Love my Real Estate Agent

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I’m Sean, a 35 year old single man. Never married, or really had a serious relationship. Never wanted one. I’ve witnessed too many of my friends get married, then a few years later, they end up divorced. I own a small custom woodworking shop that deals in furniture and the like, and I have been quite successful with it.

I also own a nice 3 bedroom split level home, but does not have the yard I seek, which would be at least an acre, or more. It resides on a cul - de- sac and is quiet, yet not for me anymore. I prefer privacy and not nosey neighbors. I mean my neighbors are nice, and most of them are around my age. The women are always trying to set me up with one of their friends. I usually beg off of those situations, but I did go out with a couple of them. But those women had their sights set on marriage, and all I was looking for was a fun time out, and then maybe a roll in the sack.

Now don’t get me wrong, if the right woman came along, I would entertain the thought of settling down with her, but for now, I am quite content on just meeting a lady, have fun, and enjoy sex. I have never had trouble getting a date. I have been told I am good looking. 5’ 10, 180 lbs, brown hair, in good shape, since I work out quite a bit. I am no porn star, in the cock department, but I am 7 ½ inches and pretty thick, and so far, no woman has complained.

About 3 months prior, I started scanning the paper for a good real estate agent, to help sell my home, and hopefully find the perfect house for me. More out in the country, with a large yard and acreage. At least 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, family room and a basement to make a man cave in.

Chapter 2

I settled on this one agency and gave them a call. Later that day, a man called from there and said he would be sending out an agent the next evening.So we set up a time of 7pm. That next evening, the doorbell rang at 7 promptly. I opened the door and there stood a beautiful woman. Of course my mind raced as to how lucky I was to have her as my agent.

I opened the door and had her come inside. She introduced herself as Tammy and said she was her about listing my house. Now Tammy was a looker. She stood 5’ 2, and I would estimate her at 125 lbs, with at least 34D breasts, and a very shapely ass that was concealed by a very professional looking grey dress, and did show some cleavage, and grey heels. Her hair was platinum blond, which was a little longer than her shoulders and had the most angelic face with very full lips and gorgeous green eyes.

I could feel my dick twitch some, just looking at her. I’d probably buy just about anything she was selling. But then I noticed, the huge rock on her left ring finger, and was deflated. “Damn” I thought. “Some lucky bastard gets to be with this fine woman every day”

After viewing the house and her taking in everything, especially in my master bedroom, we went and sat down in the family room. She was on the couch, and I was across from her, in one of the Lazy Boy chairs I had.

“Sean, your house is lovely, and I adore the furniture throughout the place. Where did you but it?”

“Oh. I made those pieces in my company shop. I am a furniture builder.”

“Oh my, those pieces are gorgeous. I may have to look you up for some custom stuff.” she gushed.

Tammy then started crossing her legs a few times. It was subtle, yet, eye catching. She had very shapely legs and I know she knew what she was doing.

“Can I make a recommendation though?” she asked. “Sure. I am open to any idea”

“Good. The whole house is very nice, but I would suggest painting the kitchen. That rose color paint is so outdated now. A nice light yellow would really show off the cabinetry you have in there, and the granite tops. “

“Ewwww. I hate painting. But if you think it will help sell the place, I find the time to do it.”

She laughed and then stated, “Men. they just don’t have that touch like a woman does. Does your lady like that color?”

I laughed and said, “I am not married, or even involved with anyone at this time”, hoping she got the hint that she could have me anytime she wanted me.

“Tell you what, how about I come over saturday, and help you with this chore, and give you a woman’s touch to it?”

I chuckled and said, “You don’t have to put yourself out like that, but I will get it done.”

“Nonsense” she said. “Together we could knock it out in a day, and I’ll even go with you and pick the color. Then in 2 weeks, we’ll have an open house, and see how that goes. I’d like to list it, based on the comps of the area, for about $230,000.”

“Wow” I said. “You think you can get that much? I only paid $140,000 for it 7 years ago”

“Oh hell yes. The market is right for you, as a seller. We can also start looking at what you want to buy as well. Do you have a limit on what you want to spend?”

“I am going to try and stay around $400 grand, if I could.”

“I’m sure I can find you something in that price range. Why don’t you e-mail me the specifics of what your wish list is, and I can start looking tomorrow morning.”

I then asked her if she would like a glass of wine, or anything else to drink, but she declined, stating she needed to get home, that it had been a long day for her. Her dress had ridden up to her mid thigh and my eyes were transfixed on her legs. She knew I was looking too, but did not seem to care. She then stood up and pulled a card out from her bag and handed it to me.

“My e-mail and my private cell number are on that. Feel free to call me with any questions, or concerns. I am at your beck and call”

She then put her hand out to shake, which we did, but neither of us wanted the shake to end. Her hand was warm and inviting actually. I’d have loved to pull iy gently and guide her to my bed and just ravish her. She broke the spell by saying she would call me Friday and set up a time for Saturday, then left. That night, while laying in bed, all I could think about was Tammy and how great she probably looked naked, and how we could fuck our brains out, as I stroked my cock to two orgasms.

Chapter 3

Tammy did call Friday evening. She wanted to know if 9am was good with me, which is was. We did spend the next half an hour talking about some houses she wants to show me. For me to talk on the phone longer than a couple of minutes, is a rarity. I hate talking on the phone. But with Tammy, it just felt different. It was like we connected on so many levels, that were yet to be explored. Later that evening, I again jacked off, think of her and all the things I wanted to do with her, and to her.

