An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 05

Ch. 05 song titles

Pines of Rome, Movement 2 trumpet solo (Respighi)

Petrushka, Ballerina trumpet solo (Stravinsky)

An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 05

Mike awoke first on Monday, which surprised him; Melody had promised to wake him up at 6:30. Glancing at his clock, he saw that it was only 6:05. Guess her genie alarm hasn’t gone off yet…

Deciding to have a little fun, he rolled onto his side towards Melody, who was laying with her back to him. He gently spooned his body against hers, being careful not to wake her yet. Her breathing deepened, but she did not stir, and he began to lightly brush his fingers across her nipples. He could tell that this was having the desired effect, now being able to smell the sweet nectar seeping from her pussy. This, in turn, intensified his morning wood to almost painful levels.

Mike shifted his pelvis lower, brushing his hard cock against her ass as it moved southward. Rubbing the tip against her entrance before gently pushing himself into her tunnel, her pussy juices began squishing at the introduction of his rod. She was exceptionally tight in general, but especially so from this position. Smiling, it became a game to him, seeing how far he could push himself into her before she woke up. Gently allowing his cock to slither in a bit further, about two thirds of his length, he finally heard her breathing change, indicating she was now aware of what he was up to. “Good morning,” he whispered. “It certainly is,” she replied, repeating his quip from yesterday. As he began to thrust in and out of her at a leisurely pace, she asked, “What happened to me waking you up?”

He chuckled. “Woke up just after six. And apparently couldn’t wait to get my cock into you today.”

Giggling, she replied, “Well, no complaints here. If an irresistible desire to fuck your girlfriend is what gets you up on time, I suppose that’s a burden I can bear.”

As he continued his lazy thrusts, Melody pulled her knees towards her chest, giving him better access and allowing him to fully engulf his length inside of her. He pushed all the way in, holding himself there momentarily, and circled his cock around her pussy, exploring every inch of her tunnel as she moaned in surprise and delight.

“I love this position,” she purred. “It’s so relaxing…”

“Definitely. I’m just glad I woke up before you. Otherwise, I might not have gotten the idea,” he replied.

Giggling, she said, “That kind of inspiration and creativity can only help your practicing throughout the day, I’d imagine.”

Continuing his moderate pace, he agreed. “One can only hope.”

They were quickly discovering this position to be one of their favorites, not only for sexual enjoyment, but also for general intimacy. Even though they were not facing each other, they found that conversations were extremely easy to have from this angle. As they continued their lovemaking, they heard voices outside the bedroom window. Mike smiled, recognizing it as Sandra, hustling her kids to the car for school. Sasha’s adorable little-girl voice was unmistakable.

“Sound’s like it’s time for school,” Melody observed. “Her kids are just the cutest. I love ‘em… oh!”

Mike had thrust deep into her again. “That’s why I fell in love with you,” he whispered. As she purred lovingly, hearing Sasha’s voice caused Mike to wonder something.

“Melody, are you able to have children?”

Gently running her fingers along his arms, she responded, “Absolutely, although I would only produce human offspring, not jinn. I also won’t ever become pregnant accidentally. You would need to wish to impregnate me. Is that what you would like?” She couldn’t help but smile at the turn the conversation was taking.

“Ah… not right now. I don’t think I’m ready for kids of my own yet, at least not financially. But someday, definitely.”

Still grinning, Melody turned her head, kissing his cheek as he continued his thrusting. “Well, when that day does come,” she whispered in his ear, “I know for a fact you’ll be an incredible father.”

Mike shuddered as a chill went up his spine. He was surprised at just how turned on he was becoming by having the kids conversation. She always knows just what buttons to push.

Deciding it was time for the big finish, he gently lifted Melody’s higher leg up, allowing him better access to thrust at a much faster pace. Her breathing became more labored as she felt her own climax approaching, and she began to toy with her clit. She brought herself to one orgasm manually before another one quickly built up within her, finally exploding as Mike filled her up with his cum. Deeply satisfied, the pair simply relaxed in bed for a few minutes more, spooning together with Mike’s cock slowly softening inside her pussy.

Mike kissed her shoulder lovingly, whispering, “You’re wrong, you know. About me being an incredible father.”

Throwing a confused look over her shoulder, she asked, “What do you mean?”

Grinning, he explained, “Any asshole that can get an erection can be a father. But it takes a real man to be a dad. Getting spit up on, putting Band-Aids on cuts, teaching right and wrong… that’s dad work. And if I become half the dad mine is, I’ll have done alright.”

Melody now rolled over to face him, his flaccid cock slipping out of her. She gazed into his eyes and ran her fingers through his messed up hair. Its blonde color seemed to shimmer from the light of the sunrise peeking through their bedroom window. Nothing more needed to be said; she saw in his eyes exactly the kind of dad he was capable of being. She hoped and prayed she would have his children, someday.

