The Boy Who Lived Down The Street(Part Seven)

It was an agonizing year and two months that she hasn’t seen Jake. He was deployed and wouldn’t be home for another week. He was supposed to be home two months ago but something happened making Jake and her brother stay. She hoped they were ok.

Over the past year they’ve exchanged numerous letters back and forth, a five minute phone call probably once a month, if she got lucky. They used skype some; she saw changes in him, every time she saw him on the computer. Half the time he had a frown between his brows as he talked to her, he was worried, their conversations always brief and they always ended in I love you and stay safe.

School was great, she was on the varsity cheer squad and next year she had a good chance as being captain, which she was looking forward to. Jake went to a few games and watched her cheer before he left.

Riley now has a license and drives his jeep when he’s gone. He was even thinking about giving it to her because he wanted to buy a bike. Great just what she needed if he didn’t die getting shot then he’d dye getting hit by a car.

Anna was always over now, they seemed to occupy their time more now that boys were gone for a long time but they’ve both been hanging in there. Her mother was still not around she wasn’t even around when her brother was home. Riley thinks it’s because she’s still mad about him joining the military instead of taking the football scholarship he was offered. But Henry didn’t give a damn because he said his purpose was to fight for his country.

There was one problem Riley was having at school. The problem started two months ago and he wouldn’t leave her alone. She didn’t tell Jake because she didn’t want him to worry and be distracted. Also because she thought it was harmless until last week when he groped her it was apparently an ‘accident’. She told him to not let it happen again and so far it hasn’t and she was damn glad to because Anna was ready to tell her brother.

She promised not to tell Jake but she didn’t make such a promise to her about her brother. She was glad though, Jake would break the kid’s neck if he found out. But Riley knew it was only happening because Jake wasn’t around to do anything about it and the kid knew it. She wasn’t going to worry about it, it would all stop when Jake came home, Right?

Jake’s been home for two days now and they haven’t even had sex. She was ready to jump him the first time she saw him walk threw her bedroom door, he was in his woodlands uniform, that always made Riley hot.

Even now, as her and Jake walked through an apartment he was thinking of renting out. Riley thought it was big for just one person; the kitchen was a decent size and the bedroom was huge, it was three times bigger then hers and the walk in closet don’t get her started on that. The bathroom was big as well and the tub looked liked two people could fit in it.

She tried to contain her excitement at that idea. She couldn’t believe Jake was getting his own apartment, it kind of felt like it was going to be there apartment, it would have but Jake hasn’t mentioned anything about it, she didn’t even know he was looking till he asked her at the last minute to join him at the appointments he made.

Maybe he didn’t want her living with him, I mean he was practically a grown man, he was going to be twenty in a few months and she was going to be eighteen soon. She couldn’t really move out of her house could she? She was still considered under age, maybe that’s why he hasn’t asked her.

Later today they were suppose to go look at motorcycles, she wasn’t able to convince him not to buy one. That thing was for people who had a death wish.


“Huh?” she turned around and saw Jake staring at her, concern on his face.

“Riley I asked what you thought.” He said as he turned away from her and walked into the large living room, he had his hands on his hips as he looked at the open space.

Riley couldn’t help but look at his butt in his uniform pants, he look so… she couldn’t explain it. She was glad though that she was all his, girls at school were jealous when they saw Jake pick her up right before he left. They bragged about how hot he looked in his uniform and how lucky she was to be with an older guy. If only they knew how hard it was to be with him, to never see him when she needed him. To have ideas that he’d cheat on her because he didn’t have someone to have sex with.

Out of the five apartments they looked at today this one was by far the most he was happy seeing.

She walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around him. “I like it, but are you sure you want it? It’s a half hour from base, you would have to drive all that way, every morning and then there’s traffic.”

He laughed as he slowly moved his hands up and down her arms. “Yes I’m sure,” he said.

He was sure he wanted to be here, it was right between the base and where Riley lived or maybe she’d live here. He wasn’t sure, he knew she was hiding something and he sure as hell hoped she wasn’t fucking cheating on him or they were done.

He turned around and cupped her face, looking at her dark blue eyes he asked her, “Riley is something bothering you?”

“No, of course not, why?” she asked.

Jake couldn’t believe it; she looked him in the eyes and lied to him. What happened? Riley never lied to him, anyone else sure, but never to him. What was she hiding?

