Doing Mom's Job 3

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I woke up to the smell of bacon. It had been a long time since anyone had cooked me breakfast. Breakfast was always my favorite meal, and I had always gotten up and cooked every morning. Since my ex had left and Kimberly had gotten older, I had stopped. Kimberly, like most teens, wanted to sleep as long as she could before school, so she would settle for a granola bar or something quick.

I sat up. The memory of the day before was still fresh on my mind. I had licked my daughter until she had come, after she had given me a nice blow job earlier in the day. The memory made my normal morning wood harder than usual.

My feet touched the floor and I made myself to the bathroom to shower and brush my teeth. Once dressed I headed to the kitchen where I could hear Kimberly moving around and preparing for breakfast.

I was sad to see that she was fully dressed. I had liked the sight of her firm breasts swaying the day before. This was the first time I had seen her dressed since I had found her in the skimpy outfit. Even clothed she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

She was wearing a knee length skirt and a white button up blouse with a sweater vest over it. As usual her pretty little feet were in flip flops that matched the color of her perfectly painted toes. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She was a beauty, even if she was my daughter.

It was Friday, so I was dressed casually. I had on my favorite jeans with a three button golf shirt with my company’s logo on the chest. I slipped into the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee before Kimberly realized I was there. I had not thought about how we would react around each other, and was hesitant to say or do anything.

She turned to get something out of the cupboard and saw me. She sat the spatula she had in her hand onto the counter and walked toward me. Her arms opened and went around my neck. I instinctively wrapped my arms around her waist as she stepped closer. Our lips met for a longer than usual peck. Then she stepped away and went back to what she was doing.

As she sat the food on the table, she commented on how well she had slept in my bed. I told her she was welcome anytime, and she confirmed that she would be there every night if it was possible.

She prepared my plate and sat it in my place. Just like the previous night, she waited until I had tasted everything on my plate, before she began preparing her plate.

“Why do you do that?” I asked, puzzled.

“Do what?” she replied innocently.

“You wait until I taste everything before you fix your plate.”

She smiled and placed her fork on the table. “Because you are the man of the house, the king of the castle. It is my place to make sure that you are happy and satisfied in every way. That is what a king deserves, isn't it?”

“First I am no king, I am your father.”

“You became more than my father the second I put your cock in my mouth,” she smiled and took a bite of her bacon.

She had me on that, and I had to confess I liked the attention. I was not sure where she had learned such behavior, because her mother had never acted that way. I decided not to complain or even mention it again. If it made her happy, then I was happy.

When we were done eating, she placed the dishes in the dishwasher. She grabbed her backpack and kissed me on the lips. “I have to go, I don't want to be late. See you tonight, lover.”

I watched as she twisted her plump ass out of the door. My cock ached, as my mind thought of all the stuff I wanted to do to her. I fixed another cup of coffee in my mug, and headed to the office.

The day went good. Every free minute I had, I would catch myself thinking about Kimberly. My heart was broken a little when I received a text from her after lunch. She wanted to go to the mall with her best friend, and wanted to know if she could. Of course I told her she could go.

I had planned on the night just being me and her, but I had to remember that she was still a teenager and still wanted to hang out with her friends. With her not going to be at home until late, I decided to stay at the office and make up for the time I had taken off the day before.

I was about to finish up around eight. I got up to begin packing my laptop and files into my bag. It had been a long day, and I was ready to get home and have a beer or twelve. I figured Kimberly would be out late, if she came home at all. She was eighteen and it was not unusual for her to stay at her friend’s house on Friday.

I grabbed my bag and was about to leave when I noticed someone standing at my door. The whole office was dark except for my computer lamp. Once my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I recognized the person as Kimberly.

“I was just about to head home, are you hungry?” I asked nonchalantly.

“I am,” she replied as she began walking toward me, “I am starving.”

As she neared, she got into enough of the light for me to see her clearly. She was still wearing the skirt and blouse from this morning, but she had lost the vest. She had the top three buttons of the blouse opened, and I could see the swell of her ample breasts. I could also see that she had removed her bra, as her breasts swayed as she neared me.

When she had moved within four of five feet from me, her fingers began unfastening the remaining buttons. When she made it to me, the blouse was open and her tanned breasts were visible. She stopped as our bodies touched.

I was nervous, but stood there. What we had done, we had done in the privacy of our home. This was a place of business, and even though the office was closed, there were video cameras all over the place.

Her hands went straight to my belt and within seconds she had my jeans opened and her hand inside them. She stepped closer and nibbled on my ear.

“I have dreamed of being taken in your office,” she whispered as she began to ease down to her knees.

She wasted no time pushing my jeans and boxers to my knees. She lifted my hardening cock and slipped it between her lips. Her teeth raked across my flesh and I jerked. I have to talk to her about using her teeth, I thought.

