Girlfriend and Boyfriend Abducted - Part 5

Five Weeks Later…

The wind howled outside, sometimes even rattling the windows of the house. Remote, tucked away in wooded hills, the home’s log cabin style exterior helped it blend in completely. Inside, a college girl and her boyfriend were being held captive. The hours of their captivity had turned into days, and the days into weeks…although for Ashley and her boyfriend, Brad, all sense of time had begun to blur together. For all they knew, their sadistic captor might have been keeping them for months. Time seemed to pass more slowly as their wretched imprisonment and sexual abuse dragged on…

Today was no different. Ashley and Brad were in the basement. Nothing but faded gray light peeked in through the tiny rectangular windows, and a storm was brewing outside. Ashley and Brad were naked. Each of them had an iron shackle encircling one ankle, and each captive’s shackle was connected to a sturdy, metal chain that had been bolted securely into the wall. The two captives had their wrists tied tightly behind their backs.

There were no blankets, no pillows, nothing for them to lay on except the unyielding concrete floor. Now and then Brad would sit and cradle Ashley’s head in his lap, or she would do the same for him. Their bodies ached not just from the constant abuse, but also from the hard surfaces on which they had to sit or lay upon. It was a never-ending, if somewhat banal hell. The truly frightening thing, though, was that although the occasional visits from their captor were something that Ashley and Brad both hated and feared, part of each of them looked forward to the visits. Sometimes a break from the monotony felt like fresh air, even if they knew it would come with a heavy price. This morning was no different.

Ashley heard a door creak open. She sat up. She and Brad exchanged a look. Footsteps echoed on the stairs leading down into the basement. Sure enough, it was Mladic. His eyes were the color of the storm gathering outside. He was wearing military fatigues again. His trim figure looked every bit the part of a soldier or mercenary. In his hands he held two bowls.

“Are my bitch and her bitch-boy hungry? Eat up, slaves.” He placed the two pet bowls on the floor.

With both of them starving, Ashley and Brad knelt down and dipped their faces into the bowls. Bits of bacon fat mingled with bread crust, a few leaves of lettuce, and random pieces of fruit. It wasn’t much more than table scraps, but at least it was food. The two naked captives began to hungrily lap up every last morsel.

Mladic knelt behind the two college students while they ate. Seeing these two reduced to animalistic instinct, that pleased this brutal man to no end. He placed a hand on each of his captives while they ate. His left hand went to Ashley’s pussy, his fingers exploring inside her even as she hungrily tried to assuage her desperate hunger. Meanwhile, his right hand gently fondled Brad’s testicles. It was a deceptive gentleness though, as if he might squeeze those fragile orbs or crush them in his fist any moment. Ashley and her boyfriend were too hungry and desperate to react to their captor’s vile touch. Mladic waited patiently until the two had licked their bowls clean.

“Today is a special day, my pets. You’ll see why soon enough, but for now let’s proceed to one of my favorite parts of every day. You know what time it is. It’s time for you two cute lovebirds to give me a morning FUCK-SHOW.” This was part of the routine that Ashley and Brad were quite familiar with by now. They were docile and cooperative as Mladic arranged them as he wanted.

First, Mladic had Brad lay down face-up. Then he took a step back.

“Listen up, Ashley. Today you will ride him like a cowgirl. You’ll impale your pussy like a good little fuck-toy with your hands tied. Ready? Go!”

Ashley wasted no time. The slender brunette knelt between Brad’s legs. Her tongue traced a line directly from the base of his shaft to the tip. She twirled her tongue around the glans of his cock, then sucked fervently on the tip for a good 30 seconds until he was good and hard. Thanks to the crushed-up erection enhancement pills which Mladic had slipped into Brad’s food, it didn’t take long. With his shaft ramrod straight and stiff as a board, Ashley now had to awkwardly mount him. With her hands tied behind her back, the girl managed to straddle him and sink her pussy down onto his pulsing erection. She began a rhythm – as much as she could, at least. With her wrists tied behind her back, she had to use her leg and hip muscles more fervently and creatively in order to slide her pussy up and down him. Brad cooperated. Despite having his own hands tied painfully tightly behind his back, Brad speared his pelvis upward, helping impale her cunt. As the two continued to fuck, Mladic turned on the mounted tripod camera and began recording.

“Yes. Let’s add another hot, sexy video to my collection, slut. Ride your boyfriend’s cock as if it might be the last time you do,” he said with a dark chuckle. Then he stepped closer to the furiously fucking couple. He knelt behind Ashley. With a cell phone in his hand, he leaned down to take a close-up video of Ashley’s cunt sliding up and down Brad’s manhood. The telltale trace of fluids, combined with the fragrance of sex, soon gave all the evidence their captor needed to know that the two had started to succumb to their primal sexual instincts.

