My Neighbour's Daughter

My girlfriend and I have just moved from our flat into a semi-detached house. The house is great. Our long garden has a summer house at the bottom, and it was while I was clearing it up that this incident happened.

Our neighbours are a middle-aged married couple, dull and unremarkable (church going, Volvo driving etc.), with an 18 year-old daughter, Kim. There is nothing unremarkable about her. She is tall and slim like a model, with a tanned and toned body and blonde hair. We had only said hi to each other a couple of times, and this was the first time that I had seen her at home during the day.

Anyway, as I was saying, I was clearing out our summer house, having taken a few days off work to settle in to the house, and my girlfriend was at work. Although I'm happy with her, frankly we hadn't had a lot of sex recently (moving is stressful!) and I was planning on putting on one of our old "home movies" and having a wank before she got home. Little did I know that I would have no need to! It was a hot day, and I was working slowly. I had heard Kim talking to a guy in her garden, who I presumed was her boyfriend (her parents being out for the day). I looked out of the dirty window and my heart skipped a beat when I saw Kim lying on a sunlounger, about 10 feet away over the fence, wearing only a bikini. This was the first time I had see her gorgeous body. She was rubbing oil on herself, over her chest, stomach and those long legs. A young guy, about her own age, was sitting on a chair next to her, his shorts bulging. Kim chuckled at him. "You getting a little horny there baby? Well, it's been three weeks, I suppose it's about time for you to get your end away. God, it's been a while for me as well." He grinned back at her and rubbed a clumsy, shaky hand across her breasts, cupping her tits. She slid his hand down her stomach, and he began to rub her crotch through her bikini bottoms.

He stood up as she reached over, gripping his shaft through his shorts, which he hurriedly undid and dropped. His cock was average sized, and she looked a little disappointed. That didn't stop her from running her hand up and down the length of it, and writhed on the lounger as she said "Finger my pussy baby." He fumbled with her crotch and pulled it over to one side, exposing her shaved smooth pussy. I could see his fingers glisten as he tentatively pushed them inside her. She moaned in pleasure and jerked his cock harder.

Unfortunately, the poor guy, inexperienced as he was (and obviously aware that she was way too hot for him), couldn't hold it for long. His eyes widened, his knees buckled, and his dick exploded in her hand, spraying cum onto the lawn. Kim looked annoyed. "What the fuck was that, Curtis? Jesus. You could at least make sure I have a good time before you decide to mess up my fucking garden. Get your fucking fingers out of me. I'd make you lick my pussy but you'd probably spunk in those ridiculous shorts as well."

"Uh, sorry baby, we can carry on, I mean"
"I can't be bothered. Fucking little boys! This has happened three times to me now. I said get those fucking fingers away from me! You don't know what you're doing with them anyway. Just go home. I might call you, but I wouldn't hold your breath."

Curtis trudged out of the garden, exiting through the side gate. I felt a bit sorry for him; if I'd had access to a body like that as an 18 year old I probably wouldn't have just messed up the grass - I probably would have deliberately coated her as well! I wasn't sure what to do next. Breathing heavily, I had actually pulled my own thick cock out of my sweatpants, in expectation of being able to watch Kim getting fucked. My options were either to stay in the summer house until she went inside, or to confidently walk out. Despite the fact that this would mean she would know I had been watching, and aware that maybe I didn't have the self-control to walk past her without waving my dick in her face, I chose the latter option.

I swung the door open and strode out onto the lawn, grinning. Kim immediately saw me and sprang up in her lounger, mouth open. "Hi" I said. "Having a nice day?" She stammered "Er, er, what do you mean?" I raised and eyebrow and slowly looked down at her crotch. Her bikini was still slightly over to one side, exposing a small part of her pussy. "Oh my God," she groaned, putting her face in her hands. "How embarrassing! Shit, don't tell my parents, will you? I'm really sorry, I just got carried away." I laughed. "Not everybody is easily offended you know. I was actually thinking how great it was that our summer house has a nice view." Aware that I was taking a huge risk, I swung my legs over the fence and edged towards her. Keeping my voice steady despite my heart pounding, I continued "You're not the only one who's a bit desperate you know. I haven't had a fuck for 2 whole weeks." She laughed. "You try 6 months. And that wasn't great anyway. Teenage boys are not much good, and I can only have so much fun with my fingersI need a real man. Somebody a bit older. Just for a bit of funwhat do you think?"

