Our Vacation

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My wife Sheryl and I went on vacation to Finland for our ten year anniversary. Sheryl was a beautiful redhead, pale white skin, freckles all over, bright blue eyes, a nice ass, and firm C cup breasts. Though she and I were always very much in love, there were times when Sheryl would let her redhead temper get the better of her and she could stay mad at me for days.
We had planned two whole weeks to travel Finland and see the sights. It was near the end of the second week and we were in the capital spending our last few days before our plane trip home when it happened. We were walking around downtown when a man with a clipboard approached us. After a semi-complicated conversation in his broken English we realized that he was asking us to be on a television show, some kind of game show. My wife seemed excited by the prospect of being on tv and I didn't really want to see the museum that she had scheduled for that afternoon so we agreed.
The man led us into the office building that we were in front of and into a studio on the third floor. The set looked elaborate with tables and chairs and lights, but we didn't get to look at it for very long before we followed the man into the backstage area. There he introduced us to the producer and one of the stage hands, a very pretty, young blond woman named Heather. They took us to a dressing room and explained the show to us, or tried, their broken English and thick accents made it hard to understand exactly what they were saying. It sounded like some kind of newlywed game, but we weren't positive. My wife and I eventually got the premise though when Heather did a pantomime of removing her clothes. Apparently the show was a kind of strip poker, where the winners ended up with expensive prizes and the losers ended up naked on television.
I looked at my wife reluctantly, this was crazy, we'd never done anything experimental like this, being naked in public, much less on television. Sheryl was looking as hesitant as I was, but the sweet talking producer kept showing us the prizes we could win, Heather kept smiling at me flirtatiously, and they both kept telling my wife how beautiful she looked and to not be embarrassed. It wasn't until they offered to pay us for our appearance that my wife and decided that we had to talk it over. The producer and Heather left us so we could talk about it.
"Do you want to do this?", Sheryl asked.
"It seems kind of out there", I replied, "but it is a lot of money they're offering us".
"Plus look at the prizes they have. Some of these are worth more than our whole trip", my wife said. "What's a little nudity to win these".
"Nudity on public television though. Tons of people will see us", I argued.
"Oh there's no guarantee that we'll end up naked and besides it's tv in Finland, nobody we know could possibly be watching".
We spent a few more minutes talking it over, but we decided to give the show a chance. My wife seemed excited about the prospect, but I was kind of anxious about the show. The producer was happy that we decided to go on the show, and left us with Heather to get ready for the show. The first order of business was for us to sign a bunch of forms. We must have done that for a good half hour and by the end we had no idea what we were signing anymore.
Then Heather explained that it was time for us to get to wardrobe and makeup for the show. "What do we need that for?", my wife asked. Heather explained that makeup had to be applied for the cameras to make sure we appeared correctly, and wardrobe had to ensure that we were wearing clothing appropriate to the game. My wife talked to Heather as we were lead to another room, this one looked like a dressing room, inside was a woman with all manner of makeup and brushes.
Heather introduced us to the makeup woman and left us however my wife and I found that the woman didn't speak any English and couldn't speak to her, so we had to get Heather back to translate for us. I poked around the wardrobe while my wife spoke with Heather and the makeup woman.
"Apparently they have to make sure that we have the correct amount of clothing on, that way each contestant has the same number", Sheryl explained to me. "They'd also like to spruce up our wardrobe a bit something better for television", my wife finished. I raised an eyebrow, but Heather answered me by holding up some lingerie. "They want us to look sexy for the cameras".
I shrugged, we'd already come this far. Heather and the makeup woman stayed in the room as my wife started to get undressed. I followed my wife's lead and started getting undressed, we both hesitated when I got down to my briefs and my wife was wearing only her bra and panties. The makeup woman said something, Heather shook her head and explained that our under garments were "horrible".
A pair of silk boxers was thrown at me and the girls began helping my wife strip off her bra and panties. Once my wife was naked they sat her down in a chair and started applying make up to her. Heather instructed me to keep on the boxers, my pants, and my shirt, just three articles of clothing for the show. I didn't get much attention after that. Heather and the makeup girl spent a lot of time fawning over my wife, telling her how beautiful she was, even as they applied makeup to her breasts and thighs.
They then dressed my wife in stockings, sheer black panties, a lacy black bra, and a short pink dress. After that they left us in the room, Heather said they'd come get us when the show was ready. My wife and I sat and talked, had some water, we were both anxious about the show. Our nervousness was obvious, but I had to admit that all dressed up as she was, with the makeup, my wife looked really hot; I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Soon enough Heather came into the room and waved us out, it was time for the show.
The game had already been explained, we both knew how to play, so Heather took us right out to the side of the stage. From where we were we could see the stage, the host, the audience, and two other couples already out there. The host introduced us, waved his arm, and we were pushed out on stage. My wife and I fumbled our way to our seats, and once seated the game began.
"Today the men will be stripping first and the women will be answering", the host said. Everything was being translated for us on a small monitor in front of our seats. The game progressed, as described, and my wife was actually doing well. I was down to the boxers, one of the other men was naked and his wife was down to bra and panties, and the last couple was in the same state as my wife and I.
More questions went by and the mostly naked couple was to lose their last article of clothing. "Would you like to double down?", the host asked them. My wife and I exchanged a look, neither of us knew what that meant. The couple hesitated, but finally decided against it. The woman stood and removed her panties, wearing only her heels and stockings, her pussy clearly visible for all to see. Cheers and hoots came from the audience, they were cheering the woman on and she seemed to be enjoying the attention. For a minute she paraded around the stage, at the direction of the host, teasing the audience; even my wife and I were smiling and getting into it.
