Marnie's Clan

Part 1 – Sunday Introductions

It was a sunny Sunday morning and I opened the bedroom curtains to the sounds of children playing out back somewhere. I had no inclination that the children were playing in the next door garden, I didn’t know anyone had moved in the place yet, it had been empty of tenants since the Andersens had left three month previously. I was therefore a little surprised when one of the children looked over, stopped what she was doing and smiled in at me, more so as I was as naked as the day I was born. To add to my discomfort, I was still sporting a rather impressive seven inch hard-on, a side effect of being a man and having just arisen, and nothing to do with the young lady now looking me in the eye and smiling.

I lowered my eyes downwards towards my cock, barely moving my head, and then snapped them back at the girl. She was still looking, still smiling and then proceeded to slowly lick her lips. I felt my eyes widen just as I heard the sound of a woman’s voice across the garden and the spell was broken. I quickly stepped back from the window into the shadows and reached to the door hook for my gown. The children were all running up the garden towards the house, though the girl faltered a moment as she glanced back towards my window before disappearing.

Sitting on the edge of my bed, I pondered the hard-on that remarkably was still there, prodding its head through the front of my gown, demanding my urgent attention. Usually a short lived reflection of my manhood, my morning glory was being somewhat persistent in its prowess this particular day, somewhat aided by that stare from next door and the parting glance, not to mention the wet lips. My clenched hand enclosed my throbbing shaft and quickly dealt with the problem. Stroking it back and forth, with eyes closed, replaying the moment of first eye contact with the new neighbour, I soon had a small fountain of semen decorating my belly.

It was about an hour later when there came a knock on my door, a definite female kind of demand for attention, firm yet light of the weight that a male knuckle places upon a door. I lay my Sunday paper on the table beside my cereal and coffee, and stepped through the living room towards the front door, pausing to check on the vidcam that it was indeed a woman at the door.

She was in her late twenties, maybe early thirties; slim in the most part, though just beginning to show a middle aged belly bulge under her t-shirt; and was very neatly dressed looking quite remarkable in her shirt, slacks and open-toed leather sandals. Her accent was definitely east-coast and her make-up spoke money and class, applied unassumingly, almost invisible to the casual observer.

“Hi. I’m Marnie, your new neighbour, got in late last night. Just need a little advice if you could help please?” Marnie? Probably the same cultured adult voice I had heard earlier over the fence. It transpired that she needed directions to the nearest mini-mart to pick up some more provisions for breakfast, as her daughter had managed to spill the last of the milk before breakfast had started. Furthermore, it was the same daughter that had suggested me as the recipient for this call for help, commenting that she had seen this nice helpful looking man next door when she was out in the garden earlier.

Directions were forthcoming, but I also provided a carton of milk from my own cooler to get breakfast off to an early start being as it is such a key meal for the day. This would allow Marnie a little extra time to sort her family out before having to sally forth into her new neighbourhood. It also allowed me to finish off my breakfast before she would have to take me up on my offer to personally show her the local shops and attractions she would need to familiarise herself with as a single mother. That was another snippet I had gleaned from our first conversation, single widowed mother, one teenage daughter of 13 with a younger sister of 11 and the baby of the family a 6 year old further sister.

Breakfasts over, the guided neighbourhood tour was soon underway, with a full car setting off from my driveway and into the town. Seating arrangements were relatively easy, Marnie in the front with myself driving. Ellie was sat behind Marnie on her booster cushion so she was easy to fasten in, with Jay on the other side because of her gangly long teenage legs, leaving Sami to take up the centre position over the tunnel. Moving my seat slightly forward and up from my normal driving position also raised my perspective in the rear view mirror, enough to see down to seat level where Sami was sitting, debating whether to put both feet on the tunnel or one each side, an entertaining decision for me having a knees up view so to speak.

The fun started when we all boarded for the journey though. Initial positions were decided, and the booster seat was fitted by Marnie, leaning into the car through the open rear door, whilst I looked over from the driver seat and entertained with idle banter, whilst actually managing to get a good look down into her cleavage quite a few times. Being slight of build, and well proportioned with it, Marnie had a reasonable view to offer between her 36C breasts, and the situation was helped by her reluctance to wear any support whatsoever.

