Tim, the Teenage Part XXXIV

Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I’ve decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. ENJOY———

Tim, the Teenage Part Thirty-Four By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter IX: 10th Grade, Fall 1986 Part 2 - Rings of the Slaves (mc, oral mf)

"Where's Laura?" Joey asked when I reentered the showers. "She's sleeping," I replied. "Why? Don't you like her?" "Yeah, I liked her. But she thought I was somebody else. We found who she was really looking for, and now she's sleeping, dreaming about him," I said sadly. "Shit, Tim Hey, help me with these girls then. Julie knows some cool shit. See how she has them all with their arms behind their heads? It makes their tits stand out better, and makes it easier to see their bodies and shit." "Hey Joey. When did you start saying shit in every sentence you say? You're almost as bad as those fucken' Seniors. Heh I take it these are the finalists?" "Yeah. Do I really say shit all the time? Shit. I guess I do. Shit Shit! I gotta stop saying that shit!. SHIT!" Joey was starting to turn red from my laughter. He honestly wasn't trying to say it. "Hey!" Julie said as she tweaked a red head's tit. "Do you mind? I almost did shit! Do you want to make a mess, Master?"

"Sorry," Joey said. "Hey Julie, you seem like you're enjoy yourself being uhm, what's the word that is opposite of submissive?" "Dominant. Yeah I guess I kinda like being dominant over these sluts. But, I still like being your submissive. Do you think I could do both?" "Hmm, that's not a bad idea," I said. "My father has a few slaves that are, er, dominant over a bunch of others. I think he called them head slaves no, it wasn't that, and it wasn't Master-slave either. I'll have to check this weekend. Hey Joey. Is that who I think that is?" I said pointing to a girl with a shaved crotch. "Heather, front and center!" Julie said. Heather stepped forward, hands behind her head, and bent one leg while posing. "Yep," Joey said. "Meet Cindy's cunt licker. One of them anyway. Hey, Heather. Does Ted shave his crotch too?" "We shave it for him," Heather said with a grin. "Julie," I started, "you ever taste pussy before?" "Uhm, well, just my own once. I'm not a lezi, though." "You are now.. All right bitch, let me see you suck that bare thing," I said with a wicked smile. "Oh don't make me, Master? I don't do that kind of thing." "Julie, if you want to be a dominant slave, you have to follow our orders. After you do it, I'll give you what you want. But first you're gonna have to prove to me you want it badly enough. So GET DOWN on your HANDS and KNEES and LICK THAT CUNT you SLUT!" "Yes! Master!" she said, full of mixed emotions.

Her lust had peaked at a new height from my order to do something so dirty that she was on her hands and knees, and approaching Heather's cunt face on. Yet she was incredibly nervous, her arms shaking as she stuck out her tongue and touched Heather's bare outer lips. Then Julie slammed her face into it as her orgasm rushed through her body, and I was surprised at how quickly Heather came too. I had to turn Heather's volume down, for she was one of those really noisy cummers. Julie's ass was sticking up in the air, still wearing her panties. I almost walked up to her and fucked her ass right there, but I got a hold of myself and reminded me we weren't sure how clean she was in the first place. "Julie, that's enough," Joey said. "You're gonna make Heather cum again. Shit! Too late. Damn Heather, you are one noisy bitch." "Julie, stand up and take your panties off. I'm gonna make you our slave now."

I explained the whole deal to her, and after she asked a few questions, she was ready. I took out another gold ring from my pocket, this one with a smooth blue stone that was slightly smaller in size than the Suzi's red one. It was a pity the girl's rings were so much smaller that the guy's. I almost gave Suzi a guy's ring because her women's ring didn't look nearly as impressive as Joey's and mine did. "Julie, this is it. Put this on your finger, and we become your Masters for as long as you wear it. I'm probably gonna get you a different stone to signify you as a dominant slave, but for now, this will work. You will always have the free will to take it off, but when you do, you will never be able to put it on again. Understand?" I asked as I placed the ring in her palm. She swallowed nervously, then took the ring in her other hand. She hesitated holding it an inch from the tip of her ring finger, but then said, "Yes, Master. I understand," and slipped the ring on.