After a few minutes the woman and her husband left the stage, both of them still naked. The game continued with some of the lights dimming and portions of the stage rearranging, I think they even took a commercial break. The other remaining couple lost the next question and the man had to remove his boxers, but something was different. Reading the screen we learned the host was offering them a chance to double down, much as he had the last couple. The couple decided to go for it, but they got the question wrong.
I expected that the woman would have to remove her dress now too, but instead something unexpected happened. Two women came onto the stage from the side, both were wearing high heels, fishnet stockings, and dressed in tight, black, vinyl dresses. They were both gorgeous, stunning blondes with perfect bodies. The dresses were very low cut, tons of cleavage spilling out their tops, while the bottoms of the dresses were just as high as the tops were low. As they walked across the stage I could see their ass cheeks sticking out the bottom of the dresses, wiggling with each step. My wife and I watched as they both descended on the man, grabbed him by his wrists and moved him to the back of the set where they handcuffed him to the wall, arms over his head. One of them cut his boxers off of him after which the other stuffed the silk remnants in his mouth. He looked completely embarrassed standing there naked, his cock hanging clearly in view of the whole audience, handcuffed and gagged.
Both of the assistants stood right beside him, and as the game continued they would constantly tease him, moving to give him views of their asses or down their cleavage, occasionally they would run their hands over his body making his cock twitch. My cock was starting to get hard watching this, but the women would tease him just enough to keep his cock flush with blood and hanging low but not enough to make him completely hard. My wife was giving me dirty looks as I watched, she knew that I was getting aroused by it and I could tell she was getting upset with me.
Another round went by and the other couple lost, causing the woman to have to remove her dress. One of the two assistants in the vinyl dresses came over to help her get the dress up over her head. When her dress was removed the assistant bent the woman over the console she'd been sitting at, and gave her one hard spank on her ass, which the audience went nuts over. My cock jumped watching it, which my wife saw, and she glared at me again.
The other couple lost the next round and the woman had to remove her bra. Again one of the assistants came over to help, unclasping the bra from the back and then putting her hands on the woman's tits to hold the bra in place. The woman seemed surprised, she actually blushed a bit, and just as she looked back at the assistant her hands dropped the bra was whisked away. Her tits were beautiful, perky and pink, and the assistant behind her reached her hands back up and bounced the woman's breasts at the audience. The audience was totally enjoying the show, hoots and whistles coming loudly. I was enjoying the show too, my cock almost completely hard and obvious against the silk boxers I was wearing. My wife glared at me again, shooting me a dirty look for staring at the other woman's exposed tits.
There was a bit of a hustle from the far side of the stage, the woman's husband was completely hard, his cock sticking out in front of him. The assistant by him was making a show of it, holding his cock up for the audience which was hooting, but when she spanked it (making it bounce) the audience laughed. I noticed that even my wife laughed.
Then the next round came and we lost. The host asked the predictable question, "Would we like to double down?" My wife shot me a look with a smile on her face and then nodded her head yes. The question was asked, and my wife got it wrong. I wasn't sure if she did that on purpose or not, but she had a wicked smile on her face as she watched what happened next.
From our side of the stage two more assistants came out, dressed in vinyl dresses like the others. Both of them were as beautiful, blonde, and voluptuous as the first two. Sure enough they led me to the back of the set and locked my wrists in handcuffs that were hanging from the wall. One of them then pulled out some scissors and proceeded to cut the boxers off of me. I was too surprised to be embarrassed really, but when one of them stuffed the remnants of the boxers in my mouth I started to turn red.
Embarrassment overtook me though when they noticed that my cock was completely hard. One of them spanked it, which hurt slightly, and my cock bounced. The audience was laughing, my wife was laughing, and I'm sure I was red all over.
The game continued and my wife lost her dress, getting help removing it and a spanking from one of the women in the vinyl dresses. My wife was enjoying putting on the show, though I could tell she was slightly embarrassed. The bra and panties she'd been given to wear were partly see through, especially under the bright lights and slightly soaked with sweat as they were.
The vinyl clad assistants would occasionally tease me, shoving their cleavage in my face, rubbing up against me, putting their hands on my body, or just wiggling in front of me. Both my cock and the cock of the other guy were hard, and the assistants were making sure we stayed that way.
The next round we won, and I thought that would be the end of the game. After all, the other woman only had her panties left to remove, but then lights started flashing and a siren sounded. The woman had stood up, but she was looking around confused with the lights flashing and noise going. Meanwhile the assistants were clapping and the audience was cheering. The host explained that she'd won a chance to stay in the game, but there was another challenge and this one had a penalty (though no one explained what). She could either accept the loss and remove her panties, or take a chance on the challenge.
She decided to go for it and take the chance, and she got excited when she got the question correct. A tall, muscled, blonde man came out from back stage. He was wearing tight, black, vinyl pants (similar to the dresses) and nothing else. His tanned, hairless chest had been oiled to accent his sculpted muscles. He was carrying a pair of panties, and he moved across the stage to the woman.
One of the female assistants held up a large piece of cloth blocking the view of the cameras and audience while the man helped the woman behind it. From where I was I could see what was happening though, so could my wife, and so could the woman's husband. We both watched wide eyed as the man knelt down in front of the woman, removed her panties, slowly sliding them and his hands down her legs. His face was inches from her bare pussy as he helped her step out of them and then helped her step into the new pair. As he did so we could all see that the new pair of panties had a small piece of plastic sticking up toward the inside.
When he reached the top of her legs with the panties he reached up with one hand and parted her pussy lips, guiding the small piece of plastic inside her as he finished putting the panties on her. The host was explaining that she was being fitted with vibrating panties and would have to play the rest of the game with them on. As soon as the panties were on, the assistant dropped the cloth revealing the woman to the audience to much applause. The woman jumped and gasped, her body twitching slightly, accompanied by a small vibrating noise.
