A Family At Odds Chapter 11 Final?

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Two weeks went by and in those two weeks there was a few incidents that occurred and even threats by a few people Karl knew well. The first was a few days after Karl was arrested. Seems some one mistook someone as my father and ran into his bike. The biker only had a few bumps and bruises, but my dad's bike had to be taken to a shop. The second one happened that Saturday as some guys thought taking two older women mistaking them for Savannah and Megan. The women fought them off with mace they had in their purses. The third happened at home a few guys acting as pest control guys thought they could slap Megan and Savannah around until I came out of the downstairs bathroom and started fighting them until Cal, Alex, and Maya came in the front door and Cal tazed one while Maya cattle prod the other. The police came out and arrested them finding out later that night who sent them none other then Karls own father. Seems the week before was all his family trying to get back at my family. Aunt Gail still wasn't around as Sasha and Lucy would go to their parents house to get this and that, but with escorts to protect them. They told us it was like she was hardly home. Her clothes were still there and food hardly made. I started to wonder what her plan was going to be. It was Friday around 10:30 a.m. when Dad, mom, my sisters, Caleb, Simon, and of course, Sasha and Lucy went to the court trial to see what would happen. Rick and Kera brought Sierra by as they were going to. Seems the PA didn’t need us saying they had Savannah and my statements and pictures of the seen. So it was Savannah, Megan, Sierra, and I at home with a few bikers hanging outside. Alex and Maya had to go back to Missouri seems three old buddies of Alex's was up to no good hmmm I wonder who they were talking about. We were sitting on the couch as Sierra was playing with her dolls that Kera and Rick got her. It was funny to watch her talking to them. Savannah and Megan would giggle at times. I decided to turn the t.v. on and watch a movie. Savannah got up to get some drinks and brought them back. She got me a Mr. Pibb, Megan a 7 Up and herself a Sprite. We enjoyed the day just us and our daughter. Sierra after a few minutes came up to me and got up in my lap and watched the movie with us. It was a romance/ action movie. My daughter was odd at her age not being scared of movies. I guess she watched a few with dad. He always had a saying that all movies would make him laugh. His knowledge would always get me every time.

The day went nice and before I knew it the time was 4:30 p.m. Sierra was asleep on one end of the couch on the other side of Savannah. Megan, Savannah, and I sat just watching t.v. when the front door open and our family came in. They all had smiles on their faces which made me think it went good. Caleb and Simon were carrying bags of take out behind my sisters. Savannah was the first to speak after they all got seated.

" So how did it go?" She asked holding my hand sitting up

Mom was in my dad's lap and looked at us three. She then looked at everyone else who nodded to her.

" The judge gave him 60 years in prison in another state. Seems there was more to Karl then most had thought." Mom exclaimed with a big smile then added “ And the reason he sent Karl to another state was he didn’t know how far Karl’s friends had followers since they threaten to get him out.”

Savannah, Megan , and I just sat there in shock to mom's words. I looked at Sasha and Lucy to see sad, but happy expressions. I nodded to my ladies who noticed and they both got up and walked to my cousins. Sasha and Lucy hugged either one and broke down. Mom looked over at me and grinned the spoke.

" Nick, you need to be proud of your cousins. Those two stood their ground against Karl’s lawyer. Even though it was rough they stood firm and strong." My mother told me with a proud smile

I stood up and went to my cousins. Savannah and Megan were still hugging them while I pulled them all four into a big hug. After a few minutes they broke the hugs and we all sat down. It was me in the middle with Savannah and Sasha on my right with Megan and Lucy on my left. My sisters, Caleb, and Simon came out of the kitchen saying the food was all laid out and ready. Mom, Savannah, Megan, and my cousins got up to fix plates for everyone. I scooted down to wake up Sierra. She was so adorable waking up. She wiped her eyes then reached up for me. I picked her up and she sat in my lap. Dad looked over and smile shaking his head at us both. Sierra looked up at me smiling.

" Good nap." She said in her cute voice

Savannah brought me a plate with noodles and some chicken and rice. I shared it with Sierra.

“ Don’t think of taking any of someone’s food little missy like you did your Uncle Dwight’s bourbon chicken.” My dad stated making Sierra’s eyes go wide

“ Gandpa mean.” My daughter said as I held her sharing my food

We all sat in the living room eating instead of the kitchen. The food was great what little I ate of it. Seems my daughter like Chinese food and didn't even know it. After everyone ate which seemed the women ate more except Sasha and Lucy. We all talked of what was next and how things might be. Mom said that the PA told the judge about the incidents that happened the past few weeks. The Judge gave the PA the go ahead to round up those that was connected to Karl and would have his backing. Dad exclaimed the police were going to be busy for the weeks to come. I sat there thinking and could only agree. The evening went by with laughs and smiles. Sierra fell back to sleep in Sasha's lap which made her smile. I knew it was going to be a long road for her and Lucy in recovering from all that Karl had them to do. And as a family we were going to help them the best we could. That night Savannah, Megan, and I all made love twice as they had to keep their moans down softly.

A few days later Mom, Savannah, Megan, Shelby, and Lisa had us guys sit in the living room. We didn't know what the heck was going on, but they had looks on their faces that looked serious. Dad asked what this was all about and that was when mom spoke.

" Gray, Nick, Caleb, and Simon you four are in so much trouble right now. Do you know why your in so much trouble?" Mom asked us guys getting confused looks

" We didn't shave when we were suppose to?" Caleb asked getting a no from the women

" We didn't clean the dishes the other day right?" Simon asked again getting a no from the women

Dad and I sat in our spots thinking. Dad turned to look at me with a confused grin. I had a idea, but really didn't know. I wasn't around for Savannah's first so this new experience was going to be fun I thought. I let out a sigh and just sat there waiting to see where this was going. Then I watched mom pull something out of her purse.

“ Do you now what this is?” Mom said hold up a pink stick

Caleb, Simon, Dad, and I just stared at the pink stick and it was Caleb that blurted out.

“ A pregnancy stick?” Caleb asked answering my mother

At that moment the other four pulled out the same similar sticks from their purses and held them up.

“ Wait.your telling us you all five are pregnant?” Simon asked stating a point

" Yes, we are dear. We all went to see why we were eating a lot and feeling moody. We are three weeks pregnant." Mom said smiling to my dad

" Waithow did that happen?" Caleb asked getting a laugh from us

" Well Caleb when a man injects his sperm into a woman the little swimmers." I was cut of trying to explain

" Shut up smart ass, I know how. I meant how in a way of when." He said laughing to me

" Well baby remember that day when you and Simon came home and Lisa and I were dressed in our little outfits?" Shelby asked her fiance

" Yes.oh crap you mean." He asked looking straight at my sister

" Yes that day you all got us preggers." Shelby stated getting a giggle from the others

Us guys just sat there wide eyed looking at the ladies standing. I looked over to see Sierra playing with her dollies. She was smiling and giggling I guess to what her said I didn’t know. My dad looked at my mother then spoke.

