Roy and June take Doris again

My neighbour Jack had been on edge for days. He had arranged to take his young wife Doris to visit friends on Saturday night, and he couldn't wait for the weekend to come. Doris is half Chinese, and very attractive, with typical oriental dark hair and brown eyes that always look mischievous. She is quite small and slim, but well formed, with nice little high set tits and a curvy little bottom. And lucky for me, Jack likes to see other people taking advantage of her, and I get to tag along to write about it. Of course, he does not want Doris to know what is going on, and he makes sure she is unable to remember anything afterwards simply by slipping something into her drink.

We had taken Doris to these same people, Roy and June, a few weeks earlier and Jack had promised to bring her back. They in turn had promised Jack he would love what they planned to do with her.

We set off for the "party", with Doris looking gorgeous and sexy in a low cut halter neck dress and stiletto heels. I could see no trace of a bra, but her firm little tits really didn't need one. The last time we had been to Roy and June, Doris had been wearing stockings and she looks so sexy in them, I hoped she was wearing them again.

Everyone was fidgety and nervous right from the start. We all knew something was planned, except Doris, and Jack could hardly wait to doctor her drink. It took effect within moments. She was sitting beside Jack on a couch, and her face went blank and she ended up leaning helplessly against him. He whispered things to her that we couldn't hear, and she seemed to reply as if she was in a trance. Jack grinned and indicated it was safe to start having fun.

June got up and said to bring Doris into the next room. Being so small and slim it was easy for Jack to just pick her up and carry her. The adjoining room was a bedroom, containing a bed and some chairs, and nothing else. June looked enquiringly at Jack. "Is she out?" she asked. Jack shook his head, and replied with a smile, "No, she's just drunk."

June indicated the bed. "Put her down there. Will she talk?"

Jack set her down on the bed and sat beside her with his arm round her to keep her upright. "She might be a bit slow, but she can hear you, and yes, she can talk," he said.

June crouched down in front of Doris. "I've been waiting to get you like this," she purred gleefully. "This is going to be so good. How are you feeling, Doris?"

Doris raised her head and murmured slowly, "I feel a bit funny. I think maybe I'm a bit tipsy."

June smiled. "Well, don't worry about it, honey." She put both hands on Doris's knees and stared at her face. "I actually meant, are you feeling horny."

Looking slightly puzzled, Doris slowly shook her head. June giggled. "We'll soon change that," she muttered. She moved her hands up Doris's thighs, catching the hem of the dress and rucking it up a little. Her hands continued sliding along each thigh, disappearing under the dress. Without taking her eyes from Doris's face, she murmured a long, "Mmmmmmmmmmm. I can feel bare skin. You've got stockings on, haven't you."

Stroking her thighs seemed to make Doris breath faster and her eyes screwed up a little. "What are you doing stop it," she managed to say. June laughed. "I want to see these beautiful stockings," she said. Taking hold of the hem, she pulled up the dress until it was at Doris's hips. Doris kept her knees together, but in her woozy state she was much too slow to try to stop June. The dress was rucked up high enough to expose stocking tops and a good few inches of bare thigh.

Doris made a half hearted attempt to pull her dress down, and whined, "Stop it!" but June ignored her. "Lift your bum," she ordered, and with Jack's help, she freed the dress from being sat on. It was simple then to roll it up like a ribbon around Doris's waist. Doris sat still, her eyes glazed over, unable to stop June from unfastening the halter neck and lifting the dress over her head. Once it was out of the way, she was left sitting on the bed supported by Jack and Roy on either side, with no bra, her bare tits on display, a lacy suspender belt round her waist, suspenders attached to her stockings, and a little lacy triangle between her legs. She looked lovely and vulnerable, and docile, innocently unaware that she was half naked with people who knew exactly why she had been brought there and what they were going to do to her.

June drew in her breath. "You look so slutty, Doris," she said in a hiss. "Sitting there in your stockings, and that skimpy pair of knickers, any man seeing you like this would want to fuck the arse off you."