After another short make out session, the pair got out of bed start the day. A few soapy orgasms later, they had dressed and headed to the kitchen for some much needed nourishment. Mike ate a couple of Pop-Tarts with a glass of milk, while Melody tried some Cinnamon Toast Crunch. She was a bit surprised at first by the extreme sweetness, but soon came to love it and dug in. After breakfast, Mike went to the kitchen, preparing a couple of chicken breasts and some broth in his slow cooker, intending to make quesadillas out of them for lunch. He then relaxed on the sofa, checking emails on his laptop. He had not yet received any update from the Maestro on who this mystery panelist would be for his audition on Friday. Figuring he had procrastinated long enough, Mike closed his computer and decided to start his first practice session.

Entering the small sunroom at the front of his apartment that he used as his office and practice studio, he began unpacking his trumpets from their cases. For auditions of this sort, the panel wanted to see not only the candidate’s general skill, but also their versatility in a wide variety of styles. As such, most professional trumpet players had put together quite a collection of instruments for these styles. There was his standard pair of trumpets in B-flat and C, perfect for a wide variety of music, his tiny piccolo trumpet for extremely old music that was written in very high ranges, and his more specialized E-flat trumpet, used for a concerto that he knew would be on the audition. In the corner of the room stood two additional cases holding two of Mike’s favorite horns: his cornet and flugelhorn. Though not typically used in orchestral music, he loved the sounds they produced, and always seemed to play around on them whenever he needed a lift to his spirits for any reason.

His preparations complete, he started his daily warm-ups, working through scales and sound quality exercises, eventually moving to more acrobatic warm-ups. As he played, he started to wonder something.

“Hey, Melody?”

“Hey, what’s up?” came the response.

“Quick question. I know you would probably be able to soundproof a room with your privacy powers. Would you be able to keep that soundproofing intact outside of sexual encounters? Say, for a perfectly quiet practice studio that would never bother the neighbors?”

She closed her eyes, searching her mind for the answer. “I can,” she finally replied. “However, it would require that we have sex of some sort in that room within one week, or the wish would eventually deactivate.”

“Oh no…” Mike answered sarcastically. “How can you put such HUGE restrictions on me?! I mean, REQUIRING me to fuck my girlfriend in a room just to keep it soundproof?! I guess…”

Giggling, she shot back, “Well, we would need to test out just how soundproof the room really is, right? Shall I make it happen?”

“Let’s do it.”

Tingle. Flash.

Though the room didn’t look any different, Mike looked over at Melody from within his studio. Her lips were moving, but he couldn’t hear a single word she was saying. Stepping out for a moment, he revealed this to her, asking, “Is it possible to let sound into the room, but not out?”

“So picky,” she replied, playfully sticking her tongue out at him.

Tingle. Flash.

As he stepped back into the room, Melody asked, “Can you hear me?”

Nodding, Mike turned with his back to her and also asked, “Can you hear me?” No response. He thought to her, Could you hear me there?

Nope. Looks like it worked perfectly. Shall I put a little fuck session on the calendar for us?

He laughed in her head. Nah, I can be more spontaneous than that.

Ooh, yay… she replied in anticipation.

Chuckling to himself, Mike returned his focus to his audition preparations, advising Melody to explore her personality and interests some more. He pulled out his music books and placed one on his graduation present from a few years back, a beautiful wooden music stand made of cherry and mahogany. As he began to work on excerpts, he was instantly enjoying the benefits of his new soundproof practice studio. The small sections of larger orchestral works he was working on were quite loud and bombastic, and the newly insulated room allowed him to throw himself into the music without worrying about disturbing the neighbors. After a few of hours of practice, during which he could immediately tell a difference thanks to his wish from yesterday about his musical skills, he decided to play one more excerpt before taking a lunch break. Looking at the audition list, he pulled up one of his favorites.

The second movement of The Pines of Rome had a gorgeous, lyrical trumpet solo in it. Requiring immense breath control and musicianship, Mike’s performance of it was the deciding factor when he won the job of Assistant Principal a year and a half ago. Beginning the solo, he closed his eyes and lost himself completely in the music, feeling a new ability of expression. He wasn’t sure if this was specifically due to his wish, or simply because of meeting Melody last Friday, but he didn’t care. The sweet melody perfectly encapsulated his feelings towards the girl he had named as such, and that’s all that mattered to him in that moment.

Slowly opening his eyes, he saw Melody sitting on the living room sofa across from him, smiling right at him. Stepping out of his studio, he asked, “Why the big grin? You weren’t able to hear me.”

“Didn’t have to,” she replied. “The look on your face said it all. You were thinking of me, weren’t you?”

Without a word, he motioned for her to join him in his studio. Seating her in the small folding chair in the corner, he began to play once more, again losing himself in the music. As he finished the solo, Melody was no longer smiling. Her expression was one of amazement, enchantment even. Each day she lived brought new experiences for her with Mike, but at this moment, she felt for the first time as if she was peering into his very soul.

“That was… incredible,” was all she could say.

“I know.”

His smartass remark instantly snapped her back to reality, as she giggled and slapped his shoulder playfully.