“Yes. That’s good. You two slaves have become well trained indeed. Fuck, that makes my dick hard, seeing you ride him, whore. Let me join in for a bit.” Ashley watched with trepidation as Mladic unbelted his pants and let them drop to his ankles. Stepping out of them, he now stepped up close to her, his iron-hard flagpole of a cock swaying before her face.

“Let’s do something useful with that mouth while you fuck your helpless boyfriend.”

“Yes, Master.” Dutifully, Ashley opened her mouth. She cradled Mladic’s cock with her tongue and began to smother the head of his dick with a true slut’s zeal. As her mouth worked his cock, her cunt gripped and clung to the shaft of her tormented boyfriend. This dual-penetration went on for what seemed like forever to Ashley, but in reality might have been no more than 10 to 15 minutes. Now Mladic’s cock was seesawing in and out of her mouth, her jaw rippling as she took him all in, almost completely down her throat. She was struggling to breathe. Somehow she still managed to keep humping Brad’s cock. Then Mladic thrust his cock so far down her throat that she almost blacked out. She felt his pungent testicles pressed against her chin, and then he did something even crueler. He reached down and pinched her nostrils shut.

“Hold my cock down your throat, bitch. Let’s see how long you can hold your breath,” he growled.

Brad wanted to protest, to beg for their captor to please stop, to stop hurting her. But he knew that would be a mistake. After weeks of captivity, he was richly aware of the variety of punishments Mladic was capable of, for even the smallest infraction. To speak without being told to, unless it was to utter just those two simplest of words ‘Yes, Master,’ was completely forbidden. So Brad kept his mouth shut and let the tears leak from his eyes.

“UHHHH!” Ashley made a desperate noise. She felt as if her lungs were about to give out. Blackness danced along the edge of her vision. Her eyes widened as she thought, ‘This is it. This sick bastard is going to kill me.’ Then, just as she thought her consciousness would swirl away, Mladic let up on her nose. He took a step back, and as the cock popped free of her aching jaw, she began to cough and sputter. Pre-cum dribbled down her chin, but that was the least of her worries. With a bellow of primal euphoria, Mladic aimed his excited cock and let it explode right in her face.

“UGGHH! Take it all, bitch, AHHH! … and never forget that you’re a worthless cum-dump, fuck-slave, and whore!”

Huge ropes and flecks of cum, like silly string from hell, now blasted across Ashley’s forehead, nose, and cheeks. She had her eyes squeezed tightly shut for her own safety, but she continued to feel the hot flecks bathe her skin, and she could well imagine his cock twitching just inches from her face. Once Mladic was done coating her face, he used the last few salvos of seed to blast her supple tits. Soon those lush mounds were gleaming with copious layers of jism too, jism which continued to ever-so-slowly ooze down her beautiful chest.

As Mladic came down from his climax, happily spent, he fisted Ashley’s unkempt hair – it was no longer in the tidy ponytail she preferred – and jerked her cum covered face upward so that she had to look at him.

“Thank your Master, bitch. Show some gratitude.”

Ashley blinked rapidly as cum nearly dripped into her eyes.

“Th-thank you, Master. This slave bitch thanks you for coating her in your magnificent cum. This slave is very grateful, Sir.”

Satisfied with the parroted words he wanted to hear, Mladic finally let go of her. He swept his pants up off the floor and began to walk toward the stairs. He paused, turning back.

“Today you’ll fuck for two hours straight. Slack off, and you know what happens.”

They did know. As he recorded them, Mladic periodically checked in on them remotely. Ashley’s backside was still sore and covered in welts from the beating he had given her last week. Last week, during one of their morning ‘sessions,’ she and Brad had decided that she could just rest on his lap with his cock inside of her instead of pumping or gyrating. That had been a mistake, one that she – and her ass – had paid for dearly.

“Enjoy your sweet lovemaking, slaves. I’ll be back to check on you after lunch.” Mladic’s footsteps receded up the stairs. Then there was the opening and slamming of a door, then silence…except for the sounds of copulation as Ashley continued to ride her boyfriend’s cock.

