School Daze chapter 1

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School Daze chapter 1

By the time Linda Peterson was nine years old, she was very interested in male genitals. Her brother had been born the year before and her mother, wanting Linda to be involved in her little brother’s care, allowed her to be there when his diapers were changed. She wasn’t all that thrilled about the stuff in his diaper, however after he was clean, it was quite exciting to her, to see and touch his little pee-pee.

The thing was only about an inch and a half long, but she found when her mother had to leave the room to empty the diaper, and she was left in charge, it became very hard when she flicked it with her finger. Linda laughed when her brother’s eyes opened wide and looked straight at her. She made a conscious decision then to explore all the sexual avenues open to her.

When Linda asked questions about sex, her mother never lied. She explained in basic language that his penis was used when he had to pee and later when he became a man, he would use it to have sex and make children like himself and Linda. She did fail to mention the feeling of extreme pleasure that went along with the sex act though.

Linda discovered that one night when she was sitting on the toilet about eleven o’clock at night. The bathroom door was slightly ajar and she could see her mom on top of her father in their bed. They were naked and she could see everything from their feet up.

Linda was a little embarrassed, however not enough to stop looking. Both her mom and dad seemed to be enjoying each other. She was surprised as her dad’s pee-pee was gigantic compared to her little brothers. It was moving in and out of her mothers pee hole at an alarming rate. She could hear her mother saying,

“Oh Frank … oh Frank … oh Frank … I’m cuming … I’m cuming.”

The only thing she could really understand was her father’s name. She didn’t know why her mom was calling it out when she was right on top of him, and She couldn’t understand where her mom was coming … from. So many questions … so much to think about.

It was a long two years until she and David, the boy across the street began showing their private parts to each other. Her mother warned her that if a man squirted his stuff at her she could get a baby. She thought her mother was talking about a guy peeing on her so she avoided David when he had to urinate.

Although they never actually had sex, they played with each other until David was sore. He didn’t cum then, but she began to dribble after long sessions of him feeling her up. Linda had a very difficult time concentrating on anything, which didn’t include sex of some sort. Barbara Malone her best girlfriend always seemed to have all the answers, and would share them with any girl in their circle of friends.

The five girls in their group began to have sleep over parties when they were all around twelve. The parties were nothing more than study sessions to extend their knowledge of sex and everything it entailed. Had they spent the time studying their regular assigned schoolwork they all could have been at the top of their class. One Saturday night during a slumber party at Barbara’s house, she brought out a notebook. Inside were hundreds of photos printed on plane paper, in full color.

The photos were of men’s giant cocks and girl’s pussies. The men were fucking the girls and squirting cream all over them. There were other photos of girls with penises in their mouths and cream on their faces. They appeared to be sucking on them. The girls squealed whenever they saw something new. To say they were excited was the understatement of the century. Barbara was very proud of her collection. When the other girls asked where she had obtained the photos, she told them she had downloaded them from the Internet.

This really excited Linda as she had just received a computer for her birthday and it was hooked up to the Internet. Barbara gave her several web addresses and told her what to look for. Barbara’s mom knocked on the door and announced that the rest of the family was going to bed, and they would have to keep the noise level down. The girls all told her mother goodnight and when she left Barbara locked her door. They were very quiet when they all gathered around Barbara’s computer.

She clicked on the Internet connection and went to her favorites section. She hit sports, and a folder marked sports came up. She clicked on the folder and several different sports like baseball and football were displayed. After clicking on football she went to a Raiders folder. Clicking on that displayed a bunch of statistics and Raider photos. She then clicked on miscellaneous. When that opened the girls were all treated to a display of photos with everyone fucking, sucking and giving hand jobs.

Linda thought that the most interesting fact was that all the girls in the photos, with one or two exceptions were all smiling. They all seemed to really enjoy what they were doing. Two of the girls looking at the monitor were pointed out as they were both touching themselves between the legs. Diana said she had to do it at least once a night, maybe twice or she couldn’t sleep. She also said she had a fantasy where a man would come into her bedroom at night a shove his big cock into her pussy.

The girls all covered their mouths and began to giggle. Barbara said “truth or dare”. They all giggled again. The first question was asked to Linda and she said “truth”. Have you ever been felt up by a boy? Linda nodded her head and explained everything about the thrill of having a boy’s finger in her pussy. She would not tell who the boy was as she didn’t want them all going to his house to be felt up.

