Defend each other - Alex and John's story continues

Defend Each Other
By Heatround©

San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco Ca. Main Terminal area 12:35 a.m. 16 September.

Alex sat in the quiet airport terminal, fixing her lipstick in a small compact and checking her make-up, waiting for John to arrive from Japan.

John had gone to Japan to convince his investor in financing a chain of Judo Dojo’s here in America. Their other Dojo had grown and friends wanted more Dojo’s in different parts of town.

She finished putting up her compact when the simple solitaire on her left ring finger caught her eye. “Mrs. John Jensen!” she thought to herself as she played with it.

It had been over a year since that first night John and she had made love on his floor, the first night they realized they were in love. Since then, they had moved in with each other, met each other’s family and then got married.

It was a simple Buddhist ceremony, where a few friends and family members got together. John and Alex made a promise to each other to follow the four noble truths and to respect each other from now until the end of days. That made her feel safe and warm inside.

Since John had been to Japan for the last seven weeks, it had felt like the end of days for Alex and she could hardly wait for him to get off the plane.

“Leave me for seven weeks,” she thought to herself.

Alex had deliberately dressed seductively, in order to punish John for leaving for so long. She was wearing a gray plaid skirt where the hemline was boarder-line obscene, a plain white blouse, that barley contained her D sized breasts and matching white knee-high stockings.

Her make-up was also on a thin line of being trashy but that was the look she was going for. She looked almost like a streetwalker but she didn’t care. She knew John liked that type of thing and she was going to use it to tease him for leaving her alone for seven weeks!

Alex again thought to herself, “I’m going to show him what he has been missing and I’m not going to allow him to have any until we get home!” Then she cracked an evil smile.

“Maybe I should wait until tomorrow to greet John,” a voice rang out.

Alex sat up, some what startled. “What?” she said to Steve.

Steve Kolaski, a big Polish man, was bigger than John, about 6’1” and 230 pounds. He shaved his head which made his already dark brown eyes seem darker. Alex loved Steve, like a big brother but his eyes had always bothered her a bit. They looked as if they have seen Hell but she still loved the big guy.

Steve was a friend of John’s from when they were kids. He was ‘Little John’ to John’s ‘Robin hood’, Steve and John had known each other for twenty, maybe twenty five years. They both served in the military together, Rangers or Green Berets, Alex couldn’t remember. Now Steve came to help John with the Dojo and the construction of a new Dojo on the east side of town. Steve truly was a good friend and Alex loved him for that.

Steve looked Alex up and down and in a sheepish voice repeated, “I said maybe I should wait until tomorrow before I greet John.”

Alex smiled and began to blush. “I will behave long enough to allow you to say hi, but once we leave the airport, I won’t make any promises!” Then she concealed her lovely face and hazel eyes from Steve with her hand and began to giggle.

Steve began to laugh with his trademark, throaty laugh then said, “Are you blushing Ms. Jensen?”

Alex smiled even bigger.

At that time a voice said over the PA system. “Fight 121 from Dallas Ft. Worth now arriving at gate 3.”

Alex stood strait up and began to smile from ear to ear. Then she looked over to Steve and said. “After the Son of a bitch left me for seven weeks, I’m going to kill him. But he will die with a smile on his face!”

And with that, Steve nodded and faced towards the security check point with Alex, waiting for John.

Part II

San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco Ca Parking Garage. 1:26 a.m. 16 September.

As all three friends walked to their cars in the airports parking garage, Alex had her arm around John’s hip as John rested his arm on Alex’s 5’9’ petite but firm frame. The two could not keep from touching each other and stealing small kisses. They were drunk with love and lustful thoughts for each other.

“You look so dirty in that outfit.” John said to Alex with a lustful smile.

“Do you not like it?” Alex replied playfully.

“I like it a lot!” John said as he pulled Alex into him so he could wrap his arms around her and kiss her deeply.

Alex melted as their tongues danced with each other. She felt John growing more excited as his hips pressed against her. With the deep kiss and the obvious growth in John’s pants, she too began to become aroused.

John pulled from their kiss, looked down and saw Alex’s skirt begin to rise.

“Some one didn’t wear panties.” John said to the now blushing Alex.

“OK you two!” Steve said as he covered his eyes. “Can’t you two love birds wait until at least I’m not here?”

John and Alex both blushed.

“Sorry Brother.” John finally said. “But it has been a long seven weeks.”

“And you two can wait at least another couple of hours!” Steve retorted. “I’m mean sweet mother of God people! This is a parking lot!” Steve began to chuckle. “Besides if I’m not getting any, then neither of you are either!”

