning alive. This feeling stayed with me the whole time we invading the cities in China. But now, the feelings of gunfire, grenades going off, and screams of soldiers in pain turned into screams of woman screaming for help.

I ran to my first home, hungry and tired knowing I needed to loot something valuable in order to get food. I kicked the front door open of a random home and ran inside, gun pointed. I heard a woman in pain upstairs, I creeped upstairs as slowly as I could with my rifle pointed to an open door where the screams of the woman were too much to bear. I stood outside the door, with my back to the wall. Then I heard a man grunting as loud as a gorilla which made me even more scared and I tilted my head back and peeked inside. There they stood. A man was being a woman fucking her as hard as possible doggy style on the bed.

The woman was only wearing a blouse which was pulled up revealing her ass to me and the man. She was around 30 years old, and the man was in his 40's. I could only see the back of mans body, he was all naked on his knees fucking the girl from behind. She was crying and screaming "Stop" in Jianghuai Mandarin as loud as possible. The man didn't stop, in fact he held the woman's blouse and yanked it with her hair and fucked her faster and faster until he began to moan as well. His dick was entering the girls small pink pussy so hard that she was leaking from her pussy right onto the bed. The man continued to grunt louder and louder until he shoved his dick all the way inside the girls pussy and yelled as he shot his load of cum into the girls pussy.

I looked over at the chair with clothes on it. On closer inspection, it wasn't just regular shirt and pants. Instead, it was military clothes OUR MILITARY CLOTHES. This man who fucked the daylights out of this woman was a man in our army, following orders by impregnating the woman to expand our empire. I couldn't take it, I left the home where I saw my army running from home to home and going inside. I could hear woman screaming as I ran past each home, it was brutal knowing that your own army was doing horrible things to the defenseless woman. I wish I didn't have to do anything like this, but I needed food and I had to loot the homes in order to get it.

I ran through the screams to any home, when I heard a man yell out at me. It was a commanding officer from another division, he stared at me with enormous eyes, "Hey Private," He said towards me in Japanese, "You see that house over there?" He pointed towards a small house, "instead of fucking standing there, go and have some fun in that house before I send someone else over!"

"Yes, Sir!" I yelled back saluting the officer. I ran as fast as I could carrying my rifle towards the home. It was a small house, almost completely destroyed at the top by rockets we had dropped on them before entering the city. I gathered the courage to enter the home. It was really dark and dirty with clothes all over the ground, floor creaking everywhere you walked. I walked around the home, looking around to see if there were any valuables whoever lived here may have left behind. I searched the whole living room and kitchen, looking for anything valuable. I searched everything but nothing awaited.

I made my way upstairs hoping to have better luck. There were 4 opened doors there which contained the washroom, the closet, and two bedrooms. I searched the washroom and even took a piss in the toilet, but couldn't find anything valuable to take there. Inside the closet was dirty as well, nothing valuable or of good use. I walked to the bedroom where I took a quick walk around. There was clothes on the floor, dust everywhere, and broken glass on the ground as well. There was something fishy about this room, why would it be much more dirtier than the other rooms. I mean, this room was totally black, like someone started a fire here to make it dirty and threw glass on the ground.

I took a look around the room again to no avail. I was just about to leave when I heard a moan. It sounded close, not from outside or downstairs, but IN THIS ROOM. I took a quick around again, I walked towards the bed, I leaned down and looked under the bed. I saw EYES! I stood up and thought of what to do next. Was I supposed to have sex with whoever was under the bed like I was asked to do?


"Please come out from under the bed." I said aloud in Mandarin. I waited a few seconds, then I heard the ground creek and I saw two woman come out from under the bed. Their bodies were covered in dust, from head to toe. Their hair was curly and dirty stuck together like they haven't showered for days. One girl was in her mid 20's probably, the other was in her 50's. "Why are you wearing Japanese Army clothes?" the younger girl asked.

"Listen, don't do anything stupid please or I'll hurt you. I'm a Japanese soldiers." I said. The girls faces became shocked when I said this. I spoke Mandarin which was a Chinese language, and this confused them into thinking I was Chinese as well. The younger girl began to cry on the older woman's shoulder. "Listen, please, I don't want to hurt you. I just need something valuable and I'll leave."

The girls were weeping when I said this. The older woman showed me her left hand which only had a ring on her finger. She took the ring out and handed it to me without saying anything. They stared at me as I inspected the ring and then stared at them with my rifle drawn.

"Stay under your bed for one day, we'll be gone by then." I said. I didn't want to take her wedding ring but I needed to in order to get myself trade it for food. I left the home the same way I came in, and once I exited, I took out a knife aand began to carve an X on their front door. Someone from my division approached me as I was carving. He was in his 30's, he looked very dirty and sweaty, as well, he smelled or urine and bowels which was totally disgusting.

