Silk of Life


Many things crossed Emily’s mind on that run. The blazing hot ball of fusion that cascaded heat down upon her white shining skin, the pavement that boiled that heat back and threatened to scorch her feet every step, save for her running shoes – the list could drag on, but Emily was most preoccupied on what happened a week ago – the day mother had taken her two sisters and fled the house – the day she had slept with Ryan, her father. It had been among the most pleasurable moments of her life – the most releasing and fulfilling things she had ever done and yet she doubted herself. She doubted her action.

It wasn’t so much mother that concerned her, it was her sisters, Grace, and Marisol that concerned her. What would they be told about Emily and Ryan – would mother try and oust father for their union? Would she suffer any consequences? Did it matter? As she rounded the corner, she decided she didn’t want to care. She did – but pushed the uneasy feeling to the back of her mind.

Her sports bra was a style choice, her breasts were not large enough to require support, a normal bra would have worked fine. After 19 years on the planet the one asset of her body she was excited to see develop didn’t do much at all. A point of frustration for her. She jogged down the pavement, sweat beading on her forehead in the humid heat of the pacific northwest. Her chest shimmered – and her exposed midriff sported streaks of her bodies cooling mechanism. The air rushed past her, dragging away the heat.

Her father had admired her tits, even suckled them when they had engaged, he had claimed to love them, but she was daunted by the voluptuous women she saw flaunting their assets around her every day – and she knew college was only going to make that worse. It was another thought she pushed to the side as she rounded yet another corner. The final corner.

In front of her stood the most ordinary house, with a white garage door, and a blue door that held up a friendly second story. It was a home like any other. She came to a stop and took a few deep breaths as she jogged in place, letting her body cool down – the track team had taught her well. Sweat trickled between her breasts as she made her way to the front door and pushed it open. The scent of oregano and parsley wafting from the steaming kitchen rolled into her nostrils. Emily smiled – she loved when her dad cooked pasta, he always did so well. She closed the door behind her and rubbed an arm across her forehead ringing the sweat from her arm wit ha few shakes.

“Dad I’m home!” She panted.

“How was the run, sweetie?” The word made her smile. ‘Sweetie’ meant something so different, and so warm.

“Hot,” Emily replied, “Hot and humid.”

“Tis the season,” Father replied.

Emily walked into the kitchen, her body still glistening with the perspiration she had kicked up on her run. Ryan smiled at her as she approached – his blue eyes were piercing – they always were. Her face beamed in response, her face growing red, or was that her run. She could feel it flush under his look. It was so hungry now – the way his eyes walked over her body and settled on her hips. She leaned to one side kicking her waist out as seductively as she could – ugh it must look so cheesy.

“I should shower,” Emily said, “I’ve just exercised, I smell terrible.”

Ryan shook his head, “You smell wonderful.”

“No dad, that’s your cooking you’re smelling.”

“No, it isn’t, kiddo – first let’s feed you.”

He pulled the bowls from the shelf and scooped the spaghetti into it as Emily took a seat at the table. Sweat dripped off her nose, she wiped it away with her hand – ugh she felt so dirty and clammy. Her skin had begun to cool down, which made it sticky and unpleasant. Ryan brought the food to the table, setting his down first and crossing the table to set her down. His eyes fell to her exposed midriff. Emily leaned back slightly, to make sure her dad had a good view.

“We haven’t done anything since the first night,” Emily tensed with the question, “You don’t regret anything, do you?”

Ryan shook his head, “I only want what is best for you – and I spent so long wanting you, when you gave yourself to me, I took it.”

“So, you feel guilty,” Emily sighed, of course, he would. Who wouldn’t be?

“A little – but it made me so happy.” Ryan’s eyes settled back on Emily’s exposed stomach.

“Want to touch it?”

“Touch what?”

“Anything you want,” Emily figured it was time she instigated something – and her labia were tingling like someone had hooked up a car battery to them.

