Sue taken to hotel

Sue was dressed in long black boots over tight black pants with a white, silky blouse. Her long, slim legs were heightened by the heels of her boots, her tight bum was beautifully presented to view by the tight pants and her long nipples were clearly visible through the silky blouse. All in all, she was probably the sexiest woman in that night-club. Certainly, her husband Max could see, she was attracting the most attention as she walked in and looked around.

They had arranged that he would go to the club ahead of her and she would arrive by taxi on her own. He would observe her and be there if needed but would not make it obvious that he knew her. If he danced with her it would be as any other man in the club, as if he had picked her up. He would treat her as he would any other woman who went to such a club obviously looking for a man. There was absolutely no doubt that she would have the choice of a number of men who would all want her - the object of the exercise was to get three or four of them together with her, including Max, by the end of the evening so he could watch and join in as they all fucked her like the slut she was.

He watched her go to the bar and before she could order a drink, the first man of the evening approached her and offered her a drink. Of course she accepted - she was a slut looking to be fucked so she would not refuse a drink. The man was good looking, well dressed - it was an expensive club so all the "beautiful" people were there, all the men who fancied themselves as a stud and all the women looking for a good time by renting out their cunt in exchange for whatever favours they picked up. Sue was different. She was not looking for favours. Sue and Max were connoisseurs of sex. Sue's body was available but not in exchange for favours - she did it for free. She wanted to be fucked so as to give pleasure to herself and to Max. He would orchestrate the evening so as to have the right men ending up with Sue at the end of the evening - the right men to give her a good fucking. Max was proud of Sue's body and the way she performed. So far she had taken everything he had arranged for her and he was confident that tonight would be no exception.

The lights in the dance area were dim but he could still see how the man groped her as they danced to the slow music. He saw them leave the floor and go to a quiet corner where the man leaned her against the wall. He saw him kiss her and feel her soft breasts through the blouse, pulling her nipples as they stood out. He saw his knee go between Sue thighs, pushing her legs apart so he could slip his hands down to feel the outline of her mound and her cunt - the shape being clearly visible from the tight pants. He knew that around now the man would be asking her to go outside with him or leave with him and knew she would tell him she had to stay a while but she might meet him later and leave with him, promising much with her eyes. She would push the man away and leave him for a while so she could meet others, interview them so to speak, so Max could make his shortlist for the next part of the evening.

Sue went to the ladies and as she came out, Max grabbed her and took her onto the dance floor before anyone else could ask her. They danced as strangers. She was quiet unless he spoke to her. He had his hands on her tight little bum and pulled her against himself as they danced slowly. She allowed this of course and he then felt her breasts, feeling her erect, long nipples which stood out through the silky material. He told her "you really are a dirty bitch, such a slut, letting strange men take liberties like this. I think you will enjoy getting fucked by a group I am going to arrange" and at this she smiled her acceptance. "What are you?" he asked her. "A slut" she replied, eyes downcast, demurely, in contrast to her blatant, sexual body. Max steered her towards a group he had noticed earlier and as they danced nearer to them, he started to feel her and touch her so the others, who he knew were already watching her, could see. He left her and told her to disappear for five minutes then head back this way. She left and he went to the bar, next to the group of men.

He talked to the group in general. "I think my luck is in tonight, what a body and she is obviously here for a good shagging. I was all over her and she loved it." They were already interested in her and now were even keener. They all started chatting to him and he pretended not to notice her returning or to see one of the group quickly pick her up and steer her onto the floor. Later he glanced across and said "what a bloody cheek your friend has - he's trying to pull my woman - that's not on" adding as an after thought, planting a seed, "although, I suspect its a case of the more the merrier for her so perhaps we can all have her later", laughing as if it was a joke but noticing the seed was obviously in fertile soil. The man dancing with her was all over her and she pulled away a little as he was going too far too quickly. She skilfully slowed him down but kept his interest and then she asked to meet his friends. The two of them walked back to the group at the bar.

Max greeted. "Hello again, I thought it was you and me for the evening." She replied "well, your friends seem so nice - I'm sure you won't mind me having a little dance with one or two of them?" "As long as we leave together you can dance with them all" he told her, mainly for the benefit of the group.

