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Brittney sat on my lap with my hard cock straining through my pants against her ass. I
enjoyed watching you pose for the photo shoot. I enjoyed is so much I have a hard on. " I think the least you can do, since it's your fault I have it, is to help me get rid of it." With those words I stood her up, holding her arm with one hand and unzipped my pants freeing my cock. It looks long and thick and it is kind of shiny on the end with cum oozing out the tip. Brittney tries to pull away but I hold her tight, and then push her down on her knees in front of me. " Take your mouth, and swallow my cock Brittney." When she still hesitated I yell " SUCK IT NOW!"

I place one of my hands behind her head forcing her mouth down onto my crotch. As I did she looks up into my face expecting that maybe this is a joke, maybe it is some kind of dream, but the smile I had made her sure that what is happening is real. Her heart sinks from the shame and misery of the moment as my cock touches her lips and the pressure of my hand forcing my cock into her moist mouth. I keep pushing until she nearly chokes, she feels the head of my cock actually going down her throat and she starts to gag. " Don't choke on it Brittney. Suck it! Move your head up and down like this." My hand changes positions grabbing and handful of her hair and pulling her head up which drags her mouth along my cock. My penis is fairly smooth with thick veins running along it. " Now you go back down on me, keep sucking as you do."

I reach down taking hold of her breast, squeezing hard. She winces and pushes my hand away. I pull her up and to me, knocking her off balance. I hold her tight between my thighs kissing her mouth hard. I try to push my tongue into her mouth but she refuses. I grab her jaw forcing her mouth open and my tongue in. I tasted of Bourbon, smells musky. She hesitates and then kisses me back, pressing her pelvis against my crotch. A small voice in her head asks; Brittney, what the fuck are you doing. She has long ago learned how to ignore the voice. My hand went into her tube top cupping her breast pinching and rolling the nipple between my fingers, sending electrical shocks to her pussy. She feels my cock responding and instinctively grinds her hips against it, her body moving involuntarily.

The situation is spinning out of control, she has always called the shots, using her sex to control the men she met and the scenarios she created. But this is no ordinary man. This is a wealthy and powerful man. A big man, over 6 feet and solidly built. I can probably break her in half if I chose to, and I'm taking what I want from her and she is powerless to stop me, and not at all sure she wants to. Her head is spinning and time is all jumbled up, making little skips, dropping a few seconds here a few more there. Pieces of time showing up later in all the wrong places. She feels making me hard is re-exerting a measure of control. Still, her pussy is letting her know who is really really in charge here. With one hand massaging her breast and the other sliding up beneath her skirt, she is beginning to get aroused, tingling between her legs.

Brittney stood wobbly beside me as I drag her inside a back room pushing her up against the wall. Holding both her hands high above her head I kiss her again pressing myself against her grinding my hips, my cock a hard bulge rubbing against her belly. I took her by the wrist dragging her into a dark corner. She stumbles breaking a heel and after walking peg legged for a few steps, kicks off her shoes. " Get on your knees." I said, stopping to unzip my pants again. She fell to the floor reaching in to pull out my cock and, opening wide, put it in her mouth. Reaching back into my pants she withdraws my balls cupping them in her hand. My cock is huge, it is long and thick and she imagines what it might feel like stretching her pussy wide. She isn't a virgin, having lost her cherry while drunk and nearly unconscious and unable to feel much of anything. So she'd convinced herself that it didn't really count. That the next thickdeeply veinedbeautifulimpossibly hardthrobbing cock that entered her pussy would be attached to someone she loved. Or at least someone she knew.

Her Conscious mind, what is left of it, knew she didn't want my dick inside her. But her pussy is betraying her, secreting copious amounts of lubrication that will be required to service such a monster long and thick piece of meat and opening like a flower for me. I grab her head fucking her mouth savagely. She slips a hand up beneath her skirt and vainly tries to quell the minor riot going on between her legs. She hears my breathing becoming more ragged and my thrusting cock growing harder. Although she is only one fuck past being a virgin, she has given a few blow-jobs and hand-jobs to know when a man is close to coming. My balls began to draw up, and she thought if she can bring me off I'd leave her alone. That's what she wanted. She increases her efforts, sucking and pumping my swollen cock furiously. Just when she thought I was about to shoot my cum into her mouth I pull out.