“You getting hungry for some lunch?” Mike asked.

“Sure am, that chicken smells awesome.”

Mike got to work on shredding the chicken, now juicy and tender, while Melody got out the rest of the supplies at his direction. She watched as Mike coated two soft tortillas with Monterey Jack cheese, filled each with a layer of chicken, and finished the concoction with another coating of cheese. Placing a tortilla on top of each one, he set the stove eyes to medium heat and began to cook each in a skillet. As the bottoms began to turn golden, he deftly flipped each of them over to finish cooking both sides. Once they were done, he separated them onto two plates and cut each into slices with a pizza cutter.

“Oh, wow! This is yummy!” Melody gushed, taking her first bite.

“Yep, and there’s plenty of chicken left over, so this should feed us for lunch for at least a couple of days.”

The couple sat on the sofa to relax for a bit, turning on the local news for background noise. Turning to Melody, Mike asked, “So what did you do this morning?”

“Let me show you,” she said, reaching for Mike’s laptop. Pulling up the web browser, she typed in a web address, pulling up a site entitled “Melodious Photography.”

“Your photography website you mentioned?”

“Yep, now fully functional and open for business,” she beamed.

Slack jawed, he said, “Wow, I thought that was just a cover story?”

“You’d be surprised how far my free will has allowed me to stretch the rules of blending in to modern society and being your ideal woman,” she explained. “After all, with you wishing for me to be an equal partner and, I can only assume, a modern woman, it’s only right that I find a way to be that equal partner and earn a living. Additionally, not having any way of supporting myself after, supposedly, moving from Houston to start a new life, could potentially raise suspicion and threaten our anonymity.

“To that end, it only made sense to create my own small photography business, using the portfolio website as a starting point. In addition to the website, I was able to instantly gain everything necessary for actually running said business. So far, that includes genuine photography skills, a cell phone to set up jobs, a legally registered car and driver’s license to travel to them, and, of course, all necessary photography equipment.”

“Wait, you were able to just create a cell pone and a car?!” Mike marveled.

Melody giggled. “Yep, since they are necessary for blending into modern society,” she replied, pulling an iPhone 6 out of her back pocket. “I’ve also connected to several forms of social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. These increase my ability to actually find work, plus they’re free with an email address, so magic wasn’t actually required to set them up. I’ve also reached out to Ashley to start making contacts with people who need a photographer at a good price. Wedding season is coming up after all.”

Nodding, Mike then inquired, “Now I’m curious. What kind of car does Melody Roberts drive?”

“Something practical and inconspicuous was my goal,” she responded. “After checking reviews of current popular models, I decided on a 2014 Honda Accord.”

“Good choice. I nearly went with that over my CR-V. So, is it parked outside right now?”

“Yep. I doubt it would raise suspicion, as big as your apartment complex is. And if we, theoretically, were to have met online and just now decided to move in together, it would make sense that I would now start keeping my car here.”

Shaking his head in amazement, Mike took her hand. “Melody, I can’t tell you how proud of you I am. Not just that you want to earn a living, but also with how far you’ve come in exercising your free will. I know that you love me, and that you’re programmed to love me unconditionally, but this is probably the most touching gesture you’ve made. You want to make sure I’m not just taking care of you with whatever money I happen to earn; you want to contribute to that. It really is incredibly appreciated.”

She smiled, feeling his genuine admiration for her efforts. “Thank you. I had hoped you’d be pleased. Wanna take a ride in my car? We still need to go by the apartment office for those errands you mentioned.”

As the couple walked out of their apartment, Melody carried a small purse containing various things a woman of her age would have with them: a wallet, ID cards, some Tic Tacs, and a little makeup. She pulled out a car key, attached to a small keyring with a trumpet charm and her apartment key, and hit the unlock button, causing the lights of her car to flash from across the parking lot. Climbing into the car, Mike noticed the lack of new car smell. Melody explained that she had bought the car in Texas last year, and a new car smell would make that story less plausible.

Entering the leasing office at the front of the complex, Mike began to fill out the papers adding Melody as an authorized signer for packages and mail. He was glad the leasing company didn’t see this as odd. She was able to produce photo ID, and Mike had never been late on his rent, so they weren’t going to raise a fuss over one of their best tenants moving in with his girlfriend.

Their errand complete, Mike and Melody headed back home. Mike spent the rest of the afternoon continuing is audition prep, while Melody tried out some more of his video game collection, settling on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Starting a new game from the beginning, she was quickly engrossed in the story and characters, completely losing track of time. By the time Mike finished work for the evening, she had been playing for over four hours. Mike laughed, reassuring her that this was completely understandable; he often found himself immersed in a Zelda game for hours on end as well. As they began to check out ideas for dinner, Mike’s phone rang.


“Mike! Robert Spano here.”

“Maestro! Good to hear from you.”

“We’ve put together the audition schedule for this Friday. Each of the five candidates will have a one-hour audition and interview. Yours will be the final one of the afternoon, starting at 3:00.”