Ryan reached out a hand and hesitated. Emily put her fingers through his and drew him closer. The bowl clinked as he set it down and Emily drew him in. Their eyes met. Emily’s heart thumped in her chest as she looked at him – her body shook slightly, as if a cold chill had settled in her bones, and yet a how warmth was building in her body. A heat she thought would put that blazing fireball in the sky to shame.

“Emily,” Ryan whispered, “You are the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Her heart skipped a beat, “You mean that?”

“With all my heart. I love you beyond measure and as wrong as it sounds, I desire you in equal portions.”

Emily pulled Ryan’s hand to her stomach; they were inches from each other as her cold clammy skin met his warm rough hand – the hands of a working man. She let out the slightest gust of vocal approval and bit her lip. Ryan leaned in and their lips touched. Ryan wrapped a free hand around Emily and pulled her into the kiss. His grip was tight. He wrestled free of Emily’s fingers and laid his whole palm over her exposed midriff. He caressed it, circling her belly button.

His fingers dropped lower, circling lower until they touched the top of her shorts. Their kiss hadn’t stopped – Ryan’s tongue entered her mouth, slid alongside her own. The wet intimacy of the act was vibrant, and her love for him grew and blossomed like the sky on the fourth of July. Her hands were on his shoulders, pulling him down for the kiss – she wanted to keep him there at that moment, to maintain a perfect premium of his body within her reach, to stay connected to him. His fingers toyed with the string that held her pants on her hips, sliding over them. She broke the kiss to inhale as his fingers danced over the top of her nectar.

She spread her legs allowing her father access to her. He slid his hand over her shorts and between her thighs – then applied pressure. Her body sprung to life with the touch. Her pussy burned with painful anticipation, as he rubbed again, pulling her back into a kiss. He began to rub her, torture her body as he suckled on her lips – pulling from her throat gentle whimpers of desperation. Emily felt her soft lips swell – her channel weeping within.

“Oh god,” the words came from divinity, but they had nothing to do with the divine.

Then, like the devil he was, Ryan slid his fingers down her pants, pulling her underwear aside. She spread wider for him – she wanted this. She always wanted him. His fingers touched her swollen seed. A whimper escaped her lips along with a breath of desperation. His rough hands slid between her lips as his thumb played with her center, torturing pleasure from her body. Her approval slipped from her lips without her command.

Then his finger sank inside her, slipping into her opening. Her youthful juices flowed over her fathers’ hands, coating his finger as he stroked her, looking, probing for the hallowed ground that would draw out a climax. His touch invigorated her, and from the depths of her body slid her desire, her love. Every stroke built something within her, but she fought it – release was beautiful but scary. To lose all control in the hands of another was intimacy at its deepest point.

“I can’t find your spot,” He whispered slipping in a second finger.

“It’s fine,” Emily spoke in whispers, as she battled to maintain composer, “It still feels –“

His fingers completed their pilgrimage, touching that rough patch of her body. He pressed and her mouth dropped open, and her body jolted. He muscles convulsed as he began his kora around her garden. She gripped his shoulders, leaning forward, as his hand fell on her back, stroking her back while he fingered her cunt. It was so close; paradise was rushing for her – like a lion it pounced and overtook her. She screamed, and squirmed in the chair, gripping her father’s shoulders for support as her pussy clenched around her fathers’ fingers. Her orgasm wrapped around her body, throwing muscles out of her control, as she jerked in Ryan’s arms.

“Oh fuck!” She gasped into his shoulder, pulling in a scent of lavender from his clothes and old spice deodorant from his body, “Holy fuck.”

He pulled his fingers from her cunt, dragging a line of her juices over her stomach, as Emily leaned back. She wanted him inside her now. Why wouldn’t he just do it? He wanted his cock thrusting her to another orgasm. She slid her arms down his body and gripped his crotch. She felt his cock, swollen, within. She squeezed it gentle and stroked. Ryan let out a grunt and put a hand on the table to prop himself up.

