Happy birthday Connie

"Now your all set to go" Mom said hugging me "don't get off the bus, don't talk to any strange men and Aunt Leslie will meet you at the terminal"
I know now how she must have felt, her 13 year old Daughter going to her brothers farm for a two week vacation all alone, frightening!. I was very excited going over a hundred miles all by myself but I was almost 14, I'm not a kid any more. The bus ride for me was an adventure in it's self and when we pulled into the termial, there was Aunt Lelie with Lynda my cousin who was almost 15. I was shaking when iI left the bus but calmed down with warm greetings from them with Lynda telling me all about the animals they had. A twenty minute ride and tthere were at the farm. This is certaunly not like the city, wide open spaces, no other house in site and it smells differant too, I like this.
"Come on" Lynda said "I'll show you the barn"
"No noi" her Mom smiled "first we have to get this young lady un-packed"
I was bit un-nerved when I found out that I would be sleeping in the same room as Carol as I had my own room. I gave Aunt leslie the things Mom sent to her with Carol helping to put my clothes away.
"Get rid of that skirt and put shorts on, I have a surprise for you in the barn"
Well where do I change? Here? I never un-dressed in front of anyone before but I guess it's ok.
"Hey, look at you, nice body!" I smiled as hot flashes rushed through me "What's your nra size, 32A? Guess your boy friend loves those, come on, lets go"
She was still smiling as we went outside and I hadn't recovered from her remarks.
"This is one of those things you have to see to believe, know what I mean Connie?"

As soon as we went in the barn, the aroma of the barn was something I never smelled before and to this day, I still don't find it offensive.
"Down here Connie" Lynda squealed "take a look at this beauty!"
She was standing at a stall with a horse and I thought, oh wow, a horse. Coming up beside her, she was really excited as I patted the horse.
"How would you like to have that in you?" her face now red.
What? Have what in me? It was then I noticed his penis which had to be eighteen inches long! I lost my breath backing up! I had seen pictures of penis's in books but not like this, this was firightening! My mind was a complete blank not knowing what to do.
"Hey, you ok, your as white as a shett!" taking my arm "Awesome, right? I felt the same way the first time I saw his cock. Bet those mares can't wait to get fucked by him!" laughing.
By now I at least knew where I was as Lynda led me outside.
"Know what? Dad and the vet are going to jerk hom off to-morrow! I sure would like to see him come" she whispered "Your boy friend come a lot?"
I was just about to tell I've never been with a boy when we were called for supper, whew!

Supper, a shower taking my nightgiwn in the bathroom with me, I wasn't going to get ready for bed with Lynda watching my every move. Listening to some records she had, her Mom came in to say good night with Lynda standing as she un-dressed. Everything came off and I was surprised that not only was she a lot bigger than she looked but she had no pubic hair! I guess she seen me starring at her crotch saying,
"I shaved all the hair off, Arnold likes to lick me and doesn't like hair" now giggling "You been eaten yet?"
Pulling the nightgown over her head I thought, what have I gotten myself into.
"Well have you?" she insisted. All I could do was shake my head no.
"You may think masturbating is nice but I'm telling you, when he puts his head between my leg, I can't tell you how good that feels! You like to taste yourself?"
I didn't want her to know how totally ignorant I was about any kind of sex so I shook my head yes.
"You ever been with a girl?" Is she insane?
"No" I said finding my voice.
"Me neihter" getting into bed "but you know, if a girl came aong and wanted to eat me, I'd let her. Well good night Connie, I'l introduce you to Arnold to-morrow"
Now at home, I'd get into bed at nine and I'd wake up 7 when the alarm went off, the covers never moved. Here, I'd drift off to sleep and wake up with a start! What a fearful nights sleep.

