My Mom's Hot Friend Part 2 An Unexpected Visitor (Revised)

It had been a long week, I had a ton of homework and Linda was really busy at work. We hadn't been able to fuck for a few days and I was starting to go crazy. I had this beautiful goddess that wanted to fuck but we were both to busy, but when the weekend finally ended it was all worth it. My mom was going out of town with my brothers for the weekend so I had the house all to myself, and Linda's kid was with her ex so we had the whole weekend to fuck.
It was Friday afternoon, I was waiting for Linda to finish working so the festivities could begin. Nothing
seemed to amuse me for more than a few minutes, I would try playing video games or reading a book but I kept thinking about what was going to happen in less than an hour. It didn't help that I had an erection that wouldn't go away, I had already jacked off twice today but I was still horny as hell. I felt like I was going to explode if I didn't blow my load soon so I decided to masturbate. Linda and I had been texting each other naked pictures early this week so I grabbed my phone and headed to the bathroom.
Before I was half way there I realized I should turn up the heat on the hot tub for later, it was a warm spring
day outside so we were probably going to use the pool anyways. If not we would still be able to enjoy a late
night fuck out in the hot tub, which was something I have wanted to do since we first got it. I had to go through my moms room to get out side to the deck. My moms room is weirdly set up, she has a big master bed on the same wall as the door so you have to go all the way around to get to the door on the other side. She also has her dresser at the foot of the bed so there's not much room to walk. The nice thing about it though is that there is a giant mirror on top of her dresser.
As I was walking through my mom's room I looked at the mirror and envisioned myself laying on the bed with Linda riding me reverse cow girl. It would be perfect because I would have her amazing ass in front of my face but I would still be able to see her beautiful breasts bounce in the mirror. I started rubbing my cock right there in my moms bedroom, just the idea of fucking Linda like that was enough to make me cum. I suddenly remember why I was in my mom's room in the first place and hurriedly stuff my dick back in my pants. I quickly went outside to raise the temperature of the hot tub.
My backyard isn't exactly private, but unless the neighbors where really trying to sneak a peek they wouldn't see anything. They might hear a lot of loud moaning though. The hot tub was all ready to go it just needed some time to warm up, before heading back inside I rolled up the cover on the pool.
My pool is above ground and its only about waist deep on me so its perfect for fucking, also there's a bunch
of pool toys and inflatable chairs that Linda and I could probably find a creative use for.
Everything was ready to go so I went back inside and grabbed my phone from where I left it. I was still hard from before so I sat down on the coach and whipped my dick out. I browsed through the pictures on my phone while stroking my cock, all of the photos Linda sent me were super sexy and I couldn't decide which on I liked more.
One of the photos she had her legs spread wide and her fingers in her pussy. It was only of her bottom half but I would recognize that body anywhere. The next picture was of her whole body, she was standing in front of the mirror in her bathroom with one leg up on something off camera so I had an unobstructed view of her soaking wet vagina and her large tits. Another pic showed her bent over in front of the same mirror with a great view of her ass and her swollen pussy. There were more photos but they were all pretty much the same thing just different camera angles and poses. I set my phone on slid show and really enjoyed myself, I took my time to stroke my dick from top to bottom really slowly. I was so absorbed by the pleasure I didn't even hear the door open.
"I see you started with out me" Linda whispered into my ear as she ran her hands down my chest. I quickly turned around and kissed her passionately, our tongues met and we enjoyed each others mouths for a few minutes. When we finish I noticed she was wearing a skimpy little tank top, and her nipples were poking through the material so I knew she wasn't wearing a bra, and she had some TNA type yoga pants on that some how made her ass look even better.
"Your a sight for sore eyes" I said laughing "sorry I couldn't wait any longer, wanna give me a hand, or
something else?" I hadn't put my cock back in my pants and Linda was already eyeing it up hungrily.
"I thought you'd never ask." Linda said as she got on the couch beside me and quickly took my dick in her mouth. She slurped from top to as far down as she could go then came back up and did this thing with her tongue that I love where she twirls it around the tip. When I first started fucking Linda she said that she never gave a blowjob before because she was disgusted by the idea, but for some reason she really loves having my dick in her mouth and shes become a real pro.