" Get up and turn around." I said breathlessly. Brittney did as she is told and I bend her over. She tilts her hips up pushing her ass out. She hadn't been taken from behind before. She realizes that's what I'm doing, taking her. Using her. She is meat, a receptacle. I lift her skirt and she hears me rip her thong and it falls to the floor. With my knees I push her legs apart grabbing her hips I lift her up on her toes. I place my cock between the damp lips of her pussy and pull her hips back, swiftly impaling her on the thick shaft. She squeals with the sudden shock of my invading flesh, I immediately begin thrusting myself in and out of her furiously, battering her cervix with each thrust, she didn't have time to dwell on the ruthlessness of my invasion of her cunt. The feeling of being fucked in this position is too intense, too extreme. She has to hold onto the wall. I pull her tube top down and her breasts fall free swinging wildly beneath her. I grab one mauling it in my hand pinchin the nipple causing her to cry out. But inside the pain is a glowing spark that heats her clit pushing her closer to the edge.

Her body is responding to the fucking she is receiving. I seem to be abusing every part of her; my rough hands maul her tender breasts, I smack her ass hard several times causing her to cry out, I pull her hair, tugging her head back, I wet my thumb pushing it into her asshole up to the knuckle. She can't process the pleasure/pain combinations I'm inflicting upon her and soon they overwhelm her completely. Her pussy flowing like a fountain, her nipples aching, she came in waves of agonizing pleasure that runs down to her toes turning her legs to jelly. If I hadn't been holding onto her hips she would have collapsed. She hears screaming coming from somewhere and it took her a second to realize the screams are her own as her orgasm went on and on.
She isn't sure if it is one long climax or several in rapid succession each one cresting on the ruins of the last one. " Oh Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!" She cries. She is completely limp, helpless to even support her own weight as I mercilessly slam myself into her.

She feels her cunt grabbing hold of the pistoning meat of my cock demanding what is due her, milking it out of me. I finally respond. With animalistic grunts and savage thrusts of my hips I pump my cum into her, thrusting deep with each spasm. Again and again my cock jerking and spurting my milky fluid into her causing another wave of orgasm to overtake her helpless body.
When I'm done I let go of her, zipping up walking away. Brittney looks down at herself. Both her skirt and her top are bunched around her waist and her bare ass is on the floor. Her breasts are bruised and her pussy is still tingling and raw, my cum beginning to seep out of her. I stop turning to her " Brittney, I will see you at your place later. I'm not done yet." I said.
I hadn't planned on fucking her tonight, I had wanted to wait until she is more comfortable around me before taking her, but my cock is throbbing and rock hard again hearing her beg for me to fuck her. " Are you sure, Brittneyyou want me to fuck youtake you again tonight, rape that sweet cunt of yours again?" I asked, feeling her bucking more fiercely as I spoke to her. " Is that what you want John to do? Rape that sweet cunt?" I torment, again feeling her body become more erratic as I tease her, my hand sliding down against her juicy cunt to punctuate each word. " JJJJJJJJoooohhhhhnnnnnpleaseplease fuck me, John," she begs, her body bucking and arching up to me. I roll on top of her, parting her thighs with my body as I reach up above her head and brought a pair of cuffs from under the pillow. Grabbing both of her wrists, pushing them above her head, clasping each wrist in one of the cuffs, securing her. Then I slide down, pulling her down with me so that her arms are stretched out above her head.
I sat back on my heels between her thighs, pushing her thighs up against her as I look at her pink cunt glistening in the low lights. " Are you sure you want me to rape your tight cunt again?" I torment her as I slide my hand up and down the length of my engorged cock, the mushroom head is purple and throbbing. I'm teasing her as much as I'm teasing myself. As soon as the words are out of my mouth, her body bucks up into the air, a low, guttural moan ripping from her lips, her tits heaving , the nipples hard and puckered. " Yesssss, Johnpleaseplease," she pleads. " Please what, Brittney?" I tormented. " Please Johnplease," she continues to beg. " Rape me Johnrape my cunttake me John again," she pleads. " You JohnI belong to you," she again whimpers, her body bucking up to meet my hand. I circle and pinch her engorged clit, her hips humping against my hand, her moans deep as she arches her body up to me, her tits jiggling with her body's movements.

