Ruby's New Life Ch. 10

The Sybian room was warm with rows of low saddles close to the ground. Each saddle was fitted with a large dildo in the center.

“Mount your Sybians, girls.” The instructor was a man who seemed shorter than most and very stern. He wouldn’t have much sympathy for any of us, that was obvious.

We all removed our shoes and lowered ourselves on the saddles. The dildo was thick and stretched me delightfully.

The instructor went to each girl and buckled her ankles to the side of the saddle so we were unable to lift up off the dildo at all. When we were all buckled into place, he switched on our Sybians one by one.

The saddle began to rock back and forth slowly, “This low setting is good for gaining your balance. Be sure to move your hips and feel the different sensations you can achieve for your pleasure. If you are told while you are on a Sybian not to come, I suggest avoiding these movements.”

I found that if I rolled my hips in the opposite direction of the rocking, I would most definitely send myself over the edge. I avoided that movement and worked on my resistance.

Next the instructor sped up the rocking motion to the ‘medium’ setting and after 15 minutes of that, we went into ‘High’ and girls started wailing with orgasms all around me. It was much harder to control your hips and the movement at that speed.

It had been so long since I’d been fucked and this was so much more fun than the machine at Grandpa’s house. I couldn’t hold back anymore and I let the orgasm flow through me, trying to stay upright on the saddle.

The next setting was a slow bounce without the rocking. The saddle would rise up slowly and then drop back down, impaling us on the dildos. Some girls squealed with delight, others in pain. The dildo definitely rammed my cervix when I slammed down, but it was bearable.

Then the bouncing increased to medium. Our stockings were too slick on the polished leather to give us any way to grip it between our legs and lessen the slamming. We were entirely at the mercy of the machine.

I focused on the feeling, keeping my balance and pushing the pain out of my mind. Soon the speed was turned to high and we were all being bounced like rag dolls on the saddles. There was nothing to do but endure it.

A few girls came, crying out with desperation. My pussy was wet but I was nowhere near an orgasm trying to push the pain away. I just stared at one spot on the wall, waiting for it to end.

When the Sybians were turned off and we were unbuckled, we were instructed to put our shoes back on and use the cleaning station in the back of the room before moving to the tables to do our writing assignment.

“I want you to describe what you thought of the Sybian. Be as descriptive as possible with each setting and how you felt. Which settings you like, what made you have an orgasm, what didn’t. This assignment will be put in your files for your husbands, ladies. Be helpful.”

We spend the rest of class writing. I tried to address my writing to Kyle, knowing he would read it. I knew we were going to have a sybian and I wanted him to know just how to use it with me and what my limits were.

My palms were getting sweaty as I neared my K-9 class. I still wasn’t sure I wanted to do this. I took a deep breath and entered the classroom with 15 other girls. This was for Kyle. I thought of Mother and her love for her ‘puppies’. I had to at least try.

Each of us were guided to a dog, all large breeds. I wondered if any of the dogs were Mother’s dogs. I removed my shoes and knelt down in front of ‘my’ dog. He looked sweet enough. Nothing to be afraid of.

Each girl had a ‘station’ with a cup holder next to us. The cup was empty.

The instructor was a woman, for which I was thankful. She was blonde and had a sweet look about her. She looked like a stereotypical cheerleader dressed in a gray sweater dress that hugged her curves.

“Welcome to Intro to K-9. I’m Elsa. We keep things informal in this class as some of you have never been with a dog and are new to this. Let me just start by saying that it’s normal to be nervous. We’ll go slow and familiarize you with K-9 sex as sensitively as possible.”

The dogs had become curious about their girls and were starting to sniff at our pussies. Most of us were trying to push them away and pay attention to Elsa.

“You will sit on your knees in this class while I speak with your legs spread.”

We all moved into position.

“Your dog will be your Master in this class. You will obey him. If he sniffs at you, you do NOT push him away. He’s familiarizing himself with his Bitch, let him do so.”

My dog was licking at my pussy now and I was finding it hard to focus. I kept my hands on my knees and let him do as he pleased. It felt so wrong, but so good.

“These dogs have been specially trained and they know what to do, you don’t need to fear them. Today we’ll do a simple hand job.”

Elsa passed out small packets of lube to each of us, “Tear open your lube and wet your hands.”

As we got the lube out, smearing it on our hands, the dogs all rolled onto their sides or backs as if they knew what was coming. Well-trained was an understatement.

“Your dog’s penis should be showing by now, he knows what’s coming. Begin slowly stroking the exposed penis and watch as it grows. Pay attention to the length, the girth, the dog’s movements. Watching from this vantage point will help you learn what is happening when your dog finally mounts you. This knowledge will help you release your fears.”

I stroked my dog’s cock and watched it grow until it was the size of an average man. Not too intimidating. What I did notice was the heat. His cock was so hot in my hand! The dog began to instinctively buck at my hand. I noticed how quickly he thrust. Like the fast ‘bounce’ setting on the sybian.

“You’ll notice the base of your dog’s penis forming a knot. This is so he will bond to his mate and ensure that he inseminates the Bitch. This locks you together with the dog. Some knots are larger than others. When the knot slips into you, this is usually the point when women will have an orgasm.”

The knot was far thicker than his penis, but when I imagined it inside me, I didn’t estimate that it would cause any damage.

