Dead Stick 13

I stood there for the longest time feeling like an idiot, it was the first time in quite a while I felt completely at a loss. Still almost unable to move I just stared at the spot where Celina had been. My sister had just told me that she would be back, after I revealed the fact that I had the soul of my sister within my body. Smirking I felt an almost sense of loss pass over me. Who was I kidding? I'd be lucky if the council didn't lock me up, even with Cloe knowing almost all of the story.

Then there was Johnathon, with his wild magic he was far stronger than I was to a point. His father had said I did have quite a few tricks that I could take him down with though I wasn't all that sure I could keep him down that long. Sighing remembering Tom's words I knew that sooner or later Johnathon would be involved, it was just when I wasn't sure. Flashing out to my apartment I was walking up the last flight of stairs when I felt a strange energy.

"I suggest if you wish to continue as a semi - living being, you leave now, I'm in the foulest of moods right now!" I snapped as I targeted an area of the wall. That's when I heard the low laughing, then I felt the energy spike upwards, holy crap this was an old power, I might have more but the age of this left me no doubt that whomever this was, had far more tricks than I'd possess for quite some time.

"For one as young as you, your confidence is something to admire." I heard the thick old, very old accent of the whatever this being was. Suddenly he stepped out of the shadows as if he were a part of them, "So you are the mage I have heard so much about." Rushing at me he stopped 3 feet in front of me having hit my shields and passed through most of them. "Very good young mage, very good indeed." Bowing low he stood erect in front of me. "I am Lord Vidon."

Again he started to laugh as the realization of who he was hit me, "Lana's father," I managed to get out.

Nodding he pointed a finger at me, "I know of your trouble with this Cedric being, I am here to warn you to stay out of the clan's way. He destroyed a part of our clan centuries ago; we are within our blood right to take his life should he return. We also know that he is your brother, do not interfere."

Sighing I could see Tom and Ben's hand in this, knowing the vampire clan's code I was sure I could keep them out of it. "Lord Vidon," I started trying to formulate the correct words, "I realize that your clan has a blood right but so do I, as with you I claim the right to destroy him. He wiped out my entire family, so you see it is far more a blood right of mine than any other." Bowing low I told him, "I am honored that you have come to me with this warning but I must now tell you my quest far outweighs yours."

Nodding Lord Vidon bowed again, "It is refreshing to know that some of the youth of today still honor the old ways. Know this though, if you are unable to carry the fight, the entire clan will step in to finish it."

Bowing low to Vidon I told the Lord, "I would expect no less. Upon my honor I will do all that I can to destroy this blight on our world." This brought a wide smile to Lord Vidon's face then like a light being shut off he vanished.

I was about to turn around when I heard a clapping, "I thought you'd be nearby, I could feel yours and Tom's hand in on this," I told Ben as he emerged from behind a wall.

"And why not? You were the best that has been in a very long time, you have come a long way in a very short time." Ben told me as he walked up the stairs. "I had no choice Ben, Cedric is, was a hell of a lot higher than I was. The only thing is he is so damn cocky about something I feel as if he has a spell I know nothing about. I was warned he has a plan to overpower me, though at this point I am at a loss." I told Ben who had a strange look on his face.

"It feels almost as if no matter what you do, Cedric acts as if he can't lose." Here I stared at Ben he'd almost spoken word for word my thoughts. "I have seen this before I have to check something then I'll return." with a flourish Ben was gone, now what in the hell was that about?

I figured I wouldn't see Ben for quite a while so I trudged into my apartment. Collapsing into a chair near the door I knew that I needed to work my levels but the weariness I was feeling was also warring against me. A moment later Cloe sat next to me with a plate of food.

"I take it didn't go that well?" She asked, shyly looking at me from eyes partially concealed by her lashes.

"If you consider I have been visited by the leader of the Timmings clan, his wife, their daughter and the son of the Vidon clan, then yeah you could say that. Oh yeah Lord Vidon appeared also I had to deny his claim to this fight." I told Cloe as if this was an everyday occurrence, her eyes wide as each name was said.

