Do I Just Rob, Or Do More?

It's a warm Friday and I'm driving around when I see this GORGEOUS woman come out of a building. She’s wearing a pink blouse and short black shirt. She has long hair and red, red lips. I can't tell, but I think she is, wearing a bra, but she looks great up top. Looking down, no hose, so she's either wearing panties, or nothing! My cock stirs.

It's quitting time for you. Just another Friday afternoon. You are looking forward to the weekend; the kids are going to grammas tonight and maybe you can convince her to keep them one more night and then you can have the place to yourself; just you and your b/f! You get in you car and don't notice the black truck that was driving by but has stopped now. You start up your car, turn on the music and air, and drive home oblivious to your surroundings.

I watch as you drive off and think, hmmm, VERY well dressed, nice car, hmmm, she probably has a few bucks, or at least some good stuff I could use! I turn and follow you. Not too close, but close enough to keep you in view.

You drive and drive listening to the music and finally get home. You hop out of your car and walk inside. It's been a long week! All you want right now is a drink and a bath! But first, you have to take the kids to an over-nighter at grammas. You don't notice the black truck parked just down the street!

I watched as you got out of your car. Nice long legs, but still could tell about the panties - I thought I caught a glimpse of black, but couldn't be sure. I could wait.

The drink and bath would have to wait. It was late. You gathered the kids and get their stuff ready. It was 7 by the time you get them in the car. The black truck is gone.

Knowing where you live, I drive away, waiting for the cloak of darkness. I've robbed a few places; yours seems like no difference. But why you I think? What made me pick you? I can't bring myself to thinking it, but deep down I know!

You dropped the kids off and stayed and visited a bit too long. It's getting late; it's been a loooong week. It's dark by the time you get home. You drive right by the black truck, but pay no notice of it. You go in your house, kick off your shoes and mix yourself a drink, a TALL one. You take a few sips then go into your bedroom. "Bath time" you think to yourself. You undo the buttons of your pink blouse and let it fall off your shoulders. You undo the button of your skirt and unzip the zipper; the skirt drops to the floor too. You stand in front of the mirror admiring your body and thinking of the stories that guy has been sending you.

How lucky can a guy be? You almost saw me when you entered your house and now, standing by your bedroom window, watching you, I am treated to a strip show like NO other! A gorgeous woman slipping sensuously out of her VERY sexy clothes and standing before me in a VERY nice black bra straining to keep those breasts in check and a very tiny, INCREDIBLY sexy black g-string that hides only the most private of your private parts. My cock is as hard as it has ever been. "I'll be taking your stuff pretty lady", I think to myself, "but maybe more too!" With your back to me, you undo your bra and let fall to the floor. You then peel your g-string off and bend over to pull it past your knees and drop to the floor. I see that beautiful brown ass hole of yours and my hand instinctively goes to my cock. "Turn around", I whisper to myself, "turn around!" Almost like you could hear me, you turn and I can see you standing naked before me. You examine yourself in the mirror; you touch and squeeze your breasts - the nipples go hard. You run your hands over your body and stretch. Your hand touches your pussy; it seems to linger there longer than anywhere else. "Are you horny", I whisper to you. Of course you cannot hear me, but instead bring the other hand to your pussy and play. I'm stroking my cock in tune with you rubbing your pussy. Suddenly you stop. You take another long drink and finish it off. You leave the bedroom.

