The Devil's Pact, Hell Chronicles Chapter 5: The City of Brass

The Devil's Pact, The Hell Chronicles

Copyright 2015

Chapter Five: The City of Brass

Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this!

The God-King – The Abyss

I strode through my new dominion, the brass oven of Lucifer. Once, we had all been chained to the Demon, roasting in his fires. But he had been defeated. And now I would claim his dominion. I was the God-King. I would rule hell. All shall bow before my majesty.

My new queen strode at my side, her hand resting on my arm. Emi was petite, her breasts budding mounds, her face full of innocence that belied her depraved passions. She burned with the same need to destroy Mark and his whore that I did.

I sensed almost a kindred spirit in her. Emi was not squeamish. She had no qualms in rewarding my warriors with her pets' bodies. She grew wet at the sight of their rapes. Emi craved power. She lusted for it. Why did I even want Desiree back? She would never match this woman's passion.

Desiree was Mark's whore. He had fully corrupted her. Desiree turned against me the same way my first cunt of an ex-wife had. Desiree was the same as Maryanne. And one day, when Mark was vanquished and fell into hell, Desiree would pay for her betrayal along with her Master.

“What excites your thoughts, my husband?” purred Emi.

I glanced at her. Her dark, angular eyes bore into my thoughts. A smile curled her lips and she nodded her head in approval, her fingers tightening on my arm. Could she read my thoughts? Or was she just guessing?

“It will be wondrous to wreak vengeance on Mark and his followers,” Emi purred, an orgasmic heat in her voice. “Especially his brown-skinned whore that killed me.”

“Brown-skinned whore?” Then I laughed. “My wife killed you?”

“Wife?” she hissed, glaring at me. “That whore was your wife?”

“Desiree was mine before Mark stole her. He polluted her against me. Last time I saw her, she gloated at my downfall.”

“Then we shall make her pay, my love,” Emi purred.

Love. I very much doubted Emi loved me. But that was fine. I didn't need love. We didn't need that weak emotion. We had power. Ahead, my original servants guarded the favorites of my harem. Milly and Brenda had Hannah on the ground, molesting the young woman like I had ordered.

“No, no, no!” moaned Hannah as she writhed on the bed of the oven.

“You will serve him,” Milly hissed, pinching and pulling on the young woman's small breasts.

“Just give in, sweetie,” Brenda purred, her large tits dangling as she knelt between Hannah's thighs, her fingers stroking through the girl's shaved pussy.

My cock throbbed at the sight.

“What is this?” Emi asked, her eyes widening and her nipples hardening. “What are they playing at?”

“Hannah refuses to worship me,” I growled. “And I want her.”

“Then you shall have her.” Emi released my arm and strode forward, her tight ass wiggling. It was a gorgeous ass.

“Who are you?” Milly demanded, her red hair flying about her head as she turned to look at Emi.

“Your Queen, cunt,” Emi hissed, backhanding Milly and knocking the feisty redhead to the brass ground.

Milly's eyes flashed with rage, and she looked to me for confirmation. I nodded my head. “II'm sorry, my Queen,” Milly stammered. “I didn't know.”

“Your insolence is forgiven this time, whore,” Emi said before looking down at Hannah. Emi put her foot on Hannah's cheek, shoving her toe into the young woman's mouth. “Cunt, you need to learn your place. You are a piece of flesh. An object to satiate my husband and me. That's all your body is good for.”

Hannah spat out Emi's toe. “Fuck you, bitch!”

Emi laughed. “She is spirited. Let me break her in for you, my husband.”

My cock was hard. I was eager to watch. I tugged on Milly's chain, summoning the redhead to crawl to me. She obeyed, skirting around Hannah. She reached me, her hands stroking my cock, her tongue flicking across her lips.

“Do you want me to pleasure you, God-King?” Milly moaned.

I only nodded.

Her mouth engulfed my cock, her tongue sweet as she swirled about my tip. I seized her red hair, holding tight, and thrust my cock down her throat. Milly didn't fight. She groaned, her throat working about my cock as my balls slammed into the depths of her mouth.

