Babysitting Suck (Chapter Three)

Babysitting Suck (Chapter Three)

After events that had unfolded earlier, Matthew and Laura had decided to take a break. The pair of them sat on the sofa watching a DVD, glancing smiles at each other from time to time. Matthew had thrown on a pair of jogging bottoms and Laura wore a thin material skirt with flowers on, and a white tank top also patterned with flowers.

Her face was still glowing, her cheeks were blushed. Matthew was massaging her legs that draped over him. He couldn't get over how smooth they were, how smooth all her skin was. Her soft thighs, her curvy hips, Matthew was absolutely captivated by Laura, his little sister. He didn't even care that they were related any more.

She ran her hand down to her stomach and pulled up her tank top, resting her hand on bare flesh. Matthew could feel his cock beginning to bulge in his trousers. Laura must had felt it too because she decided to start moving her leg, massaging Matthews crotch with her calf.

Matthew draped his head back and sighed with pleasure, but it wasn't enough for Laura. Her hand slid down, grabbing her skirt and pulling it up, exposing her neat, clean shaven pussy. She ran her finger up her crease and began gently massaging her clit while still massaging her brother's, now rock hard shaft, with her leg. She was already beginning to moan with pleasure. While her finger worked her pussy, her other hand slid up her tank top and began to slowly caress her beautiful breasts.

She wanted to try something new, so she pulled her leg up a bit further and began to stimulate Matthews crotch with her feet. Matthew slid his thumbs inside his joggers and discarded them to the floor allowing his sister full access to his throbbing shaft.

Awkwardly, she ran her foot up and down his shaft, trying to maintain a level of consistency and rhythm, but it was hard for her to concentrate on fingering and massaging herself, as well as providing Matthew pleasure with a foot job. Matthew, however, was not at all bothered with the awkwardness. One of his biggest secrets was that he had a foot fetish, his other biggest secret, was that his sister had the sexiest feet he had every seen. He couldn't believe his luck.

Laura's pussy was flowing, her fingers dripped pure pleasure, fresh from her streaming pussy. Completely consumed in the moment she thrust her fingers deep inside herself. A shock wave of pleasure coursed through her, almost enough to make her cum. She slid her fingers out then plunged them deep inside herself again. Her pussy squelched with every motion, drawing Matthews attention.

He turned himself around and climbed on top of her, licking her nipple on the way up making her gasp. She knew what he was going to try and do but didn't want him to do it yet. She felt his helmet line up with her juicy opening and begin to push it's way in, but she grabbed it with her hand changed the course. The underside of his shaft was now rubbing against her clit.

“I'm sorry.” She whispered. “We will do it, just not yet. We'll do it later.”

He smiled at her. “I'm not going to force you into anything. Whenever you're ready.” But he knew in his heart that 'later' could mean any time.

She smiled back and pulled him in for a deep kiss as he continued rubbing himself against her pussy. She wrapped her arms tight around him and whispered again, “and it will be tonight. I promise.” He smiled again, to himself more than anything, thinking 'I guess later isn't so bad after all.'

He could feel her pussy lips wrapping around the underside of his manhood, slipping and sliding along the length. It felt incredible. His gaze was locked on his sisters when she did something he found immensely hot. She spat on her hand and reached down, wrapping her delicate fingers around him, her saliva oozing between them.

He thrust himself into her hand as she attacked her clit with this helmet. He could feel pre-cum seeping from his tip as Laura rubbed in on her pussy. The thought of his cum getting rubbed into her pussy was almost too much for Matthew. He was gasping, trying to catch his breath, he didn't want it to be over just yet.

He had a foot fetish, but there was no way even her beautiful feet would feel as good as her flooded wet pussy. He dropped himself back away from her and grabbed both of her feet, sandwiching his cock between them and started thrusting. He spat down to try and lubricate, but it just went over her toes. He started rubbing his member against her toes, between her toes, the saliva making his shaft as slippery as her pussy was.

Laura didn't care what Matthew did with her feet, she was far too busy burying her fingers deep inside herself. Desperate for that release, the overwhelming explosion that filled her pussy. She thrust them deep inside herself, faster and and faster.