"You denied Lord Vidon!? How in the hell did you do that! No one denies that Vampire anything!" Here she backed away from me giving me the oddest of looks. Reaching out I could feel her scanning me shit! She was far stronger than I thought! Sighing I allowed her to opening up to allow her further in. Then I started to regret it, I could see the tears starting to fall I had opened all the way, she wanted to know fine! I let her have it all not realizing that the pain I had learned to deal with over the centuries might be too much for her.

I thought she could take it all, in my arrogance and a flash of anger I let her have it all. It wasn't 'til she started to shake I knew that I had gone too far. Closing everything like a steel door her eyes went wide then she was on her knees weeping uncontrollably. "I'm" hanging my head I tried again, "I'm sorry Cloe no one has tried to do that to me in a long time. I'll be in the other room I know you don't want me too near right now."

I flashed out still hearing her whimpering; now I felt like a complete ass. There was a knock at the door, getting up I saw that it was Celina. "That was a hideous thing you did Tyrome," she hissed.

My faced screwed into a mask of anger I told her, "Considering that you were a part of that pain you don't have that much room to talk. Or would you like to experience the hell that I have for well over 400 years!? Why are you here?" I said dropping my voice and emotions.

"I came to continue the discussion, things were said that need to be cleared up, don't you think?" she said a little smirk on her lips. What in the hell was going on? Was the damn world descending on me tonight? Shit!

"Fine after I do my exercises I should pass him tonight, I only need 3 to equal 4 to pass shouldn't be too hard." I told her a smirk now on my lips. "Might take a few hours though get comfortable." I started to concentrate as I felt her move toward the front room. I had obviously been at it for a while when I felt a disturbance on the dreamscape.

"Ah! Your power has finally passed mine excellent! When I drain you here I will burst forth and drain this world of ALL magic, then I will be a god!" Cedric's hideous laughter ringing in my ears I felt him reach toward me, this time though it wasn't an attack, I could feel the energy he was expanding it was more of a vacuum. Changing my energy I quickly erected a shield I hadn't used in over 150 years. Hitting it he was stunned at first that I knew what he was about.

"I told you ass hole I am a master of counter spells!" I sneered at him.

"True but can you handle both?" With those words he started to fire at me, holding both shields wasn't easy but somehow I did. Pissed off he started to retreat when I reached out grasping near his heart, strange but I felt this wasn't really him. Cursing he began to throw even more at me, smiling I just relaxed more feeling my shields flair stronger. Laughing he again reached for my power. Snapping a shield I had only used once he hit it with a shock. "So, bastard, you know of that also, good when I drain you it will be sweeter."

He was withdrawing again, I held fast maybe I could rip something else lose and seriously weaken him. Screaming, I felt him pull with a strength I didn't think he had left in him. Still I held on to what I felt near his heart. Finally he turned firing at me, "Let me go you slimy, nasty, filthy, human!" With those words he again wrenched as hard as he could screaming as another huge section of his power ripped loose. "Fine! You can have the human WHORE!" Laughing he withdrew again, human whore? What in the hell was he talking about?

Suddenly I was exhausted I needed to leave though that was easier said than done, I could see the surface I just couldn't get to it. That's when I felt a hand push me up, ah! Elura was helping me thank god she was still safe, then I felt another hand guiding me up huh? Looking back I saw not only Elura but another older woman smiling at me, I tried to open my mouth to ask her who she was when I opened my eyes. Immediately I closed them again, Christ the light was so powerful.

I heard several gasps trying to turn my head I could barely make out Ben, trying to talk to him I finally got a thought to him. <Ben I did it I passed him I fought him the power resisting shields worked but i think he has more. I also ripped more from him but I don't recognize her.>

<Another soul? I thought only family could add to power. Let me see her.> He told me I was barely able to bring up her face when I heard him gasp.

<Lillian!> Finally I couldn't keep my eyes open.

"You should be fine soon Tyrome," I heard Evelyn Timmings say, “Oh great” I thought though if I had to be healed she was the best.