The next morning I was up at 7am, showered, ate a light breakfast, made a pot of coffee, in case she wanted some. I had to turn on the air though. It was going to be close to 90 today, and really did not want to be sweating up a storm, while painting.

The doorbell rang just before 9, and I invited Tammy in. She was wearing a cute, pink top and was pretty loose, and definitely showed her cleavage even more. I could also see she was wearing a white, lacy bra, that wasn’t padded. Since the air was on, her nipples hardened and were trying their best to poke through her bra and top. She also had on a pair of loose fitting jean shorts, that stopped just after her butt cheeks, and really showed off her legs now, which had a golden tan. Of course my mind wandered, wondering if she tanned nude.

After a cup of coffee, which she was dying for, we went to the home center and bought a paint that she picked out. A pale yellow, which she said would look great in the kitchen, and talked me into a border for around the top of the walls. We then left and came back to my house to start. Of course, I was in no hurry. I wanted to drink in her beauty for as long as I could. It sucked that she was married.

I had already prepped the room. Got out any and all furniture and any free standing items, then placed drop cloths down, I had from work. Once we were set, she said she would do the cutting, up where the wall meets the ceiling. I figured, ok, I’ll let you do that, and I’ll start painting with the roller.

I was then treated to a gorgeous sight. She was up on the ladder, and stretching a little. This made her shorts ride up so her butt cheeks were showing proudly. “Fuck Me”, I thought. “What I would give just to lick and bite those right now” I could feel my dick twitch again, and prayed I would get a hard on. I was wearing an old pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt, and a pair of boxers. So If I got a woody, it would be noticeable.

I busied myself with working and we started talking about our lives. She wanted to know why a handsome man, like me, did not have a lady in his life. I explained to her that almost all of my friends divorced a few years after marriage. But I did admit that they did so because they still acted like immature idiots a lot of the time, and neglected their women. Plus, I just haven’t found that right person.

Then she told me about her. She is 33, married for 5 years now to a man who is never home. They were from Upstate New York, but 3 years ago, he was transferred down here for his job. They made him a vice president in charge of security at a big insurance company. You know the one, where they compared rates of all the companies, and claim they are lower.

She said he was 45, and is traveling all the time now. In fact he is out of town, and has been for two weeks, and is due home on Monday. “But, who knows how long he will be here.”

“That’s got too be rough on you. Someone as young and as vibrant as you seem to be”

“Honestly. It sucks. But I am getting used to it now.I throw myself into my work a great deal. When he is home though, I am not allowed to work, or work very little. He likes to be waited on hand and foot.” she explained.

I just shook my head when she said this, then added, “Well, no person should be subjected to that sort of treatment. I wouldn’t want to be treated like, and I sure as hell would never treat the person I love like that.”

I looked up at her, and I could tell she was shaking a little, like you do when you cry, or trying to hold it in. At that point I forgot about her ass and just concentrated on her. If I could have, I would have held her tight, but that would be crossing a line, I’m sure. Hell, I don’t even know why I am thinking like that. I try to steer clear of drama, especially from the female side of things.

Tammy spoke more then, “Don’t get me wrong, when we first got together 8 years ago and were married almost a year later, he was great. Attentive, loving, a real spoiler too. I shouldn’t say thing, but you seem like a caring guy and someone I believe I can trust, but the sex was fantastic. I love sex and love making, and for us, it was an everyday thing. But ever since we came here 5 years ago, it has gone from that to maybe, once every couple of months. And even that is over in like ten minutes. I know he has someone on the side. A woman can feel that, ya know.”

I just let her ramble on. I think I was just a sounding board for her and she needed to get it off her chest. So I listened but offered no advice. I didn’t know what to tell her. I have never been in that situation before.

Then she said, “I know who it is. It’s his secretary. They constantly text one another. Of course he says it is business, but no secretary test her boss at 10pm on a Saturday night with work related stuff. And from what I found out, she goes on many of his trips. But he doesn’t know that I know.”

Now I am one to cast any stones in this department, because I have screwed a few married women in my day. I believe if I really wanted too, I could bed Tammy, knowing how she feels about him. But I quickly got those thoughts out of my mind. If she was to leave him, then that would be a different story altogether.

Chapter 4

We took our time with painting. Breaking around 12:30 for lunch, which I made hot ham and cheese sandwiches and a beer. By 6pm, we finished, and it looked great actually. I told her how much I liked the color now and what a super job she did.

“I told you it would great, and thank you for the compliment. It was easy and I had a blast working with you. I would say tomorrow, you can hang the border up, and if you want some help, I can do that with you too.”

I smiled and said, “Great, because I am not good with that sort of work, and being selfish just a tad, I like the company too”

Her smile beamed when I said that, “I like the company too. You are different from most men I meet. They are either too scared to talk to me, or they leer at me, wondering how they can get into my panties.”

My face got a little red just when she said that. She must have noticed me staring at her ass half the day. Oh well, she didn’t hit me for doing it, plus I do believe she wanted some attention, or she wouldn’t have worn those shorts.

“Are you hungry by chance?”, I asked. “Famished actually. But I can grab something on the ride home.”

“Nah. Do you like seafood? I know this great little place down by the river that has excellent seafood and the atmosphere is really nice.”

She thought for a moment, then said, “Sure. But let me go home and change. I look a mess.”

“Screw that. You look great to me, except for a few splashes of paint on your face, otherwise, you look fine. I’m going like this, and the dress there is very casual”

I went to the sink and got a dish towel out and wet it with soap and water. As I was, Tammy agreed to go like she was.I turned and then gently wiped off the paint I saw on face. When I finished, she did the same to me, with one hand holding onto my forearm. As she did me, I could do nothing but stare into her green eyes and only wish we could be lovers. Then she surprised me and stood on her tiptoes and kissed my cheek.

