Harry Potter: As One War Ends Another Begins Part 4

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Part 4

Ron pulled a plain black t-shirt of his head as he walked round to look into the mirror. Checking his reflection, he picked up a hairbrush and styled his hair neatly. When he had received his letter from the Cannons yesterday he had been excited at first, but now he had 30 minutes until his meeting started where he'd be discussing his contract.

This was a big deal in the quidditch world, the first contract was always the most important. He knew that it was standard procedure for teams to fill their youth teams with mediocre players on one year contracts, eventually releasing all of them.

Oliver Wood had spoken to him after the war about his years at Puddlemere United. He had told Ron that the club had offered him a 2 year deal for the youth team with the promise of a professional contract at the end of it.

So as Ron finally got his hair to lie flat he started to worry a bit. This meeting could potentially change his career and he just wanted it over with.

There was a knock at the door and Hermione walked in.

'Good morning Ron, and good luck in the meeting' she said as she walked over and gave him a quick kiss.

'Thanks, I think I'm going to need it.' he replied to her, a slight tinge of green starting to show in his cheeks.

Hermione looked at her boyfriend, considering him for a moment. He was definitely nervous. He'd always had problems with his nerves, but she could at least help relax him.

Leaning forward again she gave him a light kiss as she slipped her hand down his trousers and began squeezing his soft cock.

Ron pulled away 'Hermione we can't. The meeting starts soon.'

'Well we best be quick then' And with that she dropped to her knee's in front of him and began undoing his trousers.

Ron was torn between stopping her or just going with it. He couldn't be late for the meeting, but then again Hermione was a beautiful witch and he couldn't say no when she was offering it like this.
So as Hermione got him hard he leant back against his desk, holding onto the sides for support.

Hermione was thoroughly enjoying herself. She had been doing this a lot lately. She knew how much Ron liked the act and she knew just how he liked it best. So as she began to suck on Ron's cock she brought her left hand up to cup and squeeze his balls. Rotating her tongue around the head of his cock whilst bobbing her own head up and down on it.

She knew Ron wouldn't have time to get her ready for their quick session. So as she continued to suck on his cock, she lowered a hand into her panties to rub her clit until she felt herself getting wet.

A minute later Ron was holding onto his desk for dear life. He was nearing his end and he had no intention of pulling out, he was going to fire his load straight into her mouth. Well until she stopped what she was doing and stood up.

Pushing him out of the way she pushed all his stuff off of the desk and sat down on the edge, her legs invitingly wide open as she pushed her shorts and pants down. 'Get over her and fuck me now Ron Weasley!' Hermione commanded.

Ron didn't need telling twice. In a heartbeat he was positioned between her legs, rubbing his cock against her wet pussy until he slid an inch inside her. Looking up at her and seeing the look of lust in his girlfriends eyes her rammed his cock all the way in.

Hermione felt a shot of pleasure as Ron entered her roughly. Longing for more she wrapped her legs around him, pushing against his arse, puling him in closer to her.

Ron lunged at her neck, kissing and biting away as he picked up some pace. His hands reached out, one for her clit and one for her nipples. Working furiously on both of them her could hear Hermione begin to pant.

'Oh that's its. That's amazing' She cried out 'Don't stop..Nearly.. Nearly there OH FUCK!'

Ron felt her pussy clamp around his cock as he carried on thrusting into her. She reached out and with her arms and legs pulling him closer to her as tightly as she could. She was still panting in his ear as his thrusts carried her orgasm for longer.

The added lubrication from Hermione's juices, as well as her pussy tightening as she came had got Ron close to his end so he pulled out.

'On your knee's Hermione' he ordered as she gladly obeyed.

He began to stroke his cock quickly, pointing it towards her face for his big finish. Hermione looking to help him out, leaned forwards and licked his head whilst cupping his ball, which tightened in her hand instantly.

'Urghhh here it is take it' said Ron as he fired his massive load onto her waiting face, spraying it all over her. Once he'd finished Hermione licked the end of his cock, tasting what cum was left.

Ron realising the time pulled up his trousers quickly. 'Sorry Hermione I've got to go, but thanks for helping me relax' He said as he left Hermione on the floor, face covered in cum and deeply satisfied.

Harry walked through the entrance of Diagon ally. He needed to go speak to George about an idea he had.

The night before was still fresh on his mind. For the first time in weeks he'd been able to sleep easily at night without having to have a drink, and there could only be one reason for that. Ginny.
Last night he had had sex for the first time, and being honest with himself it had been amazing.
Realising how easy it had been to sleep after the sex he'd had an idea for how he could get to bed at night without the need for a drink. And this is why he needed George.

Walking through the shop the back room proved to be a difficult process as it was more busy than ever. With term at Hogwarts fast approaching the stock at Weasley Wizard Wheezes was in high demand. Harry eventually managed to make his way into the back room where he found George checking through some boxes.

'Afternoon Harry, what can I do for you today?' George asked him as he noticed him walk into the room.

'Afternoon George, I need a favour from you' he said. 'I've got something that I'd like you to invent.'