As Linda's mouth glided up and down I could feel my orgasm getting closer, apparently she could too. She stopped sucking my dick and switched to my balls. I really love it when she does this, nothing quite compares to having one of you testicle inside a woman's warm mouth. While she was doing this I ran my hand through her hair, down her back all the way to her round ass.
As I rubbed Linda's ass I said, "How would you like to go skinny dipping?" She just smiled at me, I guess that means yes. She quickly went back to work on my cock, taking the whole thing into her mouth. Now I'm not that large, about 7 inches uncut, but Linda had never took my whole dick into her mouth before. I could feel the tip of my dick in her throat and it felt like Linda was trying to swallow my dick. It felt so amazing that I was ready to cum after a few seconds and I didn't even have time to give Linda a heads up before I shot my load down her throat, she gagged a little but didn't stop. When I was done cumming she moved her mouth up and sucked the rest out.
"That was amazing babe, where did you learn to do that?" I asked when she finally took my dick out of her mouth. Linda was grin as she still fondled my balls.
"The only place where you can learn everything, the internet. I watched a few porn stars do it, then tried it
myself on a banana." She said still grinning, "Now are we going to go for that swim?"
I didn't even reply, I just stood up and stripped then waited for Linda to do the same. She grabbed the bottom of her tank top and pulled it up over her head in that sexy way that girls usually do, I could tell she was going to tease me before she even had it off. Her movements were really slow and drawn out, once she was finally topless she turned around to take of her sexy yoga pants. Linda leaned forward a little bit and slowly pulled down her yoga pants barely moving her arms, just bending over more. It was a very seductive strip, distracting me so well it took me a few seconds to realize she was where the same red thong from our first night together.
"Are you going to take five minutes taking that off too or can we go swimming now?" I asked.
Without saying a word her panties dropped to the floor and she grabbed hold of my hand as we walked out to the pool together finally completely naked. On the way out I grabbed a large beach towel to dry off with later. We stepped out on to the deck enjoying the sun for a few seconds before jumping into the pool. I sat under water with my eyes open watching Linda's naked body glide through the water as she swam around. After a few minutes of swimming Linda grabbed one of the floating pool chairs and sat on it with her legs spread.
I swam up to her while humming the Jaws theme, when I was closed enough I popped out of the water and attacked her wet pussy, licking and kissing it for a few seconds. I stuck my tongue in her sweet vagina and wiggled it around.
"This is going to be an amazing weekend." Linda said breathlessly. I was enjoying her pussy so much I didn't even reply, not that she would have heard me over her own moans. I was going to tell her to quiet down a bit but I realized I didn't really care if the neighbors heard me pleasuring her. As I tongued her pussy I rubbed her clit gently with my index finger, Linda must have really liked that because her pussy got even wetter than it was before.
I was sliding my tongue in and out of her almost like I was fucking her, it gave me a great feeling being able to please my woman with just my tongue but I was starting to want more. I pulled Linda down the pool chair a bit so I could reach her pussy, she had a look of anticipate on her face that told me to fuck her good and hard. My cock slid in smoothly, the feeling of her tight pussy on my rock hard dick made me even horny than
I already was. I grabbed her hips so she didn't float a way from me and began thrusting my dick in and out of her vagina, going in hard and pulling back out very slowly. This was having an obvious affect on Linda as she started to moan continuously.
"Fuck me hard John I've needed this all week." She said quietly, then louder "Yeah baby fuck me till I break."
I found out after our first night fucking that Linda really liked to talk dirty, even when we were on the phone
she would always find a way to sound like a slut. It looked like today wouldn't be an exception. I quieted her
down for a few minutes by bring my mouth to hers and kissing her passionately.
Linda's tongue found a way into my mouth and I sucked it a bit as continued to fuck her hard. I could tell she was getting really turned on by this when she started moaning into my mouth. My rhythmic thrusting was causing the floating pool chair to make a lot of waves and water was starting to splash over the edge.
With out stopping I lifted Linda off the chair, I took my tongue out of her mouth and whispered into her ear "Take a big breath." As soon as I heard the whooshing sound of her lungs filling up I plunged us both underwater. We hugged tight so as not to float away from each other and I continued fucking her at the bottom of the pool. My mouth some how found her nipple and I began sucking like I was going to get oxygen from it.