“That’s for being a good friend to me and a great listener. I don’t really have too many friends around here. Really, just Pam and Rob, who own the real estate company. I’d go crazy without them.”

We left then and enjoyed a fabulous meal. We traded stories of our growing up. We made each other laugh, and also teased one another, like we had known each other for years. It was that easy to be with her. I could not imagine what her husband is thinking, neglecting this woman.

As we were leaving, I asked her if she had any plans the rest of the evening. To which she said no. I asked if she would like to go to this little park that had an overlook to the lake. She said sure to that. She didn’t have to be home at any special time, not that it would matter. I let that comment slide.

It was now after 8pm and the park was was pretty deserted and so we got out and started walking towards the hill that overlooked Lake Erie. We got lucky and found one of the three swings empty. One had a lady just sitting there, and the other had a young couple holding hands.

I grabbed her hand and led her to the swing. We sat for a good five minutes, just in our own thoughts. Then she grabbed my hand again and interlaced her fingers with mine.

“Thank you” “For?”, I asked. “For being nice to me. Listening to me bitch. Being a friend. Treating me like a person, and not some trophy. Because that is how he makes me feel. Like a trophy he brings out every once in awhile. Also, bringing me here to this spot. It is so beautiful and the sunset just adds to it”

“You are welcome. This is my favorite spot to come and just think and decompress from all the BS in life. Where do you live, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Actually, not far from here, in the next city to the east. The house is newer, Actually it is big, so it matches his ego. When we bought it, I thought we’d finally settle down and have kids. The area is perfect for that. Great schools, and close to everything you need. But the more I think of it, he doesn’t want kids. If he did, he doesn’t talk about it now.”

“That’s a shame. I bet you would be a great mother. I could see you as one of those soccer mom’s.”, then laughed. She smacked my on the arm. “Aren’t you a mood killer”, then laughed herself.

It was starting to get dark and I suggested we leave, since the park does close at dusk. The ride home was quiet. Tammy was in deep thought. I just let her be. When we arrived back to my house, I invited her in for a beer. At first she was reluctant, but then said, sure, why not.

I got us each a beer, then took her around to show her some of the stuff I had made. She had asked earlier to see my work. She was quite impressed with my work and said I should give her business cards, so she could give them to clients who were going to buy a house.

We were now sitting on the couch, just talking, and finishing our third beer. She was starting to get a bit tipsy. She set her bottle down on the coffee table and then curled up next to me. We had our faces only inches apart, when she surprised me by saying,

“Please kiss me Sean” Not wanting to ever disappoint a woman, I leaned into her and kissed her lightly on the lips, and let them linger on hers. Her arms came around my neck and pulled my head in harder to her and I felt her tongue part my lips. We started kissing passionately. As our kiss grew more frantic, I laid back so I was in a prone position and pulled her down on me.

Our lips never left each other. Our tongues danced with each other’s. We were both really getting into this. I wasn’t sure how far it should go, so I let her lead on. If anything was going to happen, she was going to be the one who made that decision.

My lips finally left hers and I started kissing her ear, then licked around the back of her ear to her neck. She elicited a moan of pleasure as I did this. My hands sorely wanted to reach down and caress her butt cheeks, but I thought that may end what we were doing.

She finally stopped me. I thought that this was it, as she got off of me and stood up. She reached down to my hand, and her eyes were locked on my bulge in my shorts.

“Take me to bed Sean, and make love to me. Don’t fuck me, but make love to me.” is all she said, as she guided me to my bedroom.

Chapter 5

The only light we had was from the hall light, outside my bedroom. It cast just enough light so I could see her gorgeous body, as she removed her clothes. She faced me as she did this slowly, and very seductively, wanting to turn me on. That was no problem for me, for she already had me turned on by our make out session on the couch.

Her bra was all lace, and were holding back her incredible globes of delight, as well as her hard nipples. When she dropped her shorts, all she had on was a white laced thong. I had heard once, that if a woman is wearing sexy undergarments, she has already made the decision to be your lover that day. It has nothing to do with anything you did to get to that point. She was absolutely beautiful and extremely sexy. As she started to remove her bra, my shirt came off, letting her see my defined pecs and abs. Then I dropped my shorts and boxers, letting my rigid cock exposed to her. Her hands slowly slid her thong off and we stood facing each other naked.

“My God. You are absolutely Beau”, she put a finger to my lips to stop me from talking.

“No words from our lips from us now. Just smiles, and moans, and plenty of kisses. Talk later”

She then smiled up at me, took my cock into her hand and gently stroke it. She then took my hand and led us to bed. She was on the bed, in the middle and spread her legs. It was dark, and not enough light to get a good view of this gorgeous creature, but I could only see a small strip of hair on her mound.

She pulled my hand so I could lay between her legs, with my cock nestled against her warm, wet sex. Her arms went around my neck, and her lips met mine, as she moved her hips to line my hard member up with her wet slt.

I felt my head enter this wonderful hole of pleasure and slowly sank inside her. As I slowly inched my way in, her kisses became more passionate, and her moans escaped past our lips. Her legs then wrapped around my waist, and I could feel her pussy muscles grabbing my cock anytime I would start to pull back, like it did not want me doing that.

About five minutes into our love making, her legs tightened around me as did her arms around my neck and she let out a long, but soft, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. So I knew she just had an orgasm. I continued our slow pace, even while she came. When she came back down from her orgasm, she was on fire with her kissing. Her tongue explored every inch of my mouth and tongue.