'Oh yeah, carry on Harry.'

So Harry explained to George the idea that he had come up with.

'Okay so I think I understand' said George 'It's two note pads, and when you write a message on one of them it appears on the other? Quick and easy form of communication.'

'That's right, think you could do it?' replied Harry.

'Oh yeah it'll be easy, but I'll only do it on one condition.' said George 'I get to sell them in the shop as well. Kids at Hogwarts will love these if they've got friends in other houses.'

'Deal. When do you think you could have a pair ready?' asked Harry.

'Ummm come back and see me in a couple of days, they'll be done by then.'

Ron appeared in the Weasleys back garden out of thin air. He was tired and hungry and couldn't wait to get inside. The meeting and negotiations with the Cannons had taken all day and he'd only just got home. Deciding that he'd go and speak to Hermione before dinner, he headed through the deserted kitchen straight for the stairs.

When he entered his bedroom he found not only Hermione but Ginny and Harry as well waiting for him. Walking past them to place the bag he'd taken with him down on his desk.

'Well?' Hermione demanded impatiently.

'Well I got there and they wanted me to do some fitness tests. So I had to do some sprints and power and strength tests.' Ron said 'And then we went into the coaches office to discuss a contract.'

'And' Harry pressed.

'And they offered me a 2 year deal with a professional contract at the end of it.' Ron said turning round to face them with a big grin on his face.

'Congratulations' they all shouted as they rushed to hug him.

'Yeah I start training next week, where its twice a week with a match every Wednesday.' Ron continued 'And my wage is 25 galleons a week, I know its not much but its a start.'

As they all said 'Well done' to Ron once again Hermione gave Harry and Ginny a look that told them that she wanted to congratulate her boyfriend alone. Acting quickly Harry and Ginny left but before they could get too far they heard a moan of surprise from Ron, and a click from the lock on his bedroom door.

*Two days later*

Harry was lying on Ginny's bed with his arm around her, stroking her hair. He'd been out that morning and had only just got back in.
Ron was off training with the Cannons youth team for the first time and Hermione was in his room waiting for Ron to return.

So Harry had come to spend some time with his girlfriend. He also planned on giving her the gifts that George had made for them. He'd refused to let Harry pay for them as he said that he'd make plenty of off the sale of the idea, as he was now producing a mass order to sell in the shop.

'Ginny I want to show you something babe.' Harry said to her as he reached into his pocket, pulling out the two note pads, and handing her one of them.

'What's this?'

Harry began to explain 'Its a way for us to talk at night when were in separate rooms. If one of us writes a message on a piece of paper, it'll transfer and show up on the other. So we can have conversations when were in bed.'

'Ohh that's really thoughtful Harry' she replied as she turned it over to examine it. 'Where did you get it from?'

'I went to see George in the shop two days ago and he made them for us. He even charmed it so that when you get a message the corner of the page will flash red to let you know.' Harry said.

'Here look I'll show you' he continued as he wrote a small note.

Ginny's note pad instantly started to flash red and showed a message which she read.

I thought that these would be a great way for me to let you know I'm thinking about you at night. And they'd also give us an easy way to talk whilst you're at Hogwarts. Xxx

'Wow, that's a great idea Harry, much quicker than sending an owl.' she said hugging him tightly.

'That's not all though Ginny. George got a bit more adventurous on the idea that I’d told him about.' Said Harry. 'You see he gave me some other note pads that are transcription to our pads. So we can receive other messages from different people and the colour in the corner will flash different colours so you know who it is talking to you.'

'So who has the other note pads?' Ginny asked.

'Well I've sent Luna one and her messages will flash purple. Neville's will flash yellow. Hermione's will flash pink and Ron's will flash green. Although I think to start with it might just be easier to put your name at the bottom of the message so people don't get confused.' replied Harry.

'Harry this is so thoughtful, I'll be able to talk to you lot all the time whilst I'm at Hogwarts!' beamed Ginny, as she started writing out a message to Luna.

Hey Luna,
Harry's just gave me my note pad and told me all about how we'll be able to talk through these. I think its a great idea from Harry.
Ginny x
'So Luna will know how to use this?' asked Ginny.

'Yeah when I owled it to her I left a letter explaining how to use it and who was which colour. Neville's got his because I got a message of off him earlier saying thank you.' explained Harry.

Just then Ginny's pad started to flash purple.

Hello Ginny,
Yes I think its a wonderful idea, not unlike the communication method Bloodspitters Army use who I hear find it a very effective way of sending messages.
Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Luna x
'Typical Luna' laughed Harry as he and Ginny headed downstairs for dinner.

Harry was lay on his camp bed in Ron's room trying to ignore his friends endless snoring.

After dinner he had given Ron and Hermione their note pads and told them how they work and which peoples messages showed up in which colour. They had both liked the idea and said they would use them. And Harry thought he knew why. Ron would be required to stay with the team at the Cannons headquarters on the night before matches, and he and Hermione would be able to get by easier if they could talk even whilst they was apart.