I slowed down my thrusting so I could stay under water longer but I could still tell Linda was really enjoying it. Every time my cock was all the way in her vagina I could see her letting out bubbles and her a gurgled moaning sound. Time seemed to slow down while we were fucking underwater, but eventually Linda began tapping my on the head to signal she was running out of air. I continued to slide my shaft into her slippery pussy as we quickly rose to the surface.
"OH MY GOD JOHNATHAN WHAT THE FUCK!" I turned around to see who it was, I was surprised to see my Aunt Sarah standing there with a towel wrapped around her. My aunt has faded blonde hair, she stands about 5'10 and around 135 pounds, she isn't fat but she's not exactly skinny. She has a bit of a belly and small love handles, but for 38 she was still looking great. I know her bra size is 36D because I check one time when I was at her house. Aunt Sarah has a round face that most would find pretty and a small slightly upturn nosed that's adorable. She also has pale skin that looks smooth as silk and a nice round ass that I always admired whenever she wore tight pants. In my shock it took me a few seconds to realize I didn't see the straps of a bikini top so she probably wasn't wearing one and I assumed she wasn't wearing a bottom either.
"Oh um hey Aunt Sarah, what are you doing here?" I finally managed to said after about a minute of silence. I still had my cock in Linda and she was begin to use her pussy muscle to squeeze my cock, it was driving me crazy.
With my aunt standing there naked except for her towel I decided I wanted to fuck her. Maybe it was because fucking Linda made me realized that older women were way better then the girls my age or just because she was sexy as hell and incest made it even sexier, either way I wanted it to happen badly.
My Aunt Sarah just starred at me and Linda, she could obviously tell that we were naked through the water but I wasn't sure yet if she knew that I had my dick in Linda.
"I came here for a swim, I thought you would have gone with the rest of the family." Aunt Sarah said, she still sounded angry but not as much as before.
"I'd rather hang out with Linda than with the rest of my family. We'll go use the hot tub so you can have your
swim." Linda made a face at me but she followed me over the the pool ladder. A while ago she told me that she doesn't mind being naked in front of other women so I knew she wasn't going to make a big deal about it, and since I started fucking Linda regularly my confidence has been through the roof so I didn't mind showing my sexy aunt my rock hard cock.
I climbed out of the pool and Aunt Sarah's eyes immediately when to my penis, she looked like she was about to turn away until Linda got out and she saw Linda's swollen pussy lips. A look of realization passed over Aunt Sarah's face and I could tell she knew what we were doing. As I walked past her with my cock standing proudly in the air she looked like she was going to say something but she couldn't figure out what it was.
From behind me I heard Aunt Sarah say to Linda "You Know he's half your age right?" Her tone made it sound like she was lecturing Linda.
"Yeah and that's what I like about John, he's full of energy and always ready for me." Linda said. It had only
been a few minutes since we were interpreted but once we were in the hot tub I could tell Linda still needed to be fucked hard.
"So are you ready to finish what we started?" She whispered in my ear as her hand found my erection. Without waiting for an answer Linda slide over and straddled me, with some creative movement my cock slid deep into her vagina. I had my ass off the hot tub seat with Linda's legs on either side of me, and I began pounding her pussy like a jack hammer. She was just high enough out of the water that her whole breasts where visible, I reached forward and began caressing her tits and squeezing her nipples.
Linda started to meet my thrusts as I rammed my cock into her tight pussy, the sensations alone were amazing but the fact that my aunt was swimming naked in the pool behind me was making me extra horny. Like usually Linda began to moan and talk dirty, there was no keeping this woman quiet.
"Fuck me john, hard and fast just how I like it." She whispered into my ear, it wasn't long before she started to get loud though, "Yeah baby your cock is what I need give it to me." I kind of wanted Aunt Sarah to hear what Linda was saying but I turn on the jets anyways to cover her dirty talk. With the jets on and my cock sliding in and out of Linda's slippery vagina I began to talk dirty too.
"You filthy whore, you can never get enough of my cock." I said as we continued to fuck. I heard another splash from behind me and I decided that I need to see what my aunt was doing. With out saying a word I grabbed Linda in a bear hugged and switched us around. She was now sitting with her pussy right at the edge of the hot tub's built in seat and I was kneeling on hot tub floor.