Emily pushed her chair back and dropped to her knees, pulling at Ryan’s jeans. His button popped through its slit and the fly came undone. With a yank, she took his jeans down. She freed his cock from his boxers. Its thick warm head stood up at an angle, while his thick shaft was covered in veins that looked like rivers. She smiled as a buzz rushed through her. She had come of this cock, and now she got to thank it for her existence.

Stroking the shaft brought out more grunts from her father. Glistening clear liquid blossomed at the slit, bubbling over and dripping to the floor. Touched her tongue to his tip and cleaned up the remaining savory liquid that hand clung to him. Ryan shook and let out a moan.

“Oh baby,” He gasped.

As if it were a lollipop she began to tease and tantalize the head, slowly stroking the shaft. The clammy head seemed to swell as she did so. His ball sack hung bellow his cock like a pillow, his testicles pushing at the sides as if they wanted an escape. His hair was limited, just a bunch of grey strands that dotted his crotch like a bit of grass in the desert. It was so hot, so perfect, so beautiful.

She couldn’t withstand the urge any longer, she opened her mouth and took the thick head inside her mouth. Ryan gasped and began to thrust as she did so. She suckled on the head, enjoying the salty and smooth taste of his cock. Her pussy burned with renewed vigor, desperate for the thick juice of his member. Ryan began to gasp and shutter as she toyed with him – breaking him down to that base sexual desire where the reptilian brain just wants to pump its mate full of its seed. She loved seeing that in Ryan’s eyes.

Then she forced her throat open and slid the full cock down inside her. She gagged, saliva spitting out of her mouth. She held it there, messaging it with her throat as it tried to swallow the thick phallus, she had forced into it. When she couldn’t take it any longer, she pulled back – but his handheld her there, forcing his cock deeper down. She couldn’t breathe, her head began to swirl as she coughed and gurgled around her fathers’ massive shaft.

“Oh, baby! YES!” He exclaimed, “Just like that.”

Then he let go, and she pulled away doubling over. She coughed as precum and salvia dripped from her mouth. She heaved desperate breaths – relieved she could finally take in air. She tried to say something – chastise him for pushing her that hard. For being so selfish as to push her that close to passing out! How could he?

What came out was, “Just fuck me!”

Ryan was pulling her pants down, off her full, plump ass. She could feel his hands squeeze her. Then her father picked her up, freeing himself off his jeans, he laid her across the table, knocking the bowls of pasta to the floor, along with some silver wear and a vase of flowers, which shattered on the floor. He didn’t seem to care, and neither did Emily.

Emily felt Ryans cock slide up and down her slit as he marinated it in her juices, before placing it at her opening. He applied pressure. Every firework in Emily’s brain went off as her father’s head came home, sinking deep into her warm, wet, welcoming gate. His cock was burning hot and pushed her walls aside like a freight train. Beautiful relief escaped her mouth as he sunk himself deep into her, slowly, pushing down until pain twanged in her cervix. Her body was electrified with him inside her.

Then he began to thrust. Like a piston his body hammered hers, the walls of her pussy were alive with delight, feeding an explosion inside her as he grunted and thrust above her, her knees pressed against her chest. The delight rolled over her.

“Oh god!” They were the only words her brain could make, “Oh my fucking god, yes!”

“God you're perfect,” Ryan grunted.

Emily let go of reality as pleasure washed over her. Each thrust brought about an erotic paradise unlike any other. She could feel her moans escape her lips, but they were beyond her control. Her legs were shaking, she could barely keep them parted. The pleasure built up inside her cunt like a boiler. Her pussy milked her fathers’ cock for all it was worth, pulsating around him. Then the pressure released as she was swept into the throws of the Paradiso. Like Dante, she was launched into the celestial realm. Her muscles convulsed and she shrieked with desperate pleasure.

“Oh fuck!” Her dad moaned as he continued to thrust.

