My neighbor_(6)

My neighbor

My name is Amy. I am a 26 year-old stay at home wife. I have stayed fit since my cheerleading days in college. I have shoulder long light brown hair. My fit body and long muscular tan legs generally always gained the attention of our friends when we held cookouts around the pool. If nothing else my black string bikini could hardly hold back my 36c breast. I always flirted with our neighbor Todd. He seemed harmless. It didn't hurt that on a least two occasions I have seen the outline of his hard-on while he was staring at me in my bikini. I knew that he probably spent many evenings tugging away on his hard penis just so he could cum while thinking about my hard nipples poking against the fabric of my bikini. Todd was older. He was a loan officer at the bank. His beer belly and bold head made him look older the he really was, but I am sure that back in his day he might have been worth looking at.

It was the fourth of July and my husband (Will) was having his usual independence cookout. All of our neighbors came, as always. My husband was a local news caster so our parties were always semi large. On this night there was plunty of drinking. Before we knew it was 1:00am and there where only six of us left. I was resting next to the pool with my legs in the water when Todd came and sat next to me. "Listen I was able to get some pot from one of the teenagers here earlier", Todd said. Do you feel like getting high? I just laughed. "Sure let’s do it" I said as I looked over to get Will's attention. I singled for Will to come join us by the Pool. As Will walked closer I turned my head, Tom was staring at my large perky breast. With the breeze in the air my nipples were as hard as rock. I made eye contact with him and said, "Ok ease up, big boy". Will came over and sat next to me. Todd lit the joint and we smoked till the whole thing was gone. Damn were we high.

I sat up and said, "Ok guys time to call it a night for this girl". Todd followed my legs up to my firm ass as I turned around to stand up. "Get up Will. Let’s go to bed". Can I crash on your couch, Todd said. This wouldn't be the first time. ”Our guest the blanks are in the closet next to our room if you need them", I said with a sexy soft smile. "Thanks Amy," Todd said as we all headed into the house. Will and I stumbled into the bed room. Will sat on the bed and said, "Come over her sexy". His speech was slurred. There was no doubt that he was drunk. As I got close to where Will was sitting he pulled me in front of him. He began kissing my chest, and then he pulled one of my breasts out of the bikini. He fastened his lips on my hard nipples and sucked. Suddenly I realized that we had not shut the door. Will slid his hand up my muscular legs and under my G-string. I looked over at our bed room door and I was shocked to see Todd was sitting in the corner peaking by the door. His hand was in his shorts stroking his penis. I'm not going to give that basted a show so easily. "Will stop. I am not in the mood. I am too high and to drunk. Let’s just sleep this off I'll suck you off in the morning I whispered into his ear. "OK, but you better suck the shit out of my cock in the morning". "I promise, I'll suck it till I swallow you whole load", now let’s lay down. I prayed that Todd hadn't heard my promise I looked over at the door again and Todd was gone. "Thank god", I thought. Will and I laid back on the bed and began talk. Before I knew we were both passed out. I hadn't been this stoned or drunk in years.

About an hour later I woke up. Todd was standing over me. He was kissing my lips. "What are you doing, stop", I said passively as I could hardly push him back. "Come one Amy I've seen the way you look at me. Will is out cold he won’t wake up", Todd said as he ran his hand down my lean stomach. While kissing me he slid his hand inside the front of my G-string. His hand slide over my thin line of pubic hair as he fingers eager felt for my slit. My body was frozen in shock. I couldn't believe this was happening. I hadn't been with another man in years. "No Todd, "I am not going to fuck you, so quit getting yourself worked up", I said. I had no sooner finished talking when I felt is finger slide into my tight slit. Todd said, "I thought you may say that so I have back up plan". I was in such shock that he was finger fucking me that I did not notice he was naked from the waist down. Todd stood up. His hairy gut rubbed my face. "Cut this out now", I said. I turned my head to find Todd standing over me. His hard thick penis was slapping my face. When I tried to ask him to stop for the third time, but Todd pushed his thick penis into my mouth. He held my hands down against the mattress with one hand as he slowly pumped his cock in and out of my mouth. I was so pissed. I could not believe he was fucking my face while my husband was passed out no more than two feet from us.

