Brotherly Love_(2)

There I was, held to the ground as Dusty, my older brother, rubbed his giant cock all over my face. “Josh, don’t be jealous because my dick is twice the size of yours. Some men just have large penises.”

Dustin has always been a huge dick and I’m not talking about the massive thing between his legs that he is so fond of. Ever since I can remember, Dusty has always been a jerk. Always trying to humiliate me or wrestle me to the ground just so he can rub his penis all over my face. He just loves to flaunt his big dick whenever he can, pointing out how much bigger it is than mine.

Just like yesterday, I was showering and he just walks in, whips out his dick to take a piss in front of me. “God I had to piss like a racehorse! You missed a spot…” he said as I tried to cover up. I quickly look down at my ass, the spot where he was pointing at. “Ha! Made you look!” I embarrassingly glance away.

But, I couldn’t help but look back as his cock shot out a pee stream that could make a fire hose jealous. As if he’s doing it to show off, because he knows damn well my own little pecker isn’t capable of such feats. I practically have to sit down when I pee because I can’t even get a constant stream. It’s bad enough, he was built like a train and completely shredded, but why did I have to have such a girlish physique?

Literally, even though I’m 18, I look more like a teenage girl than any guy should at my age. I’m slim, with pale white skin and not a single hair on my body. Dusty, on the other hand, is completely ripped. His biceps are larger than my thighs. He’s not too shy about showing it off either. He practically walks naked around the house all the time. It’s so uncomfortable seeing him in the nude. His gigantic cock and balls swinging between his legs like a wrecking ball.

Anyways, once again I’m pinned to the ground with him on top of me, flaunting his big dick in my face like always. “Don’t you wish your cock was this big little bro?”

He’s always got to emphasize how big his dick is compared to mine. Like as if I somehow forgot that he was twice my size at least.

“Now stop being a little fag and let's get ready for the gym! You need to make sure to get a good video of me working out my glutes.” He calls me the fag when he’s the one rubbing his dick all over my face. What a hypocrite.

Finally, he gets off me and allows me to get up as he puts his dick back into his shorts. Of course, he gives my ass a hard slap as I make my way to my room. The worst part is he can pretty much get away with whatever he wants since this is his apartment. Ever since our parents died, it’s just been him and me, living on our own. Although, we’ve done pretty well for ourselves. We’re kind of business partners so to speak. Well, that’s a bit of a stretch. He’s a personal trainer at a local gym and I’m his personal camera boy, at least that’s how he views it. I also manage his social media accounts and all the affiliates as well as selling all of his merchandise. He’s got a rather large following.

Anyways, after I get all the camera equipment we head to the gym. I set up the equipment while Dustin shoots the shit with his friends and gets hit on by every girl in sight. One of his best friends is a particularly fit woman named Jaina, who always gives me weird vibes. It’s mainly the way she looks at me like I’m the prey she’s been hunting for.

“Hey Josh,” she says slyly as I finish putting the camera together.

“Hey Jaina!” I say nervously. She’s only wearing a sports bra and tight spandex pants, showing off her ripped sweaty abs. She’s got her blonde hair up in a ponytail. Her spandex pants can barely fit over those thighs.

“Too bad you’re not the one in front of the camera. I would definitely watch any video with you in it.” She gives me a wink, standing over me as I put the camera together. She pushes her crotch in my face and I can’t help but look directly into the rather noticeably large bulge in her pants.

“Ah… Thanks…” I can smell her musky scent as she takes a peek at my ass.

“Josh, are you done yet?” Dustin asks as he walks over.

“Yeah just finished setting it up.” Jaina backs off as Dustin joins us.

“About time, let's get going. I want to get a full workout in today. Hey Jaina.”

“Hey Dusty, when are you going to send that little brother of yours over to my place?” she asks.

“Yeah, not going to happen. As much as I would love to see what you would do with him, I need him. He’s my camera boy,” he says as gives my ass another hard spank while I’m bent over. It instantly causes me to blush. He never hesitates to humiliate me.

