Chapter 3. My wife gives me a surprise.

The next day was Thursday and we wondered if anything else would happen. I heard someone come into the women’s room and I checked it out. It was a gorgeous 18 year old name Christy who I knew a little, and the same 19 year old named Veronica who sucked my dick the previous week.
Christy was a little busty, probably only a C cup, but plenty busty for such a young thing. She had strawberry blonde hair, a small waist, and those great womanly hips that were so good to dig your fingers into when you were fucking doggy style. She was probably only 5’3”, but was a little healthy girl at about 130 pounds.
Veronica was saying to Christy, “Just check it out. When I was in here last week some guy stuck his dick through the hole and I sucked it off. I think the men’s room is on the other side. It was different and I liked it.”
“No way”, said Christy
“Oh, yes”, said Veronica. “It was a decent size one and if you get lucky, one of the boys with a decent dick will give you a chance, too.”
“That would be cool!” said Christy. “I haven’t fucked in about 6 months and I want to feel a cock again. I love sex and this anonymous stuff kind of turns me on!”
My wife and I listened to them, and my dick was getting hard from being able to listen to them talking about sucking and fucking.
My wife knew it and got behind me. She unbuckled my pants, dropped them around my ankles and started to stroke my dick. She was always good at that!
Then Veronica started gently rapping on the wall.
“What are you doing?” asked Christy.
“Just letting anyone who is over there know that there’s someone here ready to suck cock.’ She responded.
“Keep it down!” Christy answered. “We don’t want anyone else to hear us.”
My wife then opened the hole and guided my cock toward it. I stuck it through.
“Whoa!” said Christy. “That’s a decent one. Looks like just the right size for me.”
Veronica stepped forward and wrapped her fingers around it. It was heavenly every time one of these young girls grabbed it through the hole.
“Hold on there, Veronica”, Christy whispered. “This one’s mine.”
“Then take care of it, slave girl”, Veronica said mockingly.
At that Veronica smiled and stepped back. Christy swooped in on my dick. It was throbbing and starting to leak pre-cum. Christy stroked it a couple of times and then got down on her knees. It was the moment I was waiting for. Veronica came forward and leaned against the wall so she could watch. I didn’t know she was going to watch and enjoy her friend suck a strange dick, but she seemed very interested. Christy licked the head lightly and held it in her right hand. She smoothed the pre-cum over the head with her thumb as she stared straight at the one-eyed monster staring back. She then leaned forward and starting sucking on just the head. I could feel her moving her tongue against the underside. Wow! Either these teenagers were pretty damn good at sucking dick, or I was just so turned on at having these youngsters doing it that I just thought it was good, but either way, I was really turned on. My wife was up at the mirror watching the girl suck it. She was again playing with my balls. I starting playing with her ass through her skirt, but she pushed it away.
“This is for you”, she said.
I looked back down at Christy, and she was sucking pretty well on about the first 4 inches and using her right hand to jack it up and down as she pulled back from it with her mouth.
“Mmmmm”, Christy moaned. She then took it out of her mouth, looked up at Veronica, and said, “I’ve got to have this in my pussy.”
“Go for it”, Veronica said. “But I still want to watch”, she said while licking her lips.
“Good thing this is the handicapped stall”, commented Christy.
Christy stood up and raised the cute little skirt she was wearing. She had on a black thong, the standard wear of all the teenagers it seemed. She lowered the thong and rubbed her hand through her gash. It was definitely wet. She brought her hand up towards her mouth, but Veronica stopped her by grabbing her wrist and directing Christy’s fingers to her own mouth. Christy hesitated, holding her hand back, but then relaxed and let Veronica suck her cunt juices off her fingers.
“I have got to get that cock in my cunt”, Christy said rudely as she backed up to my dick.
I felt her rub my dickhead up and down her pussy, lubricating it and readying it to enter her pussy, which felt very wet and extremely hot. I wanted so bad to be able to reach through the wall and grab those wonderful hips. Her ass was so smooth, round, and beautiful, that I wanted to smoother it with kisses and fondle it, and then fuck the shit out of her.
I turned to my wife and whispered, “This girl is just downright gorgeous”.
“I think so, too” she whispered.
She looked down and we both watched her slide my cock into her cunt. It was very tight. She made it sound like she had had plenty of sex, but at her size and being so young her pussy was extremely tight. But it was so wet that my dick still went in as far as it could as her ass backed all the way up to the wall. Veronica giggled and said, “That is so hot!”
