My First time with Dad

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Rachel my first time with my Dad Part 1

Hi everyone my name is Rachel from UK and this story is about the first time I lost my virginity at the tender age of 16 to none other then my own Dad.

It was my 16th Birthday and after all the party and my friends and everyone gone, I went to my room to have a shower, I always knew Dad lusted for me and could see it when he used to stare at me.
As I just come out of the bathroom and was sitting on the bed with my robe hanging open, so my skimpy bikini panties were visible when my daddy came into my room. I was just embarrassed at first as I wrapped the thin robe around me, then I got worried when I saw his expression as his greedy stare slid over my body. He slowly approached me, and sank to the bed beside me. "You are turning into a beautiful, sexy young lady and Daddy wants to see how much you’ve grown Honey."

Flattered by my daddy’s words, but a little scared, I sat as still as a frightened deer, wondering what he was going to do and hoping he would go away. "Daddy’s going to find out all about that lovely young body of yours; it looks so sexy, warm and soft." He said, putting his right arm around my shoulders and gently caressing my breasts through the robe.

My breasts tingled and my nipples hardened into little buds. The sensations deep in my pussy caused me to squirm and press my thighs together. Dad felt my trembling and squirming and knew I was beginning to like what he was doing to ,my breasts. Placing his hand gently on my knee, he slid it slowly up my thigh, until he was rubbing my mound through my silky panties.

His caresses increased the sensuous feelings surging through my pussy and I could not resist the urge to relax my legs, giving my daddy more access to the crotch of my panties. Feeling the resistance to his hand relax he knew his lovely, young daughter was getting turned on, and he slid his fingers between my thighs and pressed the silky material of my panties between my lips, rubbing it over my clitoris until he felt I was responding to the exciting sensations by forcing my pussy deeper into his hand.

I felt the gravy beginning to flow from my pussy causing my lips to slide against each other and against my clitoris as he continued to caress me.

I was still a little scared, but my pussy was feeling so good, I couldn’t help moving it around as he pressed his finger into me.

Shrugging my robe off my shoulders I let it fall to the bed, completely exposing my nude body, with its smooth soft skin, and firm breasts, to my Dad.

"Is this what you wanted to see, Daddy? Have I grown much?"
"Honey, Daddy loves to looks at your sexy body. You have grown into a very desirable young woman." he replied. He leaned forward and his tongue darted over my small, hard nipples while he slid his finger between the swollen lips of my hot, wet young pussy. I let out another tiny gasp. He gently pushed me down on the bed, with her my hanging off the side, and pressing his face between my thighs, began licking my juices directly from my pussy.

I moaned with pleasure as his tongue played with my pussy and kept darting my slippery lips. My clitoris hardened like a tiny penis as his tongue attacked it repeatedly. I loved the thrills that were surging through my body. I had never imagined how great it would feel to have daddy eating my pussy
After a while stepping out of the shorts, Dad moved forward, bumping his hard cock against my already wet pussy.

He took it in his hand and started rubbing it between my pussy sliding his fingers in and out of my pussy. My juices quickly lubricated his fingers making it easier to shove them deeper into my cunt. I switched hands and stroked his cock faster and faster as I felt his finger fucking my hot little pussy. It was too much for him and he exploded shooting his cum all over my belly and on my breasts.

Dad also could sense that someone was around and told me to dress up and will come in the night when mom and Billy will be sleeping.
After he left Billy came to the room and showed me the video recording and then began to rub his fingers over my pussy, taunting him I asked, "Billy, you’re always trying to peek up my skirt or at my titties and pussy. Isn’t feeling of my pussy even better? Is this what you have wanted to do all this time?"

Billy happily nodded his head as I continued pressing his fingers into my crotch and took his now erect cock in my mouth. After a while he came and I took all his juices in my mouth licking each of it not wanting to drop any of it, it was a bit salty but I liked it.
After a while Billy wanted to fuck me but I refused as I told him that I wanted Dad to be my first lover, he agreed and suggested that in the night he will hide in the closet and record everything when Dad comes to my room.

Around 11 Dad came to my room he was completely naked and I could see that he had fucked mom and had a bit of cum on his prick.
I went and started licking it making him erect he bend down and entered my pussy with force, I felt his cock tear through and plunge deep into my belly. I started crying as the pain was terrible but it was only momentary and the wonderful feeling of his cock stretching my pussy made me forget the hurt.

My Dad’s huge cock fucking deep in my pussy felt even better than I had imagined. The feelings deep in my pussy were new and wonderful. Now I understood why Mom used to be so cheerful in the morning as she was used to enjoying Dad’s cock so much. Placing my hands on his hips I began making long slow strokes up and down his prick reveling in the feeling it caused as the swollen head slipped over the ridges in my vagina. Bottoming out mashed my clitoris against his hairy pubic bone and sent more tremors through my pussy. I started rotated my hips to increase the feelings surging through my clit.

Just knowing he was the first man have his cock in his virgin daughter’s pussy was enough to cause Dad great excitement. The fact that I was on top fucking him, and the feelings in the head of his cock as the tight folds of my vagina slipped over it left him breathless with pleasure.
Dad felt my pussy squeezing and milking his cock. He never knew girls had muscles like that in their pussies. The pulsating muscles made the pussy tighter and caused the vaginal folds to snap over the head of his cock sending thrilling sensations through his balls. He could no longer lay still, and he started throwing his hips up driving his pelvis against my pussy, matching my stroke for stroke, until I squealed "I"m cumming, I"m cumming, Dad. Fuck me, fuck my pussy hard. Shove your big cock deep into my belly."

I fell forward on his chest, hugging Dad tightly as I felt the hot spurts of his cum start, and I orgasmed with my pussy still clutching his cock in its tight grip, trying to squeeze him dry. Dad felt his semen shooting deep into his daughter’s muscular cunt as he lay quivering under my sexy body.
As we lay down for a while naked as we were born .. Dad said he had a wonderful time and would now raise my pocket money from $ 400 to $ 1,000/- every month. I was so excited and thanked him with a kiss on his mouth which he started enjoying.
He left saying wanted to go and fuck Mom again as her pussy was also still hot as my own but we will still have more wonderful times like this.

Billy came out of the closet and show me the recording he had made .. it was so awesome watching myself naked felling horny again I took Billy ‘s erect cock and started stroking him.

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