" Tessa, I only thought you were kidding about getting you pregnant. I am to old to be a daddy again." My dad stated trying to be funny

" Gray Arthur Covington you are not to old, and besides your going to be a grandpa 4 more times so deal with it." Mom said walking to him and getting in his lap

Shelby went to Caleb, Lisa went to Simon as Savannah and Megan came to me. Sierra was in the chair across from dad's watching and listening. I guess she was confused for she blurted out her question.

" What is pregsent?" My daughter asked confused

" Sweetie you mean pregnant, it means your mommy's, aunt's and I are going to have babies." Mom explained to her granddaughter smiling

Sierra sat there looking at her grandmother, then her aunt's, then to Savannah and Megan. She looked at her doll in her lap then back up at me.

" Da Da I getting a brothur and sistur?" She asked me with a small smile

" I don't know honey is that what you want a brother and sister?" I stated asking seeing her make a face in which I knew was her thinking face

" Yes, I want a brothur and sistur." She said claiming what she wanted

" What about cousins baby girl?" Lisa asked her niece

Sierra sat there again looking at her doll then back at my sisters.

" Gurl cousins like Da Da." She said giving a smile

" Ok my smart granddaughter what about a aunt or uncle?" Mom asked her first grandchild

" That easy gandma. A uncle." Sierra said giggling then added “ Then I be older.”

We all laughed at her last comment.

" Well I think you all heard her she wants a new generation to this family." My dad stated chuckling

" Yep and one of no secrets just truth always." I exclaimed to them all

" You said it bro no secrets from our children." Caleb said agreeing with me

We were all talking and laughing about how the women got preggers when about 4 p.m. there came a knock on the door. Mom got up and went to answer it. A few minutes later she came back in the living room with a upset, sad expression. Followed behind her was two police officers one Male and one Female. They took a few steps into the room and looked at Megan.

" Are you Ms. Megan Douglas?" The female officer asked

" Yes, what is this about officers?" Megan answered then asked

" Ma'am your under arrest for armed robbery at the local jewelry store." The Female officer stated getting wide eyes from us all

" WHAT? I didn't rob no jewelry store I was with my family today." Megan said standing up

" That's right she was with us." Shelby said backing Megan up

" We have video showing you plan as day and eye witnesses." The male officer stated as his partner came over to Megan

" I didn't do it I am telling you. Tessa please help me?" Megan said with tears showing

" I am going to, Rick and I will you don't talk to anyone until we get there you hear me Megan." Mom stated standing there in front of Megan as she was being handcuffed and read her rights

I stood up getting mad at the way they were treating my wife. Simon had to stand to hold me back. Savannah told them to be careful that Megan was pregnant. The female officer nodded being gentle with Megan. Megan was crying saying over and over she didn't do anything of the sort. We all believed her, but I guess they didn't for we followed them out the door. I watched as the female officer gently helped Megan in back of the car. Savannah was hugging me crying also as she watched her wifey being hauled to jail. I heard mom talking on her cell to Rick. After the call she said Rick was on his way to the police station to find out what all was going on. Mom went and got ready. She was going also to make sure her daughter n law was being taken care of. The rest of us went back in and sat. Sierra was crying as she witnessed her second mommy being taken. Savannah picked her up and sat with her. I sat on the couch with everyone trying to calm me down. Mom left to the station with Shelby and Lisa going with her. Dad told Caleb and Simon to get ahold of Cal and see if he can't find out anything. They nodded and left. I sat there thinking that this day started good, but then went to hell.

Mom and Rick kept trying to find all they could to try and help Megan. Savannah and I visited Megan that week. Her eyes were red from all the crying she told us she had done. She missed us so much that it hurt. Savannah and I were the same missing her very so much. It was a week from the time Megan got arrested that the police showed up again, but this time it was for Savannah. They claimed that there were eye witnesses saying that a crazy woman was driving recklessly down the streets with a baby in the back seat. Savannah pleaded saying she never drove reckless in her life. I cried as they took my ebony love out the door and to their car. Dad had to hold me back saying that mom and Rick would take care of it. Mom again was on her phone calling Rick to tell him this time it was Savannah. I felt helpless that there was nothing I could do. Dad told me to think of Sierra as he left with mom to get anything he could to tell Cal where to start looking adding to what he was doing to help get Megan out. I stayed home with Sierra. I sat on the couch holding my daughter close to me crying as I was missing her mother. Sierra was crying in her sleep saying mommy. I held her trying to calm her little heart. That night I had Sierra sleep in her mom's spot on the bed. I placed pillows on either side of her as I sat in the chair in the room and just watched over her. She was my little angel that kept my heart full. Mom came in about 10 p.m. to check on us. She whispered for me not to give up on Savannah and Megan that her and Rick were doing all they could. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around her waist and held her. She ran her fingers through my hair calming me as I cried again holding my mother next to me. I didn't notice my dad coming in as I felt a hand on my left shoulder. After a few minutes I let go of my mother and dad stepped by her. Mom said they will be here for me and Sierra. Dad suggested I get some sleep for tomorrow it would just be Sierra and I home. I looked up at them confused. Dad noticed and said he, Caleb, and Simon were riding to different places to find the ones that really did the crimes that Savannah and Megan were accused of. I just nodded my head as they gave me a hug and walked out of the room. I sat in the chair and just watched as Sierra slept peacefully. It was about 11:30 p.m. when I decided to get some sleep as my parents suggested. I laid down next to Sierra and reached my left arm over her to keep her safe. She wrapped her short arms around my arm, but stayed asleep. I closed my eyes and to myself I said ' I love you ' to Savannah and Megan hoping they could hear my thoughts.

The next day came with breakfast being cereal as mom and dad left early to start their day to help their daughter n laws. I had Sierra in my lap we both ate our cereal. She enjoyed eating with me sitting in my lap. After breakfast I let Sierra play in the living room floor while I sat in the chair across from dad's and just watched her. She was playing with her dollies. She had a Barbie and Strawberry shortcake dolls. She acted like a mommy to them. It was cute hearing her tell them to be good and behave. Sierra was a smart little girl she picked up on talking and was walking real good. After awhile Sierra was laying on the floor with her pacifier in her mouth. I got up and stepped over to her. I picked her up and took her straight up to her room and laid her in the bed dad had made for her. I turned the baby monitor on and took the second one so I could hear if she woke up or needed me. I closed the door, but only to a crack. I went back down stairs and looked to see it was around 11:45 a.m. I sat on the couch and watched some t.v.

Around 12:30 p.m. there came a knock on the door. I got up and went to answer it. Once I opened the door my eyes went wide, because right in front of me was my Aunt Gail. She was wearing a summer dress and sandals. I shook my shock away and asked what she wanted. She exclaimed she only wanted to talk and that was it. I didn't know what to do or say, but let her in and shut the door. I went over to my dad's chair and sat. I didn't know how to take this new situation, but sat to listen. Aunt Gail didn't sit but stayed standing not far from the chair across from me. She looked into my eyes and spoke.