I reached into her mind, and began speaking the commands out loud as I did them. "Julie, you now have two lives. The life you have always had will always be the 'dominant' one. But when you see someone with a Master's ring like this," I said holding mine up to her eyes, "you will live in your second life for as long as we need you too, or your first life says no more and takes the ring off. "Your second life will be the following: Your only wish is to serve your Masters and Mistress, and to please them in any way you can. You will only address us as Master or Mistress when we are alone or with other slaves. If nonslaves are present when we give you a command, you will respond with Yes and our first name. You will perform any sexual act we wish, and enjoy it with no regret. You will love us and worship us as gods, and we shall reward you with pleasure beyond your imagination. We own your body, but you still own your mind and soul. You are our slave, but that of choice. Kiss my ring, slave, to declare your obedience." "Yes, Master." Julie the slave said as she kissed my ring. Joey held his out and she kissed it also.

"Julie, before you can have any more sexual contact with us, you will have to go to the doctor and make sure you don't have any VD. Understand?" "Yes Master," Julie said happily. "Hey Tim. I'm horny again. Can we figure out if any of these girls want to so we can screw around with them?" "How come there are only five this time?" I asked. "Shit. There were a lot more virgins who hadn't given any blow jobs in this group. Including that Teresa chick. Man, she was HOT!" "Well, Heather and Cindy may wind up slaves too, but only if Ted does. It looks like we have another fifteen minutes before they gotta get dressed. Julie, go frig each girl to get them wet, and make sure you suck off the juices from your finger before you do the next." "Oh, yes Master. Thank you!" Julie said, licking her lips. Julie went over to the first girl, a nice tanned blonde with tan lines. Julie knelt down and started to finger her.

Joey said, "This is Mary. She lost her cherry to a Senior a few years ago, and now she's a Senior. She's had sex with two other guys, one of them just last week. She hasn't given anyone head yet, though. And the other three are virgins. Betty on the other end sounds like she can't get enough cum, so I kinda like her. She's a freshman." "So probably Betty and maybe Heather?" "Yeah that's what I was thinking. But we don't have to do it now. I mean, with Julie and Sheryl Man I wish we could get Teresa. She is one hot looking woman." "Okay, Julie, I think we have seen enough. Come over here and let me taste your tits." "Yes, Master. Billy used to put chocolate syrup all over them and suck them." "Yeah, we've thought of that too," Joey said. "We have a gallon of chocolate syrup, twelve pints of whip cream, some strawberry topping, vanilla ice cream anyway, lets just say we will be making a Julie sundae later." "Oh, thank you, Master! I can't wait to feel your hot tongues on my frozen hard nipples." I slipped my hands down to her ass while I put my lips to her left breast. She tasted kind of.. well.. tangy I guess.

After a few minutes of some lustful sucking, I broke off and calmed down. My hands were still on her ripe ass, and that brought up a question. "Julie, have you ever had your ass fucked?" I asked while giving her cheeks a squeeze. "No <groan> Master. Tom wanted to, but Billy said no." "Tom? Who's he?" "Billy's younger brother. He was a Senior last year. I used to go out with Tom, and Billy found us fucking on his bed one day. Oh! Master your hand feels so GOOD in my crack like that. Anyway.. After Tom came, Billy fucked me too. We did that for a couple of weeks. I would suck one of them while the other fucked me. Then Tom wanted to try out my ass, and I didn't want to. I think if Billy hadn't been there, Tom would have pushed me into it sooner or later. That's why I dumped Tom and went with Billy. He didn't show me that video until I mentioned how I used to like them like using me like that. Oh, that feels soo goood Master. Please fuck your slut's sexy ass?" "Not until you are tested for VD." "I'm pretty sure I'm clean, Master. Billy and I both got checked after I dumped Tom. But I will get checked again. I do it every time I get a new boyfriend anyway."