The hours passed by with the two captives constantly fucking, trying to focus on their own pleasure and not the fact that this was being forced upon them. Looking up at his girlfriend’s cum-covered face, Brad tried to give her words of comfort, to say anything that might soothe her battered soul. She did the same for him, talking to him as they fucked. Strangely enough, they found that talking while being forced to do the awful things that Mladic made them do took some of the horror out of this nightmare. It was as if, with each word of comfort they exchanged, they were somehow blunting Mladic’s sadistic power over them, if only in the tiniest of ways. That, more than anything, gave them hope, or at least the will to go on. Each of them wanted to be stronger for the other. Each of them was spurred on with a renewed will to survive by seeing the valiant façade of fragile courage displayed by the one they loved.

Finally, after lunchtime, Ashley heard the door creak open again.

“I love you,” she whispered to Brad. Looking at her with sorrow but also tenderness, Brad whispered back.

“I love you too.”

Then the two captives fell silent, wisely so, for now Mladic was close. He walked up and watched Ashley still grinding on Brad’s lap.

“Not bad, lovebirds. You’ve earned a good CUMMING, I think. Go ahead, lover-boy, gush inside your woman. Here, bitch, let me help you CUM too, while your boyfriend gets off.”

Kneeling beside them, Mladic reached down and stroked Ashley’s clit while the girl continued to fuck her boyfriend. Brad’s tormented face was beaded with sweat. Soon he was tipping over the edge. He groaned a plaintive, almost agonized sound as the churning seed in his testicles shot up into the wet, warm depths of his girlfriend’s pussy.


At almost the exact same moment, Ashley succumbed to Mladic’s touch. Her cunt convulsed and gripped hard around the cock that was fountaining its precious swimmers deep inside her. She bit her lip so hard it almost bled, shuddering as the orgasm tore through her and left her mind temporarily in tatters. Gradually, as she came down from the precipice, Ashley was aware of a washcloth, slightly soapy and wet with warm water, being applied to her face, wiping off all the half-dried cum encrusted along her skin.

Mladic’s touch was so tender now, the way he cleaned her with the washcloth. To Ashley, it felt so surreal. How could a man be so cruel one moment, and yet show tiny, fleeting glimpses of humanity the next? Unfortunately, she was about to get her answer – and the fleeting glimpse of humanity was in fact nothing more than self-interest at its basest.

“Does that feel better, cunt? You like having a clean face and clean tits again?”

Ashley nodded. “Yes, Master. Thank you, Sir.”

“Don’t thank me yet,” Mladic said with the rumble of a laugh. He stood up and pulled Ashley up to her feet beside him. Cum oozed from the girl’s snatch, dropping onto her boyfriend’s pubic curls and cock. She stared down at the little puddles of fluid, which included the juices from her own sex.

“You and your boyfriend made quite a mess, bitch. You really got into it. That was some real lust you and your boy-toy showed for my video. These nipples were harder than ever,” he said with playfulness as he cupped the girl’s tits and then pinched her nipples for good measure. She gasped as two tiny stabs of pain shot through her pink buds. “That’s good. You know what, I think you and your bitch-boy’s training is finally complete. That’s just as well.”

“Wh-what do you mean, Sir?” Ashley couldn’t help it. She had forgotten to keep her mouth shut unless prompted. Mladic was so focused on sharing the ‘good news’ with her that he let the infraction slide.

“It’s simple, bitch. I mean that you and your boyfriend’s time as my guests here is OVER.”

Hope leapt in Ashley’s chest like a majestic whale leaping out of the ocean. “You mean…you mean you’ll let us go?” She knew that it was probably foolish to hope, but she still couldn’t help it. It was the one thing that she and Brad had been clinging to for these last hellish weeks – the hope that once Mladic tired of them, he might actually let them go. The hope that Lev’s earlier warning that Mladic would kill them once he was finished with them was just a cruel joke.

“Let you go?” Mladic rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “I guess you could call it that. I am letting you ‘go’ in a sense.”

Uh-oh. No, this couldn’t be good. Ashley felt a sudden churning, sinking sensation in the pit of her stomach.

“Please let us go, please!” she whimpered, unable to control herself. She tried to turn back to look at him, but he slapped her face from behind and told her to stand still.

“Don’t get all hysterical on me, bitch. It doesn’t do me any good to have my customers turned off by the merchandise.”

“M-merchandise?” Ashley’s horror-filled gaze met that of her boyfriend, now looking up at her.

“Yes…I was going to kill you two lovebirds, but then Lev gave me a great idea. He’s got a few old friends from south of the border. Killing a sweet young pussy and her boyfriend, while fun – and believe me, I’m a fan of making a good snuff film now and then – is such a waste. So Lev got me thinking, why waste a good pussy and her boyfriend when I can get some cold, hard cash for my trouble? When Lev told me that Antonio and his crew would be traveling up this way on other business anyway, well, we struck a deal.”