Alex quickly got in a fighting stance. “Don’t make me kick your ass right here and now,” She said playfully.

Steve threw his arms up in surrender. “Ok there she devil! I give!” Then he smiled.

“I got you something from Tokyo,” John said. John reached into his bag and produced a bottle of sake and a DVD. “Its anime porn!” John said loud enough that other people in the garage could hear. “I know how much you like to watch cartoons having sex!”

Steve rolled his eyes at John. “Thanks I do like a good Hentia but I don’t think people here on the wharf quite heard you!”

All three laughed.

John finally said, “It’s good to be home.”

Alex squeezed him tightly and said, “Yes! I hate it when you are gone for so long.”
Steve finally said, “But that is the nature of our company. If you want to expand, you need the blessing of the Kodakan. And who better to send as an ambassador than John?”

John interrupted, “Well I did find an investor! And as a silent partner, he is wanting to open three more Dojo’s!”

Both Steve and Alex’s eyes grew in size and a big smile stretched ear to ear! All three spoke excitedly for several minuets before Steve realized what time it was.

“Holly shit! It’s almost two in the morning!” Steve blurted out. “I have to go to the Dojo tomorrow!”

“Damn!” Alex said, “So do I!”

“Don’t worry about girl,” Steve said. “It’s a small class. I should have no problems with it. Stay with lover boy and I will see you two later in the day.”

“You’re a gem” Alex said then kissed him on the cheek.

“Yea thanks Bro,” John said.

Steve smiled and as he turned to walk towards his car, yelling out to them, “Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” then he slipped into the darkness.

Part III

Streets of San Francisco Ca., 2:15 a.m. 16 September.

“So did you miss me?” John asked from the passenger side of the car.

“Only a whole lot!” Alex replied.

John reached over to Alex’s bare leg and began to caress the smooth skin of her inner thigh. Alex took in a sharp breath. “What are you doing John?” she said as coolly as possible.

“Me? I’m not doing anything!” he said, “I’m just talking to my wife.”

“John, you never could lie worth a damn.” Alex said. “Besides you have to wait until we get home!”

“Why?” John asked as his hand slowly made its way up Alex’s thigh and under her skirt.

Alex’s breath began to shutter, “Because I said so,” she kind of demanded. “And besides, if you don’t stop doing what you are doing you might cause me to crash the car!”

By this time John had unbuckled his seatbelt and leaned into Alex’s ear. “Then maybe you should stop the car.” He whispered.

“Damn you!” Alex said as she turned into a dark, deserted parking lot. Her skin was burning with desire! She wanted John to kiss and touch every part of her body. “I wanted to wait!”

As soon as Alex put the SUV into park, she unbuckled her seatbelt and attacked John’s mouth with her lips and tongue. She drove her tongue deep into his mouth and made soft, groaning sounds as both their lips made loud, wet, smacking sounds.

Alex pulled away from John, looked dead into his eyes and said, “I want you so bad!”

“So do I!” John said with ragged breath.

Alex smiled, then proceeded to free John’s thick, nine inch cock from his pants. She looked at his throbbing member and noticed the large amount of the clear liquid, she liked to call candy, leaking from the tip.

John eased his half of the benched seat back to allow Alex better access to his now freed cock. “Oh baby you know what I want!” He said to Alex. “Please don’t make me beg!”

“Don’t worry baby! You won’t have to wait any longer!” Alex then positioned her body in such a way that she could have her knees in the driver’s seat and be perpendicular to John. This allowed her to be able to suck John’s cock without having to use her hands to hold herself up, freeing her hands for other uses.

Once she was comfortable and stable, she grabbed John’s hot cock with her right hand and started to caress his shaved balls with her left. “God I missed you!” Alex said while looking at John’s cock and balls.

John almost laughed out loud. For a moment, he thought Alex had said that to his cock and not him. “I missed you to baby.” He said after he realized it was him and not his cock that Alex missed.

Then John felt the warm, wet sensation of Alex’s mouth engulfing his cock.

Alex’s mouth wrapped around John’s massive cock and she tasted his sweet oozing pre-cum. She felt her own cock grow and begin to rub against the coarse material of the wool skirt she wore. The feeling was very erotic for Alex which caused her to move her hip back and forth. The action of John’s cock pressing against the back of her throat and rubbing her own cock was too much for Alex to handle. “I want you in me!” she demanded of John.

John felt his cock twitch as Alex began to straddle him.

“I have been waiting for weeks for this!” Alex said to John.

She had reached down between her legs from behind her own ass to guide John’s, now throbbing, cock into her hot ass. It felt divine, Alex thought to herself. The mixture of her spit and John’s precum was all the lubrication she needed to have him in her.