"Geez, I have a great body", you think to yourself as you admire yourself in the mirror. After finally getting out of your clothes, you think about what b/f would do if he were there right now. You know what you'd WANT him to do, and as you think that, your fingers have found your pussy and your breasts. You feel the wetness between your legs and the hardness of your nipples; "I am ONE SEXY WOMAN", you think to yourself. You finish off your drink; it went down WAY too easy! Naked, you walk out of your bedroom and mix yourself another drink; a little more rum, a little less Pepsi this time. Drink in hand, you walk to the bathroom and start running the water. "This is going to feel nice", you think and you sip on your drink. As the water fills, you examine your breasts in the mirror again. You hold them and touch the nipples. They go hard! "Guys like that", you think to yourself with a smirk. You take another long sip from your drink. You can just start to feel the warming affect the rum is having on you. The rum seems to be warming you all over, but especially your pussy - you like rum! "Did I lock the door when I came in?" you think to yourself. "Wouldn't want that neighbour guy that's always hitting on me to come waltzing in here", you smile to yourself. You finish off the drink and go to the door. You lock it and then pour yourself one more drink for the bath; a little more of that warming rum and a bit of Pepsi, then back to the tub. You test the water and slip in; it feels soooooooooo good as the water touches and caresses every part of your body it touches. Drink in hand you get in; the water envelopes you, your breasts float on the water; you take a sip, and then lay back and relax and let the water drain all the weekly tension from your body.

What luck, I don't have to jimmy the lock or anything. She's forgotten to lock the door! I slip in. I hear water running and smile. I start looking around the place; a lot of nice stuff! I start picking out the small most expensive looking things. "Hmmm, no phone! That's convenient", I think. I see your cell phone lying on the table; "you won't be needing this", as I add it to my loot. Suddenly I hear you walking toward the door. I quickly hide. I hear you lock the door and walk back to the bathroom. I hear the water stop; I wait a few minutes then proceed to gather the things I've taken. I quickly take them to my truck. I come back in and get the TV and stereo; the remote drops to the floor!

You hear a thump; it startles you a bit. "Anyone there?" Then you realize how silly that was; the kids are at grammas, and the b/f is at home - he would have yelled out if he had come over. You dismiss it and go back to the hot bath water. You've been wanting sex all day; knowing that you won't be getting any till tomorrow is upsetting, but your fingers can fix that. You spread your legs and run your hands over your breasts and down further to your pussy. You play with the outer lips and then the inner lips. You take a sip of rum and then slip a finger inside yourself. Slowly you move the finger in and out; the other hand comes down and softly massages your clit. Oblivious to anything that going on in your house, the rum, the water and your fingers have whisked you away to a place where you can enjoy yourself.

I pick up the remote and head outside. I've taken all the stuff of yours I want; I'm at the crossroads now! Do I take what I REALLY want? I stand there thinking for only a second; the bulge in my pants decides for me. I re-enter your house and lock the door. I find your bedroom; your clothes are still on the floor. I pick them up; you smell as good as you look. I see the black bra that hide those magnificent breasts from me and kick it across the room. That's when I see you "panties". There is nothing much there! I pick them up; they are still wet. I taste them; mmmmmm. I KNOW I've made the right decision. I look around the room. I find your lingerie drawer. I pull out a few pairs of nylons; I also find some pretty pink panties, "I'll need these, too", I think to myself. Now, my heart beating hard, I just have to wait. I stand behind the door. I can see down the hallway. I hear muffled sounds coming from the bathroom. I dismiss them as you washing yourself. I stand, waiting, in the dark, my hands clenching your lingerie, my aids to help me take something I REALLY want!

You've made yourself cum. The combination of rum and cumming has made you light headed. You quickly wash and rinse off. The smell of your sex permeates the bathroom. The mirror is all steamed up. You get out of the tub and dry off. You slip on the nightee that conveniently hangs on the hook in the bathroom. It is VERY soft and sensual; it makes you feel even sexier. You think about calling up your b/f and having him come over. You fingers have only added to the lust you're feeling. You go to find your cell phone. You look everywhere, but the phone is on where to be found. “Fuck it!”, you think, “his loss!” as you walk toward your bedroom.

I see you coming down the hall; with the lights out in the room I can see you through the crack in the door. You enter the room.

You enter your bedroom. “Hmm, the lights are out; that’s strange! I thought I had ….”, as you think this to yourself, you are suddenly grabbed and pushed and shoved toward your bed.

I grab you and push you toward the bed. You fall face first onto the bed. Before you know what is going on, I take one nylon and quickly bind your wrists behind your back. I take another of your black nylons and wrap and tie it around your eyes! You go to scream; I tie another nylon around your mouth. You struggle as I carefully get off you and pick you up. You try to kick, but I dodge your foot and then I put you on the bed. With your legs flailing, I get on top of you to stop your thrashing around. I take one ankle and tie a hose around it and then around the bedpost.