Fuck was right. She needed this fuck so bad. His pace quickened. She could feel every motion with ten times the force now, every thrust brought about convulsion from her body, as it overloaded from the stimuli’s. Her pussy was all but a stream of nectar, coating her fathers’ cock. Then she felt the first jump. His cock was pulsing inside her, he was so close. She sat up, pushing his cock deeper inside her, and wrapped a hand around his head, pulling him into a kiss. Their lips met, as he grunted, thrusting harder inside her. She could feel his cock in her belly, pushing against her walls. Their kiss lasted a minute before Ryan screamed and rammed her hard holding his cock there as he exploded into her warmth. Tendrils of his love jetted from his cock into her vagina. She closed her eyes and took a little breath in as she felt the warmth overtake her, and then subside.

“Fuck,” Ryan gasped, stepping back from the table and withdrawing his cock.

Emily nodded, “I needed that so much.”

Emily stepped onto the floor, gently, as cum began running down her leg. She didn’t care – they would be fine. They always were. Emily picked her bowl off the ground, it had landed with the spaghetti still inside. She put it at her place and pulled her pants back on.

“You gonna wash up,” Ryan asked looking at his glistening cock, that was still half erect.

“Not anymore,” She rubbed her pussy through her pants, “I want to keep you inside me.”

“God, I love you.” He gasped.

She loved him too. Was this what a perfect life felt like. She shrugged; she was happy with it. They kissed again as Ryan brought a new bowl for himself and some silver wear to eat with. She could feel his cum squish inside her pussy, and she loved that feeling. It was like love was tangible, and she had it inside her.


Ryan woke up in a cold sweat. It had been over two weeks since he had heard from his wife – and she had seen him with Emily. He shook his head – not knowing what she was going to do was painful. Then he wondered if, just the other day when he and Emily had fucked beautifully in the kitchen, if they had closed the kitchen window. What if the neighbor saw? Ryan took a deep breath, there was little point in worrying about the future right now. The bed felt empty without Susan by his side – and the house felt empty without Jessica, Tyler, Clair or Grace running around being a pain. If fact – the only other person in his house was the love of his life, his daughter, who was asleep in her room. Why hadn’t they started sleeping in the same bed?

Ryan supposed that was still a bit out there. His employees had all wondered why he had been in such a good mood these past few days – and he couldn’t tell them. There wasn’t any way they would understand or approve. No one would. It was just Emily and him against the world. Even Eric would be tough to tell, though he would be more understanding, he hoped. They had been best friends since childhood. Not to mention, Emily would soon be off to college, where she would meet much better looking and younger men than him: This was a truth he would have to live with. Whatever he and Emily had; it might be temporary. But Temporary perfection was better than no perfection at all.

His cock beckoned to him – the call of nature requiring an answer. He rolled out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom, pulling out his cock, and aiming it at the toilet. The relief hit him immediately as he emptied his bladder into the toilet for half a minute. After he shook himself to make sure nothing clung to him, his cock hadn’t stopped aching – or being erect. He was thinking about Emily, which had the side effect now of making him as rigid as stone. He rolled back into bed – he would need to jack off if he wanted to get back to sleep. He gripped his cock with his hand and let his mind wander directly to his desire. He began to stroke.

It felt good as he imagined himself in the kitchen, thrusting his girth deep inside Emily. Her moans were like music – the kind that inspired the soul. Before that, in her bedroom, she had been so soft, so perfect. Her body was supple and smooth – her eyes so green, like emeralds staring back at him. Even as he had penetrated her gaze had penetrated him. He stopped as a glob of precum spilled down his shaft, coating his fingers in a cold sticky liquid. Maybe he could wake her now – enjoy her supple skin and warm pussy now. His cock burned with desire – it would be easier to just finish himself off.

He rolled back out of bed and wiped his cock on the blankets. It's not like Susan would care anymore. He pulled up his boxers and slipped out of the door. He didn’t know why he was being so quiet. He already wanted to wake her up. Her door hung ajar at the end of the hall, he pushed it open to look inside. There she lay, in her pink shirt and loose underwear. Fast asleep – her chest rose and fell with her breaths – her brown hair sprawled across her pillow. It was like watching a lioness sleep. The lion that had pounced upon his heart and tore it from his chest, and now kept it between those perfect supple thighs. His cock burned. He ignored it – he couldn’t wake her. She was too perfect.