“Oh my!” were the words that escaped from Alex’s mouth as John’s cock began to fill her up. Alex always loved the way John filled her. She loved when he had all of his nine inches deep in her. Having his balls pressed against her firm ass. Alex truly loved it when his cock rubbed against that magic spot inside of her. Each time his cock went in and out of her, it caused the tip of her cock to ooze more and more precum. So much so that it dripped from the tip onto John’s now bare belly.

While Alex was riding John, she felt his hand slide up her body from her hip to her firm breasts. Her nipples were hard and begging to be touched by John, she was not disappointed.

John had pulled Alex’s blouse open with so much force that buttons were torn off. Alex didn’t care, she only wanted John. Alex felt John’s hot lips and tongue tease her nipples through her bra. “Please John! Suck my tits!” she now had begged John even more. Once John had freed her breasts from her lace, white bra, he did exactly what Alex wanted.

Alex moaned out loud, once she had her tits in John’s mouth. “Oh God baby! That’s it!” Then she began to rock back and forth harder on John’s cock.

“You are going to make me cum!” John yelled.

Once John said he was going to cum, Alex felt John’s cock swell even bigger. “Give it to me!” Alex demanded.

Alex felt her own cock begin to explode. John could cause her to cum from just fucking her. A matter of fact John’s cock was so apt in job, that often it would cause her to have the most mind blowing orgasm. And tonight, in the front seat of their SUV, was no different.

Hot white cum flew from Alex’s cock onto John’s body when she felt him blow his wad deep inside her. Her body went into spasms and her breath became short and ragged. Her orgasm was even greater when she watched John cum in her. It was what she loved when they had sex together. And she never wanted it to end.

Black four door Sedan, fifty meters behind Alex and John’s SUV, 2:32 a.m. 16 September.

Two men sat in the black four-door sedan wondering about the sudden turn into the dark parking lot and why the two occupants delayed leaving.

The man behind the steering wheel was small in stature, about 5’9” and 135. He had olive color skin, dark brown eyes and dark curly hair. This man had a Middle Eastern or maybe Mediterranean look about him. He sat quietly behind the wheel waiting for the man in the passenger seat to act.

The other man was different in appearance. He stood about 6’1” at 250lbs. His hair had turned gray and retreated back so much that the top of his head was completely bare. His eyes were dark as well but they showed many more years in them than his companion.

Finally, after what seemed like a very long time, the old man lifted a small radio to his month and uttered one word. “Go”

Alex and John’s SUV, 2:32 a.m., 16 September

Alex laid her head against John’s strong chest, trying to catch her breath in between her still shuttering body. John slowly caressed Alex’s back, breathing in her perfumed skin and sweat.

“I missed you so much.” Alex purred into John’s chest.

“I missed you to.” He said as he kissed the top of her head. “I think we should get going.” John sighed. “Besides we can do it again with more room to move in,” he said with a slight chuckle.

Alex began to chuckle with John but it soon changed to gasps of air and confusion.

Before both Alex and John knew what had hit them, they were covered in small fragments of glass which was followed by blinding white light and a loud popping sound.

Alex’s ear no longer could hear, except for a high-pitched, chirping ring. Her eyes also failed her; all she could see was the flashing white light in a field of darkness.

In a dream like state, Alex felt herself being pulled apart from John and flung into the cold emptiness of space. And as fast as the chaos had begun it ended with a sharp blow from the ground against her head.

Steve’s apartment San Francisco Ca., 2:47 a.m., 16 September.

Steve lay naked in his one bedroom apartment watching T.V. He was tired but couldn’t sleep.

He looked around his dismal place remembering the time he enjoyed the comforts of a king sized bed and the fact that where he takes a shit was just four feet from his head.

His divorce was not very good for him. She got everything; the house; the cars; the bank accounts, but what really made Steve’s blood boil was she had gotten a lawyer that some how convinced the judge that Steve was a bad guy.

True, he was on the road a lot and he did spend long hours in the office but that was how he was able to provide the 2,500 foot house and the king size bed he was now missing. He thought to himself that if she would have just asked to take a lover or at least bitch about the hours spent away from the house instead of acting as if nothing was wrong, then maybe he would of changed. But then again he thought that he wouldn’t have changed anyway and it was for the best for all involved.

“Women,” he said aloud “Can’t live with them, can’t bury them in the backyard,” then he laughed to himself.

While channel surfing Steve came across a commercial for one of those phone sex numbers disguised as a party chat line. He thought to himself, “hell why not” then he picked up the cordless phone that lay on the milk crate ‘night stand’ that was beside his bed.