Linda then said, “Truth or Dare” to Diane. She said dare. Linda told her she had to take off her panties, sit in the chair and play with herself until she squirted. Then she said that they all got to watch her do it. Diane said nothing, but removed her pajama pants then pulled her panties down. When all the girls were sitting on the floor, in front of her she began to play with herself. It took about fifteen minutes until Diane came.

When she opened her eyes and smiled she saw everyone except Pauline with a finger in their pussies. After a few minutes they all began to cum. The girls met about once a month and did everything to satisfy themselves. Everyone except Pauline joined in the fun, but one night as Virginia was really moving her finger fast, Pauline moved between her legs and began licking Virginia’s pussy. Virginia wasn’t sure what was going on, but grabbed Pauline by the hair and held her tight until she came.

The girls were all thrilled as something new had been added. Now if they could just get a man with a big penis to join their parties, everything would be perfect. This went on right under their mother’s noses without being discovered. The year they all turned fifteen, they were allowed to begin dating. Barbara had been walking home with Chad, a sixteen-year-old boy for almost a full semester when she told him she was going to be able to date when she turned fifteen. He asked, almost begged if he could be the first guy to take her out. She of course said yes.

The night of their date was Saturday, three days after her birthday. She was thrilled as Chad had his license and was allowed to take his mother’s car. When she asked where they were going, Chad said the hills by the water tank. It was a well-known make out spot for kids wanting to get to know each other better. When they arrived, Chad pulled in between a VW bus, which was rocking side to side, and a 96 Toyota. He moved over to her side of the car, put his arms around her and began to kiss her. This went on for forty minutes until Barbara’s panties were wet and Chad’s cock was hard as a rock.

Barbara knew what to do and unbuttoned Chad’s jeans. She then took hold of his cock and began to jack him off. His hands went to her titties and began to stroke them. Suddenly Barbara became excited as she thought Chad was about to cum when he pulled her on to his lap and began rubbing his cock against her panty crotch. This was more thrilling than anything she had ever done before and began to move front to back. His cock was wet with the juice in her panties however he stopped and told her his cock was bent into a painful position. Chad reached down and moved his penis and her panties.

Oh my God what happened she thought? There was a lot of pain in her pussy and Chad’s hands were holding her butt cheeks tight. As Chad began to move very fast, Barbara realized his cock was buried to the hilt in her cunt. Quickly the pain was gone and a wonderful radiating warmth shot in every direction from her crotch out.

They were fucking just like the people in all of her photos. This was the best feeling she had ever had, and all of her mother’s warnings regarding pregnancy and diseases were gone from her mind. She had wanted to be fucked since she was five or six. Now it was happening and it was great. Chad grabbed her butt tight and began to cum in her pussy. This triggered her pussy and she came also. When they were done they kissed for a while but it wasn’t as thrilling as it was before they fucked.

As both Chad and Barbara were hungry they decided to go back down the hill to the drive in. After they ordered, Chad turned the radio on and they listened to some music. They ate in silence then left and drove toward her house. When she ask where they were going Chad told her he was taking her home.

When she asked if they were going up to the water tower again, he said no that he was tired and had to get up early for work. When he dropped her off, he said “thanks”. She started to get out of the car however he made no move to walk her to her door. She then told him in no uncertain terms that he was not to call her ever again. All he said was, “whatever,” then drove off.

The next morning all the girls met at St. Thomas' Catholic Church. The girls all went through the pretense of their religious vows then ducked out and met in the back. Barbara told the others about her date with Chad and what he had done. The girls were all impressed that Barbara had fucked with him, but thought Chad was an asshole. They all took a vow that none of them would date Chad or his friends.

Linda knew because she was so thin, unlike Barbara, and her face was broken out, she would not have to worry about boys fighting over her. Secretly Pauline asked Linda to sleep over at her house, but Linda declined, saying she would rather stay with the other girls. From then on Pauline did not go to sleep overs.

About a month and a half later, Barbara told the girls she was going to stay with her Uncle and Aunt for a while. There was a lot of talk, as it was right in the middle of the school semester. One day while the three girls were sitting in the schoolyard after lunch, talking about Barbara, Diane said,

“Barbara told me she had missed a period. When she told her mother, she sent her to “visit” her Aunt and Uncle, but actually she went for a check up and maybe an abortion. Everybody thinks Chad had got her pregnant on their first date.”

“Wow”, said Virginia, “Barbara is going to have a baby?”