I didn't know how long I was out, all I knew was my head felt as if it had been stepped on a few thousand times. Finally I managed to get my eyes open though they felt like they weighed a ton. Scanning the room I saw that both the Timmings were there though asleep on a near king size bed. Suddenly alert I could see that there were several more than just a few people in my now apparently 3 times as large apartment. Trying to rise off the floor I groaned as a huge wave of nausea swept over me. Nearly falling, I felt a strong arm around me as I emptied the contents of my stomach; yup Ben was here too shit that was all I needed.

Finally over my bout of sickness I could swear that Ben was laughing at me. Turning I saw that though he was trying not to he was indeed laughing. "Alright asshole," I gasp at him, "I can let you see how it feels to have the shit beat out of you!"

Smiling even bigger he said, "It's good to see that you are almost back to normal with that attitude!"

Shaking my head I looked at him like he was crazy, "I'm serious damn it, I haven't taken a beating like this in several hundred years, just to rip part of him loose! Now maybe you can tell me what you meant when you said that name. As far as I know I never knew a Lillian. Father never went with any females," here I hung my head whispering, "I never knew my mother, nor did father ever tell me who she was."

Ben's face suddenly took a serious look to it, "I cannot tell you then, I made a promise to him and her centuries ago. A promise that even I cannot break; though if she is where she can, she can tell you." Looking directly into my eyes Ben said, "That is if you can Lillian, I know things were never well in the family but does he not deserve to know?"

Suddenly I felt a presence within me that I hadn't before then an older woman's voice came out of my mouth. "Don't push it Ben! You as well as I, know the consequences of that knowledge, leave it alone!"

"I can't Lillian he deserves to know, I am the closest to family he has ever had. Don't you think it is time?" Ben asked almost begging, shit who was this Lillian that she could almost frighten Ben like that?

"Uh excuse me but I am right here, just fucking tell me!" I told both of them.

"You stay out of this!" Ben hissed at me.

"That's enough damn it!" I heard the female voice say. "You're right he deserves to know but not now, soon but not now." With that the presence was gone as was the voice, holy crap I felt nothing of the woman at all. Search as hard as I could I felt nothing, this had to be an extremely powerful being if I couldn't feel her within me.

Ben was shaking his head as he moved away, I also noticed that he was trembling who in the hell had this much power over Ben?

Finally off the floor I saw that the entire council was there, glancing up I couldn't even look at Cloe. I was already enough of a freak as it was but this had to have her looking at me even harder, plus after what I did I wasn't sure if she wouldn't be trying to kill me again. Yup I thought about a normal month for me everything all screwed up and falling apart.

Then I noticed that there were several Vampires in the room, as well as Timmings clan mages, thing is, they all felt human. What in the hell was going on? I get the shit kicked out of me and everyone shows up to cheer him on? As my face twisted into rage, Celina touched me on the shoulder. "We still have to finish our discussion." Sighing I nodded as we moved into the only empty room in the house I guessed it was going to be like this the rest of the day.

"Look Celina," I started when I turned back toward her. Launching herself at me she met my lips with her own. Sliding my arms around her I let my hands drift lower to her firm backside.

Breaking the kiss she smiled at me seductively, "There discussion over, I may not remember all that happened back then but I do remember how much I loved you." Here she lowered her eyes, "I find that I still do, please Tyrome don't answer now, just," taking a gulp she went on, "just know that I love you ok?" Celina walked out leaving me standing there like a stunned idiot, I remember the Doctor telling me it was all her but I thought it was another of his lies.

Ok, this was another shock, walking out I saw that Ben was smiling weird, as were a few others, "Shut up all of you. Thank you all of you that came, I fought Cedric again, it was different but I weakened him again though I am afraid that this next battle will be here. I need everyone safe, I am suspending the school 'til it is over." I looked at Tom and Ben, "If I don't make it I trust that you and your clan," I turned toward Lord Vidon, "and your clan will finish this." They all nodded, "If you'll excuse me I need to rest before he breaks free." Again all nodded then they all started to flash out, finally I was alone, well with Cloe and Celina.

"I am glad that you finally told him," Cloe told Celina who held a huge grin on her face as the two women embraced.

