The World's First Futa 10 - Futa's Wicked Campaign Chapter 3: Futa's First Wild Debate

The World's First Futa – Futa's Wicked Campaign

Chapter Three: Futa's First Wild Debate

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

April 17th, 2047

“So it's the Saturday before the election,” Adelia said, the caramel-skinned talk show host who was interviewing me, “and you're finally included in the final presidential debate.”

“Yep,” I said, shaking my head in disgust. “The Republicans and Democrats were both sweating. They felt the heat of my campaign. They didn't want me out on stage, didn't want to give me more of a platform, but they couldn't go against public opinion.” I smiled. “It helped that CNN, hosting the debate, was also friendly to me. After all, that interview they had with me after my first time as a cheerleader saved their network from Fox News's dominance in the ratings.”

Adelia smiled. “And what a wild debate it was. I think everyone in the audience can remember watching it.”

A great, whooping cry came from the audience followed by their thunderous applause. I shifted on the couch, smiling out at the shadowy women, and a few of my futa-daughters, who filled the stage. It was such a wondrous sound to hear. I drank it in, remembering all those campaign rallies leading up to that wonderful day where I stood proud before on stage with the two other candidates and debated my case to be president of the United States.

“You showed the world how your diplomacy would go,” Adelia said. “But what was it like for you up there on the stage with Senator Glory Olson and Senator Henry Millner?”


November 1st, 2036

I drew in a deep breath as I stood before the country, my podium so short. I didn't have my usual one. No tight, young pussy wrapped about my cock to keep me distracted. Luckily, there were no women I'd never fucked close enough to distract me. I stood in the center of the stage, my Republican opponent, Senator Glory Olson, to my right and Senator Henry Millner, my Democratic opponent, on my left. I'd fucked Glory when we were both eighteen years and years ago. So she didn't need to be bred now and could control herself around me.

Only one women that I knew was in the studio I hadn't bred, and she was backstage somewhere. Though I had a feeling she would be keeping a close eye on the event, her pussy soaking wet as she thought about getting fucked by me.

My heart beat fast. My palms were sweaty. It was so different underneath the hot studio lights. There was no audience for this debate. I didn't have my supports cheering me on. CNN wanted no distractions. I couldn't use being a futa to my advantage.

Which sucked, because that was who I was. The world's first futa. It would be how I ran the presidency, and how I united the world. I was the union of male and female passions, a fusion of opposites to form something new. Something better.

I was an example to the world.

Glory Olson shifted beside me. She had rosy cheeks and her eyes kept glancing at me. I vaguely remembered her from my college days. She attended the orgies I used to hold in the dorms, one of the girls I fucked again and again. I had a daughter with her named Gina who was working against me for her mother.

I couldn't be mad that she sided with Glory and not me.

Glory was a beauty still, thirty-seven like me, her red hair pulled back into a bun, not as vibrant as I dimly recalled from those wild college orgies. Her green eyes were hard but she kept licking her lips as she glanced at me.

I winked back at her.

Henry Millner, my democratic opponent, was old and stodgy. He had white hair. He stood tall and commanding. He had a regal, presidential bearing about him. He was a smooth speaker who energized crowds of mostly men these days. My daughter, Rebecca, briefed me that he believed I would show the world that I was nothing more than an empty-headed bimbo with no real solutions. He expected a miracle to happen tonight.

Amelia McCreery moderated. The young reporter I fucked live on CNN eighteen years ago had matured into a delicious beauty, her youthfulness traded for that reserved poise a woman of experience, her body still fit and tight, her lips still kissable. Her black hair was pulled back in a bun, emphasizing her narrow, delicate features.

“Becky Woodward,” Amelia asked, “people say your only skill is having sex. How will you negotiate with foreign powers?”

“By bringing us together,” I answered with confidence, glancing at the camera and speaking straight to the American voters just the way my futa-daughter Leah advised. “I will unite with them and show them my passion and what they will gain by being America's friend.”

“You're going to fuck them?” Glory asked, the Republican arching a fiery eyebrow at me.

“Maybe,” I answered, giving her a smoky smile. My girl-dick throbbed as a flash of her teardrop-shaped breasts heaving over me as she rode my cock strobed through my mind.

“Even though most world leaders are men?” She pursed her smile. “I thought you were allergic to men's cum.”

“Doesn't mean I can't have fun with men,” I said. “There are plenty of husbands who didn't mind me joining them in bed with their wives.”