She found the spot. Slamming her fingers against it. Each time a wave of pleasure better than the last flowed over her body. She was on the edge, she knew what would send her over and wasted no time. With her free hand she began squeezing her nipple, that extra little bit of pleasure was all she needed.

Matthew couldn't believe how close he was just from fucking Laura's feet. They were so smooth, so delicate. Even the hot pink nail varnish was pushing him closer to the edge. He spat on his hand and rubbed it on her feet and her toes. His shaft was running down the underneath of her toes on each foot. He'd finally worked out the most pleasurable way of doing it and was so close to a blistering orgasm.

“Oh Fuck!” Laura threw her head back against the arm rest of the sofa. Her spine arched backwards. One hand clenched at the sofa trying to tear through the material while her other hand remained working on her pussy. Every muscle in her body clenched as she finally reached Euphoria. She gasped for breath, struggling.

As every single muscle in Laura's body tightened, her toes clenched around Matthews shaft, still sliding on the saliva but tight enough for Matthew to be able to hold off no longer. Matthew stared at her sexy feet wrapped around his cock, her hot pink nail varnish. The feeling of her clenched toes milking his shaft. He felt his love muscle begin to strain, the tension in his nut sack almost made him keel over. His eyes clenched shut through the intensity.

Her feet made one last slide before he blew. He threw his head back as he felt himself emptying all over his sister. Spraying thread after thread of sticky spunk all over her stomach, all over her pussy. Some even shot onto her succulent, perky breasts. He gasped as the his orgasm came to an end.

He managed to open his eyes now the raw intensity of the orgasm had subsided and looked longingly at his sister. He couldn't help but think about how hot she looked with his cum sprayed all over her body. He was almost hard again straight away when he saw the cum that had landed on her pussy. The pair smiled at each other.

“I didn't realise you liked my feet that much.” She chuckled.

“You're feet are fucking sexy.” He leant forward and planted a deep, passionate kiss on her lips. “And so are you.”

She smiled and leant in for another kiss. He complied.

He stared at her ass as she hopped up off the sofa and went to the bathroom to clean up. His limp shaft twitched as it moved from side to side. “That is a perfect ass.” He whispered to himself. She obviously overhead because she turned and gave him a wink.

He quickly checked the sofa, no cum. His parents would go bat-shit mental if there was a stain on the sofa, even more so if they knew what it was. A sigh of relief.

He lay back on the sofa resting his hands behind his head. His eyes closed. He thought of everything that had just happened. Questioning everything he thought he knew about the world. How could it be so wrong when it felt so right? The huge smile on his face continued to beam as he drifted off.

When Matthew finally awoke he looked at clock. 7:15. Shit! He stood up and pulled a curtain aside, it was dark. That answered nothing. It was dark at this time morning or evening. He looked back at the sofa, there was a blanket on the floor. He was still naked too. He smiled at the thought of his sister Laura settling him off to sleep and covering him up. Then he remembered what was meant to happen tonight or was it last night. Shit.

He ran up the stairs in a blind panic, checking out the landing window to make sure the car wasn't back. No sign of it, that was good. He could hear something else, but couldn't make out what. He was still a bit groggy from his sleep.

He moved closer to Laura's room. She was in the shower, that's what the noise was. A cheeky grin broke across his face. He tiptoed up to her door, and turning the handle, as quietly as possible, crept into her bedroom. He slowly made his way across her bedroom, avoiding everything strewn across the floor, hoping he didn't encounter a squeaky floor board on his journey. He reached the en suite door.

He held his breath as his fingers wrapped around the handle. The door was closed, but he was hoping it wasn't locked. He turned the handle, slowly, his breath still held. As the door slowly swung open he released a silent sigh of relief. He stepped inside, weighing up the options of closing the door or not. He decided against it for fear of making a noise, then something made him jump.

“Nice try.” It was Laura.

His head spun around, his gaze darting around the room until he finally spotted what he was looking for. Her face reflected in the mirror smiling at him.

“Damn, so close.” He swung his fist in that 'damn, you caught me' kind of way, Laura chuckled.

“Is it still the evening?” He asked her, still unsure of what day it was.

“Yeah it is, you've only been out for an hour or two. I thought I'd let you sleep, recharge your batteries.” She poked her head through the shower curtain with the naughtiest grin on her face Matthew had ever seen. “We've got a long night ahead of us.” She smiled.