Shocked I must have looked ridiculous as they both were smiling at me, "Wait when did how did you what are you," I sat with a thud on the couch really confused apparently they both had known about each other and were fine with it. Damn I thought go figure and the simple fact that they wanted me was an even bigger shock. Feeling the fatigue though not that tired after being out so long, I decided to just talk to the two of them. It was a good few hours we had talking about everything under the sun.

The next thing I knew I was waking up, the sun a blistering ball of heat streaming through the window. Looking down I saw that both Cloe and Celina had fallen asleep on my lap; I also noticed that I wasn't the only one awake. Adjusting myself to get more comfortable I was walking into the kitchen when I felt the barrier I had erected centuries ago start to crack. Damn it! He would pick today to break out just when I had finally found what I had looking for, for so long. Now I really was pissed but I had to calm, looking back at the two women I wanted to stay with for a really long time I knew that no matter what I had to for them.

I appeared in the center of the magic realm, I knew he wanted this to be a spectacle as I am sure every megalomaniac did. After what I had learned last night I doubted seriously he could win, that is if I could actually pull it off. An immensely loud cracking sound was all that could be heard, then I felt a powerful rushing toward me. Bracing I awaited his first onslaught, when nothing came I saw that he has stopped before me a huge smile on his face.

"You really think I am that stupid to attack you head on?" His booming voice came at me.

"Yeah actually I did, you were a moron the last time I expected more of the same." I said a wide smile on my face.

"Why in the hell are you so happy?" He demanded to know.

"I know for a fact that if you beat me," here I swept me hand toward the rear of me where I am sure he could feel literally thousands of mages and vampires. "They will exact revenge on you, besides," I started laughing, "you've lost part of your power."

Here Cedric started to laugh, "What? That weak little shit of a sister and the whore? Oh I see! You don't know who she really is, do you? Well then little brother I'll tell you, she's"

Suddenly I had no control of my voice, "Yes go ahead you fool!" Cedric's face was in shock. "You know what will happen if he knows, though at this point," here the older woman's voice laughed, "I think it's really too late for you go ahead!"

"Fine you fucking human whore," here he sneered at me, "that human is yours, YOUR sister and brother's mother." Looking up he screamed, "Go ahead try to I am far too damn powerful for it to matter!"

I stared at Cedric, he'd killed ALL of my family including her! Roaring I felt my power and rage grow. The sky started to darken as the wind began to howl. Cedric laughed even harder seeing my rage growing thinking I was an easy target now he started to fire at me at first I only stood there watching as his blasts skipped off, then he was again trying to draw off all of my power. Smiling I erected the new shield I had learned the day before, that's when I really started to laugh at the startled and enraged look on his face.

"You son of a bitch! You won't win, you can't win!" Cedric was almost screaming now starting to unload almost all he had on me.

"No you ass wipe! It's you who won't win just like you never do!" Finally I felt a lull in his power taking spell and sent a few blasts his way I smiled when I saw the blood well up on his warm.

"Really brother this is all you got? Did you forget I can heal a hell of a lot faster than you?" Smiling I hadn't forgotten but as I remembered from our last battle it also took a lot of his energy to accomplish. Sending out a warning I told all below that the battle had started and no structure was safe. Blasting away at him was taking a toll on him and me both.

Though he'd only gotten a few past my defenses it was more than enough to seriously weaken me. Changing tactics I reached out for only the third time hoping that this time I could effectively weaken his power enough to get in a killing blow. Grabbing a huge area of power I began to twist as hard as I could, eliciting a hair raising scream from him. I knew I was on the right track when I felt his power significantly drop.

"NO!" I heard him scream as I pulled as hard as I could, this time his power really did drop. Then it was gone and free, or so I thought it was as I saw my brother. Christ I thought there won't be any room in there for me at this rate. Laughing he sneered at me, "You really think you've won? I didn't know how to use their power the first time we fought as you can hardly use all the levels you have gained. I know you can't hold out forever, I also know that was your last ditch attempt to defeat me.

