Sharing Cindy Chapter 29 "Fun In Florida Pt.1"

Sharing Cindy
Chapter 29

“Fun in Florida; Part 1”
The following is part one of what happened on one of our vacations to sunny Florida.

Cindy loves the beach. It may be spending endless hours relaxing on the warm sand beaches, letting the stresses of our lives melt away with each cold drink. It might be the fact that we can leave everything behind: jobs, cold weather, etc. It might be the atmosphere that comes with being in a new place and not worrying about what others think. I suspect some of it comes from loving the attention she gets in a tiny bikini.

We have managed to spend at least one week every year on the beaches in Florida or some other warm location. This time we both managed to get away for two whole weeks and we were looking to enjoy it fully. It was the end of April, so the weather here was still not quite warm enough to spend too much time outside, let alone in a bathing suit. We decided to hit the beaches before all the kids were out of school and the families over ran them.

With a couple of weeks to enjoy, we decided to do a trip that included several different places. We were going to start in the white sands of the Clearwater/St. Petersburg area, and then a couple days in Key West while ending up at Daytona. It would be a lot of driving, but with a couple of weeks, we could take it leisurely.

We spent the first couple of days just unwinding. A few days on the beach and Cindy was already working on a nice tan. We happened to be staying at a small family owned hotel on the island that sat right on the water and had a room that had a huge picture window overlooking the dock and residences across the water. I know that on more than one occasion there were several people who saw us having sex. It seemed to set the tone for the whole trip.
On the third morning Cindy wanted to go shopping for a new bikini. I needed a break from the sun so I decided to go with her and help her pick out a sexy one. She put on a short white summer dress that was made out of thin cotton material. It was tight around her boobs and showed just a hint of her nipples through the material. The skirt was sort of a loose flowing type that moved very nicely as she walked. Once again, she looked very edible.

We hit a couple of stores and then we went into one that had a huge wall of windows. I was hanging back as she searched through the racks. When I looked up I saw a man and woman nearby, the woman was looking at stuff on the shelves, but the man was staring very hard towards the windows. I followed his gaze and found what had caught his attention. Cindy was standing near a rack of bikinis over near the windows. The strong Florida sun was shining brightly through them and virtually right through her dress. The material was very thin and it was making a perfect silhouette of her entire body. I could even make out the little lace trim on her panties.

The guy was basically seeing everything she had to offer. I walked over to her and told her what was happening and that she had an admirer. I then told her I wanted her to take a bikini to the fitting room and while there, remove her panties. She came back out and I had her look back over the rack in front of the window again. I walked back towards the rear of the shop to watch the show. She made a point of picking up several suits and holding them up to the light coming through the window. She had her legs slightly parted and it was obvious to anyone looking that she was now naked under the dress. Her cute little pussy lips were parted slightly and made a nice image with the sunlight shining through. God, I love my wife.

We were both very excited about her show when we left there. I had her sit on her seat in the car and then swing her legs out towards the open door. I quickly looked around and when no one was watching, I knelt down and quickly licked her to an orgasm. After I stood up and wiped off my mouth, we headed back to the hotel. About halfway back Cindy yelled out for me to pull over. I wondered what had gotten her so excited. I looked over my shoulder and saw a woman working a hot dog cart on the corner. But it wasn’t just any woman; this was a smoking hot blonde babe wearing one of the tiniest thong bikinis I have ever seen. Cindy was out of the car and heading her way before I could even say anything.

We found her to be very friendly and we talked to her for a long time. Her name was Tonya. Cindy wanted to know what it was like to be working in a bikini all day with thousands of people driving by. She said the tips were really great. I could absolutely see why. It turns out she was from Ohio as well and Cindy and her seemed to really hit it off. She asked how long we were going to be in town and Cindy said just two more days. Then Tanya said that her and her fiancé and her brother were going out on their sailboat the next day and asked if we wanted to go with them. Cindy jumped at the chance. She told us where to meet them and at what time. You have to love it when your wife can get you invited places.

We met up with them at their boat slip. Tonya and Cindy hugged like old friends. She then introduced us to her fiancé Robert and her twin brother Teddy. Both Tonya and her brother were tall, good looking blondes and Robert was an Italian immigrant who had moved to Florida ten years earlier. His dark looks were in complete contrast to Tanya’s. Robert was in finance and he must have had a lot of money, as the boat was very nice. I think he said it was over forty feet long. All I know is it was big. It had a nice sitting area at the rear and a kitchen and bunk area. I was amazed it also had a bathroom.