I was standing over her by now, my bulge practically level with her face. "How do I know you wouldn't get me into trouble? I'm in a happy relationship." "If I told her, you could tell my Daddy and all his church friends. Don't worry, I'm not going to fall in love with you or anything. Just fuck you every now and then. And as long as you make me cum, you can put it anywhere you want, and blow your load anywhere you want. Deal?"

I didn't even nod. I just dropped my pants and her hot, willing mouth was on my cock in a flash. Her hair was bunched up above her head, and I grabbed it and rammed my dick right to the back of her throat 4 or 5 times, my heavy balls flopping against her chin. Her eyes widened and looked up. I pulled out and grunted "Let's have some fun, eh?" She laughed. I lifted up her ankles and peeled off her bottoms. Her clit was erect and her cunt looked plump and ready. Holding her feet up, I moved around and eased my cock into her extremely tight and wet cunt. I just had to get in there, just for a few thrusts. I pushed in my full length a few times, making her gasp, and slid out, replacing my cock with my fingers. Pushing my index and middle fingers inside her, I began rubbing her clit hard with my thumb. She began to squirm around, her mouth opening and closing. "God," she grunted, "I'm going to fucking cum already. It feels like your hitting something down there!"

I wanted her to have something special, not just cum on my fingers, so I manouvred us into the 69 position on the grass. I took a few seconds to marvel at her cunt, which looked perfect, and slowly and strongly began licking her slit, sucking on her clit and working a finger in and out of her. Gasping, she attempted to wrap her lips around my cock, but she was writhing around so much that she couldn't hold her position. I used one hand to push her face down onto my balls, which I felt needed to attention, and concentrated on slowly working her up to orgasm; I have always found that the best way to give a girl an amazing orgasm is to use plenty of pressure and friction, and take your time before speeding up at the end. That's exactly what I did, and after a while she gave a throaty grunt and exploded. I felt her pussy throb and she collapsed on top of me, rolling off onto the grass.

We both giggled, and I moved over to her. I practically ripped off her bikini top and squeezed hard on her large firm breasts, sucking her nipples. Her sweaty body looked incredible. "Fuck me from behind. Put your fucking dick in me again, it looks so good." "I'll probably cum pretty quick you know. You won't tell me to fuck off will you?" She laughed. "Not a fucking chance. Fuck my little 18 year old pussy until you want to cum. I'll swallow if you like, and we can go inside and shower?" Once again, I didn't answer. I just shoved my swollen dick into her little hole, and began pumping in and out furiously. I marvelled at how her slippery cunt made my cock glisten in the sunlight.

Sometimes, when you haven't nutted in a while, it can take a while for your balls to let go of a load. This isn't a problem, because you know it'll be a fucking massive one when it comes. After 5 minutes of me banging away at Kim's slit, I explained this to her and she smiled in anticipation. "So you're not just giving me an orgasm, you're giving me lunch as well? Ohhh, come on, smash my little pussy." "That's about right. Fuck, your cunt feels fucking amazing. It's so smooth and tight. Ok, you ready? You want some cum?"

I pulled out of her box and she spun around on her knees, positioning her wide open mouth under my dick. I shivered as my balls erupted. Despite her thoughtful position and my intention to fill up her mouth, the first jet of spunk, a watery one, sprayed over the hair on top of her head. She didn't flinch though, and the heavy stuff began spewing from me. My second jet was thick and white, and it landed on her forehead with an audible splat. She lifted her head, but not quick enough, and the third stream splashed onto her face, hitting her right between the eyes. There was a slight delay between this third eruption and the rest, as if my body was gathering itself for a final huge push, which gave her the time to seal her lips around the head of my cock. This felt amazing, and my orgasm sped up, my shaft twitching frantically as it sprayed the rest of my spunk over her tongue. After about 30 seconds it stopped, and she pulled her mouth away, showed me the creamy load and swallowed it down the hatch. "Mmmmm, baby," she moaned, "I think I could cum again real quick. I love your cum on my face." "Let's go inside," I replied. "I think you need to wash your hair!"

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