New Gilneas and New Lordaeron

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“New Gilneas and New Lordaeron”

By: DinoMagick ()

A nice long, lazy hunt in the Silverpine Forest was what my five Worgen brethren wanted. Just like the hundreds of times I went with them, loping through the woods North of Gilneas, in search of game and the exhilarating thrill of the hunt.

Worgen, is what we are. But, for the most part we are just like Werewolves. The largest difference was, we couldn't turn into the four legged type that all werewolves could. We were stuck between being human or Worgen, half-human and half-wolf.

We still hunted like the werewolves did and got along fine with them. Their affliction was called lycanthropy. Ours, was a magical curse, that was passed down, generation after generation.

There was no cure for either. We existed as we were, as we always would. Despite the fact of our curse, we Worgen maintained our humanity and intelligence. Still, we had the basic instincts of wolves and had to go out on monthly 'hunts', to let our inner beasts run free.

Silverpine Forest was our hunting grounds. The undead were our prey. Silverpine was infested with the vile creatures, so there was plenty of sport to be had. There was another type of undead, known as the Forsaken. They weren't the mindless zombies and ghouls upon which we preyed. No. They were sentient beings just like us Cursed with unlife, forever existing yet never living.

We gave the Forsaken a wide birth. Staying out of their way and limiting our encounters with them to simple acknowledgment, then moving on in relative peace. We'd already fought the Forsaken for many years, ending decades of conflict in an uneasy stalemate. Their leader, the Banshee Queen herself, Sylvanas, called the truce several years ago.

Her words, were magically etched into a large stone glyph, at the edge of the Silverpine Forest and Tirisfal Glade, the home of the Forsaken.

“Cursed beings, as we the Forsaken are, should remember. The Worgen remind me of what I fight and strive to bring to the Forsaken. A home. Safe from persecution and a place where someday, we too could be recognized. I recognize the Worgen, and hereby declare that Silverpine Forest, be the free home to their noble clans.”

I've read that message a hundred times. Wondering what made the Banshee Queen end the constant war with us. It was at a time where she and the Forsaken had us against the walls of our own city, awaiting our execution at her hands. We'd been soundly defeated. She rode up to the gates of Gilneas, her undead stallion's hooves, ablaze with fire. In front of every Forsaken soldier, every citizen and warrior of Gilneas, she raised her hands in the air and cast a spell that shot a blazing fireball into the air, her voice, thundering into the the sky, trembled the earth and echoed these words across the land. “It is over!”. Then she dismounted and strode up to me and handed me her bow. A subtle glint in her eye as she whispered to me. “It is over, Karnos. No more fighting, no more death.”

I eyed the Banshee Queen skeptically, but nodded. “Yes, Lady Sylvanas. It is over.”.

I've been told that she had never smiled before that day. But she did, to me. She even gave me a subtle wink, before she nodded and turn away saying. “I hope to meet youin peace one day Karnos.”, then mounted her undead stallion, rallied her army and headed back to Lordaeron.

Today. This hunt. My goal was to meet the Lady Sylvanas, in peace. I strode up to the Glyph, gently caressing it's smooth surface. My fingers, lingering over the words she had spoken. It was serenely quiet here, a solemn and peaceful place.

“You remembered.”, a soft voice said behind me.

Slightly startled, I turned slowly and there she stood. Alone. As we'd both agreed.

“You surprise me, your highness.”, I chuckled. “That's hard to do to a Worgen.”.

She smiled and walked up beside me, placing her hand on the glyph next to mine. “True, Karnos. But, I have had centuries of practice.” Her eyes looked misty, almost wet as she looked at the words on the glyph. “So long ago.. So many lost So many friends, gone forever.”, she said sadly.

“Yes.”, I said softly. “Many lost friends.”

She turned and looked at me, her eyes soft, yet cautious. “Our peaceful existence, as tenuous as it is, has given both our peoples a chance at recovering.”

“It has, Lady Syl--”, I began but she put up her hand and interrupted me. “Please just call me Sylvanas. We are equals here.”

I smiled. “As you wish.”

She looked back at the glyph then at me, “Do you think we could ever have full peace, Karnos?”

“We've come this far, Sylvanas.. I do not see why we can't go further.”

“How far would you be willing to go, Karnos?”, she asked. Her voice suddenly sounding a little husky to me.

