A New Path

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I called Jim. He was busy so I quickly told him that it got out of hand and that was not me, or what I wanted. He apologized and said he had just felt a connection and assumed I was into guys. He offered, if I ever wanted, to make it up to me with a free ninety minute massage.

I said, “See everything is clear, understood and good,”

I called the next week to take him up on his offer, and that led to my sexuality spinning out of control. Jim greeted me at the door. I showered and climbed onto the table, prepared for a thorough body massage. He showed me his blood test sheet that was a week old and shows that he’s clean. That put me at ease. He started the massage with warmed oil and pulled the towel off. I was naked and exposed. I discovered he was naked, but I was not bothered by his actions, and let things proceed.
As like before, his touch was so exhilarating, it turned me on. My cock was semi hard. His hands were working deep in my back. He worked on my legs and pushed slowly up to my ass and inside my legs. His hands covered in warm oil would slide along my hole, with fingers sliding inside. I was relaxed and did nothing to stop him. He moved up the table towards my head to work down my back to my ass.

His semi hard dick was rubbing against my face and lips. I very cautiously stuck my tongue out and was met with his mushroom tip. He looked down at me and smiled. Then, with one of his hands, he tilted my head and, with his thumb pushed my jaw back and open. His dick slid right down my throat and he gently started to fuck my mouth. I would gag every time he pushed in, so he tilted my head back a little more and that allowed him to go all the way in.

It had been only a few weeks prior that I would have told anyone that you could not pay me to do this. After only a few minutes my hand stoked his cock and pulled him deeper into my mouth. Jim continued to work on my ass and started to shove two or three fingers in my hole. My hole had opened quickly and my hips began to move. Every time he reached down to shove his fingers deeper, my hips raised up to meet his hand.

Reluctantly, I released his shaft from my hungry mouth and he moved back down the table towards my feet. He went back to pushing up my legs and into my ass. After a few minutes, he climbed onto the table and sat on my legs so to get a better position to my ass. His hands worked my hole and stoked my balls. He grabbed a bottle of oil and poured it all over my back and ass, preparing for more intense bodywork.

He laid on top of me and used body to body to work the oil in. He slid his nine inch cock closer and closer to my hole and landed his swollen tip against the door. My heart was pounding hard and I wanted it, give me more. He kept his cock pushed up against me, knocking on my door. I had enough, he had teased me and my body had responded. My hips were moving.

Jim asked, “You okay?”

I told him, “Yes, but please fuck me.”

He slid his arm under my neck and held my shoulder down. He wrapped his feet around my legs so I couldn’t move or resist but I was not being forced, I wanted it.
He drove his cock into my hole. The pain was intense and I whimpered due to the pain. He kept thrusting the full length of his cock deep in my hole, then pulling it out slowly. The more he worked it deep in my ass the hotter it got. I was so hard and moaning loudly by this point. His big swollen dick triggered an incredible sensation that was surging in my body. My whole body was twitching from his fucking my tight man hole, while making pre-cum drip from my cock.

I had never felt so good, freed, or turned on in my life.

I yelled out, “Yes, more! fuck my hole harder.”

Jim had me pinned down and I could not move. I surrendered as he went at me like an animal.

He asked, “You like your hole filled like a pussy?”

Something happened at that moment and it all changed. I wanted him to use me, and I wanted to be his to fuck.”

That seemed to make Jim happy. While pounding me hard, and in a very pleased dominate voice, Jim said, “You want to be my slut don’t you?”

I could not think of anything better. It had all changed now. I had crossed onto a new path. Where would these new choices I had made, lead me? This new discovery caused my cock to swell and become harder than ever before and the most powerful orgasm erupted from deep inside. Load after load poured from me like a faucet I could not turn off. I was dizzy and passed out from the intensity. It was a few moments till I came around. Jim still had his cock in me when I came around and then he began to stiffen.

Jim said, “You’re tight and I am going to cum in your hole now. Time for daddy to breed his slut.”

He quickened his pace and now was fucking me harder and deeper. I felt his body stiffen and his dick became swollen and larger, it seemed. I froze to the incredible sensation of a hot liquid filling up inside my ass. Then I felt it again and again. He shot load after load in my ass and was growling like an animal with every shooting stream.
He collapsed on top of me, catching his breath, with an occasional whole body twitch. His cock was so sensitive. I began to move my hips, wanting more.

Jim asked, “You like that my slut?”

I said, “I want more.”

We climbed off and went to his room. He laid on his bed on his back. I climbed onto the bed and got on my knees straddling him. I was raised up and, reaching down, grabbed his still swollen cock and lined it up with my aching hole. I lowered myself down onto his shaft. My movements began slow and then started to quicken. I began to yell and moan as I was bouncing on his huge meat, like I was riding a pogo stick. Jim’s body got stiff again and I knew he was about to cum again. My incredible urges were growing and I was unable to stop. I rode his swelling stick faster and faster.

Jim yelled, “I’m cumming.”

I rode him till I knew his balls had emptied into my depths. I slowly climbed off to lay on the bed and as I did, his spent seed dripped from my hole. It felt so good. Jim sat up and took my rigid cock into his mouth and sucked so hard. It took only a few minutes for me to blow a huge load into his mouth. He continued to suck until I had spent every drop from my balls. He released my dick and leaned over my face. Our lips met and, as they did, I opened my mouth to meet his. He kept my load in his mouth and never swallowed so, when our tongues slid in each other’s mouths, I was treated to my own load dripping into my mouth. The warmth and taste were intoxicating as I slurped my seed from his mouth.

I laid on the bed recovering for a few minutes and then got up and went into the shower. After my shower, I got dressed and met Jim in his living room. We spoke about what had happened and how hot it was.

I expressed my surprise at how I have become his slut and how he has become my master daddy. He laughed a little and told me I am a good cum slut. He was training me and I would have more to come.

I said, “Well I have done almost everything now?”

Jim shook his head and told me that I would be under his control and do what he wanted. I had not yet begun to experience things. He told me he’d be in touch.

As I left and walked to my truck I was puzzled. What else does he want?

I was about to find out.

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