“What the fuck is going on; where has this prick come from”, you think as I man handle you on the bed. You feel one leg being tie and pulled away from your body! Then the other leg is pulled away from your body at an almost 90 degree angle. “This asshole is tying me down; I have to get away!” You struggle with what strength you have left to throw me off you.

I just finish tying your other leg when you push me off you. You try to sit up, but with your arms tied behind you, you cannot. Quickly realizing this, I stand to catch my breath.

You’ve thrown the pig off, but you cannot move very much. You thrash about as best you can; not willing to accept the situation you have found yourself into. And to make matters worse, contrary to what your mind is thinking, your pussy is telling another story; you feel yourself getting wet.

I stand up and look at my prize (almost). You lie there in your red nightee JUST barely covering what will soon be mine. As you thrash about, the nightee slowly inches higher. “Yes, keep struggling my beauty!”

Upon hearing that, you realize what is happening. Not only are you excited, you realize your attacker is excited AND your nightee must be covering very little. You stop immediately, but it’s too late!

“Mmmmmmmm, bald! Nice!”

“SHIT”, you think to yourself, “why do I have to be soooo horny, and at this most inopportune time!” You cannot see, but know that soon, very soon, this thug will know you cock; you’re head says this cannot happen, but the rest of you needs it to happen.

I’ve caught my breath. Just a bit more, and you’ll HAVE to succumb to me. I carefully pull you up and cut the nylon binding your wrists. You try and wrestle me away. You are strong, but I have the advantage. You quickly tier. I take your right hand and tie one end of a nylon around it and then to the bedpost. I get off you to move to the other side of the bed to get the other arm.

He’s been to strong for you – even in that brief moment of freedom, he was able to control you; you HATE being controlled. Exhausted, you feel your right arm tied; then he is gone! “My last chance”, you think and turn to try and untie the nylon around your right wrist.

I smile as I see you trying to free yourself. “I LOVE a girl with spunk”, I say as I smile watching you. Just when I think YOU think you have a chance of getting free, I grab your left arm.

You groan as I take your left arm. You last chance for freedom is gone. You cannot struggle anymore, at least not for now ……….. and you’re not sure you want to anymore.

The struggling has brought the nightee up to just above your waist. After tying your last appendage and now have you spread eagle before me, I stand up to admire you. You are more beautiful than I had imagined. You skin looks so soft, your legs so nice! I look at your shaved pussy and see just a tiny drop of your wetness. I take the knife and cut the nightee at the bottom. I then take it in my two hands and slowly tear it up your body, over your breasts and to the neck. With a jerk, I tear it there and throw the material to the side. You breasts are now exposed!

You hear the tearing and feel the jerk. You hate this, but WANT it more. You know you are naked before him. You thrash your head back and forth in a feeble act of defiance. Suddenly he starts to touch you; everywhere but just lightly at first - everywhere, anywhere, he wants, he touches you, his fingers running gently over your skin. You feel the gentle breeze of your open window on your bare skin! Your nipples are hard from his touch, but now are made even harder with the breeze! Your legs are tingly, as are your arms! He continues to lightly touch you anywhere, gently exploring everywhere as your exposed nakedness starts to glow. He moves closer now - you know he wants you; you know he is going to take you; you know this and you know you want him! He touches and now starts kissing you everywhere - IF you could have resisted, it is too late now! Your body is giving away the fact you want this to happen, that you want him – you know HE knows this! He continues to kiss and touch and feel your body!

I pause to take a drink of your drink. “Should I?’, I think to myself. I pull out my knife, “scream and you won’t like what happens!” I tell you as I cut the nylon gag and the bindings that hold your arms. I offer you a drink too.

You drink it down, a big gulp, wanting more, but not rum! He has you lie back as he continues to kiss you - your hands are pinned behind you - your breasts heaving, your nipples extremely hard from all the attention he has been paying them. He kisses your belly, he continues down your body - he kisses your right thigh and down your leg - he kisses to your toes and starts his way back up your inner leg.