Normally, I like to go at a faster pace, bring my partner off and then cum, then do it at least one more time. But right now, I did not want this feeling to end and I was trying hard not to cum yet. If I felt myself getting close, I would slow down to almost a stop.

For another ten minutes we did this until she softly asked me to go faster. I was ready too and increased the motion and her hips always met my thrust into her. I could feel my balls swelling and my cock as well, so I knew, as she did too, that I was about to release.

“Cum in me” is all she said to me, and resumed kissing. I couldn’t resist the urges anymore and start pumping hot cum deep inside her. Although it lasted but seconds, it felt like minutes of cum shoot inside her. It was hard for me to kiss at this point so we just held each other tightly, and as I came, she started to cum again too, and again let out a little louder “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

I rested on my elbows so my full weight was no longer on her and smiled down at her. I could see tears running down her cheeks. “Shit. This was a mistake.” is all I could think then.

“Are you alright Tammy?” Her hand came and wiped a tear from her one cheek and I wiped the other cheek for her.

I started to push up and pull out of her, but her hands grabbed my forearms and stopped me.

“Please. Don’t pull out. Stay in me like this. I am not sad. In fact, I feel great. I have never felt so connected with someone, as I do you. You and I made love to each other and I could feel how much you wanted to please me. You didn’t fuck me Sean. You made me feel like a wanted woman.”

I kissed her nose then said, to my surprise, “Tammy. You are the first person I have ever wanted to take my time with and enjoy this whole moment of love making. In truth, I have never made love to a woman before. Fucked them, yes, made love, No. I hope that you will allow me to do this again with you.”

She kissed my cheek then wrapped her arms around my neck again. “Oh yessssssss. We are going to do this again. As soon as we rest just a bit. I want it exactly like this again”

My dick was still semi hard inside her and her muscles kept grabbing it, making sure I stayed where I was. Her knees were bent and legs to the side of me, resting. I started moving in and out again, and she moaned out “MMMMMMMMM”. Her legs came back up and around me, and we slowly made love again. Another twenty minutes past of this when she and I finally came, almost at the same time, with hers coming first. Although this time, she said, “Oh God Sean, I’m cummingggggggggggggg” I could feel her hot juices coat my cock, and hearing her say she was cumming made me cum then too, “Cummmmmmmmmmmmmming toooooooooooooo”

Chapter 6

I rolled off of Tammy and we lay there for a bit. Our fingers interlaced, as we held hands. I was overcome with feelings for another person, like I had never had before. The only bad thing is, that she belongs to someone else.

She then got up and went into the master bath to do her business, then came back and crawled in next to me. I thought for sure she was going to dress and then want to leave. No woman has ever spent the entire night with me. I just did not want that. And, I can count on one hand, the amount of times I spent the night with a woman. But tonight was different, and I wanted her here with me all night.

“Tammy. Stay the night with me. I want to hold you all night and wake up looking at your beautiful face in the morning.”

“Oh Sean. I don’t know. I want too, but I also don’t want you to think of me as some slut. I have never slept with another man since I met my husband. But this feels so right to me, so yes.”

We lay there quiet for a minute, until she said “Sean. I need to be honest and open with you. I hope you do not judge me harshly, but a year and a half ago, I had an affair with an agent that used to work for Pam and Rob. It lasted six months, but there was no feelings at all involved. We fucked, and that was it. He was married too, and I know he wasn’t going to leave her, but I also needed the physical and sexual feelings between a man and woman. Asshole sure wasn’t giving it to me. To be honest, he sucked in bed too. He was like my husband Paul. All about him and could care less how I felt.”

“Tammy. You don’t have to say anything. I would never judge you. If I am being honest, I was like those 2 guys. Got my rocks off and usually ended it after a few dates. You will be the first woman to ever spend the night here. From the first time I looked into your beautiful green eyes, I was hooked. The more we talked and got to know one another, the more I wanted to be with you, and not just sexually. The last lady I went to bed with was just about 2 months ago. She too was married, and we met in a bar, came back here and did it on the couch. She has called a couple of times, but I haven’t taken her call, so I guess if anyone’s the slut, it would be me. But tonight, this was special and I hope we can do this again and again. But I am a realist too. You are married, so that happening, is probably out of the question.”

We were now laying on our sides, facing one another, our fingers still interlocked. “Trust me Sean. I am no angel. I have had my fair share of men who I just fucked, until I met Paul. Then I thought it was love. At least it was before we moved here. But since coming here, my life has been hell for me. I really have no friends, except for Pam and Rob, and I hope, now you.”

I leaned in and kissed her softly. “I hope we can be friends, and who knows, maybe more”

“Shit”, she said. “Ok here goes. I said I would be honest, and honest I will be. Pam and I are best friends, and we are lovers too. We are bi, and we let Rob join us at times. I know that probably sounds weird to you, but at least I am loved by them and I love them too. If that freaks you out, then I am sorry. And, I have seen a lawyer, and hired a P.I. Lawyer thought it best if we could catch Paul in the act, and I already have a few photo’s of them coming and going from hotel room, or her apartment. Love to catch them naked sometime.”

I pulled her close to me and told her, “I am not weirded out by what you do with your friends. Actually, it sounds kind of cool and sexy too. Need a fourth?” then laughed, which she did too. It also made me hard, which wasn't lost on Tammy. Her fingers encircled my growing shaft.

“Go turn off the lights and come back to bed. I think I know a good place for this to rest tonight.”

