Amanda's Spiral Into Depravity.

My name is Amanda and I was 13 when this happened. Before it happened, I was a happy girl, full of life. I had loving parents and lots of friends. No boyfriends, but I wasn't really interested in boys back then. Sundays, I would go to Granddad's house and we'd walk his dog, Bruno, going in the woods behind Granddad's house. I was a good student and vice-captain of the netball team. I played tennis and liked swimming.

Then one of my Dad's friends raped me.

His name was Mr Beckford and he played golf with Dad and also came to the house sometimes to play poker when it was Dad's turn to host the weekly poker game. So I'd seen Mr Beckford at the house a few times but I don't think I'd ever spoken to him. I mostly stayed in my room when Dad had his friends over. One afternoon, I was walking home from school with my friend, Lisa, when Mr Beckford pulled up next to us in his car and offered to give us a ride home. I figured it was cool, because Mr Beckford was a friend of my Dad's. We dropped Lisa off first but then, instead of taking me home, Mr Beckford drove up to Potter's Wood. I didn't know what was going on, but I was kinda scared. Mr Beckford was a big man and he made me get out of the car and he took me into the woods. He told me to take all my clothes off. I didn't want to, but Mr Beckford threatened to tie me to a tree and leave me there to get eaten by wolves or bears. I was too dumb to know there weren't any wolves or bears in Potter's Wood, so I reluctantly undressed for Mr Beckford. He said I was a dirty slut cunt and all sorts of bad things I didn't understand back then. He pulled down his jeans and pants and made me suck his cock. Then he bent me over a big fallen tree trunk and fucked me. It was the most painful thing ever. He forced his big cock into my tight little pussy, taking my virginity. I was screaming but Mr Beckford didn't care. We were deep in the woods and no-one could hear me. When he was done raping me, he beat my bare bottom with his belt and peed in my mouth. Then he told me to get dressed, only I wasn't allowed to put my panties back on. He said he was keeping them as a souvenir. He drove me home and dropped me off at the corner, and told me not to tell anyone or else he'd come to my house with his dogs and watch them rape my ass. I went home and had a shower and cried myself to sleep. I never told my parents about Mr Beckford raping me.

A month later. I found out that I was pregnant. I knew it was Mr Beckford's baby, because he was the only man who fucked me. My parents went mental when I told them I was pregnant. I didn't tell them about Mr Beckford raping me, because I was scared of Mr Beckford getting his dogs to fuck me. I told my parents it was a boy I met at a party. My Mum was sympathetic, but my Dad said I was a slut and a whore and all sorts of nasty things. He said I'd disgraced the family and let everyone down. He said he didn't want a dirty little fucking cum slut living in his house, and he kicked me out. I had no choice but to move in with Granddad. I'd always liked Granddad, but I knew he was looking at me differently. I was no longer his little Princess.

One afternoon, Dad came to see me when Granddad was out. I sort of hoped he was going to apologise and take me back, but he'd been drinking. He said I was a dirty little slut, and said that if he'd known I was like that, he'd have fucked me himself ages ago. I was crying at all the things he was saying to me. He took his cock out and told me to suck it. I was in tears, but I did what my Dad told me. I stupidly thought that if I could make him love me again, everything would be okay. But sucking his cock only seemed to make things worse. It seemed to confirm what he thought of me. He tied my hands behind my back and fucked me on Granddad's sofa. He stripped me naked and left me there, his cum dripping out of my pussy.

Granddad came home three hours later. He had a friend with him, an old black guy. He asked me what had happened, but I noticed him and his friend didn't rush to untie me or cover me up. I couldn't tell him Dad had raped me, so I said a boy from school had come over. I could see in their eyes what they thought of me. I could also see the bulges in the front of their trousers. The two men went out into the kitchen, but I couldn't hear what they were saying. Then the black man - his name was William - came back alone. He
picked me up like I was a rag doll and put me over his shoulder. He took me upstairs into my bedroom and threw me down on the bed. I knew he was going to rape me. What hurt more was that Granddad was downstairs, fully aware of what his friend was going to do to me.

"Please, mister - Untie me first - My arms ache and I can't feel my hands."

He had a knife in his pocket. He opened it up and cut the ropes my Dad had tied around my wrists. I thought about making a run for it, but I was naked and I knew Granddad wouldn't help. I knew I was about to have sex for the third time, and I guess I was resigned to my fate. William started undressing and I saw his huge black cock. Even though he was about Granddad's age, his cock was bigger even than Mr Beckford's or my Dad's. I knew it would hurt, so I told myself I wouldn't struggle or try to resist. All it
had ever got me was more pain anyway. Even though he was about to rape a 13 year old girl, William seemed sort of an okay guy, and I prayed he'd at least take it easy with me. No chance. He fucked me hard and fast, stretching my pussy with his huge black cock. He turned me over and fucked me on all fours, like a dog, slapping my ass hard. Then he stuck a finger in my ass while he was fucking my pussy.