“You, cow-tits,” Emi snapped at Brenda. “Flip the cunt over onto her hands and knees.”

“Yes, my Queen,” Brenda panted, seizing the struggling Hannah.

Emi summoned the power we shared, just a drop, and conjured a strap-on dildo harnessed to her body. It was thick and black, covered in bumps. Emi stroked it like she had a real cock, her hips shifting as Hannah was forced to kneel.

Emi fell to her knees behind Hannah. “Will you submit to your Gods' Justice?” Emi demanded. “Will you serve us? Or will we have to deliver punishment?”

“Fuck you, whore!” Hannah snarled. “I'm not going to serve you! I was a Goddess, too! I had worshipers back in Vermont! A whole town worshiped me before those bastards serving Mark killed me!”

“I'm so glad you said no,” Emi purred and buried her massive strap-on into Hannah's ass.

The young woman screamed and sobbed as Emi pounded her asshole. My Queen showed no mercy. Her small breasts quavered as she pumped her hips. Her slim fingers held onto Hannah's hips as she raped the girl's bowels.

My cock swelled in Milly's throat. “Punish her, my Queen,” I groaned, thrusting harder into Milly's mouth.

“Please, stop!” screamed Hannah! “Please, please! It hurts!”

“It's a punishment, cunt,” moaned Emi. “If it didn't hurt, then you wouldn't learn.”

My Queen threw back her head, her black hair flying. She fucked the young woman's ass faster, pleasure contorting her face. Small gasps escaped Emi's lips every time her dildo buried into Hannah's bowels.

“Fuck the whore,” I hissed, my balls aching. “Rip her ass apart.”

“Yes, my love!” moaned Emi. She smacked Hannah's ass. “Oh, yes! Take my big cock, cunt! You know you love it! This is what you wanted. This is why you resisted!”

“I hate it!” sobbed Hannah, tears streaming down her ruddy cheeks. “Please, please! Take it out! You're killing me!”

“If you didn't want me to rape your ass, you would have submitted to your Gods,” Emi hissed. “But instead, you chose to give me this wonderful pleasure. Keep resisting. I shall savor raping you for eternity.”

My cock erupted. This woman was magnificent. I wanted to worship her as my Queen, to bow before her cruel majesty. She slammed her dildo deep into the young woman's ass, her back arching. I shuddered, the pleasure pouring out of me into Milly's throat, my concubine drinking down the cum.

“I'll submit!” Hannah moaned. “Please, just stop!”

“Then say it!” hissed Emi, her hips pistoning away. “Submit to our Justice! Be our whore!”

“I'm your whore!” screamed Hannah. “I submit to your Justice!”

The connection formed. Hannah was chained to us.

“Yes!” screamed Emi, her body quavering as her orgasm exploded through her depths. “Take our Justice! Take it!”

My Queen shuddered one last time, then she pulled out her strap-on, leaving the girl's ass gaping open. She looked at me, smacking Hannah's rear hard. “Your whore awaits you, my husband. She is willing to submit. Right?”

“Yes, yes, I am,” Hannah sobbed, looking at me with tear-stained eyes. “I'm yours now.”

“And you'll do anything your Lord and God requires?” Emi asked.

“I will.”

I strode forward, my cock swelling up again. Emi spread Hannah's asscheeks wide, aiming that gaping, abused asshole to me. “Then beg for your God to fuck your slutty ass,” Emi purred.

Hannah swallowed, throwing me a look. She was our slave now. She swallowed and moaned, “P-please fuck my ass, my Lord.”

I dropped to my knees and slammed my cock into her broken in asshole. She screamed in pain. Such sweet music. She was mine. I could do what I pleased with her. My balls slapped into her flesh as I pounded her tight hole.

Emi crawled around, stroking Hannah's sobs. “Why do you cry, whore? Your Lord and God is fucking you. Why aren't you happy?” Emi seized her chin. “You need to be happy. Let me hear your moans of enjoyment.”