Hearing this, and despite seeming to be somewhat dazed, Doris gave a little start and a surprised gasp. June's face was serious now. "You are a slut, Doris," she snapped out. "What you want just now is a good hard fuck. Isn't it? Answer me!"

Doris slowly nodded. Her voice was barely a croak. "Yes fuck I don't know yes"

"Well, slut," June said. "If you want a fuck, you have to earn it." She stood up and told Doris to stand. With Jack's help, they got Doris on her feet. June put one arm round Doris's shoulder and one round her waist, and dragged their bodies together. She crushed her mouth against Doris's and kissed her fiercely, forcing her tongue into the young girl's mouth. Her hand slid down to clutch at Doris's bottom, moving from cheek to cheek and clenching each in turn. Doris was helpless, unable to move, her small body no match for June.

June's hand slid inside the back of the flimsy knickers and moved up and down in the cleft between Doris's arse cheeks. It moved further, delving between Doris's captive legs, obviously probing and rubbing, and all the time she continued to kiss Doris with her mouth locked over Doris's lips.

When June finally released her, Doris was gasping for breath and her face was flushed. June pushed her down on the bed beside Roy, such that she was sprawled against him. His hand immediately clamped over one of her bare breasts and June smiled down at her. "Now you be a good girl, Doris, and give Roy a big juicy kiss," she said.

Doris half lifted her face in Roy's direction. He put his free hand behind her head and roughly pulled their mouths together. His tongue worked just as furiously inside Doris's mouth as June's had done, and his hand was busy feeling and fondling her tits. Doris was just as helpless in his grasp as she had been a moment before in June's.

With Roy keeping Doris occupied, June knelt down and prised her legs apart, running her hands up and down the nylon clad thighs and up onto the bare flesh above the stocking tops. The skimpy little panties formed a small vee shape just a few inches from her face. She rubbed her fingers over the flimsy scrap of lace. Doris instinctively tried to close her legs, and June angrily slapped her thighs until Doris spread her legs apart again, and somehow June kept them in place by using her own legs and feet to trap Doris spreadeagled and open.

Now she had the girl at her mercy. Doris could wriggle but she could not escape Roy's hold on her and her legs were being kept wide open. June simply pulled the knickers aside to reveal a little trimmed patch of black hair and the slit beneath it. She pressed her mouth against the newly exposed pussy. Doris made a very loud but muffled sound and shuddered as she felt June's tongue start to lick her cunt lips. June used both hands to pull the lips apart to give her much easier access for her tongue. She was licking and tonguing and sucking all at the same time and above her head Doris was making almost constant muffled moaning and gurgling sounds.

She tongued Doris for several minutes, until Doris's trembling and wriggling became so agitated that June suddenly stopped her assault on the girl's cunt. Roy let go of Doris as she climbed onto the bed beside them. "You dirty little slut, Doris," she said. "You were enjoying that! You were almost cumming off, weren't you!"

Doris was breathing hard, her mouth slightly open and her lips and chin covered in saliva. She stared blankly at June, who was kneeling on the bed and pulling her sheath dress up to her waist. Like Doris, she was wearing stockings and suspenders, but no panties. Roy pushed Doris forward onto her elbows in front of June. June's thighs were much thicker than Doris's, and she was spreading them apart a few inches from Doris's startled face. "Come here, slut," she said harshly, taking hold of Doris's hair. "Get that pretty mouth busy. You know what I want. You know what to do now, don't you? The same as I've just been doing to you. Get that tongue into my cunt."

She yanked Doris's head between her thighs and pressed herself against Doris's mouth. Her hips began to move slightly, little gentle thrusts against Doris's face. "Lick it!" she said excitedly. "Oh you little bitch Doris! That's it! Suck my clit! Oh yes, oh yes, oh you fucking little slut, you've done this before, haven't you, keep going, keep going, oh you fucking little whore, tongue me Doris! Get your tongue right in!"

She was grinding her cunt against Doris's mouth, pulling Doris's head against herself, her eyes closed and her mouth hanging open as she approached a climax from Doris's tonguing and licking. When she came, her hips shuddered violently and she let out a scream, then, gasping and panting, she pulled Doris's head from between her legs.