Writing the information on his notepad, Mike replied, “Three PM, got it.”

“Great. Also, as you know, two of the panelists will be Jessica and myself. I’ve just received confirmation less than an hour ago that the final panelist will be Philip Smith.”

Stunned, Mike could only respond, “Wow… Philip Smith?”

“Yep. He’s an excellent judge of talent and potential, and I’ve worked with him previously. Anywho, any further questions you had for me?”

“Uh, no sir. I’ve got everything I need.”

“Excellent. We’ll see you Friday then!”

“Thanks. Take care.”

As he hung up the phone, Melody looked at him inquisitively. “That was my boss, the Maestro. The three-judge panel for my audition has been set, and one of the judges is going to be… Philip Smith.”

“Who is he?”

“He’s literally the greatest trumpet player in the world right now. His sound, expression, and knowledge are unrivaled in professional music. Not to mention that he’s kinda my hero. I’ve tried to emulate him in everything I do professionally. Honestly, it’s really intimidating thinking about being on that stage with my promotion in his hands.”

Melody kissed him tenderly for several long seconds, calming him down from his adrenaline rush. “This is a fantastic opportunity for you,” she said. “Just don’t forget that Philip Smith is, ultimately, just a man. Like any other, he can be impressed. As long as you don’t view him as some giant monster, you’ll do brilliantly out there.”

Sighing, he replied, “You always know just what to say.”

After a casual dinner of frozen chicken tenders and instant mashed potatoes, the pair settled onto the sofa, deciding to continue their movie streak with The Empire Strikes Back. As with the previous installment, Melody was completely sucked in from the very beginning. She absolutely loved the ice battles on Hoth, and came away impressed with the growth Luke’s character started showing from the whiny farm kid in the first film.

Mike watched her face intently as the movie approached the climax. She jumped and squealed as Luke and Vader fought their epic duel. Brought nearly to tears as Luke’s hand was cut off, those tears were completely halted by the shocking revelation of Vader as Luke’s father.

“No. Fucking. WAY!”

Mike chuckled next to her all the while, fully enjoying her reactions to a film that he considered to be one of the greatest ever made. As the credits rolled, she was again hyped and excited, ready for the next installment. Assuring her that all her questions would be answered, Mike still refused to give anything away, bringing out Melody’s pouty face, to no avail. The pair spent the rest of the evening playing Call of Duty, dominating quite a few online matches before deciding to head to bed around 11:30. A short time later, both were passed out in orgasm-induced comas.

Tuesday brought more of the same. Waking up horny, a hot shower together, they were becoming as natural to them as breathing. Through it all, none of it grew boring or monotonous; Mike still gazed on Melody as intently as the moment he fell in love with her. As he worked through his morning practice session, Melody continued setting up her photography business, managing to land her first job, filling in for a sick student photographer for a basketball game at the local college in two weeks. She bounded into Mike’s studio, bouncing in pure giddiness at her first booked job as a professional photographer.

As the day became night, both called their work done for the day, and finished the original Star Wars trilogy over a dinner of frozen lasagnas. Return of the Jedi was a lot of fun for Melody from start to finish. She marveled at how strong Luke had become, rewinding the movie to re-watch the scene where he mind tricked his way into Jabba the Hutt’s palace. She also grinned contently as she watched Vader, now mortally wounded from saving his son’s life, finally find redemption in his last breaths.

Turning to Mike, she asked, “Didn’t you say there are three more of these?”

“Yep,” he responded. “As far as films go, they aren’t nearly as good as the three we’ve seen here, but the story they tell is extremely important, and fills in some of the blank spots from the original trilogy.”

Passing the rest of the evening by watching NCIS reruns, they soon started fondling and making out on the sofa. Eventually, they returned to their newly discovered favorite position, beginning to have sex while spooning on the sofa. Thanks to a few stamina wishes, they we able to leisurely make love constantly throughout the evening before finally retiring to bed content and relaxed.

Wednesday began with their now familiar morning routine, however Mike felt a little celebration was in order for Melody’s first job. Driving them to Waffle House, Melody took quite a long time to decide what she wanted from the enormous menu. Finally deciding on a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit with a side of hash browns, Mike got his traditional waffle with a side of scrambled eggs. After arriving home, Mike procrastinated a bit with news and social media, though still making mental runs through his music all the while. Around 10:00 in the morning, as he was about to begin practicing, he heard a knock at his door.

“Braxton! Time for a fire drill! Open up!”

He immediately recognized the voice as Stuart McKay, the principal tuba player from the ASO. Turning to Melody, Mike quickly asked her to slow time, which she immediately did.

“Melody, some of my friends are here. It sounds like they want to help me in my audition prep. I don’t want to sound mean, but having my new girlfriend here would only distract them. Is there any way you could, ya know, not be here temporarily?”

Giggling, she replied, “You mean like this?” Instantly, she vanished before his very eyes. And don’t worry about a thing. I will never be mad at you for needing to give your friends the proper attention they deserve. And, of course, I’m still only a thought away. A quick kissing sound in his head, and time suddenly reverted to normal.