" So are you the only one here?" She asked me being curious

" No, Sierra up in her room sleeping. I was just watching some t.v." I answered her with a wondering look

" Oh so how she doing?" She asked me again being curious

" She's doing ok missing her mother and Megan. Just like I am missing them" I answered saying to her

" Awww that is to be expected dear. I am sure they will be ok behind bars." She said with a evil grin which made me become shocked at her words

" Whatwhat do you mean Aunt Gail?" I asked her seeing her grin fade and she became serious

" Oh Nick I know your smarter then that. Think for a few minutes did you really think your Uncle Karl was behind everything?" She asked me with a wicked smirk

I sat there taking what she just said. My mind swam in what all had been going on. Savannah's fake warrant, the split up between us, the abduction, both Megan and Savannah being arrested. I looked up at my Aunt to see her holding a gun. It looked like a 9 mm.

" Youyou been behind everything?" I asked her lowering my hands to the sides of dad's chair

" Yes, I knew you were smart my Nick. I am the one behind it all. Your Uncle just went on with everything. Yes he was getting a ego and making the money, but it was me suggesting everything. You see Nick it was you that I really wanted. Your uncle wasn't able to keep it up. So I had him use his influence to keep women away from you, but seems they kept coming back or there was someone new. And yes I set both of your loves up so they will be out of the way." Aunt Gail told me explaining it all

" Aunt Gail your crazy, what you did to to your daughters was horrid. What about them?" I asked her easing my right hand into the side pocket

" Oh them I needed them two obedient and it worked. Although their dad raping them wasn't me. Karl raped me the night of our wedding, but I have to say I loved it he made my inner slut waken up." She said smiling down at me

" Aunt Gail you need help." I stated feeling the cold steel I needed

She looked at me with wide eyes taking in my words. I noticed her cock the 9mm. and point it at me.


At that moment she was aiming at me until we heard Sierra crying over the baby monitor. Aunt Gail looked at it giving me a moment to pull the 35 caliber gun my dad kept on the side of his chair. I raised it up at her as she turned her head to see it. Gail raised her gun again, but it was too late as I pulled the trigger. It seemed as time stopped as I watched my Aunt go backward and land in the chair across from me. The gun she had fell to the floor with a thud. I dropped dad's gun and went to her. She was coughing up blood as I looked to see the bullet hole in her chest. She slowly raised her right hand and placed it on my left cheek of my face.

" Youwerealwaysa.loving.boy." She said as she couched again then added" Ilovedyouasmy.baby."

At that moment her hand fell and her head lowered. I felt her chest and she wasn't breathing. I backed up on my hands and feet and sat there in front of her dead body in the chair. I brought my knees up to my chest with feet flat. I just stared at my hands not believing of what I just had done. My Aunt was dead I killed her. My mothers second oldest sister sat dead. I couldn't feel anything except sadness then numbness. It was Sierra yelling Da da then daddy that brought me out of my thoughts. I thought of Sierra and stood up quick. I didn't want her to see Aunt Gail sitting in that chair dead. I had to get to her from walking down the hall and the stairs. I finally got to her room and grabbed her as she had her arms up for me.

" Da Da you kay." She asked me worried

I didn't know what to say as I stepped to the rocking chair and sat. I held her in my arms like a little baby. I started rocking her as she kept looking up at me. I didn't know what to say to her. My mind was numb and wondering what I was going to do. I just killed a person and that person was MY Aunt. Oh god I just killed mom's sister and Lucy and Sasha's mother. I sat there rocking my daughter not knowing how long it was getting to be. Sierra stayed quiet except biting on the pacifier. I felt my eyes wanting to tear up, but I couldn't really cry in front of Sierra. My mind was brought out of it's thoughts as I heard a bike and sirens pull up. I heard the front door slam open and my father's voice yelling for me and Sierra. He sounded frantic as I heard foot steps running up the stairs and Sierra's door open hitting the wall. I looked up to see my fathers shocked face. He saw my eyes and the sadness in them. He reached for Sierra and I handed her to him. She protested against letting me go, but dad took her from me. He said he would call mom and get her home once the authorities was done with all they had to do. I nodded as I walked out of my daughters room. She was crying yelling ' Daddy Daddy' I cried as I walked to the stairs and down. The officers came at me telling me to get on my knees and place my hands above my head. I was handcuffed and read my rights. A officer went up the stairs to talk to my dad. The officer that handcuffed me had me stand and led me to the door. I looked to see there was a cover over my Aunt as we walked by the chair. I cried again feeling so sad at what I had done. Once outside I noticed the paramedics pulling up and another police car behind them. The neighbors all came out watching as I was placed in the squad car. I sat in the back just looking at my lap. The officer I guess went back in to talk to his partner as the paramedics and police that showed up went in. I still was beside myself feeling myself fall deeper into the darkness.

Gray's POV:

I am holding Sierra upstairs and talking to my wife Tessa on the phone in our bedroom. Sierra cried for the longest time over watching her father walk away from her which he never did before. I told Tessa what I walked into and that the police were down stairs investigating what happened. I told them about the audio and video camera's I had installed since the whole Karl thing began. I gave them access to take the video so they could make their own assumption as to what to do. They said they would look it over and let me know. I told Tessa who was sobbing , but kept strong asking about if Nick was ok. I told her he wasn't that his eyes were empty of life and all there was lift was despair. She said oh god no. I told her the police had the dvd copy of the incident. She said her and Rick would get down to the police station to see what they could do. I told her to call Shelby and Lisa saying I needed them here to help with their niece. She said she would and told me to stay strong for Nick was going to need us in the long run. I told her I was trying, but seeing my son's eyes broke my heart. She understood and said she loved me and I responded saying I loved her. We hung up as I placed my cell down Sierra woke up and looked up into my eyes. She didn't have a smile just a sad expression. I knew why for she thought her daddy left her. I reassured her he didn't saying he would be back and that he loved her. She only nodded as she played with my cross watching as it shined. The police officer came into the bedroom and asked if he could help with anything. I told him just to make sure it was intentional or if Nick did it in defense. He said he would and would make sure Nick was in a cell in private. I guess he also saw the look my son had in his eyes. He also said they were taking the chair as evidence. I told him that was ok as I would of got rid of it anyway. He turned and left to get what else they needed.

After the police and paramedics left with evidence, pictures, and Gails body. Caleb, Simon, Shelby, Lisa, Lucy, and Sasha showed up. They all came in and saw me sitting in my chair with a glass of Hot damn on ice. It was Shelby that asked what happened. I guess Tessa didn't tell her or Lisa. I sat there thinking of how to tell them all. I looked over at Sasha and Lucy to see concern. How was I going to tell them their cousin killed their mother defending himself and saving Sierra at the same time. I looked over at my laptop that Tessa got me and thought it best for them to see for themselves.

