How I met my wife chapter 10

Debra and I got married…the beginning of the end of how I met my wife

Chapter 10.

Our sex life pretty much hit bottom even before Deb and I had our wedding day.Making her stop from having sex with other people and the fact she was pregnant made her even more irritable . She continued to have daily intercourse with me but wasn’t too excited when we did it.

Her mom, who once liked me also became bitchy towards me ,and often turned Deb against my ideas about what to do with the land . Even though Deb picked out the mobile home her mother objected and even tried to encourage her just to sell the land. She wasn’t happy that Deb was going to move to the country or even going to live there with me. The only ones that seemed happy were Ken,Beth and the boys and they helped us out a lot.

It all came to head one afternoon when Ken and I were clearing the land and I asked Deb to get us some lunch.”I am not your fucking slave”she yelled and began walking away”bite me “ she yelled as she waddled into the trailer.

“Wow, someone needs to get laid”Ken said then chuckled “Beth is getting a little irritable too. I have been doing her two and three times a day”I said”I guess maybe it is time I let her do you”. Ken then slapped me on the back ,he gave me some money and told me to go buy us some lunch .

I knew that his plan was to have sex with Deb and I could care less at this time and went to the van. As I started to drive away I thought about Beth then made the turn into their driveway. Beth was happy to see me when I knocked at her door,she gave me a big kiss and hug leading me inside.

“How is everything going up there?”she said when I sat down in the kitchen. I was telling her about all the work we had done when she said “I was just going to come up . I have lunch for you guys and I wanted to see how it was coming along. We might want to wait a while” I said then began to tell her how much of a bitch Deb was being.”Ken and I agreed that Deb needed him to take care of her”so that's what he is doing now”I said.

“Good does that mean we can start having sex again”Beth said giving me a kiss.It has been 4 months and I sure would like your big meat in me again”she said .I smiled began to tell Beth how many times I thought of her and missed her as well. “Deb and I have been doing it three to four times a day, we even tried using toys together” I said .”I made her stop screwing other guys so I think she really needs Ken .

I don't know how she will feel letting me and you have sex”I said “so what do we do” I asked her.Beth sat down thinking then placed her hand on my leg “we will just have to set her straight ,come on”. With that she grabbed our lunches and we went back to the trailer to set her straight.

When we walked into the trailer we heard Deb and Ken going at it. He was really putting it to her ,she was crying “yes fuck me harder,yes yes “over and over. Beth sat the lunch down and started walking down the hall with me in tow. She waited until she heard Ken say he was cuming, then when he finished she barged in.

“So your fucking my husband “she said with a stern voice “let me tell you something”she said pointing a finger at her. Deb had the sheet pulled up over her as she waited for the wrath of Beth, I had to admit I would have been scared too. “If you think you need to screw someone other than your husband then it can be Ken.

You're not going to screw my boys or anyone else but your husband and Ken.So have your fun”she said as she started to turn around then turned back . “And since you will be having sex with him I am going to screw your husband,got it” She turned to with a smile “come on sweet meat “she said “let’s go some where and have fun”

We proceeded to walk out hearing nothing but silence coming from the room.Beth and I crossed the road and began walking down the trail chuckling as we walked. “Wow “I said you really scared the shit out of her,and if I didn’t know you better it would have scared me too. Beth turned and gave me a kiss “that was the mother in me “she said stripping her clothes off,”come on“. I stripped to much to her delight “now we can have sex any time we want”she said.

We stopped and began making out at the virginity rock ,even though I had already fucked Deb twice this morning I was hard wanting Beth.I helped her up on the rock and went directly to her pussy “I sure have missed this”I said as I lowered my mouth onto her pussy.She placed her legs over my shoulders moaning as she began feeling my tongue licking the lips of her pussy.She had her hands on my head as I moved up and down licking her slit with my tongue.”You always have known how to get me off “she said taking short breaths between her words.I had to admit I enjoy orally pleasing Beth better than anyone else ,she shows more emotions on how I please her.

I must have been licking and sucking on her clit for almost 20 minutes until I had to stop. I moved up kissing my way along her belly to her hard nipples, keeping her moaning as I went up. When she pulled my face up to hers she kissed me deep then said “do it, fill me with you cum”. My cock easily slipped inside her while her legs crossed my back keeping me cradled between her thighs.