“Yes,” Hannah sobbed. “I love your c-cock in my ass! P-please keep f-fucking me, my Lord!”

Emi smiled before leaning down and kissing Hannah on the lips. The slut's ass tightened on my cock. I fucked her faster, pounding her as she sobbed and moaned into my wife's lips. I reveled in Hannah's ass. This young woman was mine for eternity.

And she would grow to love my cock raping her ass.

The pleasure swelled in my balls. I buried into her ass and exploded blast after blast into her abused bowels. She shuddered, gasping and moaning into Emi's mouth, then she collapsed, curling into a ball and quivering, my cum leaking out of her ass.

Emi smiled at me. “We have more of Hell to conquer, my husband.”


The Samurai – The Abyss

My blade flashed, cutting through another of the beasts haunting the ovens.

“There is an alcove, Divine Samurai,” Orihime whispered from behind me. “In the wall to our right.”

The men, and a few of the women, prowled through the oven, claiming others as their slaves. Particularly the women. My three young concubines attracted attention. I swaddled them in their transparent yukatas, but their innocent flesh beckoned predators.

My sword had found plenty of foes today. None had been worthy to fight me. I left them all gasping and moaning on the oven's floor, their immortal bodies dismembered. But I needed a respite. I could not fight them all. A way had to be found out of this oven.

“Lead us, Orihime,” I commanded.

“Yes, Divine Samurai.”

I turned, my armor clinking about me as I followed my three concubines. Chisato and Hikaru clung on either side of Orihime. They walked with grace, their ass shaking beneath the wide bows of their obi.

Orihime peered into the alcove as I watched the chaos of the ovens. No one noticed us. My concubines slipped in and I followed. It was narrow, brass walls closing in on us after the wide, open cavern of the ovens. It dead-ended after a few meters, but at least it took us out of the sight of the denizens.

I could rest here, lounging beneath the shade of my three cherry trees.

“Sit with us,” Hikaru purred as she and my other two concubines sank to the ground. “Regain your strength.”

I dismissed their yukatas and my armor. I leaned my sword against the wall in easy reach as I sank down to join my three concubines. They had suffered greatly for me. But we were free of Lucifer's torment. And now I needed to keep them free of the predators.

“You were so fierce, my love,” Chisato purred, a smile on her round face, her nubile body pressing against my right side. Her hand slid down my stomach to my hard cock. “You inspired a fervor inside me.”

“Yes,” Hikaru purred, her thighs wrapping around my left leg, her pussy hot and wet against my flesh. “It is always so stirring to watch you fight.”

My head lay between Orihime's large, round breasts, her pillowy softness caressing my cheeks as her hands roamed my muscular chest. “Thank you for protecting us. Let us reward all you have done, my love.”

“Such sweet rewards we give,” Chisato purred, her lips nuzzling my ear, her hand stroking my hard cock.

I closed my eyes, letting myself relax in their shade. I loved these three women. Their devotion to me was so strong. They had suffered in Hell with me. I would always protect them. Treasure them.

Chisato's lips kissed down my muscular chest, leaving a cooling trail as she worked her way across my stomach towards my hard cock. Hikaru humped against me faster, grinding her hot flesh against my strong thigh. I wrapped my left arm about her, sliding down to cup her perfect ass, her muscles flexing beneath my touch as she writhed.

I groaned as Chisato's sweet lips wrapped around my cock. She sucked hard, her tongue swirling. All three of my concubines had a great deal of practice pleasing me. She knew just how to suck to send my blood boiling through my body.

“Is she pleasing you?” Orihime asked.

“Always,” I groaned, my right hand running through Chisato's black hair.

Hikaru's hands joined Chisato's, their delicate fingers played with my balls, massaging me as I writhed in their embrace. Hikaru's pants grew louder, her humps faster. She kissed and nuzzled at my neck, her small breasts rubbing against my chest. I squeezed her ass, pulling her tighter against me.