Huge cheers came from the audience and the oiled man held up a remote for everyone to see. The female assistant went back to the woman's husband while the oiled man in vinyl pants positioned himself right by the woman, waving his crotch in her direction occasionally, hands on his hips. She was obviously distracted, and he kept showing her the remote, adjusting some kind of dial, making her twitch every time he did.
I was shocked, this was well beyond what my wife and I had signed up for and I wanted the show to be over so we could leave. My wife on the other hand was fascinated, her attention completely on the other woman and the oiled man standing next to her. The audience was completely enjoying the show, noise coming frequently. The woman's husband was apparently enjoying the show, watching his wife struggling against the feelings in her pussy, because his cock was rock hard.
The next round of the game came and my wife lost, it was time for her to remove her bra, but the host offered her a choice. She could take a challenge, if she won she got to keep her article of clothing, but if she lost the assistants would remove it for her instead. My wife accepted the challenge, she'd been doing well so far, and we had both seen the female assistant remove the other woman's bra anyway. To my wife's dismay though she got the challenge wrong and the prospect of exposing her tits on television hit her.
To my dismay neither of the female assistants left my side to take off my wife's bra though. Instead another male appeared from back stage. This guy was tall and handsome like the first one, but his hair was dark. He was dressed the same, oiled chest, and smiling like the first guy. Upon reaching my wife I could see her get more nervous, a stranger was going to remove her bra and expose her pale, freckled tits for the whole audience and cameras to see.
He helped my wife stand up, reaching down with his large strong hands to guide her to her feet. My wife had turned to face him as she stood up, so he reached around her to the clasp of the bra. Doing so had caused him to be right up against her, his chest pressing into hers, and I could see her catch her breath. His hands skillfully undid the clasp of the bra and the audience cheered. He put her hands on her bra, and then hands on her hips spun her around to face the audience. My wife had relaxed a bit looking into this stranger's eyes, pressed against him, but coming face to face with the audience had brought her back to the reality of the situation.
Her body tensed and the guy put his hands over hers, and then in one smooth motion lowered them taking the bra with it. There was a huge cheer from the audience, guys were hooting like crazy, everyone fixated on my wife's tits. I could see my wife start to blush as she turned her head to the side, but since she was facing away from me and the guy was standing behind her I couldn't see much of anything else. Her arms were at her side, her hands nervously on her hips, but the guy's arms were still at my wife's chest. Though I couldn't see it, I knew he was massaging my wife's tits for the audience to see like had happened to the other woman.
My erection was going away though the other husband's was raging hard, his eyes fixed to my wife's exposed breasts. The oiled man moved to let my wife sit back down, and as she did she had to turn toward me. My wife avoided making eye contact with me completely, her eyes on the floor. I could see her breasts glistening with oil from where they'd been rubbed, and I could see a wet spot on the front of her panties.
The host brought attention back to me though, and the two female assistants beside me were more than willing to help him. I didn't understand what was being said, and my wife had sat back down to block the monitor so I couldn't read the translation anymore. One of the women beside me grabbed my cock which was almost completely limp and wiggled it at the audience. The audience responded by booing loudly. The host said asked something of my wife and she nodded at him, to which the audience cheered.
One of the female assistants produced what looked like a pink, plastic donut. She held it up for the audience to see and then held it near my cock, she held it back up to the audience and with her other hand held up her finger and thumb about three inches apart. The audience laughed as she moved her fingers closer together until they were only an inch apart. That was when the two women reached down, grabbed my cock, and pushed the pink donut down around it. Once they got it to the base of my cock the audience cheered, and then it began to vibrate.
The sensation was unexpected, but it was also making my cock hard again. My wife was looking back at me, a smile on her face, her own nudity temporarily forgotten. The other husband was looking at me, relief on his face, while his wife was still distracted in her own ecstasy rising from the vibrating in her panties.
That's when the game continued, but the host was announcing some kind of sudden death since both teams were down to their last article of clothing. The round finished and the other couple lost, mostly because the other wife was horribly distracted. I'd been watching her and was pretty sure that she'd cum at least once. At this point I figured the woman had to remove her vibrating panties, they would get their consolation prize, and that would be that. Instead the host offered them some kind of gamble, a chance to win a better prize or go home with nothing.
Since the wife was so distracted by the vibrating in her pussy the host asked the husband whether he wanted to take the challenge or not. One of the female assistants next to him pulled the shredded boxers out of his mouth and he answered yes. The lights in the studio flashed and the sirens started again. The movement of the two women next to me pulled my attention away from the lights, they were removing their dresses. One of them unzipped the dress of the other, and then helped her peel it down her body and step out of it before the favor was returned. They were making quite a show of it, making it completely sexy as their D cup breasts sprang free for everyone to see. Wearing nothing but their heels, fishnets, and small black thongs they proceeded to pose and strut for the audience. As they did they would bend over and I got great views of their asses and barely covered pussies.
I looked around and the female assistants by the other husband were doing the same thing, peeling the vinyl dresses off each other; the husband was paying complete attention to them. To my surprise the male assistants were also stripping, taking their vinyl pants down and throwing them into the audience. Underneath the men were wearing small bikini briefs which barely served to conceal their cocks, and from what I could see both men were extremely well hung.
My wife's attention was on the guy next to her, his cock barely concealed by the small bit of cloth and less than a foot away from her. The other wife meanwhile was staring at the guy next to her. Both men were putting on shows, wiggling their hips and gyrating their cocks for the wives seated next to them.
