Jade - Part 1

Part One

Strip clubs were common in this town but sex clubs were not. I’d been sneaking out to strip clubs for some time now but I was getting kind of bored with them so I decided to step it up and check out a live sex show. This was supposed to be my weekend with my little girl but she asked if she could go to some party with her friends and as she was getting to that age where she’d really rather hang out with them, I figured it was my chance to head downtown. She would still get dropped off after the party, she promised, but it will be late.

Fabio’s was the closest to downtown and promised “All kinds of fuckin’, all night long!” according to their website. I found a parking space near the entrance, which was surprising since the lot seemed almost full, and walked through the lit archway to the front door. Once the entrance fee was paid I walked into a large lobby that reminded me of one of those old movie theaters that somehow manages to stay open for years playing classic black and white movies like…

Focus Carlos! Reminisce about you childhood later! Let’s see some FUCKIN!”

Yes, yes… Let’s see some fuckin’ indeed. I figured out the lay out and chose a room that offered Girl-on-Girl Action with Jade and Dorian and that sounded just fine with me. The room was actually a small theater with six rows of benches that would accommodate about ten people per row. Placed every few feet or so on the benches were little, travel size packets of tissues “Compliments of the Management!” Thank you very much. I took a seat dead center and the room quickly filled up.

The stage was low and was empty except for a queen size bed in the center right near the front. The bed itself was no more than ten feet from the front row and the stage was low enough for everyone to be able to see. The floor inclined slightly as well so even the back rows had a good view.

It didn’t take long for the lights to dim and the music to start. I felt a twinge of excitement mixed with guilt like I was little kid doing something wrong. This is gonna be awesome… I thought and then a voice introduced the girls.

“Gentleman, please welcome the lovely Jade and the naughty Dorian!”

Two girls appeared from the side of the stage and stood in front of the bed with their asses facing the crowd. Dorian was the taller of the two of them and wore a school girl outfit with a white blouse, short plaid skirt and little, frilly socks. She had a nice body and I could see the bottom half of her ass peeking out from under the skirt. No panties.

Outstanding I thought and turned my gaze to Jade. NOW we’re talkin’. Jade was fucking perfect. Exactly the kind of body I liked (from the back anyway). She was wearing tiny, white cotton panties over a tight, toned apple bottom. She also wore frilly, white socks, no shoes and shredded Sublime t-shirt that barely made it to the small of her tiny back. I instantly imagined my face buried in those panties. Oh my god the things I would do to that ass… And then they turned to face the crowd.

Dorian had long, brown wavy hair and wore glasses adding to the schoolgirl effect. Her blouse was open and I could see piercings in her nipples on her small breasts. Jade’s Sublime shirt had been done over quite effectively with scissors. Her tits were full and clearly she was the youngest of the pair. The shredded shirt managed to cover her nipples but not much else. Ya, I’ll be jacking off to those tits later for sure. Jade’s face was holyfuckingoddamshit!

I was looking right at my little girl’s face.

I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t move. My own little girl was on stage, half naked and about to have sex with another girl. My mind exploded with a thousand thoughts all at once. How long has she been doing this? Is she a lesbian? Is she hurting for money? Does she like doing this? How the hell do I get out of here with attracting her attention?

The room was mostly shadows but it was small and if I stood up she surely would see me. Plus there were some lights on the surrounding walls and the stage lights illuminated the audience a bit too. What if she sees me? Holyfuckingoddamshit! All she had to do was scan the crowd and I’d be spotted.

I got my mind to settle down a little and looked up at the stage. They were sitting in the middle of the bed, facing each other, making out and undressing. By the way her tongue was sliding into Dorian’s mouth it was clear she was having a good ol’ time. I was trapped! Soon they were both naked and Dorian was laying on top of “Jade” with her mouth on one tit and her hand on the other. And my little girl was loving it. She arched her back and writhed and moaned. All with a look of ecstasy on her face. I couldn’t look away. Dorian worked her way down my daughter’s body with her tongue till her mouth was on her clit. They positioned themselves so that, from where I was sitting, I could clearly see her tongue licking her clit. “Jade’s” clit. My little girl’s clit. Someone’s clit I don’t even know what the fuck is going on anymore.

I caught some movement next to me and looked to see the entire row of guys stroking their cocks. I looked the other way and the same jerk fest was going on there too and since there were no backs on these benches I could see just about everyone in front of me stroking their cocks. I didn’t bother turning around. A room of strange men had taking out their cocks and were stroking to my princess getting her pussy licked. Holyfuckingoddamshit

Back on the stage Dorian had turn Jade over and had her face buried deep in her ass. Might as well just think of her as “Jade” now, and their bodies began to glow from sweat under the lights. Dorian’s tongue was sliding in and out of Jade’s ass when a thought just appeared in my head; Hey, that’s exactly what I wanted to do! At first I was shocked that I would even think that now but then I realized something… My cock was hard too. Fuck.