“Are you going to cum, my cherry blossom?” I groaned.

“Yes, my Lord,” Hikaru moaned. “I missed our pleasure so much.”

My fingers dipped between her butt-cheeks. Hikaru gasped as I found her puckered sphincter. My finger penetrated her bowels. She shuddered, smearing her hot pussy hard on my thigh. She quavered in my arm, sighing softly as her orgasm rippled through her.

“You are so beautiful when you cum, cherry blossom,” I smiled.

“Yes, she is,” Orihime purred.

Hikaru held me tight, resting her had on my chest as she breathed heavily. Orihime shifted, her hot pussy grinding into my back. Her lips kissed my forehead as her excitement mounted. I groaned, my own pleasure swelling. Chisato's delightful mouth worked my cock, eager to drink my cum.

“That's it, cherry blossom,” I purred, stroking Chisato's hair. “Keep sucking. I'm so close.”

“Pleasure our love and master,” Orihime panted, her fingernails scraping across my chest. “Drink every drop of his gift.”

Chisato sucked harder, eager for my cum. Her fingers massaged my balls. The pleasure tightened in my nuts. The tip of my cock ached. Chisato's tongue swirled about the crown of my cock. I groaned again, my body tensing for my explosion.

“Make him cum, dear Chisato,” Hikaru murmured, her hand reaching out to caressing Chisato's hollowing cheeks.

“Cum, my Lord,” Orihime whispered in my ear. “Flood your concubine's mouth. Give her the gift she craves.”

My balls throbbed. My cock erupted.

“Yes, cherry blossom, drink it!” I moaned.

Chisato's mouth worked, hungrily swallowing every drop of my excitement she could. My pleasure pulsed out of me. I leaned back into Orihime's breasts, my hips bucking up, ramming my cumming cock deep into Chisato's mouth.

And then my pleasure passed.

“Thank you for the gift, my love,” Chisato smiled, licking her lips.

Hikaru rose, cupped Chisato's face, and kissed her cum-stained lips. Their tongues flashed, sharing my seed.

“What a beautiful sight,” Orihime purred.

“Yes, it is,” I smiled.

And then I rolled over, my lips kissing Orihime's. My concubine moaned into my mouth, her legs wrapping around my hips. Her hands sought out my hard cock, stroking it to full hardness. Hell was different. I didn't need to recover my stamina. My cock grew hard in a flash.

I buried into my concubine's sweet sheathe.

“Yes, my Lord!” she gasped, her hips bucking into my thrusts. “Sheathe your sword in me.”

I helped Orihime stretch out on her back as I fucked her. I rose, hooking her sweet legs about my shoulders, her pussy tightening on my cock. Her large breasts jiggled as I fucked her. I reached down, seizing a fat, dusky nipple.

“Yes, my love!” she gasped, her pussy rippling about my cock. “Thank you! Thank you!”
I savored her cumming sheath, her pussy massaging my cock as her sweet voice echoed through the alcove. Hikaru giggled, leaning down and sucking Orihime's fat nipple between her lips as Chisato crawled around us.

“You're being so loud,” Chisato laughed. “So I think your mouth could be used in better ways.

My cock throbbed as Orihime let out a moaning, “Yes. Let me pleasure you, dear Chisato.”

Chisato straddled Orihime's face, her pussy descending to Orihime's eager lips. My strokes grew faster as Orihime ate Chisato's pussy. Chisato moaned her delight, arching her back, thrusting her small breasts to me.

I leaned over and captured a sweet nipple, chewing and sucking as I slammed my cock over and over into Orihime's tight pussy. My heavy balls slapped into my concubine's flesh as I feasted on Chisato's nipple.

Chisato's arms hugged my neck, her soft moans echoing through the alcove. Orihime ate her pussy with a noisy fervor, slurping and tonguing her pussy. Chisato shuddered, her arms tightening about my neck as she mewled in bliss.