I heard Tan and Elura both say to open up they would supply me with their power, I told them I couldn't it was theirs not mine I therefore had no right. Glaring at Cedric I saw him smile then he started to hit me with renewed power. This power seemed so familiar, my eyes opened wide as I realized that it was our father's power he was using. I told my sister and brother to fire at Cedric through me, with me as all three of us began to back Cedric up. Reaching out I prayed I had enough to free father I had to. Ripping my way through I felt the power but Cedric had somehow increased his protection of the area.

Suddenly I heard my father say, <back off son you can't beat him not like this, please.> I started to back off still trying to pull father free. <Son no, you can't win this we can beat him together.>

<No father!> I screamed in my mind. <I have to save you!>

<You have son back off please!> I heard his tear strained voice as he was almost pleading for me to back off.

<Father if I do you would die with him,> I told him.

<It is a small price to pay to finally rid the universe of your brother. Now go I will be helping you.> Then all was quiet as we continued to blast away at Cedric.

Neither one of us was in the best of shape the last salvo had almost completely numbed the lower half of my body. I was bleeding from too many places to name. Both of us were breathing hard I had to defeat him if for nothing else to just free father. Gambling I let loose a huge last ditch blast I knew if this didn't do it then we were all screwed.

The dust was clearing as I tried to get off the ground, that's when I heard Cedric's half hearted laugh. "A good gamble brother; very good too bad it didn't work!" I could still feel Cedric nowhere as powerful as he was but enough to know I was dead. Cedric was laughing harder when he saw that I couldn't even move. "Ah! A good fight I am actually proud to have called you brother for a few seconds you weak piece of human trash!"

He was starting to reach toward me, I hardly had anything left, I knew the shield would be gone very soon. Sighing I resigned myself to the fact that I had weakened him for the others, that's when there was a sudden rush of energy and Cedric was screaming out in pain. Next to me a portal had opened, I recognized it as similar to the one that Tom had created. Though to my surprise, it wasn't Tom but Johnathon that emerged from it.

"Who the hell are you? You son of a bitch!" I could hear Cedric screaming as he tried to fight whatever Johnathon was doing.

"That's strange," Johnathon said, "I thought you'd recognize the little mage you used to beat up 'til I met your brother." Here Johnathon looked at me still trying to rise. "Then it was I who was kicking your ass each and every day."

"You! You cannot win Johnathon Timmings, I have a power older than you." Cedric was screaming trying to advance against Johnathon.

Jonathon’s chest seemed to open as even more power started to pour into the already titanic energy he was hitting Cedric with. "You bastard! The wild magic!" I raised my only good hand and started to fire at Cedric also.

"It's time for you to finally die," I gasp out feeling most of the feeling leaving my body, "Finally I can let the rest of the family rest!" I increased the energy I was shooting feeling my life energy starting to drain. I didn't care anymore finally the world would be rid of him! I tried to grab father as Cedric was starting to fade but he told me no then they both were gone.

"NO! Damn it FATHER!" I screamed as sweet darkness started to take me, smiling at Johnathon I whispered, "Thank you my friend, thank you for helping me to end it for good." I heard several it seemed like hundreds of people start yelling then I could swear I heard Cloe, Celina, Evelyn hell even Trina screaming.

I awoke 3 days later sore as hell, but at least I could feel it. Wait a second; I was alive what the hell? Try as I might I couldn't open my eyes. Groaning I felt several movements next to whatever I was laying on. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out but small squeaks.

<It's alright you're safe,> I heard a voice in my head.

Huh? <Lana is that you? What is going on?> I asked her.

<You were severely injured, Johnathon brought you here as soon as you passed out. Evelyn has worked for 2 1/2 days to get you out danger though I am afraid that you are still close to death. You need to start your healing.> Damn I thought 2 1/2 days? Oh shit then I remembered the laws of power the stronger a mage was the more it took to heal them. Gingerly I reached out finding several organs that were about to fail, crap it took almost all I had to put most of my insides right. <Good you're out of danger completely, you need to> that's all I heard as the darkness came again though this time it wasn't as painful.

Another day and this time I opened my eyes, I was in the keep? Holy shit! I thought on a divan across the room I saw Cloe and Celina! Trying to rise I groaned even louder struggling I almost screamed when I felt the massive bruising on my ribs and chest. Both Cloe and Celina came running as I tried to get to my feet.