I hesitated for a moment, then took a deep breath, my nose sniffing the air. Her scent was intoxicating and her arousal was very apparent. “I am not sure I understand.”, I balked.

Sylvanas turned and faced me directly. “I think you do, Karnos.”, she whispered huskily, her eye lashes fluttering. I watched her chest rise and fall, and then it hit me. She was undead, she didn't breath or even need to breath, but I could see her chest rise and fall and I could hear the air fill her lungs and when she exhaled, her breath wasn't faked, it was real and it shocked me.

“Karnos?”, she asked quizzically. “Is something wrong?”

I didn't want to sound insulting but didn't know any other way. “I'm sorry.. but. you. you are I mean.. you're breathing”, I stammered.

She smiled and let out a soft chuckle, “Yes. I am breathing again. I do not know why, but it happened the day I called for the end of hostilities with the Worgen.”.

“You are alive again?!?”, I said shocked.

“No. Not quite. But. certainthings have changed I breathI can feel warmth and cold again, I even have”, she paused and I noticed that her cheeks lightly flushed. “feelings.again”

Feelings? I became intrigued. “I did not know this, Sylvanas.. But, seeing you here Alone And unarmed I I don't know what to say.”

“Do you think.that …. even with my past. Do you think I am beautiful?”, she said hesitantly, a hopeful look in her eye.

I gazed deeply into Sylvanas's eyes, I saw the pain of her past, the depth of her sorrow and the hopefulness she dared to let out in the words she spoke. I looked her up and down, my heart beating harder and faster. I drew in a breath of awe. She was indeed beautiful, the most beautiful creature I have ever beheld. No matter the past, I had to answer Sylvanas with nothing but pure honesty.

“You are indeed the most beautiful that I have every had the honor of gazing upon.”, I said softly, my clawed hand, gently cupping her chin, lifting it slightly so I could show her with my eyes that I spoke from my heart.

She closed her eyes, the wetness of tears slowly sliding down her cheek as she pressed herself into my arms. “I've waited for so longno one. in all my living and un-living years. no one has ever spoken words like those to me before”

“I meant every single one, Sylvanas.”. I said honestly.

“But may I ask you how you could view a beast like me as I am now. with such endearment.”, I asked.

“I do not see a beast.. I see the heart of the man within. You are strong Karnos. Stronger than any man I have known. After the horrors your people suffered at the hands of me and the Forsaken, you accepted the truce. Accepted my bow as a gesture of peace, and now stand here, alone with me.. That is the strength both our people need.”

I couldn't believe it My heart was pounding and over that I could feel her heart beating against my chest. She was undead why did her heart beat? What does all this mean? I thought to myself.

She must have understood my hesitation. “When I gave you my bow.. And looked into your eyes That moment. My heart began to beat again.”

I pressed my chin onto her head and gave her a gentle squeeze. “I had no idea.”, I whispered.

I could feel her shudder with a happy sob. “I feel so alive, yet I am not. I am happy. I feel secure in your arms, Karnos.”

Probably the most powerful being on the face of Azeroth, and she feels secure in my arms? “You overestimate me, Sylvanas.. You are far more stronger than I.”, I said.

“Not when I am in your arms, as I am now, Karnos. that?”, she asked.

I pulled her out so I could look in her eyes. “Feel it?”. I asked questioningly.

“Our hearts. How they beat how they pound in our chests can you feel that?”, she asked surprised.

“Yes. I feel that too.”, I said curiously wondering what she was saying.

“What is that? Why does it hurt, but feel so good at the same time?”, she said.

“I think, my dear, it is the beginnings of love.”

“Love?!”, she gasped. “I've never lovedbefore.I don't want to let you go, I want to stay with you, I want you to stay with me”

“Then you are feeling love, Sylvanas.”, I said smiling at her.

“Do you feel it the same?”, she asked.

“Each love is different, but, yes I want you to be with me and I want to be with you.”, I said and pulled her back into my chest.

We stood there, holding each other casually sitting on the stones next to the glyph. It was a new beginning for both of us. She, the leader of the Forsaken and I, Karnos, the leader of the Worgen, sitting in a loving embrace.

In all my many years, I never imagined that I would be holding the Banshee Queen herself in my arms. During the wars I dreamed of putting my clawed hands around her neck and defeating her. But now, as I felt her heart beating next to mine, her soft skin against my furry body, I realized that everything I had once felt toward Sylvanas was slowly melting away.

