Ashley is forced to have sex

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Ashley Chelsea Mackenzie has always been a bitch. She was a slut, a show off. When she had moved schools, she had been noticed by most of the students. After a while, she was put into the "popular group". The reason for this, was her beauty. She had coal black hair, which flowed in waves, past her shoulders, to adorn her creamy, smooth, lightly tanned skin. Her eyes were big and beautiful. They were a sharp shade of sky blue, with a glint of soft grey. Her mouth was small, and so were her filled, thick, deep cherry lips. They seemed interested in Ashley. In fact, everyone did. Ashley enjoyed this fame.

Ashley was sitting on her bed, when her cell phone suddenly rang. It was Donna, the leader of the popular group.
"Yo, Donna! What is up? You don't usually call at this time?"
"Hey, Ashley. Me and the rest are hanging out at the mall. Join us."
Ashley put on her yellow summer dress, and rushed off to the mall. When she got there, she was greeted with Donna and Maria. They took her to the cafeteria, where she joined up with the rest of the girls. The girls started chatting, leaving Ashley out on most of the conversation. The girls started talking about sex. All the way through the conversation, Donna started to move closer, and closer to Ashley. Ashley did not seem to notice, until she felt a warm hand grab her ass. Ashley gasped, and the others stared. Then they started laughing. Ashley tried to laugh with them, but she did not seem to think it was funny.

After a while, a few boys came to the mall. One of them was Ashley's crush. She had done her best to impress him so far. His name was Nick. Nick and his friends joined in the conversation. Ashley noticed her friends kept giving him winks, and he winked back. It felt as if they were up to something.

The next day

Ashley dressed in her uniform, covered her face with make up two - inches thick, and rushed off to school. Her friends, Donna, Maria, Skye and Tracy, went off to do something "important". Through her Pre-Algebra test, she was talking, and so she was sent to detention after school. It was for five whole hours. When Ashley entered the "detention" room, she saw that their was no teacher. She also saw Donna, Maria, Tracy, Skye and Nick. Those were the only students.

Awkwardly, she took a seat at the front of the class. Silence.
"Sooo.." Nick began.
"Ashley," Donna said, sharply.
"Don't you have something to tell Nick?.." Maria said.
"What has she got to tell me?" Nick said, but he did not sound surprised, which worried Ashley.
"Oh seriously, Ashley. We all know "what". Your all alone now, in this empty hollow room. Tell him. Tell him, Ashley," Donna said, grinning. Ashley's heart was pounding in her chest.
"I don't know what you mean!"
"Sure you don't. Everyone knows you have had a crush on Nick since the time you started here. Nothing to hide!" Donna said, with a smirk on her face. Ashley was close to tears." How could they just expose me like this?" Ashley thought.
She was humiliated. Nick grinned.

"You have a crush on me, huh?"
"U-uh. I just think you're c-cute. T-that's all."
"Aww!," Tracy said, grinning.
"Stop it!" she screamed.
"You think Nick is "cute", do you?" Skye said, giggling. But Ashley could not respond.
"I think your pretty cute yourself. Hot, even," Nick said, sitting next to Ashley. Ashley did not know what to feel. She was amazed.
"I bet you'll be good to fuck."

Ashley was speechless. She had could have never dreamed about her telling him her feelings, let alone him fucking her. But there you go. By this stage, she felt horny, and she wanted him to fuck her. Hard.
Nick picked her up in his arms, and gently lay her on the table.
"Oh my god!," Donna said, as she and the rest of the girls crowded over the table. Maria blocked the door with a few heavy chairs, and snapped the light on. The girls and Nick ripped Ashley's clothes off, until she was wearing just her little black briefs and black bra. Then Nick ran his finger down her spine, and then he used his warm tongue.

Ashley liked this attention. This caused her to have pussy juices leak from her vagina, out of her panties, and down her leg. Nick noticed this. But he ignored her sopping wet pussy. Instead, he peeled Ashley's bra off, and played with her nipples. When Nick pulled and yanked her nipples, it made her let out a soft moan. The girls got their share by sucking and biting her nipples. By the time they got to her vagina, her nipples (which were once pale) were scarlet and throbbing in pain. But Ashley enjoyed this pain. Donna ripped off her panties, and spread Ashley's legs wide open. Nick ran his tongue over her pussy lips, while the girls rubbed her inner thighs. Ashley moans grew louder and louder, as Nick dug his hot tongue into the girls vagina, licking her sweet pussy juices. He then licked and rubbed her clit. The orgasm was building up in her body.

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