Chapter 7

I awoke at 8am, and Tammy was still on her side, facing away from me. My cock was hard but not inside her anymore. We fell asleep, spooning and my cock was nestled inside her warm pussy. Getting up, the sheet moved off of her body some, revealing her breasts and ass and I could finally see, she had no tan lines. “Yummy” I thought.

I peed, then went down and started coffee and cooking bacon and scramble eggs. When finished, I loaded a plate with enough for both of us, and placed it on a tray, along with coffee, and went back upstairs.

Tammy was laying there, half awake. She said she could smell breakfast being made and was about to come down.

“But, I love the morning service here. Breakfast in bed, brought to me by this sexy, naked hunk of a man. MMMMMMMMMM”

We sat indian style on the bed and ate from the plate. When we finished, she took the plate and set it on the nightstand, and then crawled back to me, kissed me lovingly and then moved her head to my now hard cock.

She looked back up at me, smiled, then said, “I also love giving head, and love oral”

I laid back and let her give me a great blow job. She took all 7 ½ inches down her throat, which amazed me. I told her I was hungry too, so she scooted around, never letting go of my cock, and straddled my face, and lowered her delicious pussy to my lips. Her pussy was already drenched with her secretions, and had a sweet taste to it. To me, I could lay there all day and eat her, which is one of my favorite sex thing s to do.

About ten minutes into this, she came hard on my face and I could feel myself getting ready to cum, and told her. She stopped then, got off and then moved so she could straddle me. Once my cock was firmly inside her drenched pussy, my hands went immediately to her ass.

“Finally” I said. She looked at me quizzically, then asked, “Finally What?”

I chuckled then told her, “I have wanted to touch your ass since yesterday morning. Sorry Sweetie, but you have a terrific ass.”

Tammy started to laugh at that. “Ok, I’ll be honest. I wore those shorts, not because it was hot out, but because I feel super sexy in them and I wanted to tease you some. I saw you looking up a couple of times, and it made me feel good actually. One time it even made me wet. God. I can’t believe I am telling you all this.” then chuckled some more.

“If you were trying to get me to notice your sexiness, you didn’t need the shorts. I already noticed that at our first meeting. But trust me, you gave me a rise that I tried hiding as best I could.”

She laughed again, then said, “Too bad Baby, I noticed. Hell, if you would have pulled me down off that ladder, put me on the kitchen table, and took them off, I would have fucked your brains out. Anddddddddddddddddd, loved every second of it.”

“You would huh?” I asked. “Oh yeah. In fact, stop talking and fuck me Sean. You made love to me three times last night. The first when we held hands on the swing, and well the other two times right here in this bed. But now, make me your woman and fuck me.”

We started fucking now. Although passionately, it was still raw, animalistic sex going on. I was sucking her nipples, while she moaned out a great deal, and much louder than the night before. My hands were loving her ass cheeks, and I even spanked them a couple of times, which she moaned out “Oh Shit yessssssssssss”

It wasn’t long before she started to cum, but this time, her whole body went rigid, and she was throwing her head back and forth yelling, “Oh Fuckkkkkkkk I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmingggggg. Fuck Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

I then held her tight and flipped her over, pushed her legs back, while my cock was deep inside her.

“Oh Yessssssssssssss, That’s it Baby. Give it to me. Fuck my Pusyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”

The only sounds being made now were our moans and our skin slapping together. This went on for a good five minutes of non stop hard fucking. I couldn’t last any longer then, and announced I was going to cum.

“Shit Tam, I am going to cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

“Cum Baby, Cum deep inside me”

As I did, she did too, and let out a loud groan as she came. When we finally finished cumming, I rolled off of her, to give us some breathing room. She then came over and snuggled up to me and I wrapped my arms around her.

I kissed her forehead then told her, “You are amazing. Simply amazing” all the while thinking, what the hell is wrong with her husband. I’d want this daily, if not more.

“Takes two to make it amazing, and it was amazing, wasn’t it.”

After we showered, she put on an old shirt of mine that covered her ass, and hung mid thigh. She said we should get going on hanging the border paper. I laughed and asked her if that is how she was going to do it. She giggled and said Yep.

I only put on a pair of silk boxers, and we went down to the kitchen. It took us about an hour and a half to do this little project. She started one way and I went the other, until we met on the last wall. When finished, I got down off of my ladder and then helped her down, of course looking up that shirt and seeing her fine ass and a glimpse of her pussy.

Once on the ground we hugged and kissed like two teenagers. My hands went immediately to her ass and squeezed the cheeks gently.

“Damn. You like my ass, don’t you?” “Damn right I do. It is perfect”

“Sean. I have an itch I just can’t reach.” I started scratching her back but she giggled and said, “No. Not there. It’s in a place inside me that only your dick can scratch”

My cock was already hard, so I led her to the couch and I sat down. She straddled me and guided my cock inside her. We both groaned out in pleasure, when she was finally all the way down on me.

“MMMMMMMMM” she said. “That’s it. Right there Baby. I love how you scratch my itch”

“MMMMMMMMM. I love scratching your itch”

We started slow and built up to another toe curling orgasm for both of us. Then I flipped her onto the couch and got between her legs and went down on her, licking our combined juices from her pussy. All she did was moan out more.

When I finally finished she stared at me and stated, “No one has ever done that to me, well except Pam. But no man has.”

“Good. Get used to it. I love doing that.” “MMMMMMMM Good. I like it done too. Now kiss me and share”

After kissing, we went and showered again. It was almost 1pm and she stated she had to get home. Paul’s plane was to arrive shortly after two. I told her I would clean up the kitchen while she went and got dressed.

When she came back down from the bedroom, she had on her clothes from yesterday. When she went to the door to leave, we just stood there hugging, like we never wanted it to end.

