Leah`s rape

It was early winter, and the first snow had started to fall, covering all of the college.

It was Thursday noon and Leah was going to be late for science class again, James the professor was giving a speech about the proper way to handle liquid nitrogen since some of the frat boys were joking around with it.

You entered the room, to be greeted by the stares of all your classmates. "Hello Leah, how nice of you to join us today, and only 20 minutes, late today, that makes you 5 for 5 in my classes. Please come and see me in my office at 16.15 after your last class."

The day passes with you only paying half attention, worrying that you might be expelled from the school, due to how many times you have been late to the class, and you might have missed an assignment or two.

At 1615 you were standing in front of the lab, waiting for the last students to leave the lab, so you could get to professor James' office, it was located right behind the lab, only separated by a door.

When the last student had left you entered the lab, only to see that professor James had already entered his office, so you went and knocked on the door. "Enter" you heard from inside the room. As you enter the small office, professor James says " well at least you were close to being on time, this time, " but professor you start to say, to explain, but you don't get the chance to, "no buts, you were late again, and I don't care for the reason, " he says annoyingly, "now considering how often you are late, and your grades are not going to be good either, I'm afraid I'll have to ask that you are expelled from the school." It's as you had feared, all of the tuition money lost, and nothing to show for it, you can feel a tear rolling down your cheek and you have a lump in your throat making it hard for you to speak. "But I guess there might be a way, for you not to be expelled, but of course nothing is free," he says and almost licks his lips as he is looking at you. At this point, you don't know what to say, but you don't want to be expelled, so you manage to ask what you would have to do.

Professor James starts to walk past you, over to the door and locks it. "Well, it is quite simple, " he says as he is leaning in towards you from behind and whisper "you only have to my little slave, " as he says the last part he grabs your small body from behind and holds you tight as you struggle to get free from him, you start to panic more and more. He let's go of you, and backhand's you across the face, you stumble into his table knocking over some books and papers, before you know it he is over you again, puts a hand on the back of your neck and holds you down, with the other he starts to rip your skirt off, when he has removed your skirt and see you are only wearing a small thong, he laughed and grabs it and pulls it hard, you can feel it dig deep into your pussy and ass, you fell ripping as he yanks it hard again, there is a burning sensation, where the fabric made friction with your skin. He showed the thong over in the corner and starts to grab and grope you pussy, his rough fingers are everywhere in your private area, you feel the first finger enter you, "now just be a good little girl, and I won't hurt you too badly, and besides we have the whole weekend to have fun together." He let's go of your neck and grabs a hand full of your curly hair and drags your head back, so you're looking into his eyes, all the warmth and niceness that was in them all the other times when he used to help you in science, or when you just needed someone to talk to, was gone replaced with pure lust and disdain. Your glasses you have no idea were is since they went flying when he slapped you, but you can still see him since he is so close to you. He let's go of your hair and asks you to remove the rest of your clothes so he can get a good look at you, you scream as loud as you can, but he only starts to laugh at you, and tells you that nobody is going to hear you over here, its quite well insulated, and at this time of day there is only me here, in my little kingdom.

"Now strip!, or I will remove it for you," he says hard. He grabs a big knife of one of the drawers next to him, you are shaking, wondering what he is going to do to you now. "Well since you don't do what I'll say, I'll guess I'll have to remove your clothes my self," he says with a big smile. The knife cuts through the fabric quite easily and stunned from the shock of what is happening, you don't see he grab a pair of handcuffs that he quickly puts on you, so now your hands are behind your back, he pushes you over his table, so now your ass is up, and your breasts are being flattened on the table, he ties your legs to either side of the table, so they are spread out, its almost too far for you, with your small frame. You feel so humiliated and degraded standing there, with your pussy and ass exposed to your professor.

You can't see what he is doing, but you can hear him moving around behind you, then you hear a camera clicks, and then again, and again, he comes in front of you, and takes a few pictures of your face, he then puts it up on a mount, on a shelf next to you, so it's filming down towards you.

You can't take it anymore, you start to beg him to stop filming you, you are crying, the tears start to run down your face, but he does not seem to care about your begging. He moves behind you, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP suddenly tree quick hard slaps hit your left asscheek, and then SLAP, SLAP, SLAP on your other asscheek. He then starts to grip your asscheeks hard.

