Carole's Story 01 - Growing Up

For those of you who have not read any of what I have already chronicled about my wife I will give you some background. I found my wife when she was only eighteen, working as a secretary. She was, and still is, beautiful. She has long thick brown hair that flows down below her shoulders. Her breasts are large, full, and natural with just a hint of sag. Each breast is tipped by large round light-brown areola that forms big beautiful circles around her protruding hard nipples. Her tight stomach is flat and her ass is hard and round. She always keeps her pussy shaved, except for a small area of hair above her clit. Her pussy lips are equally amazing. They are long, but not too long, and distend and open like a flower when she gets excited.

I, on the other hand, am a tall, thin, average looking guy, but I always keep myself in good shape. My best attribute was my cock. I am over nine inches long and am very thick, all the way to the bulbous mushroom-like head. What my wife, and other women, always appreciates the most is that it never really goes soft. It stays around seven inches, even when `flaccid', and hard enough to penetrate all but the tightest holes.

This story is true, written from Carole’s perspective, with some alterations like names and dates. Liberty was taken to combine some experiences so the story would not drag on. Everything that she does and everything that happens in this story has happened to her, in the way it is presented. Enjoy:


When I entered high school, I looked like a tom-boy. I was still small in stature, with short brown hair, brown eyes and glasses. I looked nerdy. I had little A-cup breasts and narrow boy-like hips.

It was about that time, however, that I started to develop strange feelings and desires. I didn’t understand the way I was feeling. I was horny all the time, but didn’t really recognize it for what it was. Whenever I was alone, I touched myself. Touching certain places made me tingle, so I touched those places a lot.

About two months into my freshman year, I got the courage up to invite a boy over to my house after school. My Dad, who was raising us alone after my mom died, was still at work and both my brothers had sports after school. I thought the boy, who was a year older, knew what he was doing, but he didn’t.

We kissed and I got naked. He dropped his pants and, when I reached over and touched his dick, he shot his wad. He was embarrassed and ran out of the house. I was alone and frustrated. I tried a couple more times with other boys, but without any real success. They were all too young and stupid.

I finally got a boy over that I thought would be able to scratch my itch, but when we started to kiss and take each other’s clothing off, my Dad came home early. We were too engaged to hear him, but he heard us.

Dad came into my room and yelled at the boy, who quickly pulled up his pants and ran out of the house with my Dad following. I was still topless and trying to get my pants back on when he came back in. He yelled at me and then grabbed my arm. He sat down on my bed and bent me over his knee. His left arm went across my lower back and held me down. With his right, he pushed my pants down around my knees.

With his bare hand he started spanking my naked ass. I started crying from the pain, as he alternated spanking each ass cheek. Eventually, he tired and his hand came to a rest on my naked butt.

Out of breath, he said, “What have I told you about having boys over while I’m not home? And what the hell are you doing? You are way too young to start this.” I just wept softly in response.

It was then that I felt something strange. With his hand still on my naked ass, he squeezed lightly. Then he moved it around on my ass. His left arm came off my back and his hand came up under me, across my chest. His hand cupped my small breast. I could feel my nipple harden in his hand. So could he. He squeezed my tit and then moved back and forth slightly, letting my hard nipple rum over his fingers.

“Get up,” he told me. Still crying and now confused, I stood. My Dad’s eyes moved up and down my body, actually checking me out. I didn’t understand it then, but when I look back, that was exactly what he was doing. He stood and said, “Get dressed. You are suspended until I say so. You will not have any more boys over. Got it?”

“Yes, Sir,” I sobbed, pulling up my pants.

The next day, Dad kept me home from school. He took me to see the Doctor, who was an old friend of his, that morning. When we were called back, Dad told the Doctor, “I caught her with some boy.” The Doctor smiled at me. I was totally embarrassed. “She needs to have an exam and tested to see if she caught anything,” Dad continued.

“Okay,” the Doctor said. “Relax. It will be alright. Have a seat out in the waiting area and I’ll call you back in when we are done.” Dad turned and left me there.

The Doctor looked at me for a minute and then said, “Take all your clothes off and get up on the table.” He patted the paper covered exam table. “I’ll be right back.”

Slowly, tentatively, I took my clothes off. I found a hospital gown on a chair, so I put that on and sat down on the table. The Doctor smiled when he came back in. He walked to the side of the exam table and said, “You won’t need this.” He untied the cloth ties that secured my gown and pushed it off one shoulder than the other. The gown fell to my lap. He pulled it off me and threw it over to the chair where I found it.

For the next couple minutes, he took the normal medical readings, like my temperature, my heart rate, and took some blood. Then he said, “Lay down.” I did. I felt so vulnerable, laying there naked in front of his glaring eyes. He stared at me for a couple minutes with a huge smile on his face. “You know,” he said finally, “I was your mom’s Doctor as well.” He seemed to reminisce for a minute and then he picked up the stirrups and pushed them into the slots on the exam table. He took hold of my ankles and put them in the stirrups.

Stepping back, he looked down and admired my naked body. He rubbed my hair with his hand and then moved it down my head. It continued down onto my chest, his fingers lightly moving over one of my nipples, and then down onto my stomach. “So young,” he said, as his hand moved up the inside of my thigh.