She wasn't cold, but warm. She wasn't hard but soft and tender. She did have a heart, because I could feel it beating. The whole world moved and changed, right before my very eyes. I felt her body stir as she shifted positions and sat in my lap. Cautiously she brought her face to min, her ruby lips parted slightly, a gentle moan escaped those full, lovely lips as she brought them to mine.

I could feel the heat emanating from her and knew what she wanted. “I can change back to human, my lady.”, I said huskily.

“NoPlease, stay as you are, love me as you are, never change for me.”, her voice was barely a whisper.

Her lips met mine and I felt her tongue slide across my teeth, my fangs and I gently crushed my lips against hers and accepted what she was giving me.

“Yes..”, she moaned. “Please, Karnos.P-please.”

My hand went to the top of her tunic and I clumsily fumbled with the lacing. My hands too awkward and big to untie them.

“Tear it off and take me.”, she practically begged. “Take me as you are.I ….am … yours.”

My arousal built so rapidly that I could not maintain control. I gripped her top and heard the fabric, leather and metal tear as I ripped it off her chest, freeing those luscious tender breasts from their confinement. Her gasp as the cool air came in contact with her bare breasts drove me further into excitement.

“By the goddess! Take me Karnos. Take me now.”, she demanded, her hands flying down my breeches and ripping through the straps to relieve my bulging cock. It sprang free into the gentle touches of her hand. She swooned at the sight of my large member.

“Now.”, she said. I ripped the rest of her clothing off, spun her around onto her hands and knees and thrust my hard cock into her tight, wet pussy. Sylvanas screamed with desire and bucked back into my thrust with force. “Yes.KarnosOh by the goddess YES!”, she cried.

I drove into her with everything I had, I gripped her hips and pounded into her beautiful body like I had never done before. Ramming my cock in and out of her sex, her bucking and the arching of her back in tune with my rhythm. She cried and moaned with such passion, the pleasure of her gorgeous body as I leaned into her, running my hands up her body and underneath her chest to grasp the tender round orbs of her breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples while I rammed into her with a renewed fervor.

She screamed and her body went rigid, the muscles of her sex, clenching tightly around the shaft of my cock. She screamed again and I could feel the sweet cream of her orgasm as she came hard against the pounding I was delivering her.

Without warning, a climax wracked her body again and sent my own building orgasm over the edge, I gripped her waist firmly and rammed every bit of my cock into her body. “YES! OH YES! KARNOS! …. TAKE ME!” she screamed.

I howled with pure delight as I released inside of Sylvanas with such force, I couldn't stop. My cock jerked again and again, sending my sperm deep into her womb. I felt the swelling begin, the primal and instinctual urge to mate with her. My cock grew until it locked against the walls of her tunnel and bound us together. I couldn't stop myself as I pumped more of my thick, hot seed into her.

Still, I couldn't believe my ears as Sylvanas begged for more. She knew what I was doing and she didn't stop me, she wanted this, she wanted me. I just kept pumping my cum inside her, filling her womb with every potent drop of my seed. I was mating her. For those of my race, it was a binding of mind, body and soul. It was also the method we used to breed.

After the last spurt of my cum shot into Sylvanas, I pulled her close to me, keeping our bodies locked together. She panted heavily and moaned with delight.

“Oh Karnos. Oh My love. yes.. I am yours now …. and forever”, she gasped.

“yes, My lady..”, I began. “We are one, now..But.”, I ended hesitantly.

She took my hand from her waist as we laid side by side, my cock still knotted inside her. Her hand moved mine to her belly and a soft sigh came from her lips as I gently massaged her stomach.

“You've mated with me, KarnosIsIs it even possible?”, she asked with a heady voice.

I thought about her being alive again, or what we believed. “If you are even sort of alive now, my love, then yes. you are with child now.”, I spoke to her with my muzzle in the soft tresses of her hair.

“Pregnant.”, she stated happily. “If it is true. then this is a new beginning for our two peoples.”

“Yes, my love. It is a beginning, but if true, it is most definitely not going to end.”, I said and accentuated my claim by gently pushing my still engorged cock deeper inside of her.

“M-more?”, she hesitated.

“Yes, Sylvanas. More.Many more.”

“A child?”

“Many more children, if we are lucky and this mating worked.”