I still had my hands on her hips and I was pulling her into me as I buried my dick deep in Linda's pussy. As soon as we were comfortable and I rhythmically fucking her again I looked over her head to check out Aunt Sarah.
I didn't see her so she must have been under water, when I looked back at Linda she was grinning at me with seductive smile she sometimes does. As If she knew what I was doing she began moaning even louder than before as I continued pumping my penis in and out of her pussy.
"Fuck me, I want to feel you deep in my cunt John, fuck me like the man I know you are!" She said so loudly that the neighbors half way down the street probably heard, but It worked Aunt Sarah came out of the water to see what the ruckus was all about.
I got a full frontal view of Aunt Sarah's bodacious boobies, to my surprise she didn't even try to cover herself.
I became completely unaware of Linda's continuous moans and my rhythmic thrusting, I was so focused on those breasts. Like I guessed before they were way bigger than Linda's and I was amazed how little age and gravity had affected her tits, they barely sagged at all. Aunt Sarah's big breasts were naturally pushed together and she had large areolas at least an inch and a half across and short pointy nipples that clearly showed how aroused she was. Eventually she dived back underwater and I was pulled back to reality by Linda moaning even louder than before.
"OH MY GOD! DON'T STOP! I'M GOING TO CUMMMMM" The sight of my aunts amazing tits and Linda's cunt clamping down on my cock sent me over the top and I began filling her up with my cum. Both of our bodies tensed and I was barely able to maintain a small amount of thrusting which prolonged Linda's orgasm. As we both finished our orgasms I kissed Linda softly and we held onto each other in a pleasant embrace. Eventually I slid my soft cock out of Linda's sweet pussy and moved over to sit beside her.
The combination of just finishing a wild fuck with a sexy slut and the warm water had me so relaxed I'm pretty sure I fell asleep in the hot tub. One minute I was sitting there enjoying the jets with Linda and the next minute Aunt Sarah was sitting across from me.
The water was just high enough to cover most of Aunt Sarah's breasts but I could still see a considerable amount of cleavage and I was getting harder by the minute.
"Oh hey Aunt Sarah, where did Linda go?" I said as I stood up and stretched, to show my aunt my hard on and because the hot tub wasn't very comfortable for sleeping. I got the reaction I wanted as Aunt Sarah's eyes when straight to my cock and I saw her mouth a silent WOW. After I was good and limber I sat back down.
Once Aunt Sarah recovered from obvious enjoyment of my cock she said "I don't know, Linda just said she had to go and she would probably be back later. Anyways I have a few questions for you."
"Alright I'll answer as best as I can" I said confidently, I wasn't really sure where she was going with this
but I was excited to find out. Aunt Sarah didn't wait very long to start firing of questions.
"How long have you been fucking Linda?"
"About a month"
"Does your Mother know?"
"Does Linda always moan like that?"
"Yes." I said laughing, I had a feeling I knew where this was going and my dick twitched in anticipation.
"Do you want to fuck me" Aunt Sarah said, from the look on her face she was completely serious, I was shocked but at the same time it made me even hornier.
"Fuck Yes!"
"Well I'm not ready for that yet" She said, what a tease I thought, "But I do want to masturbate together." She
finished. Oh it looks like I spoke to soon.
"Okay, are we going to go inside? because we won't be able to see much through the water." I said with a huge grin on my face. With out answering Aunt Sarah got up and grabbed my hand, we climbed out of the hot tub and dried off. I followed her inside enjoying the view every step of the way, her ass swayed from side to side as she walked and I keep getting a glimpse of side boob as the swung back and forth. By the time we got in side I already had a huge erection, I could wait much longer so I started slowly stroking my shaft as I followed Aunt Sarah's glorious body. As we walked through my moms room I had an idea when we were not even half way around the bed.
"Why don't we masturbate in here? There's more room than on my bed and we can watch each other in the mirror." I said, Aunt Sarah just grinned at me deviously and jumped on the bed. I quickly followed her and laid down right beside her with my hand already on my cock. Aunt Sarah was leaning up against the headboard with her legs spread giving me a full view of her pussy, it looked different than Linda's but still sexy, her pussy lips where much larger and I could barely see her clitoris protruding between them. Aunt Sarah looked even tight than Linda was the first time we fuck.