He moved around between my legs and looked down at my vagina. “Tell me the truth,” he said. “Has anyone penetrated you yet?”

Nervous and scared, I replied truthfully, “No.”

Just then I jumped a little as he pushed his middle finger up inside me. He looked up into my face and smiled. “You are still very tight. That’s good.” With his finger up inside me, this thumb danced over my clit. There was a wonderful, almost electric, shock that washed over my body. Both of my nipples instantly hardened. The Doctor smiled and laughed lightly. “Good,” he said. “You are going to be a lot like your mom.”

The next several minutes were both embarrassing and painful, as he inserted instruments inside me and gave me a pelvic exam. When he was finally finished, he let me sit up. Still naked, a sat there, not knowing what to do. He put the stirrups away and then pushed a call button. He spoke to his secretary over the intercom, telling her to send in my Dad.

Then the Doctor turned back to me and with a smile on his face, he reached up and ran his hand over my right breast. My nipples involuntarily hardened again. “Nice,” he said. “You have some growing to do, but you will be wonderful.” He rolled my nipple between his thumb and forefinger before letting go.

When my Dad came in, I was still naked and sitting on the table. The Doctor addressed him. “She is fine,” he started. “I will have the results of the blood tests in a couple days. I also recommend you put her on the pill, just in case. The nurse will give you a couple samples for while you get the preion filled. The pill won’t be effective for about two weeks, so watch her closely.” Dad frowned at me and nodded.

Finally the Doctor left and I got dressed. Dad took me home and made sure I took the first of the birth control pills. I was watched closely from then on. Dad never trusted me. Pretty sure he was right not to trust me.

Two weeks later, to the day, late that night, I woke up feeling like someone was in the room with me. In the dark I saw him. My Dad was standing just inside the door staring down at me. I didn’t speak. He saw that my eyes were open and he stepped forward towards me.

He was not wearing a shirt, only a pair of shorts. As he stood in front of me, looking down at my face, he slowly unzipped his shorts and then let them drop to the floor. It was the first time I ever saw a man completely naked. My eyes wondered down his body. He was still in pretty good shape. His broad muscular shoulders looked powerful and his stomach was still flat.

Even in the dark, I could make out his manhood. I was amazed at how big it was. It looked huge. Now I know he was a little bigger than average, but not much, but at the time I thought he looked gigantic. It swung back and forth slightly as he moved. Behind the swinging dick was a large droopy set of balls.

Without speaking, he climbed into bed with me and laid down next to me. I was terrified, but didn’t move. On his side with his head supported by his left hand, he looked me in the eyes as he pushed down the blankets to uncover me. He kicked the covers down off the bed. Next he used his right hand to untie the bow in the front of my pajama bottoms. Untied, he slowly pushed my pajamas and my panties down. He stopped when they were both at my knees. His hand came back up and grabbed onto the bottom of my pajama top. He had that up around my neck a couple seconds later.

I was nervous, confused, and scared as his hand came down over my chest and rested on my right breast. He squeezed small firm boobs. My nipples hardened in his hands. I had no control over them. They just grew hard under his touch. I could see his smile widened as they did. His pinched my nipples lightly, twisting them between his thumb and forefinger, just like the Doctor did.

Against my leg, I could feel his cock move. It grew and straightened, becoming hard as a rock.

His hand eventually left my boobs and moved down my body. A second later I gasped in surprise as he pushed his big middle finger inside my vagina. He pushed it in all the way and held it there. Then with his thumb, he started rubbing my clit.

The feeling was amazing. I was both terrified and in heaven at the same time. I had masturbated many times before, but when someone else did it to me, it was mind-blowing. I couldn’t stop myself from making small moaning noises. I looked up at him and he had a huge smile on his face as I started to cum. My entire body convulsed. I shook with a fantastic feeling that I had never experienced before. I was completely overcome by the sensation. I didn’t want the intense orgasm to ever stop.

Dad pulled his finger out of me and sat up. He moved over on the bed. I was still panting, trying to recover from the orgasm, as he finished pulling my pajama bottoms and panties off. Then he climbed over me and pushed my legs apart.

He moved his body up between my spread legs until the very tip of his dick was pushing at the entrance to my tight vagina. Then, with a slow but steady push, he moved his cock up into me. The violation surprised me. It hurt, but at the same time felt magnificent. He didn’t stop pushing until he was completely buried inside me.

My body went mad. My pussy spasmed around his cock, constricting and releasing in quick succession. His eyes went wide as he felt my pussy tightly squeeze his cock. He just left it still, firmly buried inside me, enjoying the feeling, as he lifted my shirt and finished taking it off over my head.

Pushing himself up with his hands, he looked down into my face as he started to pull his cock back out. Just before it was completely out, he pushed it back in. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling as he started to increase the speed of his thrusts.

Soon he was fucking me as if I was an experienced woman. He slammed hard into me with each deep thrust. Sometime in there I came again. As the wonderful rush of orgasmic pleasure washed over my body, my pussy gripped him tight, squeezing him as he continued to fuck me.

It was then that I saw the look on his face. He got a look of total pleasure. He started breathing heavily and his eyes slammed shut tight. He started moaning, “Oh…oh…oh…”

Then I felt it. He exploded inside me. His cock swelled and pumped hot cum into me. When it stopped spurting, he collapsed on top of me. Several minutes later, he got up off of me. “Go clean up and go to bed,” he said. He left my room.