“Such a pity, we would have so much fun. With my training he could be so much more,” she says as she walks away. Her tight spandex pants barely show off that lean bubble butt.

I put the camera on the tripod as Dusty starts his workout. He gives the camera a big smile and does his intro. “Hey there, Dusty is in the house! It’s time for the gun show! Pow! Pow!” Dustin brings both of his arms up to show off his incredible biceps. “Today I’m going to show you a good workout for your glutes. We all know every girl wants a guy with a tight ass. Josh, you definitely need to pay attention! Josh is my younger brother to all of you who don’t know”

Like I said, never misses a chance to humiliate me. I spent the next two hours filming him do different workouts. Of course, typical Dusty had to take his shirt off, showing off his chiseled abs and pecs the size of manhole covers. It’s hard not to watch as he uses his t-shirt to wipe the sweat off his perfect body.

Out of the corner of my eye, I catch Jaina staring at me, with those predatory eyes. I self consciously stand up straight just as a sweat-soaked shirt hits me square in the face. The musky scent of Dustin’s sweat takes over my senses. I quickly pull his shirt off my face. The smell lingers on my nostrils.

He finally finishes his workout and we wrap up the video, then make our way back home. As Dustin takes a shower I edit and upload the video. As soon as I post it, he almost instantly gets a thousand views.

As I make my way to the Kitchen, Dustin walks out of the bathroom nude, dick flopping lazily. He catches my eye and a wide smile spreads across his face. I quickly look away. “Hey, no need to hide your true feelings fagboy. It’s okay to admire perfection. Take a good look, you know you want to.”

I couldn’t help it, I had to look. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t help myself. His abs looked like they were carved from stone. It’s like every inch of his body was created to resemble a god. When I say every inch, his cock is definitely included. It’s so big! It’s the anaconda of dicks. It’s not even hard and it dwarves mine fully erect. “That’s it, little brother. I bet you want to touch it, don’t you? You little homo.”

“No thank you,” I say as I quickly look away. I can feel my cheeks light up with heat.

“Oh there is no point in hiding it Joshie, you’re as gay as they come.” I don’t understand why he thinks I’m the gay one. He’s the one always trying to get me to touch him. He walks past me and gives my ass a pat. “You’re such a little queer Joshie.”

Screw it, I turn around and smack his ass as hard as I can, totally catching him off guard. “No, you didn’t!” He says totally flabbergasted. “You’re fucking dead!”

He grabs me by the back of the neck and wrestles me down to the ground. He’s got me on my knees hunched over in a full nelson headlock. “Let me go!”

“Oh, we’re just getting started, little boy!” In his position he’s able to lick his finger and stick it in my ear, giving me a wet willy. He then forces me down flat on my stomach, switching from the full nelson to a half nelson and an armbar. I can feel his big fat cockhead rub up against my ass cheeks, causing a shock to run right through me as if I stuck my tongue in an outlet.

I tense up as his hand slips out of the nelson and grabs my throat as he grinds his hips into me. I can feel his dick pressing up against my asshole, separated by two thin pieces of fabric. He thrusts his hips forward, pushing his cock up against my pucker, practically pushing my underwear in my asshole. He lets go of my throat and slides his fingers in my mouth as deep as he can, causing me to gag instantly. After he pulls them out he wipes my own spit all over my face.

Finally, he gets off of me but still has me pinned down. He slaps my ass so hard, my eyes get wet. His hand stays on my ass, giving it a hard squeeze. “Joshie, when are you going to realize that I’m the Alpha and you’re just my little bitch boy.”

He gives my ass another slap before he lets me get up. “Next time I won’t be so gentle.” He smiles as if he was just messing around, then he ruffles up my hair before walking away.

The rest of the evening goes by rather fast. We head out and eat dinner at Dustin’s favorite restaurant. Then I start my streaming session on Aratheon.