Two weeks later Barbara came back and told the girls that she wasn’t pregnant; she had a benign cist on her ovary. She had told her parents she had sex for nothing. Barbara was grounded for the remainder of her time in high school. She spent most of her alone time playing with her clitoris and dreaming of the time when she would again be able to have a great big cock in her pussy and fuck every night.

Pauline was seen with a very large Dyke, holding hands and kissing. It was said that Diane met a soldier who had been to Desert Storm and got married. They had a little boy who was a preemie. An eight-pound, ten-ounce preemie, which was born in her seventh month of pregnancy.

Right after graduation, Linda went to college. She was already eighteen, but still a virgin, even though she was very knowledgeable, and had studied all aspects of sex for years. Being a virgin wasn't a condition she had necessarily wanted. She was always a bit jealous when she found out that one girlfriend or another had gone all the way with some boy.

Her years of virginity had been bestowed on her by a less that smooth skin condition in her youth and the fact she was the thinnest girl in her jr. high school graduating class. As we all know, however over the course of time most things change. The Captain of the football team may eventually develop a large beer gut, the gorgeous cheerleaders get pregnant and never loose the fat their babies brought with them and the best looking guy in school looses his dark curly hair, which is replaced with a bald shiny dome, that will show your reflection when he bends down to pick up a nickel.

Linda was better of than most however, as by the time she turned eighteen, she was besieged for dates by many of the same guys who had called her names like "moon face" and "the walking skeleton", during Jr. High School.

She had held the office of "Super Virgin" so long that she was not going to give it up for just any guy who professed to have the equipment, in which to relieve her of it. It was in her second semester of college, that she met another student named George Grisby, who was very nice and told her that he really liked her a lot. Linda was aware that she was going to have sex eventually, so she thought, why not with George? He was tall, handsome and a star athlete. What more did a girl need?

On their third date Linda told him to rent a motel room, as she was ready to make love with him. Friday night, George picked her up, and they went to the, "Shady Pines Motor Lodge". The motel wasn't as romantic as she had hoped; however they could at least have privacy. She didn't want her first time to be in the backseat of a Ford sedan.

Both George and Linda were very excited, as they were both virgins. When they went into the motel room, she began to take her clothes off, and was down to her bra and panties, by the time George had removed his shirt. Watching him remove his pants really got her excited. George was wearing only his underpants, when he got on the bed with her. He told her that he had brought a lot of condoms, so she didn't have to worry.

George pulled off his underpants, and Linda was elated, as his penis was larger than any she had ever seen before. It immediately became erect, when she reached out and began to play with it. George laid back and enjoyed what she was doing when she licked it and then placed her mouth on it. He had never had sex with any girl before Linda.

This was only the second penis she had ever sucked, even though she had done extensive research in the many aspects of Fellatio. The first one was the penis of Diane’s father on his birthday, just two months earlier. It was kind of an experiment for her, and a birthday present to him, although he wasn't aware of her motives.

She knew through endless hours of study, that she should run her tongue around his penis while sucking it, and should be very careful not to scrape it with her teeth. Linda had read that it was a good idea to squeeze the male's testicles lightly, to give him the best experience.

She was surprised when George came, as she had only been sucking him for two minutes. It took her by surprise, however not wanting to appear a beginner; she swallowed the slippery liquid and smiled at him. It had a slight taste of chlorine a little like pool water, but not as strong. It was also sweet and a little salty.

Linda decided it wasn't a bad taste, and she would, from that time on, always swallow cum that was shot into her mouth. While she was sucking George, he pulled her panties to the side, and began to slide his fingers over her pussy lips and clitoris. This was a wonderful feeling that she knew well, as she had done it to herself hundreds of times.

Several seconds after George had cum in Linda's mouth; she began to get very wet, but she didn't have a real orgasm. George then told her to lie on her back, as he rolled a condom on his still hard penis. Her sexual interests were so strong, that she watched him intently, so she would know exactly how to do it, if it were ever necessary.

She opened her legs as wide as she could and held them in the air, and George crawled in between them. Through her studies, Linda knew the best methods of foreplay so she took hold of George's cock and moved it all around her slit and clitoris.

She then placed the head at the entrance to her vagina, and told him to push easy. George was so excited; that he rammed his cock into her hard, which felt like somebody had shoved a tent pole up into her pussy. He took her cherry, and caused her extreme pain.