He returned the next night, and the next, and the next, and continued almost every night for the rest of my time in high school.

By the time I entered my sophomore year of high school, my boobs had grown a little, growing to a 32B. I still looked like a tom-boy, with really short hair and glasses and narrow boy-like hips.

I was a great deal more comfortable with my Dad fucking me by then, but I still went out to find boys from school that would do me. The boys I found now were at least capable, but they weren’t all that good. Most of them were very quick to cum and didn’t really worry about me orgasming. They were very much the slam bam, thank you ma’am kind. But I was getting laid a lot. Dad still came into my room almost every night.

One day, I left school early and came home. I was by myself because the boy I was going to skip school with chickened out. When I got into the house, I heard noise coming from my older brother’s room. I snuck up to the door and peeked in.

Craig, my older brother by one year, was the big macho football hero type. He was blonde, blue-eyed, tall and muscular. Needless to say, he was popular with the ladies.

When I peered in, I saw that he had a girl in there and they were really going at it. The girl, a brunette with really big boobs, was on her hands and knees in the middle of the bed. Craig was on his knees behind her, pounding into her hard and fast from behind. He was slamming into her so hard that her butt rippled from the impact and her big boobs bounced back and forth. Both of them were moaning and groaning as they fucked.

The both of them came at the same time. Craig’s head went back as he launched his cum into the girl. She panted and moaned lightly. When they were spent, they both collapsed onto the bed.

I continued to watch them. The two of them kissed and held each other tight until my brother broke free of her grasp and moved his face down to her chest. For the next several minutes, Craig sucked her big tits. Squeezing one with his hand while sucking on the other one. The girl watched him, with a big smile on her face, as he feasted on her tits.

I had never seen sex like this. Dad, and all the boys I had sex with, always did me while I was on my back. No one had really bothered to play with my little boobs. I hadn’t really realized that other positions were available. Looking back now, I realize how naïve and innocent I was. I moved back away from the door and silently left the house. Or so I thought. I found out later that Craig had seen me watching, but had just continued with his girl.

The next night, a Friday, Dad had to go on a business trip. Carl, my little brother, got permission to go visit a friend for the weekend, so I was alone with Craig.

That night after dinner, I went to take my shower. I didn’t see it, but when I was in the shower Craig cracked open the door and was watching me in the mirror. Well, until it fogged up.

I got out of the shower and dried off. I tied the big towel around my body and went out in the hallway. There stood my big brother. I tried to walk passed him to get to my room, but he moved into the way, blocking me.

“What are you doing?” I said, trying to push passed him.

“I saw you watching me,” he said, grabbing my wrist. “You like what you saw?”

“Stop it,” I cried. “Get out of the way.”

But he didn’t move. Instead, he reached down and grabbed the corner of my towel and ripped it off of me. I tried to hang onto it, but he was too fast and strong. He threw the towel to the group and then pinned me up against the wall. I tried to struggle, but he took both my wrists in his big hands and pushed them back against the wall. I stopped fighting.

He stepped back slightly and looked down my naked body. “You sure aren’t much to look at, are you?” He laughed a little. Then he leaned his head down and bit my left nipple.

“Ouch,” I complained.

“Oh, shut up,” he said, pulling me down the hall. He pushed me into his room and then down onto his bed. I tried to struggle, but he was way too strong. He grabbed my arm and turned me over onto my stomach and then pulled me up onto my hands and knees. I felt him fumble with his shorts until he got them unzipped enough to release his cock. Then it happened. He rammed his hard cock into me from behind.

“Oh, yeah,” he panted. “Tight as fuck.” His cock was different from Dad’s. It was a little longer and much fatter. He grabbed my hips and started to fuck me hard.

The position gave me a completely different sensation. Almost every thrust caused his big hanging balls to slap against my clit and the angle of his cock felt completely different. But it felt wonderful. The fucking started to make me gasp and waves of pleasure moved up my body with each thrust.

Craig fucked me hard and fast. When he started to get close to orgasm, he let go of my hips and on hand grabbed my shoulder while the other grabbed my hair and pulled my head back.

I was in a sexual frenzy when he came. I couldn’t control my panting and moaning and my entire body shook uncontrollably in ecstasy, except I wasn’t cumming. He shot his hot load into me, holding himself deep inside me until he was done spurting. Then he pulled out and pushed me down onto the bed. I turned to lay on my back.

“But, I haven’t…” I started to complain. I hadn’t cum.

“So what?” he said, cruelly. “I don’t care.” He laid down on the bed next to me and kept me pinned down. His face went down to my tits and he took a nipple into his mouth. For the next several minutes, he sucked and chewed on my hard nipples.

When he was done, satisfied, he got up and went into the bathroom. I got up off the bed and picked up the towel. I wiped up the cum that was dripping down between my legs and went into my room.

It took me several more sessions with Craig fucking me doggy-style before I learned that I can’t cum in that position. The position drives me right to the brink…but never pushes me over. Eventually, I would learn that rubbing my clit when I was in that position, or even better, getting the guy to rub it, was the only way I could cum.