We had a nice pace going and she must have had numerous orgasms while I was feeling my cum making my way up from my balls.She had another more powerful orgasm when I said I was cumming and unleashed my load deep inside her.My cock continued to throb as her pussy gripped my cock ,then a hand was placed on my back.

“I am sorry” Deb said moving beside us giving me a kiss then Beth one as well. I pulled back and brought Beth standing along with me “and thank you Beth for sharing Ken with me” then gave her another kiss. This time she laid her head on her shoulder looking down at my cock slowly sliding out of Beth.What she did next was not expected and rather spontaneous .

She drew her fingers along my cock through the lips of Beth's pussy then dragged her cum coated fingers to Beth's nipples. She then said “he does have a nice cock doesn't he”as she looked into Beth's eyes running her finger around her still hard nipple.”You have shared Ken and the boys with me for years, I think it is now time to share my boy with you” . I was shocked when the two of them started kissing each other, a very passionate kissing they were doing.

When I moved away Deb moved in and lowered her head and started licking and kissing Beth's pussy. I finally decided it was time to get back and grabbed my clothes and walked back to the trailer. I stopped and got dressed and walked over to where Ken was sitting drinking a soda. I grabbed a soda and sandwich and sat down at the picnic table “wow “was pretty much all I could say.

After a few minutes Ken said “so are they working things out”I laughed “I think they are licking things out right now”causing Ken to spit his drink out.He laughed “I didn’t expect that”he said “it looks like we both will be able to have more fun now.You don’t mind do you”he said ,”as long as your good with it “I said .

It wasn’t ten minutes later when the girls returned smiling and holding hands.Beth kissed Ken then sat beside him.Deb gave me a kiss also sitting down giggling as she looked over at Beth who also started giggling.Ken and I both said “what “at the same time Debra still giggling said “supper is here tonight “ and Beth said “I will bring dessert”.

I think we all seemed happy to get it out in the open that we wanted to have sex with one another.We sat talking about what our plans were with the property and how the future could contain many good memories . Ken and I went back working while Beth and Debra finished the inside work. Things were starting to come together and Debra seemed much more happier.

Ken and I had cleaned the brush from the stream and I was eager to show Debra our accomplishment. We walked down to the edge as I was describing just what we have planned on doing. We sat down on a flat rock and placed our feet in the water,”It isn't deep enough to swim” I said “but we can dam it up so our children will be able too.

Children”she said “just how many children do you think I am going to have”.She didn’t sound happy when she said “just one will be enough. Well we will keep having them until I have a son at least”I said.”we’ll see about that “was her reply.

I had my hand around her waist as she snuggled against me then I asked her how long has she been having sex with her uncle.She sat back looking surprised”why do you ask that,how long have you been having sex with my aunt”she came back with. “I asked you first “I said, giving her a kiss “why did he call you his cherry girl”.

Debra paused “did he tell you “she asked “tell me what ,I thought it just sounded weird”.Ken didn’t tell me he took her virginity it was Beth but I didn’t say anything I was wanting to see if she was going to be honest with me.I listen to her tell me that when she was a little girl she would eat a lot of cherries from his cherry tree and get sick.”Ahh so that is why you don't like cherries now I see” thinking to myself, liar. “So today was the first time you have had sex with him” I replied “did you like it.Why are you asking me these questions”she said then kissed me placing her hand down on my cock.”Was today the first time you had sex with Beth”she asked beginning to rub on my cock.

“No I had sex with Beth long before I had sex with Joan”I said “I would say I have been having sex with her for about three years now”.Her hand came off my cock “I cant believe you”she said starting to stand up but I grabbed her hand and stopped.

“Wait “I said”I needed to tell you that, I also liked when you have sex with other guys .It is only fair though that I can have some fun too.I like having sex with Beth and she likes it too ,but in all fairness Ken should have sex with you too. It does seem to me that he would enjoy having sex with you . If you like doing it with him then you can any time you or he gets the urge. On the same note Beth and I can continue on without the fear of getting caught.

After telling her that I waited for her to give me her opinion,a smile was enough when she said “any time”.She moved closer and I kissed her growing belly,”any time but just let me know. All you have to do is be honest with me, like simply saying that you're going to give Ken a blow job. Even tell me you are going to hook up and fuck ,I am sure then I could go and do Beth.

She kissed me “okay I am going to give Ken a blow jobNOW? “I said. Debra laughed “no but I will after supper tonight”.She kissed me “but I still like your cock better”then left and went back inside .

The night continues in chapter 11

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