“Are you sure?” he asked her again, don’t lie a second time.

He watched her and saw her hesitation, it was barely there but it was long enough for him to see it.

“Yes, I’m sure why?” she whispered.

“Because there seems to be something bothering you, I’ve seen it the past two days I’ve been back.”

“No, nothings bothering me,” she beamed and then she kissed him.

Jake controlled him self, sooner rather then later he’d find out and he didn’t like how he was going to do it. She lied to him, if she lied this easily; it made him wonder what else she’s been hiding. He knew it had something to do with school, when he brought that subject up in letters it was brief she didn’t explain it like she usually did, but when he syped her the last time and he asked her about school he immediately knew something was happening just by the way she quickly changed the subject.

He sighed and smiled as he let go of her face, “Come on, I’m going to go sign the lease forms, why don’t you go wait in the jeep.”

It’s been two weeks now that he’s been home and they still haven’t had sex. He kissed her and touched her but it wasn’t the same. Riley couldn’t help but wonder if he possibly knew which he couldn’t not unless Anna told Henry. She tried not to think about that.

Today was the first day of the week and if she didn’t get the car started then she was going to be late for school, Jake was leaving as well, quite early today actually.

She was going to have to ask him for a ride. She got out of the jeep and stopped Jake as he was easing out of the drive way. How he ever heard her she didn’t know that damn bike of his was loud.

She watched him turn it off and pull off his helmet.

“What’s wrong?” he asked with such concern on his face. He knew what was wrong because he’s the one who made the problem only she didn’t know that. I know pathetic but it was the only way to see what she was hiding. He couldn’t just show up at her school to pick her up because she had the jeep to drive; now if he took the jeep out of the picture then he’d be able to give her a ride.

“The jeeps not working right now and I’m going to be late for school. Do you think you could give me a ride?” she asked as she formed a pout on her face, she only used that one on him now, he was the only one it worked.

“Sure, here use this helmet.” He gave it to her and helped her on the back of the bike, where she straddle him and wrapped her arms around his waist.

The ride to school was amazing, he was careful with her and drove the normal speed with her or so she thought. But she was at school in less then ten minutes; it was more like five if you asked her. But the ride there, she got the feeling of freedom; maybe that’s why Jake wanted it.

After she got off the bike she told him what time she’d would need to be picked up and then he left after he gave her a gentle kiss.

The whole day seemed to pass in a blur even cheer practice felt fast for some reason. Right now she was in the girl’s locker room finishing her shower up and then she’d get dressed and wait for Jake.

Jake waited which seemed like forever and still no Riley. He saw Anna come out of the Gates and no Riley.

“Anna!” he yelled.

She turned and saw him and then looked back at Henry and told him something then started walking in his direction.

“Hey, An, have you seen Ri?” he asked.

“Yeah I just saw her she should be coming any second now, we’re always the last ones to shower.” She smiled.

“Ok, thanks.”

He watched her walk back towards Henry. Jake waited another five minutes, leaning against the jeep, which he decided to fix, he was going to straight out ask her what was going on and if she lied again then they were through.

He waited and still she wasn’t coming. He started walking towards the locker rooms; he stopped right in front of the girl’s one. Should he go in? Anna said she was the last one.

He grabbed the handle and pulled the door open. The first thing he heard was heavy breathing and a whimper. God, what the fuck is she doing? He was afraid of walking any further, but his sudden anger is what kept him going

He quickly passed the first two rows and heard the breathing coming louder as he passed the third and after that he lost control.

Riley had her face up against the lockers with her eyes closed tight as the dumb fuck grinded against her ass and kissed her shoulder.

He grabbed him by the shirt and threw him up against the lockers behind up, in one quick move he had his arm up against the kid’s neck, making him gasp for air.

“Right before I left I told you not to touch what’s mine.” He said in a cold dead voice as he stared into wide brown eyes.

Riley was in shock as she watched Jake choke him, thank god he showed up. Her eyes started burning at the realization if he didn’t come then she didn’t know what would have happened, he could have raped her.

Jake was damn proud of him self for not breaking to kid in two pieces but if he didn’t get out of here soon then he’d do something stupid. “If I hear you’ve touched her again you’re fucking done, do you understand me Duke?”