Ashley and Brad felt despair well up through their pores and fill every single vein in their bodies. No, this couldn’t be happening. No, please no…!

There was a commotion upstairs. Ashley heard a cacophony of voices.

Mladic turned toward the stairs and swiveled Ashley along with him. He reached down now, his hand cupping her cum-coated cunt.

“Mmmm. This is the last time I get to fondle this cute fuck-hole. Guess I should make the most of it, eh?”

Ashley felt panic roaring through her. Her heart hammered in her chest like a straitjacket-wearing prisoner trying to bash her head against the sides of her cell.

“Please don’t do this. Please, we’ve done everything you’ve asked. We’ve been good sex slaves,” she whimpered. Ignoring her plea, Mladic began to rub her clit.

Meanwhile, the door at the top of the basement stairs slammed open with a crash. Heavy, thumping footsteps boomed as one, two, three, then five more men, then five more men after that, all came pounding down the stairs. All of them were Mexican. They had tattoos of barbed wire, elaborate patterns, and Spanish lettering engraved on their powerful biceps, bull-like necks, and beefy limbs. The one at the front of the pack of 16 men looked particularly harsh and cruel. He had a dark goatee and eyes that glittered like midnight. A tattoo of two snakes eating a human skull was emblazoned across his chest. He wore nothing but a biker vest, jeans, and boots, and the rest of his gang wore much the same.

“Lev let me in. You must be Mladic, yes? Is this the bitch and the boy-toy my good friend tells me you have for sale??”

Mladic nodded. “You must be Antonio?”

The goateed biker gang leader winked at him before giving Mladic a feral grin. “The one and the same, gringo. Oooh, look at this chica. She’s a pretty little thing, isn’t she.”

Mladic looked sheepish. “My apologies, but she’s still got her boyfriend’s cum in her pussy. I didn’t get a chance to get her cleaned up for you.”

Antonio waved one dismissive hand. “Not a problem, gringo. My men don’t mind sloppy seconds. Do you?” he called out, to which he received thunderous shouts of excitement and a chorus of No’s. “It’s been a long, LONG ride up here, man. You don’t mind if me and the boys test out our new merchandise before we take possession, do you?” Before Mladic could even answer, though, Antonio gestured at the one man in his gang who was even taller than he. “Pay the man.” The towering, scar-faced biker set a duffel bag on the nearby workbench and unzipped it to show stacks of $100 bills inside.

“You want me to count it?” Antonio offered.

Mladic’s gleeful grin spread as widely as humanly possible. “No need. If Lev says you’re trustworthy, that’s good enough for me. Oh, and in answer to your other question – sure, go right ahead. Try out the merchandise to your heart’s content.”

“Excellent. I was hoping you’d say that,” the big man said, rubbing his hands together. Mladic thrust the poor girl into Antonio’s arms, grabbed the duffel bag, and left.

Ashley’s eyes widened as she watched the biker gang of 16 brutes quickly disrobe. Antonio’s cock was the biggest of them all. It was obscene. It was hard to believe that the man was even human, with all twelve inches of cock standing upright like a horrific harpoon of flesh.

“You like what you see, chica?” Ashley’s heart dove through her stomach. She couldn’t even form words.

“Well, I hate to disappoint, but I prefer MEN. Maybe you can suck me off later though, chica. I don’t want you getting too jealous of your boyfriend. Mmmm. Now let’s see how tight your boyfriend’s ass is. Ooohh, yes, this should be FUN.” He stepped around her. When Brad tried to get up, he slammed the young man back to the floor. Keeping a hand on his neck, he growled at him. “Turn over, boy. Let me see that wrinkled hole. I like to savor the scene and see where my cock is going.” He paused, turning back toward the others, who seemed to be waiting for his command before joining the fray.

“Juan, Francisco, break in this young bitch while I tend to her sweet boyfriend. Then make sure the others all get their turns with her.”

“You’ve got it, Jefe.” The one named Juan was the impossibly tall one. His cock was almost equally supernatural and obscene in dimension. Whereas all the cocks of the remaining bikers had to be between 8 to 9 and a half inches, Juan’s was a formidable 11-inches fully elongated. He now approached Ashley and reached out, lightly petting the girl’s breasts.

“Oooh, white chica, we gonna have so much fun now. You ready to take some hard Latino cock?”

Ashley trembled as the second man, Francisco, came up to her from behind. She felt the hard slab of his cock above her tailbone.

“Yes, this sexy young slut is just dying to have all of our cocks inside her, aren’t you bitch?”