Opening his door, he was greeted jovially by three ASO musicians. Stuart was his usual goofy self, wearing a tuxedo T-shirt and flip-flops. His tall, lanky figure and hilarious ability to reverse his double-jointed fingers at will were but a few of his many eccentricities. Next was Seth Ivy, the second chair trombonist. Similar in personality to Stuart, though a bit more down to earth, many who knew him were surprised to learn of his Mormon upbringing. He typically responded with a line about how Mormons have a fantastic sense of humor, though it’s not always seen publicly due to the church’s introverted nature. Behind the two guys came Darcy. Greeting Mike with a smile and a hug, he couldn’t help but notice that she seemed somewhat less chipper than she had last Friday.

“Ok, let’s get down to business,” Stuart said, clapping his hands together excitedly. “Braxton, you’ve done fire drills before. You know the rules?”

Fire drills were a preparation method for auditions, taking place at a time completely unknown to the candidate, which forced them to be prepared at all times. Typically, the candidate would play through an entire mock audition as if it were actually happening right then and there. Meanwhile, the candidate’s friends would attempt to distract them in any way they could conceive of, with the caveat of being unable to touch, blow on, get close to, or physically interfere with the player or their music and equipment in any way. Additionally, distractors were usually not allowed any sudden outbursts or actions meant to scare or startle the player, though this was still not unheard of. The premise behind this preparation method was the idea that, if a musician could perform a high quality audition under such conditions, then they would have no problem with nerves and intimidation in the controlled environment of the audition room. Having friends willing to do this for each other was considered a mark of strong camaraderie amongst professional musicians.

“Oh, I’m very familiar with what you guys are capable of,” came his reply. Stuart, Seth, and Mike had worked together to help Darcy prepare for her principal audition last year.

Stepping into his studio, Mike suddenly remembered his wish from Monday to soundproof it. Melody, I need you to temporarily disable any and all magical qualities of my practice studio.

Tingle. Flash. Done.

Beginning his mock audition, Mike started down the list of orchestral excerpts to be performed. As he placed his music on the wooden stand, his friends stood just outside the small sunroom, ready to test his concentration. Starting the first excerpt, Stuart pulled out the latest issue of Penthouse from his book bag, beginning to describe the Penthouse Pet of the month in all her sexual glory. Mike, however, was unfazed, even as Stuart turned the magazine to show the pictures as if he was reading a book to children.

“Not good enough,” Darcy mused. “We gotta up our game.”

Taking the magazine from Stuart, she flipped to the back pages and began reading the letters to the editor aloud. The steamier the stories became, the sexier she made her voice. Although this began having more of an effect on Mike, he maintained his ironclad concentration, pushing through the second and third excerpts.

As Mike began the Pines of Rome solo he had played for Melody two days before, the trio again changed up their tactics. With Mike absorbed completely in the music, Seth and Darcy began pantomiming a mock marriage proposal, complete with goofy faces and jumping for joy. Before she could take the invisible ring from Seth’s hand, Stuart stepped between them in feigned protest, extending his hand not to Darcy, but to Seth, as the two guys began to slow dance around Mike’s living room while Darcy sobbed on the floor. Despite their antics, Mike again refused to pay them any mind.

Arriving at the final excerpt, Mike knew full well this one would put him to the test in every way possible. Stravinsky’s Petrushka was easily one of the most challenging pieces in the orchestral repertoire, and the Ballerina’s solo, played by the trumpet, was especially so. An acrobatic segment, the melody jumped from high to low many times throughout while also dramatically varying in volume, requiring extreme skill and control to perform well. As Mike made his mental preparations for the solo, Stuart and Seth lined up shoulder to shoulder on either side of Darcy, clearly plotting something.

Beginning the extended solo, Mike was unable to ignore his friends locking their arms around each other’s shoulders, dancing the can-can around his living room and cracking up as they danced. Though impressed with their fervor, Mike was far too busy with the technical runs he was playing to really pay them any attention. Nearing the end of the excerpt, Stuart and Seth turned their backs to him while Darcy got an evil look in her eye. As Mike played the final couple of measures of the solo, the guys dropped their shorts, mooning him with their bare asses. Darcy, on the other hand, pulled her T-shirt up over her face, jiggling her perky B-cup breasts as she flashed Mike. Yet, even with all the nudity in front of his face, Mike still managed to finish the solo with poise, even taking a modest bow after finishing the final notes.

“Nice tits, by the way,” he deadpanned as he placed his trumpet back in its case.

As the trio re-clothed themselves, Darcy shot back, “Not nice enough apparently. I’d say you’re more than ready if you can handle all of that.”

“No shit,” Stuart agreed. “We threw everything we had at you. Believe it or not, that last move was Seth’s idea.”

Laughing, Seth continued, “Yeah, but I can’t take all the credit. Darcy was the one who decided to flash her tits at ya.”

“Hey,” she said, “If showing my boobs to my best friend is what gets him the big promotion he’s worked for, then let ‘er rip!”