"I want you girls to stay out of the barn to-day" my Uncle said "The vet is coming by"
It was only 8 am and we were through breakfast and out the door. It was gpomg to be one of those hot blistering days of summer that happens this far North saying to Lynfa,
"Where are we going?" as we headed across a field.
"There's a swimming hole back yonder that Arnold and I meet sometime"
"Will he be there?" For some reason I was nervous as I was never with anyone like Lynda.
"i doubt it, he has chores"
Finally past some tree's, there was this pond with Lynda smiling.
"There it is, sex by the water" and laughed as we sat down on some grass. "Lost my virginity right here where were sitting last year" a far away look on her face "He fucked me good"
I had never heard anyone use the F word, never heard anyone admit that they had sex, I mean, she was so open about everything.
"God, it's hot, lets go for a swim" and with that, she jumped up taking her clothes off.
I didn't want to go for a swim as I watched her race to the later diving in.
"Come on" she shouted "the waters perfect" then laughing.
Every nerve in my body was against this but what could I do? Off came my shorts a T shirt taking two steps.
"Well take your panties and bra off, you don't want to get them wet" laughing.
I'm here to tell you , it took every ounce of courage to remove my panties and bra and walk down to the water. Once I I felt bettere but had to bend my knee's a bit to cover myself as the water was not that deep.

There was no way I could possibly imagine that I would be swimming naked with Lynda or anyone else for that matter.
"How's the water?" I let a little shreik out of me with Lynda laughing.
"Hey Arnold, hey Franky, aay hello to my cousin Connie, come on it, the waters fine" laughing.
This was absolutely the worst possible thing that could happen to me! Holy, there taling there clothes off! I tirned around, my head spinning, I was in a panick sittuation.
"What the Hell's the matter with you Connie, they won't bite! Frankys cute eh?"
Arnold was older and bigger with Franky the same age as me. There they were, both naked, there dicks stiicking out, both screaming Geronimo, they raced to the water diving in. Both of them came up beside ua with Arnold taking Lynda in his arrms kissing her! Franky was all smiles next to me holding out his handfor me to shake.
"Hi Connie, Im Franky, you standing in a hole?"I was bent over, only my head showing.
"Take it easy with her Franky, she's shy" as Arnold and Lynda were getting out! Damn!
"Well if the rest of you looks as good as your face, I. holy shit, look at that!"
Arnold laid down with Lynda getting on top of him showing her ass as she put aher hand between hegs trying to guide it in. I was mesmerized as she found the place then in two or three strokes, it disappeard inside her! Holy! I couldn't believe it! I was stuuned but couldn't look away! In and out, in and out and when I came to my senses, Franky was kissing my neck from behind me, both hands on my tits and i could feel his dick up against me. I can't do this!
"Please" I whispered "I've never done this before"
"It's ok, I'll be gentle" as he led me to the far side, back away from the water.

I couldn't help myself, I tied to cover myself but I had nothing but my arms!
"God, your so beautiful and what a great body you have. This is ok, right here"
Pulling me down, I put mu back to him as no one had ever seen me naked let alone a boy who's last name I didn't even know! Totally embarassed, frightened not knowing what I should do next. Franky knew what to do as he took my shoulders laying me down and before I could object, the tears started to come and he kissed me. No no, I don't want this, please let me go were my thoughts. With one arm under him, he held my head so I couldn't move with the kiss lasting a very long time. Finally he withdrew looking down at me smiling. Now was my chance!
"Please, I don't want to do this, let."
I never had a chance to finish as he said, shhh kissing me again and at the same time tqking hold of my breast. Hot flashes hit me, his kiss felt better with my tummy doing flip flops!
"Yes oh yes" he whispered kissing me again with passion coming from me. I resigned myself that this was going to happen no matter what and stopped fighting my feelings. Now no one had ever touched me down there so when he put his hand between my legs, I almost jumped out of my skin.
"Easy babe, easy" he said kissing me again
Electric shocks were pounding my body as he rubbed the outsode of my pussy and while it felt good, it was nothing compared to when he touched my clitoris! Oh my! The electric shocks turned to warm waves of pleasure suddenly realixing that he was now between my legs