"Julie, lets make one thing clear. We are not your boyfriends. We are your Masters. There is no love here, just well, just friendship and sex. Okay?" "Oh okay Master, whatever you want." "Shit.. hang on. JOEY! Will you stop playing with yourself? Why don't you just get Betty to demonstrate one of her best blows?" "Heh, sorry. You holding her ass and stuff. Well, I'm just in the mood for ass now.. oh well. HEY Teresa, come over here and strip again. I wanna see your bod. Betty, wrap your pretty lips around this Yeah But don't make me cum. Just make me feel good. Did anyone ever tell you your ass lo" I turned away from them and looked Julie in the eyes. "Julie, I want to talk to the real you for a few minutes." "Yes Master." "So, you havin' fun?" "Yeah! I don't think I've been this wet before. And I haven't even fucked anyone yet. Do we really have to wait for me to go to the doctor? I really can't imagine.." "Yes, we have to wait. But that's not what I wanted to talk about. I think I might have misled you a little. You understand we can never be more than friends. I'm not looking for a lover. If you love Billy, you shouldn't leave him. I was under the impression you.." "Nah. You were right. I'm just a slut," she said with a weak grin. "I don't really love Billy. He's good to me, and he probably does love me, but"

"But what. Come on, I need to know what is making you uncomfortable." She sighed, then said, "I did love someone once. Hmmm, that's weird. His name was Tim too. But he wasn't anything like you. He sweet talked me a lot, and I guess I fell for it. He was my first, and the sex was great. But he dumped me a couple of months later, and I thought about doing myself in. But then I got horny thinking about him using me like that. And I guess I guess I started to look for guys who just wanted to fuck. "But you were more interested in making sure I was happy with everything. You could have just made me whether I wanted to or not, couldn't you." "Yeah, but I won't. I've seen what would happen to me if I started to do that. But I'm sorry if I got your hopes up. Maybe I can find you someone who.." "No. As long as you don't like start beating me or something, I'll be happy with this. But on second thought.. Maybe you could give me a graduation present and find somebody you could love me and use me at the same time. That would be great." "Deal. Now, about your ass Like I said, your body is mine until you take it back from me permanently. So if you want to save yourself some pain, start stretching it with something. Joey used a cucumber before I got to do"

"You? fucked him? Wow. So how come you guys are looking for girls?" "Huh? We're not queer. Well, maybe just a little bi, but we like girls a hell of a lot more. But after I screw your butt, you'll know why we wanted to feel that ourselves. We don't blow each other or anything. Okay, so I guess we do kiss a bit, and we like to handle each other and stuff. But I don't really think we're fags. At least I know Joey isn't." "Speak for yourself!" Joey called over. "Whose ass do you think I wanted a few minutes ago? It wasn't Julie's.." "Yeah, it was Suzi's. I checked." I said giving him the all knowing look. "Shit Okay, Betty. If I don't stop you now, I'm not gonna be able to stop from cumming.. SHIT! Stop!.. Damn! I think she's addicted, Tim."

"I am not.." Betty said, while still longingly looking at Joey's hardon. "I'm just hungry. It's too close to lunch time." "Shit. I'd never thought of it as food before. Hey Tim. Doesn't the Japanese or someone serve whale cum at restaurants?" "Uhm, I don't know. I've never.." "Yeah, I've heard that before too," Betty said. "I've always wanted to try some. I bet it tastes fishy though. Sorta like Ken Brendle. Or Rick, uhm, something." Joey and I looked at each other, then looked at Betty again. "Betty," I began slowly, "how many times have you given head, anyway?" "I don't know. I've lost count. I've probably sucked around forty different guys. But I do my brothers every morning and night. So if you count each one of those thousands maybe."