The kid nodded, it wasn’t good enough. “I said do you understand me boy!” he yelled.

“Y-yes, s-sir.” He stutters.

Jake threw him onto the floor and looked down at the kid, he was scared shit less and he shook as he looked up at Jake. “You might want to take a shower it seems you’ve pissed yourself.”

He looked at Riley’s teary wide blue eyes, “Get your shit and get your fucking ass in the jeep.”

With that he left, Jesus he felt like punching a wall he was so damn pissed, pissed and yet so completely hurt. He asked her twice and she lied to him, what the fuck was she doing?

He waited in the car for her, which seemed like forever till she finally got her ass in. He couldn’t even look at her, wouldn’t even look at her as he heard her sobbing. He didn’t give a shit.

As they drove off he was damn surprised the stirring wheel didn’t come off, he was gripping the damn thing so tight his knuckles were starting to hurt and all he heard was her cries.

He didn’t drive her home; instead he drove to his place. When he pulled into the drive way he got out and slammed the door. He didn’t know what to do right now, he couldn’t talk to her, he couldn’t even bare to look at her.

After he climbed the stairs he opened the front door and walked in and then felt her pull on his arm.

“Jake wait,” she cried.

He pulled away from her hold, “Don’t fucking touch me.”

“I didn’t cheat on you, but I can tell you-,”she didn’t finish.

“Tell me what Ri? That you’re fucking him!” he yelled as he walked into the kitchen.

“Is that what you’re doing when I’m not here? You’re fucking that kid! I didn’t do shit and this is what you do to me!” he was fuming as he paced in the kitchen yelling at her as she stood there crying.

“I asked you twice, twice Riley! And you lied to me, you looked me start in the eyes and lied to me!” he shouted, he was so pissed right now.

“He tried for-,” again she didn’t get to finish. Nothing happened because he stopped it and she was damn grateful but now she was upset because he was upset, she hurt him.

“Just shut up.” He stopped pacing in front of her and stared down at her, his eyes confirming how he felt.

She didn’t care what had almost happened to her, the only thing that was hurting her right now was Jake because he thought she was cheating on him, something she’d never ever do.

“No, you fucking shut up and let me talk,” she cried. “I would never cheat on you so get that fucking straight and I didn’t do shit!” she yelled. “You wan to know what you saw. Huh? You saw some boy trying to fucking have his way with me, is that what you wanted to hear?” she sobbed.

She saw his face as the truth sank in, shock and then sadness.

He felt like a total ass now and he was horrified that someone would try and rape Riley. He immediately pulled her to him and hugged her. His eyes watering at the realization that someone tried to hurt her. How could anybody hurt someone like her? He regretted not snapping his neck or choking him, instead he simply scared him.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked his voice barely capable of being heard.

“I’m sorry I should have told you. I thought he’d stop when you came home but today he got mad that you dropped me off. So he shoved me up against the lockers, I tried to fight back but he pressed his bodied up against me, I was caged in so I just gave up. I didn’t tell you when he started bothering me because I didn’t want you to worry I didn’t want something bad to happen to you because you were distracted.” She was sobbing now, letting it all out.

“I’m so sorry Ri,” he softly whispered to her, already calming her.

He swept her up off her feet and cradle her against his chest as he walked into the living room and sat down on the couch.

“I’m sorry I thought the worst, seeing you there with him I lost it.” he sadly said.

“Baby, I’d never cheat on you, if I didn’t want to be with you then I’d wait till you came home. But you don’t have to worry because I’m so in love with you.” she whispered to him. She eased back to look at him.

“I worry about that to you know, you being away I think you’d go looking for-,” she didn’t get to finish because Jake kissed her, his soft warm lips against her wet ones, the instant need for him was there, she needed him like she never needed him before.

She whimpered as he pulled back. “I’d never cheat on you, how can I cheat on the girl I love, your It for me theirs not going to be another.” He whispered against her lips, she felt every word.

“I love you Jake Anthony Clyde.” She whispered as she raised her gaze from his lips to his hazel green eyes.

“And I love you Riley Marie Pierce.”

They both moaned as there lips met, god, a year and two months with out the feel of her lips against his.

They clung to each other as their kissed intensified. So long with out this feeling, she didn’t know how she did it.