“The U.S. voters need a strong leader,” Henry Millner said, speaking in that deep, commanding baritone. “They need someone who will lead by example, not by being the trash you'd see on daytime television. A leader can't be frivolous.”

I bristled, shooting a glare at the older man. “Frivolous? You think I'm frivolous.”

“What else would you call a woman who's idea of a political campaign rally is deflowering a virgin on stage and breeding her?” He arched an eyebrow. “That's as frivolous as a person can get.”

“There is nothing frivolous about my desire to change America!” I looked at the cameras. “I want to bring America and the World together like never before! I want peace and love, not war and hate.”

“And you'll do it by being a slut?” Glory asked.

“You loved being my slut in college,” I shot at her. “Don't you remember how you begged me to cum in your cunt? How you licked my cum out of every girl's cunt or asshole you could find.”

“Becky, your time is up,” Amelia said. “Glory, a thirty second rebuttal to the accusation that you, too, are a slut.”

“Yes, I was your slut, Becky,” she said, speaking bold, with passion. She gazed at the camera. “What woman isn't the first time they meet you? But I grew out of it. I'm not eighteen and writhing in an orgy. I had to grow up. I couldn't just whore myself around the world. I had to raise the daughter you abandoned.”

A flush washed through me.

“And not just the daughter I had with you. I've been mentoring hundreds of the daughters you've mothered on women then forgot about them. While you were fucking your way across the entire world, I was helping to mold and shape these young futanari who had to grow up only seeing your antics on TV, never getting to know you in person.

“I even married one, and she'll be America's First Lady because you won't ever see me conducting diplomacy on my back!”

“You forget, I do the fucking,” I said, giving her a venomous smile. “I won't be on my back.”

“You are an utter disgrace to this country's dignity!”

“That's your time, Senator Olson.” Amelia glanced at Senator Millner. He stood dignified like he was above Glory and me, standing aloof while we wrestled in the mud. “Russia continues to be a thorn in the U.S.'s side. Senator Millner, how will you deal with them?”

“Sanctions will have to continue,” Senator Millner. “I voted for them when President Gutierrez asked for them, and I agree that we need to continue to take a hard line with Moscow. We can't allow them to do the things they have in the past. We will have security and peace in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, not the rise of another Russian hegemony.”

“Because penalties work so well,” I said, staring at the cameras. “Every psychologist and behavioral sociologist will tell you that positive reinforcement is far more effective than negative. Dr. Skinner proved this nearly a hundred years ago. We need to stop dividing the world and instead unite it.

“I intend to make Russia our ally. To work with Moscow to bring about a better future for everyone.”

“By cucking the Russian president?” Glory asked, giving me a nasty look. “I'm sure Demyan Ignatov will love it if you fuck his wife right before him. You could join them in their bed in the Kremlin.”

“Indeed,” Henry said. “What man would welcome that perversity.”

“Oh, he would welcome it,” I said. I winked at Henry. “And so would you. Your wife is a fine woman.”

“There is no need to bring my wife into this!” he growled, true emotion flashing across his face. There was anger in there, but I could see something else. Fear. Not of me, but of himself. He shifted, his hands gripping the podium. Did he need to readjust himself.

I know I did. My cock was throbbing hard. Just thinking about cuckolding his wife, a gorgeous woman in her forties, had my futa-dick, pulsing in my panties. My pussy was growing wet. She could still have one more child. I could breed her.

A furtive movement caught my eyes. They flicked to the edge of the stage, the curtain leading to the back shifting. A smile grew on my lips, my dick aching even more. I drew in a deep breath, my blood screaming through my veins.

“Well,” Amelia said, clearing her throat. “Senator Olson, with Saudi Arabia making steps towards giving their women more rights, what will you do to see they gain even more?”

“By showing them how strong women are,” Glory said, voice ringing. “I'll be the second woman president, and I won't suffer for my predecessor's flaws.” She kept her back straight. “I will earn the Arab countries' respect.”

“I'll just fuck the King of Saudi Arabia's wives.” I smiled. “I've seen pics. They're quite attractive. He'll love it.”

“Fuck his wives,” Henry said, his voice strained. “That's your solution?”

“Trust me,” I said. “We'll get along when he sees me turn his wives into my sluts. And he'll love me after I unleash them upon him. In my experience, even the most frigid wife is eager to love her husband once I've bred her. Once I've shown her all the joys her body has to offer. Hot, right?”

