The Beach, continued..._(0)

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Last we left off Daddy was teasing Baby on the beach with an ice cube and fingers

Daddy's fingers start a steady circular motion on Baby's clit, your knees begin to flutter as if they were the wings of a butterfly drying in the hot summer sun. You are now moaning loudly, but the sound of waves and wind wash it all away. "Thats it Baby, do you think you can cum for Daddy?" he asks as his fingers continue to circle your clit at a constant pace. "Tell me Baby, can you cum for me?"

Daddy's question hangs in the air.

"Oh yes Daddy" you say, you are so close to cumming, just a few more seconds of Daddy's fingers rubbing like that and you'll explode.

"Oh my god!" you hear a woman's voice shout. Daddy's hand pulls away, and standing not 30 feet away down the beach, is a woman towing a small child along with her. She's looking straight between your lewdly splayed legs, the bikini bottoms, pulled off to the side, your bare pussy open and exposed to her. Her child seems not to notice anything unusual. Your eyes meet hers, her gaping mouth snaps shut and she drag her child quickly off by the arm, before she's exposed any further.

Daddy laughs, "I think we need to find a bit more privacy," he says, as he gently covers your crotch and nipples up with your bikini. He grabs you by the hand and pulls you from your lounge chair. "Lets go back into the hotel", he says.

Gladly you tag along behind him, Daddy has a firm grasp on your left wrist with his right hand. You make it into the hotel lobby. Daddy looks back and forth, scanning for something. He spots it, then says, "This way Baby." he leads you off past the bank of elevators, then in through a door to the lobby's lady's restrooms.

A middle aged woman is standing at the sink touching up her makeup. Daddy, still dragging you by your wrist heads into a large marble bathroom stall. You glance back over your shoulder as he drags you in. Your eyes make contact with the woman's reflection in the mirror. She's frozen in place looking at you, you smile to her, and then your vision is cut off by stall door closing.

Daddy pushes your back up against the door and his lips mash into yours in a fierce kiss. You open wide as Daddy's tongue pushes deep into your mouth. One of his hands has pushed aside your bikini top and is squeezing your left breast. His other arm encircles your waist and pulls your hips into his. You can feel his hard manhood through his shorts pressing into you. You don't know what to do with your hands, One is up over your head against the stall door, the other is braced against the door, lower down, helping to push your hips out towards Daddy. He breaks the kiss.

"Take your bikini off Baby." Daddy commands.

You quickly comply and untie the top, it falls away from your beautiful tits and you sling it up over your shoulder so that its hanging on the top of the stall door, one cup on the inside, the other on the outside. You hear a slight gasp from outside, apparently the woman doing her makeup has not yet left.

"Open Daddy's shorts", he commands again. Another gasp from the woman at the sinks informs you that she heard the command as well. Your hands struggle briefly with the zipper and button of Daddy's shorts, but soon they're open and the shorts drop to the floor around his feet. Daddy isn't wearing underwear and his cock springs up before you. You reach forward to grasp his pole, but instead, he grabs both your wrists and pins them over you head against the stall door.

Daddy holds your wrists firmly with his left hand, as his right pulls open one side of the bikini bottom's strings, and then quickly does the same to the other side. Your bikini bottom drops to the floor, leaving you completely naked. Daddy shoves one knee between your legs, forcing them apart. Gladly you spread your legs, he moves forward urgently. Daddy uses his right arm to hook behind your left knee and lift it up high in the air. Your pussy is tilted forward as Daddy's cock slides up along your wet lips. You can feel yourself dripping, and then his cock has found its mark and he slides it quickly into you.

"Ohhh!" you let out a loud moan as you are penetrated. Daddy works his cock quickly and deeply into you. The pleasure begins to mount again, and Daddy starts groaning with each thrust.

"Baby, your pussy feels so good" he pants between thrusts.

"Oh fuck me Daddy!", you pant. He continues to push into your forcefully, your ass is audibly slapping against the stall door, Daddy's balls make a slapping sound against your ass at the culmination of each thrust. Soon you are both in the throws of passion, moaning and panting uncontrollably, the stall door slamming in time to your movements. The pressure continues to mount inside you, an orgasm is boiling to the surface.

"Harder Daddy, fuck me harder!" you shout. As Daddy does his best to comply, you rocket over the edge. Spasm's of orgasmic pleasure rip through your body and a wail erupts from your mouth. Its too much for Daddy.

"Oh Baby, I'm cumming!" he shouts and he thrusts so hard into you that he lifts you off the floor, pinning you against the door. You both continue to spasm as his cum is shooting inside of you. Finally the spasms subside, your feet are lowered down to the floor until your standing on your own. Daddy keeps leaning into you panting. He finds your lips and kisses you deeply. You hear the woman at the counter almost running out the bathroom, her heels clicking against the tile floor.

"Baby, that was so hot," he says. "wait until I get you up to our room and eat every inch of your body."

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This is my first attempt at a story so comments and suggestions are welcome, but try to go a little easy on me. I got the idea for this story from one a lady friend of mine told me that supposedly happened to her
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I feel this needs to be said - This is a complete work of fiction; the characters and circumstances are not real. Also, if you liked my story, please up-vote it. If you didn't like it, go ahead and vote but leave a comment as to why. Everyone could use constructive criticism
Long day at work today and just got home. I really don't want to argue or fight cuz it seems like that's all we been doing lately. I'm soaked cuz it raining cats and dogs outside. I walk around the house looking for everyone. No kids, no tv going and no smell of dinner being cooked
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