Working Out Never Felt So Good

I was just finishing up my workout at the gym, cooling down and doing some crunches when these two girls came over to the workout area, setting up their mats just in front of me. They were likely in their late teens or early 20s, and each having dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, lovely smooth golden-tanned skin and navel piercings framed by their smooth, flat tummies. One of the girls was wearing a black sports tank top and dark grey yoga pants, and the other girl was wearing a bright pink sports top with black yoga pants. Each of their outfits perfectly fit their curvy hourglass figures with perky breasts and tight, sexy bums. I've noticed them a couple times already around the gym tonight around various stations, doing exercises here and there but it seemed more likely that they were having more fun teasing and flirting with other guys around the gym than they were working out. I've tried to remain focused on my workout and haven't paid too much attention to them up until this point, with the exception of taking a quick glance as they jogged around the running track, watching their perky, young breasts heaving and bouncing up and down in their tight tops as they ran. But now as I began my cool down, here they were plopped down right in front of me, perhaps a yard between them and my feet.

I tried not to direct my gaze towards them but I can't help but stare as I watch them doing various stretches. They got down on all fours on the floormats, their asses popping out in their tight yoga pants, their breasts nearly falling out of their tops; as they begin lifting each leg up in the air working their glutes. I noticed as their tops began riding up a little more, showing off another inch of their cute tummies and bellybutton rings with each rep. I also couldn't help my eyes from wandering down, glancing at the little mounds between their legs each time they lifted them. As I watch them, I can tell they are the kind of girls that are very pleased with their bodies: by the way they act; the way they show them off; the way they look in the mirror. After a few moments, I recollected myself and returned to my own workout, focusing on another set of crunches. But my attention was cut short as the girls tried sitting on BOSU Balls to pass a medicine ball back and forth between each other when the girl in front of me, wearing the bright pink sports top, fell back and landed right beneath me. Her long dirty blonde hair flowed over my feet as her nose piercing sparkling in the light caught my eye. I sat up and looked at her, and she looked back at me with her deep brown eyes and smiled sheepishly and I smiled back. I couldn't help but notice her perfectly round D cup-sized breasts rolling up her chest as she laid there looking up at me for a moment. Her friend looked over and giggled. I went back to doing my crunches as she sat back up. As she leaned forward, I noticed her lacy purple thong pop out of the top of her yoga pants. I swear, if these girls hadn't already given me a bit of an erection at this point, that view would've sealed it.

After a bit they got up to put their equipment away and began stretching as I finished up my sets. As I got up off the floor I noticed the girls glancing over at me and smiling. I smile back. "Hi. Do you girls come here often?" I say politely. While I maintain myself as a humble and reserved person, there's no doubt that I'm considered to be quite a handsome man. I'm 24, 6’-1” and well-muscled, with sharp features and a strong angular jaw covered in dark stubble. My hair was dark brown and slightly messy that day, but in a sexy way. I have a howling wolf tattoo on my left shoulder. My eyes are dark green and shone with intelligence.

"Hello," the girl in the black sports tank top and dark grey yoga pants said as she looked at me with a smile. "Just started coming here a couple weeks ago."

"Hey, sorry about falling on you earlier," the other girl said with a shy smirk, glancing down to her feet.

Watching them speak, I noticed from the glowing inside their mouths that they both have tongue rings. I smiled with a small chuckle.

"Hey, it's cool. Don't worry about it." We continued or small chat for a little longer, and then parted ways; but not before we locked our gazes for some time. Later on – as I came out of the change room after cleaning up – I was about to leave when I ran into the girls again. They seemed a little bummed.

"Hey, what's up?" I asked.

"The hot tub is closed for cleaning" they said, pouting a little.

"Oh really? That sucks but I have a hot tub at home so no worries. Oh yeah, I'm Tim by the way."

"Makayla," said the girl in the black top.

"Chelsea," said the girl in the pink top.

I nodded. "So, are you girls from around here?"

"We're new around here," said Chelsea.

"Just started as freshmen at the local college," added Makayla.

I nod. "Well, like I said, I have a hot tub at home. It can be a little big when you're in it by yourself, so, you know, you're both welcome to come check it out if you just wanna chill."

I noticed their eyes light up and their big bright smiles glow as I offered for them to come over. "Sure!" they both chirped excitedly in unison. They mentioned that they take the bus and don't have a car, so I offered to give them a ride home.

