Construction Office Trailer

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Heather came to the construction site of my companies building project. She almost tripped on the wooden planks on her way to the trailer. What had she been thinking, she wondered, wearing high heels at a construction site? Heather looks around, the site is huge, and it is late afternoon. The site is chaotic with huge piles of earth, concrete slabs and heavy machinery, utterly deserted now. She finds the trailer where she is going to surprise me with a visit. She knocks on the door. " Come in," I answered. She opens the door, I'm sitting at a small table, I didn't get up as Heather entered. She walks over to me and whispers " Hi John."

I look up at her asking her " Heather, What are you doing here?" Heather replies " I was on the way home and decided I needed to see you." " How did you know I was here?" I asked. " I called your secretary. She replies. Heather sat down by the table, seeing her is causing my cock to get hard. Heather smiles, " Ah, no female influence in the office." She said. I laughed, " There is a lack of fucking pussy at construction sites." Heather feels herself blushing. I looked at her, " What the hell. Now you're here." I said. Heather feels my eyes on her legs, her crotch and her breasts. I stood up walking over to her, standing in front of her.

" Yes," I said. " Problem solved." Then, she feels my hand on her breast, squeezing it.
" Stop that!" She ordered. I just grinned. " No," I said quietly. " I don't think so."
Heather jumps from the chair and runs for the door. I grab her wrist, pulling her back.
" Let me go!" She hisses, struggling in my grip. " Now don't disappoint me," I said, pulling her towards the table. " I've been saving myself for you. For later tonight." I force her down on her back on the table. Holding her down with one hand, I lift up her short skirt with the other. Heather tries resisting, I'm too strong. I push Heather's panties to the side, and she feels my rough fingers touching her labia. " Oh God John." She sighs. " No! Don't not here!" Slowly, my thick fingers begin massaging the mouth of her pussy. Heather gasps, realizing she is helpless and horny. Holding her down requires no effort on my part.

I stroke her rhythmically, moving my strong fingers toward her clitoris. Heather squirms on the hard tabletop. As I masturbate her, she feels her labia getting moist. I keep going, stimulating the flow of her juices. Soon, she is wet enough for me to push two fingers inside. " Ah!" She moans. She feels my rough fingers probing her, wriggling deep inside her warm wet pussy. She gives up resistances now. My fingers slip out of her cunt, then pushes back in again. Then out again and in again, fucking her so slowly, her pussy making wet noises with each stroke. I bend down between her legs, touching her cunt with my tongue.

" Oooh!" she gasps. Heather feels my lips sucking her pussy, thirstily drinking her juices. I slurp loudly, sucking and licking, my fingers thrusting in and out of her soft flesh. Then she feels it: The pleasant tingling sensation, spreading from her cunt like electricity, making her entire body shake with anticipation. If I keep this up, she is going to have an orgasm right on the table. Heather bits her lip. She wanted this to happen since this morning when I pushed her aganist the shower wall fucking her from behind hard and rough.

Suddenly I stood up, slipping my finger from her pussy. I look at her, grinning. I knew
Sadistic bastard, I knew. I unzipped the fly of my overalls and my hard cock sprang out. It is so hard and thick, its reddened head bulging with excitement. A tiny drop of clear liquid dribbles from its tip. I take the hard tool in my hand, pointing it guiding it towards the mouth of Heatherr's cunt. " Oh God, Yes," She whimpers, " yes." " Forget it!" I gasp. " Take your clothes off! You know you want it!" Did she? Heather can hardly think straight anymore. The whole situation is thrilling — and she loves the sight of me and my lascivious grin. Her body is in a state of excitement that needs to be satisfied with an orgasm.

She yearns for my cock as many times a day as possible. It is really simple, since becoming my lover her lust and hornyness is insatiable. Heather undressed as quickly as she can, throwing her blouse, her bra, her skirt and her panties on the floor of the trailer. Then, shaking, she lay back on the table. Her nipples are so hard. She can't believe it.
I stood between her legs and grab hold of her thighs. I place my cock at the mouth of her pussy and pushes forward with a loud grunt. " UUUUHHHH..UUUUUHHHHH..UUUUHHHH."
She feels her soft flesh stretching around my shaft, as I drive my tool into her dripping wet cunt.

She can tell I'm so horny now. Before, I had been calm, teasing and fingering her - now I thrust into her in a fast, rough rhythm. Over and over, I plunge my cock into her tender pussy, grunting like an animal in heat. " UUUUUHHHHH..UUUUUUHHHHHH..UUUUUHHHH."
As I slam inside her, probing her flesh, she feels her climax approaching. " Oh God!" She exclaims. I'm impaling her to orgasm on the table in my trailer. It is totally escasty. Her pussy opens wide, inviting me to push deeper and deeper. Her juices flowing abundantly, lubricating my pumping cock, drowning it. And then Heather held on to the table. Held on hard. Her vision flickers — she almost faints as she came. " Aaahhh!" she cries. "Aaahhh!"

She writhes on the table, overcame by a powerful climax. Moaning uncontrollably,
" oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh..aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."
Heather feels unbelievable sensations of pleasure washing through her. It is incredible. " Yes!" I yell, thrusting hard into her. She feels my cock swelling inside her. My eyes are wide open, as I approach my climax. I slam all the way inside her, holding still as my throbbing cock explodes sending long spurts of semen inside her, her pussy spasming and clamping down on my cock squeezing the last drops from my throbbing cock
"Unnnhhh..UUUhhh!" I yell. Breathing hard, Heather tries to compose herself.

I helped Heather off the table turning her around and bending her over the edge of the table. I grabbed a bottle beside the sink. Squeezing it, I poured oily liquid over my hard cock, making it bounce. Heather feels the cold spray hitting her ass. Surprised, she gasps " What?" Then she feels my hairy thighs between her spread legs, she feels my fingers, slick with oil, forcing their way into her anus. " Mmmmmm!" she protests. My cock pushing hard against her ass hole. I grab her hips, Heather feels the head of my cock forcing its way into her ass. She bangs her hands on the table.
" MMMmmmmmmm " she cries.

Slowly, I burie the entire length of hard shaft inside her rectum. I pull back and thrust into her again and again. Pain gives way to pleasure, Heather wriggling her ass against me, encouraging me to go deeper. Heather is quivering uncontrollably. I'm fucking her savagely in her tight ass. She is the object of my animal lust, my beautiful sex toy. She love it. She loves the filthy office, feeling shameless and outrageous. I'm hammering my cock into her in a hard deep and relentless rhythm. She crires out in ecstasy, " Ohhh!" she yells. " Ohhh!" Heather's face is flushed and she is shaking from her climax.

Taylor arches her back, as I kicking my heels against the floor of the trailer, I groan " UU
hhhhhhh..UUUhhhhhhhhh..AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." As I explode inside her ass with incredible force. Heather feels my cock contracting, spurting shots of hot semen into her tender ass. My orgasm seems to go on forever, sperm pumping from my jerking tool.
I collapse on top of her, our bodies glistening from the sweat. " Yeess!" I shout. " Fuck yes!" After a few seconds I pull out of her ass, standing there looking at her, as she lay sprawled on the table, exhausted, gasping for air.

I dress as Heather wipes herself with a towel, then puts her clothes back on.
I kiss her, as we walk outside in the cold night air, looking out over the construction site, bathed in harsh floodlights. We leave in sperate cars to go home.

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