My cock was now completely at attention, the vibrating and the lewd show in front of me almost too much for me to take. The host had been explaining what the final challenge would be, but I didn't understand any of it. A large, digital clock came down from the ceiling of the studio, it was showing three minutes. The audience chanted a count down and then the clock started ticking backward.
One of the female assistants by the other husband started kissing him and rubbing her body against his, pressing her tits into his chest. Meanwhile the other one had gotten on her knees in front of him and was furiously stroking his cock, her hand moving up and down the length of it. She had positioned herself to the side of him so that the whole audience could see what was happening. From her knees she was looking up at the guy and saying something to him. The audience had gone quiet, all attention focused on the scene at the back of the stage.
The woman on her knees in front of the guy moved a hand to his balls and started massaging them while her other hand pumped up and down his cock so fast it was a blur. Though I couldn't tell what she was saying I could tell she was begging him for something. I looked over to see what his wife was doing, but her eyes were closed and she was elsewhere. The male by her had moved behind her, standing over her slightly, and he was massaging her tits in clear view of the whole audience. She was obviously on edge, audibly moaning, rocking her hips back and forth in her seat against the vibrating panties. The man leaned down and kissed her on the neck and she came, the moans of her ecstasy carrying clearly through the studio.
That was all it took for her husband, the sound of his wife cumming pushed him over the edge and he started cumming. The woman kneeling in front of him skillfully guided his cock so that all of his cum shot all over her bare tits. His breathing was labored, he had obviously cum hard judging from the amount of cum he'd spewed, but the woman kept stroking his dick, milking every last drop of cum out of it and onto her tits. Meanwhile his wife was finishing her orgasm, pushing back hard against the man behind her, one of her hands at her crotch holding the vibrating panties tight against her clit while her other hand was over her shoulder groping the guy's cock behind her right through his briefs.
As she finished cumming the audience applauded sad applause. The host said something in a down voice indicating they had lost the challenge, the clock showing 54 seconds left. Lights changed again, the stage started moving as it had before, and the other couple was being moved off to the backstage area. I could see the husband being unhand-cuffed as their portion of the stage moved back and away, the female and male assistants were waving goodbye to the audience, cum still dripping from the one's tits.
That left me, my wife, the two female assistants, the one male assistant, and the host in front of the audience. I figured this would be the end, we'd won the game after all. The host began speaking as soon as the stage stopped moving, he was offering a chance for my wife to win better prizes, sort of a final challenge. My wife was barely able to pay attention, her exposed tits, the audience, the cameras, and me all forgotten. She was obviously distracted from what she'd just witnessed as well as the nearly nude man standing a foot away from her.
It was presented that she could take the mediocre prize that we'd already won, or she could press her luck and play for bigger prizes. My wife was obviously having fun, had been doing well, and was more relaxed now, so she decided to keep playing. I wanted things to end before anything else happened, but my mouth was still stuffed with the boxers I'd been wearing before so I couldn't say anything.
With my wife's announcement lights flashed again and the stage started to shift. The male assistant next to her helped her stand up as the console she'd been sitting at got whisked away. I could clearly see a large wet spot on the front of her panties, and I'm sure the whole audience could see it too. A table rose up out of the middle of the stage and the male assistant led my wife to it, sitting her down at it so that she was facing the audience, and then he moved to stand behind her. A screen by the cameras sprang to life, translating what was being said, but it was too far away for me to read clearly.
I could see my wife's back, but I could only see her from the front on the studio monitors, showing what the camera was seeing. The picture was clearly showing my wife's still exposed breasts, hanging before her, pale and freckled, still glistening with the oil from where the man had rubbed them.
The screen translated, they were offering my wife three choices. The first choice was a slightly better prize, but if she got it wrong then she would have to remove her panties and we would get a consolation prize instead of the prize we had. The second choice was a much better prize, worth thousands of dollars, but if she lost we would lose all our prizes and she an assistant would remove her panties. The last choice was to play for the grand prize, worth tens of thousands of dollars and included all the other prizes, but if she lost we would lose all our prizes and there was some kind of penalty but I couldn't see what. My wife gasped when she read the third choice and actually asked the host, "Is that for real?" The host replied positively and the audience cheered.
My wife mulled over the choices, the audience shouted suggestions, and the host kept the tension up asking her if she had made a decision. I hoped that she would just end it, take our prize and quit, the aching of my cock was too much and the constant vibrating of the ring around it was making it worse every second. Then my wife announced her choice, she was going to take the first option and play for the slightly better prize. The host asked if she was sure, and she was about to confirm her choice when she turned to look at me to see what I thought.
She saw me handcuffed to the wall, standing between the two almost completely nude female assistants, the pink ring around my raging hard on, and she glared at me again. I could tell she was upset, but I couldn't explain to her that I didn't want to be in the state that I was in. The two female assistants turned toward me as the cameras focused on me. The women started rubbing their tits against me and grinding their pussies against my legs. Through the thin fabric of their small thongs I could feel the intense heat coming off their cunts. One of them ran her hands up my chest and started playing with my neck and shoulders. The other one ran her hands down my body toward my throbbing cock, all while being cheered on by the audience.
My wife never took her eyes off of me, but I couldn't help but look at the two assistants and watch helplessly as they molested me. Their gyrating was causing their thongs to move aside and I could feel their pussy lips rubbing against my bare legs, their juices leaking onto me. The one woman's hands finally reached my cock and gripped it right above the pink ring, she shook it toward the audience and whispered in my ear, "Cum for me. Please cum for me". She jerked my cock once and that was it, I blew my load right there. I had rarely cum so hard in my life, I almost blacked out from the pleasure, and in that moment I forgot everything.