As Mike thanked his friends for taking time to help him prepare for Friday, the group started discussing their plans for the evening. Seth and Stuart invited Mike and Darcy to join them for a drink later that night, but both declined.

“Appreciate the invite, but no alcohol for me ‘til after the audition,” Mike said. “I’m not taking any chances.”

“Me either,” Darcy agreed. “I have… plans tonight.” Her excuse sounded like just that: an excuse.

“Well alright then, suit yourself. Seth, you rode with Darcy here, right? Need a ride home?” Stuart asked.

“Sure. Thanks man.”

Saying their goodbyes, the two goofballs departed, still proud of their distraction attempts. Now alone, Mike turned to Darcy.

“Ok, you’ve never been huge on drinking, but that’s gotta be the lamest excuse you’ve ever given for anything, at least that I’ve heard. You ok?”

Nodding hesitantly, Darcy replied, “Yeah, it’s just… Stephen and I are meeting up tonight. We started trying to patch things up this weekend.”

Mike sighed, shaking his head. He had been afraid of this. Stephen was a total asshole with serious anger issues, but also had this unique ability to charm his way back into any situation after all hope seemed lost. In the few times Mike had hung out with the two of them, he had always gotten the impression that Stephen viewed Darcy, and every other woman for that matter, as pieces of meat. Outside of being seen with her, it seemed he really didn’t care about her.

In one instance, Darcy’s father had been rushed to the hospital. She was an emotional wreck in the restaurant as she got the news, and in no shape to drive. Stephen, however, showed no emotional reaction and refused to drive her home unless they took his car, not wanting to leave his here for any amount of time. Even with Mike offering to drive him back to get his car, he still said no, resulting in Mike taking her home and returning the next day for his car. Another time, a passing waitress at the same restaurant accidentally spilled a glass of water on Stephen’s lap. The poor girl was clearly new, and very apologetic for the accident, but that did nothing to temper the tirade Stephen launched into. He even started calling her nasty names, making fun of her being slightly overweight, and when Darcy attempted to get him to stop, he snapped at her, advising her that she should sit down if she knew what was best for her. Since then, Mike had never trusted him even for a second.

“Are you sure about this? You know how I feel about him,” Mike asked seriously.

“We’re just meeting for coffee, and that’s it. I just want to be sure I’m not acting too hastily,” she replied.

Realizing he couldn’t change her mind, he acquiesced. “Ok. Just text me when you’re home please. And if you need anything, anything at all, call me. Don’t care what time it is. Promise?”


After they had said their goodbyes, confirming they were still on for hanging out after the audition, Darcy headed for her car. Locking the door, Mike asked, “You hear all of that.”

“Sure did,” Melody replied, appearing behind him. “You have some really awesome friends. I can’t wait to meet them!”

“Can’t argue with you there,” he agreed. “Now, what about Darcy?”

Closing her eyes momentarily, Melody said, “She feels bad that she ended things as quickly as she did, mainly after talking to Stephen on the phone this weekend. He can be quite the smooth talker when he wants to be.”

“Wait, you got all of that from our conversation just now?”

“No, I was also able to hear her thoughts on the situation. This is very easy for me to do in matters of love and sex. I can refrain if you would like, though I sense you are incredibly concerned for her safety.”

Nodding, Mike said, “Yes. She’s a sweet girl, and deserves way better than Stephen. Unfortunately, I’m afraid she may be too sweet for her own good in this case, falling for his silver tongue. Do you sense that she may be in any danger on their date tonight?”

Again closing her eyes, Melody replied, “I don’t believe so. I am unsure of why Stephen is going to such great lengths to get her back, with as many beautiful women as he knows. Still, I can tell that he wants to get back on her good side for whatever the reason may be, so it seems doubtful that he would do anything to harm her, at least for tonight. Darcy, for all of her sweetness, is also very resolved not to spend the night with him tonight.”

Sighing in relief, Mike responded, “Ok, that’s good. Would you be able to keep an eye on them for now, just to make sure nothing bad happens?”

“Absolutely. Monitoring other people’s activities in regards to love and sex is as easy to me as breathing,” she replied. “Unless, of course, that breathing is while you’re… touching me…”

Pulling her in for a short, yet passionate kiss, Mike said, “Later. Right now, I’m starving.”

The pair ate the last of the quesadilla chicken leftovers for lunch before relaxing on the sofa with the noon news on the TV. Melody sent a few more emails to prospective clients, while Mike listened to some of the pieces he’d be playing on Friday to get himself in the right mindset for the next couple of days. After a couple of hours of relaxation, Mike had a fantastic idea.

Reentering his practice studio, Mike motioned for Melody to join him. He explained that he would now be doing his final full run of the audition material, reserving tomorrow for some final tweaks and light practicing. Explaining his idea to her, her eyes lit up with excitement. Without a word, she stripped him down completely naked and knelt between Mike and the music stand in the center of the room.