“Sean. I hope this is not a one time thing for you. Because it is not for me. Just be patient with me. But if you don’t see us going forward, then say so now, and this will be it.”

I kissed her lips, then said to her. “I want this more than anything and I will be patient. I have never felt this way for another person. I’ll be here waiting for you.”

Tammy then pulled out a phone. It wasn’t her iphone I had seen her use before. “This is my private phone. Only two people even know it exist, Pam and Rob, and now you. Here is my number”, which she wrote down. “Paul doesn’t know about this phone. I got it a few months ago when I caught him looking through my other phone. Text me, or call me for now on this one.”

She kissed me again passionately, then left.

Chapter 8

I received a text not an hour later. “Miss You. Wish I was still in your arms” I answered back immediately, telling her I missed her too.

Through the course of the week, she would text and even called on a couple of occasions. She bitched that he had hardly spoken to her, but she was to wait on him like some slave girl. “God. I just want out of here.” she wrote the one time. I wrote back that she was always welcome here.

It was Sunday now, and I had not heard from her since thursday. I sent some text messages, but got no reply. By Saturday afternoon, I gave up trying to contact her. I figured she got cold feet and did not want to risk talking anymore. It did sadden me, but that was a major reason I never wanted to get involved with a woman.

I was in my office doing some paper work when the doorbell rang. I went to the door and answered it. There stood a lady, that I had no idea who she was. She was around my age, maybe a little older, Pretty face, and stood around 5’ 5, with brown hair. She was dressed very nicely, like she just came from church. Her dress though, did show off her curves, and curvy she was, in all the right places.

“Hi” she said. “I’m Pam” and named the real estate company that Tammy worked for. So this was her boss, friend and lover. I invited her in. From the back, her ass swayed nicely. Although a little bigger than Tammy’s, but still, an ass I could see myself giving lots of attention too. She sat down on the couch.

“I have a couple of reason’s why I am here. First, Tammy says Hi and she misses you. Next. There is a house down by Chester, I would like to show you. Third. I know how great you and Tammy are getting along and I am happy.”

I chuckled. Women always share secrets. “I thought Tammy would be showing me homes. Plus, I haven’t heard from her in days, so I can’t say for sure what is going on there.”

“Normally, Tammy would be showing you, but that asshole husband of hers is home and he gets upset when she works at all. As for not contacting you. He is watching her like a hawk for some reason. May be he got wind of her seeing a lawyer. She should have left him ages ago. She is so unhappy in that marriage. And truth be told, she is head over heels for you mister. So if you are just playing games with her, then just leave her alone. If you aren’t then she is going to be needing you real soon I think.”

“I realize you two are close friends, and I am not playing games with her. She’s the first woman I have ever let inside of me, and I am trying to be patient, and not bug her too”

“That’s good. She thought maybe you gave up on her, since she hasn’t heard from you since yesterday morning.”

“Nope. Just giving her space, and I don’t want to add to their drama”

“You are a considerate type. I like that. But no, she was afraid you weren’t ready for this type of shit and she knows it is unfair to you. Paul is such a sleaze ball too. He’s tried to come onto me a couple of times. Ewwwww, no way.”

I just laughed, then said, “Hey. I told her I would be patient, and I will. But if she doesn’t want this to go on, with what we started, then she needs to say so. I’m a big boy and can handle most anything.”

Pam giggled and said, “Yeah, she said you were a pretty big boy too” as she ran her hand up and down my forearm. “Maybe one day, you’ll let me find out. I’ll let you come on me, in me, all over me” then giggled more.

“Thanks for the offer, but for now, I would like only Tammy, in that department. Anything else, and that is entirely up to her”

“Good to hear. Now, another thing. Could you show me some of your furniture? Tam just gushed all about it the other day.”

I showed her many of the pieces I had made, that were in my house. She oooh’d and awed over them, then told me she would like some of my business cards and if I had flyers, with pictures, she would post them on her website and hang them in her office.

“Do you make bedroom furniture, like beds?” she asked. I nodded that I did, then showed her my bed. It is a four poster, california king size.

“Oh my God. I love it. Love the size too. Four people would fit comfortably on it” , then gave me this real sexy smile, knowing she meant her and Tammy and Rob and me. Of course my dirty little mind shot to seeing us four on the bed fucking like crazy, but that is after I got to watch her and Tammy enjoy each other. Always a fantasy of mine.

“Tell you what. You look at some furniture books and if you see something you like, let me know and we’ll work out a deal” She agreed to that. She then told me that she hope to take me out to this house mid-week. The couple that is there now had a party this weekend, and it is not ready for showing.

She told me about the house. It was over 50 years old. Four bedroom farmhouse, but updated with all the nicest things found in homes today. Three baths, an in-ground pool. A huge deck out back too with a stone kitchen area. The kitchen in the house was big too, with a large center island, and all tops granite. Plus a three car garage and an out building that the wife used as a studio.All situated on five acres, and away from any busy roads or neighbors. Just what I was looking for. The asking price was $399 grand, but she was pretty sure it could be had for $370, or even lower. They were anxious to sell.

Chapter 9

After Pam left, I texted Tammy. “I know you can’t text now, but I do really miss you, and more”, then hit send. My feelings for her keep growing by leaps and bounds. I have never been in love before, but I can’t get her out of my mind and my heart aches for her.

An hour later, my phone beeped. Finally a message. I was nervous to look at it. But then said fuck it, and looked.

“I miss you so much it hurts. Asshole has been off since Thursday. Goes back to work tomorrow. I will call you then, Promise. Please say you will want me still.”