After it passed though my mind clawed its way back to reality. Shame came over me as I realized that I'd just spewed cum on the stage, for the cameras, and to the cheers from the audience all while naked and handcuffed to a wall with shredded silk boxers hanging out of my mouth. I was trying to catch my breath when I realized that the women next to me were removing the ring from my cock as it was going limp. The emotions were washing away from me, all the excitement and build up was gone, and I was spent. Then I remembered my wife and looked at her.
I'd been married to Sheryl long enough to know that she was mad, though she was hiding it well. I shot her a sorry look, trying to express the frustration that I had been feeling, but all I could manage was a weak resignation. Then my wife's expression changed from anger to determination, she'd made her mind up about something, and she turned back toward the audience with a smile on her face.
The audience was still clapping and cheering from my orgasm, but they quieted down when my wife spoke. She was changing her mind, she wanted to play for the grand prize. I didn't know what to think, why did my wife want to play for the grand prize now? The host asked if she was sure, reminding her that if she lost we would lose all our prizes and she would suffer the penalty. My wife agreed, and the challenge proceeded. The host explained that the final challenge was actually a series of questions, each one worth one of the prizes and each one risking a penalty, but if she got any question wrong she would lose all the prizes won up to that point. The lights flashed around as the host finished, and finally spots of light settled on my wife and I, the rest of the studio had gone dark.
The first question came and my wife hesitated on the answer. She already knew what the prize would be, but she didn't know what the penalty was. The host asked for her answer, and biting her bottom lip she answered, and got it wrong. Instead of sounds of disappointment from the audience, a cheer went up accompanied by applause. Even the two female assistants by me were clapping, their attention fixed on my wife at the front of the stage. I could see on the monitors my wife looking around confused, but smiling.
Behind my wife the tall, muscular, oiled man moved, putting his hands on my wife's hips he helped her stand up. The host was explaining that it was time for my wife to get completely naked, and the guy was going to do it. I didn't know what to think, I just stayed handcuffed there helpless watching. The man bent my wife over the table, her bare tits pressing into the table, her face toward the audience. Then he knelt down behind her, his hands still on her hips, and hooked his fingers inside the elastic band of her panties and started sliding them down slowly. The audience watched silently as the fabric of her panties slid easily off my wife's ass, and once her ass was bare the man planted another kiss on it causing small laughs from the audience.
The smile never left my wife's face, if anything it was getting bigger as the man lowered her panties farther and farther. His hands never lost contact with my wife, even as he slid the panties down over her stocking covered legs to her ankles, letting them settle on the floor, and then guiding my wife as she stepped out of them. Sheryl was still bent over the table and from that position the only people that could see her bare pussy were me, the two women by me, the man behind her, and presumably everyone backstage, but even from where I was I could see how wet and aroused my wife was. Her pussy lips were swollen, pink and puffy, and glistening with her dripping cunt juice.
The man kneeling behind my wife slowly stood up, running his hands back up her stocking covered legs as he did so. As his hands closed in on my wife's pussy and ass the man shifted slightly, blocking my view, now all I could do was watch the monitors to see what was happening. The cameras showed the man standing behind my bent over wife, his hands on her hips, and it looked like she was pressing back against him, a sensuous smile on her face. It wasn't done though, the audience and the cameras had to see her with her panties off, so the man behind my wife moved his hands to her shoulders and helped her stand up straight.
Even standing up though, the table was just slightly high enough to block the view of the cameras, though a small hint of Sheryl's red bush could be seen. So the man with my wife led her around to the front of the table and had her spin around slowly. As my wife turned she looked at me and shot me a look that let me know she was still angry at me, and that this (in some way) was her revenge, but a smile returned to her face as she turned back toward the cameras and audience.
Facing the audience my wife's naked form was completely visible to the cameras. The crowd started chanting something, I didn't understand what and neither did my wife, but the chanting was getting louder and faster; even the two women by me were joining in the chant. Sheryl leaned over to the man and whispered to him, he whispered a reply, and when my wife nodded the audience erupted in applause and cheers.
My wife sat down on the table, her knees together, her pale form the focus of the cameras. The man stood next to her, looking directly at the audience, and put his hands on my wife's knees. Sheryl kept her hands on the table behind her, her eyes on the man touching her, all while not resisting what happened next at all. Slowly the man spread my wife's legs to the increasing amusement of the audience. Soon Sheryl's legs were completely spread, her pussy now completely visible for all the cameras and the audience to see. I could see on the monitors that she was dripping wet, her pussy lips still pink and puffy, but my cock remained flaccid and soft. What was obviously so much of a turn-on for my wife was leaving me feeling empty and defeated.
The man then started running his hands up my wife's thighs, slowly getting closer to her pussy. The audience kept cheering him on, the women by me clapping in time, and eventually his hand reached the top of my wife's thighs, any higher and he would be touching her pussy. Then, he moved one hand and touched my wife's clit, she let out a moan and the audience let out a cheer. He rubbed it just once, clearly visible on the monitors, and then lowered his hand slightly and slipped one finger into my wife's cunt.
Sheryl's eyes opened, a surprised look on her face as she looked down at the strange hand on her pussy, it was obvious she wasn't expecting that. The man just smiled at my wife and she smiled back at him. Then, just like he withdrew his hand, held it up to the cheering audience, and then he and my wife moved back around the table to her seat. Sheryl didn't even look at me as she came around the table.
The game continued, the next question was asked, and my wife answered without hesitation. Unfortunately, she got the it wrong, which meant another prize missed and the host told her what the penalty was. Cheers started coming from the audience. The clock came down from the ceiling again, with a five minute timer on it. The man led my wife to the side of the table, and then he sat down on the edge of it facing my wife. I had no idea what was happening.