Without regard for her pleasure or her discomfort, George began to shove his large cock into her very fast and very hard. Ten to fifteen seconds had gone by, when George moaned and came again. He then rolled off of Linda, and lay by her side. She just lay there in pain, thinking to herself,

'That's it?'

All of her research showed that most males could go on for at least a half-hour. Maybe George was an anomaly, and some other young man could do it for her. She thought to herself, that if he asked her if it was good for her, she would "bitch" slap him. After a while, because of Linda's coxing, George put on a new condom and attempted to do it her again.

This time was a little better and lasted about ninety seconds. She was needless to say irritated, actually more frustrated, as she had brought herself off many times with just a finger. She couldn't believe that this handsome, well-built, well-hung young man couldn't hold off long enough to give her at least one orgasm. She just wanted to just get dressed and leave him there.

Over the next several months, Linda dated five different college guys, and found a problem with each one of them. She finally talked with her Psychology Professor, Richard Thompson, who explained that, most men, and many women have sexual problems. He suggested they go to dinner so they could discuss it further.

The dinner was set for Friday September 2nd at the "Cest La Vie" restaurant in Laguna Beach by the ocean. She was very impressed when he picked her up in his Porsche. As Linda was only twenty, she couldn't have any alcoholic drinks, however she had a cup of coffee. Their conversation went on for several hours and she couldn't believe how much she was drawn to Richard on an intellectual level.

Due to his enlightened background on almost everything, Linda became almost possessed by an unreasoning passion and attraction to the older man. It was nine o'clock when they finished dinner and he suggested, if she wished that they could return to his condo to talk further.

At his apartment, he poured each of them a glass of wine, followed by a second. The conversation seldom strayed far from her almost fanatical interest in sex. However he did ask what her college major was. She told him that she had Liberal Arts major, as she wasn't sure of what she wanted to do after she graduated. Linda said,

"I don't know at this point, but my thoughts never deviate far from sex. Maybe I should be a hooker," she giggled, the wine apparently affecting her more than she knew.

"Linda, you don't need a sheepskin to be a prostitute. Besides a prostitute only takes care of the individual's immediate gratification. She can't get down to the real subconscious problem from which the individual is suffering. I think you should look into psychotherapy, where you could be a real help to people who can't perform properly.

You could be a teacher of sex, and give direction to people who have little knowledge of what is required for a good sex life. You have heard the old saying that teachers, make the best sex partners, as they make you do it over and over and over until you get it right."

Linda laughed maybe a little to loud. Then asked,

"Professor Thompson, you're a teacher. Do you know all the best methods of male; female sex?"

"I know enough to get by. After all I am twenty years older than you. I should know something by now shouldn't I?"

"Professor Thompson Richard, may I call you Richard?"

"Yes of course, Richard, or even Rick if you wish. My Mom always called me Rick."

"Richard I think that I need a good teacher a tutor or someone who can teach me all the different aspects related to really good sex. God knows I'm just floundering around with my choices of college boys, who don't know their penis from their nose, and every book I have ever read is just too technical. Would it be too much to ask you to be my tutor?"

"Do you mean theory tutor or physical tutor?"

"Everything tutor, intellectual, physical, lab work everything."

"Well, although it is a very tempting offer, I am twenty years your senior, and the college would give me my walking papers if I'm caught having an affair with a student."

"Twenty years older or fifty years older you know that doesn't really matter, as long as I am over eighteen and legal correct? Also there are at least five girls in my sorority alone, who are doing one professor or another. This wouldn't be just for fun; it would be to enlighten me and teach me in the proper scientific methods, of all facets of sex. It would be scientific research."

"But Linda, what if I'm not the person to teach you. What if I don't know the best methods to show you what is really necessary?"

"I'm willing to take that chance, at least once. The question is," she said as she sat next to him on the couch, "are you willing to take a chance on me?"

Linda leaned over and kissed him on his cheek his beard tickled her mouth, the wine she had consumed acting like an aphrodisiac, driving her on. She slowly slid off the black leather couch onto the floor in front of him. She reached for his belt and unbuckled it, smiling at him. Linda then unzipped his pants, and pulled them down his legs.

"Linda I don’t think "

“Good Richard … Don’t even think about it. I know I don't have to do anything. I want to do it for you, and myself. Please just sit back and let me do it for the both of us."