We motored around the island and headed out into the Gulf. At that point Robert shut off the motor and put the sails. I had never been on a sailboat before, and was amazed at how fast and quiet it was. We were all having a good time and in a few minutes I heard Robert yell to Tonya that we were out far enough. She leaned over and was whispering something to Cindy. I saw Cindy look surprised and then she nodded her head. Then before I knew it, both of them had whipped off their bikini tops!

I was loving the view. While I always love looking at Cindy, Tonya was definitely getting her share of stares from me. I noticed both of the guys were also giving Cindy a fare amount of attention. Tanya said that they liked to shed clothes once they got out into open water. I asked her about being naked in front of her brother and she told me that they have seen each other so much that it wasn’t a problem anymore.

We all had a few more drinks and I know I was enjoying the trip. Robert asked Cindy if she wanted to steer the boat. There was a big silver wheel near the back with a high seat behind it. Cindy got up and she stood between Robert and the wheel. I watched as he moved his arms to either side of her and showed her how to steer and catch the wind. Tonya, Teddy and I were talking a little about where they were from and how they came to be in Florida. I guess they had come down for Spring Break a few years before and decided to return once they graduated.

I was enjoying our discussion and actually spent most of my time looking at Tanya’s hard nipples. It was obvious by her lack of tan lines on her boobs that she rarely wore the top to her bikini. As the boat hit the small waves, it was enough to get her boobs swaying back and forth. I was becoming hypnotized, I will admit. When I looked back up at Robert and Cindy, I saw that he had moved his hands to her hips while she was at the wheel. She looked over at me with a big smile on her face.

Tonya told Robert to find a good spot to anchor so we could swim. Over the next twenty minutes or so that we were sailing, Tonya was telling me how she and Robert had met and how he had treated her like a queen, buying her everything she wanted. She told me they had jet skis and a speed boat as well. I commented that it sounded like they had all the toys. She looked at me over the rim of her glass and said that they definitely liked to play, and then she winked at me. I almost choked at that. My mind was definitely working over time.

Looking back at Cindy, I saw now that Robert had moved his hands up to Cindy’s tits and was busy giving them a nice massage. Tonya looked at them and then at me. “She is beautiful. I think Robert likes her. You don’t mind do you?” She had moved one foot up onto the seat and I could see the outline of her pussy pressed tightly up against the bikini bottoms. I shook my head and told her that it would seem that Cindy likes him too.

Robert yelled to Teddy and they began to lower the sails. We came to a stop out in the middle of nowhere. Once they had the boat secure, they all wanted to go swimming. I was all for it, but Cindy was a little frightened to be out there in the middle of all that water. She loves to swim, but lakes, rivers and deep water freak her out. Robert said he would stay on the boat with her if we wanted to swim. Cindy and I exchanged a glance and I saw her smile a little.

Teddy wasted no time and was over the side in a heartbeat. Tonya and I both went down the ladder and swam out into the gulf. We had fun splashing and playing out there for a while. I managed to get several nice feels of Tonya’s tits and ass as we swam. I was beginning to get a little winded and swam over to hang onto the boat. Tonya swam up next to me and we were talking when we heard it. It was a moan from Cindy. Tonya looked at me and asked if I was Ok. I told her of course I was, but was feeling a little unloved at the moment. She moved closer to me and wrapped her legs around me under the water.

I told her that was better and moved in for a kiss. I have to say, I was feeling very good about having such a hot blonde clinging to me. I spent the next several moments exploring her body as best as I could while floating out there. I looked around and did not see Teddy anywhere. Tonya said not to worry; he probably was on the other side of the boat. She then reached down and freed my cock from my swim trunks and proceeded to wrap her hand around me. After a few minutes I told her we should get out of the water, mainly because I wanted to be able to use both hands on her.

We climbed up the steps and found an empty boat. At least at first glance it appeared that way. Tonya looked below deck and then came back over to me. She said that Robert and Teddy were showing Cindy the cabin and we could go down if I wanted. As much as I wanted to watch Cindy with the two guys, I couldn’t get this woman’s beauty out of my head. I didn’t want any distractions. She grabbed a couple of towels then took my hand and led me towards the front of the boat where there was a large open deck.

