The biggining of something bigger part one

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please excuse my spelling mistakes and abreviations im not a good speller n i dont like realy long words this is my 1st time writeing somthing like this so bare with me id love to here feed back as it is my 1st time

its all about an avengence against the person that abused my best friend

i hated and was repolsed by this guy called john he was two yrs older then me i was in yr 9 he was in yr 11 and was going out with my best friend tish he had one of thoughs atitudes that scream out look at me he was a flirt and a cronick cheater all the girls worshiped the ground he walked on.. i could see right threw him

i was at school, comforting tish like i always do when she finds out about a new girl in the relationship, i was telling her that she should brake it off with tim before he realy herts her. she wouldnt have it she "loved" him, nothing i could say or has ever said to her would change that.

one day tish came to school with a black eye n broken wrist. i asked her what happened n she said she fell down her stairs it took alot to get her to talk.. finaly she had told me that she walked in on tim n a blond chick from yr12 she had pulled the bitch off of tim by the hair n john got up n punch her one then pulled her arm back till she said sorry for interupting he broke her arm when she didnt apoligise. she walked out on him n she wouldnt go to the cops she didnt want to do nything about i decided to do somthing, somthing to avenge my best friend.

it was art class n i looked out the window n sore tim in the useual waging spot only this time he was fucking that blond headed bimbo from yr12 i looked at him in descust i didnt think much of him i wanted him to feal how tish has felt for ages. how he made her feal i had it all planed out in my head

i went to talk to him at lunch he was sitting with the usual crowd of mates and the same pathetic admiering giggling cunts i had unbuttoned my top three buttons of my top revealing most of my 18E cup clevage i was well indowed started to get breasts at the age of 12. it was the 1st time i had aproched him in the long period of time ive known him i was sucking a lolliepop, swerling it around in my mouth like it was the last thing id ever suck on tim looked at me with thows red tired looking eyes it was obvious that fucking wasnt the only thing thay had gotten up to in the bushes i asked him to chat with me in privit

he was surprised by my apereance and gesture.. he agreed to talk with me we went to the school liberary cause hardly nyone went in there these days since thay opend the new computer room to students in lunch breake the teachers were having a meeting in the staff room at the front of the building so i took him to the opisite end in a seperate part of the liberary.. there was a desk n chairs in the room we sat down and looked at each other he couldnt help but stare at my breasts he then notised that my skirt was up my leg showing off a bit of thigh . i think he got a little turned on cause i noticed his semilob i desided it would be fun having some fun with him a little.

i told him that i heard hed broken up with tish and lied that id been atracted to him for a very long time, i said that i had dreams about him every night. how he'd sneak into my bedroom while my mum was asleep n put his hand ova my mouth so i wouldnt scream when he woke me how he'd pull my undies off with his teath n start licking my cunt till i exploded with extasy in his mouth then we'd have suttel sneaky sex so that we didnt wake ny1 up i started to get turned on a little by what i was saying to him he was to his semilob turned into a hard on

he looked at my face n said that we werent at my home but there were teachers in the front room that could walk in on us if where not quiet that we could play out the fantasy in this room instead it made me sick to my stomache thinking about it, but if i was going to do what i had planed for him later this had to happen nowwith that thought in my head i said id love to

tim came up to me n grabd my mouth he told me i had to be quiet and not make a sound or he'll have to shut my mouth for me he pulled me by my hair and pushed me firmly down against the table. he spread my legs and with his teath pulled my panties down my thighs and off completely. he put his hand round my throt and told me not to make a sound that this was going to be egzilerating and the best thing that'll ever happen to me

he went down on me he licked inbetween my bikkini line then the other side, he started sucking my lips ever so slowley, he then used his tounge and spread my lips his tounge ran over my inner pink lips and started pushing his tounge into my hole in out in out slowly as he goes he then ran his tounge up to my clit firmly he started to get faster n faster n he started to suck on my clit. he then took his finger n placed it in my pussy while his toung carest my clit.. he started pulling his finger in n out realy fast while biting my clit everytime he pushed i tryed to stay quiet i was trying so hard it made me feal dirty doing this but i was enjoying every moment of it! he inserted two fingers an kept playing with me i was so close to cuming.. he then put a finger in my ass n started plaqying with my ecup boobs under my top i removed my bra so he could get a better grasp and undid my top a little more.

he was getting realy hngery for my cum, he wanted it real bad he got faster n faster. in out his fingers went and thats when it happened i pushed his head right into my pussy as i came in extacy he sipped it right up not wanting me to stop he kept me in an orgasmic fit licking my clit i came three times it was to much for tim to bare he he pulled his fingers out of me n still licking my pussy undid his trousers n pulled them off.

he pulled me by my hair n pushed me over a chair he spread my legs and inserted his enormus rock hard cock in my pussy n started fuckin me doggy style realy hard n fast. he grabd my hair n pulled my head right back so i could see the look in his eyes he was looking at me like i was a bitch in heat i'll never forget thoughs eyes he grabed me around my neck fucked me harder. i could feel his penis hitting the inside backwall of my vagina it was truley exilerating i was trying so hard not to scream in pleasure afraid the teachers would here us

pumpin me harder n harder as he went he spanked my ass and left a hand print burned in my ass i could feal it throbing he did it again n again trying to get me to scream i new i couldnt i didnt want to get cought he pulled out and threw me to the floor he put my legs ova his shoulders and started fucking me even harder n faster then b4 it was breath taking everything went dark n i stared to cum again it was soooo gooood i couldnt beleave i could feel this way he fucked me so hard i could feel my pussy swelling with pleasure.. he pumped faster his balls nocking against my ass as he went he pulled my legs round him and gave a few more thrusts then came down n bit my neck to stop himself screaming in pleasure as he blew his load inside.

it was done the seeds of my plan had been set in motion i new he couldnt stop at one fuckfest i new he needed more but hed have to wate for now

i put my pants back on while he did his up. he turned to me n said "wow when can we do that again? " i looked at him n laughed soon i hope with that i turned n walked out of the room fuck it was l8 the cleaner was in the liberary he was surprised to see me it was 5 oclock in the arvo wed been fucking for 4 hrs n noone suspected a thing, noone walked in on us nothing it was an excerlent fealing noing that we defaced school property with cum to think that the cleaner would walk in n have to smell the smell of sex it was a fantastic feeling

tim came out behind me n grabed my sholder. wate come back to mine lets have some more fun tonight i turned around n smiling "will ur parents be home?", "no", "ill b there" . i turned around n sore tish stareing at me in descust FUCK

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