My wife kneeled down in front of the man and ran her hands up his legs to his waist. She gripped the strings that were the sides of his briefs, and yanked down. In one quick moment the clock started counting down, his mostly limp cock sprang free, bouncing slightly. Even though he wasn't hard yet, his cock was still large, twice the length of mine easily, and thick too. My wife got a surprised look on her face, the audience was cheering, and the man was smiling down at Sheryl.
There was a moment of hesitation, my heart held in my throat, and then my wife put her hands on the man's cock. It was large enough that she could get both of her hands on it, wrapping her hands around his limp shaft. Slowly my wife started moving her hands up and down, stroking the man's cock, and it started to grow in her hands. The audience and the two women by me started to clap in time with my wife's strokes. My wife's rhythm increased as the clapping increased, her hands stroking up and down the man's cock faster and faster. His cock was getting harder and harder as my wife used her hands to bring his dick to life.
He was almost completely hard, his cock sticking up from his lap, it was amazingly long and thick. There was a look of lustful concentration on my wife's face, her hands moving as fast as she could, jerking up and down the length of the man's cock, gripping it tightly. She couldn't take her eyes off his cock as it bounced in her hands, he couldn't take his eyes off my wife kneeling in front of him, and the cameras were catching it all.
The clapping was reaching a fever pitch, the clock neared zero, and then time ran out and a buzzer sounded. My wife got a disappointed, pouty look on her face. The man helped my wife to her feet, his hard cock sticking out in front of him directly toward Sheryl, and the audience gave a round of concessionary applause as my wife retook her seat.
It was time for the final round, the host was summarizing everything to that point. My wife was certainly more relaxed now, during the recap she was talking to the man standing behind her, uncaring that she was completely naked in front of all these people and the cameras. Occasionally she would look at me, each time I would do my best to express my suffering, to apologize visually, trying to get her to end this, but she always shot me back that same look of hate and anger. I wasn't sure, but I thought she even sneered at my dangling, limp cock.
My wife and the man exchanged a small laugh, then Sheryl reached out one hand and squeezed his still hard cock. Playfully she wiggled it in front of her face, pantomiming sucking it, which made them both smile and laugh quietly. The host finished his recap, the lights in the studio did their flashing again, and then it was time to finish the game.
Once reminded of what was at stake, the grand prize shown again, and the reminder of the penalty, my wife was given a choice by the host. Since she had lost all of her prizes up to this point the host was going to let her play a 'double or nothing' in which she could win back all of the previous prizes and the grand prize, but the penalty for failure would be doubled. My wife's eyes lit up, she got a big smile on her face, and she confirmed that she wanted to play the double or nothing.
The audience went nuts, cheers and whistles and hoots started coming loudly. Lights flashed again, spotlights swirled, and from backstage the other male assistant from before came onto the stage. He was still oiled, his blonde hair contrasting against his tanned skin, and he was still wearing only the small string briefs. Quickly he crossed the stage to join the other man standing by my wife. Music played as the two men pranced about, putting on a show for the audience. The blond man removed his briefs, freeing his cock for all to see, waving it at the audience, before turning toward my wife. I could see that his cock was just as large as the other man's.
The two of them spent a minute putting on a show for the camera, dancing at the edge of the stage, before they moved back to the table. My wife was still seated at the back side of the table, and the two men (instead of standing behind her) moved to the sides of the table. The positioning gave my wife perfect views of their muscled bodies, their huge cocks hanging out over the table.
Lighting returned to normal, indicating it was time for the question. This time my wife only had thirty seconds to answer the question, and to create a distraction, both of the male assistants started stroking their cocks as the host asked the question. Sheryl was so distracted that I don't think she even heard the question, she was busy trying to watch both men jerk off. Each man was holding the base of his shaft with one hand while stroking up and down the length of his cock with the other hand.
My wife was obviously struggling with the question, she seemed overwhelmed, maybe even embarrassed. Watching on the monitors I could see her skin flushing red across her face, neck, and chest. Sheryl was getting flustered, and I was doubting whether she'd be able to answer at all much less get the correct answer. The audience started counting down, the two woman by me clapping in time, while the two men by the table beat their hardening cocks in time with the countdown. At the last second my wife blurt out an answer.
The host held the tension for a few seconds before announcing that Sheryl's answer was incorrect. My wife got a surprised look on her face, twinged with embarrassment, she actually put her hands over her mouth as she started to turn red. The stage started to move again, and it took me a second to realize what was happening, but my portion of the stage was being moved backstage while the table my wife was at stayed where it was.
The wall I was handcuffed to turned away from the audience, the two women by me waving goodbye with pouts on their faces as the audience disappeared from view. As soon as we were out of view the woman moved away from me, put on robes, and disappeared into the commotion backstage. Heather reappeared, smiling, and as I was uncuffed she gave me a robe to cover up with.
I was led back to the dressing room by Heather, all the time I tried asking her where my wife was, but Heather either didn't understand or wasn't answering me. She showed me into the dressing room, where my clothes were, gave me some water, and then left closing the door behind her. I wanted answers though, so I tried to follow her, but I found the door was locked. Banging on the door didn't get me any answers, so I looked around the room for something, anything and found the tv in the corner. It looked just like the monitors that were in front of the stage, and I turned it on curious if it would show me anything.
Sure enough, it came to life and displayed a feed of the show. It must have been delayed because currently it was showing my wife covering her mouth in embarrassment. The view changed and I was on screen, handcuffed to the wall, naked, my dick hanging limp for everyone to see, the two beautiful woman were standing next to me almost naked themselves waving goodbye. As the wall spun the women and I disappeared from view and then the shot cut back to my wife.
