Sex Ed on the School Bus

The names have been changed for privacy reasons but the rest of this story is true. This happened to me when I was 12 I am 22 now. Ten years ago this changed my life and later on my reputation as Tommy and Andrea would play a big part in my becoming who I am today.

I was in middle school, sixth grade to be exact when I saw the greatest thing I had ever seen happen, let me paint a picture for you.

Tommy and Andrea were high schoolers and in my school system the middle school students and high school students rode the bus together, anyway, I would always sit at the back of the bus, on this day I'm glad I did.

When the bus pulled up to the high school, a guy, named Tommy and girl, Andrea, obviously very much in love took the seat across the aisle from me. Tommy was your typically cool 15 year old he had brown hair in a crew cut and already had a well developed and toned physique, which makes sense why he had such a beatiful girlfriend. Andrea was Tommy's girlfriend she was 15 years old and stood about 5 foot and she had blonde hair that was in the "Posh Spice bob" style, her blouse was filled by her breasts, she had the biggest breasts of their freshmen class at the high school. On this day Andrea had on a pink skirt that went just past mid-thigh, I would later see that she had on a pair of lime green panties, Andrea was gorgeous and I can remember despite my lack of knowledge of girls I was jealous of Tommy and how hot his girlfriend was!

As soon as the bus took off my education began, at this point I knew very little about sex, just your basics, what a male has and what a female has, that's all. Tommy began to run his hand up Andrea's leg and up her skirt, being a young man out of the loop my eyes were obviously glued to seat across the aisle, Andrea opened her legs and Tommy's fingers pushed the green panties out of the way that's when I saw it, her slit it was cute and small, Tommy's fingers were in the way a little but I got a pretty good view. Then it happened Tommy's fingers pulled apart Andrea's pussy lips and I saw the pink inside of her beautiful pussy, I immediately got nervous what if I got caught watching them, would I get in trouble too. I then turned and looked out the window but I just couldn't keep my eyes off of it, so I turned back and started to watch as Tommy played with Andrea's pussy for a few minutes.

After a few minutes of working her pussy wet with his finger. Tommy unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out of his boxers, it was a lot more mature and larger than mine as he had already completed puberty, he then pulled Andrea across his legs and onto his cock she sat down on it and wrapped her legs across hhis back it was obviously awkward for them a bit as the bus seats aren't very big. At this point there is only about 12 people on the bus and the bus driver keeps looking back at them, I really thought I would get busted watching them now so I turned and looked out the window but again curiousity got to me so I looked back I saw Andrea riding Tommy's long cock at this point I was in heaven I had never seen sex before and had no idea what they were actually doing I just knew that it looked cool, I continued to watch as she turned around and faced the front and sat back down and began riding his cock, Tommy had his hands up the front of Andrea's blouse and was playing with her nipples, I could tell that this was rfeally getting her riled up because Andrea was biting her tongue to keep from making any noise.

Tommy kept pumping hard and playing with her nipples but somehow she managed to hold it all in, after about six or seven minutes, and with only 5 kids left on the bus, he pulled out and she dropped to her knees in between his legs, Andrea began stroking Tommy's cock with quick hard jerks, after about a minute maybe two, Tommy threw his head back and after a final jerk I saw Andrea's beautiiful face covered in a white sticky goo, it was in her hair and on her eyebrow he had let out one hell of a load, it was a wonderful site and I felt like the second luckiest man alive, just behind Tommy of course. Andrea pulled a towel out of her bookbag and wiped her face off then straightened out her clothing and sat back up in the seat, she looked across the aisle at me, at this point I had a big embarassed grin on my face Andrea then put her finger up to her lips as to tell me to keep quiet about it. I gave a nod, picked up my bookbag and got off the bus, I immediately ran off the bus and into my house where I shut the door, I ran into my room and released the tension that had built up inside my jeans from the show I had just gotten. Everyday after that I would sit at the back of the bus and every once in a while I would get a good show from Tommy and Andrea. I was the luckiest sixth grader alive!

That's all folks!

If you liked that story let me know and I will tell you my encounter with Seniors, Tommy and Andrea, three years later when I was a freshman. That is also a true story and it was my most memorable experience of high school!

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