Life Lessons Ch4 cruise day 5


Tomorrow Carol and I will be taking our sons to a nudist beach that we came to last year. I hope they don’t freak out to much or go all shy on us as I hope to get to watch them fuck Carol for the first time. After talking with Carol after dinner she mentioned that the boys should be real comfortable with the nude beach as her reports of giving them blow joys during this trip has revealed that the boys are already having sex with at least four different women. That’s how many different women she has tasted so far according to her. Carol thinks that three of them maybe Lisa and Sam’s daughters as she has seen a change in both women after that first night we all went dancing and the boys did say they escorted them back to their cabin like young gentlemen so they. Seeing how they have treated their mother during the time she is giving them blow jobs I see no reason they could not, not be fucking them like there is no tomorrow. Well everything is set, Carol has told them what to pack for the day trip and to be ready early, as we will only have time to eat a lite breakfast and then leave the ship for the day. Just thinking about watching my wife tomorrow on the beach where we fucked last year tucked away from the others on the beach, a perfect place for their mother to take them and offer them her pussy for the first time and I can lay there and watch just a short distance with binoculars for anything closeup that is. My wife coming in from the boys room down the hall wearing just her bathrobe and she is missing her panties that she had on. Also no bra this time wanted to see if the boys would play some with her is she showed her tits more. Well Carol are the boys ready for tomorrow and better yet did they play with your tits any?



Oh man this cruise has awaken Doug. Just like we were a few years ago and now I get to play again with other cocks. I can’t help but be giddy thinking how much I like sucking on my sons dicks every chance I get and those times Doug asks me to. Like tonight when he told me to let the boys play with my tits if they wanted to. He just wanted to give them a taste of what is to come I guess. So as I went over it Frank and William’s room to see if they are back from working out at the ship’s gym. Seeing we are leaving early for a first day trip tomorrow the boys wanted to make sure they got their daily workout done so they mentioned that they should be back in their cabin by 11 tonight and seeing it is 15 minutes past they should be back, I hope. I knocked on their door and wait really no longer than a few second when the door flew open and I was quickly dragged into the cabin by Frank. Man has he develop some muscles over the last month or so ever since he has been working out with William over at their new friend’s house. I can’t deny that Frank has my pussy wet just looking at him these days and I would just bet that his dick has grown some in this last month too. Well I am there standing in my bathrobe loosen up some by Frank pulling me into the room like he did, so I figure why fix it and let him have a good look while I tell him about tomorrows day trip. He stands there too with a big smile on his face wearing just a towel as he just got out of the shower were William is now after their workout. As I am talking with Frank he guides me over to one of the beds and just opens up my robe and starts pinching my nipples. It is one of a few of my weaknesses when it comes to foreplay. I collapse down onto the bad and close my eyes for just a second enjoying Frank playing with my tits, rough just like I like it fast and hard. Not all the time, but when the timing is just so, like right now it is one hell of a body pleaser. Sitting there enjoying Frank’s treatment of my body I go into a day dream state telling him how much I am like him playing with my tits and just as I finish my statement the shower had turned off and William came out of the bathroom not wearing anything. Looking back at Frank he removed his towel and was grabbing the back of my head, bring it down to his cock for me to suck on. Well that was one of the reason I was here was to blow both of my sons dicks and tell my husband all about it later when I get back to our suite. Going balls deep on Frank’s cock William comes over to me and starts playing with my tits, Frank tells him pinch moms nipples hard she likes that most I have found. William really gets into rough play now tells me what a mommy slut I am for sucking Frank’s dick and letting them feel me up like some cheap whore. Listening to William tell me these things and Frank’s dick in my mouth I can only squirm and moan as my pussy gets so wet. After a few minutes of sucking Frank’s dick the boys pull me up on my feet, rip my bathrobe off and the both of them grab my panties and just rip them off me like it was rice paper. I scream at them for doing that, but all they do is push me back on to the bed, so there I am laying flat on my back legs open, feet on the rug and William crawling up to my head with his 7 1/2” cock swinging between his legs. He straddles my face, points his cock down to my mouth and tells me to just open up so he can get his dick sucked too. Me being the mommy slut that I am, I just open up and close my eyes knowing the pleasure my boy is about to give me. Just when William lowers his cock into my mouth Frank gets down between my legs and starts licking my pussy like some expert pussy licker. I have never felt anything like it. Those women whoever they are have been training my boy right and quick too. Screaming and moaning as much as I can with William’s dick down my throat, It was not to long when Frank starts fingering his mom’s pussy, just working me that way I have the best orgasm I have had in my life. My boys are using me for their own pleasure as well as getting me off too I just love them with all my heart. That is one reason I love them so much as my pussy continue to squirt mommy juices out onto Frank’s mouth and hands. The boys change places like they have practice this move many times. When and how did they get so well in doing these moves. I was at a loss for a minute as Frank puts his dick into my mouth telling my in a conversational kind of way, what a cum hungry mommy slut I have become over these last weeks and that it was time for me and Billy to step up the fun with you mom. Just than William takes his middle finger and inserts it slowly into my ass. My eyes go wide looking up at Frank yelling for them to slowdown. Well as you can imagine it was hard for me to resist them with Frank straddling my head fucking my mouth and William finger fucking my ass hard and fast now just the way I was liking it. Just as I finish cuming for the second time the boys yell, “now mommy is ready” for us. Before I said a word they had me spun around, placed in the doggy position with William in front of me and Frank behind me. They had their timing down to perfection. William really just shoves his cock down my throat and Frank goes balls deep in my very wet, hot needing pussy for the first time and me in the middle for the first time and hopefully not last time, exploding with a sexual high that I have missed for sometime now. The boys just go to town using me like some rag doll they picked up to play with. I moaning and screaming harder and harder. Just as I was cuming for the fourth or fifth time was not sure but just than Frank yells out that he is coming in his mother’s pussy and how great it felt shooting his hot load so deep into me. I scream of fuck Frank your cock is so great you are making me come so much already. When Frank finished and gave William a high five the boys just flipped me around, they have been building those muscle. I now have Frank’s pussy cum covered cock in my face and I feel William entering my now cum filled pussy. Just as William pushes me forward Frank holds his dick up for me to clean as he is telling me to do. Be a good mother and clean my dick that you got all wet, Frank tells me. Well I am a good mother slut and clean his dick like he ask. William is slow fucking me now and slapping and grabbing my ass telling me what a great looking ass I have and that he is thinking that he what’s to fuck me back there tonight. I am so much in heaven right now all I do is moan and hum yes, not really thinking that we are going to be doing all this tomorrow on the beach where their father will get to watch his sons fuck their mother for the first time. Well I guess not for the first time now. I am not sure why but William changed his mind about fucking me in the ass, maybe he is saving it for a later time, so he picks up some speed and fucks his mother like a good whore he says I am.