His hands moved to her hips as he turned her to straddle him. He ran his hands down her bare legs, loving the feel of the smoothness, he missed touching her.

He let out a deep groan as she grasped his head and deepened the kiss. He missed her hunger for him, her eagerness for his touch alone, and her desire.

“I love you,” she whispered as she struggled to take off his shirt. He lifted his arms to help her and when she finally got it off she stole his lips for another kiss.

She felt his erection hot and ready for her mouth as it twitched between her legs. Her mouth watered at the thought of him hard in her mouth.

She eased off his lap and gasped at the coldness as she sat on top of the glass coffee table that sat close to the couch.

Jake already knew what was coming so he shucked off the shorts he was wearing and sat back down, waiting and eager to have her mouth on him.

He leveled his gaze on her and saw her desire clear as day on her face.

He watched her eyes level with his own, her dark blue eyes full of want. She needed him; he knew it, saw it as he stared down at her. She eased off the table and settled between his legs.

“Go head, suck it,” he said with a hint of demand. He saw a spark in those beautiful eyes; did she want his gentle or dominate side tonight?

“Make me,” she breathed out.

Dominate side it was, the animal inside him wanted to cheer in triumph. He was dying to have her this way. He was gentle when she wanted him to be and damn dominate when she wanted it. He was more satisfied when they had sex that way.

Riley waited for him to make her, she was forgetting about everything that had happened today as her hunger took over. This always happened when their desire got in the way and right now she was fine with it.

He heard her breathing pick up as he gripped her head and his dick at the same time. He forced her head down knowing she made it hard and outlined her delicious full lips with the head of his dick.

He pulled his dick away from her mouth as she tried getting a taste. She pouted as she watched a liquid pearl appeared at the tip. She unconsciously licked her lips, remembering how it tasted.

He teased her; he brought the tip back to her mouth and rubbed it against her already wet lips, making them look sleek.

He eased the head into her already opened lips and felt her heated mouth close on him.

Jake let out a low growl as she began to suck, Jesus Christ, it felt amazing and she was just starting.

He pushed her head down making her take him deeper and let out a deep groan as he heard and felt her muffled moan vibrate against his dick.

This head was different from all the other ones she gave him, he didn’t know how but it was and he didn’t give a damn because he loved every lick and suck she was giving him.

He was mesmerized as he watched her cheeks hollow as she sucked, her eyes closed as she gave him unbearable pleasure. With his free hand he moved what hair had managed to fall against her lovely face.

He massaged her head, moving his hand back and forth threw her lose hair. He tightened his hold as his balls tightened, begging for release. She seemed to notice because she sucked a little harder and deeper, making her sucking a little faster. God, any moment now, he let out a deep groan as he felt it coming and then threw his head back and rested it on to top of the couch as he let out an even louder one as he felt the unbearable pleasure shoot out of him and into that hot little mouth of hers. He shuddered as he felt her tease the underside of his already too sensitive head.

“Enough,” he said in a husky voice.

That tone of voice was making her wet, she felt her pussy clenching with excitement. She loved him this way, the way he looked at her, the way he made her feel, and it was always better then the gentle sex he gave her.

Jake slipped her mouth from his dick hearing a little pop when he did it. She looked damn hot just sitting there in between his legs. Her long hair was wild and fluffed out around her face, her swollen lips glossy as she licked them clean, her nipples puckered beneath the tight shirt she wore. She was the sexiest thing he ever laid eyes on and she was all his.

Riley started kissing her way up his stomach, kissing, licking, nipping as she moved her mouth over the ridges of his stomach. She felt his muscles tighten beneath her mouth like they always did. She continued her kissing and nipping all the way up to his chest where she licked his nipple.

He let out a snarl as he tightened his hold in her tresses once more and flattened his lips against hers. She moaned as he roughly kissed her, she quickly straddled him a second time, feeling his semi-hard dick between her thighs, nuzzled right up against her wet pussy.

He teased and probed with his tongue against her now firm lips. She gasped as he planted a spank on her rear, giving him what he wanted. She felt his tongue against hers as he thrusted, only Riley knew it was only what was to come; he was giving her the feel of what it was going to be like once he was inside her and she couldn’t wait.

All of a sudden she was being carried, and then a second later Riley felt softness on her back. She didn’t bother to open her eyes she was too lost in the pleasure of their kiss.