“Switch to a one-handed job if you aren’t already and grab your cup. When dogs ejaculate, they put out a lot of fluid. You’ll need to catch it in your cup to avoid a mess. What you miss, the dogs will most likely clean for you.”

I grabbed the cup and used my other hand to place it ready to catch at the head of my dog’s penis.

When he started cumming, I found the instructor was right. It was so much! It just kept coming out. My pussy was feeling wet imagining being filled with so much.

When the dog was finished, he rolled over and got up to lick himself clean. I was left with a ½ filled tumbler and watched as the dog sniffed the station and licked where any drops had missed the cup and then he laid down, relaxed and satisfied.

“At some point, you may be asked to give a dog a blow job. We’ll practice that next but no girl likes to be punished and if you don’t swallow the ejaculate and it comes spraying out of your mouth …. It’s possible there will be punishment involved. We’ll practice blow jobs until everyone in this class can swallow completely with no mess.”

We all looked at our glasses and tried to imagine keeping up with a dog during his orgasm. I wasn’t too worried since I had mastered drinking Kyle when he relieved himself inside of my mouth. I imagined it wasn’t much different.

“You will now drink what is in your glass.”

We all looked at her as if we thought she was joking.

“There are many nuances to swallowing, ladies. You must know what the taste is you’re expecting. You must know how MUCH you will be swallowing. You must know how full you’ll feel afterward. DRINK!”

We all put the glasses to our lips. Some girls plugged their noses and Elsa slapped their hands away from their face.

I began swallowing, the taste not too unfamiliar. I gulped quickly, as I always did when Kyle relieved himself. Mine was gone quickly and I grimaced as the aftertaste hit me. It was definitely something you would have to get used to.

Some girls were gagging, struggling to finish their glass.

When everyone had finished and placed their cups back in the holders, Elsa opened the classroom door and trainers came in and rounded up the dogs, taking them out. New dogs were brought in for each of us.

“Now, dogs have a quick recovery but with only one hour, we’ll switch dogs at least once per class to make sure that we don’t hit any snags.”

The new got was a big bigger than my last. He leaned down, sniffing and lapping at my pussy. I moaned. It felt so fucking good! I wished I had let Mother give me a session with her dogs before I experienced this for the first time in a classroom.

“Let’s see how you do with your first K-9 blow job. The command is, ‘Blow’.

As soon as Elsa had uttered the word, the dogs rolled over onto their backs, waiting.

“Get to it, ladies. Let’s see how you handle it.”

I lowered my lips down to the partially protruding doggy cock and wrapped my lips around the tip. It didn’t taste awful. I swirled my tongue around the tip and sucked a bit and his cock started growing quickly.

I pretended he was just another man, but it was difficult. I was blowing a dog’s dick!

The dog began humping at my mouth, growing into my throat. He was merciless, ramming into my face. His knot was slamming against my face, but I kept my mouth closed tightly around his cock and moved my head just out of reach for that knot to get into my mouth.

Soon I felt spunk hitting the back of my throat. I began swallowing fiercely. I grabbed the dog’s cock with my fist to slow his pumping and focused on swallowing all he had to give.

I was right, it wasn’t as difficult as swallowing piss. I handled it just fine.

When the dog was finished, he pulled out of my mouth and went to cleaning himself just as the last dog had. I wiped my mouth and felt proud of myself. I could handle this dog thing. But did I like it? Would I be willing to do things like this for the rest of my life? That was what I needed to decide in this class.

Other girls were gagging, some had doggy cum spurting everywhere. More than half of us handled it well, however.

“Those girls that completed the task cleanly, you are dismissed to the desks to begin writing about your experience.”

10 of us moved to the desk and began writing. I wrote to Kyle again, explaining everything so he would understand where I was at in my K-9 training. I wanted him to know that I did well, but I also wanted to relay my hesitancy.

The remaining 5 girls were brought another dog and had to repeat the blow job.

“You’ll do it until you perfect it. We have an abundance of dogs, ladies. The dogs from your hand job round should be about ready to go again.”

I tried not to watch the girls furiously working at the dogs’ dicks.

The rest of class was writing and doggy blow jobs. All but one girl finally got it down in class. She was told that her homework would be to do the writing we had all completed in class.

I felt sorry for her. She was so full of dog cum by now that she wouldn’t be hungry for lunch.

After class, I heard her tell another girl she was going to throw up in the bathroom so she could eat.

Lunch was full of conversation and chatter about our classes. Tasha was taking a K-9 class next term, she was curious about everything.

Naomi was raving about her group sex class. It was all she wanted to talk about, “I had double penetration WHILE I gave a blowjob! Probably not my best blowjob, but I’ll get better. I can’t believe I get to practice that every day!” She squealed with delight.

“Ruby, what was your favorite class?” Tasha wanted to hear most about the K-9 class.

“I don’t know? I think I like the sybian class.”

“Yeah, we had one in my house at home, so I don’t have to take the class. They’re so great when you need some release! And … our guests always liked watching my mom on hers.” I envied Tasha for growing up in the lifestyle. It all came so naturally to her.

After lunch, we went for a run and sunned naked with most of the school by the pool. I was getting to know the girls and feeling a little less like a newbie. The longer I was in this, the more I just knew that I was made for this lifestyle.

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