It only took the boys an hour to fuck me sideways as I leave their cabin I remind them of tomorrow’s activity and with that I close their door smiling like a school girl that just got kissed for the first time.

By the time I get back to the cabin, Doug noticed that my panties are gone when I removed my robe and he has his little cum towel laying on the floor next to the bed, I guess he could not wait to hear about what happened tonight with our sons to excited about tomorrow.



The next morning after fucking our mother very well last night, William and I get ready for this day trip mom and dad have planned for us. We all head down in the elevator to the dinning hall for some quick breakfast and than onto the day’s adventure. As we head further down the beach my dad keeps telling us if you boys are not comfortable with this just say the word and we can head back to the ship. He must have asked us a few more times until we reached the area that is posted. “Please note that you must be at least 15 years old as this area has been designated a clothing optional area”. After reading the sign I look over at William who is just smiling like a kid in a candy store, just thinking of all the women he is going to see. Dad turns to us one final time letting us know that we could turn around if we felt uncomfortable walking around nude. Together me and William tell him no and continue to walk down the beach. I see him shrug his shoulders and walk behind us with mom hand in hand smiling. As we continue down the beach all we really see is older folk mostly out of shape and sorry to see sagging tits on most of the women. As we turn a bend on the beach dad drops his bag and starts to get undress. Seeing this William and I follow suit and take off our shorts and tee shirts. We are sporting good looking hard on watching our mother strip out of her small bikini. She was by far the best looking thing around and we let her know it to. Nice bode mom I can see you have really been working out a lot, what a great ass you have, if I was not your son I would be all over you regardless if you were married or not. Dad gives his little cough saying I might be stepping over some line with mom, but we both know mom loves the attention as we can see her blush little with giving her a few long stares at her tits and ass. Dad mentions a small hide away over on the next section where the sand dunes are high enough to close us off and still view the beach. Great dad lead the way, five minute down the beach we arrive and layout the blankets, towels and my brother and I set down the cooler mom packed for this trip. William and I head out to scope the area for babes and to get wet in the bay’s waters. So it was maybe an hour after seeing no one under 60 and checking out the water we head back where mom and dad were. When we get back mom tells us that our dad had to go back to the ship to do some work his boss had called not ten minutes ago asking if he could. John dad’s boss was so sorry for interrupting our vacation that he told your dad that we could extend it another week and stay at the last island and fly home first class if we wanted too. I look over at William and know this must be the time and just agree sure mom that sounds ok with me and Billy quickly agrees too with the extra days. It would mean that we would get back just when school is about to start and what better way to end summer vacation then to stay at a 5 star hotel and fly home first class.