“You just cant 'fuck world leaders' wives and think that they will at all respect you or our country,” Henry said, his cheeks red. He clutched his podium now, his knuckles going absolutely white.

“See, this is why it's is a mistake to vote for Becky Woodward,” Glory said. “She has no self-control. All she wants to do is have sex. That's all that her mind thinks about. She'll just be screwing interns in the oval office while the world burns around her.”

“Yeah, I will have a lot of sex,” I said. “And so what?”

“So what?” Glory bristled. “If you when, you'll represent America.”

“The America I represent is all about love and coming together.” I gazed out at the cameras. “No jealousy or bitter recriminations. Just the joy of two more more people, or nations, coming together and sharing something amazing. Something wondrous and primal, something every human being craves to do.

“Naked, in the bedroom or even out in public, we're all equal. We're all beautiful in our own way. And we all bring something fun and naughty to the orgy.”

“Orgy!” spluttered Henry. “This is how low our country has sunk! It's insane to let this harlot run for president!”

“Are you slut-shamming me?” I asked. “Isn't that more of the Republican's shtick?”

He clamped his mouth shut.

“No, you can be a slut all you want,” Glory said. “I am glad you are, because you gave me my daughter and my wife, but that doesn't make you fit to run the country. You just can't treat the world like it's your personal bordello and think that will unite everyone. That you won't offend people. You will embarrass this country!”

“Sure it'll work.” My frustration boiled over me. The curtain shifted again. “I'll show you how my foreign policy will work. I won't waste time on any BS. I'm going to act to bring about world peace. I'm going to show the world that it's changed. That something new has arrived, and it is wondrous. It is the next step in our species evolution.”

I marched away from the podium.

“What are you doing, Becky?” Amelia said. “We are just getting started. There's forty minutes left.”

“I'm not going anywhere,” I said. The curtain shook again. I smiled as I reached it and ripped it open.

Mrs. Gretchen Millner stood on the other side, a tall and elegant MILF. She had the bearing of a first lady, aged into the graceful beauty of a woman at the peak of her maturity, her body trim and curvy beneath her salmon-colored skirt and blazer. She wore her blonde hair pinned up, leaving her smooth cheeks and swan's neck exposed. Color burned across her face, her green eyes sparkling with lust.

I seized her arm and pulled her out. She didn't resist.

“See, Henry, this is what I'll do,” I said, leading his wife over to him.

He stood there gaping at me, his face twisting with conflicting emotions. His podium shook as he trembled. He swallowed as his wife's heels clicked on the smooth, black flooring of the stage behind me.

“This is how I'm going to bring people together. How I'll negotiate with world leaders.” I grinned at Henry. “You're my political enemy, and yet me and you are about to negotiate and get something wonderful out of it.”

He let out a strangled sound while his wife trembled beside me, her perfume filling my nose.

“You want me to fuck your wife, don't you, Senator Millner?”

“Of course not,” he spluttered.

“See,” Glory said. “This is what I mean, America. Is this who you want leading our country?”

“It is,” I said. My eyes stared at him. “Now, Senator Millner, don't lie. You've thought about it for years. You've wondered what it would be like to witness me fucking your wife.”

“Of course not,” he groaned.

I glanced at Gretchen. “Is that true?”

She swallowed, shuddering. “We've we've I'm his wife, Becky. Just just fuck me. Don't make me say this.”

I smiled.

“Senator Millner, your wife hasn't gone through menopause, right?”

He let out a groan.

“No, no, she's still flowering,” I said. “I can smell her fertility bleeding through her clothing.” I breathed in, the faint musk of a woman's pussy, mixing with my own hot cunt, filled my nose. A wonderful, spicy musk. “You knew if I met her, I'd fuck her. Breed her. And yet you brought your wife here.”

“I I thought” He groaned. “That you wouldn't because she's”

“Don't lie,” I said. “You're so hard right now. You want to watch me breed your wife. That's why you brought her here. You were aching for it. To finally witness that fantasy that you've had. You ache to watch the world's first futa fuck her hard. None of my daughters would do. It has to be me.”

He only groaned.

I glanced at his wife, squirming beside me, her green eyes glassy with desire. “Why don't you go unzip your husband's pants and pull out his cock. Let's find out if he's turned on right now.”

“I I” Gretchen swallowed.

I winked at her.

“Yes, Becky,” she moaned, her lusts consuming her. She was in heat, hyper-ovulation kicking in. The signs were obvious.