The rest of my sophomore year I was regularly fucked by both Craig and my Dad. Neither one of them knew about the other. I was busy and happy with the arrangement.

By my junior year I had filled out a little. My boobs had grown to a respectable 32C. I was still pretty skinny, but my hips had started to get some shape. Overall, I was pretty happy with what was happening to my body, especially because boys were looking at me all the time.

Dad and Craig both appreciated it too. Both of them spent more time playing with my breasts while they were fucking me. Dad was still a traditional guy and always fucked me missionary, and Craig always did me doggy. I think he enjoyed the fact that I couldn’t cum like that. The bastard would never let me play with my clit while we fucked. Dad, however, enjoyed watching me orgasm and would try to make me cum as many times as he could before he finished with me.

About half way through the year, Dad got a promotion at work. The only bad part was that he had to work night shift. What that meant for me was that Craig had all night with me and Dad would take me early in the morning when he came home. I didn’t get much sleep.

Late in the year, Craig had a graduation party. He came into my room after school that day and told me that I was going. “I don’t want to go,” I told him, not knowing what he had in mind, and not trusting him either.

“I don’t care what you want,” he told me. “Get ready or I’ll hurt you.” I knew he meant it, so I put on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. On the way to the party, Craig made me take off my bra. I was very uncomfortable without it, especially because it was cold out and my nipples pushed hard against the sweatshirt making them plainly obvious.

The party was mostly guys, with a few girls here and there. Craig made me follow him around. As we mingled, everyone stared at my nipples. In one way I was embarrassed, but in another them looking really turned me on.

I started drinking beer early and by eleven o’clock I had a good buzz going on. By then all of the couples had left, leaving me the only girl at the party with still a good number of guys.

Craig led me over to a group of guys that was sharing a joint. Craig joined in. “Can I?” I asked, my words a little slurred.

The man with the joint in his mouth looked at me and then said, “If you show me those you can.” He looked down at my tits. I was drunk enough to do it. I took hold of the bottom seam of my sweatshirt and lifted it up above my tits. I held it there for a couple seconds, letting everyone see them before I lowered it back down.

“Whoa,” the guy said with a smile. “Okay then, here ya go.” He handed me the joint. It didn’t take much before I was both high and drunk.

I started to get a little dizzy, so I sat down on the couch. One of the guys came over to me. “You okay?” he asked, seeing that I was almost completely out of it.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I replied, lying.

“Yes, you are,” he said with a smile. Reaching down, he took both my tits in his hands and squeezed them. In my daze, I just smiled up at him. Then he looked and saw my brother standing next to him. “Oh, I’m sorry,” he said, pulling his hands away quickly.

“I don’t give a shit,” my brother responded with a laugh. “Have at it.”

The guy took it to heart. He took my hands and pulled me up onto my feet, which made my head spin. I blinked and staggered a little as he moved around behind me. Reaching around me, he took both my tits in his hands and started to grope me. He started grinding his crotch into my ass at the same time. When I could see more clearly, I saw that several of the other guys were watching him fondle my still covered tits.

One of the other guys walked over and said, “These are pretty nice.” His hands came up under my tits while the other guy’s hands moved down to my sides. The guy in front of me started to play with my tits, lifting them and then letting go to watch them bounce. As he did it, my nipples got harder. Everyone noticed. “You like that, don’t you?” the guy said.

I didn’t respond. I just gave him a drunken smile.

Then the guy behind me took hold of the bottom of my sweater and quickly lifted it up. I lifted my arms, letting him strip me. He threw my sweatshirt to one of the other guys and then leaned back in. He started kissing my neck as his hands returned to my tits.

His kisses and little bites sent shivers down my body as he squeezed my tits in his hands. In my haze I noticed that all the other guys were closer in around me. I don’t know who it was, but a guy started licking my left tit just under the nipple and then closed his mouth around it. He sucked the nipple into his mouth.

Another guy moved in on my other tit. This guys was not so gentle. He opened his mouth wide and took as much of my tit into it as he could and then sucked hard. For the next several minutes, guys took turns groping and sucking my tits.

Eventually, Craig stepped in. “Okay, time for me to take her home,” he said. Everyone moaned, but no one objected seriously. Craig was the biggest guy there and they all knew it. “Where is her shirt?”

“Here it is,” one guy said with a big smile on his face.

Someone had taken my sweater and cut big holes in it. When Craig put it back on me, my tits popped right out of the holes. Everyone laughed at me. One guy started pushing one of my tits up, making it bounce.

“Okay, okay, okay,” Craig interrupted. “I’m taking her home.”

“Yeah, you gonna play with them yourself?” one guy joked.

“Like this?” Craig said. Reaching around me from behind, he took my tits in his hands, pushed them together and squeezed. Everyone laughed. Craig put me in the car and drove home.

Dad was at work but Carl, my little brother, was at home. The look on Carl’s face when we walked in was hilarious. Hammered, I laughed when I saw his face. He was in shock and couldn’t take his eyes off me. I stumbled into the living room and sat down on the couch, never bothering to cover myself. Craig went into his room and then the bathroom and returned with a glass of water and a small pill.

“Here, take this,” he said, handing me both. “It will sober you up quick.”