After I log onto my high elf sorcerer, I go live. Hardly anyone in my guild ever comes online anymore. We used to be one of the best guilds on the server, not anymore. Apparently, Vulwin has gone missing or something, at least that’s what Crypto told me. Either way, he hasn’t been on in almost 4 years. Crypto’s online, he tends to get on every now and then. But Nylaathria our guild leader hasn’t been on in a while. Neither has our main raid group. I haven’t seen Asher online in a while either. I see Veneranda on every now and then. Poogugh is on quite a bit, along with Gamol, Faylen, Laerdya and a few others.

The guild feels like it’s close to disbanding. It’s hard to believe we were the first guild to take down Vogthirm. Anyways, that’s all in the past. I start my doing my dailies and finish up a few main quests.

Velindra logs on.

‘Hey!’ Velindra whispers to me, which is actually my best friend Max who lives in the same apartment complex as us.

‘Hey Vel’ I reply.

‘Dude, when is Nylaathria getting back online?’ he asks.

‘I don’t know, I guess she’s got a girlfriend or something, at least that’s what Crypto says.’ I tell him.

‘I didn’t know she was gay,’ he responds.

‘Yeah, I guess she started dating this girl a few years ago after her Aunt died,’ I reply back.

‘Oh… I guess I need to pay more attention, say, what are you doing tomorrow? Want to chill at my place? My mom is going to be out of town,’ he asks.

‘Yeah sure, why not,’ wrote back.


After a few hours of hardcore grinding with Max, I decided to call it quits.

I finally decide to hit the sheets, feels like it’s been a long day. Doesn’t take much before I’m out like a light.


As I walk out into the living room, the first thing I see is Dustin in the nude, like always. He spots me and immediately pounces on me, forcing me to the ground. For some reason, I’m still in my pj’s. He’s got me flat on my stomach with one hand pinning both my wrist above my head. Once again his cock is pressing against my ass. Without saying anything, I feel him start to pull down my pajama pants.

He wrestles them off me, letting my wrists go free. His hands run up my thighs until they reach my underwear. I look back at him as he starts to pull them down ever so slowly, leaving my ass bare. After he gets my underwear off, his hands grab both of my butt cheeks, spreading them apart as he bends over and starts to lick my ass crack.

He brings his tongue up and down the crack of my butt, finally stopping at my little tight pucker. After lathering it in spit, he pulls me up to my knees and lifts my shirt over my head. Now we’re both completely naked. He pulls me tight into an intimate embrace as he kisses the back of my neck. I can feel his cock against my ass and a shiver goes up my spine. I lean back and our lips meet. His tongue slips into my mouth.

We kiss like lovers do. He then picks me up and carries me to his bedroom and lays me down on my back. He leans down and starts to plant small kisses on my chest, making his way up to my neck. Each kiss tickles with the touch of his short, neatly trimmed beard. I lace my hands through that gorgeous dirty blonde hair of his as his lips touch the skin of my neck. He gently places his hand on the side of my face as his lips work their way up to mine. Our tongues wrestle in my mouth. I can feel his cock push up against my own. I bring my hand down and slowly wrap it around his dick. My fingers can’t even reach fully around the girth of it. He grabs both of my legs and puts them over his shoulders as I line up the head of his dick against my tight little butthole. He slowly pushed his cock inside of me, eliciting a moan from my lips as we continue to kiss. His dick is so big, it fills me up completely.

I’ve never felt so amazing in my life. Having him inside me makes me feel complete. He slowly makes love to my asshole as he passionately kisses my lips. I wrap my arm around his hip and lightly squeeze his ass. His lips travel across my cheek and he lightly bites my ear. My other hand runs through his soft silky hair. Oh, fuck! My small cock explodes!

I shoot up from my bed, dripping in sweat. Holy shit! I can barely catch my breath as I slowly come to the realization that it was all just a dream. I lift up the covers and see my boxers are a mess. I trace my fingers over the wet sticky fabric and take a wif. Eww gross, it’s cum!

Get out of bed and pull off my boxers. I walk into the bathroom and sit down to pee. Good thing it’s early, if Dusty were to walk in on my peeing sitting down, I would never hear the end of it. Speaking of Dustin… That dream, surely it was just a dream, right? I don’t actually want my brother to fuck me… I think…

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