"You might as well stop crying, it's not going to help you, so just enjoy what happening to you, " he says to you in a low threatening voice. Then you feel his hard dick pushing against your tight pussy. He is far from gentle, he just forces his dick in as far as it will go, and then he pulls it out again. You let out an agonizing scream, as you feel him penetrate you again and again. Little by little the pain resides, and its starting to feel good. It's starting to feel better, a lot better, you don't understand, it's not supposed to feel good being raped like this. You are still crying, his big dick still pumping in and out of your poor little pussy.

You start to feel an orgasm building, much more intense than when you are playing with your self or any that you have gotten from your ex-boyfriend. Just be before you come he pulls out if you and laughs at you, "no orgasm for you right now, but don't worry, you'll get plenty before the nights out, " he says as he is walking in front of you. In front of your face is his big hard cock, its gotta be at least 16" long and thick, so very thick. It's a wonder that he did not rip your pussy apart. "Now suck it my little slut, taste your pussy juices, and don't bite me, if you know what's good for you, "

You know you don't have a choice, so you open your mouth and get ready to suck him, at least if he cums in your mouth, he might not fuck you.

He lets you suck it, as well as you can, restrained as you are, but after a bit, he grabs your hair and forces his hard cock deep down your throat, and he holds it there, you can't breathe, you are running out of air, and start panicking, but he holds you tight, and then pulls out of your mouth, that breath of fresh air is the best thing, he gives you a bit of time to steady your breathing and stop coughing, then he does the same thing again, but this time he holds his cock just a bit longer, and this rotation continues until the world starts to go blurry, and you are about to pass out. He then let's go of you, and you collapse on the table, he walks back behind you and starts fucking your pussy hard, and fast. The ravaging of your pussy wake you up a bit, you feel your self being torn apart from the violent fucking. He is starting to pant, and sweat, he ups the intensity even more until he shoots his cum up deep inside of your pussy, "I hope you're on the pill sweetie, " he says while laughing. He then leaves the room.

As you are lying there on the table used, abused and sore all over, and potentially pregnant, you start to drift off for a bit.

You don't know how long you were out when he comes back in the room, and wakes you up by shaping your ass with a wire he the plugs into the power outlet.

"Why hello there, did I disturb your beauty sleep," he says sarcastically, well I did promise you that you could come to also, and now is the chance for you. He releases you from the cuffs and rope only to turn you around and show you a sybian with a big 12" dildo on top. He forces you to down on top of it, the dildo is smaller than his hard cock, but it's still big for you. He then cuffs your wrists and ankles together and puts duck tape around your things so you can't get up if you wanted.

"Now my little slave have fun and enjoy all those lovely orgasms you're gonna get, " He then gets up and forces a gag ball into your mouth and fastens it behind the back of your head. "It's just so the cleaners won't hear you when they come in the morning to clean the lab, and don't worry they won't enter here since I often have sensitive experiments in here". He says with a wicked grin and turns on the sybian, then turns off the light, and walks out the door and locks it from the outside.

The vibrations of the sybian are powerful and constant, your poor abused pussy is inflamed with pain and pleasure, and the first if many orgasms present itself shortly after, your try scream out the orgasm, but the gagball muffles it into nothing.

Orgasm after orgasm, the pain and pleasure start to blend, and a small puddle has formed under you, you have no idea how long you have been strapped to this hell machine, and you lose conscience, only to wake a bit every time you orgasm.

You are so far gone you don't even realize that professor James has come back, and he is not alone. The turn off the power of the sybian looks around and notices the puddle of your orgasm, sweat and piss. " well I guess she will have to clean that up Monday after school," the other man says. "Yeah she will, but first we are going to have a whole weekend of fun with her, is the cabin ready?" Professor James says, "yeah the cabin is ready, and all the toys are there too, " the other man says, "okay let's get her in the wan, so we can get there before daybreak, she is going to be out most of the way anyway, " professor James says.

Professor James and the other man cut you out of your bindings and carry you out to the parking lot, and tries to put you into the back of a wan, and cuffs your hands and legs to some metal brackets that have been mounted on either end of the car, and starts to drive off.

To be continued..?

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