" The best way to tell you is show you. I had audio and video camera's hidden around the living room just in case something happened and well guess they caught everything that happened. I do have to tell you all to not think bad of Nick for right now my son feels empty and feels he shouldn't live." I told them stating a fact

" Dad what do you mean Nick thinks he shouldn't live your scaring me." Shelby asked with fear in her eyes

" Honey you will just have to see what I mean for yourself." I told her then added" Simon if you wouldn't mind press enter on my laptop." I said to them as Simon nodded and took a few steps over to my laptop

Simon pressed enter and stepped back to where he sat on the arm of the couch. The screen came up to showing Gail coming into the living room and Nick coming over to sit in my chair.

" That's mom why was she here." Lucy asked getting nervous

" Just keep watching Lucy the truth will be told." I exclaimed as they watched intently

I took another swig of my drink as it got to the part Gail was talking. She was telling Nick the truth about how she set things up against Megan and Savannah. And how Karl was just a ego power puppet. But if they watched Nick's left hand he was writing on the chair that he was sorry. The next thing that came was Sierra's voice over the baby monitor and then the shot. I had Simon press enter again to stop the video. I looked over to see Sasha and Lucy holding each other. Shelby and Lisa both lowered their heads I guess to think. Caleb had sorrow in his eyes for Nick as did Simon. Lucy looked over to me and spoke.

" Uncle Gray, I am so sorry Sasha and I never knew. Oh god mom why did you do all those things to us." Lucy said crying her eyes out

" I know you didn't Lucy and Sasha. None of us did she put on a good act all these years." I said looking at them crying

" What about Nick where is he dad?" Lisa asked being concerned

" At the police station, they arrested him thinking it was intentional, but I gave them the dvd version so they had some kind of proof." I exclaimed to them all

" Dad, they better let our brother go, and if they hear Sierra crying saying daddy they will know she saved him. If she didn't he would be dead and she might of been kidnaped." Shelby pointed out telling me getting everyone agreeing

" Yes I know, but my main concern are them two right there right now. Your mom and Rick are trying to help Nick. We have to deal with here at this moment." I told them all as Sasha and Lucy looked at me

" Uncle Gray, I am not going to lie. I do feel sad and anger, but not for Nick all for my mother. Yes he did kill her, but protecting him and Sierra. Shelby is right he would be dead if Sierra didn't cry to distract mom." Lucy said to me explaining

" My sisters right about our feelings Uncle Gray. Mom brought it on herself fucking up peoples lives. I loved her, but she stopped being my mom a few years ago. I guess it was when Nick found the adoption papers." Sasha confessed telling me truthfully

" Sasha and Lucy I want to say I am sorry about Gail. She at one time was a good person, but when she got with your father she changed. I know all about Karl's family and the way they are." I told them being sincere

" Yes, they um aren't so nice. Uncle Gray Dad's father and brother used us in bad ways, and because of them Sasha and I are so goofed up in the head. We can do our jobs just fine, but when it comes to intimacy and love well we don't know how to be in love. Or know if a man is being sincere." Lucy explained to me making my blood boil

" Lucy and Sasha once your Aunt can get a therapist to help you she will, but until then this family will do what they can to help ok." I told them being truthful

" So how are we going to help Nick. He has to be beating himself up inside?" Caleb asked getting everyone's attention

" Caleb right now I don't know. If you seen his eyes you would of seen a empty shell of a man." I told him stated a fact

" Dammit, we have to figure something out. Nick is better then this, because he has his family now, he has two women who love him and are going to need him, and he has that little girl upstairs that needs him." Simon said speaking up in anger

I sat there listening to them all stating their feelings. I had to agree with them all for my son was stronger then this. He never has killed before, but it's like I was told by my father ' When you kill someone it takes a part of your soul'. Caleb said he needed to go, because this whole thing was making him crazy. Simon agreed by saying he needed some air and think of how we all could help my son. Shelby and Lisa asked them if they wanted company. Caleb looked at Simon who shook his head no. Caleb turned to look Shelby in the eyes and told her to stay here incase I needed any help. I was still struggling at times with my spinal disease, but felt ok. Shelby and Lisa got up to give their men a hung and kiss. Afterward I told Caleb he was in charge of the club for a week as I was going to stay home to help my son. He said ok and told me to stay strong. I told him I would try as him and Simon nodded and left. my daughter’s and nieces helped to keep Sierra distracted and loved. I guess seeing her dad walk away really hurt her still. They even reassured her that Nick loved her more then life. She would nod as accepting their words. I got up and unplugged my laptop from the t.v. and took it back to Tessa and my bedroom. Once in the bedroom I placed it on the desk and went over to the bed. I sat on the edge and that was when I broke down and cried. I remembered the look in my son’s eyes the emptiness that was showing. I saw those eyes before in a few of my old friends that came back from afar. They told me it would be with them for a long while until they could come to terms with what all they did. I sat there crying wishing it was me in my son’s shoes. He was still young being 21 and just getting a life. I had my face in my hands when I heard the door open. I stayed seated not moving until I felt a hand on my right shoulder and a loving voice.

“ Gray darling what’s the matter my love?” Tessa asked me as I looked up in her eyes

I reached for her and pulled her into my lap. She placed her arms around my neck to comfort me. I pulled her close to me crying on her chest.

“ Tessa our son he is in trouble how are we going to help him. God he just got in our lives not long ago?” I asked her answering her

“ Shhh baby, I am not going to let nothing happen to our son. Rick and I watched the video down town and they can’t hold him because it was self defense. Even the PA said so and the Chief of Police. Gray they have to keep him for a night or two just to get the facts straight.” Tessa told me comforting me more

We held each other until I spoke again.

“ What about the girls, Gail admitted to setting them up on the video?” I asked her being curious

“ Donald Greenhill is working on that right now. He even has Rick helping him. Donald said that even though Gail is dead she admitted on video of her actions. And he is going to have a press conference talking about it and hopes the impostors show up and turn their selves in.” She told me reassuring me

We held each other for a few moments then a thought came to me. I looked up at Tessa and looked in her eyes.

“ How are you holding up? I mean about Gail.” I asked her being concerned
Tessa looked back in my eyes and that was when her tears started to flow. I held her close to me and let her cry. She let the tears fall on my shoulder as she held me close to her. I knew the lose of Gail would hit her, but deep down I hoped she didn’t blame our son. We stayed in each others embrace for awhile until she eased up on her crying and eased up on her hug. She looked into my eyes and started speaking.