“Hi this is Charlene who are you?” a young voice said over the phone.

“I’m” there was a slight pause in Steve’s voice, “Bob” Steve really didn’t know why he felt it necessary to lie to the girl on the phone. It wasn’t like they were going to run into each other at the store or any where else, but he still felt more comfortable giving her a different name.

“Hi Bob,” she said. “So why are you calling so late tonight?”

“I was bored and couldn’t sleep.” He said.

“Is that the only reason you called?” Charlene’s voice was a bit more seductive when she asked.

“Well, maybe a little horny too.” Steve said in lower tones, as if someone would hear him.

“Oh really?” Her voice now was dripping with sex. “What do you think we should do about that?”

“I really don’t know maybe I should just go.” Steve said.

Charlene said, “Oh please don’t go. I will make it worth your while if you stay.”

“How?” Steve replied.

“Hang on, let me get something!” She said. Then Steve could hear her receiver being put down and some noise of things being opened. “Still here sweetie?”

“Yes, I’m still here” he responded.

Charlene said, “Good! Now I want you to listen for a second.”

Steve heard some noise in the background then the familiar sound of a vibrator. It sounded as if it belonged to a larger toy due to its deeper pitch.

The sound then went away and it was replaced by Charlene’s voice. “Did you hear that?” she said.

“Yea,” Steve said.

“Do you know what that was?” Charlene asked.

Steve replied, “It was a vibrator.”

“It’s just not a vibrator!” Charlene’s voice sounded almost offended by Steve’s remarks. “It’s my favorite vibrating dildo!” She said, with a little more playfulness. “It’s about 12” long, fat and made out of some new type of rubber that makes it almost feel like the real thing!” She continued. Then Charlene asked, “So why don’t you stay on line with me and I will tell you all about how it fills my pussy?”

Steve felt his cock began to swell. “Ok, tell me how it fills your pussy.” He said.

Charlene’s voice turned more seductive in tone when she said. “Well after a long night of talking sex to men and women I get a little horny.” She continued, “I mean how much can a girl take?”

Steve reached down to his cock with his left hand then said, “What do you talk about?”

Charlene’s voice began to shutter, “Any thing they want to talk about but if I get to take over the conversation I talk about how much I love to suck a man’s dick or go down on a lady.”

“Yea?” Steve said.

“Oh yea,” Charlene said. “I love to make people cum with my mouth and tongue.” She said. “Just thinking of it makes me wet” Her voice said with a shutter.

Steve’s cock now had grown to its full, erect, eight inches and had begun to throb. He thought that maybe Charlene was really playing with herself which made him even more excited.

“Tell me more baby.” Steve said in a lower tone.

Charlene said, “My pussy gets so wet it needs to be played with or I can’t sleep!”

Steve could hear Charlene moving around, like she was getting comfortable.

“So what do you do?” Steve asked.

“I get on my back, turn on my toy and give my pussy what it wants!” She said. “I rub my pussy first so I can get myself and my toy nice and wet, then once that has happened I push this rubber cock into myself!”

Steve was now stroking his cock in slow, long strokes. He felt how hot his cock was in his hand. He was feeling his cock become more sensitive each time the tip would pass through the circle his thumb and forefinger had made. Steve could see clear liquid began to ooze out of his throbbing cock.

“Mmmmm, that’s it baby!” Steve said.

“Oh God! It’s in me!” Charlene gasped. “It feels so good!” she continued.

“How good?” Steve asked.

“I’m so wet,” She said. Then she said to Steve, “Call me a whore! Call me a dirty little whore!”

Steve’s cock almost exploded when Charlene said that. “Oh, you dirty whore. I want you to fuck your pussy!” Steve found himself stroking faster and more precum oozed from the tip.

“Oh God, stroke that cock you bastard!” Charlene yelled over the phone. There was a deep moan from Charlene’s side of the phone when she finally yelled “I’m cumming!”

Steve knew he wouldn’t last any longer. His cock began the rhythmic twitch it always did before releasing hot cum.

“I can’t hold it!” Steve yelled

Charlene continued making sounds that belonged more to an animal than a human.

“Oh Go..” Steve couldn’t finish what he was going to say. His cock had become a fleshy fountain that sprayed thick, white cum all the way up to his chest. With each blast of his cock being more intense then the one before it.

After a few moments Charlene finally spoke. “Are you still alive?”

Steve chuckled, “Yea, still alive.”

“Good.” Charlene said. “I hope you liked it.” she continued.

“And then some,” Steve replied.

“Well have a good night lover,” She said. “You to,” then Steve hung up the phone.

Steve’s apartment San Francisco Ca., 5:36 p.m., 16 September.