“Thank you, Orihime!” she purred. “Oh, yes! Thank you for this wonderful gift.”

Chisato's excitement filled my nose as her juices splashed onto Orihime's face, drenching my concubine's lips. Orihime shuddered, her hips bucking into my thrust. She came again, her sheath convulsing about my cock, eager for my cum.

“Give Orihime her reward, my Lord,” Chisato moaned. “Cum in her.”

“Oh, yes, my love,” Hikaru purred. “Cream her pussy.”

I buried into Orihime. I groaned about Chisato's nipple as my cock poured three mighty blasts into Orihime's pussy. My pleasure roared through me in powerful surges, pulsing in time with the cum squirting out of my cock.

And then I collapsed into the embrace of my three concubines and rested beneath their loving shade for a little while longer.

“My Lord,” Hikaru hissed after a few minutes. “Shadows move by the entrance.”

My eyes snapped open. I sat up and grabbed my sword. My armor formed about my body with a thought as I drew my blade and cut down the man that burst into the alcove. He let out an ear piercing shriek as he died. “God-King!”

Other voices answered.


The God-Queen – The Abyss

I savored the sight of my husband raping the screaming woman, her ebony skin rippling beneath his body. Our army grew. More men and women swore to serve us rather than to be brutalized by our power.

But a few remained foolish.

The Black woman was too ugly for our harem. She would be given over to the men for their sport when Brandon finished his enjoyment. My pussy ached and I pointed at May. My obedient pet fell to her knees and planted her delicate, round face between my thighs and licked.

“Do not pull away,” I warned my pet. “Or I will have to chastise you.”

The young woman's dark eyes widened as her mouth feasted on my pussy, stirring up such pleasure through me. I stared into her dark depths, and relaxed my bladder. I didn't actually have to pee—no bodily functions were necessary in Hell—but that didn't stop me from emptying my bladder into the girl's mouth.

May spluttered, the acrid urine flooding her mouth. She closed her eyes, flinching in humiliation, but her lips remained attached to my pussy. What a loyal pet. I shuddered, the pleasure tingling through me as I released a flood, drowning her in piss.

She swallowed as fast as she could, my urine spilling out of her lips and down her neck. I shuddered in delight and seized her black hair. I pulled her face back, letting my piss splash on her budding breasts, the urine washing down to her pussy.

“Do you love my piss, pet?”

“Yes, my Queen,” she panted, licking her lips. “I-I love everything you do to me.”

Fear shone in her eyes. I shoved her face back into my pussy. I shuddered as my pleasure burst through her. I had such power. God-Queen of Hell, Lady of Justice. I would be worshiped and feared by all. I gasped, cumming and pissing into her mouth.

Her tongue licked, slurping through my pussy as my piss sprayed into her mouth. Her sweet tongue sent another wave of pleasure crashing through me. I humped my hips, grinding my cumming, pissing pussy into her hungry mouth.

“Yes!” I hissed. “I am a Goddess!”

“You are, my Queen,” Yunjin purred, lounging on pillows nearby, her fingers playing in her pussy, her large, pillowy tits squeezed between her arms.

My piss dwindled and I pushed May away. She shivered on the floor, urine drenching her body. I glanced at Yunjin. “Clean my pet up. With your tongue. She deserves her reward.”

“Yes, my Queen,” Yunjin answered, a hungry look in her almond-shaped eyes. She crawled over, her tongue licking my piss off May's small breasts.

How should I defile my women next? I glanced at my husband. His balls slapped into the Black woman as he grunted and panted. She whimpered beneath him. I could sit on her face and piss in her mouth and eat my husband's cum from her cunt.

I licked my lips in delight.

“Take it, whore!” groaned Brandon. “Take my divine seed.”

A man jogged up, kneeling before Brandon as he climbed off the sobbing whore. “Great and mighty God-King.”

“Yes,” Brandon said, suddenly clad in crimson robes and draped in gold. In a blink, I was adorned in a tight gown of matching crimson, a crown on my head and pearls decorating my throat. I strode to my husband's side and took my rightful place.