It was taking all my self-control not to rip off her clothing and fuck her right now.

She moved to her husband, almost floating the few steps to him. He groaned, not fighting his wife as she unzipped him. Her hand reached in, fumbling around, then produce a cock, an average length for a guy. She gripped it, staring at me.

“That is one hard cock,” I said.

“Yeah,” Amelia groaned.

“A-are you going to let her ruin the debate?” asked Henry.

“Oh, I'm okay with this,” Glory said. “Let the world see that you're a cuck and how out of control Becky is. She can't even make it through a debate without breeding someone. Is an hour just too long for your dick to stay dry?”

I had faith in the voters. They would see how much better this style of negotiations were then the old way.

“Gretchen, do you ever suck your husband's cock?” I asked.

“No,” she said, her voice throaty. “I can suck your cock, though.” Her eyes flicked down to my dick bulging my skirt. “I'll do it. Right now.”

“I'm sure you will,” I said. “Does your husband ever ask you to suck his cock?”

“He used to,” she said. “I always thought it was nasty. I never would. Guys used to call me a tease. I just I thought it's nasty, but you Oh, Lord, Becky, I would suck all the cum out of your dick right now.”

Her husband groaned, staring at me with the same hunger.

“But I want you to suck his cock,” I said. “He's been a loving husband. Doesn't he deserve that treat? Give your husband a hummer. Be that good wife you always claim to be.”

“But but”

“Don't worry,” I told her. “I'll take care of your pussy.”

“You have to stop this,” groaned Henry, sounding so desperate and yet so torn. “Amelia, please.”

“You know you want this, Senator,” Amelia said. “Beside she's Becky Woodward? Who can stop her? You gave it a good try, but she's about to cuckold you while the entire country watches.”

Streamed live over the internet to the world. I didn't say that out loud, but I knew it.

“She's not about to cuck him,” Glory said. “She's already done it.”

“Mmm, I have,” I said, drawing up my skirt.

Gretchen fell to her knees before her husband. She grabbed his cock, stroking it, loving it. I shuddered as she nuzzled her lips against it. She glanced at me out of the corner of her eye as her mouth engulfed her husband's cock.

He groaned as she sucked.

He shuddered while her mouth bobbed up and down his dick. She whimpered, loving his cock the way he deserved. I never wanted to steal anyone's wife. I wished to have that special bond with someone. I never wanted to ruin it for anyone else.

As Gretchen made those sloppy sounds, I pushed down my sky-blue panties. They slid off my rump. The waistband caught the tip of my cock. For a minute, it bent backward. Then it sprang out and slapped into my belly, flicking precum up my blouse.

“Jesus,” Henry said, staring at my cock while his wife gave him her first sloppy blowjob.

“I know,” I said.

I fell to my knees behind Gretchen. I lifted his wife's hips, her ass firm beneath the salmon-colored skirt. I drew it up her thighs, stroking her silk-smooth skin. She moaned about her husband's cock as I uncovered her ass.

“Mmm, what a sexy pair of underwear,” I purred, staring at the gray panties. It was made of a mesh lace, allowing hints of her butt-cheeks to peek through the gaps in the pattern. “Did you wear those for me?”

Gretchen groaned about her husband's cock while wiggling her hips.

“Yeah, you did,” I purred. I glanced up at Henry, standing tall while pleasure crossed his mouth. “Your wife was eager to cuckold you tonight.”

“I guess she was,” he groaned, his chest rising and falling.

“Yes, show him what a wussy beta male he is,” Glory said, gloating as she watched.

I had plans for her, too.

I hooked the waistband of Gretchen's panties and drew them off her ass. She kept herself toned and in shape. Her rump was delicious. I kept pulling down her panties, exposing more and more of the snowy rump before me. I shuddered as the MILF's trimmed, blonde bush came into view. A hunger rippled through me. My mouth salivated.

Juices clung to the silky strands. The swollen lips of her labia peeked through the curls. The woman was wet and eager for this. She craved it. Needed it. She yearned to be devoured. And I couldn't wait to feast on her. I would lick and lap. I would flutter my tongue through her folds and give her such rapture. She would howl at the top of her lungs.

My fingers duck into her rump as I leaned in. I breathed in, her spicy musk so strong. “Oh, God, I love the scent of a hot, wet cunt ready to be bred.”

I felt the cameras on me as I was bent over, my rump thrust at them. My dick throbbed as it swayed between my thighs. My own juices trickled down my hard cock. Around the world, people were watching this moment on their Ultra HD 8K TV's, seeing my cream running down my shaft to the tip of my dick, gathering there with my precum.