Doris took enormous gulps of breath, her eyes glazed, her face soaked with the juices from June's orgasm. She was trembling and shaking, staying where she was, on hands and knees.

Eventually June got off the bed and adjusted her dress. She looked at Jack. "I needed that," she said. "Your little slut wife gets me so fucking horny. I wanted that before our other guests arrive."

Jack raised his eyebrows. "Other guests?"

June smiled. "I told you this was going to be good. A couple of our male friends. Don't worry, they know the score, our secret is safe. And they are quite keen to meet Doris."

"I bet they are," Jack replied with a smile. He looked across at his wife, now sitting upright on the bed, breathing hard, her feet on the floor, her face blank. Her nipples were still prominent, but perhaps not as stiff as they had been. He glanced at his watch. "We have about half an hour, then we have to think about going."

June nodded and said she would get ready. Roy got up to answer the door, and came back with the two new guests. They were both 40-ish, fit looking, and both wearing broad smiles when they saw the slender figure of Doris sitting almost naked on the edge of the bed. No names were exchanged, but they had been told the state Doris would be in, and how submissive she would be. Still they looked surprised to see her, her head bowed and her bare tits on display. In her stockings and suspenders she looked so sexy and fuckable. She was still wearing her stilettos, and the tiny panties were almost invisible between her legs. She didn't seem aware of the two newcomers gazing at her and starting to undress.

June announced she was ready and advanced towards Doris. "How are you feeling now, Doris," she asked. "Still horny?" Doris turned towards her slowly. Her eyes were still far away, but she was able to respond with a slow nod. "More cock then, Doris," June went on. "You like taking cock, don't you. Tell me."

Doris swayed a little before answering with a whispered "Yes I like cock."

June persisted. "You are a real slut, Doris. And you like riding a nice stiff cock, don't you."

Doris tried to focus her eyes on June. "Yes," she croaked slowly. "I like riding cock." She was still unaware of the two new guests close by, ogling her body and straining to hear her replies as June tried to encourage her to talk dirty. "You're a fucking little whore, Doris. With a tight little cunt that likes to fuck. You like that?"

Doris was nodding her head slowly as she struggled to speak. "Yes I like that like to fuck"

The two men had stripped and still Doris hadn't realised they were there. One of them lay down on the bed, naked, his cock jutting upwards stiff and hard as a ramrod. His friend sat close by on the bed, slowly wanking an equally hard cock. They both knew the scene that June had planned for Doris, both knew they were going to fuck this sexy little oriental girl.

June pulled Doris to her feet and turned her to face the men on the bed. Even in her bemused state, Doris suddenly realised that two naked men were staring at her. Her mouth opened in surprise and she tried to step back. June was waiting. She pulled Doris's shoulders back, making the small tits jut out. One hand dropped to Doris's thigh and moved up to the bare flesh above the stocking top. Her fingers slipped under the taut suspender strap, so close to the edge of her knickers, stroking and caressing the skin, putting on a show, demonstrating that Doris was unable to stop her doing anything she wanted.

She freed her hand and tugged the tiny panties down a fraction. One hand slipped inside the waist at the front, the other hand at the back. Both man kept their eyes fixed on her knickers, stroking their cocks, waiting for their first glimpse of Doris's cunt. June pushed her hands deeper inside the panties, front and back, until the fingers of each hand met between Doris's legs. Her fingers were moving under the lacy material, obviously rubbing both Doris's holes.

"Look at those cocks, Doris!" she said, with eagerness in her voice. "Look at them! Look how big and hard they are! They're waiting for your cunt! Now you're going to ride one of them."

At last she took hold of Doris's knickers and very slowly, teasing, she began to slide them down, over her hips, down her thighs. When they were just above her knees, June ran her hands up her thighs, reaching fingers up to her cunt again. She peeled the lips apart and said softly, "Gentlemen, this cunt is so tight you might have a struggle to get in. But Doris wants cock. Doris, tell the gentlemen you are a slut and this tight cunt is hot and wet and ready for them."