* * *

They both rode in the back seat of my car as we drove to my place, and we continued our small chat. I found these two bubbly and giggly girls very amusing. They had gotten my very horny by this point, and I couldn't wait to see what was in store for this evening. As we got to my place, I showed them the sunroom with the hot tub and around the house a little. I pointed to a spare room and bathroom where they could change and I told them I would meet them in the hot tub. They both smiled at me and I noticed Makayla giving a little wink. I smiled back, watching them as they walked down the hall and went into the bedroom together. Well, watching them would be putting it lightly – my eyes were glued on their asses at that point and I'm sure by how much Makayla was wiggling her cute bum back and forth that she was doing it on purpose to tease me.

I turned the jets of the hot tub on full blast, tested the water, then stripped down and climbed buck naked into the hot tub. About ten minutes later, the girls returned to the sunroom stepping out in very revealing bikinis. Makayla was wearing a strapless black retro twisted bandeau bikini top and dark purple and black leopard print bottoms with just strings holding them to her hips, and Chelsea was wearing a white triangle bikini top and a pair of skimpy white and blue striped bottoms which barely even covered half her butt. They came up to the hot tub, but with the water so clouded by the bubbles that they didn't even notice that I was completely naked. They slowly climbed in, first sitting on the ledge with only their feet in the water. They start giggling and playing with their phones, posing and taking selfies of each other. From my vantage point, I got spectacular angles to peak at their breasts and crotches as they sat on the ledge and their asses when they turned around a couple times while sliding deeper in the tub. I decided to grab my phone and join in for a little bit of the posing fun. Chelsea poses for me by lifting up her arm and arching her back, as the bottom of her breast started popping out of her bikini. "That's hot!" I said half-joking and showed her the picture of her bottom boob.

She giggled and I took my phone back, glancing at the picture again as she fixed her top. "Better?" Chelsea asked, and I looked up from my phone and she pulled her top open popping her large tits out fully revealing her teacup-sized areolas circling her budding nipples. I could hear her giggle and caught her eyes sparkling in playful seduction as Makayla gasped and then giggled in unison. I managed to snap a picture before she put them back inside her bikini top.

They started to move closer, when Makayla suddenly quipped "oh my god, you're naked!" They both gasped excitedly.

"Hey, it's my tub; I can do what I want" I retorted playfully as they both giggled.

"Well, if those are the rules" Chelsea added as she took off her top.

Meanwhile, Makayla reached down and started stroking my cock under the water getting it hard almost instantly. I began rubbing Chelsea's breasts as I moved up, sitting up on the ledge of the tub. Makayla leaned in, stroking her tongue up my shaft and slipped my cock in her mouth, sucking it deep while Chelsea moved up to sit next to me watching her.

"Oh my god I can't believe we're really doing this!" Chelsea said. Makayla looked up from my cock and giggled, stroking her tongue up and down my shaft before taking it in her mouth again sucking hard and deep. I continued rubbing Chelsea's breasts and leaned in licking and sucking on her nipples.

Chelsea said to Makayla, "I don't wanna be left out while you're having all the fun!" and they giggled as Chelsea leaned in, taking my cock from Makayla. A loud wet pecking noise escaped Makayla's lips as the suction from her lips broke away from my cock. Chelsea started sucking it and they both continued taking turns going back and forth sucking my cock into their mouths and making out with each other. Makayla sat up for a moment, pulling her top up over her head revealing her perky B cups with bitty rosy pink areolas and cute erect nipples. She then immediately leaned back down devouring my cock into her mouth, wrapping her hand around the base of my shaft as she bobbed up and down; audible slurping sounds escaped from her mouth as she salivated over my shaft. Chelsea sat up and we began to kiss for a moment, our tongues dancing around back and forth between our mouths before she went back down to watch Makayla working my cock down her throat. Chelsea held Makayla's hair back as she sucked me in deep. "You've got a really nice, big cock," she giggled, and I heard Makayla moan in agreement. I felt the vibrations from her throat send shockwaves down my entire shaft to my balls.

Makayla popped my cock out of her mouth, and then spat on it and passed it over to Chelsea. Taking it into her mouth, Chelsea bobbed up and down several times, then paused for a breath. Together they glided their tongues up and down my shaft at the same time, and I bit my lip as I felt the firm plastic balls of their tongue rings against my flesh. Then Makayla said, "why don't you, you know, do that thing with your boobs?"