Her hands cupped my balls as she moved her mouth back and forth on my cock. I placed my hands on her head and stood there, resisting the urge to shove it down her throat. I began to thrust gently in motion with her movement. I pushed a little too far and she coughed.

My cock was hard as granite. She said she wanted to be taken, I wanted to make her dream come true. Although I had wanted the first time to be special, at that moment I wanted her anyway I could get her. I reached and pulled her to her feet.

I pushed the stuff off of my desk and pushed her upper body onto the top. I lifted her skirt with my hand as I used my knee to open her legs. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my daughter had arrived at my office, not only braless, but she was also panty less.

I took my cock and pressed it against her labia. She was so wet. Her pussy was covered in her womanly secretions. I pushed the head into her. She raised up on her arms and pushed back against me.

She turned her head toward me, “Take me Daddy, but be gentle. I have never had a man inside me before.”

She lowered her head down until it was resting on my desk. I slowly pushed deeper. She was so tight, but there was nothing stopping me. I pulled and pushed until my lower abdomen touched her meaty ass.

“ I feel so full Daddy,” she gasped as she rotated her hips against me.

I grabbed her waist and pulled out, then pushed the full six inches back into her. She moaned lightly. Slowly we set a slow and steady rhythm. Each time I pushed into her, her juices gushed. She rose back to her arms and met my thrusts.

Her pussy gripped my cock tightly. For a moment I forgot that she was my daughter. I loved being inside her. She was the first woman I had been inside since I was last inside her mother. I knew I was not going to last, and I wanted to see her face.

I pulled out of her and turned her around. I backed up to the armless chair in the corner of my office. I sat down and pulled her to my lap. She straddled me and held my wet, hard cock in her hand and aimed it back home.

She moaned as she sat on my fat cock. When her ass rested on my thigh, she wrapped her arms around my neck and began using her legs to lift and lower her pussy on me. I pushed her blouse open and sucked on her tender nipples.

She pulled my head into her breasts as her movement quickened. “Don't stop Daddy, I love that. Suck my titties while you take me Daddy, I am about to cum!”

I sucked, licked and bit on her nipple and breast as she rode me like an expert. Her pussy muscles gripped me tighter as her body trembled. She closed her legs tight around me as her head tilted back. She exhaled a long groan as her orgasm hit.

She stopped and sat still on my lap as her body released. She held my head into her chest so tight that I could not move. Finally she relaxed. I lifted my head and looked at her. She had the biggest smile on her face. She lowered and we kissed.

The kiss was not a typical father-daughter kiss. It was full of passion with her tongue in my mouth. I lifted her and walked back to my desk. I placed her pretty ass on the wooden top. I was still inside her. Her pussy was still tight, but her orgasm had produced enough natural lube that I could easily slide in and out.

Our kiss broke as I pushed deep into her. “Oh Daddy, you feel so good inside me. Keep doing that, Daddy, fuck me!”

Any other time I would have scolded her for using such foul language, but under the circumstances, I obliged her request. I moved my hips faster and harder. Our session had moved from passionate love making to hard core, well, fucking.

She laid back and I placed my hands on her hips and used them as leverage. The legs of my desks moved a half inch or so each time I thrusted into her. I was close, but I was going to get all I could before the end.

“Don't stop Daddy, I am going to cum again. Cum with me Daddy, Cum inside meee!”

Her orgasm hit. Her body stiffened as her pretty little pussy spasmed around me cock. The vibration of her orgasm was too much. With little warning, my balls began erupting out of my cock, spraying my little girl’s insides with my potent sperm. I pressed deep into her when I felt the eruption. Her body reacted, pushing her to yet another mini-orgasm.

As my mind came back from that special place, I stepped back. My wet, slimy cock fell from her tight confines. I was spent. Seconds later a glob of my cum spilled out of her onto the top of my desk.

I stood there, with my jeans still around my ankles, as she pushed herself off my desk. She held onto the edge as her legs were wobbly. She slowly buttoned her blouse and adjusted her skirt. She stepped closer and kissed my cheek.

As she walked toward the door, she stopped. “When you get home, I will have you a bath. The weekend is just getting started. Oh, and how about grabbing the thumb drive attached to the security camera. I would love to watch what just happened.”

By the time I pulled my jeans back up, she was gone. I fastened my belt and picked up my bag. On the way out, I stopped by the security room and swapped thumb drives. I slipped the old one into my pocket and opened the door and stepped onto the sidewalk.

As I got into my truck, I noticed a pair of thongs hanging on my rear view mirror. I pulled them down and inhaled. God she smelt good.

I pulled onto the street headed home. Luckily the police were not patrolling my route home, because I was on a mission. The thought of being inside my little girl had fogged all logic and reasoning. I was on a mission.

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