As he began the audition material, Melody started sucking his cock, being careful not to grab onto him or alter his stance in any way, and using only her mouth to work his length. Hey, if I can ignore those three idiots earlier AND resist my girlfriend’s masterful blowjobs, I’ll be golden for Friday. As Mike continued his run-through, a tingling in his mind indicated she was controlling his passion, ensuring he would not approach orgasm while he was playing. Melody pointed out that this would not be a fair thing for him to have to concentrate through, as much of the brain’s cognitive functions shut down during climax.

Nearing the home stretch, Melody intensified her pleasuring, swirling her tongue and increasing the speed of her bobbing. Mike persevered through it all, though with much more difficulty than in that morning’s session. Finally finishing the audition material, he lowered his horn and breathed a sigh of relief. Melody, however, didn’t let up on her sucking one bit. Grinning mischievously, Mike leaned down and whispered in her ear.

“I wish for you to be completely naked.”

Instantly, her clothes disappeared. Tapping her forehead lightly, Mike signaled that he was done with the blowjob. As she stood in front of him, he ran his hands down her chest, eliciting a few chills of excitement. Grabbing her with more force than he typically showed, he kissed her passionately, causing her to fling her arms around his neck. As she did so, he cupped her ass in his hands, and she squealed in surprise as he lifted her up off the floor.

Wrapping her legs around his waist, Melody carefully impaled her pussy on his throbbing rod, moaning in pleasure at his unexpected exercise of control and dominance. He kept his hands firmly on her slim waist as she hung on for dear life, spacing his feet ideally for a power stance as he began to pound her. Slowly increasing the speed of his thrusts, her incredible tits began swinging and jiggling with his every movement.

As her moans increased to full on screams of ecstasy, he moved forward carefully to pin her back against the wall, his cock jackhammering her for everything he was worth. She ran her fingers through his blonde hair, now tussled from their rigorous fucking, and locked her emerald eyes onto his, both full of lust and desire for each other. Ramming his last into her, Mike finally felt his long awaited climax approach and, giving himself over to it completely, unleashed a torrent of his cum into Melody’s convulsing pussy.

Panting and leaning their sweaty bodies against each other, Melody could only say, “I like when you take control…”

Without a word, Mike swept her up into his arms, kissed her lovingly, and brought her over to the sofa, laying her down on her side before joining her. Now lying face to face, the couple napped and lazily made out for quite some time before growing hungry for dinner. After consuming a couple of TV dinners, Mike introduced Melody to the joys of Super Smash Brothers. She quickly discovered that this might be her best game of all, as after only an hour of playing, she was constantly defeating Mike with little effort. Growing tired of getting his ass kicked, Mike switched over to Pokémon for some online matches, with Melody watching intently to understand his strategies. After a couple of hours, it was nearing 11:00, and they decided to turn in for the night. As they drifted off to sleep, Mike asked Melody not to wake him early so they could sleep in, to which she happily agreed.

Melody awoke around 9:00 the next day feeling extremely well rested, and rolled over to cuddle with Mike, only to find his side of the bed empty. Hearing a noise in the living area, she dressed in her favorite black satin robe and found Mike in the kitchen, pulling a pan of fresh cinnamon rolls from the oven.

Wrapping him in a tender embrace, she laid her head on his shoulder, saying, “You take such good care of me. You just better hope I don’t get spoiled.”

“I thought you already were,” he replied with his signature smartass grin.

As the pair ate breakfast, Mike asked, “I assume Darcy is ok after her date with Stephen last night?”

Nodding, Melody replied, “Yes. He continued his sweet talking ways and did try to convince her to come home with him, but she held firm, saying she wanted to take things slow.”

“And how did he react to that?”

She shrugged. “Outwardly, he seemed very understanding. Inwardly, he was mad as hell. She’s always been strong and self-assured, but he apparently never saw just how much.”

Mike snorted, responding, “Cause he’s never cared about what was inside her head or her heart.”

“Well, regardless, Darcy is in no danger, at least not right now. Down the line, I fear your suspicions about Stephen may prove correct, and that he may become violent and abusive.” Looking directly into his eyes, Melody continued, “Master, this situation does bring up an important aspect of my powers that we have yet to delve into. If you wanted to improve their relationship, so that Stephen could become more caring, or end the relationship, knowing that he is not the right man for Darcy in his current state, a wish would accomplish either of these things.”

Momentarily halting his chewing, Mike asked, “You’re able to affect other people’s relationships like that?”

“Absolutely. A wish of that nature would be well within the realm of love and sex, so it would be quite easy to grant. What do you think?”

Mike sat in silence for at least ten minutes, pondering the right thing to do in this situation. On the one hand, he wanted to look out for Darcy’s wellbeing, and firmly believed that Stephen was completely wrong for her. Still, using a wish to alter a relationship between any human would amount to interfering with free will, something that stood in direct contrast to one of the cornerstones of his faith: free will is God’s most precious gift to humanity, and it should never be interfered with. As he explained this to Melody, she nodded in complete understanding.