So as Harry struggled to find sleep again he picked up his pad and began writing a message to Ginny.

Hey beautiful, are you still awake?
Harry xxx

And it was not long until he got a reply.

Yeah can't get to sleep, thinking about you too much.
Ginny xxx
To which he replied.

I know what you mean. Plus Ron's snoring isn't helping.
Harry xxx
Harry had to congratulate himself on this great idea once again. It was perfect. He'd always have Ginny close at hand even if she was miles away. Speaking of Ginny his pad was flashing red once again.

Yeah I'm glad I can talk to you via these pads. Hermione went to sleep ages ago and I was starting to get bored.
Ginny xxx

*Several Minutes Later*

Ginny was lying on her back in bed, note pad resting on her stomach. It had been over five minutes since she'd sent her last message to Harry and hadn't received a message back yet. Thinking that he must have gone to sleep she rolled over onto her side.

And that's when she heard a noise just outside her room and the handle on her door began to creak.

'Lumos' she whispered as a dim light appeared shining round the room.

And in through her door stepped a very naked Harry. Stepping over a sleeping Hermione he climbed into her bed with her.

'Harry what are you doing in here?!' Ginny whispered quietly to him extinguishing her wand light. 'If Mum finds out you've been in here she'll go mad.'

'Well we best hope she doesn't find out! I couldn't resist not coming, I was missing you too much.' he replied.

'Ok but that doesn't explain why you've come naked?' Ginny asked.

'Well I did have other reasons as well.' he responded, as he slipped his hand under the blanket to squeeze Ginny's bum.

'No Harry we can't! Hermione is right there asleep!' said Ginny, looking down onto the camp bed where Hermione continued to sleep peacefully.

'Well we'll have to be quiet and just hope she doesn't wake up then.' Said Harry smirking, and with that he pushed himself down and under the blanket.

Ginny was about to protest but Harry started kissing her inner thigh and any sort of argument died there. Lifting her bum up off of the bed to make it easier for Harry to get her underwear off, she also unclasped her bra and dropped that out of the side of the bed so she was equally as naked as Harry.

With that extra help from Ginny Harry dived straight for her pussy. He and Ginny hadn't done anything since their romantic night in the cottage a few days ago and he was extremely horny. Straight away he was sucking and licking Ginny's clit without a care in the world for who might be in the room.

Ginny had to admit to herself that the thought that Hermione could catch them at any moment was really turning her on. In a matter of a minute her pussy was dripping and as she let Harry carry on with what he was doing she reached down for her tits. She squeezed them hard as a outlet to the pleasure Harry was giving her as she tried not to cry out loud in joy.

But as Harry then started to probe two fingers against her pussy and slowly push them inside she couldn't help herself any longer as she turned and let out a muffled moan into the pillow next to her.

Feeling that she was now ready Harry climbed up between her legs and reached down to kiss her.

'Get..That..Cock..In..Me..Now!' she whimpered to Harry in between his short kisses.

'Don't you need to do that contraception charm? Harry asked her quietly.

'No it lasts 2 weeks each time' she replied and deciding she would do things for her self took a hold of Harry's erection and guided it inside her.

'Ahh that's a lot better' she said as Harry slid all the way inside her.

Scared that he might hurt her Harry didn't thrust into her as hard as he wanted to until she whispered 'Bloody hell Harry you can go quicker than that.'

Needing no more encouragement he started pounding into her. Ginny wasn't expecting such an enthusiastic reply from Harry and she couldn't help it when she let out a loud moan of please, causing Hermione to stir from her sleep.

Harry reached out with his hand and placed it over Ginny's mouth to muffle any more moans. Although he could see why she was struggling to keep quite because so was he.

After a minute of pounding into Ginny he could feel his end nearing so he began to speed up his rhythm even more, giving it all that he had.

Ginny herself was getting close so she wrapped her legs around Harry and pushed his hand off of her mouth. Leaning up to playfully bite his neck she whispered in his ear 'ohhh Harry that's it! I'm nearly there cum with me!'

And with a final thrust from Harry, Ginny reached around behind him grabbing his arse and pushing him deeper inside her. Harry fired his load deep into her dripping pussy. The feeling of his cum filling her up sent Ginny over the edge and with a final soft moan she came hard with him.

Harry pulled his softening cock out of her as a mixture of their juices spilled out onto the bed. And he rolled over, down onto the bed next too her. They continued to just lie next to each other cuddling, sweaty bodies pressed together, enjoying the aftermath of a great shag.

'That was bloody amazing Harry. We need to do this more often.' Ginny whispered to him.

'Definietly! Although I need to get back to my own bed.' He said as he got up and walked over to the door. 'Goodnight beautiful.'

But as he turned the leave the room he heard Hermione's voice call from the dark. 'Oh Harry, next time you come in here to have sex with Ginny please make sure I'm not in the room.'

Harry just laughed to himself as closed the bedroom behind him. Ginny turned away from Hermione and buried her head into her pillow in embarrassment as Hermione fell back to sleep.

To be Continued

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