“A man is cutting us down,” the servant blubbered. “He has a katana and fearsome, red armor. He's guarding an alcove. He has three beauties that would make a fine addition to your harem, God-King.”

“So you came crawling to me in failure?” growled Brandon. “You grovel before me empty-handed.”

I smiled, squeezing my thighs together. Brandon was about to unleash Justice.

“I'm sorry, mighty God-King,” quailed the man. “But we cannot defeat him. He is too strong. Only a great God can overcome him.”

Brandon glanced over at Milly, the fierce redhead. Like me, she had a passion for administering Justice. “Beat this man. Break every bone in his body.”

Milly had a vicious smile. “Gladly, God-King.” She rose from her silk pillows, a lead pipe appearing in her hand.

“Mercy, God-King,” blubbered the man. “I am your most devoted servant. Please.” His eyes looked up at me. “Intercede for me, Divine God-Queen.”

“Milly,” I purred. “Cut his tongue out as well. He has no more need of it.”

Brandon laughed as we strolled through the ovens. The man howled behind us as Milly's lead pipe landed with meaty thunks. The man's screams were sweet in my ears. Around us, our soldiers formed up and our concubines trailed behind, draped half-naked in silks.

“I think I know who this man is,” I whispered as we walked. Through the chains, I could dimly feel our servants about us. It was faint, but I could recognizing the ones in pain. The ones being butchered ahead.

“Who is he?” Brandon asked.

“The Samurai,” I smiled. “I once thought I would contend with him for Japan. He is a noble man. A follower of Bushido. A true samurai.”

Brandon gave me a blank look.

“The word samurai comes from saburau. To serve.” I smiled. “Samurai's serve someone more powerful. This one thought to restore the Emperor and rule as his Shogun. If you can prove yourself stronger, you may win his loyalty. He would make a powerful servant. Our Shogun, leading our armies.”

Brandon smiled.


God-King – The Abyss

The Samurai was dressed in fearsome, crimson armor, his sword flashing as he hacked down another one of my servants. I strode forward, gathering all the power I had amassed. I hoped this worked.

Emi was certain it would.

She stayed back, watching, her eyes smoldering.

“Samurai!” I roared, using my power to make my voice boom. “Kneel and bow before your God-King.”

The Samurai turned and charged, his armor clinking. From the alcove, I noticed three beauties dressed in transparent kimonos, watching with calm passion. Their faces were painted white like geisha. My cock stirred.

They were worthy of my harem.

The Samurai swung his blade.

I pushed out my power, stopping the sword before it reached my flesh. Hell was malleable, and who had the most power had the advantage. I had hundreds of souls serving me. This man had three. His eyes widened through slits in his demonic mask.

“How?” the Samurai demanded, struggling to move his blade as it was frozen an inch before my face.

The three geisha's faces grew disturbed. For a moment, chains flashed between them and the Samurai, black as midnight. They were different than the chains that I had bound my servants with. These were far stronger, made of adamant compared to the brittle iron I chained my followers.

The Samurai bound the three with the Zimmah ritual. Their bond was impossible to break. I could never own those women's souls. What a pity.

The Samurai strained to pull his blade back. Then he let go of his blade and his armored fist lashed out at my face. I blinked in surprise, barely stopping his punch before he connected with my face. With a thought, I wrapped his body in invisible chains, holding him immobile.

“Fight with honor!” the Samurai bellowed. “Face me with courage and strength of arms, sorcerer!”

“I am a God,” I laughed. I reached out, pulling off his helmet. He was a young man, his face a dark-olive, his black hair in a top-knot. His eyes burned as he fought my restraints. “I am the new ruler of Hell. I am your Emperor. Your choices are simple. Serve as my Shogun and lead my armies, or suffer an eternity of torment.” I glanced at his women. “I'll make sure your whores are well taken care of.”

He let out a snarling rage.