Steve walked into his apartment, tired from the late night and long day of teaching his and John’s Judo classes.

He thought of nothing but taking a shower and crawling into bed. He laid his wallet and keys on a small table which held his answering machine. Steve pushed the small play button on his machine and walked towards the kitchen.

“This is Sally!” a shrilled voice came over the speaker.

Steve was looking into an almost empty refrigerator when he heard his ex-wife’s voice. The voice caused his ears to burn. So much so that he started to hide behind the open refrigerator door, as if she was in the room and about to throw something at him.

“You are late with the alimony!” the she-devils voice continue. “And if you don’t get it to me within the next five days…”

Steve had run over to push the button that would play the next message, cutting his ex-wife’s voice off in mid sentence.

The next message started with a more cheery voice offering an exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor of some lame time-share. He thought it better to hear that than the ‘loving’ croaks of his ex.

Steve had returned to his kitchen and started to make himself something to eat when the next message stopped him dead in his tracks.

“Steve, it’s me Alex. I’m at the downtown police station” Her voice was filled with grief. “Something has happened!” Then Steve could hear her start to sob. “John is missing if you get this, please call me.”

Steve’s machine said in a dead pan way, “End of messages.”

Steve grabbed his cell phone, wallet and keys as he ran out the door, leaving everything where it laid.

San Francisco, Ca. police department, Downtown 6:32 p.m. 16 September.

Once Steve reached the police department, he was led to a back room where Alex sat. As soon as he walked in he saw her sitting, still wearing what she wore the night before. Her hair was matted with some dried blood in it.

“Are you ok?” he said as he took off his coat cover her.

As Steve walked to her, she stood up to meet him and buried her face into his chest.

“I don’t know what happened,” Alex sobbed. “We stopped and then there was a flash.” She wasn’t making sense to Steve.

“Sssh, Just relax I will find out what’s going on.” Steve said reassuringly to Alex.

The door to the small office had opened when an older man walked in.

The old cop was about fifty with thinning gray hair and a face that was deep with wrinkles. His brown eyes looked like they had seen the worst of man kind for so long that they looked permanently sad.

The old cop spoke to Steve. “Are you Mr. Steve Kolaski?”

“Yes,” Steve said.

“I’m Officer William Jones. Do you know a John Jensen?” he asked as he pulled out a small note pad.

“Yea, we go way back.” Steve replied.

“Can we go into my office and talk for a minute?” Officer Jones asked.

“Please don’t leave me!” Alex grabbed tighter around Steve’s chest.

“I’m not leaving you.” He said as he pried Alex away from him. “I will be right back, I promise.”

Alex looked up at Steve with tearful eyes and nodded in understanding.

Steve nodded back and gave a small smile. “I’m going to find out what’s going on. I will be right back.”

Then Steve turned and walked out the door with Officer Jones.

Officer Jones’ office, 6:41 p.m. 16 September.

“What do you mean you have no idea what happened?” Steve’s voice rang out. “Aren’t you the investigators?” Then he continued, “Why aren’t you out there looking for my buddy?”

Officer Jones sat behind his desk quietly while Steve carried on. Then as if he was on stage telling an audience to be quiet, he raised his hand. Steve fell silent.

“Mr. Kolaski.” Jones said. “Here is what I know.” He continued. “At six this morning a man out walking his dog finds Ms. Jensen on the ground, half-naked in a parking lot with a large bump to her head.”

Jones continued after turning a page in his notebook. “Ms. Jensen is taken to the hospital at six forty-five, where she was treated for a concussion and a minor scrap across her cheek.” He turned another page in his notebook. “At 1:15, Ms. Jensen became coherent enough to tell us about her husband John.” Then Officer Jones laid his notebook down and looked at Steve.

“Up until 1:15 we were treating this as a rape and assault case.”

Steve spoke. “So what happened?”

“We aren’t sure,” The old cop said. “But whatever happened, this was done to well to be something like a random act or a case of wrong place, wrong time.”

Steve looked at Jones with a question in his face. “Why do you say that?”

Jones leaned towards Steve and said, “It doesn’t smell right.”

“Huh?” was Steve’s reply.

The old cop said, “I served in recon back in Vietnam and when you’ve spent as much time in the bush as I did, you could tell the difference between friend or foe by the way they smelt. And if they didn’t smell right, you had better stay still and get ready for a fight.”

Steve looked and Jones. “So do we fight?”

“That depends if you can bring any light on this.” Jones asked.

“I can’t add anything, but I could find out something for you.” Steve said.

“Please do” Jones replied. “Now take Ms. Jensen home. She has had a very bad day.”

To be continued.

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