Ashley had the distinct feeling that there was only one right answer to the man’s question. As she spoke, what little remained of her self-respect, what little part of herself hadn’t been drowned in shame, now perished.

“Please fuck me with your cocks. Oh god, please do what you want with me, just please don’t hurt me.”

“Lift her up man. Put her on my cock.” As Juan said this, Francisco lifted Ashley up like she weighed almost nothing. He handed her to his gang-buddy as if he was tossing him a bottle of beer. She felt Juan’s hands glide underneath her hips, holding her up as he controlled the pace – as he slowly sank the first few inches of her cunt onto his enormous girth. “Undo her wrists man. I want her to hold on, not flop around too much as I fuck her.”

Within moments, Ashley stiffened as she felt a knife cut away the ropes. It was cold comfort to her. She lassoed her arms around Juan’s neck and moaned with the feeling of incredible fullness as his cock began raping her, her tight pussy sliding up and down just the top few inches of his shaft. There was no way that entire cock would fit inside her. No way. She kept moaning as just the tip of his thick cock reamed her sensitive sex, his hands gripping the undersides of her hips and letting gravity help him impale her with each bounce. Francisco, meanwhile, had grown impatient.

“All right, you got your rhythm going. Hold her still while I try out this hot gringa’s cute little ass,” Francisco urged as he lubed himself up.

Ashley’s grunts and moans joined the grunts and growls of the two men who gave her the first double-rape penetration of her young life. When Francisco had finally forced the tip of his cock past her protesting sphincter, now fully seated in her ass, the two began thrusting in tandem. Their cock-filled victim squealed and trembled.


To Ashley, it felt like she was being ripped apart, and yet the sensations that sang through her loins were an odd mixture of agony with intoxicating zings of pleasure to make the pain somehow bearable. She rode those two cocks until she realized, with incredible clarity, that an impending climax was threatening to steal her breath away.

“Oh please. Oh fuck! OH FUCK! PLEASE!! Oh god, oooohhhh!” Ashley’s moans sailed to new heights. To the untrained eye and ear, it became harder and harder to tell whether she was protesting her rape or pleading for more. Her hardened nipples pressed against one rapist’s chest even as she felt the other rapist fondling her ass. She then screamed with her mouth pressed against Juan’s shoulder, muffling the cry. As her eyes rolled upward, her body trembling from the forced euphoria of dual penetration, her orgasm now claimed her as brutally as the two cocks reaming her. And then those two hard cocks were erupting in her pussy and ass simultaneously, defiling her with 13 more cocks eagerly awaiting their turn.

“Ooohhh fuck, we’ve got a cum-soaked bitch on our hands. Who wants her next?” Juan bellowed. The dazed girl could feel so much cum sliding out of her ass and pussy as Juan and his partner disengaged and let her down to stand on wobbly legs. But moments later Juan was already thrusting her into another man’s arms.

Lips captured Ashley’s for a brutal kiss. When he broke off the kiss, the newest thug cupped the curves of her ass and made her an awful promise. “This party is only just getting started. You ready for more rape?”

Ashley reached down and grasped the base of his cock. She began pumping his hardness in her tiny enclosed fist, looking up at him, surrendering to her future.

“Yes, Sir.”

Meanwhile, among the young couple, perhaps Brad’s fate was the more demeaning and pitiable. He lay on his stomach, screaming while Antonio’s cock plunged into his anal opening, slamming into him like a battering ram. Brad could hear the sounds of his girlfriend being raped and even starting to enjoy it, but for him the shame was even more complete. Even as the pain brutalized him, even as it tore away his soul like the anchor of a ship being yanked away into oblivion, a tiny, primal shred within him seemed to succumb to some hidden sexual craving.

Even as Brad screamed, his cock stayed hard. He felt nerve endings awaken which shouldn’t have even existed. As he listened to his raped girlfriend’s muffled squeal of climax, he felt that most forbidden of urges within himself. It broke him. It made him hate himself even more thoroughly than after he’d been forced to assist in Ashley’s rape. Lust. It was there. He felt a kernel of lust within himself as Antonio raped him, and that’s what made the truth hit home.

After everything that had happened to him and Ashley, he was convinced that anyone, with just one look, would sense or know their shame. He didn’t think he could live with that. Even if he could, he wasn’t sure he wanted to. Maybe… maybe they deserved this cruel fate after all. Experiencing pleasure, any at all, while being raped, carried a sense of universal wrongness.

“Here you go, college stud. Take it deep,” Antonio grunted. Now, as Antonio’s cock pumped what seemed like a gallon of cum into Brad’s ass, he clenched his jaw, his eyes squeezed shut, and tried to ignore the sensation of warmth filling him. Moments later, Antonio yanked the raped college student to his feet. Brad’s head hung limply from self-loathing. Antonio reached down, grasping the base of Brad’s still stiff cock.