Drunk and stupid, I took the pill. It wasn’t fifteen minutes later that I was feeling the effects. Within a half hour, I was on my back on the couch. I was even dizzier than before. Everything around me was clear visually, but it was like wasn’t real. I could see, hear and feel everything, but I couldn’t coordinate myself enough to move or talk. Even though I tried, my body was like jelly, without muscles, and my speech was garbled and barely audible. Craig pulled me up further onto the couch. As a test, he pinched my nipple and pulled on it hard. I mumbled some gabled words, not able to put words together in a sentence. He smiled and winked at me.

He put his hand on one of my tits and looked over at Carl. “She has some nice ones, huh?”

Carl just nodded. Carl was two years younger than me. He was nerdy, wore glasses and was the runt of the litter. His big brother, however, always looked after him.

“Come here,” Craig waved Carl closer to me. “Go ahead, you can touch them. She doesn’t mind.”

Gingerly, with Craig’s continual reassurance, Carl put his hand on my naked tit. The touch made my nipple harden. “See,” Craig said, “she likes it.”

This encouraged Carl, who then started to grab both of my tits. A couple seconds later, he had his hand’s full of tit and was squeezing. I could see the lust in his eyes as he played with my tits, but I could do nothing to stop him.

Craig watched for a while and then he said, “Here, check this out.” He moved Carl out of the way and unsnapped my jeans. A minute later, Craig had pulled my jeans and panties off. He pushed his hand between my legs and forced them apart. Carl just stared at my pussy.

“Go ahead,” Craig told Carl. “Stick your dick in her.”

“Are you sure it’s okay?” Carl responded.

“Sure, she likes it,” Craig responded with a smile.

Carl dropped his pants in a flash and was on the couch between my legs. I tried to speak, but it only came out in an intelligible mumble. I watched as he maneuvered himself into place so he could push his hard cock into my pussy. He rammed it into me.

All I could do was let him take me. I couldn’t move or respond at all, but being used like that made me shiver all over. Being helpless and taken was beyond wonderful. I just watched as he went at it. The look on his face as he fucked me showed his passion and lust. I didn’t understand it but I loved the feeling that my body was being used to make a man, or boy in this case, go crazy.

He started fucking me so hard my tits bounced all over. He watched them move as he fucked me. It didn’t take him more than a minute before he came inside me. He panted and groaned, making all kinds of weird facial expressions as he shot is load into me. Then, panting heavily, he got off me.

Almost immediately after Carl pulled his wet dick out of me, Craig pulled me off the couch and onto the floor. I fell onto my face. Craig mounted me from behind as I lay there on my stomach. A couple minutes later, he added his load to his brother’s. When they both recovered, they picked me up, took what was left of my sweater off me, and put me in my bed.

Early the next morning, I was woken up by my Dad climbing on top of me. I was almost fully recovered by then and my Dad’s cock made me cum several times before he did.

At the end of summer, Craig went off to college.

That summer, I started to let my hair grow. My boobs filled out a little more and so did my hips. I started to look more like a girl than a tomboy. Sex with Dad continued as usual, missionary each morning when he came home from work.

Sex with Carl was a different story. Carl was completely enamored with my tits. He developed, and still has, a major tit fetish. He played with them every time he had a chance. While he was riding me, his hands were always on them. It was during this time that I realized just how responsive my nipples were. They would hardened and protrude at the first touch. Sometimes just the thought of them being touched, kissed, or licked was enough.

When we were out in public, Carl would always try to embarrass me by running his fingers over my nipples and making them stick out. They would become visible even if I was wearing a thick shirt or sweater. Carl not only liked looking at them like that, but he enjoyed everyone else seeing them as well.

Sex with Dad and Carl was frequent, almost constant, but I still had some time to bring home some boys from school. Counting the school boys, Dad and my little brother, I’d say on average, I was having sex two to three times a day.

By the time I graduated, I had become a good looking young lady. My hair had grown down to shoulder length. It was thick and dark brown. I wore contacts instead of glasses and my tits had grown to a very respectable 32D. I still wasn’t eighteen when I graduated and my grades weren’t really good enough to go to college, so I just stayed home and kept house for my Dad.

When I did turn eighteen, I moved out of the house and got a job. The first one I found was a secretary job at a small construction office. I had two bosses, Dave and Rick and the three of us worked in a trailer at the work site. It only took a couple of days before I caught them eyeing me up.

Early afternoon on the first Friday, Dave came up behind me as I sat and typed a letter at my desk. He put his hands on my shoulders and started massaging them. I was young and inexperienced and didn’t know what to do, so I just let him continue the massage.

“Have I told you how incredibly sexy you are?” He asked.

“No,” I giggled. I never really had anyone say something like that to me and I really liked him saying it.

“Well, I think you are amazing,” he said, leaning down and whispering in my ear. His hands moved down my chest and cupped my boobs, lifting them slightly in his hands. He started kissing my neck and rubbing my tits. A chill ran down my body.

I guess he sensed right away that I was not going to object. He lifted my blouse up to over the top of my breasts and then went back to fondling my tits. Pushing his hands down inside my bra, he felt my naked tit flesh. My nipples pushed out into his fingers. When he felt that, he got more aggressive. He twisted and pulled lightly on the nipples. I let him do what he wanted. It felt wonderful.