Chelsea giggled. "Okay," she said as she sat up. Makayla leaned in and spat between Chelsea's boobs, massaging it around with her tongue. She then added more spit to my cock as Chelsea leaned down, gliding my cock between her cleavage as the two girls kissed. "So sexy" giggled Chelsea.

Makayla sat up and made out with me for a moment as she untied her bikini bottoms, letting them go floating off on the surface of the water. She then straddled her legs over my shoulders as I slide back into the water, and she rested her knees on the edge of the tub as she shoved her pussy in my face. I felt the hard cold steel of her clit piercing press against my lip. Meanwhile, Chelsea pulled off her bottoms and continued stroking my cock beneath the water while I tongue fucked Makayla's pussy. I slid my hand up her body cupping her breast, then back down to grab her ass as I flick my tongue over her clit, toying with her piercing. "Oh yeah" she repeated in whispering moans and then I spanked her ass. "Ooh!" she moaned in excitement. Chelsea giggled, "oh, you like getting your ass smacked like that?" They both giggled. Chelsea sat up and rubbed her hand over Makayla's asscheek and gave it another good smack as Makayla let out another moan. I continued eating Makayla out, tasting her juices while she continued to moan deeply. Chelsea continued stroking my cock, watching me eat her. Looking back at Chelsea, Makayla said "it's so hot that you're watching this" and they both moaned.

Then, Chelsea looked at me and said "it's time to put this cock where it belongs" and she straddled my lap, lowering her hips onto me, guiding my cock inside her tight pussy with her hand. Chelsea immediately let out deep, passionate moans as she slowly began bouncing up and down on my cock. Makayla looked back to watch, keeping her pussy buried in my face. "That's fucking hot," she moaned. She reached back and rubbed Chelsea's boob as she bounced up and down faster, taking the full length of my cock inside her. Chelsea breathed deeply, "uh uh uh ohhh! uh uh ohh!" she said as our hips smacked together, making waves in the water splash up over the edge of the tub. "uh uh uh oh yes! oh shit! uh uh uh"

I continued eating Makayla out, feeling her knees begin to quiver next to my shoulders "Oh yeah!" she gushed and I quickly brought her to climax, tasting her juices flowing into my mouth. "Oh, fuck!" she screamed.

Once her orgasm subsided, Makayla slid off my face, careful not to knock Chelsea who was humping away hard on my cock, and sat on the edge of the tub for a moment watching us fuck. Then Makayla got Chelsea to get off me for a moment, and she and I slid our hips up out of the water and onto the ledge as I leaned my back against the wall behind me. Makayla took a moment to suck my cock hard and deep before helping slide it back in Chelsea's pussy, and Chelsea immediately continued humping away, with harder and faster thrusts now that we no longer had the resistance of the water between us. Makayla began rubbing and licking Chelsea's breasts and massaging my balls as I fucked her. "Oh yeah!" I groaned and Chelsea moaned "Oh you like that, don't you?"

Chelsea kept bouncing up and down a little while longer, when my cock popped out of her pussy. Looking at us and down at my cock, Makayla said, "mmmmm I think it's time you shared that big cock with another pussy" Chelsea rolled off me and slid up onto the ledge against the wall. Makayla put her knees on the bench and leaned over the edge of the tub, sticking her ass up in the air, looking back at me. "Put your cock in my pussy, big boy," she whispered.

"Gladly," I said as I stood behind her and guided my cock into her pussy. She moaned and then let out a big gasp as I entered her "huh! oooh" she whimpered. I held my hands above her hips and began thrusting back and forth. "Uh! Uhh!" she moaned again loudly. "Oh yeah, you like his cock eh?" Chelsea said. "Uh! Fuck me!" Makayla moaned again loudly. Chelsea slid down closer, moving her pussy towards Makayla's face and Makayla began eating her out as Chelsea looked at me. "Oh yeah, I get to watch you fuck her now so hot!" Chelsea said as she bit her lip, running her hand through Makayla's hair. Chelsea grabbed our phones off the ledge of the hot tub and snapped some pictures of Makayla and I fucking and Makayla burying her face in Chelsea's pussy.

"Mmmmm oh! Oh shit!" Makayla moaned again loudly and she looked back at me while I pumped my hips even harder, driving my cock deep inside her as the water splashed up against her tits. "Smack my fucking ass!" she cried and I complied repeatedly, smacking my hand against her wet butt cheek, water spraying everywhere. I groaned, "Oh yeah, you like it rough baby?"