She reached into the opening of his jockey shorts, and took hold of his cock. When she pulled it out of its hiding place, Linda was in awe over its circumference. It wasn't as long as some she had seen, but it was thick. She estimated that it was only about six and a half inches long. Long enough she thought, spreading her lips wide to take it into her mouth. As she began to suck she felt like she had found a new home for his penis. She was a happy girl and she believed she knew how to make Richard happy also.

As if she were being tested, she put all of her knowledge of fellatio into play, and sucked the Professor's penis as though her grade depended on it. After fifteen minutes Professor Rick was holding her head, fucking her mouth, moaning loudly. This little girl knew just what he needed and how to provide it. When he became aware that he was about to cum, he told her reluctantly,

"Linda my sweet little girl, I'm going to cum any second."

She ignored him with a wave of her hand, and continued sucking, stroking his cock and squeezing his balls gently. When his cum splattered in her mouth, the professor fell back against the couch unable to hold himself up, his eyes closing tightly as he tried to catch his breath. There wasn't a lot of fluid, she thought, maybe a teaspoon or two at the most, so she swallowed it down and continued sucking on his collapsing member.

Linda always compared the taste of one guy's cum to another. The professor's fluid tasted a little like fine wine and Cesar salad dressing. Fifteen minutes passed, and Richard finely regained his ability to speak. He said,

"Linda, you were wonderful. That was the best I have ever had. Do you think that you might like to stay the night?"

She smiled at him and got up from the floor, taking her hand in his, he led her to his bedroom. As Linda took off her clothes, he sat there on the bed watching her like a patron in a strip club. Any concern about school rules, disappeared like so many leafs in a high wind, when she removed her bra and pulled her panties down, tossing them in an unknown direction.

She then moved close to him and whispered in his ear,

"Rickey, would like to lick my pussy?" He smiled at her stating,

"I don't want to brag, but that's one of the activities that I do best."

After laying her down on the bed, he moved his head down to her naked midsection; he began to kiss her stomach, dipping his tongue into her navel. She giggled and then he moved down to begin sucking on her inner thighs, which were now wide open in anticipation of his next erotic series of actions.

Slowly, agonizingly he moved his mouth up to the center of her physical being. She was holding her genital lips open for the invasion of his mouth, as he pushed his tongue into her pink wet vagina.

Nothing she had ever done before was anything like this. This was real sex and it was wonderful. She contemplated that maybe she should be taking notes, however gave up the thought when she realized she would never forget the pleasure he was providing her. It wasn't long after, he began sucking her love button, that she had a tumultuous orgasm, which left her on the brink of unconsciousness.

The professor then moved up her writhing body, to her beautiful breasts, and began to suck on one. When she told him, he moved his mouth from one to the other sucking equally; causing a tingle inside of her stomach and abdomen that was driving her a little insane. Linda believed she would cum just from the sucking of her breasts alone, if he were allowed to do it for any length of time.

He then moved between her legs, and attempted to stuff his bulky member into her pussy. It took a while as she was still so tight, and his penis was much thicker than anyone she had ever known. She was tossed into a deep chasm of sudden fear, as he stretched her vagina open to an alarming width, and began to fuck her like she had never before experienced. She had become knowledgeable of the "wham bam; thank you maim" one and a half minute screws her past boyfriends had bestowed on her, and hoped that Richard could go a little longer.

She was in high spirits, as after forty minutes, and three orgasms later when Richard, the most fantastic lover she had ever been under, was still hard and going strong. Due to the great shape of his body, and the fact that he wasn't even breathing hard, she knew that he must have worked out regularly.

"Oooohhh God", she moaned, as she was cuming again. It was fantastic and wonderful. This "old guy," as he often referred to himself, was three times the lover of the little "boys" she had dated previously. The professor was a keeper, and she would do just that. She was going to keep him in her as long as she could.

She lay there with this wonderful man on top of her. She knew that his thick penis belonged in her throbbing vagina, pumping in and out of her at an alarming rate. He was fantastic, and she was a little concerned that he knew it.

This was the type of sex for which she had been searching since she found out that there was such a thing as sex. Without warning he flexed every muscle in his body and gave several hard thrusts, then came inside of her.

As before, when Richard had cum in her mouth, there wasn't a lot of cream, however there was enough to sooth the heat of her overworked pussy. She was in heaven as his last thrust, made her fluids gush again. Then she said to herself; 'He wasn't wearing a condom, was he?'

A very restful sleep was overcoming both of them, as she crawled into his protective arms and inhaled the musky aroma of his body.

To Be Continued

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