As she left with another man, the one who had danced with her spoke. "You know, I'm sure you are right about her. She really is something special - she has something about her that is crying out to get fucked and I think we could all get lucky tonight" he laughed.

Max picked up on this, not wanting it to seem too easy to them. "You must be kidding, I'm not sharing her with you lot - I found her first - you find your own women." "Don't be a spoilsport" another one said - she said she likes us all, you won't lose out." "Well, as long as its understood, if we all have her, I saw her first and I get her first - agreed?" They all agreed and by doing so it was sealed that they were all going to have her. The others began to talk abut her, talking about what they fancied doing with her. Max heard as they spoke about fucking her cunt, another wanted her mouth - she has such sexy lips he had said. Another was in love with her tight bum but they all wanted to get between her long, slim thighs.

Max asked - "do you have a room here?" He was pretty sure they had - he had chosen the group because they appeared to be part of a convention that was meeting at the hotel above the club. They had a room nearby, they were from out of town and they were the right age - not too young, not too old. They told him they were all on the top floor - perfect - it would be more private. They agreed that they would go to their room when she came off the dance floor. Sue came back to the group and Max took her to one side as the others quickly updated her last dancing partner on what was happening. Max winked at Sue to let her know everything was going to plan. She took out a cigarette and puffed on it strongly, partly to relieve her nerves and partly to relax her mind, to get in the mood, although having been touched up for the last half hour had begun the process!

Max brought her back into the group and spoke to her. "My friends here want to join us. You know I am going to fuck you - can my friends here have you as well?" He was deliberately crude about her in front of the men. She appeared a little surprised. "Who said you could .." she appeared to stumble for words.

"Fuck is the word you are looking for I think" Max said and the others all laughed. Sue was playing slightly innocent now, a complete reversal of her earlier role. Max played with her.

"Don't try to kid us butter wouldn't melt in your mouth - we all know you came here to get fucked so just admit it - go on, admit you are a slut and you would love us all to fuck you." She was silent. "Go on, admit you are a slut" he pressed her. "OK" she whispered, looking around her as if she wanted to make sure no-one else heard, "you're right, I'm a slut. Yes, I do fancy you all." "That's not what I said - I didn't say do you fancy us all, I asked if we could all fuck you - go on, answer the question. Say it, say you can all fuck me." Again she looked around, she was truly slightly shy about some of this so it was not all an act. It was not easy for her to say this to a group of strangers, men she had only just met. For Max she said it, in a low, quiet voice" OK, OK - don't go on about it. Yes, you can all.., you can all fuck me - satisfied now?" "Not yet, but I'm sure we all shall be soon" one of the group laughed.°

The one who had laughed led them out of the night-club and up to the hotel reception. A couple of them went to get the keys and the rest, with Sue and Max, waited by a lift. Max was holding her hand, making sure he kept his control over the whole situation. They went up in the lift. As it went up, Max was talking to the group. "Look at her - she has gone all quiet and innocent all of a sudden."

To Sue he said "I'm beginning to think this is the first time you have done this - am I right?"

"Yes, you are. I am on my own this weekend and I dared myself to go out like this. I've never done anything like this before. I'm not sure what is going to happen now, I'm very nervous." The men all liked the idea of her being nervous, unused to this - it made them feel more powerful over her. "Don't worry" one of them said, "we'll show you exactly what to do." Another one added "you can get your kit off for a start" and again they all laughed as they opened the door to a large sitting room and they went in. The door to the bedroom was open and Sue and Max could see it was a nice, large suite, perfect for the occasion with a long settee and armchairs and a large bed in the next room.

The men's names were Peter, Neil and Graham. Peter was the one who had danced with Sue and was the leader of the group but Max quickly took control. "How about getting us all a drink while I find out what she has to offer" he said as he pulled Sue towards him and started to feel her again through the thin blouse. "Feels good but lets see what it looks like" he said as he unbuttoned the blouse, starting at the top and working down, gradually revealing her naked breasts and erect nipples, then pulling the blouse off her shoulders and throwing it onto the settee as Sue stood before them all, naked from the waist up.