“I must commend you, Master. This dilemma is not unlike the one you found yourself in upon first releasing me from my vessel. Your decision then reflected your dedication to freedom and free will. With that in mind, I believe you may have already figured out what the right thing to do is. Am I correct?”

Mike’s eyes brightened, stimulated from Melody’s statement. “Well, look at you. Using logic and reason to know exactly where I’m going in my line of thinking. That’s so hot…”

“Why, thank you,” she replied, giggling and twirling her hair.

“Ultimately, you’re right. We need to help Darcy, but I won’t mess with her free will and her right to make her own decisions.” Thinking for a moment, he suggested, “How ‘bout this? Friday, you come pick me up after the audition. Darcy will almost certainly be there too, wanting to know how everything went. She and I already will be hanging out in some way shape or form, and I know she will want to know more about you, so she’ll definitely invite you to come as well. If it’s the three of us, that may provide an opportunity to probe her relationship a bit and see if I can convince her that she needs to move on. If Stephen is there, that could be trickier, but we may still have a chance to highlight his true colors in some way. Sound good?”

“That’ll work. I really hope you can convince her. I can tell she’s a sweet girl, and deserves much better than Stephen.”

“Me too. Oh, and I’m not sure exactly what her first reaction to you will be. I kind of told her that I wouldn’t be having any contact of the female variety until after the audition, so she might interrogate me some over that. I doubt she would show any jealousy towards you, but she will want to make sure that you have good intentions, not unlike your chat with Sandra.”

Nodding, Melody replied, “I’d expect nothing less. I can tell she’s been a close friend of yours for quite some time. She cares about you, just as much as you care about her.”

“That basically sums it up…”

Throughout the rest of the day, the pair decided to relax, watching the remaining three Star Wars movies back-to-back. In-between each film, Mike conducted short practice sessions, checking the various problem areas of the audition that could trip him up, but keeping the sessions to no more than fifteen minutes, so as to keep his lips in prime form. Too much practice the day before ran the risk of him being too physically worn out to be in optimal condition.

As they watched the movies, Melody agreed with his assessment: not as good as the original three, though each still had their merits. Despite the annoyance of Jar-Jar in Episode I, she really enjoyed seeing old Obi-Wan as a brash young Jedi, not unlike Luke. She was also a huge fan of Liam Neeson’s portrayal of Qui-Gon, calling it the high point of the film.

As they continued with Episode II, she did enjoy the well-written action scenes throughout the movie, particularly the large arena battle with the entire Jedi Order fighting for survival. The villain, Count Dooku, was also fantastically played, being both sinister and charismatic. Unfortunately, she was far less than enthusiastic with the romantic scenes between Anakin and Padme.

“Remember, I’m a sex genie, master of all matters of physical love and romance. This depiction of ‘love,’” she said, using air quotes, “makes even me want to barf all over the floor!”

As they moved on to Episode III, the third installment of the prequel trilogy quickly became her favorite of the three. She absolutely loved seeing the transformation of young Obi-Wan into the Alec Guinness character from the original story. In spite of more terrible love scenes and bad acting from Hayden Christensen, she was moved to tears during the final duel between the two former friends, Anakin and Obi-Wan. As the final scenes rolled, showing the birth of Luke and Leah, death of their mother, and complete rebirth of Anakin in the fearsome suit of Darth Vader, she turned to face Mike. In the best James Earl Jones impression she could muster, she uttered a few words.

“The circle is now complete.”

The pair completely lost it, cracking up laughing at her final descent into total nerdom. As they made out playfully for the next several minutes, hunger eventually began to take over. Melody went to microwave some frozen chicken patties and canned green beans, while Mike finished up one last short practice session in preparation for his big day. As he played his final notes for the day, Mike couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous, yet still ready for anything.

They ate their dinner of chicken sandwiches, still laughing and talking about the movies they had watched. After finishing their food, they curled up on the sofa to the news and Seinfeld reruns, spooning and lazily making love throughout the evening. After his fourth orgasm and God-knows how many of hers, they began to doze in and out of consciousness, one occasionally waking the other up with a few playful kisses. Around 10:30, Mike decided an early bedtime was in order, ensuring he would be well rested for his audition.

Climbing into bed and cuddling with Melody a bit more before turning the lights out, Mike asked, “I know that you are able to interpret my wishes. Just how vague of a wish are you able to properly interpret?”

Eying him curiously, she replied, “Pretty vague. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I want to be awoken tomorrow at a time and in such a manner that will let me be perfectly well rested and in optimal mental preparation for the audition. Is that enough for you to go on, even if I can’t actually tell you what that would entail?”

Tingle. Flash.

“No problem at all,” Melody said with a smile. “I’ll take great care of you tomorrow. By the time you walk onto that stage, you’ll feel like you could wrestle a grizzly bear and come out on top.”

Switching off the lights, Mike drew her close, kissing her lovingly for several minutes. “You really are the best,” he said, drifting off to sleep.

“I know,” she whispered back with a smile.

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