The facial expression he wore was a combination of “FUCK YEAH!” and “Holy shit, it's actually going to happen.”

She instantly knew what he was thinking. “Well.” She paused. “Aren't you going to get in here with me?”

He didn't even need time to think. It was a good thing he was naked else he wouldn't have remembered to undress. He flung the shower curtain aside and with a new-found energy hopped into the shower, dragging the curtain shut behind him.

He stood rooted to the spot, staring at his sisters naked body. Water pouring onto her. Running down over her breasts, over her smooth flat stomach. Some of it ran round and dripped off of her sweet, pussy lips. Some of it trailed down her smooth legs to her sexy little feet. The hot pink nail varnish now replaced with black, which in Matthew's opinion was so much sexier.

She wiggled her toes, “see something you like?” she asked, overacting her 'innocent' voice. His eyes scanned from her feet up to her beautiful face, mesmerizing eyes. He stepped forward and ran his hand through her hair, resting it on the back of her neck, his other hand rested on her hip.

“I see a lot of things I like,” He whispered moving for a kiss, then “Like this tiling, have you ever noticed how good this tiling is?” He asked point at the tiled wall of shower cubicle. She laughed giving him a playful slap on the cheek, he laughed too then pulled her close for another deep, sensual kiss.

As Matthews lips pulled away from hers it drew the words with him. The words he had wanted to hear. The words he needed to hear. The words “I love you Matthew” whispered from Laura's mouth in a whisper. He rested his forehead against hers. The warm water beating down on them, soothing, relaxing, “I love you too Laura.” He whispered back bringing her in for another kiss.

Matthew's hand moved from her hip down to her ass and he began to squeeze it and pull her closer to him, she did the same, pulling him closer to her. Their bodies slid up against each other under the pouring water. Just the feel of their bodies against each other was driving them insane. Matthew could feel himself getting hard and Laura 's pussy was dripping. It wasn't water dripping off her pussy, it was raw sexual lust. The thought that she was just about to lose her virginity to the man of her dreams.

His shaft was fully erect now, rubbing up against her pussy as the two of them ravenously grabbed at each other. Their tongues thrusting into each others mouths, sensually biting each others lips.

Laura was well aware of Matthew's helmet massaging her clit and decided it was time to get things going in that direction. She lifted her leg and wrapped it round Matthews waist. She reached down and grabbed the base of Matthew's shaft, she began rubbing it against her pussy. Matthew closed his eyes and enjoyed what he was feeling then returned to kissing her as she continued sliding his shaft up and down her pussy, teasing herself aswell as him.

She unwrapped her leg and tiptoed up to whisper in his ear. “I want you, now.” She hit the off button on the shower and made her way into the bedroom. The room was very dark, Matthew hadn't turned the light on as he had stealthily made his way through the bedroom, but that was changing now. If this was really going to happen, he wanted to be able to see every part of it. Every part of her.

As the room blazed into light Matthew's jaw dropped at what he saw. Laura lay on the bed with her legs spread wide, using her fingers to pull her pussy lips open. Matthew's penis pulsed sending a dribble of pre-cum leaking out the tip of his helmet.

He knew what to do, he made his way to the bed and instantly buried his face in her crotch. Her pussy was so hot, he lapped viciously at it, savouring every sweet dribble of her nectar. His licking became slower and he began to kiss her sweet pussy lips. He made his was up her body, kissing her pussy, then her clit, her crotch, naval, chest, neck. By the time he reached her lips his throbbing hard cock was already pressed up against her pussy lips waiting for the green light.

“I don't have a condom.” Matthew admitted, a look of disappointment on his face.

“Even if you did, I wouldn't let you wear it.” She wrapped her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck, and as she pulled him in for a deep kiss, her legs pulled his cock deep into her pussy, sliding easily into her lubricated love tunnel.

The kiss ended as she threw her head back, gasping in pleasure and pain. Matthew had forgotten she was a virgin and that it would hurt her. He on the other hand released a huge gasp of pure pleasure as his sweet sisters tight pussy lips had slid down the length of his shaft engulfing him inside her. It was the best feeling he had ever experienced.

