The Guests

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We’d been running the B&B for a couple of years – just renting out the attic which was pretty self-contained. It brought in a little extra cash. Before we started I had been dead against it but then as the guests stated coming I got used to it and started to enjoy it a little. A real mix of people. Sometimes one would catch my eye and I’d often fantasise about them fucking in the room above our bedroom or some other sexual adventure.

This weekend we had a couple from Holland. The wife and kids were away, so I was flying solo. I have to day, I was not happy about having guests and having to deal with them. As I opened the door to them my heart sank. A burly guy with a dark beard looking miserable. But as I shook his hand that depression lifted. ‘ I am Hans and this is Madelaine’ he said. Behind him stood his wife, tall, slim, late 40’s with red hair and the biggest smile. To sum her up, one word came to mind, naughty. Sometimes it’s just written all over the face of someone, like a tee-shirt that says ‘I fucking love it’ My spirits lifted.

I directed them upstairs and carried ‘Madelaine’s bag. I know I shouldn’t be so bad straight away but I couldn’t help but take a good look at her rear as she climbed the stairs. Her jeans were tight and I could make out the lines of her panties – her arse was great, rounded towards the lower cheeks, an hour glass-ish figure on a slim frame.

I settled them in – flirting like crazy with Madelaine – she had the most beautiful green eyes – flecked with gold and that hair! I was, of course, wondering whether the red continued elsewhere. Her skin was pale, she was freckled and somehow it made you able to see exactly what she would have looked like 20 years ago and that youthfulness exuded from her whole body.

That night they fucked. And I couldn’t help but toss off to the sounds of their lovemaking. They must have known I was listening – but to make sure they knew, I left my bedroom, noisily after they’d done.

The next morning at breakfast they were bright and breezy. ‘ Could I do some washing please’ Madelaine asked. We don’t normally do this kind of thing – but I said sure and suggested they just leave what they want done at the bottom of the stairs when they leave and I’ll put it in with the wash I was about to do. I’m sure every guy knew what I was thinking. What I was hoping to see.

They finished breakfast and went up to their room and came back 15 minutes later. Both with a grin on their face. ‘ I’ve left the washing by the stairs’ she said with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. I couldn't wait to get them out of the house to check this washing out.

As soon as they were out I was practically running to the foot of their stairs. There in front of me a smallish pile of laundry. On top, clearly positioned, a pair of black silk and lace panties. Positioned, that is, so that the gusset was facing up clear as day. I could see from a distance that it was white and wet. Dirty little minx. Well, what’s a man supposed to do in a situation like this. What his dirty bastard instinct instructs him. I took the panties into my hand, pushed the gusset into my mouth and nose and inhaled. Fuck me. They were still warm. The sticky cunt juices were warm and fragrant a heady mix of perfume, fabric softener and sweet cunt. She must have just rubbed herelf with these and left them for me – what other explanation could there be? Looking down at the pile of washing it consisted of these panties, three other pairs and a pair of jeans. That’s all. All the other panties were soiled with white marks, each silky and full not a thong in sight. I’m not ashamed to say – like any full blooded male – I pulled out my rock hard cock there and then, pushed the damp wet warm panties into my face and wanked off with the other dirty knickers around my cock. I came hard into the black pair mixing our juices and was then a little worried, by the amount of cum, that I’d stain them. There was cum over the gusset up the silky back and in the lace.

It’s strange sometimes what a dumb-ass you can be, but even then I wondered in the back of my mind whether I was taking advantage of these guests, that the way these panties had come to rest on the pile of washing was just an accident and that there was nothing to read here at all. Later things became clearer.

So I obviously couldn’t wait for them to get back to the house – they were only staying this one extra night so if something was going to happen it had to be tonight. In the end they didn’t rock up until around 10 and I thought that was that. But I wasn’t going to let it go that easily. I ‘bumped’ into them as they were about to head up to their room. ‘Here’s you washing’ I said ‘I hope you’ve had a good day’ - they were a little tipsy it seemed and beamed back ‘Oh yeh – wonderful – thanks for the washing – amazing’ we seemed to have run out of words, I was slightly at a loss as to how to move this thing forwards – after the panties this morning I feltsure it was a message to me … perhaps I had been wrong. ‘ Well have good night ‘ - I said as chipper as I could sound - ‘ Really if there is ANYTHING you need ‘ (I heavily stressed the anything!) -’ just knock ‘ to which I got a brief ‘thanks, goodnight!’