She groaned softly and pressed back into my embrace, her voice gently sobbing. “I pray to whatever gods will listen that this is true, Karnos. I want this. I want to be your mate. I want to give you as many children as you wishI will. I will.I ….will.”, she said, her voice slowly dropping as she fell into a blissful slumber.

It was hard for the citizens of Gilneas to grasp as I walked with Sylvanas, arm in arm through the streets. I had taken my human form, to make it easier for us to stand side by side without me towering over my new beloved mate. But once it was confirmed, that Sylvanas was indeed carrying my child, the attitude of the citizens changed. The once feared and reviled Banshee Queen was now the mate of their leader, Me.

The sway of the people changed overnight once our mating had been announced, but many were still very skeptical about our joining, until they saw us together and looked into Sylvanas's beautiful loving eyes. Each time she caressed her stomach, tears welled up into once tearless eyes. She begged my people for forgiveness and swore her love to me every time she was asked.

I responded the same, swearing that I would never leave Sylvanas and insured that peace between the Worgen and Forsaken would last.

Our visit to the Undercity of Lordaeron was much more festive. Word had long reached the Forsaken about the bonding between their Dark Lady and the leader of the Worgen. As I stood in the throne room for the very first time, I saw the eyes of the Forsaken peering at me from all around.

The priests showed up and confirmed what Sylvanas and I already knew, she was indeed pregnant. How it happened was just as confusing to them as it was to both of us, but we didn't care, the impossible nature of such a union, was now fact.

The bond I shared with Sylvanas, now was being shared between the Forsaken and Worgen. Old hatreds were torn asunder and full peace took over. A new beginning for the Forsaken and Worgen.

It was eight months later, Sylvanas strode through the Undercity, her belly swollen and ripe with my child. I walked beside her and watched the acknowledgment on the faces of the Forsaken as we went by. A pretty young mage, at first I thought was human, walked up to us and kneeled at our feet.

“My lord and lady, thank you. Thank you for ending our curse!”, she said. When she rose, I could see her stomach was starting to swell.

“You are pregnant?”, I asked.

“Yes, m'lord.”, she blushed.

“But.. How?”, asked Sylvanas.

The mage glanced at us both. “I was returning from the Sepulcher in Silverpine when I came across a Worgen. When our eyes met, I felt my heart start to beat, warmth returned to my body and soon I began to regain my former youth.”

“Andthis Worgen.?”, I questioned.

“He claimed me.right then and there.”, the mage giggled. “I was no longer afraid of the Worgen, I am now the mate of Haldor, of Gilneas.”

“Amazing”, said Sylvanas. “I am truly happy for you..?”

“Justine. My lady I am Justine of Under-..of New Lordaeron.”, she quickly corrected herself.

“New Lordaeron?”, I questioned. “Well, Justine. You just announced the new name of our city. Do you not agree, my love.”, I turned to Sylvanas.

“Yes. It is a perfect name.”, she said happily. “Please Justine. Spread the word of New Lordaeron, and many thanks and happiness to you and your mate.”

Justine giggled and bounced a quick bow to me and Sylvanas and went off to announce the official new name of The Undercity.

As the weeks went by Sylvanas and I noticed more and more pregnant undead females as well as pregnant Worgen females.

We traveled back and forth between New Gilneas and New Lordaeron and witnessed more and more Forsaken in New Gilneas and more Worgen in New Lordaeron. The curse of the Forsaken was over. The birth of our child came and we learned that the curse of the Worgen was also gone. Our baby, a beautiful, healthy and strong girl, we named Mia, showed no signs of either curse. She was normal.

The priests revealed that the Worgen's curse and the curse that afflicted the Forsaken, canceled each other out upon mating and the eventual procreation that came from the mating.

The cities of New Gilneas and New Lordaeron combined to form the Kingdom of Hope. Unfortunately, our former allies in the Alliance and the Horde were not so keen on the merger. We closed the borders to our lands and fortified them jointly. Though we kept civil with both the Alliance and the Horde, we remained neutral as long as their fighting remained outside our borders.

The Night Elves and Blood Elves were the first, of either side, to acknowledge our new Kingdom, with it's combined race of Worgen and Forsaken. Eventually, even some members of those races would be drawn to us and bring their varied bloodlines with them and combine them with ours.

Hope of a better life, the Forsaken leaving their curse, the Worgen being accepted. It all was a dream that came true beyond mine and Sylvanas's expectations. Our children would grow up, in a Kingdom free from hate and despair.

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