Mistress Carrie

Ding! I hear the bell sound. "Time for class" I groan. "Ugh, and the worst period of the day. Math. Although, Ms. Carrie is pretty nice to look at, if you know what I mean." I am a 15 year old bisexual girl, and I don't have a problem with admitting my teacher was hot! She had a beautiful figure and the way she effortlessly controlled the whole class never failed to amaze me. I had always had a secret submissive side, so I (humiliatingly enough) got wet whenever she ordered me around or humiliated me. She seemed to like to pick on me in general though, always putting me in the spotlight. I liked to flatter myself and kindle my fantasies by thinking she did it because she liked me but I'm pretty sure that was just how she taught and I was overreacting. But my fantasies didn't care and more than once I found myself drifting off in class thinking about Ms. Carrie as my mistress, only to be snapped back by her melodious but strong voice. I think it's safe to say I had a major crush on her. I didn't let it show though, at least I tried very hard not to. This particular day, she was wearing a tight cream colored pencil skirt and a dark brown v-neck sweater. It complemented her figure amazingly. At my school, we all wear uniforms consisting of a pleated blue skirt and white polo. Some of us liked to wear our skirts higher up, and I made sure to pull mine up a bit before entering math.
As I walk into the small bright classroom and find a desk close to the front Ms. Carrie welcomes us. "Good morning class, come in. Take your seats quickly. Now today we will be learning how to factor polynomials." that's all I heard before I zoned out. Her tight skirt fit like Saran wrap to her hips and as she moved I could see every detail on her thighs. I noticed there were no underwear lines when she turned around and I smiled. "Something funny, Sophie? How about you answer the question we are working on?"
"Umm, no thanks Ms. Carrie, I'm not quite clear on the concept yet."
She gave me a look and continued on with her lesson. I gulped, but quickly got over my guilt and back into my daydreams. Her sweater was cut low enough that I could see the top of her bra. It looked lacy. My mind flashed to an image of her standing over my naked body wearing her lacy bra and skirt and spanking me for being bad. I felt my pussy twitch. My fantasy continued, and all of a sudden the harsh ring of the bell brought me back. "Ok girls, that's it now. Don't forget your homework, I'll see you tomorrow." I darted through the rows and hurried to get out so I could satisfy my pussy, but she caught me first. "Sophie, may I have a word?"
"oh, umm sure Ms. Carrie, what's up?"
"you've been acting a little distant lately. I notice you spacing out a lot. Is there a reason for that?"
Before I could think, "you" popped out of my mouth. I immediately blushed and wanted to take that one word back more than anything. Too late. She was taken aback, and she stared at me as if she didn't know what to make of it. I gulped. "Would you mind explaining yourself?" She asked, and walked over to shut the door. The sound of the door shutting could have well been the door on my personal train to embarrassment and hell slamming behind me. "UmmI'd rather not Ms. Carrie."
"Look Sophie, it's normal for students to have crushes on their teacher from time to time, it just can't get in the way of your work! You go to school to learn, not to oogle." She winked and giggled. "But Ms. Carrie.you're just so damn hot!" I regretted that one too, and I winced as soon as the words left my mouth. She didnt look surprised again, only took on a slight smile. It was the smile se had in my fantasies right after she came up with a new sexy way to punish me. Although it was an extremely innapropriate time, my pussy twitched. "Now Sophie, I may be making a false guess here but I think you have been thinking about this an awful lot lately, due to your constant lack of attention in class"
"Erm..yes Ms. Carrie."
"So, am I right, you have a crush on me don't you?"
"Yes Ms. Carrie" I lowered my head in shame and I knew I was blushing wildly. As if she knew my fantasy, she took a more authoritative attitude. "You have been very bad lately Sophie. I think you should be punished for this." although she sounded angry, I saw a slight twinkle in her eye. So maybe she wanted to me my mistress after allno, I must just be making stuff up. But there it was, that little twinkle. In that small detail lay my future. I blushed more and answered, "Yes Mistress Carrie." she laughed at my quick drop into submission. But she did not object. "You don't have any after school activities, do you?"
"No mistress Carrie"
"Good. Call your parents and tell them you are meeting with me now to go over something"
"Yes ma'am" I got my phone and called my parents to repeat her message. They were fine with it, and I hung up. I was sitting in the desk in front of her desk awkwardly while she stood in front of me. I may have been imagining things but I thought I could smell her sweet aroma of arousal. "So, you want to be punished, right slut?" I blushed more than I thought possible and sunk down into my chair, but answered with a meek "Yes".
"Damn, you really are a little submissive slut aren't you. And I bet you were dreaming about me as you mistress weren't you?"
"Yes mistress" I had never been more humiliated in my life, but oddly enough I began to get wet
As if she had read my mind, she responded with "And I bet your pussy is getting wet at this very moment, isn't it? Tell your mistress the truth, slut"
"Yes mistress"
"Dirty whore!" she said and with the ruler she had just picked up slapped one of my tits hard. I yelped. "Now, do you want this to continue? Because if you don't, you can walk out and no one will be the wiser. If you are how I believe you are, you will stay here and be my dirty slut. But if you stay, you are agreeing to be my slave and to never tell a soul about this. I could lose my job and you your dignity in this school, undrstand?"
"yes mistress, I want to stay"
"Good slave. Now stand up and strip!"
I immediately complied and rose from my desk. I pulled off my shirt, then my skirt and shorts, and I was left in my bra and panties in front of my teacher. I realized my extreme position, and knew this was the point of no return. Oh what the hell I think and strip my bra and panties off. Ms. Carrie's gaze was intense and I feel like a hawk's prey. Then she smiles and my only desire now is that she likes my body. She walks around me in a circle, poking and prodding with her ruler. Out of nowhere she smacked my ass and I yelped in surprise. "Be quiet! I didn't ask you to speak!" she said angrily. I nodded meekly and she continued her circle. She finally made it all round and she stood in front of me. "Nice body slave. I'm sure we will find many uses for it" I gulped and thanked her. She spun around, swept everything off her desk, and then shimmied out of her skirt. I just stared in awe. Next she slid her shirt off and pulled her panties off. She sat in front of me on the desk now just in her bra, and spread her legs open. I could see her glistening pussy waiting. "Well, come on slave. Come eat mistress' pussy."
I wasted no time as I was very excited and also afraid of her punishment it I didn't hurry. I hungrily spread apart her pussy lips and began licking at her warm wet cunt. I had never tried it before, but I was enjoying it too much to care. I dug my tongue deep into her wet pussy, then came out and licked at the outside. I gently lifted the hood over her swollen clit and began lapping at it. She groaned and tried to grind against me. "More slave, more!" she commanded and I obeyed. She then took up her ruler and started spanking my ass hard with it. I groaned into her pussy and took her whole clit in my mouth and sucked on it happily. I scraped my teeth against it lightly and inserted three fingers into her pussy. She spanked my ass harder and I could feel it turning red. Desperate to make her cum, I curled my fingers hard against her g-spot and bit her clit. She almost screamed out as she came violently against my face. I quickly moved down so I could lap up her juices as they flowed out of her throbbing pussy. "Good slave," she cooed, "you have been good. Perhaps you will be rewarded next time." and she promptly pushed me out into the luckily empty hallway and threw my clothes out the door behind me.

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