The three men grouped around her, touching and feeling her as Max kissed her deep and hard. She responded to his touch as he held her face in his hands, a silent message going between them - he was giving her to these three men and she was agreeing to do as he wanted.

Max stepped back and told her to get her boots and pants off. Sue bent to unfasten her boots, leaning for support on the back of a chair. As she bent to unfasten them, Graham said "see how her tits hang as she bends down, what a lovely mouthful they are." Sue kicked off the boots and slid her pants down to reveal her long, slim legs and her shaven pussy. "Look at that - no knickers, she really did come out to get fucked tonight" someone said.

Max stepped in again, touching and feeling her, sliding his hands all over her body, her breasts, her shoulders, down her back, over her trim buttocks and then down over her stomach and on down to her cunt where his fingers explored her wet hole.

"I think she's ready for us now lads" he told them and lead her into the bedroom where he laid her back against the bed.

He first of all fucked her on her back then he turned her over, onto her hands and knees. "Suck my friend's cock, you slut" he told her and Peter kneeled in front of her, his cock already erect. He fed it into Sue's mouth and she sucked on him as Max fucked her cunt from behind. "Hey, don't be greedy" one of the others called out, "we all want a go." Max gave her a few more strokes then judged that the others were now well enough steamed up to give her a good fucking so he pulled out and stepped off the bed.

"Be my guest" he told the group with a sweep of his hand indicating Sue's body, still on her hands and knees, her cunt still open from his cock.‹

Graham quickly took Max's place and gripped Sue's hips as he thrust his cock into her cunt. He quickly rode her with fast strokes and soon climaxed, pulling out so his spunk shot all over her back. One of the others ran his fingers through it then explored Sue's arse - she wriggled around to try to avoid this as it was uncomfortable. "Let my friend finger your arse girl, you know you are here for our pleasure, not yours" Max told her. She went still as Neil finger fucked her arse, Peter still having his cock in her mouth. Peter now pulled out and pushed Neil out of the way and pushed Sue over onto her back. "None of that kinky stuff for me - I just want a good old fashioned shag" he told all and sundry and kneeled between Sue's thighs.

"Put me in then girl" he told her and Max saw her reach down to put Peter's cock into her cunt. Peter then humped her, taking his time, long, deep strokes until after a while he moved position, pushing Sue's legs over his shoulders so he was folding her over. Now he leaned heavily into her and fucked her harder and faster until he too climaxed, pulling out and shooting his spunk over her face and breasts.

Neil was last to fuck her and he pulled her to the edge of the bed, on her back, her legs hanging down as he stood between her thighs, her cunt at the edge of the bed. He bent to her and fucked her as he stood. Max was lying on the bed by her, kissing her mouth and feeling her breasts, silky, slippery with spunk, as Graham sucked a breast. Eventually Neil also came, this time his spunk was all over her cunt.

Max took over again and used his fingers to spread the spunk all over her cunt and around her arse before turning her onto her front. He told her to pull up her knees and he kneeled behind her, spread her cheeks then pushed his cock into her arse, wet with Neil's spunk. She cried as he slid in to her then he settled down to fuck her as the others all watched.

One of them reached under her to feel her breasts as he watched Max fuck her arse, groping her quite roughly as he was carried away with what he was watching. Max reached forward and grabbed a handful of hair, pulling her head back as he fucked her until eventually he also came, this time he stayed in, filling her arse with his hot spunk. As he pulled out, a trail of spunk and her juices trailed down the back of her thighs for all to see.

Max, keeping the role of someone who had just met that night, said to the others "I think she deserves a couple of drinks after all that" and they went to the bar in the room to refill glasses.

Sue was given another drink and stood stark naked as the others drank and touched her as they talked together, talking about her as if she was not there.

"What a goer - fantastic fuck", "I enjoyed seeing her arse fucked - if I'd realised she would do that I would have had her arse, my wife won't do that" another said. "Beautiful tits, I think, just a lovely mouthful and such lovely long nipples", "I liked her cunt being so bare, shows all the detail".

After they had all had another feel and grope, Max told them that as they were all staying at the hotel, there was no need for them to go out, he would see the slut home and after that they all dressed and he took her home.

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