She spread out the towels and then slipped her thumbs into the sides of her thong. I watched as this goddess dropped her thong and kicked it off to the side. The sun was sparkling off the water droplets on her tits, beckoning my lips. She then walked over next to me and reached out for my trunks. I helped her push them down and off. I glanced around to see if we could be seen, but I only saw the outline of one large ship, probably several miles off in the distance.

She dropped down onto the towels and patted the place next to her. I stretched out and she told me to lay back and close my eyes. I would have done anything she said at that point. As I closed my eyes, I couldn’t help but enjoy feeling the warm sun as it dried my body. I could feel the breeze as it blew across the water as well. Then I felt her fingers.

She started at my head and began to massage my scalp. She used her fingernails to get through my hair. She created different patterns and shapes as she rubbed me. My whole head was tingling as she did this. She then began to massage my temples and rubbed them in circles. I could feel the stress leaving my body and I was in her control. She leaned close and began whispering to me to just focus on relaxing, to feel the sun and her touch.

Slowly she began to touch and rub the rest of my body. She then moved across my face and ears, paying close attention to my lips. I slipped my tongue out and licked the tip of her finger as she did it. She then moved down my neck until she was rubbing my shoulders. I could tell that she had done this many times as she seemed to know just the right amount of pressure to use.

From there she ran her fingers all over my body, from head to toe, but not touching my cock at all. The anticipation of her touch, every time she got near it was driving me crazy. At one point she stopped touching me altogether. I almost opened my eyes, but that thought was lost as I felt the soft touch of her lips against mine. She barely applied any pressure and then I felt her tongue gently touch my lips. I opened my mouth, waiting to accept it inside, only to have her run it down my neck and across my chest, stopping at one of my nipples.

She spent several minutes licking around both of my nipples. I found myself holding my breath as she did so. Just as she started to run it down my belly towards my crotch, I heard the sound of Cindy having an orgasm. There apparently was a skylight not far from us that must have been right in the bunk area of the boat. This did nothing but make my dick stand up even harder.

By now I was going crazy with lust. And she kept teasing me agonizingly slow. When she finally made it down to my crotch, she began by planting light kisses on the head of my cock. I felt it jerk several times as she did this. Then she traveled down one side of my cock and up the other. Sometimes it was just a light kiss, other times she would part her lips slightly and I could feel the wet warmth of her tongue against my shaft.

She then began to kiss down to my balls. One by one she gave them attention and within a few minutes she was taking them into her mouth. I felt her wrap one of her hands around my dick as she was licking my balls. God it felt good. I could hear grunts and moans from below and it was driving me crazy. Eventually she began to take the head of my dick in her mouth and swirl her tongue around it. She clearly enjoyed giving pleasure and apparently had lots of practice.

The whole time she was sucking my dick, she was playing with my balls. I felt her reach down further and tickle my puckered asshole once or twice. This felt incredible and soon I told her I was getting close. She then grabbed the base of my dick with one hand and began to pump as she sucked me. In a few moments I was filling her mouth with one of the biggest loads I had shot in weeks. She was amazing.

As I started to get soft, she went back to light kisses on me. I finally opened my eyes and looked into her eyes. I told her how incredible that whole experience was. Then I told her I wanted to repay the favor. I had her lie down and tried to duplicate everything she did to me. I will admit I spent a longer time sucking and licking her nipples, but come on; they were little golden brown berries and just waiting to be sucked.

I want to believe I gave her an equal treatment and her orgasm was as good as mine. As I was licking and sucking on her vagina, she moved her hands into my hair. I let her guide me to what felt good. She especially liked when I slipped a finger into her asshole as I sucked on her clit. When she came, she arched her back off the deck and pushed herself hard against my mouth.

We both lay back on the deck trying to catch our breath. From below we could still hear the sounds of sex. I wondered what they were doing to Cindy, but I had this woman to keep me occupied. After a few minutes of joking about what her fiancé and brother were doing to Cindy, she said she needed a cold drink. We walked back to the rear of the boat and she stepped down into the cabin to grab drinks. I heard her talking to someone and then she came back with a couple of bottles of juice. We sat and quenched our thirst as she told me that they were going to be topside in a few minutes.