From my viewpoint I could clearly tell she was around by how wet her pussy looked and I knew at that moment I knew I had to get my dick in there. Aunt Sarah's pussy lips were swollen and glistening, I was captivated by her cunt and I couldn't take my eyes of it as I caressed my cock. She must have been enjoying the way I was looking at her because it took her a minute or two for her hands to finally find there way down there. I could immediately tell my aunt knew how to pleasure herself with her almost instinctive movements.
Aunt Sarah's index and middle finger slid into her vagina smoothly while her thumb rubbed her clit. I could her a faint squishing sound as my aunt began moving her fingers in and out while her other hand rubbed her right breast and squeezed the nipple. I was so absorbed by the show she was putting on I barely paid any attention to my own rhythmic stroking.
Linda and I barely ever did anything like this, whenever we we're together we only fucked as many times as possible, it was a nice change of pace. As we continued to masturbate together Aunt Sarah started to moan, at first it was just a low ohhhhh but as she was getting hornier she got louder and dirtier.
"Yeah, you like what you see John?" she said seductively, I could only nod in reply. She was finger fucking
her cunt so fast I knew she was going to cum soon. I shuffled closer as I continued to stroke my cock.
"Ohhhhhh yeah, you want a better view of my sweet cunt don't you? stroke that cock for me like the man you are" she said, wow I had two sexy milfs in my life and they both really liked dirty talk. As Aunt Sarah continued to pump her fingers in and out of her pussy she began to squirm. I knew she was getting close to orgasm and it was time to see if my idea would work.
"Wait, stop." I said, she just gave me a funny look but slowed down. I stuttered a bit to procrastinate a little then said. "I want us to cum together."
Aunt Sarah didn't say anything but she took her fingers out of her soaking cunt and went back to staring at my rock hard dick. The entire time my aunt had been finger fucking herself wildly I had only been stroking my cock slowly so I was nowhere near as close to coming as she was. I continued masturbating at a good pace as I inched my head closer to Aunt Sarah's pussy. She was beginning to get impatient and just as she was about to say something I struck like a viper and had my tongue deep in her pussy before she could even react.
I noticed her hands moving towards my head but I was enjoying myself to much to stop, Aunt Sarah's pussy tasted even better than Linda's and it was even tighter, I could barely fit my tongue all the way in. Aunt Sarah finally had her hands on my head and to my surprise she didn't push me away, she just held my head there and pushed me in further.
"I was wondering how long it would take you to make a move." Aunt Sarah said in the seductive voice again, I was so deep in her pussy I could only mumble a muffled reply. I lick all the around the out side of her vagina then stuck my tongue in as deep as I could get it, she finally let of the pressure on my head and I was able to move my head around a little.
I put my tongue to the roof of her vagina and pulled out while dragging it along, when I was my tongue was all the way out I moved up towards her clit. I took my time getting there and licked every inch of her pussy on my way. I gently took her clit in my mouth and sucked on it.
"Oh my fucking god that feels so good don't stop." Aunt Sarah moaned breathlessly. Ever since that first night with Linda I had prided myself on my ability to give a woman oral and since then I picked up a few new tricks. I began to twirl my tongue around her clit as my fingers found her pussy, I didn't go straight for penetration though.
First I traced her outer labia up and down then her inner labia before I finally got to her vagina. I ran my
fingers along the outside of it for a few seconds before slowly pushing them all the way in. Aunt Sarah had used two fingers earlier so I decided to do the same not realizing the my fingers where a lot bigger than hers, I could barely get them in and and they were being squished together forcefully.
After a few minutes of this I took her clit out of my mouth and moved my way up her body kissing every inch. I continued to finger fuck Aunt Sarah's tight pussy as I got to her beautiful breasts and began sucking on her nipple.
"Oh god, John don't stop" Aunt Sarah said as she caressed her other breast with her hands, I continued to suck on her delicious nipple than began licking every inch of her beautiful boobs before kissing my way up to mouth.
As soon as our lips meet I felt her tongue probing my mouth, I never stopped finger fucking her as we kissed each other and at some point Aunt Sarah's hand had started stroking my cock. We enjoyed each others bodies like this for a few minutes, eventually Aunt Sarah began moaning into my mouth and knew she was getting close to cumming. Without stopping I slipped my fingers out of her soaking wet cunt and slid the tip of my cock in, Aunt Sarah didn't even notice until her hand brushed her own pussy.