"Tyrome no!" Both of them said. Then I heard a voice that made me freeze, "Please Tyrome we need you better." I turned as best I could, tears streaming from my eyes. My little sister Elura ran to me gently holding me. That's when I saw Tan and the woman Ben had called Lillian.

Groaning again I tried to speak but again just squeaking noises came out. Reaching out I started on my badly burned throat, then the many bruises on my body. Another hour I was finally starting to feel better.

Lillian sat next to me as the rest of the Timmings family came in. "Cedric told me you are our mother, that you are human."

Lillian sighed looking at Ben an almost pleading look in her eyes. Sighing Ben took over, "Actually she is Tyrome, your half brother killed her not long after your sister was born."

"Tell him Ben he deserves the truth as do all of them." Tom and the others were looking on puzzlement in their eyes also.

"Lillian is my sister," Ben said though they could tell he was proud there was something else going on. "She was banished to the human world well over 2000 years ago. Still a mage, just with no real power. When she met your father he and she fell deeply in love, but your half - brother was extremely jealous. Your father was very powerful, but nowhere as powerful as the banishing that was placed on her." Here tears started to fall from his eyes, "When he destroyed her there was nothing I could do, nothing. That's why you have always held a special place in my heart. When the whole family was destroyed I thought he had gotten you also, then I heard you went against him defeating him soundly." Finally too much Lillian took over.

"I watched the battle between you two I have never been prouder of you Tyrome. The Banishment was a one of a kind, I was to be a human for all time until such time as I was released and a mistake I had made was corrected. Part of that was Cedric. The other was a certain mage 'til he was dead. Again Cedric took care of that while you two were fighting and destroying part of the magic world, he tried to stop the fight and was destroyed by Cedric.

"I want to thank you Johnathon for restoring me and the rest of the family." Lillian told a stunned Johnathon.

"You're my Aunt Lilly?" Tom asked, "I have always wondered what happened to you."

"I'll be damned," Johnathon said to himself, then he looked at Tyrome. "You really are family! Cousin!" Johnathon had grabbed Tyrome eliciting another groan from him. "Hang on as strong as he is I should be able to now." I looked at Johnathon what was he going to do? Reaching out I felt his power start to bathe me, not to bad I thought then it started to amp up, shit! Then he was pouring even more power into it, at first this increase wasn't bad but a few minutes it was almost agonizing. "ENOUGH! Christ Johnathon are you trying to fry me?" I told a wide mouthed Johnathon.

"Father that was almost full power! You thinking what I am?" They both came over to me and started to scan me, locking down; they both were amazed that they couldn't really read my power. Both nodded then smiled at me. "It appears that you also contain the wild magic though you can hide it. A first I am sure, not even father could hide it that well." Johnathon told me a stunned look on his face.



Five years later I was still at the school though we were only having classes every 10 years. I had monitored all of my students from the previous class as of yet they were all still alive though I was afraid that it might change soon. To my utter amazement the council had allowed me to marry both Celina and Cloe. Celina still helped me with the school and the business. Though as I looked at her; that was going to have to stop soon I could see.

Celina came out from around the desk her 8 month belly very hard not to notice. Cloe had foregone getting pregnant saying she still had work with the council to do, personally I think she enjoyed just sex with me far too much. I had been working on my levels not realizing all these years that I had been slowly releasing the wild magic. I was far better at using it than both Johnathon and Tom, though I had started to train Johnathon to increase my way.

I was about to open a portal that Tom had taught me when I suddenly reached into the shadows bringing my hand back around Murry the snit's throat. "Hello Murry feeling braver lately huh?"

Coughing he stated, "No Tyrome just here to give you the last payment," He choked out. "You know I can't be seem going into your office this way I get more business on the street."

"Still, I have an office you ass!" I told him as I took the crystal from him. "Alright you're paid up for most of the things I have a file for." Pulling him close I said while staring into his eyes. "Don't let me catch you again." Nodding he was gone in a flash. Looking at the crystal I smiled it was going to piss Johnathon off again, he and Lana were trying again, having failed at her last cycle, no one had seen them for almost a week.

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