"Shit!" Joey, Julie, and I said at once. "How long have you been doing it?" I asked. "Hmmm.. Let me think. Jeff just started driving when he got me to try it. So he was sixteen, and I was eight. But I didn't do him very much. Just maybe once a month or something. Then when Jeff left for college, I guess I begged Lance to let me suck him. I got his very first cum," she said proudly. "After a while, I was doing it every morning and after school. Brad just got old enough a couple of months ago and I started doing him too. He tastes sweeter than Lance, but that's probably because he eats more sweet stuff." "Shit. You’re a regular cumoholic. Fuck, I'm so horny, you might as well have me for lunch, Betty." "Okay, but don't tell Rob, all right? It's his turn today at lunch."

"Shit," we all three exclaimed again. "Man, Joey. I think we better leave her alone. She wouldn't leave anything for anyone else. We'd be sucked dry." Betty popped Joey's dick out of her mouth and said, "That's sorta what my mom says. Even with three guys in the house, there still isn't enough cum to go around for both me and her." No of us said shit that time, but we all thought it. I sent the remaining girls to get dressed. Most of the others were just hanging around talking, several of them watching the action. "Betty, how long have you been awake?" I asked when I realized she wasn't dreaming any longer. "What do you mean? I got up at six" I back tracked in her memory, and found she had woken up when Joey asked her to suck him. She hadn't really realized she was naked, but she was used to going without clothes when she was sucking at home.

"So how many do you do in a day?" Julie asked. She slipped her hand to my crotch, and started to rub it through my jeans. She popped it out again, making Joey groan, and said, "I try to get at least eight, but most of the time just five. I got twelve once, and my mom let me skip dinner since I was full.. I wish it wasn't so fattening," she added before sinking back down on Joey. I went through her head again, and discovered the source of her craving for cum. To Julie I said "Would you believe she actually thinks that she needs cum to stay alive?" "What?" Julie said. "Why do you say that?" "Her father hypnotized her when she was little. I bet he did the same thing to her mom. Betty thinks she needs cum every day now to stay healthy. The more she gets, the healthier she feels. It's sick to do that to your own daughter."

Joey moaned, and started his shakes and shutters while Betty swallowed each jet straight down. When Joey stopped, she carefully milked it, then pulled it out slowly, making sure she didn't leave anything behind. Betty smacked her lips, and said, "Hmmm, sorta less salty than normal. I guess he had cum in the past hour? It tasted that way. And he really didn't give me that much." "Uhm, yeah. Betty, you know no one else has to have cum like that. Doesn't that make you feel.. uhm, different?" "Yeah, but the guys like it. So what if I don't have many girlfriends. They can't give me what I need, so who cares? Daddy always says.." "Daddy's an asshole," Julie muttered. "Julie, shut up," I said. Then I thought to her, "I'm not going to tell her. At least not until I figure out how without screwing her up more than she is." Julie's eyes got real big from my telepathic message. But then she nodded and stayed quiet. "Hey! How did I get naked?" Betty yelled. "And why is she naked? And WHAT are you two guys doing in the lock..er..roooommm.hhh," she said as I stepped forward and caught her before she hit the floor asleep.

"Shit. What happened?" Joey said, coming out of his daze. "Julie you better get dressed. I'll arrange it so you can miss last period. Meet us up in room 302 then, okay?" "Yeah, that's fine. What are you going to do with her?" "I'm just going to clean up her memories a bit from today so she won't remember anything unusual happening. Hey, Joey. Do you want her to remember your blow job?" "Yeah, that's fine. Did I hear you right earlier? Was she awake doing that?" "Yep. Now pull up your pants. We're not stay here for fourth period." Julie and Betty got dressed, and I had just finished with Betty's head when the bell rang. I snapped Betty out of her light trance once she had walked out the door, and Joey and I slipped out after her.