“ Gray I am not going to lie. I am very sad because my sister is dead, but I know Nick had no choice in the matter. It was either him or her and to tell the truth I rather it was Gail. She was not the sister I once knew. I just wish things didn’t turn out like this.” She confessed telling me with red eyes and tears

“ I know darlin, but the thing now is helping everyone get through this especially Nick. When I saw his eyes I knew right then in the back of his mind that he wished he didn’t pull the trigger.” I told her stating a fact

“ Oh god Gray you mean he wished it was him?” Tessa asked me being shocked

“ Yes, because he is numb darlin. Didn’t you see him today?” I said answering her with a nod

“ Yes, but I didn’t really look in his eyes like you did. I sat there waiting for him to talk to Rick and I, but he never did speak. That was when we asked to see all the evidence the police had. When we watched the video and heard everything Rick kept a eye on me to make sure I didn’t pass out or break down.” She told me explaining everything

“ So what do we do now? I mean how are we going to get Nick and the girls out of jail?” I asked her being concerned again

“ Well they have the proof of Savannah and Megan’s innocence. And they know Nick shot Gail in self defense so it will just be a few days until they are released.” Tessa told me explaining

We sat there talking a little more until there came a knock on the door. Tessa wiped her eyes and got up to go answer the bedroom door. It was Shelby saying supper was ready. Tessa and I told her thank you as I stood up and walked to my wife. I took her hand and we followed our daughter down the hall and stairs. Once in the kitchen I noticed Sierra in her high chair looking sad. Lisa sat on her right and Simon on her left. Lucy and Sasha sat next to each other also said. Caleb sat in his normal spot waiting for us to sit. It was a quiet supper as no one felt like talking. I would hear my granddaughter sob as I knew she was missing her parents. Lisa would calm her down to eat every so often. For myself I sat in my chair thinking of how to get my family back as one.

Tessa’s POV:

It’s been a week since my sister’s untimely death. I have had mixed feeling’s, but I know her death wasn’t intentional. Nick was released Tuesday as the judge also watched the video and stated that Nick was defending himself from Gail. Nick has hardly spoke or left the house. He stays in his room or stays in Sierra’s just to watch her sleep. She was so happy to see him when he got home. I am driving home after picking up Savannah and Megan. Seems the press conference Donald had on Monday help the true criminals to come forward on Wednesday. They confessed that Gail paid them to impersonate Savannah and Megan. So Donald hoped on the paperwork and went to the judge and had both Savannah and Megan released from jail. I had no idea how to tell the both of them about Nick and the whole ordeal. Savannah was sitting in the passenger seat looking out the window then spoke out of the blue.

“ I can’t wait to get home and give Sierra a hug and hold Nick in my arms.” She exclaimed telling Megan and I

“ I know what you mean babe. I have missed them so much.” Megan stated agreeing with Savannah

“ Girl’s About Nick umhow do I say this?” I said trying to find my words

“ What Tessa, what is wrong with our husband?” Savannah asked me with a panicked expression

“ Savannah, Megan, did you hear anything while you were in jail?” I asked them looking at Megan in the rear view mirror

They sat thinking of my words then it was Megan that answered.

“ All I heard was that the police brought in a man that shot a woman. I didn’t catch his name just he was not talking.” Megan answered telling me

“ I heard the same thing, and I just sat in my cell saying my baby wouldn’t do such a thing.” Savannah also answered with a calm grin looking at me

I drove in silence for a few minutes until Megan spoke.

“ Tessa, why did you ask us that? Did something happen we should know about?” She asked me getting concerned

“ Yes Tessa your making me feel scared.” Savannah said telling me with worried eyes

I took a breath and looked at them both then back at the road.

“ Savannah, Megan, Nick was the man that shot and killed the woman. The woman was Gail my sister.” I explained coming out and telling them

They both gasped covering their mouths as in shock. Out the corner of my right eye I noticed Savannah shaking her head no. Like one does in denial she turned to look at me.

“ No he couldn’t of Tessa he is a loving, kind, and caring man. Why would he kill his Aunt?” Savannah proclaimed asking me

“ Oh god please tell us this is some kind of sick joke because it’s not funny.” Megan told me with a very worried expression
“ I wish it was , but it’s the truth. He shot her in self defense. Gray had hidden camera’s installed at one time. The camera’s picked up the audio and Gail admitted to everything. She admitted to suggesting things to Karl, and setting you both up which by the way is the reason you both are free. She wanted you both out of the way so she could get Nick. She pulled a gun on him. If it wasn’t for Sierra crying for Nick he would be dead. Gail got distracted by the baby monitor and looked back at Nick to see him holding a gun and he shot her.” I told them both explaining the events of that horrible day

Both of them sat in silence as I finally pulled in the driveway. I put my SUV in park and shut the motor off. We sat there for a while until I came out to explain more.

“ Nick isn’t the same you two. He is hardly talking or eating. He stays in the bedroom or in Sierra’s to watch over her while everyone is gone. Gray said that when Nick shot Gail it took a part of his soul. He is not accepting the whole situation at all. I don’t know what to do I..I need my son back. A mother doesn’t want her child to be like he is.” I explained bringing my hands up to my face

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked to see Savannah looking at me with her eyes. Megan moved up between the front seats half way looking at my face.

“ Tessa, let us try mom. We love him so very much that we will try our best to get him out of this.” Megan told me with a small grin

“ Girls I hope your right everyone has been trying to no avail. He won’t even go on a ride with anyone.” I told them stating a point

They looked at me then nodded their heads. We all three got out of the SUV and walked to the front door. The door opened and Sierra was the first to run out of the house only to go straight to her mommy and Megan. Savannah picked up Sierra and hugged her tight as Megan came up to them and hugged Sierra in a small group hug. Savannah and Megan told Sierra they missed and loved her. Sierra said the same giving them a kiss on the cheeks. Gray came to me seeing my expression wrapping his arms around me. We watched as the little reunion was being shared between mother and daughter. Megan was also a mother to Sierra, but it was Savannah and Sierra that caught Gray and my heart at their embrace. After a few moments we walked in to find the living room empty. Gray sat in his chair and I followed by sitting in his lap. Savannah, Megan, and Sierra all went to the couch and sat. Sierra was in Savannah’s lap as Megan sat by Savannah snuggling close. I looked at Gray and saw his eyes.

“ He still hasn’t come out yet?” I asked my husband being curious

“ Nope, Nick still up there sitting on the edge of the bed. He won’t eat anything or drink.” Gray was telling us

We all sat there until Savannah had Sierra come to me and Gray. She stood up and took Megan’s hand and exclaimed they were going to go spend some time with Nick. Gray and I watched them walk up the stairs hand in hand with determined expressions to help our son. I picked up sierra and placed her in my lap. Gray started tickling her getting her to laugh. I just smiled at her laughing after a week. She cuddled up to me and just sat there playing with Gray’s necklace she admired so much.