"Smack it harder!" Chelsea shouted and I did it again, leaving a neat handprint on her cute little ass.

"You like it in there nice and deep huh?" Chelsea said to Makayla, and Makayla moaned louder. I grunted loudly, feeling Makayla's pussy clenching tightly around my cock as I fucked her. Chelsea leaned forward, patting her hand firmly on Makayla's ass. "You like that cock don't you?" Chelsea said to Makayla. Makayla looked back at me, whimpering. "Oh shit, keep fucking me so nice and hard. Your cock feels so good!" She turned back away from me, burying her face in Chelsea's crotch. "Oh yeah! You wanna lick my pussy while he fucks you?" Chelsea moaned, tightly wrapping Makayla's hair around her fingers.

I smacked Makayla's ass again and she moaned loudly. "Oh she likes it, smack that ass again!" Chelsea hummed. I gave it another good smack, thrusting my hips harder and faster, driving my cock deep inside Makayla. Our hips smacked together loudly as the waves crashed between our thighs. Moments later, Makayla let out a loud, passionate scream that echoed through the room. "Oh yes! Oh! OH!" she shrieked as she started rubbing her hand vigorously over her clit. "Ooooohhh!" she moaned, climaxing with another long, hard orgasm. "Oh yeah, fuck that pussy! Make her cum!" Chelsea cries.

As Makayla came down from her orgasm, I slowly pulled my cock out of her quivering pussy. Makayla moaned softly as she felt my cock exiting her tight tunnel. She then got up, moving to the side of the tub while Chelsea slid further down into the water. I kneeled down on the seat, moving in closer while bringing my hips to her level, as I took her leg, lifting it into the air and slid my cock inside her pussy. I began thrusting my hips slowly as Makayla kneeled down next to me. "Fuck her harder!" Makayla shouted. Makayla grabbed the phones, taking some more pictures. I thrusted as hard as I could as the water built up a wall of resistance between our hips. Chelsea's tits began bouncing wildly up and down above the surface of the water and I reached down, cupping them in my hands. Makayla kneeled next to us, fingering Chelsea's clit as she watched me fuck her. "Uhh yes yes yes!" Chelsea moaned, looking into my eyes as I drove my cock inside her tight pussy. "Oh shit, fuck yes!" she growls.

I continued thrusting myself deep inside Chelsea's pussy, listening to her passionate moans, as I let out a deep guttural groan. I held onto her hips, keeping her steady on the ledge of the tub as Chelsea cupped her tits in her hands, rubbing and squeezing them, pinching her nipples. "Mmmm so hot" Makayla whispers.

"Oh fuck, don't stop!" Chelsea moaned. Moments later she let out a loud scream. "Ohhhh fuck, I'm cumming!" she squealed, her eyes rolling back in her head as she climaxed. Makayla moved lower, sitting next to her and kissed her lips and they made out as I pulled my cock out of Chelsea's pussy. Makayla looked up at me and smirked as I took my phone and snapped some more pictures of both girls, capturing both of their entire voluptuous naked bodies in the frame. "Does that turn you on huh? Does it make you wanna cum for us? Does it?" she smiled seductively and they made out some more.

"Oh yeah" I whispered. I stood, moving my cock closer to their pretty waiting faces. I let out a loud groan as I released my first shot of cum onto Chelsea's face, then aimed my next shot right into Makayla's gaping mouth. "Oh fuck yes!" I grunted. Makayla swallowed my load, and then wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, sucking the last drops from it before releasing me. Chelsea leaned up, tickling her tongue along the underside of my throbbing cockhead, then pulled away as Makayla leaned in, licking a drop of my cum off of Chelsea's lip. Their tongues meet again as they made out some more as I slowly backed away, watching them.

I sat myself down on the ledge of the tub as we all relaxed, completely satisfied and spent. "Wow, that was fucking amazing!" Makayla said.

Chelsea nodded in agreement. "Mm hmm."

I looked at them and smiled. "Totally. You girls are free to come over anytime you like!" and they giggled.

We sat in the tub chatting for a little while longer until we had our fill of the hot water. The girls climbed out and slipped back into their clothes as I slipped on my boxers. They grabbed their bikinis that were still floating leisurely in the water, bunching them up into little balls and tossed them into their bags. As they made their way back to the door, we said our goodbyes, kissing each other on the cheek as they headed out. The moment I closed the door behind them is the last I ever saw of those two sweet girls, except for the recorded memories they left on my phone.

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