"Where to now?" Joey asked. "I figured we could scope a lot more people out if we" I told him my idea, and he agreed. We entered the lunchroom, and made our way past everyone in line for food. There were two separate lines, but the two cashiers sit next to each other so everyone exits through the same doorway into the eating area. There was a place behind the counters were you could sit and serve both lines at once, and since it wasn't being used, that's where we took our positions. It was easy for me. I touched every person in line while Joey wrote down their last name. Joey got tired of all the writing, so when one of our drawing friends came through, he agreed to take over for a while. Each person I touched with my mind would seek out Joey, Suzi, or myself if they had a serious problem or wanted something very badly. They would trust us and tell us without any hesitation, and they knew we would want something in return if we helped them.

Our helper went to eat his lunch once everyone had purchased their food, and a minute later we got our first customer. But before we could even hear him out, three more people came up to us, and then five more after that. That was a mess. Joey and I almost fled, but instead we came up with a solution. It took me ten minutes to straighten it out. Seemed like half of the people wanted help in some way. So I changed the conditions for their need to speak to one of us. If they desperately needed help, then they could arrange to have a private talk with one of us in our private room upstairs. The rest would have to figure things out on their own. And even with that limitation, we took down seventeen different names and arranged times to talk to them. As you might imagine, we didn't do that again.

The bell rang, ending the first out of four lunch periods. Suzi would join us for the last lunch period since it was our scheduled lunch time. Joey and I discussed what to do until Suzi joined us, and as the second lunch crowd started trickling in, we decided to just go out into the lunch room and hop minds. Joey, Suzi and I had done this during lunch a few times after hopping to Brad's house. It was fairly entertaining, but it was also pretty tiring for me. But we hadn't tried it since Joey discovered he could share his energy/life force with me. We had only used this new ability to perk one of us up when we felt tired. But this time we would be using it to keep me from getting tired in the first place. We were having a lot of fun popping in and out of peoples heads.

One guy that was being a jerk to another suddenly found himself kissing the guy's clothed butt. Another guy was trying to pick his nose without anyone seeing, so we had his finger slip into his nose as far as it could go. We did a few other tricks, and a couple of good deeds, and just as the bell rang ending that lunch, Joey and I discovered that it not only kept me from getting tired, but a whole lot more. Joey had wanted to try something with this one chick, and I wanted to do something with another. Before we realized, we had gone in different directions and had hopped into two different people. Not only was he sharing with me, but apparently I was sharing with him. Joey got real excited while all our guinea pigs left for class. "Joey, it doesn't mean you can do it on your own. You probably would always have to be linked to me like this." "I know.. But what if.. Man. The two of us. We could do ANYTHING." "Yeah, but how long would we stay friends like that. Remember when we both were in that contest in scouts? You and I didn't talk for weeks afterwards.." "Yeah, but that's different. But I guess you're right. We probably would wind up competing with each other. And sooner or later one of us would probably have to take over the other Well, if after disconnecting I can still do it, just do your thing so that won't happen, K?" "Uhm, maybe. Well, here's your first victim. Let 'er rip, Joey."

After concentrating on her, the girl in question suddenly walked over and said, "Tim, this is Joey. Would you like to see some tits and What am I saying?" She turned red, and hurried away from my shocked expression. "SHit! I lost it. It was working, but then I can't do it anymore. hhhhhhhrrrr," Joey said frustrated. "I guess whatever I shared with you, you must have used it up. What's the matter? Headache?" "Yeah. I think I tried to hard. Hey, let me connect up just to see if it will get rid of it, k?" "Yeah, all right." He did and said, "Wow. That took it away real fast." "So, what do you want to do now?" "You remember that idea you told me about? The one where you were trying to send commands to a bunch of people at once?" "Yeah, and I tried it. I couldn't do it because Oh, I get it. With two of us yeah okay! You take the left end, and I'll take the right. Who do you want to do? And what do we do to them?"