After that short voyeurs delight, the elder children scrambled into the back. Turning to joke with them, I got more eye candy than I bargained for from these siblings. Sami shimmied sideways across the seat, crab fashion, opening and closing her tanned legs beneath her summer dress as she went, revealing a pair of yellow Disney Tinkerbell panties. Following in was Jay, and as I turned to see if she had ample leg room, whilst also twisting down to adjust the seat, there was the vision of parted thighs, white lacy panties with a gusset that was almost nonexistent filling my view. The lack of gusset ensured a parting pressure was applied to her labia, spreading them either side of her panties, revealing a couple of small pink peach fluffed lips. My trouser furniture was without doubt making its presence felt and I prayed that that was as far as it went. It wouldn’t do to be caught in my car with four females and a pussy stoking boner tenting my pants.

The journey around town was all but over in an hour and we ended our shopping mall experience at a burger take-away, where I offered to stump up for the food. So there we sat, chatting and getting to know each other, looking to all intents and purposes a complete happy family. Marnie divulged some family history, about her husband’s death a couple of years earlier in an industrial accident, and the loneliness of a single mother and children also made it into the conversation. For my part, I explained my own employment as an IT home-worker holding back on the small cash machine of a business I actually owned. The girls liked me, based upon their first impression, and they were glad to have me as a neighbour. We finished lunch and left, after I had accepted an invite to dinner later in the week.

Arriving home, Marnie’s clan headed up their drive and I entered my house, happy for the Sunday morning company and the undertones of sexual tension between Marnie and myself, with the girls for the most part probably innocently ignorant of my attraction to their mother and to them how wrong I turned out to be.

That afternoon, I sat out on my rear veranda, taking in the summer sun, when the sound of girlie laughter and general happiness wafted over the fence to my ears. I looked over to the fence, then up at the rear of the house. There was no-one at the upstairs windows, so I wandered over the lawn and up to my high fencing. A third of the way along, at my own head height, was a knotty eye in the wood, a small eye which nevertheless allowed me good visibility of next doors rear garden. I peered through and was met by a radiant site of female wonderment.

Marnie was laid on a mat sunning herself, her body clad in a bikini that was more sea-stack than atoll. The black of the material contrasted beautifully with her olive skin, and her slightly spread legs offered me a view of her inner thighs, though sadly the black bikini hid any detail of outlines or suggestion. Beside her however, and somewhat more interesting from a voyeurs point of view was Jay, similarly catch some sun, but still mostly clothed as the morning, and seemingly more interested in her magazine than the sun. Sitting propped up on a floor recliner you normally see packed onto a rucksack; she had her knees drawn up to rest her magazine on. Consequently I was in the envious position of receiving a somewhat unfettered view similar to that I had enjoyed earlier in the rear of my car. This longer view allowed me to better take in the detail of what was on display, a delicate triangular filigree of white lace, tapered to a thong back that neatly spliced Jay’s ass cheeks and disappeared beneath her bottom. Without a formal gusset, her teenage pussy was open to my view almost as if there was nothing there at all, her lips still slightly parted by the delicate material, again revealing a little of her plump young pussy.

Behind both ladies, sat on the lawn was Ellie, clad only in a swimsuit and sun cream, playing happily with some small doll figures and a campervan. Not too far away from these three was the source of most of the noise I was hearing, Sami. She also was still dressed as earlier, but her playmate was new to me. There happily bounding about by her side was a mongrel dog, a creamy coloured short-haired Labrador cross. I hadn’t heard any dog noises above those of the girls until now, and then the occasional barking of the dog suddenly clicked into place in my expectations. She was brushing the dog, using a mitt to really polish op his coat. He stood there as she playfully groomed out his shed hair onto the mitt, then she passed her hand beneath him and polished his stomach, moving back and forth from his chest to his sheath, from which his pink throbbing dog-hood was starting to peek out.

Sami seemed unphased by this development and continued to groom, then she placed a hand on his rump as her mitt directly rubber his sheath, causing him to buck and hump against her hand; a from his cock there appeared the wet ‘drip drip’ of doggy pre-cum. What surprised me most was not that this had happened, but the smile on Sami’s face and the lack of any response from Marnie to this openly sexual behaviour from her daughter with the family pet. Again, this new neighbourly family was giving my cock a raging cramping feeling, large and hard against my shorts, which I promptly released from its confines into my waiting hand. It was not long before the combined view of this bevy of beauties and my right handed massage produced a stirring of juices from my cock. My thighs tensed as I ejaculated hard against my fence, stifling a grunt as the release took me by surprise, a strong and as long an orgasm as I could ever remember.

I had apparently not been heard as the scene continued to unfold as I replaced my cock into my pants and headed back to my veranda and house to wash up and grab another beer

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