I was devastated, I was sure something was going to happen here. I went back to my room and sulked. Fifteen minutes later I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and a gentle knock. My heart leaped from my chest – ‘could it be?’ I wondered. Before I could get up to the door in walked Madelaine. Fuck me. She was in a white tee-shirt through which poked the hardest looking nipples, poking and swaying slightly, bellow this nothing – just long slender legs and a hint of arse cheek.

‘Me and Hans were wondering if you could come upstairs and give some attention to us’ I almost choked as I spluttered ‘ yeh – absolutely ‘ she raised her eyebrows and turned on her heels and I followed – she was off up the stairs and reached back and flipped the back of her tee shirt up – boy the view was something else. A full rosy arse, black thong tight in between those heavenly cheeks. The message, or so I thought, was clear – before she knew it I was on her – raging passion coursed through my veins – my hand was on her shoulder pushing her forwards, my other hand pulling the thong from her cheeks and my face pushed into her ass and cunt – my tongue pushed between her soft lips and into a wet warm pussy. I tell you the panties were amazing in the morning – but the actual thing was something else.

But to my dismay she pushed me off, pulled down her tee and whispered ‘ No! Hans will go crazy if he sees you touch me’ - ‘ I was confused to say the least ‘ Come and see ‘ she said in a more friendly voice. It had seemed she’d rather liked the quick tongue action even if she, perhaps, hadn’t been allowed to …

As I entered their bedroom I was shocked again. There was Hans in just his boxers with a, clearly, very hard cock. He looked a little nervous. ‘Hallo’ he said ‘ look we haven’t ever asked anyone anything like this before, but we thought you may like to join us, but we have rules if this is okay?’. What could I say but ‘ sure ‘ … ‘Okay’ he continued, we’d love it if you would take pictures of us fucking – Madelaine wants to see and it’s not easy when I take pics – I want to see her face too – but I am not comfortable with you touching her yet – perhaps she can play for you and you can play with yourself? ‘

Frankly the thought of just seeing adelaine naked was enough and that I had already tasted her (twice) was an added bonus.

“Of course – I said – your rules ‘ a big smile came over Hans’ face ‘ I knew you we could trust you’

“Ha” I said ‘ The knickers were a bit of a give away’, ‘The what?’ said Hans, confused. Madelaine looked slightly sheepish. “So, where’s the camera’ - I quickly spurted out, moving on!

Hans passed me his phone ‘ just this ‘ and then proceeded to pull his boxers down. It was a fine cock he had there – not long but quite thick – circumcised, veiny and with a banana bend and boy was he hard.

Madeline looked at me took hold of her tee-shirt and pulled it over her head – fuck – she had a fascinating body – not really slim, not fleshy, just somewhere in between – big hips, tiny waist a little sexy fleshy stomach, her breasts were larger than I expected with a huge gap between – her nipples like bullets surrounded by dark brown aureoles. And then she tugged at her thong and that was off too … and, yes, matching cuffs and collar. She lay on the bed and opened her legs ‘Show him what you have’ said Hans and she opened those long legs and with the fingers of one hand stretched her labia wide. Her cunt was red and glistening ‘photos, photos!’ said Hans – well I must have taken thousands as she played with herself – sucked Hans, licked his bell-end, tongued his ass, and as he fingered, licked sucked and fucked her … they clearly both loved the fact I was there and part of this … but boy was my cock in need of some action.

I wanted to get it out but wasn’t sure whether this was in the ‘rules’ as I was considering it Madelaine got on all fours on the bed and spread her legs – Hans slipped his pussy juice dripping cock in to her from behind – her face was a picture – this was one position he clearly loved and it seem to enable him to get very deep … he fucked her hard and she was loving it – I moved in front of her to take some pictures of her face and her swinging tits jiggling forwards with each thrust of Hans’ hard dick. Hans slowed down – it looked like he could be near to coming and as he slowed he shut his eyes. To my amazement Madelaine reached forwards and took my cock into her hand – reaching into my joggers – fuck this I thought – my cock ruled all of my thinking now – I slipped everything down and my cock bounced out. She wasted no time taking my shining red end into her mouth – it was heaven – it was the most incredible feeling after all this build up and frustration. Madelaine put her hands back down to steady herself, I put down the phone and and I took hold of her sweet cheeks and slowly started to fuck her mouth – her eyes stared straight into my eyes with a look of such dirty passion it made me shudder and I looked over to check on Hans, his eyes were wide open and he looked like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