Savannah’s POV:

Megan and I stepped into our bedroom and saw our love on the edge of the bed staring at the floor. I shut the door behind us and walked over to Nick. Megan sat by him on his right as I kneeled in front of him placing my hands on top of his that were in his lap. I looked up into his beautiful blue eyes and saw sadness. Megan placed her arm around him trying to comfort him.

“ Nick, Baby it’s us your two loves. We are here honey were home.” I told him seeing him look into my eyes

“ Savannah.” Nick said turning his head to see Megan then added “ Megan.”

“ Yes honey were home baby.” Megan said giving him a small smile

“ You both are home really?” He asked us getting a nod from both of us

“ Yes baby we are. Mom brought us home, but she told us all that happened. You want to talk about it my love.” I asked him getting up on his left side

“ II don’t really want to. Sorry, but I don’t really want to talk about anything that happened.” He said looking back at the floor

“ Baby, it’s ok we don’t have to, but you need to eat baby. You have to keep your strength up.” I told him being truthful

“ Why? Why should I?” He asked making Megan and I gasp then he added” I don’t really feel like doing anything as I am just nothing anymore.”

Megan and I sat there with wide eyes looking at the man we love. He was talking like he was giving up on everything. I took his left hand in my right and held it.

“ Nick stop talking like that. You are something to us as we love you. You have a daughter that needs you in her life. Don’t you see that baby? You have a family that cares and loves you very much.” I explained to him that he still had us all

“ But.” He started to say until cut off by Megan

“ No but’s baby, you need to come out of this. You had no choice in what happened. Nick you are strong, don’t let what happened turn you away from us please.” Megan stated telling him what he need to hear

We sat there for awhile as he looked at the floor. I guess he was thinking of what Megan and I said. It wasn’t long until he let go of my hand and stood.

“ II need to get out of here for awhile. I’ll see you both later.” He said walking away and out the bedroom door

Before Megan and I could get up and follow him we heard his trike start up and he was gone. We sat there trying to figure out what just happened. I turned to Megan and saw a few tears in her eyes.

“ Savannah what are we going to do? If Nick doesn’t come out of this what kind of life are we going to have? And what about the babies we are carrying they need a father.” Megan asked me with tears falling

I scooted over to her and placed my arms around.

“ I don’t know babe, but one thing we can’t give up on him. We just need to show him we are here for him and love you deeply.” I told her as I held her in my arms

We went back downstairs to see Sierra crying. I asked what was wrong and Tessa said she was crying, because Nick just past by ignoring us. I felt mad, because Nick ignored our daughter, but part of me understood his reason. I picked my daughter up and went to the couch to sit with her. Megan sat by me and snuggled up to me. She was so sad and lost like I was.

“ I want my daddy.” My daughter said sadly

“ I know baby girl so does Megan and I.” I told her holding Sierra so close to me

“ So what happened up there?” Gray asked us in a stern tone

“ We tried to talk to him, we poured our hearts out.” I told them feeling my eyes water

“ Honey, we all have tried, but it seems he is going deeper into that black void called depression.” Tessa says telling Megan and I

Nothing was said after that as we sat. Sierra was sobbing in my lap holding my arms close to her. I was lost for the second time in my life. I never felt so helpless in my life. The man I love was hurting so much, because of a woman who wanted him as hers. And that woman being his Aunt. I just sat there in my sadness hoping for a miracle to happen.

The weeks went by with Shelby, Lisa, Caleb, and Simon preparing things for their double wedding. Gray and Tessa were helping them with a few things like a place to have it and finding a preacher. Megan and I still stayed close to Nick letting him know we loved him. Sierra would try to approach him at times, but felt she was losing her daddy. It was September almost a month and a half until the Double wedding of Shelby and Lisa. It was a Wednesday and us ladies were definitely starting to show. Megan and I were sitting in bed with Sierra between us. Nick decided to go down stairs to be alone since we were the only ones in the house. Tessa made it a point that I was to not work until my first trimester was over. I sat on the bed taking a sip of my water when Sierra spoke.

“ Mommy what is wrong with daddy.” She asked me in a concerned soft voice

I sat there thinking of how to explain it to her. No one told her, and as for the funeral Tessa thought it better to have her sister cremated then buried. Megan looked at me with a expression of wonder. I took my daughters little hand and looked into her eyes.

“ Baby girl, your daddy thinks he is a bad man, he did something that hurt him in a big way.” I told her seeing her listen intently then added” Your daddy is what adults call depressed and very sad.”

“ But daddy protects us.” She said being a big girl

“ Yes he does, but what he did hurt him honey.” Megan chimed in telling her god daughter

Sierra sat there taking in what we said. I didn’t know what else to say at that moment. I didn’t want her to know yet that her father shot his aunt until she was way older.

“ Mommy help me down, me going to nap.” She said coming to me and I helped her off the bed

She was walking better as I watched her walk out into the hallway, but instead of taking a right to her room she took a left to the stairs. Megan and I looked at each other and got off the bed and went into the hallway. We watched as she walked to the stairs. I was about to stop her until Megan stopped me. She placed a finger to her lips and took my left hand. She pulled me leading me to the stairs. Sierra was taking her time getting down the stairs. Sliding her butt down one step to the other. Megan and I stayed quiet as we tip toed down the stairs to follow Sierra. Sierra made it down the stairs and over to where my husband was sitting in the new chair Gray bought. Megan and I got to the middle of the stairs and ducked behind the railing to sit. We looked between the railing and saw a cute sight. Sierra was in front of her daddy.

“ Up.” She said to Nick as he looked down at her with a very small grin

He helped her into his lap, but instead of sitting she was on her knees. She placed her hands on each side of his face and looked into his eyes. What Megan and I didn’t expect came out of her mouth.

“ Daddy good man.” She said which brought Nick, Megan, and I wide eyes

Sierra sat in her daddy’s lap then laid down cuddled up. He looked down at his daughter and at that moment Megan and My husband started to cry. I wanted to go comfort him, but Megan stopped me whispering he needs this. I took in what she said and agreed. We watched as Nick sat there crying looking at his daughter. She was cuddled in his arms with her head on his bicep. At that moment Nick spoke with tears.

“ What have I done, I took a life of someone that was like a mother to me, but yet she took me from my real mother. Aunt Gail you hurt my family. You and Uncle Karl gave them pain in their hearts. You tried to keep those that love me away from me. I am sorry for what I did, but again I am not. You almost made this little girl in my arms fatherless. I pray I am forgiven by the man up stairs. And I hope you find peace one day. I can’t go on like I have for there are people that love me, and this little girl is one of them.” He paused and looked up at the ceiling then added “ I love you Aunt Gail and always will but as a nephew.”

He cried seating there as did Megan and I. He was mourning this whole time in his heart. I held Megan’s hand and squeezed it tight as she did mine. Our tears fell on the step in front of us. It was several minutes later that Nick slowly got up and came towards the stairs. Megan and I didn’t move for there wouldn’t of been time. He got to the foot of the stairs and looked to see us.