I can't describe to you how nervous I was. The tears were still coming, my mind was a complete blank as I felt his dick going up and down my slit looking for that secret enterence. Oh God, he's found it! Every muscle in my body tightened as he laid there on top of me not moving. Oh my yes, he was smiling down at me.
"Relax Connie" he whispered "I'm not going to hurt you and if it hurts, we'll stop, ok?"
I heard what he said but I couldn't respond, my head was empty of any thoughts. Woth that, he left he dick there kissing me with passion pushing it in a bit.
"Doesn't hurt, feels strange maybe but diesn't hurt!"
Strange? Yes as he began to go in and out at there enterence. Oh my God, were doing it! Now it was my turn to grab him kissing him with passion I'd never known. Little by little, I could feel him going deeper, my heart in my throat when he stopped.
"It's all the way in Connie, feel ok?"
The best I could do was give him a faint smile shaking my head yes. Slowly, ever so slowly, he began to take it out then pushed it back in. I was numb down there and son of a gun, he took it out!
"That's enough for now, is your cunt throbbing?"
The C word! I hate that word and told him so.
"Well there's no other word that describes it better! Pussy is nice but cunt says it all! so let me check you and see if there's any blood"
Whew! There we were, he had my legs and lips open! What's wrong with this picture!
"That's a beautiful cunt Connie and there is a bit of blood, come on, lets get in the water"

So there we were, the four of us in good spirts and while they may want to be naked, I put my bra and panties on. That broke up our little party heading back to home.
"Your" hesitating "pussy still throbbing?" his arm around my shoulder as we walked.
"Yes, a bit tender but OK"
In truth, I suppose I could have fought him physically but didn't so does that mean I wanted to give up my virginity? Intesting question. So we said our good bye's, I headee stright for our rook taking a pair of panties with me into the bathroom. There was only a spot of blood so I washed myself, put some tissue down there and carried on like everything was normal. Son of a gun! I awoke the next morning and wow, I was horny. Into the bathroom I go, no blood on the tissue but the tissue was a bit wet
"That Franky is a nice guy, isn't he Connie"
"Ya, he's ok, you know"
I was still a bit steamed at her for not telling me what was going on and I couldn't get past it.
"Well anyway, were meeting them down at Arnolds place this moring" smiling.
"You, not me, I'm staying here" No way Lynda was going to be my social director!
"But I already told them that."
"Then un-tell them, I'm staying here!" leaving the bedroom and going to the kitchen.
Lynda didn't like this, not one bit giving me a dirty look when she left. Does she really think I'm going to fuck Framky with them watching? How do I know that maybe they haven't got some other plan where Arnold or other friends of there's want to gang fuck me? No no, at least here, I have some measure of control Yes I was horny but I cam deal with that and yes, maybe I am stupid but I'm not crazy To-day, I had my wits about me, I'm ok. Aunt Les;ie sent me out to the chicken coup to get the eggs which I didn'y like and on the way back, there was Franky coming up the lane on his bike.
"Hi" he smiled "how come you didn't come down with Lynda?"
"Because I didn't want her or anyone making decissions for me! I never knew anything about this until this morning"
"Well she said she would handle all the details" now with a concerned look "Geez I hope your not sorry about yesterday, she said you had a boy friend" I'm not going there!
"No, I'm not sorry about yesterday, I want to make my own decissions"
Damn! He started to blush.
"Did you know Commie that making love in a hay loft is very exciting?"
He had the dumbest look on his face that could imagine.
:Wait!, I have to take these eggs in"

For the rest of my time there, we fucked at least two times a day. On the second week, we gave each other oral sex and while I wasn't thrilled with that the first few times. I got so that if I sucked him first, he would last longer. As for the oral sex, I'll take all I can get and more if possible. I contimued to be pleasent with Lynda but my guard was always up On the day I was going, I said to her in the bedroom in an off handed way,
"I'm very anxious to get back. There's a girl there, 15, so sweet honey drips off her. I want to get my head between those beautiful legs and lick that bald cunt of hers"
Well! That did it!
"You had to tell me that as your leaving? You could have ate me anytime you wanted"
Not much of a payback to be sure but as the years went by and there was a family function where I had to attend, I always brought a girlfriend with me explaining there was bad blood between us. Even when I went to collage and begab working for Rhonda, I dressed the best I could when I knew she would be there until she married some local farmer and gaind 60 pounds.
Now I don't attend any more family fuctions, the silent war between us is over, thank God.

The end

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