She didn’t even bother to open her eyes as he eased off her shirt. She heard him groan and knew it was because she wasn’t wearing a bra. She felt his lips against hers once more and felt him cup her breasts and knead them. Her pussy clenched at the pleasure she was getting just from him easing her hands above her head. She felt him hover over her, felt his chest rub against her aching nipples.

Then she heard clicking and her breathing picked up, her eyes flashed opened and met his deep hazel green ones, a little smile tugging at the corner of his lips. Speaking of tugging, she tugged and she couldn’t move her arms. He cuffed her to the bed, she panted as she struggled to get free. He’s never done this before. They had rough sex and he told her what to do but he never restrained her.

“Calm down,” he cooed as he slid his hands down her arms to her breasts where he cupped her.

She gave another tug again trying to wrap her head around what was going on, she still couldn’t believe he cuffed her. She keep tugging as her panting picked up, it wasn’t just from the cuffs, he was teasing her nipples and she couldn’t help but arch her back and let out a whine.

He chuckled as she struggled again. “Your not getting out of those, trust me.” He looked up at her, his gaze intense as he flicked his tongue against her nipple. She moaned, he couldn’t do this to her, she couldn’t believe the intense pleasure she was getting from this.

“Their your preferred color,” he breathed against her nipple.

She felt his smile as he brushed his lips between her breasts. Preferred color? She couldn’t believe he got them in light purple. She tugged again, hearing screeching as she moved her hands up and down. He had a metal bed frame? She breathed a little harder at the realization, he’s thought about this for a while now.

She didn’t know he got that kind of bed frame, she hasn’t even seen his room since he moved in. There was no need to see it before now, and she was cuffed to the damn bed!

Riley whined as he nibbled the bottom curve of her breast. This was torture! Complete torture! She mewled as he began to suck her other nipple.

She moved beneath him trying to get away from his wicked mouth but she couldn’t she was caged in now, the back of her knees on his biceps, his arms next to her breasts, his hands clamped down on her shoulders restraining her from moving.

She wiggled her butt and stopped as she moaned. She didn’t know how he did it, why she didn’t even realize it until now but she no longer had her shorts and panties on.

Riley couldn’t help but wiggle again, moaning as the friction rubbed her pussy just right, in the next instant it was gone, she whined at the feeling of lose. She opened her eyes and saw Jake standing at the end of the bed, looking down at her with a wicked smirk on his face.

Jake already had to pinch the tip of his dick twice, this was to exciting and he couldn’t wait to be inside her, he thought as he looked down at her. She looked striking laying there at an angle cuffed to the metal railing frame of his bed, her smooth naked creamy white skin, her breasts swollen and flushed from his touch, her nipples almost red, her dark blue eyes wild, her hair exotic.

“I’ll be right back,” he cooed.

Riley watched Jake turn around and walk out of his bedroom. She noticed a dim light in the room near the bed. She tried lifting her head to get a better look at the source but failed. She could barely move.

“It’s a bright enough lamp that I get to see everything.” He whispered as he approached her.

Jake watched her eyes narrow and then widen as she took in the chocolate syrup in his hand.

He walked towards the bed and kneeled on it, making it dip. He let out a throaty laugh as she clamped her legs shut.

“You really want it bad this time, don’t you?” He whispered as he stopped in front of her clamped legs, smoothing his hand up and down her thigh.” “Open your legs.” That tone alone had her heart racing, her pussy clenching and her legs losing up for him.

Then she decided to lock them up tight again which only got her a low laugh. He was enjoying this.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get them open and it’ll be easy.” He laid down on the bed and brought her legs up, she tried forcing them down and that only earned her slap.

Jake changed his mind he quickly put her legs down but kept them bent, and quickly pried them open, moving his broad shoulders between her thighs, making it hard for her to close them again.

Riley felt his lips against her bare flesh; he gave her a very slow long lick against her slick wet pussy. He licked around her clit, teasing the sides of it but never touching It it self. This was torture and he hasn’t even put the chocolate on. She felt his tongue ease down to the depth of her pussy.

“Jake!” she cried out as he thrusted his tongue into her pussy.

Jake groaned as the taste of her silky essence touched his tongue, he felt her muscles tighten against the tip, waiting and ready for him to take her only he wasn’t going to take her, not right now.