With his thick penis in my mouth Todd grabbed my body and pulled me so my head hung off the side of the bed. Once I was in this position Todd leaned forward and slowly pushed his hard cock deep inside my mouth. His balls slapped my chin as I felt Todd untie my bikini top. He squeezed my breast and pulled on my nipples as he grunted with each deep pump. I was in shock. I was being face fucked by this fat son of a bitch. Todd said, "Suck it Amy. Pretend I am Will and end this quickly. Wanting this to end I began sucking his hard throbbing cock. "Oh yeah bitch", Todd said as he untied my G-string. Todd leaned forward and began going down on me while I sucked his dick. He slid his thick fingers in and out of my tight slit as I sucked away. He slid his tongue in and out of my slit. Suddenly without warning Todd, leaned back and squeezed my breast as he jammed his cock in my mouth. I could taste his pre-cum. Todd used one hand to pull on my right tit's nipple. He then used the other to finger fuck me. "Oh shit I am going to cum Amy", Todd said. I felt him slid a second finger inside of me. "Swallow my cum Amy. The way you have been sucking my cock I know that you want me to give you a mouth full of cum. After a few more pumps, I felt his tight hairy ball sack slap my chin. My eyes watered as I felt his cock pulse and twitch. He began Cumming. His warm salty cum filled my mouth. I knew what to do so I started swallowing. After a minute or two Todd slide his limp dick from my mouth as he stood up. I wanted to cry. I couldn’t believe I had just been forced to suck him off. Worse yet, I had swallowed his load. Todd said, "Thanks sexy. That was nice. Will is a lucky man. Maybe next time I can have that shaved cunt of yours". Then he grabbed his boxers and walked out of our room and out of our house. I passed out.

For the next couple of weeks I tried to avoid Todd at all cost. I knew that Will would never believe me, so I thought it would be best if I just acted like that night never happened. Little did I know it would happen again?

Will was holding another one of our summer parties. I stood close to him all night. I noticed Todd floating around the party talking with people and laughing. It was around midnight and after hours of drinking I was a little too relaxed. I told Will that I was going to go use the restroom I would be right back. I walked into our house and upstairs to our bedroom. As I walked by the mirror I noticed that my nipples were poking through the thin fabric of my tank top. I was wearing a tight short black skirt (exposing my long muscular legs) and a white tank top with no bra. As I walked towards the bathroom I heard a door shut. I turned around and it was Todd. He locked the door and looked at me with a devilish smile. “You are looking very sexy tonight. You must have known I was coming", Todd said as he sat his glass down on my dresser. "Get out of here Todd. I don't want anything to do with you. "What happened last time was you took advantage of me while I was drunk", I said with frightened voice. “I could go to the cops you know", I said with a slur. Suddenly he stepped to me and wrapped his arms around me. Todd put his hands on my ass as he began kissing me. “Let go you freak", I said as I tried to push him off me. Todd stepped back and backhanded me. I fell onto my bed. “Shut the fuck up now, I don't want you to make a noise! If you do I will fucking cut that pretty face of yours up", he said as he pulled out a knife from his pocket. I didn't know what to do so I started begging him to let me go. "No way. I've been watching your sexy ass all night. Now I am going to stuff you full of my cock". "Please I'll suck you off, just don't rape me. Please", I begged as he moved closer. “Shut up and take it like the slut you are", Todd said as he undid his pants. Todd put the knife to my throat and told me to layback on the bed. I did as he said. I began to cry as I felt him move between my long tan muscular legs pulling my skirt up, exposing my G-string thong. "Nice", Todd said as he placed his knife under the side of my thong. "Please stop", I whispered as he pulled the knife forward. I could feel the fabric of my thong ripping. Then suddenly it tore open exposing my shaven slit to him. Todd bent over and licked my slit a few times before he threw what was left of my thong on the floor. He stood up and pulled his pants down exposing his large thick cock. "Oh god, please don't", I said. Todd reached over to my dresser and put some lotion on his cock and then on my slit.