“You liked that, didn’t you boy? You’re still good and hard. Don’t worry, that’ll be the first cock of MANY you’ll take. Mmmm, yeah, look at your sweet girlfriend entertaining my men. She’s a natural puta.”

Brad stared miserably down at the action. A nameless Mexican biker with a shaved head had Ashley pinned to the concrete, fucking her. Her legs were splayed to either side as he pummeled her pussy, plowing between her legs like the ultimate jackhammer. His naked bulk blanketed her delicate figure, and to Brad it looked like he might crush her.

“AHH! Please Sir, it hurts. Please be gentle, the floor is hard!” she begged.

“So is my cock!” the man bellowed back, not caring about her discomfort. Ashley could feel the rough surface scraping against her back as this brutal man’s savage thrusts made her entire body slide toward the wall. Now she gripped the backs of his shoulders with her hands and pulled herself upward to kiss him; at least that way, less of her back would be scraping against the hard, uneven floor. The shaved-headed brute captured her mouth, voraciously returning the kiss. His cock slammed with jarring impact into her soft feminine sheath once more.

“Mmmm. I hope your sweet little bitch-girlfriend has some stamina, Romeo,” Antonio murmured into Brad’s ear. “Or her stay with us down at the hacienda in Chiapas will be a short one. Hopefully she lasts longer than the last chica I bought.”

Brad shivered, knowing that this was the end. Their bodies were no longer theirs, but it had somehow gotten even worse. Now their fate was to be kidnapped and taken to a foreign country, to live out their lives as sex slaves to a biker gang. At least here, in this house with their current captor, they could dream about the possibility of escape. In a foreign country where they knew no one and didn’t even speak more than a smattering of Spanish, what hope did they have? He thought of his parents now too. They might never know what happened to him, Brad realized. They would be heartbroken. He had been looking forward to meeting Ashley’s parents, and her sister too, as he and Ashley’s relationship had deepened. Now all of it, their entire future together, had been obliterated.

Antonio slowly pumped Brad’s cock with his enclosed fist. “Watch closely, boy. After my man is done gushing in your slut, I’ll let you have one last goodbye fuck with her. Mmmm. Look at her take that pounding like a little fuck-slut. She’s one hot bitch, I’ll give her that. Yes, I think I’ll sell her for top dollar to one of the other gangs after we tire of her.”

There was a sudden groan, and the man atop Ashley stiffened. The sexy brunette’s hands stroked his shoulders as he came inside her, his testicles flush against her inner thighs as the full load of his sperm blasted toward her womb. She burrowed her head against him, panting, feeling a series of burning aches from the scrapes up and down her back.

“Move aside, Ernesto. The boyfriend gets one last farewell fuck,” Antonio growled. Brad felt himself slammed down onto the floor face-up. With sadness in her eyes, Ashley straddled him. She lowered her sperm-slimy cunt onto his engorged manhood and began to fuck on his lap for the very last time. Brad felt the cum of two other men coating his cock along with her juices. The gorgeous brunette splayed her hands against his chest and slammed her cunt down onto his drug-fueled erection with a loud, smacking cadence. The men jeered.

“Ride him, chica. Give your gringo a sweet fuck to remember. Your pussy no longer belongs to him, but to us!” one gangbanger shouted.

“Yeah, bitch, enjoy your last precious romantic fuck with your handsome stud. He belongs to our Jefe now, and your pussy does too. Oooh, that little American pussy is gonna get torn up with so many rock-hard Mexican cocks, gringa.”

Now the slender brunette was surrounded by a circle of biker thugs all pumping their stiff erections, letting the sight of the naked girl spur their libido to new heights. Brad, for his part, could only look up at his girlfriend’s haunted face, her alluring tits jiggling with the zeal of her humping figure. Ashley mouthed ‘I love you’ to Brad knowing that this might be the last time she could ever tell him how much she cared. Meanwhile, Antonio watched the couple. Seeing the girl’s pale ass bouncing as she engulfed her boyfriend’s cock between her sticky folds was a sight to see. The tiny scrapes along Ashley’s back hardly spoiled the view as her alluring, perfectly curved figure continued its desperate fucking astride her equally doomed boyfriend. Antonio’s own cock grew, soon returning to a fully reinvigorated state. He decided that he and his men would thoroughly test out the ‘merchandise’ tonight. Ashley moaned as the gang leader leaned down and gave her left ass cheek a harsh swat. Then he gave her a slap across the back of the head.