What he did next, however, was not what I expected. He spun me around in my chair. When I turned I came face to face with his cock. He put his hands behind my head and pulled my face towards it. Believe it or not, I had never really given a blowjob before. I mean I had played with them, kissed them, licked them a little, but normally, all the sex I had ever had was a guy sticking his dick in my vagina and pounding away. I knew what he wanted, but I wasn’t really sure how to do it, and I wanted to do it right.

Trying my best, I took it in my mouth and started sucking. Before long, he took control of my head and started moving it back and forth. His cock basically started using my mouth as a pussy. But then he started to get a little more insistent. He pulled my head harder into his crotch, forcing his cock further and further into his mouth. He wasn’t huge, but he was longer than average. I had never sucked a dick before, let alone a seven-inch one. But I let him control me. A couple deep thrusts later, he rammed his stiff cock all the way into my mouth and down my throat.

I was surprised at how easily I took the entire thing into my throat. I didn’t choke or gag at all. Strangest of all was that it felt right, like it was supposed to be like this, that he controlled me and used me. I didn’t understand most of it, but I knew I loved it.

“Oh, God,” he started groaning, looking down in appreciation at me deep-throating him. He held still with it all the way in. “Oh, God, yes…” he groaned again.

I couldn’t breathe, but I held steady letting him control everything. Then his cock started to twitch. I could feel it start to pump cum. Not sure what to do, I guess I panicked a little. I pulled my head back and his spurting cock came out of my mouth and sprayed cum all over my face.

I stared at the spurting cock as it shot cum onto my face. My very first facial. I didn’t think it was gross or nasty at all. I liked it a lot. The hot cum splashing on me was wonderful. The look on his face was wonderful. I was a little shocked by the suddenness of it all, but it was great.

He looked down at me and smiled. Some of the cum dripped off my face and onto my blouse. I quickly excused myself and headed for the bathroom. I cleaned my face and tried to clean the cum that had dripped down onto my blouse, but it didn’t all come out. The blouse was white, so I was hoping that it was not that noticeable.

When I left the bathroom, I walked right by Rick, my other boss, who was making copies at the copy machine. He stopped me. On his face was a big grin.

The entire thing, of course had been planned by the two guys, but I was just too young and naive to figure that out until much later.

“What’s that on your shirt?” he asked, pointing at the cum spots. “Come here,” Rick continued. “Let me see.” He ran his fingers over the stains, several of which, coincidently, were on my boobs. His fingers stopped directly on top of my left nipple. “This looks like you have been a naughty girl,” he said, pushing his finger into my boob. My nipple responded instantly to his touch.

“You can’t wear a shirt like that here in the office,” he said with a grin. “Come here.” Rick pulled me over to the water fountain and pushed the button. He cupped his hand and filled it with water. I knew what he was about to do, but I didn’t stop him in time. The cold water made me gasp as he started pouring it from his hand down onto my chest. He got another handful and did it again. The water was freezing and he didn’t stop until almost all of the front of my shirt was wet.

The blouse became transparent with the water. My brown round areola were plainly visible, even with the bra. Rick stepped back and admired the view. “That’s not any good,” he said. “Tell you what, give me your shirt.” He held his hand out. “I’ll see if we can dry it off.” He stood there, with his hand out and waited. “Come on, give it to me,” he repeated. He acted impatient and reached over and lifted my blouse up. For some reason, I just let him take it off me. Then, without another word, he reached around me and unsnapped my bra. “I’ll take this too,” he said, pulling it off of me.

“Wow,” he said, staring at my big firm naked breasts. “Those are wonderful.” I just stood there topless, not knowing what to do. Then he said, “I need a picture of those. Come over here.” He led me back to the copy machine. “Put them on here,” he said, lifting the cover of the machine and patting the glass top. He took hold of me and guided me over and put my tits on the copier. He made several copies, moving me around on the glass, before he was happy with the shot. “This is perfect,” he said. “It’s going up behind my desk.”

He just dropped my bra and blouse onto the floor, and took me into his office. He closed the door and pulled me up to him. He kissed me hard on the mouth. His hands wondered down my naked back and then around to my front of my waistline. A minute later, my pants were down around my ankles and I was standing naked in his office. Without a word, he turned me around, bent me over his desk, and mounted me from behind.

I let out a small moan when his cock pushed up into me. Grabbing hold of my hips he started to thrust into me. He reached up and took hold of my tits as they swung. Squeezing them hard, he made one last thrust forward and came deep inside me.

From then on, almost every day, one or both of them would take me into their office and fuck me in their office. They had me wearing very revealing clothing to work so they could “get a good look” at me. I was banned from wearing bras to work ever. Even when we had clients in the office, they would make sure that my shirt was as open as possible without completely exposing my chest. “A little bit of nipple is fine,” Dave would tell me, “but not the whole thing.”

I thought Rick was kidding about posting the copy of my tits behind his desk, but I was wrong. He pinned the copy onto his corkboard and left it there as long as I worked there. Every client that went in there got a good look at it and most figured out they were mine.

It was during this time that I learned to really enjoy men looking at me as a sex object. I loved the fact that I could wear something that would make them stare and lust for me. I also learned a lot about giving blowjobs. Dave had me blowing him every day. Sometimes after sex, he would have me climb under his desk and spend time sucking on his spent cock, sucking his balls, or both until he was hard enough to fuck again.