She quickly stopped kissing me and I thought I was in trouble until she said "Fuck me John, I want your cock to fill me up!" I didn't need to be told twice, I placed my hands on her ass and pulled her into me as I began pumping my penis deep into her pussy. "Wait, are you wearing a condom?"
I stopped thrusting my dick and looked at Aunt Sarah "Um, No I'm not, should I be?" I asked her quickly, the look on her face gave me the answer, "Okay, I'll be right back I got one downstairs." Without waiting for an answer I pulled my dick out of her sweet pussy and ran as fast as I could to my bedroom. As soon as I found the condom I ripped the package open and put it on, I didn't want to waste any more time.
When I got back to my moms room I was greeted by a pleasant sight, Aunt Sarah was bent over the bed with her ass in the air facing me. I lined up my cock and pushed into her pussy as far as I could go, I hadn't worn a condom since that first time with Linda but Aunt Sarah's pussy was so tight that the sensations of her vagina were still overwhelming. Being balls deep in my aunt was the greatest feeling every, I had my hands on her hips and I was pounding her pussy with ferocity, it didn't take long for Aunt Sarah to start moaning again.
"Oh my god John, fuck me hard, fuck me like you fuck that slut Linda." She said breathlessly, I had never heard my aunt talk like that before and it just made me hornier. As I slid my dick in and out of my aunt I had an intense desire to smack her ass, I leaned back so I had a clear view of my target and brought my hand down.
"OW! You fucking prick, if you left a bruise I'm going to suffocate you with my cunt!" Aunt Sarah yelled, I just
smiled to myself, I would have never guess she was so kinky. I had been thrusting my cock hard and fast into her pussy for a while and I was starting to get tired, Aunt Sarah must have noticed because she pushed me back so my cock flopped out of her soaking vagina.
"Lay down." she said in a commanding voice, I wasn't about to argue with her so I hopped up onto the bed and waited with my cock in my hand. Aunt Sarah crawled over to me and gave my manhood a few kisses before positioning herself above it and sliding down my shaft.
It was the same situation I imagined earlier that day except with Aunt Sarah instead of Linda and that made it so much sexier. I had a great view of her ass riding my cock right in front of my face while at the same time I could move my head and check out her gorgeous tits bouncing in the mirror.
"Your my whore now Aunt Sarah, I'm gonna fuck you everyday in every possible way." I said as she started to move up and down on my cock faster.
"Oh John, you can fuck me anytime you want. I'm a cock hungry whore and not afraid to say it.." She replied between low moan and occasional cries of "FUCK YEAH!"
I rubbed Aunt Sarah's ass as she rode my cock, it was heaven. Her whole body was so much more beautiful than I had ever imagined, I traced every curve with my eyes and my hands. I was barely aware of Aunt Sarah's moan's getting louder until she said "Oh John, fuck, your cock's about to make me cum, OH FUCK, OH FUCK!" She was practically screaming in extacy when her orgasm took hold of her, I held her up to make sure she didn't fall as her whole body shook.
Aunt Sarah's pussy juices gushed out around my cock and I stuck one of my fingers under the down pour so I could get a taste. I brought my finger to my mouth just as Aunt Sarah opened her eyes with a smile on her face, I saw that smile widen when she realized what I was doing.
Aunt Sarah maneuvered her way around so she was now facing me with my cock still in her pussy, she leaned forward and lick my lips, tasting her own cum. She must have liked it as she began kissing me hungrily. When Aunt Sarah finished thoroughly enjoying my mouth she laid her head down on chest.
"That was amazing." She said breathlessly "I haven't came like that in years, and now it's your turn." Aunt Sarah got off of me and my cock slid out of her sweet cunt with a plop. She positioned herself between my legs, took the condom of my dick and began licking her sweet nectar that had splattered around my dick before licking me from base to shaft.
After she did that a few times she put her lips around the tip of my dick and slid her mouth down as far as she could go, it was as good as Linda's blow jobs but what Aunt Sarah lacked in skill she made up for with enthusiasm. As her she moved her mouth up and down my shaft she fondled my balls, she even reached back to her soaking wet pussy and used her sweet nectar to slather my balls and cock. I was really enjoying what she was doing and looking at her ass in the mirror made it even better.