“Go slowly.” She beckoned. He nodded. He began sliding his shaft in and out of her, increasing the speed slightly every time he felt she was ready. His solid member slipped in and out of her wet pussy easily, despite how tight it was. Her juices were flowing heavy, Matthew knew there was no way this was going to last very long.

Lucky for him Laura seemed already close to coming. All the pain had subsided and she was gasping with pleasure every time he thrust himself inside her.

“Oh my god, that's amazing. I love you.” She grabbed his shoulders, she just needed something to grasp.

“I love you too.” He leant in and kissed her. “You're pussy feels incredible.”

“Worth the wait?” she asked, part of her knew it was, another part of her desperately wanted his approval.

“Definitely worth it. I've never felt so good.” He wasn't lying either, this was the best he had ever felt. Sliding his manhood into his little sisters pussy, unprotected.

As he thrust himself into her pussy, trying to get as deep as he could. He could feel her pussy beginning to twitch. Her legs were still wrapped round him, but were beginning to shake. She gasped for breath. Trying to get as much air as she could.

“I'm close.” The words gasped out of her mouth.

“Me too.” Matthew replied.

The sheer intensity of the pleasure she was feeling was stopping forming a sentence. Matthew could only gather parts of what he was saying. As her orgasm began to overtake her body, she lost control of her muscles. Her legs gripped Matthew as tight as they could.

“I'm going to cum!” He announced. Her ability to form a sentence was gone.

She had him trapped in her legs and was now thrusting against him involuntarily, her body desperate for the upcoming explosion of pleasure.

She was trying to say something, but Matthew could only catch a few words.

She gasped then grunted “pull out” she struggled to form the words.

“I can't. You'll have to loosen your legs.” Matthew was beginning to panic. “Quick, I'm cumming.”

“Don't” She gasped.

“I can't stop it.”

“Dont!” She repeated louder. “Pull out”

“Oh fuck!” Matthew's panic was over, there was no way he could pull out, her legs were wrapped around him too tight.

He felt her pussy spasm around his shaft causing the pressure to build up. His orgasm was close. The pressure was at boiling point, her pussy continued convulsing around his manhood. He tried deperately to pull out in one final attempt. Failure. He felt the release as his shaft pumped the first thread of semen deep inside his sisters womb. It was too late now, he might as well enjoy it while it lasted, he pulled himself out as far as she would allow then thrust himself deep inside her. Each time he did this another thread of semen was unloaded inside his sister.

Laura could feel the warm cum filling her stomach, she pulled her lover in for kiss as her orgasm came to a close. Her legs relaxed but there was no point pulling out now, he'd already emptied an entire load of cum inside her. He just continued sliding his shaft in and out of her as the last dribbles of sperm drained from the tip of his penis into the hot, moist depths of his sisters pussy.

The panic set back in for Matthew.

“Oh no! I'm so sorry.” He immediately pulled out of her pussy and sat next to her on the bed.

“Matthew” She began but he interrupted.

“I tried to pull out, I really did.” She was terrified.

“Matthew” She tried again.

“Your legs were wrapped round me too tight, I couldn't!”

“OI!” She shouted at him. He looked at her for the first time since his panic attack started. She wrapped her fingers round the back of his neck and pulled him on to her for a kiss. As he lay half on top of her she wrapped her arms round him and whispered in his ear. “I wanted you to cum inside me.”

“What?!” Matthew replied, shocked, trying to sit up. She pulled him back into her embrace.

“It felt so amazing, I couldn't get my words out. I was trying to say 'don't pull out' but it was all coming out with pauses in the wrong places and you misunderstood, so I wrapped my legs around you to make sure you didn't pull out.' She kissed his cheek.

“Really?” Matthew asked, sounding very naïve for the older sibling.

“Yes my love. Really. I'm on the pill, everything is fine.”

Matthew released a huge sigh of relief.

“I'm sorry.” Laura began. “I should have told you earlier, I wanted you to really enjoy our first time, so I thought we'd do it properly. Then I forgot to tell you because I was really horny. Then by the time I remembered, I tried to explain and messed it all up. I'm really sorry.” Laura explained.

Matthew kissed her cheek now, “Don't worry.” He reassured her. “It still felt incredible, I was just worried. But now I don't need to be. Plus, we've got all night anyway.

Laura laughed.

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