“Today, Tomorrow, and I know for sure now, Always”, is what I texted back.

We did talk the next morning, after I got to my shop. I told her about Pam’s visit, which she called Pam a shameless hussy. Then shocked me when she said, if you do cum on her, I am licking it off. I asked her then, “Now who is the hussy?” but laughed. She also said the house I was to be shown was what I had asked for, and hoped I liked it. I told her it sounded great, but I had to see it.

That Wednesday evening, Rob and Pam showed up and took me to the house. Rob was about 40, 6’, trim, in good shape, and actually a very handsome man. I don’t know why, but I didn’t get jealous looking at him, knowing he had screwed Tammy. In fact, I could picture him fucking her, while maybe Tammy was eating Pam. Now that would be a sight, I thought to myself.

The house was everything they said it was,. It was big, but with the tree lined yard, not mansion big. I loved the kitchen. The pool was great too. The only room I didn’t like was the living room. It was painted red. Pam said, “Easily fixed with paint. I know you and Tammy paint well together” then winked at me.

When they showed the pool area, Pam remarked, “Maybe one hot evening you could have us over for a little skinny dipping”. Rob chuckled but also rolled his eyes and said to her, “My god dear, is your mind always on sex?” She smiled and said Hell yes, which made us all laugh.

The upstairs was big as well. The master bedroom was definitely larger than mine. Pam made another comment saying how my bedroom suit would look great in here and great for box-spring bouncing too. Again we just chuckled.

I loved the house and told them so. We decided to come in at $365 grand and see how it goes. Rob said he would call the realtor when he got home. Then brought me back to my house. I texted Tammy, letting her know that I put a bid in. She texted back ten minutes later saying great and has her fingers crossed.

Rob called an hour later saying they countered at 375, and I accepted. Now all I had to do is sell mine, which all three of them said not to worry there.

Tammy called me right after 9am, and I told her the news. She squealed with excitement. “Oh my God Sean. That is so exciting. I knew you would love it when I saw it in the listings. Promise me that you will make love to me there the first time” Of course I promised. I’m not a fool. I then told her all the remarks Pam was making when they showed me the house. She was laughing at what I was saying.

“She does have a mouth on her, that’s for sure. But honestly Sean, I would love to see us four play sometime. Even if it is just Pam and I playing then you and I do it right next to them. I am getting wet just thinking it.”

“Wish I was there to help you out then. I am like a rock. Would you get jealous if Pam did me?”

“Honestly? No. Turned on, Yes. Would you get jealous?”

“No. As long as you and I go home together and also always make love like the other night”

“Something to ponder then. But, I am not telling the slut that. Shit. She’ll strip and get you naked before you could blink an eye”, then laughed.

Later that night, I got a text. It was from tammy. It had a picture attached too. It clearly showed a man and woman, naked, standing in front of a sliding glass door, in what seemed to be an apartment or motel.

“Asshole is so busted now. P.I. just sent these to me. He is at her place. Told me he had to work late.”

Then she sent a few more, with his face prominently showing and her on her knees. “I knew it. You know, she is only 27. He’ll tire of her too, one day. But me, I am so through.

Chapter 10

That Friday afternoon Tammy called. “Great news. I am going to be a free woman soon. The lawyer is going to file on Monday. Paul is going to Seattle for two weeks, leaving Sunday morning. The lawyer is going to courier the motion to Paul, using a company out there. I told him deliver it around 10 or 11 that night, while he is fucking the slut.”

I had to laugh at that one. He deserves it and so much more. The lawyer did caution her about seeing anyone. Telling her that she could date, but be discreet about it. Although they did have Paul dead to rights, why screw up now. She is entitled to half of everything, including any pension he may have.

She reminded me that she was showing the house on Sunday, between noon and 3pm, so make sure the house was neat, and for added value, buy one of those Marie Callender pies and baked it just before noon. It gives that homey type of smell. I really had to chuckle at that. I never made one of those before.

Sunday, around 11, Tammy came in. I had just put the pie in the over and she came up to me and kissed me like we were two lost souls who hadn’t seen each other in years, not just weeks. She had on a white and flower print, summer dress. Perfect for the 90 degree day. It was belted, which accented her slim waist. I showed just enough cleavage, but not enough in my book, and I could see her white lacy bra, or one just like the one she wore two weeks ago. You can bet, I wondered if she was wearing a thong too.

“Sean. I need to know now, do you still want me, after everything you know about me, and what I am about to go through?”

“Yes Baby. Now more than ever. I will stand by you throughout this whole ordeal, discreetly of course.”

We kissed more and made out some on the couch. I wanted to take her to bed so bad right now, but we had a showing to go through with. She did tell me my credit was solid and the closing on the house would take about three weeks or so. Then she said I had to get lost for a few hours. I laughed and said I’d hide in a closet, but she said no. You may scare some poor woman who maybe nosey and peek.

I left then, after a nice long kiss and was given instructions to be back just before 3. I went over to one of my buddy’s, where we sat around on his deck, sipping ice tea. I wasn’t in the mood for beer. I told them I had bought a house and mine was being shown today.His wife picked up on my mood, which is usually pretty mellow, but I was really upbeat.

Linda asked, “Ok Sean, who is she?” I laughed and told her I couldn’t get nothing by her, then proceeded to tell them about Tammy. Ben laughed and said, “If she can settle your ass down, then she is one hell of a woman and we need to meet her.” I agreed and told them it would be a while. The lawyer said be discreet. They understood, but cautioned me, not to get hurt. I left their house about 2:30 and headed home.

