Rough Sex With a Cute Sales Woman

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I write fictional stories of sexual encounters or voyeur experiences that generally occurr between consenting, intelligent adults. But usually there will be something in the story that breaks societal norms. I also try to make the stories feel authentic. To read more of my stories visit my website:

Brian needs a new pair of pants, and finds himself in the dressing room with a pretty blond sales woman who tells him she needs to be fucked hard.

One night I was shopping for pants. While browsing through the clothing a good looking young sales woman came up to me. She had very light blond hair and pale skin. Not one bit of make-up, her entire head and face were just very light. She had a nice medium slender body with a good curve to her ass. And her customer service skills were impeccable. She was very professional, smiled a lot, and was very helpful. I was flattered at the generous attention I was getting from this rather sexy young lady. Naturally I was salivating while imagining licking honey off her glistening pussy lips while she writhed and moaned. She helped me pick out a couple pairs of pants.

"Do you need some help trying those on?" she asked me innocently. My mind went blank for a moment, something didn't quite compute. "Well, I, uh" "It's always good to get a second opinion about clothes," she said.

"Oh yeah, sure, thanks," I responded, figuring she was just going to tell me how I looked in them. Unusual, but helpful. We walked to the dressing room. I went in, and she came in with me and quickly shut the door behind her. "Um, I" I started to say something but she was pushing her pants down to her ankles. I looked at her little pussy and pale legs with my mouth hanging open. She stepped out of her pants, no underwear, while she quickly removed her shirt. Her tits were small and sweet. She smiled back and gently pressed her nude body against me putting her arms around my neck. Then she put her mouth against mine and sucked the air out of my lungs for a moment, and I felt just a little bit of tongue tease. My dick shot up straight and rigid in my pants. Her hands slowly moved down my back until they reached either side of my butt.

My mouth was still hanging open, as I silently stared at her erect nipples.

"I want to have sex with one of the customers tonight. It's something I've been planning for over a week, and you're a good candidate. I need your dick in my pussy."

I wasn't going to argue. "O.k." I nodded. She pulled my pants off while I pulled my shirt off. Before I even saw what was happening, my dick was surrounded by her hot wet mouth, the tip lodged firmly in her throat.

Apparently she was experienced at deep throating. She held me deep for a long moment, tickling my balls with her tongue. Then she gagged and let my dick out. The tip of my dick rubbed hard against the roof of her mouth and her tongue rubbed soft against the underside of my dick as she eased my dick out of her throat. Then she eased me back into her throat.

She repeated this several times. My balls were on top of her tongue, almost in her mouth. Tears started trickling from her eyes down her cheeks. I was impressed. I helped her out by holding her head and pressing her against my crotch and rolling my hips against her sweet face. Her hands were squeezing my ass as she pulled me as deep as possible into her throat. A stream of her throat juice began dripping off her chin, neck and chest.

After a couple minutes of this she stood up and said to me with tear-filled eyes, "Your cock feels really good in my throat. I'm ready now, and I think you are too."

She gave me a condom, and stood facing the mirror. She leaned with her arms against the mirror, her legs spread, her white round butt in front of me. I brushed my hand between her butt cheeks as I put on the condom. Once the condom was on I stuck my knuckles further into her crotch and rubbed her pussy for a second. Her lips had to be about as swollen as they could get, they felt very soft and silky. I brought my boner forward and let the tip just touch between her lips.

She said to me, "Shove it in hard. I want to be in tears."

I find it difficult to give women what they want in situations like this. Normally I would never want to do such a thing to a nice woman like her. I slowly slid my cock back and forth against her lips and clit. "But you already are in tears." "I want to stay that way." Now I rubbed my cock left and right. I do enjoy the delicate feel of pussy lips against my dick. "Just put it in and fuck me hard." I lined it up and put it in a quarter of an inch, and then took it out and rubbed her pussy juice on her pussy lips. "You can put it in now." "Yeah I know." I put it in just a bit, and then pulled it out again. "Now is a good time." "Just a little foreplay," I responded. I put it in a quarter of an inch again. Then I forced it in hard.