After about 30 minutes or so I spot my dad hiding behind a sand dune looking at us wounding I guess when we are going to put the moves on mom. I lean over to Billy and whisper letting him know dad was at our 3 o’clock looking for us to do something with mom. Billy looks at mom and says well I am getting hungry for her pussy and just rolls over and lays between moms legs. Billy say to mom open your legs slut I need to eat, he says this loudly so even our dad could hear him. Well mom just smiles and opens her legs, showing us that great looking bald pussy we liked so much last night. I move over and start playing with her sore breast as I can see some bruises forming from our rough handling of them last night. I say do your tits hurt much mom from us playing so hard with them last night. I speak just as loud as Billy we want to let dad hear what we are saying. It is not to loud to be obvious, but loud enough I think for him to hear. You like sucking your son’s cock, don’t you our little mommy slut. Just than I slap her right tit making her moan with some of the pain/pleasure she receives from such spankings. I know you enjoyed our dicks last night fucking you like some street whore. How many times did you cum mommy slut? She has her eyes closed moaning and screaming telling us how good William is at licking and sucking her pussy. I also notice she was speaking in the same volume as we are making sure her husband could hear everything she says as well. I tell mom to get into that position Billy and I like so much form last night suck my cock like a good cum whore you know you are. She wasted no time in getting into the doggy position and lowered her wet mouth right down my hard dick. Billy slaps mom’s ass hard letting her know that she was his bitch for the day and will be treating her like one. He waste no time either and just starts fucking mom like some little poodle and he some great dane. Grabbing her waist he just pounds away telling her what a slut she is and if only dad could she her now getting fuck hard by her son. I get up onto my knees and grab mom’s head and just begin to fuck mom’s mouth like I have done a dozen times already in my room, but this time I start in on her being just a slut and that dad should not get anymore of your mouth action only your sons should have that pleasure of fucking your mouth like we do back home. Maybe we should start fucking this slut behind dads back more often I tell Billy. Mom continues to moan and groan, shakes when she cums.

We most have fucked mom in so many position in the four hours we spent on the beach with her. I am not sure how many time dad got off watching us, but one couple in their sixties stood by and watched as are mother was split roasted between us. I even let the lady clean me after coming inside my mother for the second time that day and she did Billy’s dick too did not want to play favorites. Her husband just stood there watching as his wife sucked us off. We offered to fuck her but they said they needed to get back to their ship as it will be heading out I an hour. We never did see them again, but what a memory.

As we were packing up dad shows up letting us know he finished his work early and seeing we had not checked back in with the ship he headed back here to see if we were still here. We let hi. Know that we were a little worn out with playing in the water that we just started to pack up and head back. With no grumbling from dad really he just was smiling the whole time as we headed back, dad asked us a few times if we enjoyed this type of beach or not. We told him straight up if mom was not here we think that we would not have stayed very long. Mom tooookkkk great care of us to be sure. Dad, did she now, how so? How so what I said to dad. How did your mother take so great care you boys for four hours while I was gone. I stop turn around seeing him hold mom’s hand and carrying their beach bag I walk back two steps to them and grab mom my her pussy insert my two middle fingers and lift her onto her toes. Looking dad right in his eyes I say well, Billy and I fucked mom’s pussy, her mouth and when we get back to your cabin we are going to fuck her ass tonight while you sit in the corner of the room and watch us use her like the cum slut we both know she is. With that out in the open dad asked how long did we know he was watching. We told him the first time mom sucked our dicks in the kitchen we heard him behind us. And dad from now on, whenever you need to watch mom get fuck hard by us we don’t mind you watching. In fact tonight we were planning on having Lisa, Sam’s wife come to our cabin and fuck mom with a strap on. Do you think you are up for some female on female hard fucking? Dad said yes of course he would be there and ask if Sam would be there as well. No, not this time it was something Lisa wanted to do with mom alone.