Turning away Ryan headed down the stairs towards the kitchen. His precum had soaked through the front of his boxers, but his penis had finally relaxed, flopping down onto the pillow below. He was thankful as the burn subsided, but his mind raced with sexual thoughts that threatened to undo that progress. He should have finished himself off in the bedroom and gone back to bed. He opened the fridge and adjusted his balls. The fridge was relatively empty – shopping would be tomorrow. He saw the hot chocolate on the counter, but Ryan had no desire to be a cliché.

Finally, he settled on a glass of milk, as the door of the refrigerator shut, he saw himself in the stainless-steel reflection. His peppered hair framed his face nicely and his clean-shaven face was thin and gaunt – somehow his potbelly had receded. He had lost weight for the first time in ten years. He cared about himself again. This was all Emily, he wanted to give her the best of himself - and that meant giving a damn.

He powered back up the stairs after his glass of milk, he would masturbate and go to bed. Then he saw her sleeping again. He stepped into her room, and his hand slid down onto his cock – she was so peaceful, so beautiful. Her body was the altar upon which he worshiped. The burning sensation around his shaft ignited again, and his hard-on returned with a fury. How wrong was it to wake her just for a fuck?

“Hey kiddo,” He whispered, as he knelt next to her.

She moaned, “Daddy?”

“Hey,” He smiled.

“Why are you in my room?” She asked lifting her head off the pillow.

What a question. The answer was ‘I want to fuck you’ but somehow that just sounded wrong. Horrifically irredeemably wrong.

“I had a question?” He said.

“Can’t it wait until morning?” She rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

“Sorry, I suppose it could have.”

She sat up, the covers drifting from all her body. Even in the loose Pajamas, her body called to him from a place of absolute perfection. She promised divinity with her eyes, and paradise with her body. Ryan was forty-nine and here was a nineteen-year-old beauty. Few men were as lucky as Ryan was – and fewer still were as horny.

“Is everything alright?” Emily yawned. “You haven’t heard from mother have you.”

He shook his head, “Not yet.”

“Well, that’s good. So why are you here?”

“I have an issue I thought you could help solve.”


Ryan’s cock was still rigid enough to pierce steel. It almost felt as if his member might explode from his body in desperation to get inside of her. He reached down and adjusted his painfully erect girth, as he tried to find a none-wrong way to ask for sex. Her eyes widened, and that coy, mischievous smile crossed her face.

“The kitchen was a couple of days ago, wasn’t it?” Emily asked.

“I can deal with it, myself,” Ryan stood up.

Emily shook her head, “No, stay.”

She leaned back on her bed and wriggled her toes in Ryan’s direction. She pulled her purple thong from her waist and slid it down her legs, kicking it to the floor before scoot back on her twin bed, and spreading her beautifully smooth legs to the side. A pink slit peaked from between her thighs, beckoning Ryan.

Ryan’s soul erupted, butterflied raced about his stomach, as love and compassion for Emily filled his soul. She was so perfect. Ryan pulled his boxers down and dropped them to the floor, where his thick head dripped with precum. Her breasts peaked up through her pink shirt, and he wanted to feel them, and touch them. Sliding onto the bed between her parted legs he leaned forward – his cock throbbing in anticipation.

He ran a hand beneath her shirt, and cupped her breast, pulling her shirt up with the other hand. He kissed her belly – she giggled a little. Then he worked his way up towards the peaks upon her chest, the beautiful volcanic outcrops that stoked his desire. Breasts where such mundane feminine things, and yet one of the most enjoyable. He left a kiss planted between her perfect, supple hills. He gently suckled on one of her nipples. He got an approving gasp from his daughter.

“Oh god,” She whispered.

Ryan had slept with enough women in his life to know the dangers of going in dry. Even if he didn’t, he loved hearing Emily’s gasps. He bit down on her pink protrusion, gently, but firmly. A squeak erupted from above him, as he messaged her other tit with his hand. They were perfect, fitting into his palm perfectly, almost as if they were made for him – or maybe they were made for each other.