"Oh hey there you two, I see our plan worked." Linda said smiling at Aunt Sarah, I was so focused on my aunt I didn't even hear Linda come in.
"Uh, what plan are you talking about?" I asked.
"Your Aunt really needed a good fucking and after she heard the way you make me moan she knew it had to come from you, when you fell asleep in the hot tub we discussed it. I realized it was selfish to keep you amazing cock all to myself so I left for a while." Linda explained, she was wearing the same outfit as before and began taking it off while we talked. She start with her top and giggled a little when her beautiful breasts where finally free.
Then Linda turned around and pulled down her yoga pants in that sexy way she did earlier. I was barely aware that Aunt Sarah never stopped sucking my cock, when I looked at her she just smiled around my dick. She began slurping up and down vigorously as Linda hoped in bed with us and positioned her pussy over my mouth.
Without any hesitation I began sucking and licking every inch of her pussy. I had my hands on her ass as I
continued to enjoy Linda's soaking pussy, I slid my tongue into her vagina and twirled it around. "Oh fuck, John I love it when you do that. Do you like having your cock in your aunts mouth and my pussy in yours." Linda said almost immediately, my mouth was so full I could only grunt in reply.
Aunt Sarah stopped sucking my cock and instead took one of my balls in her mouth, Linda must have know my dick was free because as soon as Aunt Sarah stopped sucking she turned around, leaned down and slid my dick into her mouth all the way to the back of her throat.
I never took my tongue out of Linda's pussy as she got into position to 69, the way she had her ass in the air made me go crazy. I buried my face into her cunt, slurping and sucking from bottom to top and when I got there I kissed Linda's clit gently then sucked it into my mouth mimicking what Aunt Sarah was doing with my balls.
"That's it, I need that cock in me." Linda said as she took my dick out of her mouth and got of my face. She
positioned herself in the middle of the bed with her ass still in the air, Linda wiggled her ass at me waiting
for me to come fuck her doggy style. My nut popped out of Aunt Sarah's mouth as I stood up and got behind Linda, I lined my cock up and slid into her soaking wet cunt smoothly. I had my hands on her hips and I was fucking her rough just how she likes it when I noticed Aunt Sarah sitting there left out.
Linda must have noticed her too because she said "I never done anything with another woman before but I would love to eat out your cunt." Aunt Sarah looked at her nervously but squirmed around so her pussy was right in front of Linda's face, she dove right in with out waiting for another word. I watched Linda lick and suck Aunt Sarah's soaking cunt as I continued to fuck her from behind, I could tell she didn't really know what she was doing but Aunt Sarah was enjoying it anyways.
The sensations of Linda's sweet vagina and the sight of my aunt getting her pussy sucked began to drive me closer to the edge, Linda must have felt it to because she said. "Don't Stop John, fuck me fast and fill me up with your cum." I needed no more encouragement, I pulled Linda into me each time I thrusted and the closer I got to cumming the harder I fucked her.
I could felt like I was about to explode, and as I buried my cock as deep as I could go I erupted sending rope after rope of stick semen deep into Linda's sweet cunt as Aunt Sarah watched in envy.
"Wow." I said as I finally finished cumming and pulled out of Linda, I sat back to observe my work, her swollen pussy was dripping with my cum but before any of it fell on the bed Aunt Sarah was there licking it up. I was shocked but at the same time extremely turned on by what I was witnessing.
"Now its time for us to give you a little show, just relax and enjoy the performance." Linda said grinning. I just laughed as I got comfortable, Aunt Sarah still had her legs spread as Linda climbed on top of her to grind their pussies together. As I watched these to gorgeous milf pleasure each other I knew it was going to be wild weekend.

Authors notes: Hey everyone thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading this story. I would also like to thank everyone who posted positive feedback on my last story and I plan to write more. Some people asked if my first story was real and unfortunately it is not, but the locations and people are loosely based on people and places I know. I hoped to get part 3 done faster than part 2 so stay tuned and don't worry incest lovers John's Mom will join in. This is a repost because I barely described Aunt Sarah in the last version, so thank you to everyone who pointed that out to me.

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