They knew I was ready to fuck.

Gretchen moaned as I nuzzled into her married pussy and took my first lick. My tongue fluttered through her folds, teasing her. I gathered her juices. They coated my tongue. They were such a delicious flavor. I shuddered, letting her spicy flavor melt on my tongue. It was such a delicious pleasure to taste Henry's wife.

I fluttered my tongue through her folds. I licked and lapped at her juicy petals. I gathered more and more of her cream. Her silky bush tickled my face as she swayed from side to side. She rubbed her snatch against my hungry face while my fingers dug into her rump.

“Mmm, your wife's got such a hot pussy!” I moaned.

“Does she?” he gasped.

“You never go down on her?” I asked him. “You both are so selfish. You won't be after today, will you. You'll eat your wife's bred pussy. You'll worship her while she sucks on your dick. Then you'll fuck her. You'll be so close.

“Sex brings people together! Unites them!”

“I I will,” he groaned, his hands suddenly grabbing his wife's hair. He dug his fingers through her curls, shuddering as he fucked her mouth.

I loved it. I dove my tongue back into his wife's snatch. I licked and fluttered through her. I made her shiver and shudder. She gasped as she trembled. Her hips wiggled from side to side as my tongue swirled through her depths, teasing her silky walls.

Her juices coated my chin and cheeks. They leaked out of her. My nose pressed into her taint. She groaned as her husband fucked her mouth. Her pussy clenched about my tongue, her snatch growing hotter and hotter.

“I think your wife loves getting mouth-fucked!” I told him. “Mmm, her pussy's getting juicier and juicier.”

“She she just wants you to fuck her!” he groaned. “We talked about it so much. She wants to be bred by you so badly, but she stayed away. She didn't want to ruin my career. I insisted that she come tonight. I was lying to myself why.

“I wanted this! I wanted to be cuckolded by you!”

“Yeah, you did!” Glory moaned, her voice so throaty. I pictured her trembling as she gripped her podium, her pussy dripping juices as much as mine.

“I'm being cuckolded by Becky!” groaned Henry, his face twisting with passion. He fucked his wife's mouth harder.

She moaned and squealed. Then she came. Her husband's words, no doubt combined with my hungry tongue fluttering through her folds and caressing her clit, set her off. Her juices gushed out of her. They spilled into my hungry mouth.

I drank them down, the tip of my dick aching and throbbing as this hot wife creamed hard. Her ass clenched beneath my massaging fingers. She screamed out around her husband's cock. I loved the sounds. I gave this woman such pleasure.

Her husband might be the most powerful man in the Democratic party, but his wife burned for my cock to breed her.

I shuddered. I had to fuck her. Before the nation. I had to pump my futa-cum into her. My pussy clenched. I squeezed her trembling rump while my tongue plunged into her convulsing depths one final time.

A preview for the delight about to engulf my cock.

I lifted my face, her juices dripping off my chin. “Beg me to fuck your wife, Henry.”

“Please, Becky!” he groaned. “Fuck my wife! Pound her! You have to plunge into her and make her cum! Put your futa-daughter into her belly!”

Those words were incredible to hear. Licking my chops, I rose. My futa-dick throbbed before me. They swayed back and forth, my tip dripping with precum. I swallowed, my heart screaming in my chest.

I lined up my cock at her pussy, nuzzling the tip into her silky curls. I trembled, my blonde hair swaying about my face. I threw a look over my shoulder. Amelia was squirming at her moderator's desk, both her hands plunged beneath it. The cameras were all locked on me, ready to capture this moment.

I was about to cuckold the Democratic party's candidate for president.

I looked up at him, his wife sucking furiously at his cock while she pushed back her hips, trying to swallow my girl-dick. My eyes met Henry's. He let out a groan of such wimpy, pathetic passion. His face contorted.

He came in his wife's mouth as he groaned, “Cuckold me!”

I heard his wife swallowing his cum, gulping down his seed as I thrust forward. I rammed into the hot, silky depths of her married cunt. Her snatch engulfed me. She welcomed me into her depths. I groaned as she enfolded me in her warmth. It was incredible. This moment of utter passion as I sank into her.

She moaned about her husband's cock. He shuddered, face red. Then he stumbled back, his cock popping out of his wife's mouth, throbbing half-hard before him. He dumped his load. He was done for a while.