“Don’t let up, bitch. Fuck him faster and much harder. I want to hear his sweet groan as he empties the cargo in that pathetic pair of testicles up your worthless snatch one last time. You hear me? Answer me, chica!”

“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry! I’ll… I’ll fuck him faster and harder, Sir. Please don’t hit me,” Ashley wailed.

The men laughed. The darkness in Antonio grinned from ear to ear. Yes, this night would be both long and glorious.


EPILOGUE #1 (Darker Version)

Two Years Later…

The disappearance of several college students from Oxville, Iowa, would remain unsolved. The students’ parents and families mourned, but closure never came.

Somewhere in a hacienda in the middle of the desert, a young man served his master. It was a beautiful morning, sunlight cascading down on Brad’s naked figure, tied spread-eagled and face-down by the pool. Antonio had just finished tightening the knot around his testicles and now raised his whip for a well-placed blow along Brad’s welt-covered ass. Soon Brad would be writhing in pain and begging to take cock. The worst part of it at all was that part of Brad had even learned to enjoy it.

Hundreds of miles away, somewhere in a rundown brothel on the outskirts of Mexico City, a naked brown-haired girl knelt and obediently sucked a man’s cock. The client gathered Ashley’s hair away from her face. He reached down with his free hand to rub the girl’s tits. Looking at the girl’s reflection in the wall-length mirror, he admired the cigarette burns he’d inflicted across her ass cheeks. Meanwhile, the girl sucked more fervently, knowing the awful price of displeasing her most demanding client. Ashley bottomed out on his shaft with her nose pressed to his wiry pubic hair. She tenderly fondled his balls and prayed that he would come soon.

He didn’t though. Fisting his hand in her hair, he yanked her head back. His cruel eyes stared down at her as pre-cum leaked down her bottom lip.

“Get up on the bed now, bitch. I want to fuck you in the ass.” Ashley’s heart sank. The naked girl climbed onto the bed, raised her ass in the air while bent over on her hands and knees, and waited for the inevitable.

Two years had passed. As far as the world knew, a few young and promising college athletes had vanished into thin air. They no longer existed. To Ashley and Brad, that might as well have been the truth. A girlfriend and boyfriend’s spirits had finally been broken. Ashley Carrington and Brad Wilson were never seen or heard from again.





EPILOGUE #2 (Happier Version)

Six Months Later…

Ashley and Brad walked holding hands along the tree-lined path. The campus of Mason University was awash in the signs of fall. Trees with leaves of burnt orange, scarlet red, and canary yellow provided halos of color above their heads.

Brad tugged on her hand, pulling her toward his dorm.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?”

Ashley nodded, biting her bottom lip. She was ready, wasn’t she? Her heart was pounding, but it was a good kind of pounding. It pounded with anticipation more than fear.

It had been almost six months since they had been rescued, since Antonio’s gang had been arrested trying to cross the U.S.-Mexican border. They had been delirious with relief when the border patrol officers had saved them. It had been almost six months ago, but to Ashley it seemed like a lifetime.

“Watch your step.” Brad opened the door for her and pointed out the crumbling concrete step in front of the old dorm’s main entrance. They walked down the hallway, waited for the elevator. It was surreal how much an experience, how much one traumatic event, could change a person, Ashley thought.

Even though they had survived and returned back to their families and to school safe and whole, mentally they would never, ever be the same. Today was proof of that. Ashley and Brad stepped onto the elevator, took it to the third floor, and stepped out into the hallway, walking briskly towards Brad’s dorm room.

The simple truth was, despite the terror and depravity of what they experienced, their captivity had changed them in a way not entirely unwelcomed. Their time with Mladic had awakened something in them. Perhaps it was something depraved and dark, but it was also something instinctual and primal, something that connected them to human experience through the eons. A new craving had awakened inside them during their captivity, and it refused to fade way even as the worst pain of their experience slowly had.

Brad knocked on the door to his dorm room. His roommate, Nate, answered. Nate was also a member of the track team, muscular, with chestnut brown hair to Brad’s sandy blond. His handsome face was slightly more angular than Brad’s.

“Come on in,” Nate said with a dark whisper. His eyes roved up and down Ashley’s body like those of a hungry panther.

As soon as the door closed behind them, the roleplay began. Brad had asked Ashley if she was sure she was ready for this. He had given her the last opportunity for an out. She was all in, though. She wanted this. They both did.

“Take off your clothes, slaves. Fucking do it. NOW,” Nate growled.