“Don’t stop,” She begged.

He didn’t. He messaged, stroked and licked until her body shivered beneath him, and her hushed tones had faded into loud gasps of approval. She gripped the back of his head, holding her down on her nipple as her body began to tense. She let out a shriek. An orgasm wrapped around her, flushing her face a deep red, as she convulsed beneath him. Ryan’s cock screamed in demand for attention, but he knew he wouldn’t last long. Precum was already dripping from his tip in long sticky strands.

He stood back up and went down on his knees. Her clit was sparkling from the orgasm, dripping nectar was seeping into the sheets below her. Her scent filled his nostrils, and he loved it, adored it. He leaned forward and kissed her labia as he might her lips. He slid his finger in above him, touching her seed, garnering a gasp of approval.

The agony of holding himself back was overwhelming, but the sounds of her moans were so beautiful, as he drunk her freely flowing nectar and kissed her pussy with the passion only two lovers could attain. He licked her opening, sliding his tongue around her well, as he played with her clit. Sinking his tongue inside, Emily cried out. He continued to drink of her nectar until her body began to shake, and her hands grabbed his head and pushed it into her clit, she moved her hips against his tongue. She sang, a beautiful rapturous tune of extasy, as her body jerked uncontrollably. He loved her orgasms; they were so intense – so beautiful.

Her cum seeped into his mouth and he drunk of the ambrosia as if it were his final meal, and then he crawled back onto his bed and placed his dripping cock against her moist opening. She was still shaking from her last orgasm when he pushed himself into her. His cock was enveloped in a blissful heat, as her pussy took his girth, enveloping it in a lover’s hug.

“Oh, Daddy,” Emily gasped.

He just about lost it right there. He held his composure for a minute before he began pumping and thrusting. His cock slid in and out of her cunt, each thrust brought him one step closer to paradise. Her hips moved with him, and her pussy suckled his cock as they moved together. Ryan hovered over her as he propelled his cock in and out of Emily. Her green eyes stared back at him, the desire glowing within them. Her mouth hung open and her chest heaved with every thrust. Like the symphonies of Bach or Mozart, her voice rose and fell with the passion that he drove into her.

Her body was covered in sweat, he could almost hear her heart pound. The smile that tugged at the corner of her mouth was irresistible. Her pussy coated him with her fluids, the sound of his body slamming against hers filling the room as surely as his cock filled her.

“Fuck me!” the desire was bursting from her voice, “Fuck me harder!”

Ryan thrust harder, faster. He could feel his muscles aching with the effort, but it was such a perfect sensation. He felt his climax coming, building in the base of his cock. It was like a beast driving against his prostate, trying to escape. His penis swelled; her eyes widened.

“I want it,” She begged, “I want it, daddy!”

It was all he could do not to fall on top of her. His cock jumped inside her – he pulled his penis out of her and gripped it with his hand as he stroked, fast and hard.

“Fuck!” He yelled.

His cock jumped in his hand and a moment later tendrils of hot white cum erupted from his tip, spattering Emily’s belly. A second spurt landed just below her tits. The third burst erupted as Ryan hollered as it landed on her left breast dripping down like a volcanic eruption. The rest his spattered across her stomach, the glistening warmth of his love glinting on her flat belly. He then thrust his cock back into her pussy and finished what little was left inside her, gasping as he did so.

“Fuck!” He gasped, “Fuck!”

His heartbeat in his ears like drums.

“Fuck yeah,” Emily said running a finger through the cum on her breast, “Good aim.”

“I love you!” Ryan rolled onto his side and pulled her into an embrace.

He ran a hand over her cum covered breast, spreading his love over her body. The two of them intertwined lay there, in silence, as Emily’s breath slowly returned to normal. Her perfect ass pressed against his wet and semi-hard cock. He slid a hand around her belly and pulled her close. He loved her so much – it was a feeling so powerful it consumed him. He wanted her to be happy with him – at least he hoped she would always come back to him. He kissed the back of her neck.

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