A Wolf goes hunting - Part 5

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Chapter 5

WHERE THE FUCK HAD THAT LITTLE CUNT DISAPPEARED TO! That was the thought that constantly was running through Kevin’s mind as he searched for her in the only places he knew to look. She hadn’t had many friends before he killed her mother and turned her into his proper little fucktoy and he had made sure to burn those bridges when she “disappeared”. There were only a couple of places she liked to hang out and they were to exposed and open for her to go to because the police were still looking for her even after all this time. The town wasn’t big enough for the local police to forget so easily…even though the town was getting a little rougher, its not like the local LEOs had a lot of murders to contend with. He had checked with the five hotels in the town and none of the managers had seen her and definitely hadn’t rented her a room. He was just leaving the last hotel when he saw the big Indian Chief sitting in the parking lot in front of one of the rooms. It was a nice bike and obviously had ALL the extras and he found himself wishing he had one just like it. Sighing softly as he pulled out of the parking lot and turning towards home, he began to fantasize about the open road on the back of such a bike.

If Kevin had stayed just a few minutes longer staring at the bike he would have seen a face from out of the past and it probably would have shaken him to the core to know the Wolf was in town. The only person he knew that he couldn’t get to like him and his little bitch of a sub whose pants he could never seem to get into. Everyone seemed to think he had lost interest in trying to take Katie away from Wolf but in all reality, it was Wolf that had finally driven him away. When Wolf had shown up at his house and stuck the barrel of the revolver in his mouth and pulled the trigger on an empty chamber, Kevin had pissed himself like a baby. When Wolf had pulled the hammer back and started to squeeze the trigger again, the cold gleam of death in his eyes, Kevin’s bowels had loosened and he shit himself. That was all it took for Kevin to realize that Wolf was done playing games with him and he was serious about ending his opposition. Kevin had started blubbering and begging as best he could around the barrel of the .357 Magnum that Wolf had shoved in his mouth but he finally got the gist through to Wolf, getting him to back off and let Kevin run for the hills.

Kevin was gone two days later, leaving the sale of his house to a realtor he trusted and moving everything he could pack in time in the rental truck and headed East from Colorado where he had been living. He drove for two days and finally stopped in a town of about 10,000 population and looked for a place to live, staying in one of the towns hotels until he found something.

As Kevin pulled out of the motel and drove past the diner across the street, he wasn’t paying attention, lost in thoughts of the past as the tall, strong figure came out the front door, carrying a bag of food. As the man approached the sidewalk to cross to the motel, he very plainly saw the driver and his eyes narrowed to feral slits, his lip turned up in a snarl as a growl escaped his mouth. Wolf made note of the make and model of the car and the license plate number and once the car turned the corner on the next block down and disappeared, Wolf sprinted across the street and to his room, fear of finding his room door kicked in and Cammy gone roiling in his stomach. He burst into the room standing in the open doorway, not seeing Cammy in their bed or at the table like he expected, he rushed to the nightstand drawer where he kept his guns and took out their holsters, preparing to slip them into his belt as the door to the bathroom opened and Cammy came out, drying her hair with a towel from the shower she took while her Wolf was getting them lunch.

Wolf dropped the guns back into the drawer with a clunk then rushed to her, wrapping his arms tightly around her naked body and crushing her to him. Startled, Cammy squeaked softly as he lifted her off her feet and buried his face in the crook of her neck, her arms tightly wrapped around his neck and her fingers threaded through his hair.

“What’s wrong Daddy? You looked scary when you grabbed me!” Cammy whispered into his ear.

Wolf pulled back so he could look in her eyes as he sat down on the bed, her in his lap and her strong little legs wrapped around his waist. “I don’t want you to be scared kitten but Kevin was here, in the motel. Daddy will never let him have you again but he was here and I was worried he got you.” He said as he continued to hold her tight, one hand moving to the back of her neck to hold her in place as her eyes went wide and she tried to squirm from his embrace to run away, her flight response very high at the thought of Kevin getting her again.

Once again Wolf pulled her tight to him, this time her face buried in his throat as he controlled her until she calmed down, her naked breasts heaving against his chest a he massaged her neck with his strong hand.

“Shhh…Shhh…It’s okay kitten. Daddy won’t let anything happen to you ever again.” His strong voice soothing and reassuring her as he rocked her gently.

Once he was sure she was finally calmed, he stood and carried her to the small dining table and sat her in her chair, then reached into the bag to get out the food and sodas he had had gotten them for lunch. After the food was laid out, he sat heavily in his chair and sighed then started telling her the story of how he had pursued Katie and how Kevin fit into it, even how he had finally driven Kevin from he and Katie’s life. As she munched the chips that came with her burger, she listened to his story, tears streaming down her face as he related how Katie and their sons had been brutally murdered at the end of his tale and then finally how he had gotten justice for them by his own hand.

“What’s going to happen to me Daddy?” she whispered softly in her scared little voice, hope that he was going to do something about Kevin, shining in her eyes.

“I’m not completely sure yet kitten, but when Daddy leaves this little town on his big bike, you’re going to be on the back of it.” He said confidently after taking a sip of his soda. His mind turned at the possibilities that spun through his mind, of the life he and Cammy could have together, then he thought, “Right now, what can I offer her…no home, no life and living in motels and eating our of restaurants and cafes along the road.”. He could always build a house for him on the property he owned in Estes Park, 20 acres of prime land on the edge of town that he always said he was going to build a cabin on…maybe that would be perfect for the two of them. Had to be better than Denver and the life he had left behind there. At least Cammy would be safe there since no one knew he owned the land in Estes.

Cammy smiled as she ate her lunch, her naked butt wiggling in the cloth covered chair at their little table, finally happy and feeling safe after the horrors of her recent life. She never felt that it was odd that after knowing Wolf for less than 24 hours, she trusted him to take care of her and protect her, completely and knew without a doubt that he would kill to keep her safe. She had never been precious to someone before, not like she was precious to Wolf…she had been precious to her mother, enough so that her mother had died to protect her but this was different. With her mother, that had been the love a mother has for her only child…this was so different, this was how it was when a man cherished a treasure that had come into his life and it made her heart hammer quickly in her chest. She had never experienced this before and she knew, deep down it was only going to get even better.

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