But I could fuck.

“Oh, Henry, she's in me!” moaned the woman, her married cunt squeezing down on my cock. “She's going to breed me!”

“Yes!” he groaned. “Breed her!”

“I will!” I moaned.

“Yes!” Glory hissed.

I threw a look over my shoulder at the redheaded presidential candidate. She squirmed, biting her lower lip, her green eyes glassy as she stared at me drawing back my hips and withdrawing my cock. I slid through Gretchen's pussy, the silky friction transmuting into rapture that surged through my body.

I licked my lips and winked at Glory. She shuddered and groaned as I thrust into Gretchen. Glory's body bucked almost like she was imagining me ramming into her, that she was in the naughty wife's place getting fucked by me.

I thrust harder, my tits bouncing in my blouse. While the silky delight of plowing into married cunt flowed through me, my fingers were busy. I unbuttoned my blouse and bared my tits. I didn't bother with a bra. My round breasts, still firm and perky, bounced before me, my nipples hard.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck my wife,” groaned Henry. He rubbed the tip of his cock, staring at Gretchen as she rocked on her hands and knees.

“She's fucking me harder than you ever did,” groaned Gretchen, her pussy squeezing down on my dick. “Oh, Becky, your futa-cock is better than I ever imagined it would be. Ever since you first exploded on the scene during that UW game all those years ago, I imagined this.”

“Eighteen years of frustrated masturbating finally satiated?” I asked, burying into her, my crotch smacking into her rump.

“Yes!” she moaned, her pussy clamping down on my cock. “I never thought I would get to enjoy you. Fucking you is like winning the lottery!”

“Uh-huh!” Glory moaned, that envy in her voice.

I shuddered, letting Glory stew a little longer. I flicked my gaze between her and my other opponent, reveling in this moment. My clit-dick plowed over and over into Gretchen's pussy, drinking in the silky delight of her cunt. My own snatch grew hotter and hotter, bringing my ovaries to that explosive boil.

Glory kept rocking, her face twisted with envious passion. She clutched at the podium. Beyond, her wife, one of my futa-daughters named Chelsey, watched. The girl was eighteen, the pair marrying over the summer. She looked vaguely like Katharyn, that girl I fucked in the bathroom my first day back to college.

What was she thinking seeing her older wife squirming and panting, staring at me with such hunger? Did my daughter find it hot? Did she know she was about to be cuckolded, too? My futa-dick throbbed as I buried deep into Gretchen's snatch, pleasure billowing through me.

“Glory!” I moaned.

“What?” she hissed, her face twisted with pleasure.

“Remember all those times I fucked you during the orgies?” I asked. “I remember. You loved them. Even as your belly grew rounder and rounder, you were in the middle of them. Licking my cum out of other girl's pussies, letting Hank or Kurt or even Chris fuck you when you couldn't get my cock.”

“And?” she groaned.

“You always wanted my dick. You were always so eager for it.” I shuddered, thrusting so hard into Gretchen's pussy. Her wiggling hips stirred her hot cunt around my dick. My snatch clenched, my pleasure growing. “You yearned for it.”

“What's your point?” she demanded. “That was every girl at school. Dona, Katharyn, Kaelea, Young-Sook, Jacinda, the entire fucking Sigma Lambda Tau sorority. We all wanted you. So you're not going to embarrass me by bringing that up.”

“But you still want me,” I groaned, ramming my girl-dick deep into Gretchen's married pussy.

“Oh, she does!” panted Gretchen. “Why wouldn't she? You feel amazing in me, Becky! You're filling up my cunt.”

“That's why you spent so much time mentoring my daughters. The moment they turned eighteen, you were ready to be their Mrs. Robinson, weren't you? That older woman to teach them about sex. To love them. You even married one.”

“I love Chelsey!” she said.

“I know you do!” I groaned. “But you also craved my cock. You wanted it one more time. How many of my daughters have you fucked? A dozen? More?”

She swayed.

“Were any of them me?” I asked.

She shuddered, her face red.

I grinned. “They weren't, were they?”

“No, they couldn't be!” howled Gretchen, her pussy squeezing down so hard about my cock, increasing the wonderful friction. “Oh, Glory, they can't be. Not when Becky's dick feels this good. Not when she breeds you! Please, please, breed me!”

“Yes!” I groaned, turning away from Glory to stare down at Gretchen rocking back to me, her skirt thrust up around her waist, her blazer jacket wrinkling.