We looked around watching the tables slowly fill up. Then Julie showed up and sat down at a table of other girls. "Hey, aren't they all Golden Girls?" I asked Joey, the expert on the subject. "Yeah, and so are all those girls at the table in front of them. Okay, target selected. Now, what are we going to hit them with?" "Something kinky. Uhm, have them all touch themselves?" "Nah. What about making them all scratch their tits." "Might draw too much attention. But then again two of them just did it and nobody even noticed. You did that, didn't you?" "I think so, yeah, sorry. I didn't really mean too. I see how you had trouble doing things accidentally in Jr. High. But even if it does draw attention, who cares?" "Yeah, okay. But just one scratch, not that desperate kind of clawing you did a moment ago. Hey, instead of a rope shape, let’s try like a blanket or something. You hold the left front, I'll hold the right front, and the back can just flop free. I think that would work okay. It isn't the same as my rope. When I was doing it by myself, it was like a whip because I could only hold one end." "Yeah, okay. Ready?"

I began to form a mental image of my mind holding a single corner of a bed sheet and felt a tension against it when Joey had 'picked' up another corner. We began 'dragging' the sheet above the heads of people eating, then dropped it over the two tables we had picked. Nearly simultaneously, all eleven girls took their right hands and scratched their left breast with a single stroke. None of them noticed, but a few other people did. "COOL!" we both said. "Hey, do you feel tired?" Joey asked. "I don't." "No, I'm not tired at all," I replied. "Let’s do a bigger one." "Okay, but what? The more people we get to do it, the more obvious it gets." "Well, do you think we could cover the whole room?" "I don't think I want to try that yet. What if we both got headaches?" "Yeah.. Hey, then what about a class?" "Perfect! This is going to be so COOL," Joey said excitedly.

We left the cafeteria and peeked into a couple class rooms, borrowing a pair of eyes for a moment in each class. "I like this one," Joey said on the fourth class. "Lots of good looking girls." "Yeah, but there's almost thirty people in there. Oh well. What do you want to try? Maybe bow to their teacher or something?" "Hmm. Yeah, that's good for starters." We did this several times, and each time we got a little better. Pretty soon, we were having them get up out of their desks, twirl around three times, and then sit down and cross their legs. It was a pretty cool effect. "Hey, the bell is going to ring in about seven minutes," I said looking at someone's watch. "Let's go and try something with Suzi's class. Hmmm, do you think we could somehow make a hole in that sheet so Suzi doesn't get hit by it?" "Awe man. If we can, I got the perfect thing to try," Joey said rubbing his hands together.

Suzi was sitting at her desk, trying not to watch the time while she worked on her math. As usual, a few people were talking in low voices when they were supposed to be working on the homework during the last ten minutes of class. Usually this didn't bother her because half the time she was one of those people. But she was trying to get as much done because she wasn't sure whether she would have time later with it being Joey's birthday. She looked up at the clock for the tenth time in half as many minutes. "Five minutes," she thought to herself. She drew her attention back to the problem she had been working on, and a moment later realized those people had finally shut up. But then there was a lot of strange shuffling going on, and when she recognized the sound of a zipper, and then several more, she looked up.

Everyone in the class, including the teacher, had their eyes shut, their tongue hanging out the left side of their mouth, and their hands down in their pants while they masturbated. Suzi bolted out of her desk looking all around her, then crossed her arms and said, "Okay fellas.. Come out, come out, where ever you are." Everyone in the class said, "Suzi!" making her jump. Everyone then started to wiggle in their seats, then suddenly came out of their trance like state and immediately were shocked to find what they were doing. Then they realized everyone else was in the same predicament, and a few of them noticed Suzi was standing, apparently the only one not affected. The entire class had turned red, including Suzi. She sat down in a flash, and gathered her things. By the time she got up to leave, everyone was completely unaware anything had happened. Suzi just walked out of the class without anyone noticing. "Come along, boys," she said as she walked right by us, not even looking at our smiling faces. "I have some muscle bound jocks I want to check out."

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