I watched as my little girl pushed her ass up to Dorian’s face to the beat of the music. I could see her biting her lip, thoroughly enjoying the tongue inside her. I realized I was rubbing my cock through my pants though I didn’t remember even choosing to do so. I’m going to hell… I thought and decided to just give in and take my cock out like everyone else.

Dorian started covering Jade’s bottom with kisses that moved up to the small of her back, up to her shoulders and then she laid down next to her on her back. Jade straddled her cowgirl style and started grinding as Dorian ran her hands all over Jade’s body settling on her tits and began playing with her nipples. Jade kept grinding her naked pussy down on Dorian’s and both girls moaning in pleasure. Jade leaned down to make out with her and I could see their tits rubbing together. I began stroking my cock faster as I watched their tongues swirl around each other’s and Jade’s tits slowly bouncing up and down on Dorian’s as her hands squeezed Jade’s toned, glowing bottom. I was just about to admit to myself that I wished it was me under her when I caught Jade looking my way.


It was just for a second but I was pretty sure she had been looking right me. My body became perfectly still and panic seized my chest. I kept stroking my cock though cuz, you know, at this point, what the fuck.

Jade whispered something in Dorian’s ear and they both smiled huge smiles. Jade started kissing her way down Dorian’s body and, just before plunging her face into her pussy, she gave a quick glance my way. She was doing this for me. She buried her mouth into Dorian’s shaved pussy like she’d done it a thousand times. Dorian moved her leg up so we could all see. I along with everyone else in the room just kept stroking as Jade made out with another girl’s pussy. She moved her hand down between her legs and started rubbing her own clit. From behind I heard the sound of someone cumming and then another and another. Men were cumming to my little girl eating another girl’s pussy. That really shouldn’t turn me on as much as it did.

After a few minutes (and a few more cum explosions – this time from up front) Jade sat up and moved Dorian’s legs into scissoring position. She scooted up so that her wet, bare pussy was directly against Dorian’s and started grinding. Oh my god that is so pretty… Dorian arched her back and threw her head back in rapture as Jade fucked her.

That’s what she’s doing, I thought, she is basically fucking that girl while a room full of men watch and masturbate… including me. More men finished and no one was being quiet about it. I was literally surrounded by men, mostly my age, cumming while my sweet, little girl fucked another girl. I couldn’t actually see the girls’ pussies grinding together very well but the way their bodies moved together was exquisite. Naked, young girls, their skin glowing under the lights, rubbing their wet pussies together.

Once again Jade gave a quick glance my way and then repositioned Dorian so she was on her tummy. Jade slid her own body back into tribbing position and continued the grinding. This time both their asses were in view and my cock was very, very wet. Jade’s ass was perfect and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It flexed and relaxed and flexed and relaxed as the grinding started to speed up. The guy to my right moaned loudly as he shot his load. I was pretty sure I wasn’t far behind.

Suddenly, Dorian started yelling “Yes! Yes!” as my little girl started grinding even harder. Dorian’s whole body tensed as she yelled “Fuuuuck!” Her body quivered as Jade began to slow her pounding down. I don’t know if anyone else in the crowd was still going but my cock was rock hard as I watched my own little girl make another girl cum.

Dorian wiped the sweat off of her brow and caught her breath. She turned over on her back and Jade came up to kiss her. They made out for a little while when Dorian motioned for Jade to lay back. Jade spread her legs and Dorian started licking her pussy.

Jade’s body writhed and twisted. She had one hand in Dorian’s hair and with the other she played with her own nipples. She pulled and twisted them as her breathing got harder and faster. Dorian’s head was moving up and down and I knew she was licking down to her asshole and back up to her clit over and over. My cock was taking its own pounding as I stroked faster getting ready to explode. Jade arched her back, opened her mouth and yelled as she came into another girl’s mouth. I came so hard it almost hurt. Holy shit we came at the same time…

Dorian kissed her way back up to Jade’s mouth and the made out for just a few seconds. I could see there was a little extra passionate as she tasted her own pussy in Dorian’s mouth. Those that didn’t have cum all over their hands clapped as the girls climbed off the bed and headed off stage. I sat there, still breathing hard as I watched my little girl’s naked bottom walking toward the curtain that led to the back. Just before following Dorian out she stopped, turned around and looked directly at me. No mistaking it this time. She made eye contact with me and smiled and then she was gone. I cleaned up with the tissue “Compliments of the Management!” and went home.

An hour later I was in bed trying not to think about anything when I heard her get dropped off. She came in, came upstairs and went into her room. I was still awake thirty minutes later when I heard my door open. Without moving I opened my eyes and saw her standing in the doorway lit up by the moonlight coming through the window. She was wearing nothing but panties. She couldn’t see that my eyes were open so she just kind of looked at me for awhile. Finally she whispered Daddy? but I didn’t respond. She closed the door and went to bed. I knew eventually we’d have to confront this but I also knew that I would be heading back to Fabio’s again next time she told me she was going to a party.

This was just the beginning

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