He teased his way back up to her clit and circled the outside of it as he eased a finger inside her aching pussy. He felt her muscles clamping down on the tip of his finger as he eased through the tight walls.

He was burning her alive, she didn’t know how much longer she could stand this, she thought as she cried out. His fingers were picking up a sensual force. Oh god, how much longer was he going to do this? She was on the brink of orgasm.

She needed more, not his fingers; she needed him, all of him filling her up.

“Jake, pleased,” she whined.

She dug he knees into the mattress trying to get more of his fingers. She heard his rumbled laughter and he finally…..nothing, he pulled away from her. Her eyes flashed open at the feeling of lose.

“No!” she cried as she struggled to get her hands free.

“What do you want Riley?” he cooed as he watched her fighting her way free.

He saw the desperate plea in her eyes as she looked up at him, the want, and the need. He felt it to as he stared down at her, he needed her, he needed to feel her wrapped tight around his dick, and he needed to feel that connection he always felt with her when they made love.

It’s been far too long since he’s taking his Riley.

“Fuck me!” she pleaded. “Please, I want to feel you inside of me, right now, I can’t wait any longer.” She panted as she closed her eyes once more, trying to control her breathing, trying to control her emotions.

Something was wrong; Jake felt the change in the air. “Ri, what’s wrong?” he whispered as he settled between her legs again. He propped himself on one elbow and steady himself, making sure she didn’t put much wait on her body. With his free hand he cupped her face.

“Open your eyes Ri.” He gently whispered as he rubbed his thumb against her lips.

Jake watched as she opened her eyes, he held back his shock. Her eyes were glossy with unshed tears. What happened? What changed?

“Please, just fuck me.” She pleaded, there were several emotions running there her, so much pleasure and it was too much, she needed him.

“I need you, don’t make me beg.” She whispered.

He wouldn’t, not now, not when she was like this.

“Baby, you don’t have to beg, not tonight.”

That was it, the dominance gone. “Put you legs on my shoulders.” He whispered and he adjusted him self. He planted his hands right next to her arms as he felt her calves settle on his shoulder blades.

He didn’t even need to position him self, they both moaned as their flesh met one another, so long without this. He immediately felt her tightening around him and sucking him in. This was pure heaven as he sank further into her depths.

“God you’re fucking tight.” He groaned as he pulled back and eased back in taking him further into her.

All Riley could do was pant as she felt him inside her. The burning was amazing; her senses were on fire as she cried out at his forceful thrust.

He and Riley never tried this position but he heard it was beyond pleasurable. So far it was, he was so deep inside her, he felt her muscles squeezing him and releasing him all the way down to the base.

He lifted his hips off her, easing out till it was just the tip and then pounded into her, making them both cry out at the sensation that brought.

He wasn’t going to last long; his balls were tight, waiting for release, his dick hurt from being so hard it felt like he was going to split at the seams.

This is just what she needed, the burning rising she was back on the brink of orgasm and each thrust was bringing her higher, but she still felt like she need more.

She needed to feel Jakes mouth against hers as they made love. “Kiss me,” she cried out as he gave another hard thrust. The way he stroked her was different and this pleasure wasn’t like any other she felt before. She felt his soft kiss and it felt perfect as he thrusted into her.

The burning was there and she felt like she was going to come any second now only she had the urge to pee. Oh, god. She hoped she wouldn’t pee but the pressure only intensified as the pleasure did as he thrusted faster.

“Jake!” She cried out, she felt this pleasure as it surged through her body. She tried to get away from him but he had her pinned, she couldn’t move. She tried pushing him off with her legs but only to have him put more of his body weight on her.

She screamed and arched her back again and again, the pleasure never ending as she thrashed. He pulled out and let out a deep satisfied groan.

That was amazing, the best orgasm he ever had and it was only because he gave Riley so much pleasure, hers was his alone. He watched her as she laid there while her body twitched a little bit.

He leaned over her and un-cuffed her wrists and massaged them. She whimpered as she rest there, she turned to lie on her side and noticed how wet the bed was. Had they come that much?

“Jake why’s the bed so wet?” she whispered, she noticed her voice was off, it was more hoarse.

He softly laughed, “Baby that was all you.” He placed a kiss on her forehead and got off the bed.