I won’t forget that look – at first I thought I was done for but it cracked into a look of such pleasure of such pride at him sharing his wife and of him giving her this offering – he pulled out of her cunt took his cock in his hand and the next thing I know I’m seeing a great string of hot cum leap from his jerking cock – it shoots so fucking far it lands on my chest and down Madelaine’s hair and back – a second – less powerful load shoots up her back and then yet another over her arse cheeks – Hans looks worried – like I would be angry and I think Madelaine felt this too – but it was so incredible a sight that I just smiled - ‘you fucking needed that didn’t you!’ I said to him. The next thing I feel is Madelaine’s tongue lick from my navel over my chest licking up all of Hans’ spunk that landed on me and then around my nipples for good luck.

‘But I think the lady probably wants some spunk inside her doesn’t she?’ I tentatively ask? ‘Madelaine?’ asks Hans ‘ get that fucking cock in me’ she says as an answer.

I moved to behind her. Her freshly fucked cunt a cock twitching delight – her hole, gaping, red and wet and her puckered hole pink and looking desperately like it needed a little play. I slid inside her with no further ado and with little resistance as she was so wet … I reached forwards and took her swinging titties into my hands, through all of this, it was really the thing I most wanted more than anything to feel those puppies – oh man – warm soft but so so heavy they were exquisite to the touch and her nipples so sensitive – I could feel her body shudder with each brush of my thumbs across them – I was really in heaven fucking her – Hans seemed to have lost his reluctance of sharing his wife too – he was already rock hard again watching my dick slide in and out of her – of her labia stretched around my shaft … he moved to where she could slide his cock into her mouth and then put a finger in his mouth making it wet … and then something I’d never experienced before – he slid his chunky finger deep into Madeline’s ass and as he moved it I felt his fingertip through her ass along the shaft of my hard cock as I fucked her – well that was unexpected and also highly fucking erogenous – before I knew it my balls were emptying a large load deep into Madelaine’s hot cunt.

“Oh boy I could feel every throb of your cock as you came’ she said ‘ who’s finger was that?!’ I slid my spent cock from her used hole and she got off all fours and lay back on the bed. She looked at me with a wicked satisfied smile – like the cat that got the cream – and opened her legs to show Hans the mess. Her cunt was gaping, her labia puffy from fucking and spunk was leaking from her – the next thing I know Hans is in her again – he’s rock hard and fucking her deep – his cock is covered with my jizz as he pounds her cunt and it’s not long before he’s cuming a second time. This time inside her too. The mess when he withdraws from her is spectacular – two large loads glooping and dripping everywhere.

Both me an Hans were spent we lay back on the bed and Madelaine stood. ‘Hey – I don’t think so guys’ she swung her leg over Hans face and with the other leg rooted to the floor pushed her cum drenched used hole right into his face – with her legs open, her cunt followed and the large gloop of cum drenched poor Hans, but rather than complain he seemed to love it, licking and tounging her like a man possessed, she was riding his face pushing hard into him to get purchase on her clit – her head was thrown back and her moans and groans were something else – those spectacular tits – I just couldn’t stop watching them swing – she moaned a deep guttural groan and I felt sure she was going to cum on his face but instead she pulled off him – walked around the bed and lifted her other leg over my head - ‘ I want your tongue too – you need to taste this’ - well my hands reached up automatically those tits as my face made contact with her used abused and wet cunt – I was hard in an instant again – fuck this was incredible – the next thing I know I’m feeling my cock being tugged and wanked – how was Madeline managing this I wondered – but no – dirty shy fucker Hans was on me – clearly this whole thing had been a catalyst for his pent up sexual needs and desires – Madelaine stiffened on me, her head dropped forwards and her whole weight rested on my face and then the wetness – my face, the sheets, my mouth full of juices as her cunt pulsated and contracted and squirted all over my face – I thought I might drown – but what a fucking way to go!

She climbed off my face and her legs buckled and she laughed … ‘ oh you naughty boys ‘ lets go get a drink and celebrate.

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