"Please Johnrape my cuntit's yoursI'm yours, John," she begs. I hunch down over her, my hard throbbing cock sliding up and down against her wet slit as I latch on to one of her nipples, sucking and biting against it. I line the head of my cock up with her tight hole, biting down on her nipple as I push inside her, hearing her sharp cry as I plunge down into her cunt, ripping the tight walls. My other hand pinches and pulls her other nipple as I suck hard against the one in my mouth, my hips still as I wait for her to grow accustom to the size of me. Slowly I start plunging in and out of her tight cunt, rocking back on my heels as I pulled her ass up so I can watch my thick cock slide in and out of her cunt; mesmerized by the sight of her cunt sucking me within her.
Her anguished cries soon turns to lusty screams as I continue to plunge into her, one of my hands reaching up to pinch and pull a nipple as I take her again, her cries turning to low deep moans.

"Fuck you are tight, baby girl," he commented as he continued to plunge deep inside her, fucking her tight cunt. He continued to slowly fuck her, pushing the full length into her and then pulling out almost completely before plunging deeply again. He could feel her stretching to accommodate his wide girth, her hips finding his rhythm, meeting each stroke he gave her. He hunched over her again, his lips and tongue raping her mouth as his cock raped her cunt, his hips thrusting over and over deep against her. He brought her legs up high, feeling his cock sink deeper into her cunt, hearing her sharp gasp as he completely filled her. In and out he pistoned into her cunt, her deep moans muffled against his mouth as their tongues tangoed; she fit him like a glovea tight, white-hot glove, her cunt muscles clenching tightly against his cock as he fucked her. Feeling his balls tighten and his cock swell, he pulled his lips from hers, his cock ramming deep with each thrust; her head was rolling back and forth low deep moans.

" Cum with me, BrittneyNOW!" I commanded as I thrust deep into her, my cock started to jerk, sending torrents of hot seed deep within her womb. Hearing my command, she let goa shrill scream as her body exploded over and over, her cunt convulsing around my cock still deeply imbedded inside her, feeling the fiery liquid coat her walls, her hips thrusting fiercely to match my rhythm. I continue to thrust deep within her, slowly easing the pace as her cunt muscles clenched and released around my cock, milking me. I collapse on top of her, my head spinning from the extraordinary orgasm. Both of them are breathing heavily, sucking in deep breaths as they slowly spiral down from their high. I lay on top of her for a few more moments; she feels almost comforted by the weight of me pinning her down.

Slowly I rolled off of her, dragging her with me, one hand reaching up to catch the safety release on the cuffs binding her wrists as I pull her on top of me, nestling her to my chest. They lay nestled together for a while, neither one saying anythingthere is nothing to saytheir heart beats coming together to beat as one. I roll to my side, nestling her against me, my hand gently stroking her face, smoothing the wild tangle of hair away as I spoke softly to her. Her low purring and mewling sounds responding to my soft, deep voice as I stroked her back and held her to me.

She is almost asleep when she feels me untangle myself from her, her dark eyes snapping open to watch me ease from the bed and pad silently into the bathroom. She watches me pad silently back to the bed, to her side; she sat up on one elbow, looking up to meconfused. " Sorry, didn't mean to wake you, Brittney. You're going to be a sore and tender, Brittney," I spoke softly as I parted her thighs, gently stroking the soft wash cloth against her pussy, cleaning the blood smears from her and her inner thighs.
She laid back against the pillows, her body is completely pliable in my hands as I tended to her; she is sore she discovered as I clean her, wincing as I carefully wash away the blood stains. After I finished, I bent low to her, pressing a soft kiss against her forehead; she responded with a soft purring, making me smile. After a short while, I got up, I dressed to leave. I stood there watching her sleep, peacefully.

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