Ashley and Brad quickly disrobed until they were completely naked. Ashley felt a surge of arousal snake through her entire body. Their time in captivity had taught both girlfriend and boyfriend that part of them craved to be dominated together – to be sexually used and sexually submissive together to someone else. After their rescue, that was the shameful truth that they had kept hidden from their families and from everyone they knew. Then one night they had revealed to Nate, their closest mutual friend, that forbidden truth. To their surprise, though, he hadn’t been repulsed. He had been intrigued. Nate revealed, in turn, a secret of his own That the reason he had had so many failed relationships in college was because of his constant need and desire to dominate.

And so, an idea had been born. A pact had been made. Today’s pre-planned tryst was the first, exploratory attempt to fulfill one another’s needs.

“Turn around, bitch.” Ashley turned around as Nate grabbed her wrists and cuffed her hands behind her back. He then tossed her face-up onto the bed. “Spread your legs, bitch.” His voice was filled with command. The sexy brunette melted at the words. She opened her legs wide, revealing her recently shaved pussy. Nate now leapt forward and slammed his palm against her cunt. She stifled a squeal and thrashed.


“Quiet, bitch. Don’t make me gag your sweet mouth,” Nate warned. He pointed at Brad. Then he framed Ashley’s slightly reddened sex with his fingers. “Get your face down here and lick this pussy, man-slave. MOVE.”

Brad climbed onto the bed between Ashley’s legs and began to flick his tongue against the girl’s wanton clit. Soon the sounds of licking and slurping filled the dorm room. Brad’s face seemed to be glued to Ashley’s slit, his tongue delving deeply and teasing her sensitive folds in all the right ways. Ashley’s cuffed hands clenched up behind her butt as she felt waves of stimulation begin to roll through her. The girl’s chest began to heave. Oh god, it felt so good, Ashley thought, her mind succumbing to the delirium of pleasure.

As an R.A. at the dorm, Nate had a few perks. He and Brad shared a room at the very end of the hall, set apart from the others. The walls were well-insulated, and right now that was a very good thing.

“Open your fucking eyes, slut.” Ashley’s eyes snapped open as she felt something smack her face. It was a cock. Nate had disrobed now, too. His stiff erection now swayed just inches above her face. Oh god, this was such a turn-on. She stuck out her tongue and began to lick and tease his glans. Ashley licked the tip of Nate’s cock like a delicious treat, her eyes staring up at him seductively. Nate reached down, roughly fondling the girl’s breasts.

“Suck this cock, slut. Get it even harder. As soon as your boyfriend is done making your pussy cream up with need, my cock is going in there, bitch. I’ll fuck you HARD. I’ll rape your tight pussy, you worthless little cunt. Understand?”

Ashley nodded. “Yes, Master.”

Now, taking the entire uppermost part of Nate’s cock into her mouth, she sucked fervently. Nate slid his hand along her pony-tailed hair, petting her like a dog.

“Aaahhhhh… yes, you fucking whore. You better please your Master.”

Moaning with desire, Ashley sucked dutifully on the cock of her ‘Master’ as the fantasy deepened. She imagined herself, and Brad too, captured by this brutal psychopath, ‘Master Nate.’ She imagined that if she and Brad didn’t do exactly what he told them to do they would both be tortured or worse. She let the instinctual need to be submissive, to be dominated, course through her veins and the very fiber of her being. Meanwhile, as Brad sucked hard on her clitoris, she lost control. Her body shuddered. Her hips thrashed. Ashley let herself go, moaning even as Nate’s cock filled her mouth.

Stroking the girl’s head, Nate’s dark promise soon lingered in her ears.

“Yes, my little slave. You came, and now I’m going to FUCK you.”

Ashley’s jaw rippled as she pumped her mouth back and forth on Nate’s slimy shaft. Frantically she sucked him, her libido spiking, and her eyes screamed silently at him: ‘Yes Master, please fuck me. Fuck your slave-bitch hard.’

So it came to pass that two broken and sexually abused souls had found a third person to bind them together, to satisfy their needs. And they lived, despite cruel whippings, punishments, and much submissive humiliation, happily ever after.





I hope you enjoyed the additional chapter and epilogue(s) of Girlfriend and Boyfriend Abducted. For an earlier story I had promised to do an alternate ending, and some readers seemed to like the idea. This time I decided to follow through with it by including a ‘happier’ ending and a ‘darker’ ending. Which did you like better? Did you like having an alternate ending or not?

Let me know your thoughts. If readers continue to show interest, I may do alternate endings for future stories – it’s ultimately up to you. Like any good sub, I like to try to do what pleases people, and my Masters especially.

Hugs and kisses from a sub at heart,


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