"Oh God!" She wimpered. Her body collapsed. She looked up at me with a hurt look on her face as she struggled to get back up. Her face was red and tears were on her cheeks. She straightened back up and got back into position. "Do it again," she said quietly.

She straightened back up and spread her legs farther apart. I backed most of the way out and stabbed her g spot again.

"Yes!" this sweet blond squealed again. "Fuck me," she squealed out in between trying to catch her breath. "Don't stop until I tell you." I just kept ramming her pussy, not fast, but pounding her g spot hard each time. "Make me sore!" she yelled. I thrust into her again. "Give me something to remember you by!" she yelled out.

I hope there were some customers in the store who could hear this. But I also didn't want either of us to get in trouble. "We should probably try to stay quiet, I don't want you to lose your job," I told her. She answered, "The manager is watching the store for me, she says maybe some day I can return the favor in case she sees a customer she likes."

I could see her eyes in the mirror, and there were tears streaming down. Her pussy was really slick and I had to angle it just right to punish her the way she wanted, rather than having it just slide right in.

"Fuck me faster, I'm going to cum," she told me. So I fucked her hard and steady. "Oh God," she squealed again. "Punish my pussy Daddy! I'm a bad girl," she choked out. "Punish. Your. Daughter's. Naughty. Pussy!" She sounded like William Shatner, taking a breath between each word. She let out an even louder wimper and I felt her pussy clamping down on my cock, which didn't stop me from pulling out and forcing my boner back in a couple times. It did bruise my boner just a bit to do it though.

While she recovered, I kept my dick in her and pulled her back to lean against me. Then I sat down on the bench with her facing me on my lap. I sucked on her tits for a minute. Then she spread her legs wide over my dick, and started rolling her hips. She looked into my eyes with her soaking wet, smiling eyes, her arms around my neck. We kissed, wet and warm, just gently rubbing our tongues together while we fucked, until our lips made a soundly departure as we ended the kiss.

Then she got on her knees and said, "Let me know when you're going to cum o.k?" She started deep throating my dick again. This time she worked my cock in and out of her throat at a steady rythm. Gradually I was working up to what I knew was going to be a pretty big load of cum. She worked the tip of my dick relentlously with the back of her throat, gagging and swallowing against my cock while forcing it in and out of her throat. Finally I said "o.k. I'm going to cum." She eased my dick out so that it was only just touching the back of her throat.

I completely emptied my balls in several powerful jets of cum against the back of her throat, while she tickled my cock with her tongue. She took my dick out of her mouth and gently stroked my dick and my balls with her hands. Then she got up and leaned over me and put her lips against mine. She played with my tongue in my mouth, and emptied into my mouth the big load of cum I had just emptied into her. I didn't know what to do, I even opened my mouth a little wider, hopeing somehow she was going to take it back, but gravity wasn't on my side. Our tongues continued playing in the pool of cum in my mouth. Then she pulled away and I was left with a mouth full of my load of cum and probably some of her throat juice.

She smiled and said, "Thanks I really needed that." Not knowing what else to do, I decided to get rid of all the stuff in my mouth quickly by swallowing it. I had never had that much of my own cum in my mouth all at one time before. "Thats going to feel great tomorrow when my pussy is all sore." She smiled her sweet blond smile again. "I'm going to have to rub it to make it feel better."

We walked out into the store. My dick was hard as a rock. I don't know if it had even softened any at all after I came. The manager of the store watched us walking out with a big grin on her face like she was on the verge of bursting out laughing, and looked at the obvious erection in my pants. So do the pants fit?" "Oh, yeah, I'll just go ahead and buy them," The manager thanked me, and my lover for the evening said "Thanks, cum again," with a sexy smile. "I probably will, thanks!" I responded, and walked out into the mall with my boner still proudly making an obvious vertical stand in my pants.

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