I felt Glory's eyes lusting after me. They were locked on me as I fucked deep and hard into Gretchen. The Republican senator groaned and panted. She let out such whimpering moans of envy as I buried deep into Gretchen's pussy.

My excitement shot through me. This was all so incredible. So wonderful. My eyes rolled back in my head at the incredible wave of heat rushing down my dick, firing from my ovaries. It reached the tip and exploded out of me.

“You're breeding me, Becky!” howled Gretchen as my futa-cum fired into her snatch.

“I am!” I howled, my pussy convulsing hard. My cream gushed hot down my thighs, staining them.

My head swayed as the pleasure boiled through my mind. It was incredible. My body shook. My tits heaved as the rapture slammed into my mind again and again. Gretchen's pussy exploded around my clit-dick. Her flesh writhed, celebrating my seed pumping into her still-fertile depths.

Henry groaned as I bred his wife. He kept massaging his dick. I loved it. I drank it in. I swayed as the pleasure melted my mind in rapture. I wanted to surrender to it utterly. To let it consume me.

But I had a presidency to win.

I ripped my girl-cock out of Gretchen's pussy. I stood up on shaking lets. My entire body trembled as I faced her. The pleasure boiled through me. The cream dripped down my thighs as I faced Glory, the Republican senators taring at my dick with such hunger.

“You want to fuck my cock again, don't you?” I demanded.

“Y-yes!” she moaned. “I do! I want it so badly. I'm so sorry, Chelsey. I love you, I do, but”

“It's okay, honey,” Chelsey said, my daughter trembling as she stared at me. “I understand. My mother's the first.”

I shook my futa-dick at Glory, cream flicking off the end. “Then I want you it, you have to lick my jizz out of Gretchen's pussy. Make your opponent's wife cum while I sodomize you before the world. He's my cuck, and you're my slut!”

“Yes!” Glory moaned and darted forward.

The redhead rushed across the stage, her fiery hair bouncing about her shoulders. She fell to her knees behind Gretchen and buried her face it on the married woman's pussy without hesitating. Just like in college, Glory fasted on a creampie I created.

Shuddering, I fell to my knees behind. Her I ripped up her skirt and yanked down her black thong. Her fiery bush was soaked with her juices. I didn't give her any foreplay. I didn't take my time teasing her. I had to fuck my opponent hard.

My left hand pulled on her left butt-cheek, exposing her sphincter. I lined up right at it, my dick soaked in Gretchen's pussy juices. My own cream ran hot down my thighs. I pushed the spongy tip of my futa-dick against Glory's asshole.

Sodomized her.

She squealed into Gretchen's pussy as I buried to the hilt in her asshole. I sank into the velvety heat of her bowels. That wonderful delight wrapped about my cock. I groaned as I plunged deeper and deeper into her. She engulfed me. Her heat wrapped about me. I groaned, my entire body shuddering as this wonderful pleasure seized my cock.

I moaned at the delight of sodomizing Glory. Her bowels were incredible. My heart thundered in my chest. My futa-dick throbbed in her bowels. I sucked in deep breaths. My hands clutched her hips as I drew back and then thrust into her velvety asshole again.

And again.

I fucked my opponent's rectum. She moaned into Gretchen's pussy, feasting on my cum as it gushed out of the married woman's mouth. Henry watched, fisting his dick, witnessing his wife utterly lost to the pleasure.

“Yes, yes, yes, eat my cunt!” moaned the elegant MILF. “Devour all that cum out of me! Ooh, that's my bred, married pussy you're eating, Glory!”

“It tastes so good!” the senator moaned, her asshole squeezing down on my dick. “Oh, yes, Becky!”

“You're just my slut, aren't you?” I growled.

“Your slut!” she moaned as I sodomized her hard.

My crotch smacked into her rump. That wonderful sound echoed across the stage. The cameramen all focused in on us, streaming our threesome to the world. Amelia groped her exposed tits now, her body shuddering in the throes of pleasure.

“Go, Mom, go!” shouted one of my daughters.

I smiled, picturing Lola fucking her fiancee Jen back stage. Danielle and Bethany would be sharing Gina or Carlita or one of the other interns for my campaign. Christina and Leah would be trying to focus on what I was saying, trying to ignore all the sex.

So much passion brimmed in the CNN studio. I groaned, fucking Glory as hard as I could. I plunged my girl-dick deep into her bowels. She moaned into Gretchen's pussy. My opponent feasted with such aplomb, kneeling on her hands and knees.