He walked into the bath room satisfied; he grabbed two rags out of the cabinet beneath the sink to wash Riley up.

After washing her up he went into the living room and fixed the couch, he was glad he bought one with a built in bed, he pulled it out and grabbed a blanket from the hallway closet. After putting it on the bed he went back into the bedroom to get Riley.

Jake gently picked her up, trying not to disturb her as she soundly slept. He walked into the living room and gently laid her on the bed and pulled the blanket on her. He glanced at the clock above the TV and sighed. He was going to be tired tomorrow and so was Ri.

He slid in next to her and pulled her onto his chest and waited till sleep took hold of his body.

Jake woke up to the smell of bacon, he heard it sizzling as he opened his eyes. Ri was cooking breakfast?

He opened his eyes and sat up and waited for his eyes to adjust. He got up and strode to the kitchen, stopping right before he entered. He saw Riley in the kitchen, flipping the bacon with the fork as she hummed. Looking at her brought back a memory he had of her, the first time he talked to her.

Jake forgot how cute she looked in her cheerleading outfit; the damn thing looked to small on her. He watched her take a few steps to the left and opened the cabinet. She stood on her tiptoes; he controlled himself as he saw the bottom curves of her ass. They were going to have to talk about the uniform; no way was she going to walk around school like that. No wonder Duke made moves on her. She looked to tempting, to innocent despite how short that thing was.

He walked up behind her and gave her a gentle hug and nuzzled her neck. Only to have her push him back, what the hell?

Riley pulled out her head phones, and softly laughed. “Would you watch where you point that Thing.”

She turned the knob on the stove low as she turned around and looked up at him. His hazel green eyes were different, there was love but something else was there and she didn’t know what it was.

“Not in the mood for morning sex?” he whispered as he stared at her glossy lips. “Why the hell are you wearing that shit?”

Riley knew exactly what he was talking about; he didn’t like it when she wore make-up. She ignored his question and kissed his chest.

Jake rubbed the gloss off with his thumb and then tinted her chin upwards so his lips met hers. He gently kissed her, savoring the feeling of her soft flesh against his.

He pulled back and then kissed her forehead. “Why are you cooking breakfast?” he asked as he feathered his lips against her forehead.

“It’s for you,” she beamed. “I thought you might like breakfast before you went to work.”

She turned around and turned the knob back up, the bacon wasn’t burned thank god.

“That’s sweet of you, but I can’t help but think theirs another reason.”

Riley rolled her eyes at his tone and then snorted, “Their has to be another reason?”

“Actually there doesn’t but I know there is, this wouldn’t happen to be about you wetting my bed last night does it?” he questioned her.

Riley didn’t need to turn around to know he was amused about this, she could hear it in his voice.

“It kind of does,” she boldly admitted, she couldn’t lie to him.

“I see, well theirs no reason to apologize for it.” he said seductively as he gripped her hips.

She patted away his hands, “No touching, I have school in forty minutes and I need to leave now.” She glanced at the small round clock by the fridge. She did need to leave for more then one reason. One being she really needed to go to school and the other, if she didn’t leave then she’d end up in bed with him again.

“Ok,” he murmured against her neck.

Riley hid her shock as she turned off the stove and made Jake a plate of food before walking out of the kitchen.

The way he answered her, he’s never done that before. He usually seduced her and then they ended up having sex. But this time he simply said ‘Ok’. Odd.

When she returned to the kitchen, he was already done and washing the dishes. He turned to look at her and smiled.

“What?” he asked.

She blushed, she couldn’t help it. “You’re naked and washing the dishes.”

She watched the corner of his lips quirk into a smirk, she knew that look, it was a ‘what of it’ look.

She walked over to him and kissed him briefly, she placed a few inches between them making sure her body didn’t touch his naked one.

“I guess I’ll see you….later?” she wasn’t sure.

“When you come home I’ll make dinner for us.” He whispered in between kisses. He turned back his attention to the dishes he was rinsing off.

She didn’t care that he was going to make dinner, her heart started racing at the word home. Does this mean they’d share an apartment together?

“O-ok,” she managed to say. How? She didn’t know.

She hugged him tightly and heard him moan, she ignored that as she released him. She kissed him one more time before walking out of the kitchen.

She was beaming as she started the jeep. Today was going to be a wonderful day, she thought.

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