“You are a samurai,” I continued. “Your place is to serve. Fulfill the Bushido Code. Swear fealty to me. My gratitude will be endless. Your rewards will last eternity.”

The anger fell from his face. His eyes flickered. I followed his gaze. He looked at my growing army then at my harem. Beneath the fierce fire burning in his eyes I saw something else—love. He didn't want to submit to me, but he feared for his women. They made him weak.

The Samurai broke. “One condition,” he growled, “ and you will have my service.”

I nodded my head.

“You will never touch my concubines. You have enough women without needing to violate their flesh.”

My cock stirred. But it was more than a fair trade. If Emi's promises of this man were to be believed, I could forgo fucking three whores. There would be plenty to find in Hell. I would have an eternity to glut on feminine flesh.

“Agreed.” I released my hold on him.

He fell to his hands and knees, bowing low before me. “I will be your Shogun, mighty God-King. My blade and I will serve you with unyielding fidelity. I shall lead your armies and crush your enemies. Your will is mine now.”

I chained his soul to mine.

“Then lead my army.”

I passed him control over the men. The Samurai was chained to me. I controlled him. He could keep the rabble in line. He rose, seizing his sword from the air and sheathing it. His concubines strode forward, each bowing before me.

“Conquer everything,” I commanded him. “Recruit any who would fight. Seize the women to keep your men pleasured. Deliver ruin on any who resist.”

“Hai,” bowed the Samurai.

The men I gave him were suddenly clad in crimson breastplates, and spears appeared in their surprised hand. The Samurai barked orders, and the men obeyed, forming into ranks, looking like an army instead of a rabble.

“See,” Emi purred. “He shall conquer Hell for us.”


The God-Queen – The Abyss

The Samurai more than exceeded my praise. His men were swift and brutal. Within hours, he had secured the sprawling oven, swelling the ranks of our army. A vast train of women trailed after his men, chattel to keep our warriors happy between battles.

The choicest joined our personal harem.

The way out was located, and the Samurai led our men into a Brass City. Dis. The demons that prowled the streets, spindly creatures who howled and gibbered, were driven back. Brandon and I lounged in the oven, enjoying our pets while the Samurai secured the city.

After a day, his messenger arrived. “Mighty Gods,” the messenger boomed, bowing before us like a samurai himself, a katana on his side, his ebony face pressed to the floor. The Samurai had left his will imprinted on our army. “The Samurai has seized a palace. Lucifer's palace. And he has taken a prisoner.”

“Who?” I asked.

“Lucifer himself,” the messenger reported with a chuckle. “The Devil was killed only moments after escaping Hell.”

“Mark,” growled Brandon.

Would nothing stop the man? I ached to carve Justice into Mark and Mary's flesh.

“I believe so, Exalted One. The Samurai awaits you at your leisure in the throne room of Dis.”

Together, our harem trailing after us, we walked through the City of Brass. Buildings reflected the red light of Hell, rising up in twisted shapes about us. Everything was made of brass, even the streets, the metal soiled by the writhing corpses of butchered demons.

Our men held the grand palace, dominated by spires and domes. Colossal doors were thrown open, leading into the arching splendor of Lucifer's throne room. At the far end a throne sat empty. The Samurai stood next to it, his foot resting on the neck of a bloodied form.

My eyes noticed the Samurai's three concubines lounging nearby. My pussy ached. I wanted to know their flesh. Why did Brandon have to make that promise? They were the only women forbidden to my Justice.

I so craved to deliver it to them.

“Exalted Gods,” the Samurai boomed. “I present the City of Dis and its ruler.”

Brandon strode forward and ascended the throne. I created a smaller one at his site, sitting down before us. Lucifer was chained at our feet, blubbering and sobbing, his eyes gouged out by the demons that had tormented him after his fall.

As sweet as our victory was, it was only the beginning. From Dis, we would conquer all of Hell.

And one day, the Samurai's three concubines would howl in pain for my pleasure. I could be patient. I had all eternity to degrade their beauty.

To be continued

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