“ Hey baby.” I said trying to cover our tracks

“ Hey darlin umhow long have you both been sitting there?” He asked us with a odd expression

“ Oh ummaybe for a bit just trying to relax.” Megan said sort of being truthful

“ Yeah umok.” Nick said then added holding Sierra” I want to say I am sorry for the way I have been acting. I love you both and know you were just trying to help me theses past several weeks.”

“ Baby it’s ok we really understand.” I told him with a assuring small smile

“ Well still I am sorry, but could you both do something for me?” He stated asking us for a favor

“ What is it darling?” Megan asked him with a grin

“ Think you to can help me get up the stairs, either I am getting weak or our daughter is growing like a weed.” He said with a chuckle

We all laughed as Megan and I stood up and went down the stairs to the man we loved. I got on his right as Megan got on his left. We all started up the stairs and made it to the top. I thought Nick was going to take Sierra to her room, but he turned at ours and stepped in. Megan and I stopped until he got to the bed and started to sit down and scoot back to the middle. He laid down placing Sierra on his chest. He looked over her and winked at us then motioned us with his head. Megan and I smiled as we went to get in bed with him and our daughter. We did something we never did in quite awhile cuddle as a family. Sierra raised her head and looked at us three.

“ Daddy, mommy, and godmother I love you.” She said as she lowered her head back down

“ We love you to baby girl get some sleep my ray of sunshine.” Nick said telling his daughter

Megan and I placed our arms over Sierra and next to Nick’s body. We may of didn’t do anything because of Sierra being in the room, but this moment felt wonderful we were a family. I placed my head on Nick’s shoulder. I closed my eyes and fell asleep knowing my love was back in our lives.

It’s the second Saturday in October at 10 a.m in the morning. I am standing outside the dressing room of the church waiting for my Sister’s Shelby and Lisa. I knock on the door and wait for permission to go in. I hear Lisa tell me to come in. I open the door and have Sierrawalk in first as I follow we both see three beautiful ladies standing in the room. My mother, Sasha, and Lisa standing there in beautiful dresses. Sierra goes to mom and grabs her hand and just looks at the three of them in aww.

“ Wow, you three look breathtaking.” I tell them smiling

“ Aww thank you sweetie, and you look so handsome.” Mom tells me smiling back

“ Yes you do little brother I bet Savannah and Megan want to take you home.” Shelby says with a grin

“ They do, but I have two beautiful sister’s to walk down the aisle. Are you all ready?” I say and ask them getting a nod

Mom takes Sierra with her and they step out and get in their places as Shelby and Lisa step over to me, but before we step out Lisa stops us and I turn my head to looking at her in confusion.

“ Nick before we go out there I want to say something.” She says looking into my eyes then adds” Nick I love you so much and am so glad your my baby brother.”

“ I second that Nick. Lisa is so right you have been the best and remember we are always here for you in anything you do.” Shelby said agreeing after stepping in front of me

I looked at them both and wrapped my arms around them.

“ I love you both so much also. And thank you for being my sister’s. Now let’s get you both out there and get married.” I told them breaking the hug

They took a arm each and we stepped out through the doorway sideways which I chuckled and they giggled. Mom turned to see us and giggled. Mom stepped to the curtain of the church area and signaled the preacher who signaled the music coordinator. The music began and Sierra began her walk as the flower girl. My daughter looks so cute tossing rose petals onto the floor. Mom then started down the aisle as she was the matron of honor. Shelby and Lisa thought it best since Dad was the best man that mom be Matron of Honor. I felt my sister’s arms tighten around mine and told them they were going to be just fine. Next it was our turn as mom was almost to her spot. I took a deep breath and started. My sister started also as I walked them down the aisle. Everyone turned and watched as my beautiful sisters were walking to the men they loved. I noticed Savannah and Megan sitting in the front pew smiling as they watched me walking my sister’s down the aisle. I heard a few sobs as we got closer to the alter. After a few more steps the preacher asked who gave Shelby and Lisa to these to men. I said my father, mother, and I did. I handed Shelby to Caleb and Simon to Lisa. I noticed Sierra place here basket that had rose petals in it next to mom’s feet as I picked her up after. I stepped over to sit between Savannah and Megan. They took a hand each and held it. Sierra sat on my lap and watched intently at her aunts and future uncles get married. The preacher started in saying what he was suppose to saw. After the vows were given and all four said theirs he came to the part about anyone don’t think they should be married I turned to see if anyone stood. No one did, but I noticed a few familiar faces and smiled. I turned to look back at my sister’s and bother n laws and smiled big. The preacher said Caleb and Simon could kiss their brides. There was whistles, cheering and clapping as they kissed. They grabbed hands as married couples and ran down the aisle past everyone. I stood up and went to the alter holding Sierra.

“ Ladies and Gentleman thank you for coming and please I hope to see you all at the reception at the address on the invites you received thank you.” I said as I watched everyone stand up and start emptying the pews

I stood at the alter for a few minutes feeling awkward. Savannah and Megan came up and stood on either side of me.

“ What’s wrong baby?” Savannah asked me with concern

“ I don’t know, I think I wish we three could have a wedding like they had. I mean in front of everyone without being judged.” I said feeling sad

“ I know baby so do we, but it’s in our hearts that we are husband and wives.” Savannah stated to me as Megan nodded

I let out a sigh and suggested to them lets go. They took a arm each as I walked them down the aisle. We got outside as my sisters threw their bouquets behind them. I was surprised when Lucy and Sasha caught them. I noticed E.P. and Jax’s faces with wide eyes and smiles. My cousins have been dating my friends for the past month and never been more happy in their lives. As the guys respected them and cared for them. Age wasn’t a matter between them as it was what was in their hearts that counted. Savannah, Megan, Sierra, and I shared a limo with Dad and mom. Sierra went to mom who was seated by dad. We all talked and laughed at some of dad’s jokes. Sierra would giggle the whole time. The limo driver pulled up in front of the clubhouse as the reception was being held at. We all got out and went in to get in our spots. The newlyweds, family, friends, and guests showed up and found places to sit. The tables were like in a U shape so everyone could see the other without turning around. It looked like a banquet hall with a few exceptions. There were a few tables set up in the center for some. At the main table it was Caleb, Shelby, Lisa, and Simon all four in the middle with Dad and mom on one side of Caleb while Savannah, Megan, Sierra, and I on the other side of Simon. Mom paid for the catering of the reception so none of the ladies had to cook. After a bit during the main course Dad stood up and got everyones attention. We all looked over at him to see what he was going to say.

“ Thank you all for coming to celebrate my Daughters and their husbands day. I have been thinking back at how this four have grown close over the past years and can’t think of a day I had to spank them.” He said getting laughs all around then added “ But seriously I couldn’t think of two better guys to have both my daughters in their lives. To Caleb, Shelby, Lisa, And Simon. May your lives be filled with love and happiness.”