Christy responded, “Everything is hot… my pussy is very hot and wet and this dick feels like it’s on fire.”
She kept her ass still for a couple of moments so I automatically started fucking her.
“Oh, wow!” she muttered.
“What?” asked Veronica.
“He’s f-fucking me”, she stuttered while enjoying the moment.
Suddenly, my wife moved behind me and left the closet. I was momentarily startled, but my dick had a mind of its own and didn’t miss a beat (or throb). Where was she going?
I was fucking her slowly, but knew that I was going to cum soon… and then she started moaning, “I’m going to cum”.
I could feel her increase her rubbing of her clit and I started fucking her faster. She rubbed and rubbed and moaned and then starting quivering, saying “Here it comes!”
Little did she know that that was exactly the right thing to say. I could feel her pussy muscles contracting and I knew I was gonna blow. I shoved it into her and kept it buried as she came and I spurted once, twice, three times and then it just kept throbbing. Christy moved forward and let it slip slowly from her cunt. I left my cock there and I could look down and see all our mixed juices on it. While Christy sat down and rested with her legs wide open, Veronica got down and started cleaning up my dick. It was wonderful. If I wasn’t on the other side of 40, I probably couldn’t have gotten it right back up.
Suddenly, the door to the stall flew open, almost hitting both of the girls, and my wife was standing there looking very angry.
“Just what the hell do you girls think you are doing? And whose dick is that?”
That was my cue, I figured, so I pulled it back and closed the hole cover.
“We’ll deal with that later.” My wife continued. “Veronica, get off your knees. Christy, you look like a terrible fucking whore. You are lying there with your legs wide apart and what looks like that dick’s cum all over your pussy and legs. That is disgusting! Now get up and report to the headmaster’s office immediately”, and she closed the door and stormed out.
“Oh, fuck!” Christy said.
“Sorry, Christy.” Veronica said. “I hope it’s not too bad. I’m sure she’s going to come back and get me soon. Let me know what happens later. You’d better get moving”, and she rushed out of the bathroom.
I was paying so much attention, that I forgot that I had to get my pants back up and get into my office. The young woman I just fucked was coming to my office with my spunk still in her pussy! YES!
I had just sat down at my desk when there was a knock. I told them to enter and my wife came in dragging Christy by the arm. She looked more than alarmed, she looked cowed and scared out of her wits. She was trying to put up a front, but her eyes were giving this away. I knew from her background that she was going to jail if this didn’t pan out.
“What’s going on here?” I asked, acting surprised at what was before me.
“I caught this slut fucking in the bathroom!” my wife said loudly and rudely. I could see that Christy was shocked at my wife’s language in front of me. But she continued “I caught her just as she finished and she has a pussy full of cum!”
I loved the dirty language and was getting a little turned on again. “Who was the guy?” I asked, pretending not to know about the glory hole setup.
“That’s the worst part,” my wife said, “She was fucking him through a hole in the wall and the dick disappeared before I could grab it and determine who it was.”
By now, Christy was standing in front of the desk, her head bowed, almost in tears at the thought of going to jail. But my wife had other ideas. I just didn’t know what they were yet.
“Well, Christy, what are we going to do with you?” my wife asked as she lifted Christy’s chin and made her look up. “I think the first thing you need is the headmaster’s paddle.”
Christy looked up suddenly and started to say something and my wife slapped her. The smack was flat-handed but pretty strong and loud. Christy was flabbergasted and stood there in stunned silence. Then my wife led Christy to my desk.
“Put your hands on the desk and bend over. Prepare to get paddled.” My wife said. Christy obeyed, but with small whimpers.
I got up and got the paddle from where it hung just inside the door. It wasn’t used much and hadn’t been used at all by us in the short time we had been there, but it was a big flat wooden paddle and would definitely hurt. I handed it to my wife and she motioned me to sit down in one of the visitors chairs in front of the desk. I sat down to watch the show.
My wife turned back to Christy and said “Ready?” Christy didn’t answer, but just nodded her head. My wife landed the first smack with a loud thwack and Christy flinched and whimpered some more. My wife waited for a minute and then ordered her “Raise your skirt up so that I can get a proper paddling in. Pull it up over that slutty ass!” Christy hesitated and took a peek back at me. My wife pointed and said “Now! I didn’t tell you to look around you slutty little whore!” Christy obeyed.