We had the usual second or two to wait, then Doris whispered hoarsely, "I'm a slut my cunt is hot for you." As she spoke she turned her head away with a frown, and allowed June to finish removing her knickers. She was helped up onto the bed, and guided across the waiting body. June helped her straddle the man, placing her knees on either side of his hips. Her hand flicked between Doris's legs and gripped the cock, steering it up towards the waiting cunt.

Doris gasped as she felt the cock entering her, and the man reached up to pull her down on top of him. With cock inside her cunt, Doris knew what to do. It could have been anybody's cock, but she began to move her hips slowly to and fro, letting the cock slide in and out, moaning slightly as she began to ride him.

Behind her, June was pulling her dress up to her waist, to reveal that under it, she had been wearing a strapon dildo. It was a long black dildo shaped like a cock with ripples all down the shaft. She leaned over Doris's naked body. "I told you I was going to fuck you, Doris," she said, pressing the dildo between Doris's arse cheeks. "And now it's time."

She rubbed the dildo up and down with her hand. "Doris likes taking it up the arse, she's a good little whore," she announced. "And she likes sucking cock, so why not give her a cock to suck too."

The second man had his cock very close to Doris's face. Without saying a word he pulled Doris's head down and pushed his cock between her lips. Doris had to stretch her mouth wide open to take it in, her eyes glazed, her expression blank. But she moved her head up and down on it, sucking it almost automatically.

And behind her, June had the dildo starting to penetrate Doris's defenceless arse hole. All three of them were holding Doris so that she could not move or struggle. June's strapon slid deeper up Doris's arse. The cock buried in her cunt was in her to the hilt. Both started fucking Doris together. The two shafts moved in and out in unison, and the friction must have been unbelievable. Jack was on his knees beside the bed, watching them fucking his helpless wife in both holes. The other man was also watching as he fucked Doris's mouth with strokes that rammed his cock to the back of her throat.

Then June pulled out, slapped Doris across the arse and told her to get up. They lifted Doris clear and the second man lay down beside his friend. His cock was covered in saliva from Doris's mouth and when Doris was positioned over it, it slid straight up into her cunt all the way. Once more Doris was riding cock, and once more June was behind her, squeezing her dildo into Doris's arse. Once more Doris was getting fucked in both holes.

June was getting extremely excited. Her thrusts were hard and fast, causing Doris to jerk to and fro on the cock in her cunt. It became obvious that June was on the brink of orgasm as she fucked Doris. She was gasping and uttering short sharp cries, holding Doris by the hips and pulling her back onto her dildo. With a long drawn out wail, she fell forward on Doris, then pulled herself back and away.

Gasping for breath, she turned to the first man that Doris had been riding. His cock was still hard. "It's your turn," she panted. "Fuck the little whore, she's a good ride, her arse is as tight as her cunt!"

Like a shot, he mounted Doris. After the arse fucking she had been getting from June, it was easy for him. Doris could do nothing but sprawl helplessly on top of one man while the second got his cock up her unprotected arse. Somehow, Doris's slim little body was able to take both cocks to the hilt, and both men knew they didn't have to hold back. They knew they could be as rough as they liked, and they double fucked her vigorously, slamming into her holes, and the tightness on their cocks would have been incredible. Every hard thrust jolted her naked body backwards and forwards. Her legs flailed helplessly, the suspender straps tight against her cheeks. She was moaning constantly, her face surprisingly passive even though the men were fucking her in a frenzy.

They were both gasping and groaning from their efforts, and they didn't last long until they started reach a climax. Their thrusts became long and very hard as both of them drove into her as deep as possible as they came off inside her. When they finally released her, Doris lay face down on the bed, her stocking clad legs spread apart, and cum dripping from both holes.

Jack looked at his watch. "We have to get her home," he said. The two guests disappeared. Roy did not look happy. "I wanted her arse too," he muttered. But June laughed at him. "Maybe another time, if Jack wants?"

Jack just nodded, hurriedly gathering together Doris's clothes so that we could get Doris back as quickly as possible. His excitement was obvious, and we all knew that once he got her home, Doris would be getting fucked again before she recovered.

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