"Hey you, who's in this house?" He asked me with dark eyes. I believe he wanted to go inside, and maybe see the house for himself. I had a bad feeling about this man, like he was in it to rape people only and didn't care about looting stuff. I knew I had to be careful about my answers I provided or he will go inside and find these woman, and well

"There was an old granny inside only, and then dirty shit all over the place." I lied, hoping that will turn him off.

"Did you fuck her?" He asked. He was twitching, like he wanted to enter and fuck anyone inside the home, even maybe a man

"Yeah, I fucked her hard." I said.

"Did you fuck her in the ass, did she scream?" He asked.

"Yes, I told her to turn around, and I pushed my dick all the way inside her granny asshole and fucked her hard and deep. She fucking shit on my dick so I shoved it in her pussy and unloaded in there." I said, worried if he entered and saw

"Oh fuck, you're an awesome mother fucker. I fucking love the way you fucked her. I was gonna go up and fuck her ass or pussy, but I see you did both. FUCK YEAH MAN!" He said smiling at me like a child molester. He had this awful grin on his face, and I guess he wanted to talk more.

"How many girls have you fucked so far?" I asked.

"Only five, three granny's and two fat mama's. One granny screamed my name as I fucked her ass-hole balls deep. The other girls I splashed in their pussy so deep ima have to come back and see my kids" He said. He then took out his knife and helped me finish carving the X on the front door. Once done, we were called in to eat lunch.


We were given a small bowl of rice and had our canteens filled with water. A old man who was in our division came around with a big black plastic bag and walked around as we ate. Everyone was smiling and laughing as they dropped the keys, rings, gold bracelets, amulets, and diamonds into the bag. Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time, as I looked around seeing homes with a big X on their front doors. I saw woman looking through the windows at us, crying and hoping we'd leave. I didn't want to be here, I never did, but I had to fight for my country and follow orders, or else they would kill not only me, but my family as well who were waiting at home for me. I could try to run away right now, but I'd get thirsty, run out of water, and eventually die.

My thoughts rang off my head when General Okamura came. I stood up straight and saluted him as he walked by with that skinny body of his. He was General, because he had no emotions, he knew what it took to win wars, and he knew he had our control.


We were now in the heart of nanking. The looting and raping continued everywhere we passed, and the guys loved the job. When war began, the faces of our soldiers were full of fear, but right now, it looked joyful. These guys loved the raping and would do things we would never assume. This is why we were zooming past the cities in China, and fighting not only for our lives, but for sex. We were bowling through enemy front lines day in and day out. They didn't stand a chance against our armies offense.

We were eating some rice one day when a two soldiers dragged a woman from her home onto the streets right beside we were eating. Everyone watched as these two men began to rip her clothes off, then begin to forced double penetrate her. We gathered around them and cheered them on, and some men even whipped out dicks and masturbated right on the girls face as she was in tears. Her tears mixed with the mens sperm on her face made her look like a crazy witch. I tried not to watch but when our officers came and also smiled and watched, I knew I had to or else

I would go into homes, find loot and come out. Yes, I sometimes saw woman hiding or in plain sight in their homes, but I didn't want anything to do with them. I completely ignored the girls and went on searching for anything valuable. I realized that taking loot from homes didn't buy you any food anymore, but instead a higher reputation. That is something I wanted. The girls would be scared as I walked around their homes, they would be naked and laid back waiting for me to mount them, but I never did. I wasn't like that.

One day, as our division was walking towards a bridge, we passed some very small houses. We were again the clean-up crew, to go into the homes of the Chinese people and loot their valuables and fuck their woman. I didn't care anymore. My eyes were sleepy, I was tired, my body was about to fall down just by walking carrying all this shit, I just wanted to die. I wanted to hold my rifle at my perverted army, and shoot each one, and then point it to myself, and blast my brain into bits and pieces. Fuck War! I wanted to go home. My thoughts of hatred were distinguished when Yamato squeezed my shoulder. He was mentioned earlier as the guy who loved fucking these girls. We would talk at lunch, him about the girls he fucked and me just staying quiet pretending to listen.

"Hey, our captain said that I can do that house over there." Yamato said as he pointed to a small two floor destroyed home. Rockets were dropped on this house which totally smashed it almost in half. But the first floor stood strong, as the second collapsed.

"I don't think there's anything inside." I said as we continued to walk away from the city of Nanking. We were done with this place. I hoped the front lines won this war for us, so that we can finally go home.

"Just fucking come inside with me, or else I'm telling Captain that you're not following orders." He said with smirk.

"What fucking orders? Yours? I don't give a shit." I yelled at him.