The shot showed my wife sitting at the table, her bare tits hanging there, clearly visible, as she lowered her hands. The host was talking, explaining something, the lights in the studio dimmed while the spotlights on the table stayed bright. Quickly the rest of the stage was dark, only the table was illuminated, and it was bright as day. The view zoomed out slightly as the two men came around the table to either side of my wife.
Both of their cocks were sticking out in front of them, bouncing as they walked, mostly hard. On screen, next to my petite wife, their cocks looked huge, much bigger than I'd thought on stage. Sheryl looked up at the dark haired man, her face was a mixture of uncertainty and lust. The two men stood my wife up, her red bush just peeking into view over the table, and she turned to face the dark haired man.
They lifted my wife up and set her down on the table, the camera shifted to stay on my wife's face. Uncertainty was rushing through me. The dark haired man stepped up to the table between my wife's legs, his cock bouncing inches from her pussy, and then he leaned down and kissed my wife, pushing his tongue into her mouth. I rushed back to the door, banging on it, trying to get out of the room, shouting to get noticed, but all to no avail. My wife was kissing this stranger on television, naked in front of an audience. I had no idea what this last penalty was, but I was getting worried.
Sheryl reached down absent-mindedly and grabbed ahold of the dark haired man's cock, stroking it slowly, running her hands gently up and down it's incredible length. The blond man standing next to her reached out and took one of my wife's hands and put it on his cock. My wife broke the kiss and smiled at the blond man as she started stroking his shaft too. The dark haired guy lowered his head and started kissing my wife's tits, using his hands to cup them and push them together, his tongue darting out playfully across her pale breasts. Sheryl's big tits were always sensitive, she loved having attention paid to them.
My wife started kissing the blond man, as the other guy's mouth reached one of her nipples. The camera stayed focused on my wife, one guy suckling at her tit, the other guy's tongue exploring my wife's mouth, her head thrown back in ecstasy. I could hear my wife moaning. The dark haired guy continued moving downward, dropping to his knees in front of my wife, still between her legs.
The camera wasn't showing exactly what was happening, but my wife's expression changed and I knew. I hurled myself at the door again, uselessly. My wife was looking down at the guy between her legs, he was kissing and licking his way over her thighs, her face showed nothing but lust and anticipation. For a moment the camera showed his tongue sticking out of his mouth, hovering inches away from my wife's pussy, he looked up at Sheryl, and then my wife put her hands on either side of the guy's head and pulled his face right onto her cunt. His head was moving rapidly, lapping at my wife's pussy juices, splitting her lips with his probing tongue.
The blonde guy moved his head and hands to my wife's tits and started kissing them, sucking her nipples into his mouth, running his tongue around them. He was using his hands to cup and kneed her tits, really lavishing them with attention. My wife was rocking her hips back and forth on the table, she had one hand on the back of each guy's head, eyes closed, mouth open, and she was moaning louder and louder.
Then she came, there was no doubt. Her moans turned to shouts, "Yes! Yes! YES!", she shouted as her body twitched and her head went back. My wife followed through with the motion and laid back on the table, her hips right up on the edge, legs hanging off the side with her knees on the shoulders of the dark hair man that was eating her pussy. The blond guy pulled back from my wife's tits as she laid down, her breasts maintaining their perfect shape as she laid flat on the table; which now looked to me more like a big bed.
The cameras showed the dark haired guy, a much better angle this time, his mouth working furiously over my wife's wet pussy. Sheryl had crossed her arms under her tits, pushing them together, she was looking at the blond guy, "You're not done with these are you?", she asked him poutily while jiggling her tits. "Oh God!", my wife exclaimed. She rose up off the table a few inches and her attention was immediately drawn to the guy eating her pussy. The camera switched, the dark haired guy was sucking on Sheryl's clit, really working it between his lip and tongue, and he had two fingers deep inside her.
My wife came again, harder this time, her back arching up off the table while her arms and hands splayed out to the sides. "Fuck Yes! Oh Fuck! Fuck!", my wife was shouting as she got off on this stranger eating her pussy. Her whole body twitched, causing her tits to bounce back and forth, her head pressed back into the table. The blonde guy had gotten up on the table and was kneeling next to my wife, he reached down both hands and started playing with her tits again. This extended her orgasm, causing her to cum for at least a minute.
When she came down she opened her eyes and saw the blonde guy's cock inches from her face. "No, no, no", I chanted, but it was inevitable at this point and I was powerless to do anything about it. Sheryl leaned over slightly and took the head of the guy's cock into her mouth, extending her tongue as she did. She looked completely comfortable, lost in lust, with one guy eating and fingering her pussy while she sucked another guy's huge cock.
Sheryl wasn't able to get all of the guy's cock in her mouth, but she sure tried. She kept slowly working her way down the length of his huge shaft, trying to get as much into her mouth as she could. His moans joined the moans of my wife, it was all that could be heard, and it was coming loudly through the television. When Sheryl reached bottom, as much of the guy's huge cock in her mouth as she could get, she pulled her head back off of it and then immediately sucked it right back into her mouth with a slurping sound. My wife started bobbing her head back and forth on this guy's cock, sucking it with a hunger that was foreign to me, the half that she couldn't get into her mouth she had her hands wrapped around and was stroking furiously.
This only lasted for another minute before my wife started cumming again. She was greedily stroking and sucking the cock in her mouth, her moans coming muffled around it, as the guy eating her pussy sucked on her clit and pumped his fingers in and out of her. When my wife came down off the orgasm she pulled the cock out of her mouth and looked down at the dark haired guy lapping at her cunt. She put both of her hands on his head and pulled him up as she said, "Oh god that's too much oh my god". Sheryl paused to catch her breath, the two guys running their hands over her breasts and thighs.