Todd forced my legs apart as he laid on top of me. I could feel the head of his cock lining up with my slit. Slowly he began to sink his cock into me. He slid his free hand up under my tank top. He began squeezing my breast and pinching my hard nipples. Todd stopped and pulled my tank top up and off me throwing it on to the floor next to my torn thong. He said, “I have wanted you for so long. I am going to fuck you hard Amy". Then without any warning, he began pumping the full length of his thick cock up inside of me. Each thrust put him deeper inside me. After about a minute or two he was all the way inside of me. He bent over and sucked my rock hard nipples on my large breast while he pumped my naked body up and down on the mattress. I tried covering my exposed breast, but he finally pinned my arms down to the bed. His hairy chest and big belly were rubbing roughly against my naked flesh. My slit was wrapped so tightly around his cock I thought he was going to tear me in two. "Oh shit you are one tight bitch Amy", Todd said before he began sucking my now very hard nipples. Todd sunk his cock all the way in me so his balls were resting outside of my ass whole. He began forcing his tongue in my mouth while he slit stretched to accommodate his thick cock. ”I want to do you doggy style bitch", Todd said. He quickly pulled out of me and flipped me over. I raised myself so I was on my hands and my knees. Todd stood behind me and lined his cock up with my slit again. Then with one violent pump he sunk his cock all the way in me. I let out a yelp as he began pumping me from behind. Todd grabbed a handful of my long light brown hair as he fucked my young sexy athletic body with a passion. I could feel my ass bouncing with each thrust of his cock. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Todd slowly pumped his thick cock deep inside of me and said, "be smart or I'll fuck up that pretty face of yours". I said, "Who’s there?" trying not to sound like I had a 250lbs man fucking me from behind. "It Will, is everything alright you been gone a while". Todd let out a little laugh and resumed fucking me slowly but deeply. "I'm fine I just got sick my stomach is hurting. Go enjoy the party I'll be down in a little while", I said while holding back tears. My large breast swung back and forth and Todd pumped my young sexy body from behind. ”Ok honey; come down when you feel better. I love you", Will say. "I love you too", I said as Todd reached around and grabbed my breast as he kissed my back. He waited a minute for Will to walk away. Then he grabbed my hair again and said, “let’s get back to fucking this tight cunt of yours". He began fucking me hard from behind. I was so embarrassed that I was being fucked by this fat older man. My breast sung back in forth and my ass bounced with each deep thrust. "I never thought that I would fuck a girl like you. I can tell you like it, so maybe we'll do this more often", Todd said. Then he let go of my hair and put both hands on my waist as he pumped away. I looked over at the mirror to see him smiling at me. He was watching his fat ass fucking me in the mirror. His hairy ball sack was slapping my body with each thrust. Todd began breath heavy. I knew it wouldn't be long before he came. “Please don't cum in me. Please pull out. I don't want to get pregnant. Todd ignored me and kept pumping away. "Damn, you're too tight, I can't hold back. I am going to pump you full of my cum. Get ready Amy I haven't gotten off in weeks. His pumps were steady as he placed both hands back on my hips. Then he quickly pumped his thick long cock deep inside of me a couple of times. He let out a grunt with each thrust. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I looked over at the mirror and he was staring at my naked body, my large bouncing breast with their hard nipples as the swung back in forth. Suddenly he slammed his cock all the way in me and said, “take this Amy; I've been saving it for you". I felt his cock twitch inside of me as his Warm cum unloaded into my helpless naked body underneath him. He kept Cumming for about 10-15 seconds. It felt like a gallon of cum was in me. He held me in place by my hips until his cock went limp and slid out of my slit. He stood up and pulled his pants up. I tried to standup, but he had pumped me so hard it was hard for me to stand straight up. I felt his warm cum dripping down my legs. He laughed and said, "We'll be doing this again. I never thought I would fuck a hot piece of ass like you. I bet you never thought you'd get fucked by a man like me. I promise it will happen more often or I'll kill Will and then you. "Ok, you can have me whenever you want, just don't hurt Will". He reached down and picked up my thong and put it in his pocket. "I'll see you in a couple days Amy", Todd said has he smelled my thong. "Thanks for the fuck. Oh, by the way, don't worry about getting knocked up you and I will make some good looking kids", Todd said with a laugh. I lowered my skirt and put my tank top back on. Todd opened the door to my bedroom grabbed his drink and left as if nothing ever happened. I used a towel to wipe his cum of my legs before I went back down to the party. For the rest of the night all I could think about was Todd's gallon of cum swimming deep inside of me.

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