"We'll see about that." He began to walk backwards towards where the Captain was standing, all the way behind us watching to make sure all homes were entered and looted.

"Wait, fuck it Um, I think I need a good fuck, let's go." I said to Yamato. He grinned as he led the way to the small home.

As we got close to the entrance of the house, it seemed like whoever was inside it was either dead or close to death. Seeing the house almost chopped in half and about to collapse, that looked dangerous. So dangerous I didn't even know if the roof would collapse right when we opened the front door.

Yamato opened the front door, well, he actually tried to open it. Then he kicked it once the doorknob seemed to be jammed. One good kick and the door flung open. Yamato and I went right inside the home with our rifles pointing it around just in case Chinese soldiers were inside waiting to blast us in the face. There was a living room, a kitchen, and two bedrooms on the second floor. Yamato tried to go upstairs but the roof had collapsed right onto the stairway blocking anyone from climbing up. Yamato began running around the home trying to find anything. I prayed that he never found any girls in this home, boy was I wrong.

"GET OUT OF THE CLOSET NOW BEFORE I BLAST YOUR FUCKING BRAINS OUT!" I heard Yamato scream once he entered a room. I raan after him, my gun pointed upfront to see the horror in my eyes. Yamato grabbed two young girls and pulled them out of the closet. One girl looked to be 20 years old, her body was all black and burnt, I couldn't even describe her because she looked like a crazy witch you see in the movies. The second girl was crying, she looked to be 12 years old, with very pale skin. Her skin was very dark from the dust buildup in the home, but she wasn't burnt. Yamato grabbed the woman and took her out of the closet, then threw her on the floor while reaching for his gun. The girl went down on the floor after the woman and hugged her weeping. The girls were saying, "Please let us live," which of course Yamato didn't know.

"This fucking bitch bit me! Now Fuck your life." Yamato said as he grabbed his rifle and pointed it at the girls. He had this devil look in his eyes which I've never seen from anyone, he was going to kill these girls.

"Wait Yamato!" I screamed as I went in between his rifle and the girls. "Don't kill them, they've got nothing to lose. Let's you know, fuck em hard and deep and impregnate them so that their kids can bite these girls all their lives." I said hoping this would stop him. In fact, it did. Yamato pointed his gun on the floor and then put it on the cabinet behind him. He then went past me and grabbed the girls and threw them onto the bedroom bed.

"Yamato, we have to go soon, let me fuck one girl and you can fuck the other." I said hoping again he would listen. He was angry, quiet, and just wanted to rape someone. I grabbed the little girl and pulled her away from the woman. The girl began screaming, "Mom!" but I grabbed her and took her to the other room leaving Yamato and the older woman in one room.

The girl was resisting as I took her to another bedroom. There was a small bed there which I threw the girl on.

"Stop resisting!" I said to her. She listened now knowing I knew her language. "Please, lie down on your back on the bed. I promise not to hurt you." She followed my orders, lying down on her bed while I went on top of her. "Take off your clothes," I said. She began to shake her head again. "Please, take it off, I promised I wouldn't hurt you didn't I?" She sat up and took off her shirt, then her shorts. I kept my eyes closed as she did it. She laid back on her bed and wait for me to give her instructions. I took out my penis from under my underwear. It smelled so bad from the stench of war, I didn't want to hurt this girl. I went in between the girls legs, I could fuck her but I knew there was no way I could do that. I didn't even look at the girls nude body infront of me. I put my penis in my right hand and began to masturbate.


"Holy Fuck, there's fucking cum everywhere!" Yamato said as he observed the girl. I had ejaculated all over her face, torso, and around her pussy. I hoped this would scare away Yamato, I hoped he would think I fucked this girl so hard that he should leave her alone. In fact, he did. He said, "I would fuck this girl in her small pussy but I see you already did your job." He watched as I took my limp dick into my military pants and walk outside with him.

I carved an X on the front door hoping for forgiveness. Maybe I did wrong by not impregnating a girl which was younger than my sister, but there was no way I would do it. I was in this war to fight for my army, and that I shall do.


I fought for my country until 1945, when our army faced challenges which we could not complete. I had killed hundreds of soldiers, looted hundreds of items, but never had sex with anyone. I don't deserve a medal. What I did deserve was a second chance.

I fled to Canada leaving my family, friends, and my past behind and started a new life. I had to pretend to be someone I was not in this country, I learned English, I worked jobs both in the labor force and driving occupation. I got married and had two children. I kept to myself and I did what I thought was always right.

I wrote this small piece for both enjoyment pleasure and for the fact that is you want to know my story, well here it is. I'll probably be dead when you read this as I've grown old already, hopefully this changes your viewpoints of the crimes we Japanese people committed to the Chinese.

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