As I gets to your knee, I see your desire, your want, for him is glistening in the moonlight coming in through the open window!

His lips, his tongue, brush over your outer lips - you rise to meet his lips, but it is too late - he has continued to kiss up over your venus mound and higher. You can feel his hand following behind his kisses though – It is on your left inner thigh just inches from where his lips where just at! He has now moved up and is kissing and sucking on your painfully aroused nipples - his hand moves closer; you try and spread your legs even wider than they already are- his hand is almost touching your wetness; you rise to meet his hand trying to ensure you will get some relief from the desire.

“Not this time”, I think to myself as my hand just brushes over your love spot, my fingers just graze your "lips"! I steal a bit of your dew as it attaches itself to my fingertips

His hand starts sliding down around your right inner thigh, down to your knee and back up but now he has forced your legs further apart. Quickly, you feel yourself pulled down the bed a bit and your knees are up in the air!

His hand is now kneading the back of your thigh on their way to your butt. In the mean time, after kissing your nipples and breasts and neck and arms and chin and lips and cheeks and neck and breasts and nipples, he is now kissing your soft belly all over, slowly working is way down, down to where your desire is hottest, but has not yet even been touched. Sometime during this sexual act, he himself has become naked and for the first time you can feel his skin against yours - his chest rubs against your hard nipples his nipples touch yours! You feel his breath - it's hot, but cool on your spread, exposed wetness! As his breath gets closer and you can almost feel his tongue and lips on your totally exposed womanhood, you suddenly feel just how excited he is! A drop of "him" lands on your cheek and a short time later another lands on your lower lip just as his tongue touches your womanly outer lips!

I have straddled you, my cock just inches from your mouth. My arms have moved between your legs pushing apart your thighs even more. Both hands are squeezing and pulling and rolling your ass cheeks; one in each hand.

His strong hands, which where kneading your bum, now move to pull those outer lips open - as his tongue touches your inner lips, his "head" touches your partially open lips. His tongue goes deeper as his "head" slips between your opening lips. He continues going deeper both with his tongue and now his fingers are probing too, but also his manhood is slipping deeper into your mouth - 2 then 4 then 6 fingers are entering you! "He" is almost to your throat - his tongue is coated in your wetness and now he has moved up just a bit and found "her" - she was hiding at first, but now has come out from hiding;

Your clit is red and swollen and begging to be kissed! My tongue touches "her" and then my lips envelop "her". I start sucking on her, softly, drawing her out of her sheath even farther and as she is drawn out, my tongue is making ever so slight contact with her - it is flicking her and rubbing her just as she would be rubbed by my pubic bone if "he" was in you! My fingers are pistoning in and out of you, coated in your "excitement". You are groaning but they are muffled as my cock is pistoning in and out of your mouth and hitting the top of your throat - he is still not in all the way and the thought of him sliding down your throat adds to your desire. You don't want it to stop because it feels toooooo good what my tongue and fingers are doing between your legs! The combination of my tongue flicking your clit and my lips sucking on her and "me" going in and out of your mouth, are too much for you! You shudder and then go stiff as you cum all over my fingers! I stop sucking on her and flicking and rubbing my tongue over her. My fingers too have slowed their incessant ramming inside of you. I pull my cock out of your mouth and give you a chance to catch your breath. With your eyes closed and sweat on your forehead, you lie there spread-eagle. I get up and look down on you - your breasts still heaving your legs still spread wide and she is glistening in your own wetness and I can still see your clit pulsating ever so slightly. Without warning, I quickly move between your legs and slam my swollen hard cock into your open wetness - he slides in all the way as your eyes open in surprise! II cut the nylon holding your legs apart. I pull your legs apart even more and enter you to the hilt - my hands grab your waist and I drive him deeper into you. Now my pubic bone IS rubbing against her - she has not had time to hide. My hips gyrate in and out and around and around -you have not had time to recover from just cumming. You feel the "excitement" building again! I grind and drive myself into you - you cum again! I pull him out - I am not ready to cum yet.

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