Janice Goodall mind controlled day 2

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The message arrived for me to go to number 26 as soon as David had set off for DWP

· I left the house eager to see Brian I naked except for my knickers.

· I knocked on the door and Brian opened it.

· As he stepped back to let me in I pushed him back against the hall wall and kissed him I needed sex that was the only thought in my mind.

· I carried on with the kiss and without breaking the kiss I put my hands down between us and pulled at his belt then as soon as that was unfastened I unzipped and unbuttoned his trousers.

· I put my arms around him running them down his back to the band of his underpants I grabbed them and pulled them down

· I broke contact with him for a moment to remove my knickers.

· I kissed him again and then pushed him to the floor.

· I straddled him and let his cock enter me.

· I leant forward kissed him and unbuttoned his shirt while rocking up and down on his erection.

· I came quickly throwing my head back in pleasure I kissed Brian again his hands held my breasts.

· I kissed his chest ran my hands along his sides he rolled me over on to my back

· He entered me again we are keen this morning aren't we he commented.

· I was breathless “have me” I said “come on come on!”

· I grasped his buttocks trying to pull him deeper climaxed again as he moved inside me and them he came and I felt good.

· The whole lovemaking and only taken a frantic three or four minutes.

· Brian finished taking his trousers off and we went upstairs.

· In the front bedroom was a large inflatable paddling pool time to taste my shit he said.

· Lay down on your back in the pool I did

· Brian squatted over me the crack in his buttocks touched my nose.

· Open your mouth under my arse he said I did.

· Brian strained broke wind which filled my mouth then a long turd squeezed out of him.

· I opened my mouth wider

· The turd went into my mouth

· It fell in, slide down my tongue to the back of my mouth and was long enough to stick out of it.

· Several smaller turds followed hitting my face like warm wet sponges.

· He urinated on to my breasts.

· I closed my mouth biting the turd in half it tasted disgusting.

· I enjoyed the depravity of the moment and chewed and swallowed his turd.

· Brian stood up and set up a video camera on a tripod.

· Drink this he said giving me a glass of clear bitter tasting liquid that will very quickly get your bowels moving.

· Pick up a turd and rub it into your hair as though you are washing it with it then rub another over your face and more over got breasts.

· I blew him a kiss and started to rub his shit over me.

· As I rubbed my stomach started to rumble and I needed to urinate

· I told Brian, face the camera and open your legs while still standing he ordered I did and emptied my bladder.

· Lie on your stomach he ordered I did and within minutes my bowels moved and then again and again and my bladder emptied again the pool was awash with brown liquid and soft turds.

· Rub yourself all over with it said Brian I did and soon I was brown with shit.

· At Brian’s command I knelt at the edge of the pool and opened my mouth he stood in front of me and urinated into my mouth I swallowed tasting the warm sour liquid.

· I could feel another sensation I needed sex again the feeling grew quickly.

· There are clean towels and hot water go get a shower Brian said.

· I went into the bathroom and showered myself while Brian watched.

· Come on in I said to him.

· Brian stepped into the shower I knelt down and masturbated him and then sucked and licked his cock.

· Standing up I kissed him.

· Brian turned me round so my back was to him.

· He came close pressing his erection against my buttocks his arms went round me cupping my breasts I leant forward leaning against the wall and opened my legs

· Brian moved in between my legs his cock warm and hard as it entered me.

· I turned my head so we could kiss and then bent my legs gradually lowering myself until I was knelt on all fours Brian went down as the same time keeping himself in me. His hands held my hips and we rocked until I climaxed. He did not come

· He lay me flat on my back in the bath and I opened my legs resting my heels on the bath edge and he passed me a long handled back brush

· I eased it in between my legs and moved it in and out stimulating myself

· He kissed me and stroked my soft wet breasts, played with my nipples.

· I removed the brush and he laid on top of me.

· I put my hand between us and felt him and moved his cock to me holding the base of it as the rest penetrated me.

· My arms moved to his back and buttocks they were wet, slippy and warm and we kissed. Until he came.

· In the bedroom I found a hair dryer I sat on the edge of the bed drying my hair.

· Brian lay on the bed watching me.

· I pushed him on to his stomach and kissed and rubbed his back working from his shoulders down to his buttocks I kissed them and lent over him so my breasts rubbed them.

· He rolled over and I massaged his cock with my breasts I was in need again.

· Think I had better call for help he said after we had made love again.

· Brian went and made a phone call

· I boiled a kettle and had a coffee and biscuits the house seemed to be fully supplied including fresh milk and some food. It was only 11.30 in the morning.

· I went to the bed waiting and wanting I was not bothered who was coming as long as they satisfied my need.

· It was two police officers this is Jenny and Martin said Brian.

· Jenny stripped her uniform off she was wearing pale pink knickers and bra.

· She lay on the bed beside me. We kissed, one of her hands moved over my smooth breasts.

· I put my arms around her and unhooked her bra.

· I sucked on each of her nipples in turn while her hand rubbed my pubic hair.

· I moved down the bed kissed her stomach and removed her knickers I looked at her she was very attractive.

· We kissed again her fingers went between my legs stimulating me.

· I put a finger between her legs she was warm and wet

· We carried on like that until we had both climaxed.

· Jenny moved round I was laid on my back she was on top of me head down kissing my pubic hairs and hers were against my face.

· She opened her legs so I could put my tongue in her licking and tasting her and she did the same to me.

· She was so wet I was drinking her wetness as I licked.

· Martin had undressed and was on the bed his hands went between the two of us and held one of my breasts.

· His other hand went down me so that his finger joined Jenny’s tongue in me.

· Jenny climaxed crying out loud as my tongue licked between her legs and more of her liquid ran into my mouth.

· We changed positions Martin lay on his back and I straddled him letting him enter me.

· Jenny knelt over his head so she was facing me and so that Martin could use his tongue on her.

· Jenny leaned forward towards me and we kissed long and hard her hands were on my breasts and mine on her as I climaxed the pleasure was intense I could not help but put my head back and moan.

· I was moving on Martin I put my arms around Jenny in an embrace.

· Martin came.

· I wanted it to go on for ever I did not want to let Jenny go.

· I wanted Martin to carry on but he had gone limp and come out of me.

· The three of us collapsed on the bed I was breathless and having trouble breathing. With a quick kiss from each of them they were gone.

· I lay on the bed and said to Brian “I am satisfied now,”
“not for much longer,” he replied “you will soon want it again and as these days progress you will want more and more,”
“Any more and I will be very sore,” I commented
“no you won’t he,” replied “you could have a hundred men or more and you would not be sore your mind would suppress any soreness,”
He looked at me “a hundred men now that is an idea,” he said quietly
I looked at him “if that is what you want you know I would do anything for you,” I replied
“maybe,” he said smiling.
“Go down to the kitchen and make us a sandwich and drink and bring them up here,” he ordered “there is plenty of ham and bread down there,”

· When I returned Brian had set up a video camera on a tripod and his camera was out. I looked at him “more visitors for you,” he answered in reply to my question. “Good,” I commented he was right I needed someone to satisfy me again and I was getting desperate for it.

It was three young men they looked to be off a building site. They tied me up and took it in turns to sink their erections into my wet cunt.

I made love to Brian it may have been the build up of passion during the day but I was frantic with my love making I think that I caught Brian by surprise and I cried out when he came. After I did not want to leave Brian and only left the house when he said I would see him the following day and it would be special.

Day 3

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