The two of them also taught me a great deal about different positions. They did me standing, sitting, facing them, facing away from them, on top, on bottom, all kinds of different ways.

One of the most important things I learned during that time was that I could not say, “No,” to sex. During the day, they would do me any time they wanted. I couldn’t say no to them. If they wanted it, I wanted to give it to them.

I did try my best to continue doing my work and be a good secretary, but many times I couldn’t finish things because I was giving blowjobs or getting fucked. Interesting fact is that when my future Husband call and set up our first date, I was being fucked on Dave’s desk.

I answered the phone while I was bent over the desk. I had a hard time not moaning while I was talking to him and I had a hard time following the conversation. I even had a powerful orgasm while I was talking to him. Even while my future Husband and I dated, I still fucked my two bosses.

Not long after I moved out, my Dad died in an accident at work. Craig came back from college for the funeral. Afterwards, the three of us returned to the house to figure out what to do. The house was paid for and Dad’s will left it to the three of us equally, but Craig and I agreed to give the house to Carl so he had some place to live while he finished school. But we also decided that we would go through the house and divide up some of the property.

Going into different rooms of the house, we started sorting stuff. I went to my old bedroom and started putting the stuff I wanted to keep in a pile by the door. Carl was in the living room. Craig had gone into Dad’s room and was going through the closet.

Craig yelled, “Hey, come here. Look what I found.” He came running out of Dad’s bedroom into the living room. He put a big box on the coffee table and sat down on the couch. I came into the room and looked in the box. Carl sat down next to his big brother.

Craig pulled a big photo album out of the box and opened it up. The very first picture, an 8X10 color glossy, was of our mom. She was completely naked and standing in the sand at a beach. In the background there were several people looking her direction. “Wow,” Carl said. “Is that mom?”

We were all pretty young when she passed away, but we all knew it was her.

“Yeah,” said Craig. “Isn’t she fine?”

She was beautiful. She was short and thin with long brown hair and a beautiful face. Her most prominent feature was her big firm set of boobs.

Craig turned the page. The first half of the book was full page pictures of mom naked. It progressed from her just standing there, to her in sexual positions. My brothers were almost drooling over them.

I was still standing next to them and looking from afar. Craig looked up at me. “Sit down,” he said, with a demanding tone. He moved over away from Carl and patted the couch seat between them. I knew this wasn’t going to end well for me, but I did what he told me to do. I sat down between my brothers.

He turned the page. The next photo showed our mom on her hands and knees, completely naked except for some red high heel shoes. She was looking at the camera and one of her arms was positioned further back, giving the camera an excellent view of her big hanging tits. “She’s much better looking that you are,” Craig said cruelly to me.

“Her tits are bigger too,” Carl added, stating the obvious.

“You think?” Craig responded, with a grin. “Let’s see.” Craig grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and lifted it up. “Take this off,” he demanded. He already had it up above my bra when he said it. He was big and strong, so I didn’t have much choice. I just lifted my arms as he pulled it off. Carl quickly unsnapped my bra, he was getting really good at that, and pulled it off. So there I sat, topless, between my two brothers.

“Yeah, they aren’t as nice,” Craig said, alternating his gaze between the picture and me, “or as big.”

“They’re still fun to play with, though,” Carl said running his fingers over my left nipple, which, of course, involuntarily swelled and hardened.

The next set of pictures progressed quickly from just mom naked into pornography. The next photo was of her, on a bed, with her legs spread and her fingers on her clit. Her pussy lips were swollen and red. They were parted open with a look as she had just been used. Craig’s gaze went from the photograph to me. I saw him get a big smile on his face. I knew what was next.

A minute later, I was sitting naked between the two of them. “Even her pussy is better than yours,” Craig said viciously. He was doing his best to belittle and humiliate me and it was working. “Spread the lips,” he told me. I reached down and pulled them apart. “Yeah, nowhere close as nice.”

His words were really hurting my feelings, but at the same time I was getting aroused by his treatment of me. I didn’t understand why him saying mean things about made me so hot, but it did. At the same time, Carl was still groping my tits were constantly. Unconsciously, I started fingering my own pussy increased the stimulation. Craig turned the page in the photo album. The next picture made me finger my clit even more.

The next group of pictures had mom on her back, legs spread, feet up in the air, with Dad pounding into her. What was really interesting was that the photographs were obviously taken by another person, not from a tripod or a stationary position. I’m sure my brothers noticed that too.

“What a good sport,” Craig said with a smile. He continued turning pages. After several more on the two of them fucking missionary. The next set was mom sitting down on him, in what I now know is reverse cowgirl. From the way her tits looked in the photos you could tell that she was bouncing up and down on him.

Then in one of the pictures, the angle of her sitting on his changed. It was then that we all saw that Dad now had his dick up mom’s ass.

“Oh, yeah,” Craig said. He looked at me and grinned an evil grin. He stood, dropped his pants, and then sat back down. His cock was stiff and pointed straight up in the air when he pulled me over onto his lap. Knowing what he wanted to do to me, I quickly positioned myself so that his dick would go straight into my pussy. I sat down on him.