"You ever been fucked in the ass, little girl?"

"No please don't please don't please. "

I guess I was naive and I didn't even know people did stuff like that. Before Mr Beckford raped me, my only knowledge of sex was watching a porn video during a sleepover at Alice Sutton's house, but that had just been a couple of scenes of a man and a woman having sex. It was slow and gentle and I'd naively thought all sex was like that. I was wrong, of course - it was never like that.

William pulled out of my pussy, and pressed the tip of his cock against my ass hole. I suddenly forgot all about being passive and accepting my fate and all that, and tried to get away. It was hopeless. Before I even made it off the bed, William grabbed my hair and slapped my face hard three times.

"Don't try that again, you little slut. Do that again and I'll take my belt off and beat the shit out of you. That what you want?"

"I no, sir "

I knew he was going to fuck my ass, and I knew there was nothing I could do to stop him. He made me lay face-down on the bed and spread my legs. He lay on top of me and pressed his cock against my ass hole. I didn't even think it would fit. At least he took it slowly, at first. I had almost fainted from the pain of his cock stretching my pussy, but this was going to be ten times worse. I buried my face in the pillow as, inch by inch, William pushed his huge black cock into my tight virgin ass. It was the most painful thing ever. I wanted to die there and then. Every second, every extra half inch was tearing me apart. I kept thinking he was all the way in, only to feel it push deeper and deeper. I was screaming into the pillow, but William didn't care. He was determined to bury his huge black cock in my ass, all the way up to his hairy balls. I don't know how long it took, but it felt like hours.

"Man, your ass is tight. I aint never fucked no 13 year old's ass before."

I had screamed so much and cried so much, I didn't have the energy to do any more. I just lay there, feeling as weak as a kitten, as William started fucking my ass, moving slowly in and out, taking it easy with me. It still hurt, but less so, as my body got used to the in and out motion of William's big black cock. It started to hurt more as he started fucking me harder and faster, but I just lay there in a daze, letting him get on with it. I don't know how long he fucked me because I think I passed out. When I opened my eyes again, William was gone, but my ass was full of his cum.

I slept again. Then I had a shower and washed all of William's cum off me. I started to cry. I'd been raped three times, I was pregnant, and I didn't know what to do. I put on a long t-shirt I wore as a nightie and went downstairs. It was about ten o'clock at night. Granddad was in the front room, watching the news.

"There's some pizza in the kitchen. Heat it up if you want it."

I wasn't really hungry, even though I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast, but I heated up a couple of slices of pizza anyway. I also made Granddad some tea. We sat in silence, watching a Bruce Willis film. He was a cop who was framed for murder, or something. When it was over, Granddad got up to go to bed.

"William's coming back tomorrow, so don't go out. He's bringing his brother and a couple of other guys. I won't be here, because I have some stuff to do in town."

"Granddad, how can you let him do those things to me?"

"You're a slut, Amanda. I didn't believe it at first, when your father told me, but seeing you earlier, letting yourself be tied up "

Granddad shook his head.

"William and his friends are paying to use you. I'll sort your share out at the end of the week. I'd fuck you myself if you weren't my own flesh and blood. Now, get some sleep. You've got a long day tomorrow."

Granddad went up to bed. I sat down and cried myself to sleep on the sofa.

When I woke up, I went up to Granddad's room, but he wasn't there. I made myself some cereal and a glass of milk and watched cartoons on TV. I thought about leaving before William and his friends got here, but I didn't have anywhere to go. I just lay on the sofa in my t-shirt and panties and watched cartoons until the men came to rape me again.

I was in the kitchen, washing the dishes, when the door bell rang. It was William and three other black men. They were younger than Wiiliam, but all of them were big men. I let them in and followed them into the front room.

"Guys, this is Amanda, the dirty little slut I told you about."

They were all looking at me, looking me up and down, checking me out.

"She's a pretty little thing, ain't she. Cute as a button."

William said to me, "This here's my brother, Leon. That's Fat Sam, and the guy in the hat is Bruno."

"Uh, hello,." I said lamely.

Fat Sam, who was really fat, said, "What you standing there for, girl? Get your fucking clothes off."

I stripped off my t-shirt and then peeled down my panties. I knew all these men were going to rape me, but I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be. I guess I was just resigned to the fact that men fucked me now, when and where they wanted.

Leon said, "This is going to be so sweet. I aint never fucked a white slut this young before. How old you say she was, Will?"

"Thirteen. That's right, aint it, girl?"

"Yes, sir."

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