There were cheers and applause as my dad sat and we all toasted. I decided it was my turn to say something and stood. I clinked my glass and again everyone listened.

“ Like my dad I have some words to say about my sister’s and brother in laws. These past few years have been crazy for me, but I have to say I wouldn’t have changed any part of them as they helped me grow a bit more. And now I realize that these four great people to my right were part of that growth. Even though I was riding alot they kept me close. I agree with dad may life treat you great and always have that love in your hearts, but when it comes to the kids ask Lucy and Sasha to babysit they may need the practice.” I stated getting some giggles and laughs at my last comment

The reception was going good. They had their first dance as I danced with my loves and Sierra. She did not leave our side unless she went to the bathroom with her grandma, mommy, or aunts. Us guys would joke or kid around about how our kids were going to grow up being bikers. I had a shock when E.P. stepped up and asked my Dad if he could be in the club. Caleb and Simon both looked at dad and nodded their heads. Dad told E.P. he would have to be a prospect and do as he was told as it was the way of showing loyalty. E.P. said he would do what it took. Simon walked off for a few minutes and came back with a leather vest. E.P. noticed as Simon tossed it to my friend. E.P. caught it and was told Monday to be here sharp. E.P. said he would be as he walked back over to Lucy who was smiling giving him a hug and kiss. I was so glad her and Sasha found that love and happiness. It wasn’t long Jax did as E.P. and again Simon came back with a leather vest. I looked at my dad and just chuckled. He looked at me and did the same. It was Caleb that spoke up.

“ Well, bro when are you going to join?” He asked me being curious

“ Caleb, I couldn’t tell you as in joining, but I will say I for one was born as a biker’s son. So to me I feel I already am a member with no patch yet. Sorry if that makes you guys mad it’s just how I feel.” I responded answering his question

“ Well I have to admit to that. You are Gray’s son and he is so damn proud of you.” Simon said as my dad jumped him at his words

“ Simon, Nick is my son and why wouldn’t I be proud of him. He reminds me a lot of me at his age, but I was much more handsomer.” My dad exclaimed getting a laugh out of us all

The evening went by well has people started to leave until it was just down to family at the clubhouse. E.P., Lucy, Sasha, and Jax were at one table by their selves talking. The rest of us stayed where we sat. Sierra was napping and being watched by one of the bar maids that was their. dad and Mom finally told me about my trust fund a month ago so I thought i’d give my sisters and their husbands a little something from me and my loves. I handed Simon a envelope to pass to Lisa. She took it and opened it just to have wide eyes. She showed Shelby and she to had wide eyes. They both got out of their chairs and came to me leaning over and hugging me.

“ Thank you baby brother how did you know?” Shelby asked

“ Savannah told me that one time you asked her about her and my road trip and that was one of the places you wanted to see.” I explained answering to her

“ She was right it’s going to be a great honeymoon Branson here we come.” Lisa exclaimed hugging me tight

They returned to their chairs and we all enjoyed the rest of the evening and night.

The weeks and months went by with Thanksgiving and Christmas being happy times. Sierra was spoiled rotten with toys, clothes, and a trust fund of her own for when she reached 18 she could use for college. Yes I made sure she had the means to do something Savannah and I never got to do. New years was wonderful with the family celebrating the new year right. Valentines was nice as I treated Savannah and Megan with a romantic evening and night. It was March and a surprise came as Mom, Shelby, Lisa, Savannah, and Megan all went into labor. Dad, Caleb, Simon, and I all were waiting for them to give birth. Kera and Sierra were in the combined room with Savannah and Megan. Mom was in the room across the hall with Shelby and Lisa in another room together. The doctors and nurses all had to go between rooms. Us guys would go out and the hallway and see who was getting close. The day was filled with feelings and emotions. I was talking to dad when Sierra came out of her mommy and god mommy’s room.

“ Daddy, daddy babies coming.” She said getting excited and ran back in the room

I turned to dad who was smiling.

“ Your up son, this your chance to be there for them. Now get in there.” He said giving me a push

I went in to see Kera was standing between both Savannah and Megan. They were squeezing her hands. I saw the pain on her face and decided to step in and take her place. Sierra was in her little scrubs sitting in a chair just watching and waiting for her brother and sister to be born. Kera thanked me going to Savannah on the other side and was rubbing her daughters back. The two doctors were giving both of them orders like push and breath. I was in awe when the doctor that was between Savannah’s legs reached and pulled my son out the rest of the way. I was asked if I wanted to cut the cord. I said yes as I let go of my loves hands and went to cut the cord. Lucy was with Megan helping her. Sasha was in the room with Mom. I cut the cord as I heard my newborn son crying saying hello in his own way. It was just a few minutes later that Megan gave birth to our daughter and I was asked again to cut the cord. I did as I heard my newborn daughter crying like her brother. The doctors hand them to the nurses to clean and diaper and put in blankets. I went over to both Savannah and Megan giving them both a kiss on the forehead thanking them for being in my life. The nurses brought my son and daughter to me to hold. Savannah was asked for our sons name. She looked at me and smiled telling the nurse to ask the father. The nurse looked at me and I thought for a moment Nick Tyrone. I told the Nurse and Savannah smiled.Then the nurse went to Megan and asked her about our daughters name. Like Savannah she told the nurse to ask me. I again stood there thinking then told the nurse Mandy Gail. Megan smiled as the nurse wrote the names down. Then she asked about last name and both Savannah and Megan spoke up saying Carrington. I held little Nick and Mandy and for the first time that day I cried. Kera asked me what was wrong. Savannah told her mother that I was very happy. Both babies were crying as the nurse said they were hungry. I gave Mandy to Megan and Little Nick to Savannah. I went over and sat in a chair as Sierra got up and came over to get in my lap. We both watched as my loves breast feed our newborns.

“ Daddy they are so cute.” Sierra said giggling at her little brother and sister

“ Yes they are and your a big sister now.” I told her stating

“ Yes I am, and I am going to protect them to.” Sierra said as she cuddled up and took a nap

I sat there watching as this moment made me think. My life changed that day I found that piece of paper. The secrets that were hidden from me. The years on the road and the lose of Savannah at one moment only to find another who was Megan. A return home only to get Savannah back and to find out about Sierra. And now as my life changes again with the birth of my son and daughter I have to say it just got better. I here yelling in the hallway of happiness as it’s Caleb and Simon saying they had daughters. So that meant Mom and dad had a boy. Life gets strange at times, but what does one expect when I was At odds with my family at one point in time.


Writer’s thoughts:

I would like to thank everyone that read this story series. I know some chapters were confusing and made no sense, but there were twist and turns that Nick had to go through to make him grow and mature. This was the last chapter of the story and series. I know it is left wide open at the end for another, but one never knows as I have another story idea that is not connected to this one or the story before. Again thank you all that supported me along the way. have a nice day and peace be with you all.Laters

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