Chapter 11

When I got home, a car was pulling out of my drive. Good thing I suggested Tammy park hers in the garage so it left room for buyers. When Tammy saw me she was all smiles. “Hold on a sec. I really need to pee” and left. Came back minutes later, kissed me and headed outside. She went to remove her “Open” sign from the yard.

Tammy came back in, closed and locked the door. I was standing by the couch as she walked by. She unhooked her belt and let it fall to the ground, then as she kept walking, slipped her arms out of the short sleeves of her dress, and let that hit the ground too. All I saw was her naked back and ass, and her fine legs and her heels she was wearing.

She slowly turned around and said, “Coming?” I chuckled and said, “I hope to be many times” and with that started stripping myself. By the time I got into the bedroom, she was on the bed, legs spread wide, and her finger rubbing her pussy.

My dick was so hard now, just taking in her beauty. “Come up here sexy, and make love to me. I can’t wait another minute”

I started to crawl up to her, with intentions of eating that gorgeous slit of hers. “Not now Baby. Later for sure, but right now I need you inside me”

Kneeled before her and took my cock in my hand and slowly rubbed it up and down her slit. All I could do was stare right now. I knew what I felt for her and now was just as good as anytime to tell her.

I started to push in slowly. My body came down on top of hers. Her arms went around my neck and tried pulling me down for a kiss, which I resisted then. The head was only in her, and I heard her plea “Please baby”

As I started to sink inside her I said, “I”, then once I was in, I slowly pulled out, then as I started sinking in again, I said, “Love”, then pulled back again. She had a smile on her face and waited, and waited for me to finish. As I sunk back in again, I finished with “You”

Then I saw tears run down her face as she kissed me then said, “Oh God. I love you too”

We made love for the next two hours. Many times we spoke those words to one another, even when we orgasmed together. After three times cumming, we needed to break.

“When did you know for sure?” she asked me. I honestly knew last weekend, when I didn't hear from here. My heart ached.

“Last weekend. When I didn’t hear from you. It drove me crazy. How about you?”

“On that swing, by the lake. When you took my hand in yours, I got this feeling and it never left me. I told you, you made love to me then, and that’s when I knew. But this. This was so amazing. To be told in this fashion was so special and romantic.”

We held eachother then got out of bed, after I suggested getting something to eat. She put on a shirt from my closet and I put on a pair of shorts. I grilled us a couple of steaks and baked some potatoes. She whipped up a couple of salads, and opened a bottle of wine.

After dinner, we were both whipped. It had been an emotional day. I asked her to spend the night again. She didn’t say a word, but went through the door that led to the garage and came back in with an overnight bag.

“Already had that thought in mind my Love” she then went upstairs and did whatever she needed to do. It was a good twenty minutes before she descended the stairs. When I saw her, my mouth dropped open.

She was wearing this pinkish red teddy, that stopped mid-drift and the same color thong. Actually it was a patch that barely covered her pussy lips. “Cat got your tongue Sexy?”

“Do you know how sexy you look right now?” I stood up and removed my shorts. My cock was as hard as it was earlier. She came up to me and held my cock in her hand, smiled up at me and said,

“I must be pretty sexy looking to you. Your gorgeous cock gave it away. Would you like to slip that hard cock in my very wet pussy now? Tell me Baby.”

“Yes Baby. I would. I want to feel that hot pussy around my aching cock now”

I pulled her down onto the couch with me. And helped her guide my cock inside her. She rode me like no woman before. She was animalistic, sexy, and processed all at the same time. She moaned loud, so loud the neighbors had to have heard us, but we didn’t care. We fucked in many positions. Her on top, from the side, standing up, her legs over my shoulders, and even doggie.

I’m not much for doggie, unless I just want to get my jollies. But I loved looking at her anus, which I licked a few times before we fucked. She even turned her head back towards me and told me that was mine too, but not tonight.

We came two more times that evening then settled into bed. It felt good and it felt so right having her lay next to me and then wake with her in the morning. She did say we have to watch out for a little longer, until the divorce is negotiated. Once that is done, we were on our own to do as we please.

The next night, I got a text from her at 11pm. It had a audio file attached.

“You fucking bitch” was what I heard when she said hello. I could hear Tammy laughing in the background. “You won’t get a cent from me you cunt.” he said. Then Tammy said, “Oh Darling, I get half of everything, well except that skank of a whore you are fucking right now. She’s not my type.” “Fuck You” he said.

“Oh No Honey. That’s one thing you will not be doing to me anymore. Your clothes and stuff will be on the lawn when you get home. I have a restraining order too, so be careful. Enjoy your whore. Good Night.” Just before she hung up I could hear him swearing and saying unintelligible things to her.

Tammy called a minute later and was laughing. She was giddy from that phone call. “I wish you were here right now. I want to make love to you so bad”

She was true to her word,. She did toss out all of his stuff into the front yard. Not a neighbor said a word about it. In fact it rained 4 times during those two weeks he was gone. She told me he called twice and begged her to take him back and that the other meant nothing to him. She hung up both times.

My house actually sold the same week after the showing. 2 couples put bids in, and then was raised to $240 grand, instead of 230. I got to move into my new house a month later, with Tammy helping me every step of the way.

She and Paul settled the divorce with him buying out her share of the house and half of everything else. I guess he had a nice 401 plan going too. It was worth $600 grand, so she got half of that. Once that agreement was signed, all that needed was a judge to sign off, which is a formality. Tammy then moved in with me. Yes, Rob and Pam have been over a couple of times, but no playing as of yet.

We just want to make sure we are secure enough for that type of play.

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