Now I was looking at that beautiful ass in person, covered only by a little thong material. My wife smacked it again and Christy audibly exhaled and let out a long “Oooohhhh”. It obviously hurt. My wife stopped and looked again and said to Christy, “Oh, my God! Your little whore cunt is leaking that man’s cum and your juices all down your legs! It’s disgusting! What are we going to do about that? HUH!?!” and she prodded Christy’s ass with the paddle.
“I-I d-d-don’t know” she stammered very quietly, afraid to speak up.
“I do” said my wife. “Take off that thong and wipe it up off your legs. NOW!”
Christy looked up. She had gone completely pale, but my wife glared at her and pointed the paddle at her. Christy slowly lowered the thong, bringing that gorgeous pussy into view as she bent over to get them over her shoes, and then wiped her legs. But my wife wasn’t finished. She reached out and grabbed the thong and tossed it to me, turning to me and winking so that Christy could not see it. Christy had resumed her position, so my wife smacked her again. Now you could see more cum and juice dripping from her pussy, so my wife decided to take matters into her own hands, literally.
My wife reached over between Christy’s legs and said “Look at all this cum you scumbag whore!” and she ran her hand through Christy’s gash and gathered a good amount of goo. Christy shivered at the contact and tried not to move. My wife said to her, “Turn around and face us”. Christy obeyed. “Keep that skirt up, slut!” she told the young girl. Christy obeyed again. And then my wife said “Look at this goo from your gash. It’s disgusting that you have it dripping down your leg and might get it on the headmaster’s carpet. Here, clean this disgusting stuff off my hand before I get sick”. Christy looked completely obedient now and just did it without any reaction. She let my wife put her fingers into her mouth and licked them clean. I was getting a major hard-on.
My wife then stepped directly in front of Christy. She glared and Christy averted her eyes. Christy was still standing there with her skirt around her waist, holding it and I could see that she shaved her pussy, leaving only a little triangle above it. It meant that the lips were clearly on display. While I was checking all this out, my wife moved to the next part of her plan. She slowly slid her hand down the front of Christy’s bare pussy and stuck two fingers in. She pulled up like she was grabbing onto something heavy. She looked Christy directly in the eyes as Christy’s eyes fluttered and focused on my wife, and said “This is now my pussy. I will tell you when and where you can let it be fucked and who can cum in it. I will use it as I see fit. If you don’t agree, then we can call your parole officer right now and send you back to jail. Do you understand your Mistress, my little obedient slut?”
Christy looked a little confused at first and then her shoulders sagged and she acquiesced. “Yes, Mistress. I will do whatever you order.”
I was amazed and shocked and so fucking hard I could almost come just sitting there without touching my dick!
“OK, Christy,” my wife continued. “First, I want you to go clean yourself up, get to class, and come back to the headmaster’s office after your last class. At that time we will discuss the next step in your punishment and how you will serve me. Understood?”
All Christy could do was say “Yes, Mistress” again.
My wife pointed to me and said “And that’s your Master. We will be Mistress and Master whenever the three of us are alone. Got it?”
“Yes, Mistress” she said one last time.
“Now go get cleaned up and get to class” my wife ordered, as she waved Christy for the door.
Christy finally lowered her skirt and smoothed it out as she headed for the door. She was gone quickly and my wife turned to me with a big grin on her face.
“Well, what do you think? Is this something you are interested in?” my wife asked me.
I stood up, dropped my pants and grabbed my engorged dick. I had Christy’s thong in my hand and wrapped it around my dick. “Does this answer your question?”
“Obviously”, she responded. She came over and wrapped her hand around it, but didn’t start moving at all. She looked at me, smiled, and said “But I think we should let it rest until this afternoon when you get to fuck that gorgeous creature, don’t you?”
My dick throbbed at the thought and she said “Yep, I can tell that your dick approves. I’ll get back to my office and come up with my plan for later”.
She left to go to her office and I tried to get my pants back up and sit down behind my desk. I wanted to get my emotions under control before I starting whacking off right there on the spot. I was extremely turned on but I managed to get under control so that I could save myself for later.
“Wow!” I thought. This was going to be amazing.
To find out go to Chapter 4.

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