The dark haired guy let his hand drift back to my wife's pussy and he started rubbing her clit. One of my wife's hands shot down quickly, grabbing his arm, it looked like she was trying to pry it away from her pussy but it also looked like she was grinding her clit against his hand. Either way she was obviously very sensitive because she started cumming again, moans escaping between her breaths, her body twitching as the orgasm raced through her. "Oh no too much too much", my wife moaned, "oh god please stop oh fuck".
Her body twitched again, violently, and she let out a loud, long moan. Both her hands were holding onto his forearm, his hand still tight against her pussy. Finally my wife pushed herself back from the edge of the table, freeing her pussy from his probing hand. She was breathing heavy, her chest heaving, her tits swaying, sweat was visibly forming on her face and chest.
"No more of that", my wife said, and for a minute I thought it was over. My relief was short-lived though as my wife continued, "I need a cock now. Fuck me. Put your cock in my pussy". Everything she was saying was clearly audible, both men smiled at my wife, and I ran to the door of the dressing room screaming at the top of my lungs. I had to get out there, out of this room, I had to stop my wife before it was too late, but then I remembered that what I was seeing on the television was delayed.
I didn't know how far behind the television was, but I knew that it was already too late. Turning back to the tv I saw my wife laying back down on the table, scooting her hips back to the edge. The dark haired man was standing between her legs, his arms under her knees, his cock pointing directly at my wife's waiting pussy. Once my wife was situated, the blonde guy moved his glistening cock back to my wife's waiting mouth and she immediately started sucking it again. A second later the dark haired guy put the tip of his cock against my wife's pussy, pushing gently forward to part her lips, her juices making her so wet there was no resistance.
He moved his hands to my wife's ankles and lifted her legs up until her feet were on either side of his head, as he did so he pushed forward a bit more and the first length of his cock disappeared into my wife's pussy. Sheryl let out a yelp, quickly replaced by moaning, as more and more of his cock pushed inside her. My wife lay there, sucking one cock, while the other kept penetrating her pussy deeper and deeper. It seemed impossible that my wife would be able to handle suck a huge cock pushing into her, stretching her pussy, but she was obviously enjoying the sensation. My wife wiggled her hips against the cock pushing into her, helping him get deeper.
Once the guy was almost all the way inside he pushed forward suddenly, shoving the last of his cock into my wife's cunt. Sheryl let out a yell of surprise, the cock falling out of her mouth as she did, her face betraying her surprise. It all quickly faded into lust though as the dark haired guy started pumping his cock in and out of my wife. My wife returned her attention to the blond guy's cock, jerking it with one hand while sucking on his balls, running her tongue around and between them, she was playing with him and enjoying it.
The three of them stayed like this for a while, the camera shots shifting and changing to capture everything, there was even a view from directly overhead showing my wife on her back, her tits bouncing with the thrusts of the cock pumping in and out of her pussy while she firmly held the other cock in her mouth. There was a sheen of sweat covering my wife's body now, causing her red hair to cling to her in places. Moaning was coming from all three of them, that and the sound of their bodies smacking together were the only things that could be heard. I could do nothing but watch as my wife came two more times from the fucking she was receiving.
Next they switched positions, the two men literally muscling my wife into position. They picked her up, turned her over onto her hands and knees, and turned her so that she was facing the dark haired man. My wife looked back over her shoulder as the blonde guy lined up behind her, positioning his cock at the opening of her pussy. He pushed into her, burying his cock all the way in one move. As soon as he was inside her, my wife started moaning again and turned her attention back to the dark haired guy in front of her. I watched as Sheryl grabbed his cock, leaned down a bit, and starting blowing him.
There they spent the next few minutes, the blonde plowing his cock into my wife from behind, her ass slapping against him each time he thrust forward, all while she greedily sucked and licked the cock in front of her. Her large breasts swayed beneath her, bouncing back and forth as she pushed back against the blonde, only to be pushed forward as he slammed his cock into her, the motion causing the cock of the dark haired guy to push deeper into her mouth. The pale flesh of my wife was contrasted by the tanned bodies of the two men that were filling her with their cocks.
The guy that my wife was giving the blowjob too reached forward and grabbed her breasts, massaging them and pinching her nipples. At the same time the blonde guy fucking her from behind reached one hand around my wife's waist, and going right to her clit. As soon as his fingers came into contact with Sheryl's clit she exploded in orgasm again, the cock falling out of her mouth as she screamed, "Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!". Her humping turned into spasms, and her body started twitching. The two men fucking her tightened their grips trying to hold her writhing body as still as possible. It was no use though, the men were oiled and my wife was dripping with sweat, so instead of holding her still it just caused their bodies to writhe and slip against each other.
My wife came down off her orgasm, I could tell that she was running out of energy, she looked spent. The blonde guy pulled his cock out of my wife and the two men, who looked like they had plenty of energy left, proceeded to lift my wife up and reposition her. Even if she'd wanted to resist, she didn't have the energy to. They turned her over and laid her on her back in the middle of the table. Next they both climbed up on the table, kneeling down on either side of her, their hard cocks sticking out over her naked tits.
Each guy took one of my wife's hands and placed it on his balls, after which they started jerking off. Sheryl massaged their balls while the guys stroked their shafts up and down quickly. My wife was enjoying the sight of the two men jerking off for her, and it wasn't long before they started cumming. Each guy shot cum all over my wife's tits, their loads were huge, practically drenching my wife's chest.
The studio lights came back up, the audience applauded and cheered, and I could see my wife snap back to the reality of the situation, she actually lookedembarrassed . The host started speaking again, music played, and then the broadcast ended with the image of my naked wife, well fucked, covered in cum, laying naked on the table in the center of the stage.

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