When we arrived back at the ship we headed to our cabin for some well needed rest as we knew we were going to need it for tonight’s fuck session with Lisa and mom with now dad watching. Mom had just one questioned before when split up. How many women are you two boys fucking on the ship? My answer was simple with you now allowing us to fuck you mom we have four others. And three of the wait staff we let suck us off after fucking one of the women. It is one of the weirdest thing on this cruise, but they just want that from us so we provide it for them.



I can’t believe the boys played me all this time. Watching my sons fuck Carol today and then handle that other lady, tells me that they have been trained by someone, but who? I know Carol hasn’t as she would have told me. Their new mystery friend that has them working out and getting into shape. I need to asked them about that soon. Right now I need to get some rest for tonight’s activity will be taxing as I can feel that age is not helping me and I won’t be able to enjoy these days again.

Looking across the dinning table at Lisa thinking of her being fucked by Carol. The why she is dressed now is something and seeing Frank there what a lucky guy he is at his age and having to enjoy that body of hers. The dress she is wearing allows her to show off a lot of those breast of hers and that figure of hers is just keeping my dick hard all through dinner. Seeing Lisa as well as the boys playing with Carol under the table watching her trying to control her orgasms while eating dinner was kind of funny really. After dinner we all headed to the movie theater for the showing of the French Connection a classic movie. Once there in the empty theater except a black woman sitting in the middle. Us grownups headed to the last row while the boys headed over to the lady, who I might say looked pretty good from where I stand, good figure, nice size tits and if she stood up her ass would be just right to be fucked hard. As the movie began my eyes shifted lower to where my boys were beginning to entertain the black lady as if they knew her already. Not two minutes into the movie I see her get up and kneel in front of Frank and started sucking he dick right there in front of all us. Watching her go down on Frank got my dick going and looking over at the others, I see that they too are watching Frank and the lady. William was leaning over and you could tell he was playing and pinching her tits as she was moaning louder and louder as the action started to heat up. Soon she moved over to William and began to suck he cock just as well as she did Frank’s, also giving us the impression that she was familiar with those two boys and their cocks. Watching Frank get behind her, lifting her dress he just shoves his dick into her without any prep of her pussy. Watching her just get impaled by Frank’s dick she yell out yes of fuck yes Frank just fuck this black married whore like by husband never could. Hearing that I pull my cock out and ask Lisa if she could suck my cock while I watch my boys fuck that lady down there. Without thought she gets up and kneels in front of me and inhales my dick on the first go. I look over to me right Sam has Carol in his lap and fucking her in the ass while finger fucker her pussy with one hand and playing with her tits with the other. What a sight, my boys fucking a good looking lady, my wife being fucked next to me and my cock getting one of the best blow jobs I have had in a while. This is one that I have not had to train first, Lisa sure knows her way around a good size cock. As the boys continue to take care of that woman I get Lisa kneeling I front of Carol and Sam and let her lick her pussy and his dick while they fuck. I get behind her, inserting my dick into her hot box pussy and what surprised me was just how tight and control she was with her pussy muscles. I could not control myself and just went balls deep, fucking her like some little school boy on his first date. No holds barred and pounded her pussy for 10 minutes just as I start cuming in Lisa pussy I could hear my wife screaming yes I am cuming hard Sam, Sam grunting and cuming too. Then the lady the boys were hard fucking started freaking out with her hard orgasms one after the other she yell out fuck me William keep fucking me just like that ooohhhh fuckkk mmmeeee. I pull my drained dick out of Lisa’s fill cunt I looked over at the boys as they were standing over the black girl and shot their strong load all over her face and tits to be honest their loads were some largest ones that I have seen in a long time. Also knowing they fucked their mother all day to I really was surprised. Now this was not the evening I was expecting, but life is like that, you just have to live it as it unfolds.

Once we got dressed we headed out, I asked Frank who the lady was, he said her name is Jasmine and the she is here with her husband, but he only likes to gambling at the tables and she comes here to watch a movie. I give my sons a high-five and smile as we head to our cabins for the night

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