Just as I drained my drink, Cindy came up the stairs from the cabin. She looked like she had been through a tornado. Her hair was a mess, her makeup was smeared and she was completely naked. In other words, she looked beautiful. She walked over to me on tip toes and straddled me on the bench seat.

“Hi baby” I said to her. “Did you have fun?”

“Mmmm yeah. “

“Did they give you a good tour of the boat?”

“They gave me a tour of their bodies, that’s for sure. I really like sailing.”

I had to laugh at that. She leaned into me and wrapped her arms around my back. I felt her body pressed against me as she hugged me tight. I also felt the wetness beginning to drip out of her well used pussy and onto my lap. I told her she should jump in the water to rinse off a little but she asked me if I didn’t like her leaking all over. The she began to rub her wet pussy along the length of my cock. Of course this was going to have the desired effect. I was soon hard and her wet lips were opening as she slid back and forth along my shaft.

“From the feel of it, you like the feel of your dirty girl. You are getting nice and hard for me baby.”

“What can I say? Knowing why you are dripping like that makes me horny.”

“Good, “she said.”Because I want to feel you inside of me right now.”

With that she reached down between us and as she rose up, she pointed my hard cock right at her opening. I felt her slowly drop down onto me. It felt like warn wet silk. I leaned back and let her give me a nice slow sensual fuck. The whole time she was telling me how great it was to have both Robert and Teddy in her. She said that Robert’s dick had a nice upward curve and as he fucked her, it would rub along the roof of her pussy and make her cum over and over. She said that Teddy had a nice cock that was perfect for sucking. It fit nicely in her mouth. She knows that talking to me like this will always get me off quickly. I was doing everything I could to hold off.

She leaned in close to me and I felt her warm breath up against my ear. “I want you to put your cum in me baby. …I want you to be the third man to fill me today….. I want to feel it all mixed together inside of me……. Mmmmm yeah baby…….you feel so good………I love your cock baby……..yours is always the best………come on baby, fuck your bad girl………”

I was definitely going to give her what she wanted. And probably real soon. I looked over and saw Tonya leaning back and casually rubbing her clit with one hand as she was pulling on a hard nipple with the other. Her eyes were glued to the spot where Cindy was riding me. I could imagine her view of Cindy’s lips slipping up and down my rod that was slick with the juices of her previous fuck.

Cindy began to grind forward on each down stroke. I knew she was rubbing her clit against me and that usually signaled she was close to an orgasm. Just as she started to moan into my ear that she was cumming, I realized I couldn’t hold out any longer and released a torrent of cum inside of her.

My god…at that moment I was totally lost in the situation. I was fucking my beautiful wife after she was ravaged by two studs only moments before. Cumming myself for the second time, the first being in the mouth of a phenomenal blonde beauty. All of this while being naked under the hot Florida sun. I definitely was going to have a smile on my face after we got back from this vacation.

Cindy stood up eventually and Tonya brought her a washcloth. She even talked Cindy into hopping in the water to rinse the sweat off. Robert stumbled out of the cabin and gave me a questioning look. I nodded at him to let him know everything was cool. I was feeling a little self conscious because I was naked while he had on his trunks, so I found mine and put them on. We sat and talked for a little while and then the girls climbed back into the boat. They were drying themselves when we heard a loud blast of another boat’s horn. We all turned and there was a fishing boat with about six guys on it, all yelling and clapping for the girls. Both girls waved back to them and then disappeared below deck.

Robert called to Teddy to wake his butt up and come up and help with the sails. As we got under way, the girls came back up with fresh drinks for all. Unfortunately they had put on their bikinis so it was apparent that the fun was over for now. I desperately wanted to see Cindy with Tonya, but I wasn’t going to push it.

As we got back to the marina, Cindy asked if they wanted to go to dinner. Unfortunately they had other plans with Robert’s family. Since we were heading out the next morning, we were not going to have the chance to get together with them. We got their contact info and gave them ours. Promises to keep in touch were made, while hugs and handshakes were given.

Cindy and I had a great dinner and she spent the night telling me all the details about what happened below deck on the boat. The two men who were fishing off the dock that evening got a nice show through our bedroom window. I was going to miss Clearwater, but we still had a lot of vacation to go. The next chapter will be about what happened while we traveled to Key West and then to Daytona.

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