“Oh, no, you don’t,” he said, grabbing my hips and lifting me up. When I was up off him, he grabbed his cock and brought it back to the puckered tight opening of my ass. Then he pushed up with his crotch and pulled me down at the same time.

I gasped and cried out in pain as his big dick forced its way up my tiny asshole. “Please…” I begged. “No…stop…please…” I looked down between my legs and saw that he was in all the way to the balls. He held me down tight. My ass clenched hard around his cock and I knew he could feel it spasm around him.

“Oh, yeah,” he groaned. Between the excitement and my tight clenching ass, the stimulation was too much for him. He shot his load right up into my ass. The swelling of his cock caused me even more pain as he spurt his white hot cum up into me. I cried out again in pain.

Craig didn’t care. He left his cock inside me until it shrank back down and finally fell out. When that happened, he pushed me off of him and went into the bathroom to wash off his soiled cock.

As soon as Craig left the room, Carl, who was naked by now, climbed on top of me. He pushed me back on the couch and shoved his hard cock up my pussy. He used my tits as handles as he rode me hard.

When Craig came back in the room, Carl was still on top of me, pumping away. He was moaning, really enjoying himself. I was still hurting, but the thrusting of Carl’s dick was starting to make me forget about the pain.

While Carl fucked me, I watched Craig as he started digging deeper in the box that had the photo album in it. He found a large round metal can that really interested him and he ran off with it. A couple minutes later, he came back into the living room with the can and an old projector that my Dad had.

Craig set up the projector as Carl finished with me, dumping his load inside me and then climbing off. I just stayed on the couch, not moving, when he was finished. Craig finished loading the projector and then went over and turned off the lights. He made me sit up and then he sat down next to me. He turned on the projector.

On the way a movie started. It was my mom again. She looked beautiful in a sexy red dress and high heels. The camera zoomed into her smiling face, scanned down her body and then zoomed back out. When it zooming all the way out, we could all see that there was a man sitting on the bed.

“Oh, this should be good,” Craig said.

Mom turned towards the man and smiled. The cameraman, presumably our Dad, moved around to get a side shot of the two of them. The man stood and approached mom. He wrapped his arms around her waist, she put her arms over his shoulders and they kissed.

The man wasted no time. His hands moved up her body and he pushed the dress straps off her shoulders. He started to pull the dress down, exposing her big beautiful breasts and continued to push it down until it fell to the floor. With her standing there wearing nothing but her panties and high heels, the man leaned down and kissed her nipple.

It was about then that Craig reached over and took hold of my head. He pushed my face down to his cock. It still was not fully hard and smelled, but I took it in my hand and started stroking it. “Suck me,” he demanded. I took it in my mouth. I could still watch the film while I sucked his cock.

The man continued to suck on my mom’s tits as he pushed her panties to the floor. As soon as she was naked, the man stood upright and, with his hands on her shoulders, pushed her down onto her knees. Mom, put her hands behind her back, subserviently, and looked up at him.

Man, standing over her, dominating her, unzipped his trousers and dropped his pants. Out of his pants popped a huge cock. I had never seen one so big. Not only was it really long, but it had a thick shaft and a fat head. Mom looked really excited about it too.

The man pushed it down from its stiff upright position until it pointed straight as her face. The camera zoomed in as she took the giant cock into her mouth and started sucking. She took more and more of it into her mouth until she had almost the entire thing down her throat.

Craig apparently liked the idea because he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me down onto his now rock hard cock. He didn’t stop pushing until it was all the way in.

When Craig let me back up, I looked back over at the film and saw mom on top of the man. She was riding him. She looked directly into the lens as the man started sucking her nipples. She sat up and continued to ride him for several minutes before he pushed her off him. She got onto her hands and knees and the man mounted her from behind. As he fucked her, he reached around and played with her big swinging tits. The man started to get more into it, pounding her harder and pulling her hair.

Craig pushed my head down again and held me there. His cock twitched in my throat. When he let me back up, I could tell the man fucking mom was close to cumming. He stopped banging her from behind and turned her over. He moved up her body, straddling her torso, and pushed his cock up between her big tits. Mom pushed them together for him. His cock pushed up between them. She licked and sucked the head every time he pushed it up between her tits and up to her mouth. It didn’t take the man very long at all before he started to cum. The man used his hands to pump the cum out of his spurting cock and all over her face. The man got up off the bed and the camera zoomed in on mom’s cum covered face and then the movie went black.

After a minute of blank screen, another movie started. This one started with mom on the bed naked with two naked men, neither was our Dad. The sex started immediately. One man took her doggy-style while she sucked the other one. Couple minutes later, the two men changed positions. It wasn’t long before they both pulled out of her, pushed her down onto her knees and beat off on her face. The movie ended.

I knew what my brothers were thinking. A minute later, they hand me between them. Craig was fucking me from behind while Carl rammed his cock down my throat.

For the next two days they kept me locked up in my room. Well, I didn’t really try to get away. Whenever they wanted, they came in and fucked me. It wasn’t until I had to go back to work on Monday morning that they finally let me go, but not until they both fucked me again.

When I got to work, both Rick and Dave had their way with me as well. That evening, after work, was my first date with my future husband. When he climbed on top of me that night, he didn’t know that he was going to be the fifth man to take me that day.

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