“Oh, Glory, yes!” Gretchen moaned. “You're going to make me cum, again. I can't believe it! Oh, Henry, a third orgasm!”

“Enjoy, honey,” he panted, his hand fisting his dick. He'd recovered again. “Just explode!”

“Yes!” she moaned.

Gretchen shuddered. Glory's bowels clamped down on my plunging cock for a moment. I just knew the redheaded slut was lapping up a flood of spicy juices. The ache swelled at the tip of my dick. The velvety grip of Glory's tight asshole was bringing me closer and closer to eruption.

Henry grunted. His cum spurted feebly from his dick as he watched his wife collapse on the ground, her pleasures spent. Glory panted, her head hanging low, her fiery hair hiding her face as I fucked her from behind.

“Oh, my god, Becky!” moaned Glory. “Yes, yes, make me cum! I missed your cock so much! I missed being ass-fucked by you!”

“Then cum!” I moaned, holding back my orgasm, fighting that throbbing pressure at the tip of my futa-dick. “Show America you're my slut by exploding on my dick!”

“Oh, god, yes!” gasped Glory, her head snapping back. Red hair flew.

Her bowels spasmed about my dick.

“I'm your slut, Becky!” she howled. “I'm cumming so hard! Yes, yes, yes! Fire that jizz into my asshole! I love having your cum in me!”

I surrendered to the pressure.

I buried into her spasming bowels. Her hot, velvety flesh rippled about my cock. The stimulation rippled through me. This wonderful delight milked my cock. I shuddered, my pussy clenching as my ovaries surged to a boil.

The pressure at the tip of my cock exploded out of me. My head snapped back, my tits heaving as I came in her asshole. Pleasure shot through me. Stars burst across my vision. The ecstasy drowned my mind.

The cameras pushed in. They immortalized this moment. I had defeated both my candidates. I snapped a head around, waves of darkness washing across my vision, and focused on one of the cameras.

“America, this is my platform!” I howled as my cum pumped over and over into Glory's asshole. Her bowels milked me dry. “This is how I'll conduct my diplomacy. How the world will change! Through joy, not violence. Through passion, not anger.

“I promise you all, vote for me and we'll unite the world through love!”

My orgasm peaked in me. I fired my last blast of jizz into Glory's asshole.


November 4th, 2036

“Congratulations, Becky. I concede,” Henry Millner said. “The country's yours.”

I hung up the phone, a stunned sort of giddy disbelief washing through me. My daughters, who had worked so hard for months, maybe even years, crowded around me. My eyes flicked from them. I smiled, so glad I had connected with them. They were all so giddy, a sea of faces that were all so similar to mine and all so different, sexy mergings of their mothers' and my features.

“Well?” Lola asked. My first daughter ever conceived had spearheaded this endeavor.

“Do you have my victory speech?” I asked her, the room spinning around me. I gripped the table in the hotel backroom where my victory party would be held.

My victory orgy.

“Yes!” Lola moaned. She whipped out a blue binder from her satchel. She thrust it at me. “You did it, Mom!”

“You're the president!” gushed Rebecca, my second daughter I ever conceived, created that same night as Lola.

That night this all started.

“I am,” I said, tears falling down my cheeks. This immense weight buckled my knees. 330 million Americans were counting on me not to fuck this up.

As my daughters mobbed me, clutching to me, I knew I couldn't. I wouldn't. I had to be the best. I had to change the world. Maybe I was arrogant, but I became a futanari for a reason. Evolution had chosen me to be this new explosion of change.

Punctuated equilibrium, the scientist called it. When a species had become static, sometimes they needed a rapid change to breathe new life into them.

I would be that new life. That new change. I would give the world my all. I wouldn't hold anything back.


April 17th, 2047

“When we return from our commercial break,” Adelia said, staring into the camera, “we'll delve into Becky Woodward's two terms as President of the United States, especially those early diplomatic incidents that forever changed the world.”

“You don't want to miss out on those,” I said. “They're so kinky. Especially the fun I had with the President of Slovenia.”

“We'll be right back,” Adelia said. The cameras turned off.

I shivered, eager to talk about the last phase of my life, the part of my life I was most proud of. The interview nearly over. It had been an emotional few hours. I shifted on my seat knowing that I had made a difference for the world and for all those futa-daughters I conceived. I owed it to all of them to deliver a bright future.

The END of This Tale of the World's First Futa

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